Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Good Ship Raytown

The next Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting, to be held on Tuesday, July 17, 2007, should be interesting. Consider the following: Next week the Board of Aldermen will probably vote on four ordinances that, if passed, will have a detrimental impact on property values. In so doing, it will also seriously hinder plans for the future economic growth of Raytown. In a time when the other communities in the K.C. metropolitan area are competing for more businesses, jobs and residents – Raytown is on the cusp of turning many away by: 1. Allowing dogs to be chained in front yards. 2. Allowing vehicles to be dismantled in residential neighborhoods. 3. Rescinding an ordinance that prohibits fences in front yards. 4. Allowing the breeding of animals in residential neighborhoods. A recent contributor to the Raytown Reporter who goes by the pen name of “Over Easy” wrote the following earlier this week. The letter speaks for itself. Ain't it great that all of us anonymous bags of wind have so much to say? Why is it that we won't sign our names? Because we're not stupid, that's why. The "powers that be" in Raytown use ordinances as a tool for controlling their opponents. Ordinances are enforced all right - selectively. Ordinances of any substance usually involve and favor the Wildwood Homeowner's Association. The rest of us can eat cake and talk about bird droppings. "Let's see, if my parrot has fleas, is that one pet or two?" But all the blogs in the world do not affect the outcome one bit. People who care about some of these issues need to stand up and be counted, attend council meetings, form special interest groups of our own, and start to shout these fools down. Otherwise, the good ship Raytown, already listing badly, will be lost to us all. Oh by the way, the longer you tether an animal, the meaner it gets. Any fool knows that. Not Wittman and Aziere. Property prices? Simply a reflection of a community's own self respect, its unity, its civic pride, its guts, its vision. Right now, in Raytown, that's oh and five. Good luck, Mr. Hair - woops, I mean, Mr. Mayor.


Anonymous said...

When is Mayor Bower going to step up and start leading? He needs to put some of those silly aldermen in their place. Also the goofys like Witty and Edwards. They just need to go away. They make Raytown look silly. We DIDN'T elect the aldermen to run the board of aldermen meetings, we elected you Mr. Bower. It's time to take charge.

Andy Whiteman said...

I strongly disagree with this anonymous. As for Mayor Bower, he needs a period of time get oriented, asscess the situation, and address cny changes that may be needed. Anonymous, if you accepted a new job as manager of a business that was drawing critisism; how long would it take you to turn things around? Could we expect a change in 2 months? Lets be reaonable.
As for the "goofys" everyone is entitled to their opinion and the right to express it. This is the United States of America, not Nazi Germany, not a Communist country, and not fuedal England (which we left for freedom). I think it would be more productive if you stated what Witty and Edwards said that you disagree with, why you disagree, and suggest a better solution.

Anonymous said...

With so many comments about how Mayor Bower should step up and lead I hope he is listening. It is time for him to decide whether or not he is going to be a mayor who is worth all that so many people did to get him elected. Maybe I miss understood but I thought that the job of the Mayor is listen to what the majority of the people of our city want and then to lead this board in the direction that is best for Raytown. Doesn't he have the veto vote? If that means to go so far as to veto these of stupid ordinances then do it.

As for the person that talked about the Alderman running the meetings. That Alderman that is the mayor pro tem, why is it she seems to think that it is her job to tell the mayor how to do his job. With her trying to control everything it doesn't say much for Bower in allowing it. If I were him I would go back to the old way of seating on the council meetings. I remember when the mayor pro tem did not sit next to the mayor. We don't want to hear from her unless he is not in attendence and then ONLY if it necseeary.

I am also tried of listening to people like Whiteman who get up at the council meetings and can't say anything nice about Raytown. All he does is complain, if Raytown is so terrible why does he stay? If all you do is complain and don't come up with solutions you are not helping and no one is going to listen. You sound like a whiner and no one likes to listen to whiners. Do something or Shut up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read some of the back comments and ran across the comment about using your name when making comments. I Suppose there is some merit in that thinking but the fact is people will not usually say everything they want to say if they feel that the world will know who they are. There maybe several reasons for that but mostly it's because they want the elected officals to know how they feel about things but they are afraid about retribution either verbally or physically. That reasoning maybe unwarranted but it's is still there.

Isn't it better that this board or any other elected offical know if you think they could be doing a good job? They are suppose to be representing thoses who elected them and they need to know that they could be doing the job better. If one of these comments wakes them up isn't that what's important here?

Andy Whiteman said...

Anonomymous #2: As for the mayor protem, I have not been close enough to observe or hear what you stated is happening.

As for running down Raytown, I explained at one of the meetings and also on this blog that I was referring to the way the Board is run namely secret meetings, no public notice, proposed ordinances not available to the public for comment, etc. That is why I called it the Fief of Raytown because I felt we were serfs living on a mideavale fief with no rights.

The President has veto power but can be overridden. It is my understanding that the Mayor presides over the board and the only vote he has is if there is a tie vote. I sure wish he could veto some of the strange things (to put it mildly) the board is doing.

Mayor Bower does listen! That is why I supported him. He impressed my as a person who very much cares about Raytown will will listen to concerns. I suggest you call 737-6003 and ask to schedule a meeting to state your grievances. You could also find his email address on
Mr Bower does not know how you feel unless you take the time to talk with him!
Why don't I move? I was forced to move here and am trapped. I can't stand the climate here hence "the State of Misery". I wish I could move. Moving is not simple especially when one is disabled. I have been looking for a house for over 5 years and unable to locate a suitable house in my price range. If I ever find one it will take me about a year to pack while the new home is remodeled and my making 2 house payments. If you really want me to move, offer me $100,000 over appraised value of my house. That will widen my options for a new house since I can spend more for the new home and remodeling. Maybe moving is easy for you, but for me it is an expensive time consuming undertaking.
Mr Anonymous, if you are tired of hearing people like me talk at meetings; it is a public meeting: You may get up and state your name and address the board with your concerns as I and others chose to do. But then you will no longer be anonymous.
Originally I was going to post under a pseudonym but I felt there is more credibility if I sign my name.
I hope to hear you speak at the next meeting on Tuesday, July 17th!
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

A note to Andy:

The Mayor of a Fourth Class City in Missouri does have veto power.

It takes a 2/3rds vote of the Board to over-ride the veto.

Raytown is a Fourth Class City. Therefore, Mayor Bower does have the ability to veto the nonsensical legislation that is coming before him.

It appears that he will soon have his chance to prove himself to you.

Andy Whiteman said...

Anonyomus 4: Thanks for the info. I have heard differently from several people. I sure hope the Mayor had veto power.

I just wrote a long post but it dumped. I am going to bed now and may or may not rewrite it some other time.

Pat Casady said...

I have talked to Mayor Bower and I truly think he has the best in mind for Raytown and I'm one that thinks he needs a little more time before the criticism should start.

Let's look at what he has to work with, and I mean no disrespect to the B.O.A, but very few of them know how a business works and contrary to what some may think a city is a business.
It may not have anything to sell but it sure takes in a lot of money, your money, in taxes and in some other ways too.

Our City Council is the board of directors in charge of your money and should only spend it in ways that will make the city better. There in lies the problem. In the past they could be talked into almost anything as long as it sounded good at the time. We had a City Administrator that could sell them on anything. Like two developers that cost the city a lot of money for NOTHING and the purchase of the old church. Even the hiring of his old friends that helped tear this town apart. They are all gone and we still have problems.
We will always have problems if, one, we all can't work together and come up with a plan for for this city and two, the in fighting at City Hall among the B.O.A. doesn't stop.

I'm all for getting a group of people together to see what we can come up with to move the city along and exchange ideas but if it turns into a bit%# session then there's no point.

We all know there have been a couple of groups started before but they were just "yes" groups for the Wenson administration.

We need ideas. Ideas that we can all live with and the city officials can approve of and make happen.

I'll get off my high horse now,

Andy Whiteman said...

I think Pat, as a businessman, has made a good comment. The city must be run like a business.

I think we are back to the issue of "is the message or the messenger more important" I made what I think is basically the same point but my name drew some negative comments. Here the messenger, not the message, drew attention. I could have posted anonymously and it wouldn't be read. I hope people will pay attention to someone who is a businessman who is talking from a managment perspective.

I know it takes time and the point I was making at recent board meetings was not running down Raytown, but that I was expecting change. Maybe I don't have the best communication skills.

I also have spoken with Mr. Bower. I feel he is listening and has the intention of implementing changes. Obviously it will take time to do this.

Andy Whiteman

Git 'er Done said...


We haven't formally met, but I do know of your business and the amount of time you've been here in Raytown.

I like your idea of getting a group together to discuss ways in which to move the city, and the downtown development, forward. I envisioned that a while back, and have talked with several business owners about doing just that. I would welcome the opportunity to facilitate that group.

You have a fair point when you say that some members of the BOA don't have a business background, but I would submit that anyone who works, owns a home, feeds and clothes kids and family and does their best to provide for their future has a pretty decent grasp of the economics involved in running a business. As one of my friends would say "Same subdivision, different street."

Anyway, if my offer is of interest to you, please acknowledge here through the blog. If we should have the chance to meet and furher discuss the idea, you'll see why I have the interest in doing this.

Anonymous said...

As to any change at the Raytown Post, I doubt it, because I understand that this is the same out of town businessman that Mr. Battagler has been dealing with for quite some time. My question is if you don't own something, then how can you sell it? It is my understanding that Mr. Battagler hasn't paid Mr. Gray for the paper.

Pat Casady said...

To Get'er Done,
Let's talk about getting a meeting put together.
My number at work is 356-1590 I'm usually here from seven until at least two in the afternoon.

Thanks for the interest.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I believe you may be right, none of this board have ever been business owners. It is a very differnt thing to work for someone than to be the one who is ultimately responsible for whether that business succeeds or fails. Whether they like it or not they are our employees. They are spending our money and it is our job to be smart and be on top of what is going on at city hall and as their employer tell them how we want our money spent. They should be required to do there own research on what they are voting on. However, we all know that isn't going to happen because it would require an effort on their part.

As for your statement that the board has changed and that we don't have the same kind of Board that we had before, that is somewhat incorrect. There is only 2 new members and 1 who has returned after less than a year away. Those 2 new members will not change the strong hold the old board had even if they voted differently.

I to believe that Mayor could make a differenence but this is the end of july and by this time he should be telling us how and what he intends to accomplish. When he took office he must have had some things that he saw he wanted to change or see things that needed to improve to make Raytown GREAT. so far I for one have heard nothing from him on those things.
That is what we are waiting for and how he will accomplish those things with the board he has.

If what this board is doing now, the rehashing an ordinance that has not even been in effect for 5 months and that took 9 months to work on and one that has worked will for Raytown for years, we are in troublt again. Especially if Mayor does not say something when things are wrong and he knows it.

Pat, I believe all of us want the same things for Raytown but we should be hearing more from our new mayor.

Please forgive any mispelled words but my computor will not let me delete for most reason. But i'm sure you will get the idea.

Anonymous said...


I went to the City Council meeting last night and guess what, there was Foul Mouth Al Maddox.

He was huddled with Witty Whitman. Whitman was the lady who wanted to make it legal to leave dogs chained and unattended in front yards.

Thank goodness the Council had enough sense to turn her request down.

Just sign me as a member of the Foul Mouth Al Maddox Watch Committee!

Sick of the Spectacle said...

Pat Cassady is wrong, wrong, wrong.

He wants to give Mayor Bower a free ride for a few more months. It won't do any good, Pat. Bower has been Mayor for over 90 days. He has not done one single thing of note during this period, except sit at council meetings, stroking his crew cut and allowing some of the city's biggest idiots to make fools of themselves.

If Bower had any sand in his pants he would have cut off those nuts at the pass. I am talking about those who want to tether dogs in their front yards and repair so-called "classic" cars and storing parts under the their front porch should have been told to take a hike.

Come back in three or months, Pat. By then you will agree that Bower is a "do-nothing" mayor.

A strong Mayor would never let agitators, such as Al Maddox and Witty Whitman control his meetings.

Anonymous said...

Weii, the board did finally show us that they DO NOT care about the majority at the 7-17-07 meeting except for 2 items. Thanks God they took the work on your cars off the adgenda. However, they did not say whether it will come back like the fence thing. The tethering was held in place but only if the responsible person is with them.

I just have to say this Mrs. Whitman just shot her self in the foot with this new oerdinance. The animal control ordinance passed 3-6-07 states in section 4-15 Item D " It shall be unlawful for an owner, keeper or harborer of animal to tether the animal outside except when the owner, keeper or harborer of the animal is visibly supervising the animal, whether outside or FROM INSIDE A RESIDENCE". I hope she enjoys standing outside in the winter in single digit weather or 100 plus in the summer.
I guess I am wondering did anyone read the ordinance before this was put back on the adgenda for this change.

As for the Breeding they have all lost their minds? Did any of the board members talk to anyone that have had a breeder next to them? I would venture to say that was to much work for this board or did they even talk to the codes dept. and ask them if they could get names of the people who have complaints about breeder guess not. I hope all of those 8 who voted for that get pitbulls next to them.

I would also like to know if they changed Section4-29 item c that states "NO person SHALL SELL animals within the city except at commerical animal establishment.The sale of animals form property zoned or used residentially is prohibited". I hpoe not that may be the only thing that could save us because breeders only do that to make money. This city as a limit on the number of animals on one property so these so called Hobby breeders would have no reason to breed if they cannot sell.

I feel sorry for the codes officers they are the ones who will have to deal with enforcing this and it's going to be impossible.

If I understood correct the fence is going back to the board of Planning and Zoning. I just hope they are smarter than this Board of Alderman seems to be.

Andy Whiteman said...

Does sitting near a person make them quilty by association? At one meeting, I was sitting near some people who made comments that drew criticism from a Board member. That didn't mean I was associated with those individuals. It also doesn't indicate if I agree or disagree with them.

How does one control a fool? The best way to handle a fool is to let him/her make a fool of himself/herself. Others will recognize it.

To the last anonymous: Is everyone who disagrees with you and idiot and a fool?

What people say may sound foolish to you, but this is the United State of America, not Gestapo Germany, Red China, or Mideaval England; and we still have the right to speak out against the Gestapo like activities of a city government.

I may disagree with the idea of what someone is suggesting, but after hearing them out, I can understand their reasoning and may change my mind. I was totally against tethering a dog anywhere, anytime; but I have changed my opinion after realizing there are people without fences who have no other way to let their pets releive themselves.

This fool thinks all new construction should require 6 foot block walls in the back yard.
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Fireworks, will these idiots on the board of alderman ever quit rehashing issues that have been settled for years? It's about SAFETY, how many children are we going to injure and how much property are we going to damage if we bring back fireworks? Mayor Bower, I hope that you use your leadership skills and common sence to derail this controversial issue asap.

Andy Whiteman said...
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Andy Whiteman said...

July 20, 2007 10:44 AM

Post has been deleted here, added to, and moved to FIREWORKS IN RAYTOWN
Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Maybe it's just me and maybe I just don't understand but, I just read in the Raytown Post in the "A look at Raytown's demographics" section the part that was titled "Most common occupations for males" the first on the list was Driver/sales workers and truck drivers.
To me this begs the question, why did the Raytown city government run most of the truck drivers out of town?

And check out the section on "Crime in Raytown by Year"
What has happened or changed in Raytown that would raise the crime rates so much in the last eight years? And why hasn't the city been on top of it.