Monday, April 30, 2007

Trial Period

For the time being, we are using as our test weBLOG. We will let you know what we think of it next week.


Jack This said...

You, my man keep City Hall accountable. The one's who do not agree with you most always seem to have some sort of hidden agenda that you want brought to light.
It is with deep regret that you did not get the Mayor position as we all know you would of shaken the very core of incompetence that exist at the highest level at City Hall.
It seems to be about self greed and butt kissing from the self important City Administrator, down to the overpaid department heads and is reflected in the poor service, attitude and disrepect towards the very citizens who pay their high salaries.

Hang in there Alderman Greg Walters. Do not give up, give in or lose hope. For if you do, we the citizens of Raytown who want what is best for the City, and not the overpaid "upper crust" employees that mis-manage our tax dollars for their own benefit, will suffer greater losses to our City than what already exist.

Thank you sir for your many years of good services to the City of Raytown.

Raytown Citizen for over 13 years

The Kid said...

Hey're talking about butt-kissing? What do think your post is?

Let's me toss a few ideas out here for discussion's sake:

1) You think Mr. Walters doesn't have an agenda? Let me sell you some oceanfront property near Phoenix! Ask him who he means when he makes veiled references to "those people" coming into Raytown.
2) Mr. Walters wasn't elected Mayor because 57% of the voters were aware of the agenda...too bad you're not. Talk about self-importance...look that definition up in the dictionary and you'll find Greg's picture there.
3) Mr. Walters was not elected Mayor because he is a divisive figure...he brings out the extreme in folks. You either like him or you don't. The voters in Raytown don't...and have said so in Mayoral elections before.
4) Self-important CA and overpaid department heads...hmmm. I have met Mr. Miller on several occasions, and the last thing I would use to describe him would be self-important. Maybe our difference in perspective. Eager, motivated, harried, earnest...yes; Salary reviews in comparison to other cities in the metro area of comparable size and service parameters place the Raytown city staff in the middle of the pack, salary-wise. If you had paid attention to any budget-planning meetings or BOA meetings (all broadcast on Cable Channel 7 with repeats) you would have heard the statement made several times when dealing with salary structure that the City doesn't want to lead the pack, nor bring up the rear, in salaries. They have wanted to stay in the middle...the average...the median. Know what you're talking about before you shoot your mouth off.
5) I am in agreement with you on the customer service issues you mention. I understand there has been new training on those issues, as well as a new focus on the way our citizens are to be treated when dealing with the city staff...I will reserve judgement on that for the time being.
6) As far as your contention that the "upper crust" are mis-managing our tax dollars...that "sky is falling" cry has been around since the beginning of time. Since man has been paying taxes, people have complained of mismanagement. If it doesn't benefit what you want to see benefitted...they're wasting money. Kinda like media bias...if they don't say what you want to hear, they're biased. If you have any business sense whatsoever, you know full well that you have to spend something in order to get has to take a few chances in life and development. I'm comfortable with the chances being are many in Raytown. When I'm not, I'll take things into my own hands.

I'd also like to thank Greg for his many years of dedicated service to Raytown.

Unfortunately, much of that time has been divisive, obstructionist, somewhat mean-spirited and always self-aggrandizing. With any luck, he'll be defeated in his next Aldermanic election and be replaced by someone who wants this city to go forward.

A Raytown citizen for 50 years.

Itellitlikeitis said...

Kid, as I read your comments it became apparent that you must be a real a-hole, so you're probably well qualified when it comes to discussions regarding "butt kissing"....

Kato said...

Great move, Greg and Garth. A blog will be another place for citizens to discuss issues of the day and make their feelings known.

I see that "The Kid" has already begun trolling. I had a very unpleasant round of emails from that guy and I can tell you that he really just likes to hear himself talk, and take cheap shots at people. You will never get a constructive discussion from him. My advice is to just ignore him, maybe pity him. He obviously has nothing else to do in life but cruise the web and spout bile. Sad really.

By the way, "Kid," you are spam to me.

Pat Casady said...

I'm not sure if I like the Blog format, but I already see a problem.
Posting non-signed letters should not permitted.
As in the past "The Kid" has no problem telling people to leave town or trashing people that don't think the way she...they do.
All without signing what she ...they write.
I'm sure this group is just a new name for an old organization only this time around they aren't "Reaching" for... a keypad or pen to sign their name, but the
premise is the same.

The old.....
Just kidding,
Pat Casady

Andy said...

I totally agree with Pat, which I expressed in my other posting (on the next message board).
Greg and I disagree on some issues, but Greg has done much for Raytown. Some of the ordinances he backed (such as noise) are really not tough enough to resolve the problem. If he wrote it with the same force he is going after animals, I would say the noise ordinance could be a good ordinance.

How can The Kid sell oceanfront property near Phoenix when desert property is so expensive no one can afford it there?

How can downtown be developed when it is so unkempt? Ash & 63rd St used to have a nice 2 story house with an attractive yard. The family has been evicted, the house torn down and weeds are growing 3 to 4 times the allowed 6". I know we have had too much rain, but Raytown Plaza takes a 2nd to Ash & 63rd. I ask, what developer will invest in Raytown after they see the business area? I am think of numerous reasons to develop here, but an unkempt business area is not one of them!

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I have a question,
Can somebody tell me why business owners are being sent letters by the codes people about graffiti on their buildings as if they put it there? We don't deface our own buildings.
Instead of a threatening letter why don't they just stop in and ask us to remove the vandalism.

But here's the deal. We own businesses on the block with the old church on it. This building is a true eyesore for Raytown. Boarded up windows, trashed air-conditioners, pealing paint, parking lot full of broken glass, and yes, graffiti. But the codes people seem to think it more important to write letters to business people to remove a line of graffiti that would be removed without even saying anything in the first place.

The city could save a few dollars by just stopping by and asking people to clean up instead of writing letters.
I personally feel this is part of what divides the citizens from the city government.

Communication is what this town has needed for a long, long time.


Pat Casady said...

I just read the article in Independence/Raytown Neighborhood News section about Raytown spending $24.3 million taxpayer dollars to relocate the Herndon Career Center.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but hasn't the city been touting about the biggest retailer in the world coming to Raytown to anchor the 350 hwy. Project?
So why, pray tell are the taxpayers of small town Raytown footing the bill for moving out of the way?

So let's see, the developer gets a T.I.F. tax break, Wal-Mart doesn't have to pay for the removal of the Herndon building and at the same time put all the small businesses in Raytown out of business, including your favorite grocery stores and we the taxpayers get to pay for it.

I don't understand!
I thought city government was supposed to watch out for taxpayers not see how much they could make them pay. Plus if you don't see a property tax increase coming, well, your just not looking. Somebody has to pay. If it's not the developer and not Wal-Mart, guess who then? That's right you get to.

I know a lot of you out there don't think much of me and what I write but you have to admit this is not fair to the citizens and taxpayers of Raytown.

Wal-Mart makes billions of dollars a year. Why should the Raytown taxpayers finance them. If they want to come here they should bend over backwards for the people of Raytown not the other way around, we can't afford it or them.

By the way Mr. Moore, $ 24.3 million dollars is not "some money." It's a lot of money! Taxpayer's money!

The school board should have insisted that the developer and the "anchor" move, rebuild and completely furnish the new Herndon Center. That would have saved taxpayer money by upgrading equipment at no cost to public.
After all who can afford it them or you?

This is wrong!

True Blue said...

Why would Raytown want another Wal-Mart? Go to and you will see that this is the last thing Raytown needs.

Anonymous said...

Test to see if this works

Anonymous said...

Well..see the test made it I'll try again.

I wouldn't encourage anonymous contributors. No guts/no glory. Half of any story is who is behind it.

As adlerman, Greg, how about getting City Hall to unlock the gate on the Noland property so we trying-to-meet codes/trying-to-be good citizens, can take our limbs out to dump.

The city stopped the $25 home pickup of limbs. And now they charge for going out to the Herndon Center to dump household waste. What do we pay taxes for? Oh, sorry, I forgot: $12,000 evaluation programs so employees can learn newspeak; $10,000 to survey citizens; another $10,000 or so for a newsletter; etc.

How about hiring one of the tree services to bring a chipper up to City Hall...let us come up and drop off our tree limbs...and use the chips as mulch behind the Police Department? What would that cost for a Thursday thru Saturday evenings run? A lot less than a survey/another study/etc.

I'm with Pat and others regards Wally World getting the gold mine and the citizens the shaft. Wal-Mart is not my idea of a good corporate citizen for any community... There's plenty more...but I've had my 15 minutes. Thanks


Pliny said...

Let's forget this devisive mantra for a moment and get serious. That fabled church has been vandalized, we are told. Can't we have a select committee look into this and collect from the insurance company, either that or find out who either authorized or encouraged city agencies to demolish the interior so that the building couldn't be rented or sold to unapproved occupants? A little transparency, please, and a little less mythical progress! Pliny

Itellitlikeitis said...

I see that the "impressive" one-way railroad bridge has forced another business (Midwest BBQ) to close it’s doors. The bike lane on the bridge has added immensely to the usage of said bridge (maybe we could have had two-way traffic without it). I actually think I saw a bike cross that bridge once upon a time, no wait a minute I believe I only dreamed that. Why did we spend all of that money (it was tax money whether City, State, or Federal funds) and make something so impractical that kills small businesses?

Andy Whiteman said...

I believe the state would not allow 2 way traffic on the bridge. If you look at it from a safety view point, it is dangerous for south bound traffic from the bridge to make a left to continue southbound. The only option is to turn right and go northbound. To make a safe left turn, a traffic signal would be required at much expense and then people would complain about 3 signals and stops so close together. I always thought that anyone who continued southbound from the bridge was a fool!
Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I don't know if the state had much to do about the bridge being one way.
I think it was more like another Curt Wenson, Beau Grosman decision that messed up
downtown Raytown to help remove some more businesses and to create a larger blighted downtown. If you think that was bad wait until they close the 63rd. street bridge for several months.
I've talked to a few business owners that are concerned that they will be put out of business when that bridge is closed. There aren't many of us left downtown. I think their plan is working even though they are gone.

I kind of feel for the new owner of the Raytown Plaza. Not only does he have to appease the codes people but after spending millions on fixing up the plaza, he has to contend with selling space to people with the biggest codes violation, eye sore in town, the old church, right across the street, but also contending with no traffic because of some bad decisions.

Unfortunately, everybody that owns a business or home east of the 63rd.St. Bridge will have to live with these bad decisions.

Another problem is the fact that most of the people in our city government have never owned a business, they don't understand how it works and in some cases don't care.

True Blue said...

Mr. Casady is so right about most of our aldermen not knowing anything about running a business. We see thousands of our taxdollars wasted on a daily basis at city hall. When will the voters finally wake up and vote these boobs out? Sadly it will probably be after all of our small business and good citizens have fled to other cities.

Andy Whiteman said...

63rd St Bridge
I wonder what is the correct thing to do? I find fault with closing the bridge for repairs and making a problem for everyone. I also would find fault if one side was closed at a time. Travel would still be difficult and the expense higher. Which is the lesser of the 2 evils? I can't decide. I would bitch either way.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

So sad that Raytown is on the tv news again in a negitive light. Our school board and school administrators should be more worried whether our children are getting a good education instead of what the spectators are wearing to high school graduation ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

Putting in a dress code at graduation was one of the few things the school district has done that has made sense.

The next thing to do is to try to keep people from acting like they're at a mud-wrestling match when students are named.

Oh, but I doubt that would work. It takes a certain amount of "class" to not act like a 13 year old.

Anonymous said...

I missed the latest round of C-2 graduation woes...but having attended one high school graduation...I'd have to say that there's a double-edged sword to what goes on dress-wise and behavior-wise.

My daughter, a little kid, couldn't wear open-toed sandels. his or her infinite wisdom ... figured out that Berkenstocks are more expensive than dress shoes. But, alas, rules are rules.

Personally I don't know of anything more boring than a high school graduation...or a college graduation...etc. And, I am degreed.

Some people's uproarious celebration at a family member's name being called is special. It's the first and only member of the family to earn a HS degree. Others just want the attention for themselves.

Judge not, least ye be judged.

From my experience the antics of the uncoth is about the only thing interesting at local graduation.

And, as far as dress codes go, the school district made a big deal about sagging/bagging/and all kids of hoochie outfits...but if you'll drop in to the schools you'll see that all that hoopla a couple of years ago was for naught.

Kids are kids. Regardless of their race. What you're really seeing is social economic strata and sub-culturalism. Remember the poor among us --- come in all shades and hues --- and, as momma said: poor people have poor ways and rich people have mean ones.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this city newsletter? What a waste of money and Miller's picture is plastered right on the front of it. Wonder what office he is going to run for? I can't imagine the board of alderman letting this waste of taxpayers money continue.

Andy Whiteman said...

Please see my post elsewhere on this site about the newsletter. I think it is a good idea even though I didn't like the content this time.

I am glad to read that there is some action on the park issue.

Now we need some action on a giagantic code violation: The Olde Baptist Church. It is in violation of OSHA, EPA, fire codes, health codes, and even the City's own codes which it enforces on the surfs who live in the fief but the city is exempt from their own codes for some unknown reason!

I think this blog is great for exchanging ideas and comments. By the way, this blog has no order at all. I am a member of another blog where a person can start a new topic and name the topic. Anyone who wants to post on that topic can post under the post he/she is responding to. That provides much better order since there will be topic changes and makes it easier to find anything. How about it Greg?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Greg your experience at the Nelson is interesting but I would make this blog strictly Raytown issues.

Your old format with letters to the editor was better.

I suspect you and Garth are logging "hits" and I'm curious if this is as successful as your Raytown Reporter. Maybe you could have both.

I could go on...but 'nuf said.

Andy Whiteman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andy Whiteman said...

(Previous post deleted to add the final paragraph)
Reply to Anomymous:

Rush Limbaugh talks about what interests him (the TV show "24", golf, cigars, & football.)

If Rush can talk about what interests him; then Greg can write about what interests him. (If the article doesn't interest me, I can skip it with the understanding it may be of interest to others.)

By the way, I think the Nelson is related to Raytown because it is a venue. It is a place Raytown people or visitors may chose to go. One of my neighbors pointed out there is no where to go in Raytown. This article proves that there is a place of interest within driving distance!
Andy Whiteman