Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Little Guy with the Hammer

The Mayor and five members of the Raytown Board of Aldermen (Schlapia, Hamilton, Riehle, Creamer, Ertz) have sponsored a bill to replace the city’s logo with a new design. Most people will not get too excited about that event one way or another. But the way they are going about it – and what they have designed to replace the black smith pounding an anvil with his hammer leaves a lot to be desired. To be fair, the readers should know that I am partial on this debate. I like the little guy with the hammer logo. It speaks to a small part of history in Raytown that harkens back to the days of the Santa Fe Trail and a blacksmith shop owned by a man named William Ray. The location of that shop is commemorated by a plaque located at 63rd Street and Old Raytown Road, the geographic center of what is now Downtown Raytown. It is also at the center of the city when it was first incorporated. (Raytown annexed additional land in later years to reach its current size) True, the logo is old fashioned and it could use some updating. But what the sponsors of the bill have endorsed is a step in the wrong direction. The new design looks dated. It is typical of artwork done in the 1990’s that followed the corporate lead of the Nike swoosh developed to sell tennis shoes. It does not address anything about Raytown. The new design is as bland as white toast and sends a negative message. It literally screams that Raytown is ashamed of what it is by ignoring the area’s rich history. Raytown is so much more than a suburb of strip malls. We should brag about our past, not hide it. The Raytown area is rich with history. The Santa Fe Trail ran like a spider web through present day Raytown. The area also played an integral part in our nation’s civil war. The Battle of Westport, which was the high water mark for the southern forces in Missouri, was literally fought on Raytown’s western boundary. The hilly area just east of Raytown was used as a base by rebel bushwhackers. In fact, four unmarked gravesites of rebel irregulars have been found on property just east of Raytown. Between these two forces of north and south, people lived in present day Raytown. In an effort to repel outlawed rebel sympathizers an executive order was issued by a Union general empowering forces under him to seize property owned by Raytown area residents. Soldiers forcefully removed the property owners from their land. Private cemeteries in the area date back to those historic times. The people of Raytown deserve a logo that welds the past to the present. What has been offered looks more like something to be used as a corporate symbol devoid any heart or soul without any connection to our community.


Pat Casady said...

No huge surprise there Greg.
For the last eight years City Hall has been trying to move this town away from the working man and family. Trying to eliminate what I call dirty businesses. In other words any business that a person could get their hands dirty. Garages, mechanics, truck drivers and so on. After all Lee's Summit, Lakewood and Leawood already have.
And you know we are "just like those cities."
Or at the least they want-a-be.

True Blue said...

Sounds like we have five fools on the board of aldermen that are out of touch with reality. Why don't they worry about the real problems, like why businesses and residents are leaving Raytown or fixing our streets, or keeping our neighborhoods clean. I could go on and on. But it's REALLY important as to what logo appears on our city stationary. GET REAL. This will do nothing about solving the real problems that the city is facing. It just shows how petty these 5 board members really are.

Salamander said...

I am beginning to think most people in Raytown are, as they say in Mexico, "One Sunday short."

The Blog has nuts who are actually arguing over which coffee shop is the most outstanding. If that's all this town can bring on, we are near the end.

Pat Casady is right. The Raytown Plaza owner is trying to market the place and you ain't gonna see any thing in that pit.

Guess Burnt Ends, Bob Phillips was wrong a few months ago, when he wrote column after column extolling the enthusiasm and virtue of the fellow from out West who brought the plaza.

The problem in Raytown is very basic. The place will NEVER have any shopping, retail or entertainment or anything else because the residents have never faced the truth.

Here's what I am speaking of, any honest individual will admit it:

Since the days of Marion Beeler as chief of police the town has literally existed to fund a police department twice the size it should be; We have lied to ourselves for decades about how our schools are the "second best" in the metro area when they, in fact, quite poor.

Raytown is being controlled by RRFT, which consists of a tight knit band of misfits who hate anyone who has the sembelance of a brain.

Nothing will happen in this town until we start facing the facts. All the talking in the world about coffee shops, Walmart, etc. is not going to change things.

Salamander said...

One more item. Just in case you think I am wrong.

Look at the Baptist Church building. There is not one person at city hall who will ever talk about it.

The way the entire Baptist Church transaction was handled is a disgrace. I would rather like to believe someone got a kick-back for this waste of tax dollars. It galls me to believe an entire council and mayor could be so stupid. So, please, someone tell me there was "under the table" money involved. I can't take it hearing those economic fools trying to make us believe they paid half a million dollars for a deserted building.

Then to turn it over to a city department for interior destruction is a bit too much.

Please, please tell me someone was "taken care" of on the transaction.

By the way, does anyone know how to get into the building.

Andy Whiteman said...

I thought that guy with the hammer was redesigned a couple of years ago and the issue was resolved. This city has important issues to deal with as those above me have stated. Why waste time on this trivia? As we say in Nuevo Mexico some of the board members are "poco loco in la cabeza."

I just came from a variance hearing at Planning and Zoning. They approved a variance for Hi-Vee to enlarge and occupy the vacant Schnooks at Gregory & 350 HWY. That is one sane thing that has happened in the 7 years I have been forced to live here. That shopping center was a blighted eyesore. Now it will be put to use generating property taxes as well as sales taxes. I am sure it it will be a convenience to those travelling 350 HWY for whatever reason to stop and pick up some groceries and maybe garb a bite at Applebee's, Churchs, or HiVee deli on the same stop.

Was there a resolution as to an official coffee shop? I missed that one. I think a city official can express an opinion (as an ordinary citizen), as long as it is not expressed as representing city preference or policy. If a city employee personally prefers or doesn't prefer a particular place of business, what is wrong with that? It is his/her personal preference unless it is expressed as city policy, in a city publication, on a city letterhead. If he/she simply says, "Bennetti's has great coffee," I or anyone else could have said the same thing without an uproar.

As to the Salamander's question, I think the obvious entry way to the church is through a broken window, but I think an inspection could be requested from a city official under the freedom of information act since this is public property.

Also Salamander, a city department cannot clean up the interior legally. My understanding is that asbestos is involved and that requires a crew trained on that type of hazardous material along with special equipment. If anyone observes a city crew doing a clean up inside that building, OSHA and EPA should be notified immediately unless the crew has proper training and equipment. Also, I would not enter that building without wearing protective gear!

Tonight is one of the few times I have seen a good decision made and it didn't involve the Board of Alderpeople! Maybe if the Board of Alderpeople didn't focus on the trivial, they could deal with important issues. But, maybe it is a good idea to keep the peoples minds focused on trivia. Good thinking but not all of us are complete fools!

Someone probably wants to know what I don't complain about? The Police Department, Fire Department, and EMS are well managed and all provide excellent service in a very professional manner. I have had occassion to interact or witness the actions of all 3 of these departments. Actually, a few years ago, I was thinking of running for town marshall but didn't because I couldn't think of anything I would change except to request higher salaries for the staff.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

OK here is, in part, the deal on the Raytown Plaza.
It seems our city inspectors are up to their old tricks again. Actually they probably never stopped.
Just like when my friend was trying to rebuild the old car wash on the traffic way,
they are making up rules as they go along. That's why we have FEW NEW SMALL BUSINESSES coming to Raytown.
Along with using the standard building codes, our inspectors make up their own codes.

Here is a short list of how people are treated when trying to open a business in Raytown:
They are told they can't even put in a phone without permission.
They are told what color to paint their buildings.
What color to have their garage doors.
How many trees to have on their lots.
How many lights on the property.
Install curbs where none have ever been.
Resurface driveways to make them look better. (not structural)
In one case told to stucco the building when the rules didn't include this area.
What signs to use and where to install them, even though the Chamber sign is on a dangerous view blocking corner, anybody else tried this they would be in trouble.
If you want to install a window you have to pay an architect to draw it up.
Install a sink where one had been before....hire an architect.
This city even tells you what front you have to put on your building, but not before you hire an expensive architect.
There are many, many more examples of bullying entrepreneurs.
Most give up and move on to another city or town as you can tell by all the empty buildings in Raytown.

Very little of the above has to do with safety or real codes but costs the prospective business owner too much money to move forward.
Most are made up as they go along and most are to show who is boss.

Someone mentioned how the Post's Burnt Ends wrote column after column about the plaza. I wonder why they don't write about how people are treated when they try to open a business in Raytown and why the Plaza is is no longer.

This is why the Raytown Plaza's owner put it back up for sale.
How sad this is. I had two friends that wanted to open businesses there too.
Time after time this city has shown they don't want any new businesses in the downtown area. It's as if Curt never left, and they are waiting for the all mighty
Wal-Mart to open.

Anonymous said...

Raytown will continue to wither and die of some of these restrictions on new business are not repealed. That's why so many of our friends and neighbors have left town, to either open a business or raise their family somewhere else. Raytown has a bad reputation and I'm not sure it can ever be reversed. We are another Bannister Mall slowing dieing, because it couldn't reverse it's bad image.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat makes a good point about how business owners are treated. How about home owners? As one of my coworkers once said, the company treats everyone equally (equally shitty). The same can be said for the city. Does anyone understand whiy I was calling it the Fief of Raytown? It is run like 14th century England and/or Nazi Germany. We are surfs with no rights.

Yesterday one of my friends who has lived in Raytown all of his life and liked it here told me that he would be moving because of the way the city is run.

My reason for wanting to move is not the way the city is run. I can't afford to make such an expensive decision on that issue. My main reason is that I was forced to move here for a job. Mainly the climate is too miserable for human habitation. Utility prices are too high to heat or cool my house. But that is not the city's fault except for maybe the franchise tax on utilities. This heat wave should sure help out the budget! I read in the Post that the warm weather hurt the budget due to lower franchise tax collections.

Now back to the subject. As far as home owners are concerned, City inspectors do not make determinations based on ordinance. I have an issue with the code department. The ordinance is not specific and clearly written so the inspector "used his own judgement." I feel his judgement was very poor and an abuse of power. I filed an appeal and was told to file a variance request which I did. My request was denied which I may appeal because what the city wants is a safety hazard and creats violation of another ordinance. I applaud the way the HyVee variance was approved but I feel discriminated against because I am disabled and cannot afford a high priced attorney to represent me as can a big business.

Maybe new businesses should appeal wrongful decisions by code "officers." Obviously for a business, it isn't worth the expense so it is cheaper to loacte in a city that wants them.

The city recently posted legal notices to hire codes enforcement officers. The pay is not even a living wage. How can it be expected that someone making less than $15 an hour to make a judgement based on how the code is written verses how they think it should be written?

Maybe the ordinances need to be rewritten in an explicit manner so nothing is left open to individual judgement! I know Albuquerque, NM has ordinances regarding exterior lighting, as do other cities, due to quality of life issues of not being able to see the stars.

Maybe the Alderpeople (remember it is not Aldermen because women are also on the board) need to dump the pursuit of trivial issues such as the logo and focus on important issues such as rewriting ordinances that are left to someone's judgement. I did mention it at a meeting that many ordinances were poorly written and a revue of the ordinances was in order.


Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

In regards the FBC's interior...

It's my understanding (from someone who should know) that the interior is full of mold and other problems.

Theives, allegedly, stripped the place pretty well of anything valuable. And I even heard there was --- early-on --- an open door policy to take whatever you wanted just to get rid of the junk.

But, again...everything one hears is second-hand and gets compounded like the kids' game "gossip" when what is passed around the circle is 100% different than what was first said.

If the city had any sense, its officials would walk thru the place and then produce an honest report and video of the real situation.

Lee Gray

Anonymous said...

Regarding City Officials expressing their opinion: It is against standard business ethics for a city official to promote one business over another in their official capacity as a representative of the city. What if his friend owned a new Mexican restaurant and he promoted it as a city official? What about one car dealer over another? A car wash? Who wins if by his endorsement more business goes to his friend’s places and the others fail to grow or lose customers leading to closing their businesses? City officials should be required to be objective and promote all businesses. What we have now is called “the good old boy” system.

Who city officials endorse off the clock is not my concern. Who they promote while being paid by my tax dollars is.

Anonymous said...

About the logo. It looks a lot like the logo of a local funeral home. Is this all that we can get for $2500.00 of our money. I'ed rather give the kids at the high school art depts. a chance at the logo. I also think we should keep the little guy with the hammer but maybe they could come up with a way to up date him but if not leave the logo just as it is. We should not keep running from our history.

If we do give the kids a chance the city should give them some guidelines and have a contest. Let the public vote on their choice for the logo not the city council. The city could give winner the money for their college or their art dept. which ever they want. This logo they are trying to push on us was done by a company in Flordia on the computor without much imagation. It was the same company that did the same logo for the funeral home.

How do I know all this? I was on the BOA when this first came up and now they are bring it back again because they think this new board will accept what the other one would not. I would like to say thanks not only to Mr. Walters but also Mrs. Fleming for having the courage to say it looks terrible. It did then and it does now.

Sandy Hartwell

Andy Whiteman said...

I can agree with Ms. Hartwell that the logo is so poorly done that it was a waste of money. Anyone could probably generate one from an images software on the computer.

Actually, few people know what a blacksmith is or what a hammer and anvil are. In addition to the logo a line of explanation is required so people know what it is. Or perhaps the front of a blacksmith's shop labeled "William Ray, Blacksmith."

I also agree turning it over to the Art Department would be a good idea. The reward to the winner could be in the form of a scholarship to be paid to an accredited instution, 739 Plan, or as a US Savings Bond in the event the person elected not to pursue a higher education.

Andy Whiteman said...

On second thought, why limit it to the Art Department. What about the History Department also? They may do a little research and come up with an entirely different logo that is relevant to Raytown's heritage.

Actually why not open it to all with the requirement that the submitted logo depict something that obviously relates to Raytown's history without need for description and also be unique to Raytown. There are numerous possibilities such as the Santa Fe Trail, underground Railroad, etc. OK, Santa Fe trail is not unique to Raytown, but something unique to Raytown on the Santa Fe Trail would qualify. A small script title could identify the image. As I said, I doubt that many people would recognize an anvil.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

So, where can one go to view this new improved logo?

Andy Whiteman said...

I was wondering that myself. The Alderpeople will have the make that decision.

I also wonder how the people will vote? Will it be an election or mail in ballot. Whatever method will be costly.

While I agree with Ms. Hartwell's point on the logo, I think trivial issues such as the logo should be tabled and the time spent on issues of importance. Why whould be wasting much time discussing logos when there are many items of importance that need to be addressed?
Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Getting back to the logo.
Anybody could have designed the new logo if they have half a brain and clip art in their computer.
I have a program for business cards and one of the designs is almost a perfect match to the expensive new logo design.
However I agree with some of you saying the logo shouldn't be a priority for Raytown.
If the city doesn't change the way it treats most of the people and businesses, the logo might just be a headstone.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Kansas City resident, foul mouthed Al Maddox have a lot to do with coming up with this new logo? Maybe this is why Bower has signed on to this awful design. Remember foul mouthed Al was one of Bower's biggest supporters. The "GOOD OLE BOY" system is alive and well at city hall.

Salamander said...

Andy Whiteman missed the point when I brought up malicious destruction of the old Baptist Church.

Verbiage Andy spilled out about violations if the cit went in and cleaned up the building is misleading. It is nothing but an excuse for the city to not do its job.

The point aside, what I am interested in is if someone out there can tell me how the total ruination of a very functional building came out.

We do know this. When the Baptists were using the Church it was clean, every utility functioning and in excellent operational condition.

Lo and behold! The city gets hold of the place for a mere half million(forget the change.) Next thing we have is a destroyed building. No one can tell us who authorized this destruction.

Was it the mayor? Was it the city administrator? Was it perhaps the police department. Someone had to okay using the interior of the building for paint ball fights, dog training, parties, etc. That someone should have to pay the bill.

If Andy is right in his contention that the building is in such bad condition he would not enter it without proper training and the equipment, how long will it be until this contamination he speaks of seeping out and polluting the entire area.

Let's forget about which coffee shop is the best. Let's concentrate on the important matters. For the half million the city spent buying the church you could set up more coffee shops than there are java drinkers in the town.

raytownwatchdog said...

I hear the city is having money problems. Running short at the end of the month like everyone else. I feel so bad!!!Maybe they need to do like everyone else "CUT THE FAT" Here are some examples. Do away with Tim Truesdale and Michael Miller.We certainly could do without that paper Mr Miller sends out. We could save a bundle on postage and printing, and conferances he attends. Is he going to come back with another brillant idea like the survey he did which ws a total waste of money. If we still had outhouses we coud use that paper to wipe out a##!, that's all it is good for. The city could be run just fine without them. Here is an important question for the citizens and one I bet you didn't know. How many new trucks did the city buy? If we are running short of money maybe they could haven been used for a while longer.

Anonymous said...

Hey watchdog, If the the city is short of money in my opinion one truck was one to many

Anonymous said...

The question is what did they do with these new trucks? Sure don't see much coming out of Public Works. Look at the potholes. I also must agree about Truesdale, Miller and our city clerk, Ms. Newton all need to go. Look how much money we could save here.

Anonymous said...

Here is one sure fire way to put city hall on notice. That is to STOP voting for every tax increase that comes along, don't be stronged armed into voting yes,think for yourself do the research and make up your own mind. Wonder if Mayor Bower is ever sorry he got elected?

Anonymous said...

Christine White you are a wonder woman. Selling real estate, working at the paper and a council woman. Wonder when it comes push to shove which one of your jobs will suffer. Bet I know!!! It will be the city and the people you represent.

Anonymous said...

With Ms. White trying to do three jobs, I wonder if she ever gave any thought to resigning her city position? You know, she has done that TWICE in the past. Not a very good track record. I feel sorry for the residents of the 3rd ward.

Anonymous said...

In answer to what anonymous asked where are the new trucks. I just figured it out and I know I have to be correct. I bet codes got them and they are not driving them because they don't want to wear them out. The proof is all around us,they haven't done a damn thing. Have any of you except for Andy seen anything codes has done?

True Blue said...

You are probably right about those trucks going to codes. Codes does nothing and it is getting worse. Mayor Bower and Michael Miller appear not to care. So folks, my advice is sell and get out before our property values fall even further.

Anonymous said...

After reading the blog spot over the past few months, it is clear to me that Raytowners need to sit up and pay much more attention to what is going on in this town.

We have recently allowed new group homes to open in our neighborhoods, buildings to stand vacant and be vandalized, the plaza to be bought and sold time again and those tenants that are there are ready to move...but can they meet the code standards!!!

What is wrong with this community. At this point in time who give a sh** about a logo. My own daughter is calling this area "trashy" now and won't even consider looking for a home in this area.

Come on Raytown..let's stand up and fight for our town.

Kathy M

Anonymous said...

Kathy M. is right. Most of our children won't even consider living in this community when they get ready to settle down. They view it as trashy and backward. Lee's Summit, Independence and Blue Springs seem to be attracting these young families and their growing income. Why do you think that major chain restuarants won't locate here? The spendable income just isn't here anymore.

Anonymous said... all are bunch of Chatty Cathies!
But can't find anything wrong with what you have to say. Just heard Mayor Bowar say on rebroadcast:"Well it appears all the fight has gone out of all our aldermen" in regards a vote on the 17th item. Walters, at least, questioned new public works director taking an out-of-town travel course. Schaplia, however, is pushing the issue for his professional license.
Oh, blah-de-oh-bla-da, life goes on! Ain't this fun????
Bowar is pushing the "in=coming president" of the national organization and how we should all be "proud of that." I certainly am! NOT!
Maybe we could retroactively once again spend Andy McCown to
Funny comment about Kathy M (is that our Miss Mack?) talking about her kid not wanting to comeback to/stay in Raytown.
I know local kids who go away to college and when told where they're coming from the comment is: "You went to Ghetto High?"
That's not about race...but reputation.
True should sell your property here. So should we all!

Andy Whiteman said...

I used to walk with my dog by the Olde Baptist church almost on a nightly basis. That dog died and the new dog has a different route.

I have observed the Independence Police Dept. conducting some kind of training inside using a portable generator for lighting. I don't know what they were doing, but was glad to see the building put to use. (That was a few years ago.)

I am not making an excuse for the city not to do its job of clean up. My point is they need to hire a company trained in this type of hazmat clean up. Salamander, you should have been at P&Z Thursday. I sure made an issue that I should not have to be in compliance until the city comes into compliance with the church.

What happened to the church? First vandalism. More and more windows were broken out. Next lack of maintenance. Maybe they should have put a fence around the building to keep people away.

What an abuse of taxpayers' money! The city spends $500K on this building, does nothing with it, and the alderpeople have nothing better to do other than argue over a city logo. Why not spend a few meetings addressing IMPORTANT issues?

As for voting on taxes, when voting each voter should think about who will pay these taxes and how much you will have to pay!

The only new truck I have heard about was an airconditioned truck for animal control 3 or 4 years ago. The only trucks I see on the road are animal control, road repair, and sewer TV. I don't watch specifically for city trucks, but If I am out or looking out my window, I happen to observe any vehicle that passes. I wasn't aware until I read the post that there were so many new trucks.

True Blue, I hate to tell you this but property values are down everywhere. I would like to move, mainly due to the bad climate we have here. If I could find a house, I would be gone in a year. (It will take me that long to pack.) My Realtor told me 4 years ago that the avarage time to sell a home in Raytown as 6 months. I don't know what it is now. Ms. White should be able to provide that information. I think it mainly depends on the quality of the house and if it is fairly priced.

Once I move, I will be gone and what happens in Raytown won't be my problem (unlike a few people I have read about.)

As I am typing this, I see the title: "The Little Guy with the Hammer" and wonder if the spirit of William Ray is annoyed at what is happening? HA HA

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Are we still sending the minutes of the council meetings out to be typed or is the city clerk doing it now. If we are sending them out to be typed here is another instance of people not doing their job. "Cut the Fat" and get some one wo can handle the job.

Anonymous said...

The CITY CLERK NEEDS TO GO!! Just ask anyone who knew Karlan Curtis or Debbie Grant. When they were here the taxpayers got their money's worth out of these two ladies. The current city clerk is incompetent. Just watch the meetings, she's rude and acts like she's never even seen the agenda. Come on Mayor start cleaning up this mess.

Pat Casady said...

I've been reading what some of you have written about the city having money problems and it brought to mind when Curt Wenson was hired. Remember, he was the savior of Raytown.
I believe he started out with a yearly salary of around sixty five thousand and shortly, without even doing anything to earn it, it was up to over ninety thousand a year.
But that's not the whole story, he also brought some friends with him from Lee's Summit and talked the city leaders into paying them more than they were worth. The proof is in how well Raytown is doing so far.
He also talked the city into buying the old church, hired a company to come in and tell us how great Raytown could be, hired Dial Realty, then came R.E.D. Development that took Raytown taxpayers for over sixty thousand dollars. Add all this up and it's getting close to a million dollars wasted.
And "NOW" Raytown is having money problems?

But the sad thing is that the City is pushing the police department to cut back. Even though the crime rate in Raytown has risen and the police are now spread too thin the city wants them to cut officers and budget.
The police department is NOT the problem!

All this could be avoided if the the city would let new businesses in, instead of keeping them out. If the inspectors that make the rules up as they go along and the codes people (for business) would ease up a bit and only insist on safety codes being enforced, use the standard for all cities. Not make them up as they go along. Electrical contractors and plumbing contractors don't even want to work in Raytown anymore because of this.

But again these people think it is more important to show the prospective new small business owners who's boss, than to help them come to Raytown.

More businesses, more taxes collected. More taxes collected the city has less money problems. Folks this is a no brainer.
Run the city like a business, don't spend taxpayer dollars stupidly, welcome anyone that wants to open a new business in town and take care and treat the old businesses like you want them to stay.
Most importantly get rid of anyone that doesn't want to work with or help new business come to town.

That's how a city or town stays alive. You spend don't spend time running people and businesses out of town.

Anonymous said...

Pat is right on as usual. He forgot to mention the real problem, Tim Truesdale, drawing a big salary and doing nothing. You're right about the police department, we probably need more officiers not less with all the increase in crime we see coming.

Anonymous said...

I drove down 63rd street the other day and there it was Foul Mouthed Als pocket park!!!A bench to sit on but no shade and then he did nothing to hide the ugly buildings behind the so called pocket park. What a waste of time and money. So all I can say for the people who gave money "SUCKER."I would have rather seen a root beer stand go in there again but maybe if FM Al would go down and set up a lemonade stand he might get a few takers.

raytownwatchdog said...

Talk about crime just wait until the new Wal Mart opens. Crime will be at a new all time high,perfect roads for robbers to exit town after the robbery!! Vandals can to do the old Wal Mart store what they did to the old Baptist Church, and this is progress!! We might even have to strap a gun on Shirley "Witty" Whitman and deputize her. After all it was her and Mrs. Ertel that was so excited about the new shopping center comming to Raytown. Mrs. Ertel you said how wonderful it would be to have a Target to shop at here in town. Well where is it? We had to listen to the two of you at every council meeting go on and on. Now I would like to know where is the Target store and all the other wonderful shops and I'm not talking Wal Mart. Here's your chance to tell us all about it.

Anonymous said...

Speak up ladies we're listening!! I guess it would be hard to speak,now that the mayor is gone and not telling you what to say.

Anonymous said...

Cathy M tell your daughter that there are still alot of citizens in Raytown that take pride in their property and want to keep the city growing and looking nice. Unfornaturely we have some that won't get up off thier big fat butt and clean up their property and it's not all elderly people a lot of them are young people, actually the elderly do a better job them the young. I say if you don't have the money to keep it up then move to an apartment and do us all a favor. Or better yet move in next to a city offical or some one on codes and see how they like looking at a mess 24/7 365!!!! Bet we would get some action then. Oh yea most of them live in Lee's Summit oh wellit was a great idea

Pat Casady said...

You are not going to believe what I was just told by a very good source.
Wal-Mart at 6700 Blue Ridge looses over sixty thousand dollars a year.
That's right it walks out the door.
The Hyper-Mart at Bannister Mall lost over one million a year........walking out the door.
The new Independence Wal-Mart,well the figures aren't in yet but estimated to be huge.
Welcome to 350 hwy. and Raytown rd. Wal-Mart.
After all the people that stole...err shopped at Bannister Mall and 6700 Blue Ridge
will need a place to go.

Andy Whiteman said...

Since Walmart is losing money at these stores, I guess it explains why they are closing them. Maybe new stores helps the finincial stats. If a store is closed and a new store is opened, we are not going to see reports on same store sales up or down. I wonder is they keep a same store crime report? Probably they don't want that figure known.

When the new Walmart is open, the Alderpeople better budget to add to the staff of Police Officers since they have to respond to the calls. I still advocate opening a mini PD office in the store like KCPD had at Bannister. That would put officers on site with 0 response time as well as having a point of public contact.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have lived in this city for most of my life and as far back as I can remember there has always been some sort of contreversy going on with the Mayor/aldermen and local officials of this city. Things have gotten worse in the past five to eight years, so bad in fact that some of my relatives and friends that have lived here all of their life have pulled up stakes and left Raytown as well. Used to be that if you were elected as mayor, that was your job. They managed to sneak in a position called a City Administrator I believe during Jack Nesbitt's stint as mayor because he had a full time day job and could not perform the mayoral duties during the daytime, so the city created this position, making the mayor just a figurehead. Get rid of the city manager and make the mayor work for his/her money again as it was in the olden days. These morons want Leawood, Lakewood, Overland Park, then you move there and don't impose their stupid laws on us here in Raytown. The city has gotten to be so restrictive on residents and businesses that the majority of them are fed up and leaving the city. The overall population has been on a steady decrease for the past several years, and the city government is too stupid to realize that they are mostly to blame for having empty storefronts, loan and pawn shops, liquor stores, and more bars/sports bar and grills here as well as empty houses that have been for sale for months/years that can't sell because either no one wants to move here or it is next to someones house that is a complete dump. If you lose the population, then who are they going to tax to get the needed monies for infrastructure upgrades and repairs? They might try to double tax people when their tax base is cut in half because of a population decrease... Or a new business tax, boy that will really attract new businesses. Yes, 63% of my personal property tax bill went to the Raytown Consolidated School District #2, note that I did not call it Raytown Quality Schools because the latter is an image thing that was created sortof like the City of raytown has tried to eliminate the blacksmith as its logo and has gone to the kotex package logo as a new, soothing image... Quit trying to get away from your history, as you cannot run away from it. What has been done has been done. Quit changing names, trying to make a mirage out of what is real. Who really cares about coffee bars anyway, just give me a cup of Folgers in the morning and I am just fine... if you have that much time on your hands to go to a coffee bar to gossip or skippys or whatever you do to scheme another way to stick it to the working man then you need to get a life! We always have had good police and fire protection which can equate to lower insurance rates, and good schools, which at times have been mis managed. Way back when, in the late 40's and early 50's they saw a need to build schools. They eventually built 10 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools, and 2 high schools. They (the administration) in the eightys closed one junior high school, converted the two remaining to middle schools, changed boundaries, and renamed one of them. Of the 10 elementary schools, they closed and sold one (Chapel), and converted one (Northwood) into a special ed school. Now they need another elementary school, and they need another middle school so they have to bring the middle school out of mothballs basically, and construct a new elementary school within a couple of blocks of where two other elementary schools are located (Norfleet and Fleetridge) Go figure... then throw Wal Mart into the picture, then there goes vo tech west to vo tech east, administration to the old USA 800 building on Raytown Road from the old Administration building on 60th Terrace, and the aquila building for the districts IT services....the district has its own problems like high turnover rates of teachers either needing more pay or they leave becuse they cannot get promoted from within, and it is also top heavy in the administration end of it as well(they need to trim the fat, eliminate some positions) Back to the sad state of the city, their animal contol people double as codes enforcment officers. The last thing we need is someone who just retrived 10 dead squirrels writing up someone for peeling paint or inspecting a new plumbing system installation. That is ridiculous! The aldermen can write all of these laws, yet the police cannot/will not enforce them or don't have the time to enforce them. Who is going to pay for the new sewer upgrades at the Little Blue Valley treatment plant if there are no residents to pay the new monthly bills instead of bi monthly like it used to be and based off of the winter average water usage? All that I can say is that the city, school district, police, neighborhood services, and public works had better get a grip on things, take responsibility for what they are supposed to be responsible for, and improve on their basic services instead of just sitting around chatting about how wonderful that would be dahling if we had another developer come to town so that we can allow them to get in on this tax increment financing thing too. What a sweetheart deal! Let all of Raytown become a blighted eysore so that we can take everyones property by way of emeinent domain and we can build new houses, schools, and businesses.... Everyone better watch out! Its coming to a town near you!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else watching the budget committee on Channel 7?
It's hysterical! Dan Estes spent 15 minutes talking about an "omission" and then Michael Miller tries to put another spin on it...until someone finally asks point blank what they mean.
"I made a mistake," said Estes.
No kidding! And they're talking about cutting overlay and other real citizen needs...How about cutting all those high priced clowns salaries?
Estes was probably too busy medling in the charter process to catch his "omission" as finance director.

JWDT said...

Yes, our city is in deep trouble IMHO. The question I have (one of many) is where are the rest of the citizens, aside from the the usual suspects, who disagree or have a better idea? Do they just not care? Maybe these are the folks we should tap into?

As for me, hopefully next Spring/Summer I can sell my house without a loss (maybe then the market will be a little better) and get out of here. If a small group do as I this may be exactly what the 'leaders' downtown need to give them the backbone & sense of urgency to fix several things.

Anonymous said...

Andy thanks for the information about the hugh losses at Wal Mart. I just pray these people keep " shopping" at Wal Mart and not my house when I'm not at home!! but with Wal Mart moving to my end of town I have already installed a security system and who knows I may have to sleep with a gun by my bed too !!!

Pat Casady said...

To the last anonymous writer,
You may need to take that gun to bed with you.
With all the high priced wisdom this town has hired the best way they could find to cut the budget is to reduce the police force.
That's the problem with some college education's...........they don't teach common sense. Plus I think it's an unwritten rule that with a degree no matter how bad you do your job or how much you damage the city or town you work for you won't be fired for incompetence. No, the first thing to go is the citizens protection, no matter if crime is on the rise, cut the police force back, but, keep the people that are causing the problems.
The spenders, wasters and the people that keep Raytown down.

Anonymous said...

I have solved the problem of the shortage in the city budget next year. Dan Estes made the mistake so instead of cutting out the services for the citizens why don't we make up the shortage out of his check. I would assume he makes a very GOOD salary !!!! After all he works for US the citizens. HOLD on to your wallet I see a tax increase on the horizon!!!! My vote will be a big NO!! CUT THE FAT

Anonymous said...

There is one problem I see with the police force and it has always been there. We have more Chiefs than Indians. By that I mean we have more people doing desk jobs than I feel are needed. Get more officers on the street where they are needed. We need more officers visible on the street. Several week ends ago there ws a motor cycle rally at KCIR. I think it was suppose to be like a mini Sturgis rally. You didn't see a Raytown policeman on the street. Why? Are we that short handed or did they just choose not to be seen?

Anonymous said...

The City is grossly mis-managed.
City Administrator pay and compensation is over $120,000 and he takes out of town trips numberous times and has only been with the city for little over a year. What a waste of taxpayers dollars!!! Tim Truedales, he has got to go if the City wishes to move forward. Dan Estes, he has had his hands on every dealing this City has and he is surely as responsible for the fiscal calamity as anyone. He should go. City Clerk, Ms. Newton, a symbol of unprofessionalism as never seen before in the City Clerk's position. She certainly needs to go.
What will the City do? Attack the Police for the budget woughts and most likely lay off a few low paid employees to make it look like all the fat cats at City hall are working to save the citizens of Raytown money.
Mayor Bower, wake up and smell the coffee. Get rid of the overpaid City Administrator and other department heads that are not doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

It's time for an audit by the state of Missouri on the city. The last one was in 1981. Don't you think one every 26 years is justified? If the city council won't request one the citizens can petition the state to come in. IT'S TIME FOR THE STATE TO AUDIT THE CITY OF RAYTOWN.

Anonymous said...

The police department certainly is not to blame for the money woes at city hall. If anything the police department needs the okay to hire more officers for the street. We are losing them faster than we can train them. Can some one tell me why?

Anonymous said...

The City would never dare touch the Po-po budget when Frank was Mayor. That's because of her hubby being Captain. Now that Sue-be-do-be-do is gone, I suppose the PD will have to axe all the fluff money that has been freely allocated to them, compliment of the Frank Administration.
It's about time to rein in the spending in PD.
Good department, I'll agree, but everyone has to make budget cuts to survive.

laughing all the way said...


All you armchair auditors are a RIOT!!!

Best laugh I've had in weeks.

Andy Whiteman said...

To the anonyomus who is getting a security system and a gun: I suggest a good dog such as a Pit Bull, Doberman, German Sheppard, or Rotweiler. No one with any intelligence will enter your property without an invitation.

I sure wish I could move but it is not as easy as people seem to think. First I have to find a decent house which I have tried to locate for 5 years. Almost impossible. Then the cost of a move is very expensive. I doubt that all those stating they will move will really do that because of the expense and difficulties of finding a house. People think it is simple, but even before I was disabled, it was very difficult for me.

By the way, I just spoke with my lender and they have stopped making loans until maybe next week. And the are NOT a subprime lender!
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Hey laughing all the way....
Arm chair auditors, that's a good one. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
However; it's not even a little funny when taxpayers dollars are being wasted and now the city is in a budget crunch.
Got any better ideals, other than name calling.

Anonymous said...

Here's to laughing all the way. Bet you won't be laughing when your taxes go up and your city services go down but you will still have to pay the taxes. You might have wished them that you had gotten involved and paid a little bit more attention about what's going on. So the last laugh might be on you!!!!!

True Blue said...

Whomever is calling for a state audit has the right idea. We would get an outsiders view and only the facts. This would put an end to all this speculation once and for all. Then we would really know whether the city has financial problems or not.

Anonymous said...

Just what do we need to do to get an audit started? I feel it is really needed. How do we know we aren't being fed a bunch of crap, only to scare us into voting for a tax increase? Come on lets stand up and be counted!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Raytown judge, Judge Fain would put a hard and severe punishment on the people who steal and rob they might leave Raytown alone and go "shopping" somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

If Michael Miller is the professional he claims to be wouldn't you think he would have asked for a state audit as soon as he took the job? You would have thought he would have ordered it right away, unlesss Dan Estes got to him first. It's possible you know. Any professional knows you do a state audit more than every 26 years. Come on Mr. Mayor open your mouth and let's hear from you. You had plenty to say while campagning now it's like the cat has your tongue. I have a feeling you didn't know the mess you were being given.

salamander said...

The blopgger who said Jack Nesbitt was working a full time job while he was mayor of Raytown is wrong,wrong, wrong. Jack Nesbgitt was full time employee of the U.S.
government whilehe was mayor of Raytown.

This meant that Mayor Jack, like all other Government employees, was working an average of 2.4 days a week. I would hardly call working 2.4 days a week beinga full time job. To top it off, like most government drones he did very little work.

laughing all the way said...

First off...I don't think "armchair auditor" is really calling names you? I mean, with all the other negativity and pettiness on this blog that's not too much of a knock on anyone in particular.

Secondly...who's talking about raising taxes? I have not heard one person from the city's staff talking about a tax increase. It has come directly, and only, from some of the posters on this blog. Innuendo, falsification and dreams.

We have been very lucky in this town over the years financially. I have watched other municipalities in this metro area, and around the state, go through the same things over the last few years that Raytown faces now. I face it at home, you face it at home. The city needs to mind its p's and q's a little bit more, for probably the next few budget cycles, and things will be just fine.

To those calling for a state audit...when the Marr audit is available to anyone who wants information (according to the Finance meeting last Tuesday), why not start there first.

Until then, you all keep bitchin'...I'll keep laughing!

Anonymous said...

To Laughing all the way, a state audit is much more thorough than one commissioned by the city. The last time the state did an audit (1981) a large amout of cash was turned into the city collector's office from another department. You just never know what the state might find.

Pat Casady said...

What bothers me about people like "Laughing all the way" is they criticize others for writing what they feel but offer no suggestions.
This person sounds like they either belong to a city organization or is an elected (or ex) official.
Which would explain the no suggestions.
Telling concerned citizens to keep bitchin' and they will keep laughing at them, is the attitude that gets nothing done.

Anonymous said...

Laughing all the way probably just needs attention and love and understanding to boost his self esteem.....he is probably a renter from a raytown slum lord that just exists in the rental property with two foot tall crabgrass in the front and back yards, and a multi colored 1980's mini van with crumpled fenders parked in a big mudhole in the front yard, not on the driveway that has old newspapers lying on it from the last 10 months from the Raytown Tribune and the Raytown Post everywhere, the broken lawnmower is still sitting in the same spot in back that it has been for the past two summers because he forgot oil, and has a pit bull with a log chain chained to his front porch to keep the mailman, city codes enforcement personel, and utility cutoff and collection people at bay, not to mention the ton of dog crap that they won't clean up that has green flies swarming and smells so nice from next door on a 101 degree summer day, with loud south of the border music blaring from the stereo speakers in the front window of the house that reminds us of little mexico... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! NOW THAT IS FUNNNY!!!!!!! And don't forget about the empty beer cooler from that fishing trip to swope park a year ago with the rotten dead fish in it sitting on its side by the front door with maggots!

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous,
You paint quite a picture.

Anonymous said...

Pat a very great thought about laughing all the way being a member of a city club or a city official or ex thats the attitude they have.

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture on the front page of the Post of one of the new logos being considered. Pitful "reaching for tomorrow" I think we have reached and totally missed the mark. Leave the guy with the hammer alone, after all this is our history and we should be proud of it. If you want to reach for tomorow them move to Johnson county and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

I watched a rerun of the city council meeting last night. I have but one question, does Mrs. Schlapia know what courtsey is? Everyone else on the board is recognized by the Mayor to speak. She needs to shut her mouth and let the Mayor run the meeting. Just because she is to fill in when the Mayor is absent dosen't give her the right to tell the Mayor what to do when he is trying to conduct a meeting.

Anonymous said...

SI hear ole Foul Mouthed Al isn't attending the Thursday morning coffees anymore they are getting to political. I think the heat in the kitchen is getting a little to hot!!!!

Pat Casady said...

I have been talking to several people that have lived in Raytown longer than most of our aldermen are years old.
They say, what a shame that they are considering changing the city logo.
It represents why we are called Raytown and the working people that built this town.

I told them that's the problem. It seems this town doesn't want hard working people
to live here. This town was built with blue collar working people, small stores and mom and pop shops. They don't want this. I think it takes too long to make tax revenue from small businesses and it's easier to install a big Wal-Mart.

Myself I like the logo just the way it is but if a change is needed I wish it wouldn't have the name of the "Yes" organization that Curt Wenson started. RRFT. These people did anything they were told to do by Wenson. Bought and paid for with a cup of coffee and a donut.

Anonymous said...

I wish to remain among the anonymous group.
I wish I had the stones that Pat Casady has and put my real name out there, but retaliation by City hall is real if you say anything they don't like.
I've seen it, including character assassination, made-up code violations, etc.
But back to the subject of a State Audit.
Maybe Greg Walters can give insight into how to get a state audit process going and find out what is going on with the finances at City hall.

Seems we are always passing higher taxes and still remain in a budget crunch.

We know the City Administrator is overpaid and takes an abundance of out of town "business trip".

I watched a BOA meeting about a month ago and the City Administrator is going on ANOTHER out of town City paid for family vacation, oops I mean business trip for a week.

Thanks Mr. Miller, cut the PD budget and public safety, but be sure to keep your high salary and out of town travel in order.


Anonymous said...

I know that we need more than an audit. Local government needs a complete overhaul of everyone that has a part of it now. I just read how now the street overlay program is being put on hold because of a lack in funding.... I know if my street gets any rougher that I am sending the city the bill for all the suspension work that needs to be done to my vehicles. The dang street is about as rough as an old time portion of the Santa Fe Trail, ruts and all. They are worried about image???? Keep up the good work or the lack thereof!

Anonymous said...

For those looking for information about a state audit. This is taken from the Missouri State Auditor's website @ and there is a hotline number as well 1-800-347-8597. If one can get on this website you can surely get on the state's website as well.

What is a petition audit?

Under Missouri law, the state auditor may be called on to audit any political subdivision of the state (such as cities, school districts, water districts, etc.) if enough qualified voters of that political subdivision request her to audit. Here is what the law, Section 29.230.2, RSMo, says:

The state auditor shall audit any political subdivision of the state . . . if requested to do so by a petition signed by the requisite percent of the qualified voters of the political subdivision.... The political subdivision shall pay the actual cost of audit. The petition that requests an audit of a political subdivision shall state on its face the estimated cost of the audit and that it will be paid by the political subdivision being audited.... No political subdivision shall be audited by petition more than once in any three calendar or fiscal years.

How many signatures are required?

The law establishes a "sliding scale" based on the size of the last election for governor. A minimum number of signatures are required per category. The required number of signatures can be determined from the table below:

No. of Votes in Last
Election for Governor The Greater of
% Minimum
Below 1,000 25% of registered voters -----
1,000 to 4,999 15% of actual votes 200
5,000 to 49,999 10% of actual votes 750
50,000 or more 5% of actual votes 5,000

Who can sign the petition?

A signer must be a resident of the political subdivision and a registered voter at the time they sign the petition.

Does the petition have to be submitted on a special form?

State law requires the auditor to provide an estimate of the cost of the audit to be stated on the face of the petition. Such information is provided on a standard petition form to ensure compliance and provide consistency. We encourage all requests to be submitted on the standard petition forms to avoid problems and non-compliance with state law. All completed petition forms are to be sent to our office.e with state law.

The law says the petition must state the estimated cost of the audit.

True Blue said...

Very good explaination on the procedure for a state audit. On the number of signatures required, it would be 10% of the 15,319 votes cast for governor in the city of Raytown ,in the 2004 general election, or approx 1,532 registered voters. The is figure was obtained from the Jackson County Board of Elections site.

Andy Whiteman said...

"Reaching for tomorrow?" This has no meaning and is NOT unique at all and is stupid. Sounds like it is coppied from Disneyland or an exercise class! I liked the guy with the hammer, but no one even knows what a blacksmith is anymore! Still I think it should be relevant to Raytown's history. By the way, how do you reach for tomorrow? Sounds like you need a Back to the Future DeLorean! We are getting into science fiction here! What happened to TODAY? Why are we reaching for the impossible dream?

One of the anonymous writers has a good point about being anonymous. I could be anonymous too, but everyone would still know who it is. But my code harrassment dates prior to the beginnings of this blog? Why is it if I give my name and complain about a violation, nothing is done, but if an anonymous caller complains about me, it is enforced? That is discrimination! I know they are hoping I will move. (I was asked at a P&Z hearing if my home was on the market?. I wonder what business is is of theirs?) I wish I could move but it is not as simple as people seem to think.

Since the taxpayers have to pay for a State Audit, would it be worth the expense? That is obviously why Laughing All the Way was laughing. It seems to me that unless gross miss use of funds is uncovered, the audit is wasted money. If someone actually knows of facts of miss use, please so state and get a petition started. We may not agree with buying new trucks, etc.; but if the Board of Alderpeople approved it, it is an authorized expense.

Here is my suggestion:
1)The city needs to be run like a business and not a charity.
2)We all agree there is a problem, but may disagree as to exactly what the problem is.
3)We are all being side tracked by City Hall on trivial issues like City Logos! Just read through this string if you don't believe me. This side tracking keeps us off our primary focus.
A) Pat Casady should declare his business as his legal residence. (I had a friend who slept in his business.) Pat then could run for Alderman or Mayor.
B) Others who are writing here can run for election in their wards.

I won't run because I hope to be gone by the next election. Maybe I am reaching for tomorrow.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Thanks but no thanks.

However I think we can all help by organizing a group of business and property owners in the area.
As I've ask in the past if anyone is interested in attending to please let me know.
I think together we can come up with some constructive ideas for Raytown.

Elected officials are no different or smarter than the rest of us. We all want what's best for our town, they just happen to be elected to their posts. That doesn't make them any better than anybody else in town.
We can't sit around and wait for them to come up with all the ideas to make Raytown what we all know it can be.
In fact I think we have the advantage. We won't have a budget or positions to defend or justify. All we have to do is talk and try to come up with some ideas to help.

I have talked to several property owners and they are enthused about this but I feel we need more than a few to make this work.
Let me know if you are up for this by either calling me at 356-1590 or by posting on this blog.

A Plumber Who Knows Better said...

Old Burnt Brain Bob of the Raytown Post is at it again.

This time he went after his all-time favorite target, Greg Walters and made fun of Jim Aziere to boot.

Burnt Brain wrote that he thinks Walters received a substantial amount of money from the trade unions. Golly Bob, is substantial bigger than a bread box?

Hey Burnt B, here is a thought for you. Why not try focusing on the issue for a change, like why the Uniform Plumbing Code is better for Raytown rather than the International Plumbing Code?

After all, Kansas City and Independence both use the Uninform Plumbing Code. Could it be because it is a better and safer code that requires a higher standard than the International Code?

The City Council sold out to powerful developer interests when they went with the International Code.

It's all about money. They can thrown up cheaper, less expensive houses and buildings that are not as clean or safe under the International Code.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I just read your opinion about college vs common sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
About 25 years ago i went to work for a company that did not have the college requirement thank goodness because I was unable to go to college. It is not to say that no one had college degrees but not all. They took a chance on me and I was so good at what I did they fired the person who hired me and I stayed for another 15 years.

The hole point of this is that company decided to make college a requirement about 2 years before I retired and they found out they could not hire anyone who had any common sense and could not last on the job for more than 3 months. The difference in the kids coming out of college now is that, most but not all, have had everthing handed to them and never had to worked for anything they wanted. Most have a feeling of entitledment. I feel very sorry for most of them to have to growup at the age of 24-25 and find out what they should have known before they started to work at that age.

Common sense and street smarts are very great things to have in your profoilo and on your resume.

By the way, that company I spoke about closed in january of this year. I guess college did not work all that will for them.

The Salamander said...

Whoever wrote that we are losing police department employees in Rzytown faster than we cvan train them has not an iota of an idea what they are talking about.

Turnover of Raytown city hall employees is considerably less than that of the national average of employees of private businesses.

I have long been fascinated by those who live off the taxpayer. They bitch and complain incessantly about their "low-Paying
jobs. But when one of them is dis-charged or let go for any reason the first think they do is hire a
lawyer to see if they can get their miserable jobback.

This narscassant yammering of an untruth reminds meof when Ronal
Regan was president.

He fired the air traffic controllers when they illegaly struck against the Government.

Did the fired controllers leave and take it like a man and go to other jobs? Not on your life.

Despite the fact that the controllers had spent years claiming stress from their jobs caused them to become suididal, alcoholicvs and had ruined their marriages they fought like crazy to
get their jobs back.

I always felt the strikers owed Ronald Regan a debt of gratitude
for releasing them from their job
so they could live a more fulfilling job.

Regan fired those lawbreakers more than 25 years ago. Would you believe someof them are stilltrying to get their jobs back?

I would not worry about Raytown losing a few cops or chairwarmers at city hall. You couldn't drivbe most of them out of their jobs if
you used dynamite.

Andy Whiteman said...

My mother wanted me to go to college. I never understood why because I had no career goals that required college.

My math 101 instructor was working on his PhD. He couldn't explain a problem so that anyone could understand it. One of my classmates said that the term for this type of person is "Intellectial Idiot." That is what I call those with college degrees but no common sense.

By the way, I wasted 1-1/2 years at UNM to keep my mother happy and then quit when I was offered a job.

Was it a college educated moron who suggested "reaching for Tomorrow?" I have a few things to say about that Tuesday night if I can get off this puter long enough to write my my comments in 34 font.

Anonymous said...

Great new logo for the City!!!

A wavy Reaching for Tomorrow and a couple of sperm trails!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a state audit on the city, how about a state audit on the Raytown School District! The administrators, principals and other "high" ups with the district went to the Royals game against the Yankees a couple of weeks ago and guess who paid for it? The "uninformed" citizens of Raytown. The administrators went to the "Stadium Club" elite area to be wined and dined (at the tax payers expense) and also their wives and husbands too. Talk about a waste of tax payers money! Let me ask everyone a question? How come we have 3 assistant principals and one principal for each middle school and high school? One assistant principal for each grade 6, 7, 8. and one assistant principal for each grade 10, 11, 12. Each assistant principal getting paid somewhere around 60,000.00 and up and principal getting around 80,000.00. When I went to school, we had 1 assistant principal and 1 principal and everything went o.k. Also each assistant principal and principal has their own secretary. Talking about "top heavy" in administrators!!!! Look where the money is going! Open your eyes people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

It sounds like there should be an audit of the Quality(?) School District. They should take a class (of students) to the Royals game, not the big wage burners. It could be a reward to students for something like a 3.5 (or higher) average, perfect attendence, or whatever.

As for an assistant princpal for each grade, I noticed that Albuquerque is doing it too. Must be something new. I wonder what their responsibilities are? Sponge off taxpayers and go to ball games?

As far as both the city and the school district, there are too many big salaried people and the actual workers are not paid enough. Both are top heavy. We don't need all of this dead wood. The budget could be cut simply by cutting the salaries of upper management, If they don't like it, the can find another job. Unfortunately, they probably have a contract, but when the contract expires, their pay can and should be cut!

Anonymous said...


Pat Casady said...

Sorry, I wrote about the school in the Random Thoughts article comments. You might want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters I love your idea of a contest just be sure that this contest is open to all adults. kids, schools etc.
Do not let the BOA vote on it or anyone who has been a part of Reaching for Tomorrow. Put together a group that is more diverse and one that was never appointed to anything by Mayor Frank.

By the way, I just read Mr. Casady's comments about putting together another group. You are right there are an awful lot of us who are just as smart and in most cases smarter than most of the members of the board. Just be careful your group does not fall into same yes mentality that Reaching For Tomorrow did and that all of us complain about now.

Pat Casady said...

To the last anonymous writer.
The group of people I would want to gather is for downtown business and property owners in the area to try and come up with ideas that we could submit to the city.
To help the whole city.
If it turns into a group that wants to try and control votes or tries to run the city I will back out in a flash.
There are two or three too many groups trying to run this city with very little helpful suggestions. They are only in it for what the city can do for them in return for their votes. That is not what we want or need.
Actually if this comes to be, I think anyone with constructive suggestions would be welcome.

laughing all the way said...

I don't have to come up with any all have the answers to all the problems facing Raytown!

And you do it hiding behind the anonymity of this blog!

It's too bad that you're never around to offer constructive criticism when citizens get together to try and tackle the issues facing us. Oh no, you can't have anything to do with that, can you?

It would blow your cover and the entire community would see who the negative, destructive, back-biting naysayers are...all 10 of you!

I swear, I do believe that if it were a 72 degree day, with no clouds in the sky and a light southerly breeze blowing, you all would complain because there were no clouds!

I really think that some of you posting on here are not happy unless you're complaining about something! It wouldn't make a bit of difference if things were exactly'd find something wrong.

Now some of you will consider this post to be arrogant, mean-spirited, etc. Too bad! If you all can post the bilge you post, I can take you to task every chance I get. Remember what Harry Truman said about the heat in the kitchen! all keep crabbing...

Pat Casady said...

Sounds like someone needs a nap!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Laughing all the way writes about the ambiguity of a blog. But he skirts the issue of ambiguity when he wrote the following paragraph.

It's too bad that you're never around to offer constructive criticism when citizens get together to try and tackle the issues facing us. Oh no, you can't have anything to do with that, can you?

Doesn't he really mean the city organized and manipulated group of well-meaning citizens tackling issues they are told to tackle -- even to the point of how to tackle.

When they stray into real solutions to real problems they are quietly guided back to toe the line of those so well practiced by laughing all the way and his ilk.

Laughing all the way does not care for solutions offered by writers to the blog. They do not fit his vision of "well meaning citizens".

They are much too independent, not prone to be led around by the nose by those who prefer the controlled environment that people like him can thrive in.

I know you and your kind, laughing all the way, you do not want solutions, you want to maintain the status quo.

But more important to you is to remain hidden in a crowd, spewing your poison and hoping that others join you in your pretense that what you want is actually a solution.

Pat Casady said...

I don't want to sound like I'm putting down "Laughing all the way" because everybody's got the right to voice their opinion. But people that only write to degrade or laugh at other people voicing their opinions shouldn't be given the satisfaction of a reply.

People that accuse others of hiding behind anonymity should probably sue their parents or at the least have their name changed from "Laughing All The Way" to Tom, Dick, Harry or Bob.
Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Response to Laughing All The Way.

You MUST be in office, or connected at City hall in some sort of fashion.
You seem most worried about what is on this blog, which is why you continue to slam us and what we discuss here.
We choose to remain anonymous, just as you do, unless Laughing all the way is your real name.
Once again you hurl your hateful name calling at us by calling us
"negative, destructive, back-biting naysayers".

You have a lot of hate in you, and that's not funny either.

Why don't you expose yourself with your true identity? Then we would see you for what you truly are.

Not a very nice person.

laughing all the way said...

A couple of quick points for the day...from laughing all the way (or Tom, Dick, Harry or Bob for Pat):

Pat...about needing a good nap. Sorry Pat, you're wwrong again...just like your earlier post about Mr. Jones having a "For Sale" sign up at the Raytown Plaza. It is "For Lease" for available store fronts in the Plaza. Too bad you couldn't watch the BOA meeting last night and hear Mr. Jones blow your post completely out of the water. Your half-truths and misinformation whittle away at what credibility you have in this community. about conspiracy theory...working groups involving citizens being told how and what to think. Being lead to a predetermined outcome by City officials. Man, do you believe in Area 51 and black helicopters too?

I have seen no answers to the city's problems on this blog (except for Pat's call to business and property owners). All I read is constant whining by those who have done nothing to aid in the city's revival. I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar that some of the posters on here contributed to the city's problems when they were part of the "in group" at city hall.

As far as calling you "hurtful names" like mean-spirited, negative and back-biting...if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a's a duck! You all can spin as much as you'd like but the folks in this community see you as you are...DUCKS!!!

And as far as me slamming you all and what you can dish it but you can't take it? Is that it? Is it perfectly OK for you to blast the Mayor, city staff, alderpersons and the general citizenry who do get involved, but we can't stand up and fire back at you without you feeling like you're being a whipping post? Or that I'm an "angry person" "full of hate" because I don't buy into your bilge and I call you on it?

That, anonymous and everyone else, is the ultimate form of hypocrisy.

To the other anonymous who takes me to task about "hiding in a crowd spewing poison" now THAT, my friend, is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.


Pat Casady said...

I must admit, as I have always said I would, If I was wrong I would admit it. I was given obliviously some bad information about the Raytown Plaza and I couldn't be more pleased that it might move forward.

I was given some bad information and I'm sorry, I can change what I have been told.
But you "Laughing All The Way" have the attitude of a ........ and this will never change.
Kind of like, I may be fat but you're ugly,.........I can lose weight.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laughing all the Way (TB),
Chill out before you blow an O-ring.
You must feel very threatened by this discussion forum to spew out that kind of venom and hate.

Pat Casady said...

I must apologize for my last post.
I let my emotions carry me away, something I have always tried to control.
"Laughing All The Way" has the same right to write what he wants, I just wish he would get his facts right before he quotes me.
I wrote that (I'm told) the plaza was up for sale again.
My creditability is important to me as a person and a business owner that's why I don't mind signing my posts. I try to research what I write. I was told by no less than three reliable people that the plaza was for sale again and the reasoning behind it.
I guess we will see what happens in the future.
Again, I must say, I hope the plaza comes back in all its splendor and with all its spaces filled and thriving.
Raytown needs it and I hope the people will support it.
As for Laughing All The Way........I will take what you write with the intelligence in which it is written. Anybody got a grain of salt?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Laughing All the Way is Bob Phillips. Second choice: Danny Estes.

Phillips is to print what Mike Shanin is the broadcast in the KC area.

Keep those lips puckered!

Itellitlikeitis said...

Mike Shanin is probably the most refreshing voice on Kansas City radio (and television). Mr. Anonymous, you really got that one wrong. While trying to make a valid point, you blew it, thus making your comments null and void!

Pat Casady said...

I could be wrong but I think Laughing All the Way is an alderman.
Which should come as no surprise to anyone. Most of them won't listen or talk to any of us in the first place and most thumb their noses at us too.
With the exception of one or two, I think they are all "laughing" at us.
There is "A" new day coming and it's just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Laughing all the way is certainly connected to the Frank regime and most likely works for the City in a self important "high" ranking position.

There it is, right on this blog for all to see.

A discussion forum started to express concerns and discontent with the past and current administration, and already we are being attacked with name calling and ridiculed for our postings.

That, my friends, is how nasty City Government politics work with you don't agree with them.

Anonymous said...

That is why some of us choose to remain anonymous because of all the political wheels in motion at city hall.... If someone makes a stand for what is right as opposed to what they are doing or neglecting that is wrong, then they are persecuted or repremanded for not conforming with the current political regime that has been in power for quite a while. At least we can be heard without fear of any consequences like sicking the codes enforcment officials out to nitpick and harass residents that do make a stand against them. Everyone that I know has left this town because of this type of treatment amung other things. At least some of us tried to do the right thing and voted for Greg Walters for Mayor because he will stand up to the bullsh*$.

Anonymous said...

Hay Guys, Have you ever thought with the venomous tongue that Alderman Barb Schlapia has that you are looking in the wrong direction for Laughing idenity. Of course, there is Mrs. Fleming as will she is very capable of doing the same thing. Then there is Mr. Riehle but I don't think he is that well spoken. My money is Barbara Schlapia she thinks she knows it all and if you watch her she sure tries to prove it when ever she can. She just loves to show mayor Bower that she knows more than he does. Once again my money is on Barbara S.

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, I disagree with you TellITLIkeITIS. Mike Shanin is a phony. He kisses up to whomever can feather his nest...which acting like he's really a journalist. Case in point: The way he interviewed Alvin Brooks compared to the kid gloves used with The Funk. He also babbles each afternoon on radio and weekly on Ruckus.

Yet when approached about a hot topic in Raytown, he never even bothered to return a phone call or his Comcast Newsmakers program. Watching his fawn over Gov. Blount and Victory Callahan...etc.

Just too much for me!

But you're certainly intitled to having a different perspective. Maybe a name change to I Tell It Like I See (Understand) It is in order -- smile!

Itellitlikeitis said...
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Itellitlikeitis said...

To Respectfully Anonymous;

You wield a rather nasty pen (or keyboard in this case), but you are pretty gracious while doing so.

I have certainly been known to be wrong on occasion, on a number of occasions in fact. But, on the other hand I do hold strongly to my beliefs and values. In our society today so many people think most beliefs should be in 'grey areas', with no real right or wrong existing, right or wrong just being what a person thinks it should be on any particular day. That makes for a really sick society, and WE have a very sick society. It's been the moral downfall of most of the European Nations.

Those things that are really important to me are based on something much bigger than my likes or dislikes. My convictions are built on something more than just how I see things. Thusly, if I say I-tell-it-like-it-is, then I truly believe that is how it really IS (not just how I might happen to SEE it).

Although, be very careful in your evaluations of what I say. You have to understand that I often make "tongue in cheek" statements. You just have to figure out when that is and when it isn't. By the way, you seem pretty adamant about how you SEE things, glad you don’t really believe those things are how it IS....Smiling back at you.

Anonymous said...

boy that's one really sick dude. I just couldent leave the fate of the country in your hands, especially the way you skirt around the issues and get out of having to answer questions. sounds almost like a politician, probably is one.

Anonymous said...

Well, TellIt...

This is Respectfully Anon...

What you're talking about in Europe is "situational ethics."

A little Bertrand Russell or Jean' Paul Sarte (sp?)

You can't expect people to read between the lines and know when you're being "tongue-in-cheek." "Plain Talking," as Truman said, "is easiest understood."

I got me one of them 'thar ed-u-ma-cations! smile

I have a sense of humor so I don't take offense at much. Tho' I don't suffer stupidity too well. (Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter, etc.) I do realize, as Will Rogers always said: "We're all ignorant, only on different subjects."

So, I too, am ignorant because I don't "know" some things.

Stupidity is another issue all together.

You can like whomever you like and that's fine with me. But, "yes," I do have strong opinions also on those in the so-called media feeding us %^$& and telling us it's apple butter.

Glad to see a lively discussion on a level above the normal in this town.

Raytowners are good people and great neighbors. But our political leaders are about as phony as Shanin and Phillips.

smile. Gotcha!