Sunday, May 13, 2007

Our Dust is Settled! We are Up and Running!

If you are reading this message you have found your way to the Raytown Report. The purpose of this blog is to give people a chance to freely speak out on any issue that affects them in Raytown. Here are some simple instructions for how to make comments to this blog. 1. Go to the line that says "posted by" at the bottom of the current message and double click on comments. 2. This will take you to a comment box. 3. Type your comment. 4. Choose an identity. (many bloggers use colorful aliases - but you can use your own name if you so choose. 5. Double click the "publish your comment" button. 6. Quick as you can say "Bob's your uncle" -- you are published! I hope you enjoy interacting with each other on this page. Play nice, be fair, be professional and have a good time! Greg Walters


Andy said...

I really liked the old news format. Raytown needs a source of city news and Board of Aldermen news.
If someone has a legitimate comment to make, it should be a signed letter. (I think most of us know each other.)
The blog items so far are anonymous with anonymous adults(?) making personal attacks on other anonymous people! In the end, Greg and Barth know who these anonymous people are.
If the blog is mainly personal attacks, who is going to waste time reading it? Lets keep on a subject and not attack eack other like children.
Some type of subject scroll is needed to make navigation easier.
I belong to a laid off employees blog on and it offers a scroll to divide subjects.
I would like to see the old weekly newsletter back.

Anonymous said...

Andy has a point.

Some people will take advantage of a forum such as this to attack and defame others.

Consider the message posted by "the kid". Obviously this person has a burning hatred of Greg Walters that cannot be quenched.

But this is not the only forum in which such a missive would be published. That post could just as well have published in the Raytown Post -- which is notorious for not checking out its sources on stories.

At least this format creates a level playing field for all concerned.

Benjamin Gecko

Mr. Whig said...

I think it's a great idea. Why not have a little discourse? Sure it's going to get ugly from time to time but that's the beauty of the Internet, andy, you knock-kneed little hamfister.

There, you were expecting a personal attack and I figured I owed you one, but that's the end of it. I think about a half-dozen of you know each other and the rest of us stand on the side, slackjawed, wondering how people like the kid can take Raytown's small-town politics as seriously as he does. He...she...whatever.

Now, could someone tear down that eyesore of a Baptist Church? NOW? Leapin' Lena! Where's God when you need him? Send a few lightning bolts down our way. Let the Fire Department practice on it.

Good idea, Greg. Now start posting stuff! Mr. Whig will be around, making snide comments as always.

Anonymous said...

One-sided blogs abound on the Internet, especially the local scene. Perhaps you should welcome diverse viewpoints instead of disrespecting them. You might be surprised that there almost always is a viable alternative to what you might already believe.

If that happens, I promise to be a regular poster. If not, more than likely I'll just read this to snicker ocassionally.

(As to the anonymous nature of some posts....until people stop labeling and stereotyping posters, there is no other choice.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymity encourages free thinking. It takes a strong individual to stand before the storm of popular conformity and shake his or her fist at it.

This format is great! It allows people to express their true thoughts without condemnation from the masses.

Occassionally you will find those who will use the forum to slander and defame -- but those twisted individuals will always be amongst us.

I hope this blog is a successful one.

Benjamin Gecko

Pat Casady said...

I must admit that at first I didn't think I would like this format.
I still don't like the fact that some people can take cheap shots and lie about others all the while not having the guts to sign their own letters.
And I can see it in some cases if someone is pointing out wrongs with the city and are afraid of retaliation from various city departments. But if a person is going to personally attack another person she or he should have the guts to sign their name, or forever be thought of as the snake they are.
If they are going to so ashamed of what they write that they won't sign it, we shouldn't give them satisfaction of reading it.

Pat Casady

Anonymous said... usual is correct. The City Hall "servants of the public," eh, eh, have not been business owners and have no practical sense about what it takes to be one.

I'd have to disagree...only in part...with the writer regards the bridge and loss of BBQ joint. I didn't find the food there very good. Sometimes businesses go broke because of poor planning, poor service, poor product...etc.

In a democracy there's no guarantee of success...and while failure is's one of life's lessons.


Benjamin Gecko said...

Hey everybody -- I just heard that the powers that be at City Hall are warming up the Charter machine for another try at making Raytowners enter the 21st Century.

Don't know the particulars, but it is supposed to be soon.

Benjamin Gecko

Andy Whiteman said...

We have 2 blogs here: I wish that somehow they could be arranged by subject to make them easier to search and to read.

I am hoping that the Charter attempt will be successful and not a bunch of people who can't agree and end up wasting a lot of money.

I still question how the city expects to develope downtown when it is in such an unkempt state? The old church in addition to being a safety hazard is an eyesore. I assume Raytown Plaza has stores for lease since they have a sign posted. But who would want to have a business there with weeds in excess of the allowed 6". If I was looking for a place, I would continue driving. I had to report it and another property to get them mowed. Amazing the city can't see it since I am sure they drive by there every day, but they have the time to harrass me.
The Chinese place that was next to the BBQ place has been there many years. I remember driving here from 74th & Holmes back in 96 & 97. The bridge didn't shut them down, but I noticed they were giving a 15% discount for awhile during bridge construction. Other businesses are still there. I don't think the bridge can be blamed for anything other than the fact people have to go around. If they like the particular business, they will make the effort.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...'re a great guy...but ye' of too much optimism!!!

Another charter effort will also be a failure...or it will be a give-away to city officials by the likes of the four who walked out before voting on the last charter.
If one is proposed, expect to see some serious opposition and the return of previous charter commissioners, who won't give away the people's rights!

Like your idea of combining the comments in one area by subject...but suspect we're all a little behind the Internet challenges.

Andy Whiteman said...

I belong to another blog on
Comments related to one post will follow that post. (For example if a post is about Downtown, the new posts related to it would respond under that post. If another post is about Walmart, the new related posts would follow that post. Any number of subjects can be started. I can go in an find a post I started last year, by a scroll bar to the subject I named. Also, the writer, can either select a subject that is in use or start a new subject.
Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg probably won't like this, but it is MY OPINION of the situation as I perceive it. Most of this also appeared in the Raytown Post.


I ask why the Raytown Board of Aldermen acts in secret?

I know of at least two and probably three meetings on the Animal Ordinance that had no public notice. At the last meeting on May 15th, there was a 2nd "reading" of the amended Animal Ordinance. I question the word "reading" because it is not read in it's entirety. The clerk merely mumbles the Title of the ordinance in an inaudible manner. No one has any idea of what is being discussed since copies are not made available to the public. In order to get to this "2nd reading", there obviously had to be at least one unannounced secret meeting.

I checked the City's website on Friday prior to the meeting for an agenda and only the agenda of May 8th was published. A friend checked on Monday, and again only the agenda of the 8th was published! None of the proposed ordinances were published. Is there a real need for this secrecy other than to prevent public comment?

At the Board meeting on May 15th, the Board went into closed session before beginning business. I can understand the need for closed sessions but they should be held before or after the regular board meeting! This is rude and a waste of the public's time. Many were there to make statements and to hear items of importance. One elderly lady wanting to make a comment on "child care" was told that she would have to wait. I wonder if the intent (of the closed session) was to delay the meeting so that those who wanted to comment or hear the meeting would leave? Normally I have better things to do with my time, but this time I walked my dog and returned to hear the Child Care portion. To my surprise, there was a 2nd "reading" and a vote on the amended animal ordinance. I had no clue that this would be discussed and am still clueless of the content of the ordinance since it was not actually read in its entirety. If I had not stayed I never would have known of this secret ordinance.

I am very disappointed that with two new aldermen and a new Mayor that they way business is conducted has not changed. I still feel like a surf living in a feudal society. Apparently the public has no right to timely knowledge of what will transpire at these meetings. The proposed ordinance or "bills" need to be provided in a timely manner so that the public may read them and make intelligent comment. Putting something out the day of the meeting or even the day before is not sufficient notice. I was unable to attend one meeting because I had a doctor's appointment. Had I had timely notice of the meeting, I would have scheduled my doctor's appointment on a different day.

If you don't agree with me, please watch the Board of Aldermen in action especially if your opinion is contrary to the official "City decision." This form of government resembels a 15th century fief in a feudal England!

I am more unhappy with the climate here than the City government. I wish I could move, but I was forced to move here and am trapped. (Moving is not a simple thing to do especially when one has a disability.)

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Please check out the dashboard posts.
Pat Casady

Andy Whiteman said...


What are "dashboard posts?" Where are they?
Andy Whiteman