Friday, June 22, 2007

Animal Control Suggestions Misguided

Amendments by Ward 2 Aldermen Jim Aziere to undo portions of the city’s new animal control ordinance are misguided. Aziere has suggested that tethering of dogs be allowed in the front of yard of homes, exotic birds exempted from the code, and that the breeding of dogs be allowed in residential neighborhoods. BREEDING: Last year three Aldermen spent over six months holding meeting and listening to over 20 hours of testimony from Raytowners on their thoughts about a new animal control ordinance. A good number of citizens who came forward complained about the breeding of animals in residential areas. The committee agreed that breeding the animals for commercial purposes was outside the definition of proper use in a residentially zoned area. The end result was the prohibition of breeding of animals in residentially zoned areas. It was a good idea then. It is a good idea now. No doubt some will come forward to claim it is just a hobby. Without exception, these “hobby breeders” are also in the business to make a buck. If they wish to breed animals they can do so away from their homes. It is an interesting truism that some of those on the Board of Aldermen who complain about low property values in Raytown do not recognize that it is practices such as allowing the breeding of animals in residentially zoned neighborhoods that help drive those values down. TETHERING IN FRONT YARDS: Tethering is considered by animal experts to be a cruel way to harness any animal. There are other good reasons not to allow the tethering of an animal in the front yard. The most obvious is that if a dog gets loose from its tether in the front yard, it is free to run and possibly attack people or other animals. Another reality is that in the times in which we live, some individuals have been known to use the their pets as dog alarms. It was noted in the committee that there have been instances of drug dealers using the dogs as a deterrent to keep city code officials and police away from their homes. The most notorious such instance occurred in Kansas City last year when a police officer was attacked by a large dog when he was investigating a complaint about a possible meth lab. The animal had actually been trained to attack anyone wearing a uniform. The officer had to shoot the dog to keep from being harmed. That same meth lab problem, evidenced a couple years ago when a meth lab in a home in the northern part of Raytown literally exploded into flames proves the problem is not just a “K.C.” problem. EXOTIC BIRDS: The ordinance stipulates that all fowl, which, of course, includes exotic birds, be tethered or kept in a pen. It also limits the number of pets per household to four. That limit includes birds of a feather. So, you could have one bird, one cat and two dogs – any combination of pets. Aziere had suggested that the limit be removed because he found a nursing home located in Raytown that has large displays with more than four birds per display. He may have a point about the birds in the large display case at a nursing home. But allowing more than four birds per household in residentially zoned areas is a mistake. Ward 5 Alderman Marilyn pointed out that this would allow an individual to keep hundreds of such birds. Though it may seem far-fetched – Mrs. Fleming’s point is more on target than Aziere’s. Consider an eccentric individual who harbors hundreds of cats in a home – a health hazard is created. The same would be true for birds. Aziere’s retirement home could be exempted from the ordinance by definition of the container holding the birds or by zoning classification. The new animal control ordinance may need a little tweaking to make it just right. But Aziere’s suggestions are over the top and should be rejected by the Board of Aldermen.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody out there know who Al Maddox is? Is he a resident of Raytown?

Maddox's name frequently appears in the letters column of our local papers. I'm curious.

Looked in the local phone directories and no Al Maddox is listed.

Can someone enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

Also if you have a dog tethered in a front yard if could be attacked by another dog that is running loose. It wouldn't be able to get away.

Raytown dog owner

Andy Whiteman said...

Dogs tethered in front yard
I completely agree with Greg. A dog is territorial and he/she could bite someone who is trespassing, a guest, or someone making a delivery. I also agree a tethered dog is unable to get away. I recall where a tethered dog killed the trespassing dog.

I was in a bad area of Roswell, NM (near the motel I was staying in) where almost everyone had a 4 foot fence around the front yard and a Pit Bull or other big dog. I called the 911 numerous times because these dogs were not contained!
Number of Animals
There were so many meetings, but my recollection was that the limit was decided as 4 dogs, 4 cats, 4 ferrets, or any combination thereof. Birds and fish were not included unless things have changed in one of the SECRET meetings. I think a nursing home must be in a business zone so is obviously exempt from any limit on birds.

How would this be enforced? Will the city get a search warrent to search every house for birds and fish?

Actually at last count there are more than 4 birds in my yard as well as more than 4 squirrels. The squirrels are a nuisance. Can I expect animal control to enforce this? As I said, I thought the bird/fish issue was resolved long ago!

Mayor Frank stated at the BOA meeting that it was unenforceable!
If anyone was listening to me, which I doubt, I suggested that a litter permit be required @$100 or $150 with a limit on the number of yearly permits. I know of cities (Aurora, CO for one)that requires a litter permit. We could call it a breeding permit to be politically correct. Does anyone listen to me or am I wasting my time going to meetings?

I question whay if there a fine for failing to display a vacination tag? The real problem is an unvacinated animal, not the animal without a tag! I recommend a heavy fine: $500 for failure to vaccinate as well as a 10 day impoundment of the animal for observation!
Andy Whiteman

Itellitlikeitis said...
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Itellitlikeitis said...

"Mr." Maddox is an arrogant, foul mouthed person who, thank God, doesn't live in Raytown any longer. He was a Raytown resident many years ago. Interestingly enough he was Raytown's “Citizen of the Year” last year, and for some reason thinks he should be involved in the affairs of our city. Sounds crazy doesn't it? It is just another example of how messed up our city government has been the past few years....

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice to know personal attacks are not welcome here!

As to Greg's comments, I agree with most. I do have to disagree in some way with tethering laws. While I don't want tethering to be unlimited, there are circumstances where it is needed. Our dog loves to be outside, way more hours than we could reasonably hold her on a leash, but we don't have a fenced yard. And don't suggest we build one, we rent, as do a growing number of Raytown residents.

I agree with Greg that we can write exceptions to some of these rules rather than change the rule for the exception. A simple process for citizens to ask for exemption should be considered.

Itellitlikeitis said...

The statement I made regarding Mr. Maddox was truthful. The comments were actually rather mild, and relatively nice when consideration is given to the person it was about. I certainly could have said worse things had it been a "personal attack", but it wasn't, so I didn't!

The Kid said...

To itellitlikeitis:

You could be describing Pat Cassady: Doesn't live in Raytown...thinks he should be involved in the city's affairs. Hmmmm.

At least Al gets involved in what he perceives as the good of the community. Do you? Or is it easier to sit on your keister and complain? are wasting your time going to BOA meetings...nobody listens to are perceived to be...well...just a tad bit "out there". (Hmmmm...Roswell you say?) Remember what Hubert Humphrey said "the right to be heard does not mean you have the right to be taken seriously". You're not! As soon as you go into your "fief of Raytown, State of misery" routine you get tuned out quicker than Rush's radio show!

Anonymous said...

The obvious is that Aziere has an exotic he had a short story about it published in one of the papers. It's always enlightened self-interest and who's ox is being gored.

Breeding anything (other than having children) is a commercial endeavor in a residential area.

A dog breaking loose from a front yard tether is a danger.

But, then, so is free speech! The Kid is typical. Everything from "the city hall club" is a personal attack unless you're part of the club.

But, hey, most of us are used to ignorance! Because it is the ignorant who listen to talk radio and the idiots who are the hosts on it!

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat Cassidy doesn't live in Raytown but he sure owns property here requiring him to pay taxes here. His business brings people and revenue into Raytown. He definately should have a voice here. In fact, I feel anyone who owns property should be allowed a vote.

I have seen a dog tethered in the back yard break his chain and escape dragging the chain. The emphasis needs to also be on containment.

I know a lady with a disability who is unable to tether her dog in the back yard. I suggested to her that she self-identify under the Americans With Disabilities Act and request an exemption.

As for the Fief of Raytown, this burg is sure governed like a fief with secret meetings and the BOA doing what it pleases without public knowledge or comment.

As for the State of Misery, this area isn't fit for human habitation due to humidity. My opinion is when they named the state, they decided to call it Misery because it was so miserable but back then, people were illiterate hence Misery became Missouri! Remember I was forced to move here and am now trapped. I have been looking for house over 5 years and unable to locate a suitable house. Besides that prices are going up, so it looks like I will be trapped here forever.
If the BOA would operate with open meetings and public notice of all meetings, I wouldn't call it a fief. By public notice, I mean posting a legal notice in the Raytown Post or even an opt-in email list. No one sees postings in city hall which is only open 8-5 M-F and the postings are behind garbage cans! Apparently the intention is that postings not be seen. My TV does NOT have a CH 7, and I doubt every one can afford cable.

If I ever find a decent house, I will be gone about one year after I buy it and you will be rid of me.

By the way, what is wrong with Roswell? Is anyone from there considered to be a bit off? My father was born there and his Grandfather was one of the founding families. The problem with Roswell is the water.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

To "The Kid"?
Here I was minding my own business reading some posts on the Raytown Report when I read my name in your article.
First off I'm not fowl mouthed and I have never been and won't be citizen of the year.
But listen closely or in this case read closely, I OWN PROPERTY IN RAYTOWN! Therefore I have a right to voice my opinion.
I don't know how to state this any clearer. Even a kid should understand this.

I don't know what your problem is with me, to my knowledge I have never met you. I certainly have never met anyone calling themself the kid, I'm too young to have known Billy. But if you or anyone else have a problem with me I'm right here in the building "I own" from 6:30 or 7:00am, until 5:00pm.
Monday thru Friday.

Benjamin Gecko said...

A note to Andy.

Keep writing! I enjoy reading the messages that are posted and I believe what you have to say is important.

A note to "The Kid".

You strike me as mean-spirited individual -- I bet you are hard to get along with.

Anonymous said...


The rabies tag IS as important as the vaccination itself. If a human is bit, the tag will identify that the animal has been vaccinated quickly...that is important to treatment. Even if the animal flees, the person bit may have seen the tag and be able to tell doctors that the animal was likely vaccinated.

Vaccination + visable tags are the practical solution to a dangerous problem. We need more practical solutions and less posturing.

The Salamander said...

Itellitlikeitis hit the nail right on the head when he wrote about Al Maddox. the appraisal of the "man", and I use the term loosely.

Add me to those who wonder why someone who moved out of town years ago still has his nose stuck into everything going on.

Al Maddox is a resident of Kansas City, Missouri. Perhaps the egotistical oaf feels he has solved all of the problems facing K.C. and has decided to devote all his attention to Raytown.

Al's latest gig is collecting money to allegedly build a park on a spit of land at the corner of Raytown Road and 63rd Street. This land is city property. Maddox, by his action, is inferring the city approves of his going to the local paper and begging for money.

Readers of the blog, and it is the best service to come along in years for this town, might find it interesting to learn that the state's Election Ethics Commission recently reprimanded Maddox for not filing proper reports about his activities in the recent city elections.

Anonymous said...

To all dog people: Why doesn't Raytown adopt the only dog ordinance that makes sense. The only suitable ordinance would limit dog ownership to animals that eliminate nothing bigger then a garden pea.

El Soubriquet

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree the rabies tag is important but my issue is with those who fail to vaccinate their animal at all. There should be a stiff penalty for failing to vaccinate!

By the way, if a dog bites me; do you think I am going to say, "Excuse me, may I please see your rabies tag?" I think the average person is so shaken up, they will notice that it was a dog and are not looking for a tag. Anyway with an ID tag, city license, chip tag and rabies tag all mixed together, who is going to see the tag and take the time to sort through them while being bitten? Where are these tags anyway? On a collar somewhere under a coat of fur out of sight. My dog has 4 tags which must be sorted through. That is why I suggested the rabies tag and city license be combined into one tag but no one was listening to me.

I still feel the primary concern is to require the animals be vaccinated as well as taged. The way the ordinance is written there is no fine for failure to vacinate The only offense is failure to display a tag whether the animal was vaccinated or not!

By the way, while walking my dog tonight; I observed and counted 20 fowl nesting in what used to be a sign on the old Singer shop by Raytown HS. I would rather see domestic birds properly cared for than these obnoxious creatures causing a health hazard.

Thanks for the comment. Apparently someone else is reading what I write even if they don't want to listen to me.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Pickard said...

Let me chime in on the side argument on this thread, that is "The Kid." This person is one of the ugliest souls I have ever had the misfortune of conversing with. Nothing but spite and anger spews from this person. Not to mention cowardice. She never lets her name be known, and she thinks that the bile she spouts actually matters. (Note that I am not assuming this mystery snake is male. As a matter of fact, if it's the person I think it is, she's barely female. More like the Ann Coulter of Raytown...)

Itellitlikeitis said...

Andy, I agree with a lot of what you have to say. I believe your intentions are good, but somewhat misguided sometimes. Ann Coulter is a lot like me, she tells it like it is. You may dislike some of what she says, but most of it is just the plain old truth, certainly nothing like our friend “The Kid”. Yes, it's obvious that "The Kid" is a very bitter person. Tell us about it "Kid" why are you so bitter? Maybe we can help, or possibly recommend someone that might be able to help get you on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Al Maddox is a former Raytown resident that has lived in Kansas City for more than 20 years. It seems that Mr. Maddox has no life in KC and just keeps coming back to Raytown to meddle in our affairs. Couldn't even get elected to the school board. I hate to burst Mayor Bower's bubble, but the only reason that he was supporting Bower is because he has such a hatred for Greg Walters. It is so sad that Mr. Maddox is such a bitter old man and has nothing to do with his time.

Andy Whiteman said...

Who supported Mayor Bower? I don't believe that one person who lives in KC is solely responsible!

When walking my dog, I recall seeing many Bower signs. Obviously a majority of voters thought highly of Mr. Bower.

I promise you that, unlike others, when I finally move you will no longer hear from me after I sell my house because I will no longer have any interest in Raytown. As long as I am forced to live here, the BOA and this blog will hear from me if I disagree with an issue. You will still hear from me if I agree.
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Will Raytown continue to lose population as it has over the last 6 or 7 years? I say yes, because we have become the dumping ground for all pit bull owners, because our board of alderman refused to take a stand and say no to this breed. What cowards some of them are!! Code enforcement is a joke in this town, just try and get a problem resolved and you will see what I mean. And for all of you that voted to bring this Walmart to town, I predict your property values will fall and more small businesses will be forced out. Also the city continues to raise our taxes as we continue to get less services. It's sure making other cities surrounding us look a lot more attractive. Just look around and think about it!!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like "The Kid" needs to be SPANKED for bad behavior. Or at least send to his/her room without milk and cookies....Pat Casady doesn't NEED to live in Raytown to voice his opinion, he OWNS A BUSINESS IN RAYTOWN, PERIOD. Memo to "The Kid": Get your facts straight before shooting your piehole off. Makes you look like a bigger idiot than you already are.

The Kid said...

To all:

I am very well aware that Pat owns a business in Raytown...I have, over the years, done busuiness with him in a roundabout way through local auto repair shops. Keep in mind folks that Pat, and his employees have made a VERY GOOD living in Raytown over the both spots where his business was located. Pat has also opined over the years, and accused city employees of dishonesty, falsification and other "high crimes and misdemeanors"...without facts, without proof, without regard to those he attacked. At the Planning & Zoning meeting a year or so ago, when many of Raytown's citizens stood up and told the city to do something about the downtown, and they shared their vision and soul with the community, only one person spoke out about the concerns he had for the redevelopment project...and it wasn't Pat. He wouldn't follow the child who spoke so eloquently. Pat stalked off muttering that the folks of Raytown had fallen under "mafia' influence (referring to a local grocery store ownership group whose name ends with a vowel). I, and 5 other people, heard it and shook our heads at his arrogance and ignorance. Pat, that could be regarded as foul-mouthed. If you can't stand the heat...SD/SU.

Andy Pickard (Cato): I am not a female...sorry to burst your bubble. You're too thin-skinned! I called you into question because of your public pronunciations in the last general election...if you can't stand the heat, don't put your keister in a sling by personally endorsing candidates! That lost. BIG. BTW, you and I had a running conversation on your blog a while back (Iran). You thought I showed intelligence and insight then! LOL

Ben Gecko: After itellitlikeitis's maniacal ravings about call ME mean-spirited?? Actually, everyone I know tells me what a mellow, even-tempered person they think I am. I have a great sense of humor, like telling and hearing a good clean joke and I pride myself on trying to look at both sides of an issue before making my mind up. What I DON'T like is BS passed off as truth, people who denigrate other people for getting involved in things that they won't/don't get involved in and pots calling kettles black...oh, and ignorant p***ants passing themselves of as all-knowing experts.

You know, the same people who wrote into Grarth's previous birdcage liner are posting on here...and you can tell who they are. They write into this anonymous forum the same way they wrote before, style is the same, message hasn't changed.

Another thing that hasn't changed: those that do...get to doing, and those that don't do...sit and complain.

Every town has them.

Salamander: If I'm not mistaken (and I looked at the Missouri Ethics Commission) Maddux was reprimanded for not putting his return address on an envelope. No fine, no big deal. Unlike a local candidate and his treasurer a few years back.

Andy Whiteman: Yep, keep posting your opinions here, and voicing them at City Hall. Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're way off base, but you're always entertaining.

itellitlikeitis: If you feel that you and Ann Coulter are kindred souls...I will say an extra-special prayer for you tonight before I go to bed. If you believe her bile is the "truth" I know prayers won't help because you need more intervention than that.

The Salamander said...

A note to all bloggers and to the rest of the taxpayers in Raytown.

Saturday is the First of July. What does this mean? It means your city will be writing another check for $2,200.00+ to pay the monthly interest on the Old Baptist Church.

Keep your check books handy, folks, it appears we'll be making these payments forever.

Not to worry. Raytown taxpayers can surely afford a piddling $2,200+ per month. After all, your city fathers GUARANTEED WALMART THE GRAND SUM OF $32,000,000.00 (thirty-two million for those who have trouble with Arabic numbers) to move in and open another store.

Back to the Old Baptist Church. Does anyone know who gave the police department permission to vandalize the inside of the building?

The place looks like a training ground for vandals on the outside and I understand the inside is even worse.

Benjamin Gecko said...

Ben Gecko: After itellitlikeitis's maniacal ravings about call ME mean-spirited?? Actually, everyone I know tells me what a mellow, even-tempered person they think I am. I have a great sense of humor, like telling and hearing a good clean joke and I pride myself on trying to look at both sides of an issue before making my mind up. What I DON'T like is BS passed off as truth, people who denigrate other people for getting involved in things that they won't/don't get involved in and pots calling kettles black...oh, and ignorant p***ants passing themselves of as all-knowing experts.


I don't know. You sound like you are mad at the world about something. Your attack on Andy was way over the top.

Itellitlikeitis was kind in his description of Al Maddox.

For someone who looks at both sides of every issue you sure do keep landing in the same place, don't you?

Let me give you some advice. Just because someone does not agree with you does not mean they are ignorant. They just see things differently. The intolerance on display in your writings is bothersome to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I see this Kansas city resident, Al Maddox just keeps coming over to Raytown. He's now writing letters to the local paper to tell us just how much he's doing for Raytown. I've often wondered why someone who lives in another city doesn't use his talents to improve his fair city. Maybe they (the city of Kansas City) have figured him out and don't want his help.

True Blue said...

Why is our C-2 school board spending all our money on new buildings instead of giving the teachers a raise? If they continue to operate like this all of our good teachers will soon be headed to the higher paying districts.

Andy Pickard said...

Kid. I am proud of the folks I supported for city government. They had good ideas for the city and I will proudly support them again if they decide to run. Evidently Mayor Bower saw their potential too, as he put at least two that I know of on city committees.

As for the Iran conversation, don't feel too proud. It's easy to fool folks on blogs when you are too chicken to post your real name. On the Iran thing, you made some good points. On city stuff, you are just whacked out. Why not quit all the posing and just engage in good , clean debate?

Pat Casady said...

The "Kid" has gone too far this time.
I don't know what this person is on, but I have never...NEVER! Been against the redevelopment of downtown Raytown. I have never accused city employees of being dishonest, falsification of any kind and certainly the words of high crimes and misdemeanors have never crossed my lips.
In fact anything I have ever written about or stated has been researched and "Kid" I don't lie or make up things to make a point like you are doing.

I have never used the word "Mafia" in Raytown business either. In fact if "The Kid" is talking about who I think he is he is dead wrong again. I have worried that this new Wal-Mart could put our local grocery stores out of business.
The gentlemen that own, as The Kid put it, "referring to a local grocery store ownership group whose name ends with a vowel" is a personal friend and customer of mine.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Kid" leave me alone! If you don't have the guts to use your real name, or write the truth. Leave me alone!
I wouldn't have even written this but this nasty, lying, story telling, bitter person needs professional help.

I truly hope nobody believes the stuff that this person spews.
I've tried to ignore what this person writes but I can't ignore lies and made up stories about me. I offer a challenge to this person, come in my business and see me face to face and tell me what you write and accuse me of.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have never said the things this person says I have.
This person is a gutless coward and for the first time in my history of writing,,,,, a S.O.B.!
If that's being foul-mouthed so be it.

Anonymous said...

To "The Kid": Thanks for proving my point.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "Foul Mouth Al" (maddox) is getting ready to run for public office. What legislative district does he live in?

Anonymous said...

I know Pat Casady and he truely has the city's best interest at heart. He's just smart enough to see how many phony people are running city hall, both elected and appointed city officials. The "Kid" is a bitter, narrow minded, person and is probably jealous of Pat's success as a local businessman. Pat, just keep telling the truth because, I'm sure it is driving the "Kid" nuts. But, after reading his garbage, I think he's already there!!!!

WTF said...

The breeding situation in Raytown has been a problem for several years, correct me if I am wrong but breeding liscenses are issued by the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture and these individuals are inspected along with all of the vet clinics. Maybe the City should coordinate with the State on the issuance of breeding permits and control it from that point.

Salamander said...

The blogger who came to the defense of Al Maddox when Maddox was caught violating state statutes missed the point. Raytown's most prominent non-resident had no excuse for failing to obey rules of the Election Ethics Commission.

Al Maddox, in case you didn't know, has served as an elected official. He should know the rules.

We can forgive a busy, witty individual such as George Bush for not being able to remember when or where he trained to serve his country.

But I cannot believe that a man, the caliber of Al Maddox, would have such a lapse of memory.

One would think he knew where he lived and put his return mail address as required by law on his pathetic political attack pieces.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed downtown Raytown lately? It's rapidly developing into a new home for bars and liquior stores. Is this what our citizens invisioned for downtown? I dought it. Thank you Sue Frank for your planning and vision for redeveloping downtown into something that we can all be ashamed of.

nancy r. said...

Someone should buy the property next to Jim Aziere's and tether a large rottwiler next to HIS house. Then we would see if he still thinks it's the same as walking the dog on a leash.

As for that Whitman person, don't we have muzzle laws in Raytown? We could sure use one.

Over Easy said...

Ain't it great that all of us anonymous bags of wind have so much to say? Why is it that we won't sign our names? Because we're not stupid, that's why. The "powers that be" in Raytown use ordinances as a tool for controlling their opponents. Ordinances are enforced all right - selectively. Ordinances of any substance usually involve and favor the Wildwood homeowner's association. The rest of us can eat cake and talk about bird droppings. "Let's see, if my parrot has fleas, is that one pet or two?"

But all the blogs in the world do not affect the outcome one bit. People who care about some of these issues need to stand up and be counted, attend council meetings, form special interest groups of our own, and start to shout these fools down. Otherwise, the good ship Raytown, already listing badly, will be lost to us all.

Oh by the way, the longer you tether an animal, the meaner it gets. Any fool knows that. Not Wittman and Aziere.

Property prices? Simply a reflection of a community's own self respect, its unity, its civic pride, its guts, its vision. Right now, in Raytown, that's oh and five.

Good luck, Mr. Hair - woops, I mean, Mr. Mayor.