Saturday, June 16, 2007

Group Home Decision to have Immediate Effect on Raytown Neighborhoods

A recent ruling by a Federal Judge in Kansas City, Missouri about Raytown’s law governing distances between group homes is expected to have an immediate effect on Raytown neighborhoods. In the ruling the court stated that Raytown’s law requiring 1,200 linear feet between group homes was too restrictive. The court granted a permanent injunction barring the City of Raytown from denying licenses for group homes based on the 1,200 feet rule. The ruling is expected to have an impact on neighborhoods in Residential (R1) Zones - Nearly all of Raytown’s residents live in R1 Zoning (single family residential). According to city records there are four such homes, commonly known as group homes, in Raytown waiting for approval to open. They are located at: 8801 Gregory Boulevard 5568 Blue Ridge Boulevard 8308 Sterling Avenue 8958 East 59th Terrace Reports that another group home is expected to open up on Lake Shore Drive in the Wildwood Homes neighborhood have not been confirmed. The Raytown Board of Aldermen will hold its first meeting since the court’s ruling this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at Raytown City Hall. One item open for discussion is the possible appeal of the Court’s decision. Since it is a legal matter the topic may be brought up in executive session. Executive sessions are closed to the public.


Anonymous said...

While I didn't see the ruling, from Greg's synopsis I would call this judicial activism plain and simple. If a city does not have the right to regulate residences and businesses, why have city government at all?

Andy Whiteman said...

Is this a Socialist Liberal country? What about the rights of the people who bought a home expecting to be living in a residential neighborhood? I didn't see in Greg's article what distance the court allowed between group homes.

If there is a need for a closed session, I hope the board will have the courtesy to have it before, after the regular meeting, or on a different date. It is really rude and a waste of the public's time to interrupt the meeting with a closed session.
Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I'm a little curious as to what "single family dwelling" actually means.
It would seem that it would mean a family of related people, mother father and children, throw in an occasional mother or father in law. But still related.

Group homes seem akin to hotels or apartments.
This town hasn't had any problems passing laws and ordinances in the past seems like a no brainer here, another ordinance is order.

I'm sorry to say this but if our city government doesn't start looking out for it's citizens and businesses that are already in place, all that will be left to do is push the handle and flush Raytown down the creek.

They need to take back our neighborhoods and parks and make this the place we all thought it could, would and should be. A quiet, beautiful, peaceful place to be and live.

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with Pat about "single family dwelling". Group homes are really businesses and should not be in residential areas.

I think the problem is the defination of family. In some cultures, a family is aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. as well as their spouse and children. This can account from 20 to 40 individuals in a small apartment. I think they are vaguely defining any group of people as a "family." By the way, was that Judge bribed for his ruling?
Andy Whiteman

km said...

I hope one of the other folks is out there that was at the meeting when all these "goofy" definitions were explained. If so, can one of you remind us of what the "government" definition on single family dwelling is and how it relates to the definition of "group home". (I am looking for mine sheet but can't locate it.)

Thru this whole process I have found that we all need to become more aware of how our government (everywhere..not just local) define many things that affect our lives.


Andy Whiteman said...

KM is correct. We need to watch the Federal, State, and county too. They all are sneaking things in. The local definition of single family residence is obviously different from the Federal definition.

The Feds aren't going to listen to our opinions just like the BOA isn't going to listen. Maybe it depends on who you are if they will listen. It was stated elsewhere that they don't listen to me. We may elect them, but the reponsibility ends there!

I went through my stack of papers and didn't find group homes since I am mainly concerned about animals.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I think it is VERY SAD that the good people of Raytown would feel this way about a group home. If a home has 3 bedrooms in it what difference does it make if they are all of one family or not? SHAME ON YOU cold hearted people.