Sunday, December 13, 2009

In this week's Raytown Report . . .

Hurry Up and Wait That Loud Sucking Sound Smoke and Mirrors Silver Lining High School Sports Hurry Up and Wait! Downtown Raytown business owners are unhappy with the lack of construction activity on the 63rd Street Bridge. The bridge, which was closed to vehicular traffic on December 1st, has not seen any visible construction activity since that date. Some bloggers have suggested that work is being done on utility lines that run under the bridge. But such work has not been confirmed or denied by city hall. Business owners in Downtown Raytown say they have not been informed of any work schedule. “It’s not that we don’t want the bridge repaired, “ said one Downtown business owner (who asked not to be identified). “The lack of activity on the construction site is frustrating. Traffic is non-existent and it is hurting our Christmas business." That Loud Sucking Sound . . . That loud sucking sound you hear coming from Raytown City Hall is the noise made when taxpayer dollars are being foolishly thrown to the wind. I am writing about the December, 2009 payment to bond holders on the TIF Development District located on 350 Highway – popularly recognized as the new Walmart Store. For those unaware of the situation, here it is. The City of Raytown has backed the TIF agreement with the good faith of the city. If the tax revenue from Walmart does not meet the amount due to pay bondholders of the TIF the city must do so from its own resources. Walmart did not have its store completed on time to create the needed revenue to pay the bondholders. Therefore, the city is reaching into its funds to pay the debt. Let’s be perfectly clear. This debt payment by the City of Raytown was not intended to be paid off in this manner. It is not part of a plan. This topic has been covered before on this page when it was first mentioned last summer. At that time city officials, through Mayor Bower, assured everyone that they (city officials) were aware problem was coming and had planned for it. That, my friends, is a classic example of denial. Simply stated it is not business as usual and it is wrong for city officials to try to mask it as such. Where did the money come from? The lion’s share of the bond payment comes from a settlement of wireless phone tax revenues the city received earlier this year. Other dollars are from funds set aside by the city years ago to relocate Westlake Hardware and dollars left from the original TIF funding package. Put it all together and you end upe with a payment north of $800,000. Smoke and Mirrors . . . City officials are quick to point out that the money used was not from this year’s budget. The simple fact is that the tax dollars used to make this payout will not be recouped by the city. They are tax dollars that could have been used for the maintenance of our neighborhood streets and other infrastructure within the city. Anyone that tells you otherwise is being less than honest. So what is there to gain from all of this finger-pointing? Hopefully, our city leaders have learned from their mistakes and will not repeat them. Raytown has the second highest sales tax in the metropolitan area. For what we pay out in taxes in the small geographic called area called Raytown, our streets should be paved in gold. But when you give your tax revenue away, as is happening with this particular payment of the Walmart/TIF debt, you end up with a city that looks run down and in need of repair. Silver Lining As with all storm clouds there is a silver lining. Walmart officials are reported to have said that the new Walmart in Raytown is out-performing their expectations. This is good news when it comes to paying down the mountain of debt created to build the store, parking lot, 350 Highway improvements, etc. According to city hall sources the additional tax dollars collected by the Walmart Store go to pay off the debt. Early retirement of the bonds are still a long row to hoe. But it is the only sensible solution to an otherwise glum financial forecast. Official data on how much the store is out-performing forecasts will not be known until early next year when the state reports sales tax revenue/receipts. High School Sports Cardinal Wrestling Goes 1 and 1 to Start the Season By Chris Brush of Raytown South High School The Raytown South Cardinal wrestling team started off the season in a double dual against Winnetonka and Hickman Mills. The Cardinals first dual against the Griffins resulted in a 30-33 loss. Lenny Boose, Cory Northup, and Trace Hart posted pins, while Ace Downs, Dominique Garlington, Tylor Kraus, and Sean O'Rear won by decision. In the second dual against Hickman Mills the Cardinals won 63-12. The Cardinal wrestlers dominated the Cougars by winning twelve of the four. For more stories about Raytown South sports visit: Raytown South High School Athletics O'Hara Wrestlers at Grain Valley Tournament By Brother Richard Geimer At the December 5th Grain Valley Wrestling Invitational, Travis Peter won all five of his matches to take First Place in the 130 lb weight class. Teamwise, the O'Hara Celtics were 8th among the 14 participating schools. Jake Fortin won 3rd place in his weight class, Mile Womack was 4th, and Danijo Adams took 5th. Winning their first two matches of their careers, Jimmy Clark and Jeremy Ambrose each came in 6th.


Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, Thanks for the explanation of why there has been no street maintenance. I was unaware the powers that be were hoarding these funds to pay the TIFF interest payment. At least someone is good at juggling the books. I don't really care which year's budget these funds came from. The main point is the came for the budget at all and this never should have happened!

What is this about funds for relocating Westlake? Is Westlake supposed to move? Since Walmart opened I have noticed fewer people than usual in Westlake. I still go to Westlake because Walmart doesn't have service or offer the products that I want.

Andy Whiteman

dennis said...

The work has started on the bridge.
They have brought in gravel and are making the base for the heavy mover that will be needed to remove the steel and frame.
You can see this by driving down raytown road and by going down railroad street.

Have to respond to serveral things from last blog.
I was waiting for the racist or color to come into it..i am no racist i dont like obama not because he is black but because i think he was not ready for the big office.
for the record i dont think mccain would have been able to do much better, i do however think that his service in the milatary would have helped with a lot of problem please spare me the race comment it is overplayed and if thats the best you got save it.
My dad quit the post office after 5 was full of affirmative action hires and he knew it was headed down...what good is a whistle blower if your supervisor turns a blind eye. and note "those were his words not mine".
He went on to have a very good career driving over the road.
He provided very well for his family and paid for college for my brother and i.
To be honest Raytown politics are a joke and they have been for 30 years.

Greg Walters said...


Westlake had been encouraged, even pressured, to relocate when the original plans for Walmart brought to the table. Westlake was reluctant to do so, eventually the plans fell through. Apparently, the money was not moved to the general fund at year end.

Smoke and mirrors -- the art of reporting funds yet keeping them out of reach for the mundane but much needed maintenance of our city.

The city council is part and parcel to this shell game. In last year's budget they set aside close to a quarter of a million dollars for economic development. The result, we have created another highly paid postition at city hall under the guise of "economic development".

Other places you see money wasted is in an endless stream of studies and surveys that are heralded as "a great leap forward" and then put on the shelf indefinitely. They could paper all of the walls of city hall with the reports they done over the years.

By far, the worst abuse is areas like the $5,000 spent to place signs up adopting streets -- for what purpose. You NEVER see anyone picking up the trash along the adopted streets.

My favorite is the crooked sign posted on the Southwest corner of Gregory Boulevard and Raytown Road. (yes, it is at the corner of our new "gateway")

This piece of blight does nothing but stroke the ego of whoever's name is on the sign a the top of the pole proclaiming the street as "adopted".

Do you think they will ever remove the orange cones from the intersection? The intersection has been completed for some time. Guess the adoptive parents of the street don't see those cones.

It is enlightening to learn that there is equipment under the 63rd Street Bridge.

I think the business owners downtown still wonder why the bridge was closed for the past week -- during their busiest time of the year -- when the bridge deck is still usable.

It looks like some simple communication between City Hall and the Downtown merchants (aka, customer service) would go a long way to solve the misunderstandings.

With all the people they have in management roles at city hall you would think at least one would do some liaison work with the merchants.

Pat Casady said...

As I understand it this is how it works.
Any money the city takes in or receives is taxpayer money.
It is entrusted to the city leaders of this city and we as taxpayers
expect and should demand that these elected officials use it
to make life better for the taxpayers.
The 350hwy deal won't do a single thing for the people of Raytown
with the exception of:
Lowering property values.
Bringing in more crime.
Run small businesses out of town.
Cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
And, make traffic worse on 350hwy.
Some of the "representatives" (elected officials) of the people, even voted to defer
the street overlay tax dollars, you voted for in good faith, to repair
your streets, to the big store parking lot.
The sad thing is, they were re-elected to keep wasting our tax
dollars. They were thanked for duping the taxpayers by being
re-elected. This is why Raytown is in trouble. Common sense
has been thrown out the window and we are left with this.
Voting is a joke, it's done by popularity not qualifications.
A deal that involves millions and millions of taxpayer dollars
being given away should be brought before the people.
It should be explained in full so that everybody understands it and
how much it will cost the taxpayers.
Maybe even one of those surveys this city likes to spend money on should be
done before making a decision that would and will cost taxpayers
so much in income. But it should be sent to everyone not just the friends
of City Hall.
people think I hate Wal-Mart. I don't, I hate the deal. I hate
that our elected officials fell for such a bad deal and I hate
the fact that this little town is giving financial aid to a multi-billion dollar company.

Anonymous said...

The past Finance Director, Dan Estes was the best at smoke and mirrors. Until finally, the gig was up and he was exposed. Guess that's the reason he left for Liberty. The current Finance Director will leave as soon as the smoke clears and the mirrors are cracked.

Anonymous said...

One would have to question for a reasonable explanation to why in the world would you start a major bridge project, which directly effects the entire downtown area during the winter and Christmas Holidays. This project has been on the drawing board for many years and now all of a sudden it can't wait, get it done now with a disregard for downtown merchants. C'mon Public Works and Community Development Directors. Is there a lack of oxygen to your brain from wearing a tie and sitting on your butts all day doing nothing?

Andy Whiteman said...

I would like to see more business people run for BOA. The city needs to be run as a business with good planing, intregrity, and no wastefull spending.

In general this city has a big problem with communication. The only means of communications seems to be a notice in the sewer bill. In many cases, the sewer bill is not seen by the person who needs to see it because it goes to accounts receivable or the person in the family who pays bills. Those who are on automatic debit may never receive a sewer bill but if they do, will never look at it because they don't pay it monthly.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The city leaders of Raytown have made it clear.
Over the past twelve or fifteen years city hall has done
everything it could to run business out of downtown.
They have threatened the businesses with condemnation,
made it hard for new business to even come into Raytown.
I am convinced city hall would be happy if the downtown
was all residential, so it could feed the big store on 50hwy.
The fact is, city hall has bet the very life of this town on the 50hwy
project. Until people with a new and different way of thinking
are elected to run this town, and the hired department heads
live in Raytown and actually care about Raytown,
the old plan will go full speed into and down the tubes.
City hall has hired people that don't live in Raytown, in fact
they have changed several rules to have things the way
they want them not the way the people want them.
Without a vote or any communication from aldermen
with the people.
The elected people of Raytown should be called the "Untouchables."
They don't want to be bothered by the people, after all they are
smarter than anybody else in this city. They know what's better
for you than you do yourself.

Anonymous said...

I would like for Steve Mock to put his friendship with the mayor aside when it comes to city business and representing the citizens of Ward 5.

Speak Up Raytown said...


It is nice to see a calmer and more coherent posting.

I have been following the issue you have mentioned about the post office and wonder about the old saying. “You are either the solution or part of the problem”. Not to offend you, but by your father not reporting the issue at a higher level then just the local office seems to make him part of the problem.

I would think if your grandfather were a postmaster he should have be able to provide direction and contacts that could address the issues your father experienced. This is based on my own dealings with a postal inspector who has been retired now for about 40 years. However, he is still a world of contacts when I cannot get resolution at the local office.

With that in mind I ask a general question to all. When you are patronizing a merchant and get less then professional service do you take the time to complain to management or just choice to never patronize the merchant again? I find that the second method tends to have friends also negatively impact with the problem only growing. At times this leads to the closure of the location by the owners for it not being profitable. Yet, no one is aware of the true underlining problem as it has never be reported or escalated to the right level of management. Once the location is closed the community suffers with an additional vacant building and the blight that causes. In addition the potential of lost sales tax dollars.

Simply I always make sure that I take the time to complain and often start at the top down being more often then not the owners or senior managers don’t know the day to day impacts of a local location. By bring issues to their attention I ensure others are not negatively impacted in what little tax generating business in our community remains open.

Yes, I do the same when I experience extra customer service as it is just as important to recognize those who go beyond and therefore help drive the retention factor that any business needs.

I only wish more citizen of Raytown would do this to ensure we have the best business within Greater Kansas City. Also let me mention that we need to report the lack of professional services including negative attitudes from those who answer the city phones. Without it those elected officials at city hall will continue to give each other high fives and indicate publicly what a great job city hall is providing to the citizens and business owners.

Anonymous said...

Tylow Kraus, is this the son of Will Kraus? Should he not be going to school in Lee's Summit? I guess this is just another prime example of how our school board works.

Andy Whiteman said...

Has anyone seen the agenda for the BOA meeting tonight? They have a "Consent Agenda" where several ordinances are voted on at one time WITHOUT DISCUSSION. These items are considered routine. Two of them are appointing board members? Doesn't the public have a righ to know? Another is approving payment of $21,320.00. To the average person this is not a small sum of money and is NOT routine.

To me this is an attempt to run this city as the Socialist Fascist Fief or Raytown with as much secrecy as possible. Keep information from the public! What will be added to the Consent Agenda in the future? I wonder if there will be an attempt in the future to conduct a whole meeting with a Consent Agenda. Since we no longre have detailed minutes, there obviously is no need for discussion.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Why does Mayor Bower keep telling us how good a job these incompetent department heads at city hall are doing? Do you think that maybe he believes if he says it enough times it just MIGHT COME TRUE. Bower has the biggest bunch of losers that city hall has ever employed. NOT FOOLING ME!!

Anonymous said...


Have you talked to the powers that be at city hall about purchasing you home in Raytown once you are ready to move. Based on how they spend money and over paid for that piece of green space downtown, I bet they would give you all kinds on money. Why not get something back from all of your wasted tax dollars while you lived in Raytown. If would also give you a true reason to sign the praise about the departments at city hall really working so hard for all of us.

I am still recovering from laughing myself sick at how hard you believe the police are working, while still being lead by a Mr. Magoo looking individual with the courage of the cowardly lion and the brains of the scarecrow. If only there was a wizard to fix our problems.

Thanks again for the laughter you brought to my life

Anonymous said...


You got it right that we don’t need anymore teachers on the Board of Alderman. The one we have cannot seem to stay focused and to my knowledge yet to get anything accomplished. His last failure was the smoking band, which has all of us still cough up that nasty tar.

If he is not bad enough look at the number of former teachers on the school board and the miss spending that they are continuing to do. When are they going to start to cut the waste and stop asking for us to do deeper into our pockets?

As we all know by now, there is at least on member on the school board with issues paying her taxes. Could be she doesn’t believe she should pay for her own mistakes. I sure hope she doesn’t decide to seek re-election, as she has been nothing, but an embarrassment by her actions of not tending to her own bills.

Anonymous said...

Why would you start a big bridge project now in the dead of winter. Would it not have been smarter to wait until spring? I would love to get an answer from the mayors smart staff at city hall. I bet they don't have enought smarts to answer it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if we have a hometown trash hauler other then Flynn’s? I have used Flynn’s for over 20 years. However, was speaking with some fellow Raytown citizens and learned they don’t want to be the single hauler for Raytown, which would save all of us money. I therefore cannot support a hometown boy that cannot support Raytown as a whole.

If we have no other hometown hauler, I would like a good quality one that charges less then the $15.00 per month that Flynn’s is charging me.

Anonymous said...

I live in ward one and I am trying to figure out if I really have any representation at city hall. It used to be I could call Mr. Walters and find out what was going on. However, I am told Joe Creamer and Shane Pardue are my alderman, but don’t seem to return phone calls. I have even stopped by there home, but never find anyone there and based on how ran down Shane’s property is I wonder if he real even lives in Raytown.

I understand both of these two belong to the same church, which has me wondering if they are more focused on the church and less on bettering life for those of us that really live in Raytown and care about its future. Shane is young and I am sure with in a few years will join those that moved out of Raytown.

We need some people who have good family ties to Raytown and to part of some in crowd church group wishing to take over our city. We did that at one time and we are still paying for the loose revenue and hearing of their personal embarrassment in leadership and failure to disclose issues.

Simple Joe said...

Here we are almost at the end of another year. I have been trying to think back all day about something…. anything that Alderman Simple Joe Creamer has done for our city.

He identified two fellow church members to run on the board of alderman, both owing some time of either back tax or other fees to the city. The one in ward four at least did the right thing and took himself out of the race instead of trying to sneak up to city hall and pay it real quick like the quake from ward one did.

He openly attacked business owners in April with the ordinance he would like to see to place greater restrictions on landlords for not keeping up the properties they own in Raytown. However, has done nothing since with the ordinance or to address the true underlining problem that the head of codes is not proactive in cleaning up our city.

Being he is a smoker he opposed the health and welfare of others by voting against the “Clean Air Ordinance”

So the message he sent this year is if you are a friend and fellow church member then you are above covering you civic responsibilities like taxes and fees. If you are a owner of property that is rented clean up the waste that is bring a ghetto appearance to Raytown, but if you want to tar it up go ahead and let everyone breath in the second hand cancer causing smoke from his and his good old boys.

Christmas Wish said...

My Christmas wish for 2009 is that our mayor will stop being so negative towards the good citizens of our city. It is time he starts to address what is make Raytown a negative place to live like all of the code violators. It is time he address the do nothings at city hall that negatively impact things we could be doing by drawing a pay check and doing nothing to earn it. It is time he accepts the office that he was elected and clean up the negative image Raytown has by address all of the loan and payday places on 350 and bring in wholesome business that generate tax dollars. It is time he stops complaining about this blog and the poster on it being negative and address the issues that are brought up.

It is clear the only thing negative in Raytown is our mayor and his negative attitude about anyone who wants to clean up our town.

Andy Whiteman said...

I have already offered to sell my home to the city and received no response. I wonder if they will buy it if it gets into the same condition as the Olde Baptist Church?

I am also wondering why bridge work must start in the winter. It was never stated, but I wonder if funding is involved and there may be some sort of time restriction?

I don't recall making a comment about teachers on the board and deny making such a comment. I totally agree that anyone who is not current on their taxes should NOT be on the BOE. It should be illegal for anyone in arrears on their taxes to hold any public office.

If Flynn's is hauling trash for $15/month, that is cheap! I doubt you will find anyone who will haul it for less. I can't speak for Flynn, but it seems to me that they may not have the equipment or manpower to handle the whole city. They could always hire people, but more trucks would be a substantial investment.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Christmas Wish, I hope you know wishes don't come true except in fairy tales. Maybe you should address these concerns to the Lord Mayor or address the BOA.

I don't care for payday loans and places like that because they rip off people with high interest rates but the city can't discriminate against type of business as long as it meets all city codes and has a business license.

I feel that the way this city is run tends to promote negative attitude on this blog. After all negative things promote complaints. Ocassionally but rarely, there is something positive to write about.

Merry Christmas,
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The mayor conducts himself like a bully at city council meetings. He cuts off anyone who disagrees with him. The Christmas wish is a good idea. It will take the mayor changing his conduct at public meetings to make those wishes come true. Especially the one about changing Raytowns image.

Anonymous said...

So interesting! Read this paragraph froma column my Mike Hendricks of the Kansas City Star this morning . . .

"Covering the freeway? It's a fine idea."

"But in terms of priorities, I'd put it somewhere after improved code enforcement and hirming more cops to catch thugs like the ones who have been robbing people at gunpoint in midtown lately."

The full story is on page A4. Cover KC Priorities before a freeway.

The similarities with Raytown, the gateway monuments and especially the comment about codes enforcement are interesting.

Pat Casady said...

No town is perfect. No town is run so that every citizen
is happy. Raytown has elected people that won't even talk to the people to
get a idea of what the people expect of them, and the elected
people don't even follow the rules they make for the rest of us,
then Raytown is in more trouble than we thought.
Credibility begins in house. If rules are broken by workers or elected
officials they should be taken care of first. You can't expect
the people to do any better at following the rules than those who
are supposed to be leaders.
Maybe the voters need to find a big enough broom to sweep out
the poor excuses called "representatives" and find good honest
people that will work for the people next election.
What a concept!

Shame of Ward One said...

Speaking of Shane Pardue, I recall he was going to bring all kinds of technology changes to city hall. However, I have not seen anything, which makes me think about some of the postings on here and the comments that no one see Shane at an events in the city. Maybe he is already shopping for a new home in Lee Summit like good old Will did.

Something that Shane could maybe do around bringing technology changes to the city why not have the Alderman meetings streamlined on the city website. They could keep the last couple then rotate them off to make space for the newest one. I understand other cities in the Kansas City area are doing this. However, this is Raytown and we are always behind other communities in putting our citizens first. Just look at our lack of having a smoking ordinance.

I guess when he was running he was just making a smoke screen of what he could do because he had personal objections about the individual he was running against. Look what buying into a smoke screen gets….

That is right nothing!

Makes me proud of the education system in America! Hope his failure to show compassion, be a self-thinker, follow the rules, and timely address finance responsibilities is the exception to what is being produced by the education system of our country.

Anonymous said...

I take it like the poster from last week that none of us on this blog bothered to attend our city’s sad example of a lighting ceremony. I mean has anyone driven by that sad example of a mayor’s Christmas tree.

On the positive side it is nice to finally see the city not spend money on waste. I do enjoy the season, but when we are looking at as much debt as this city is it is time to cut back.

Anonymous said...

Bower is looking worse and worse at council meetings. He's allowed this job to "go to his head". He's a bully, not sympathetic to the public's needs and I only hope he runs for re-election so I can campaign AGAINST him.

Anonymous said...

Shane Pardue is learning from his master, Joe Creamer.

Pardue campaigned on bringing technology to city hall but has not done anything.

Creamer promises to crack down on rental houses by enforcing codes on absentee landowners.

Both of them support an administration whose policy is to do nothing unless someone complains.

Who do these two clowns think they are fooling?

Frank Potter said...

To shame of ward one:
Earlier this year I changed from
Comcast to AT&T U-Verse.I couldn't
get the Raytown Government channel
on AT&T so I called city Hall &
found out there is a IT person on
the payroll.Over the course of this
year I had several conversations
with him as he was working to get
non-comcast subscribers hoked up
to the government channel.In October he told me he had put $10,000 in the 2010 budget to fund
an internet based government channel.I called him in mid November after the 2010 budget was
approved.He told me that the $10,000 was taken out of the Budget
by "upper management".I still do
not have access to the Raytown government channel.
Frank Potter

Andy Whiteman said...

Frank explained why BOA meetings are not streamed in the net. Bandwidth costs money and I have heard talk that the viewers may be charged for bandwidth or usage restricted such as being slowed down. It is not free like we all probably think.

Alderman Aziere commented last night about the meetings being on TV. It is not on my TV or Frank's either. Obviously the intended audience is the rich who pay for cable TV. My TV comes via an antenna.

The voters need to sweep out the representatives but first the voters need to be swept out and replaced with people who vote and vote intelligently.

Remember we live in City of Apathy.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To Mr.Potter,
To get anything done for the people in Raytown
I believe you should go City Hall's house of worship
(Wal-Mart) maybe a manager could tell City Hall the
they would like other cable carriers to have the
government channel you seek.
I'm sure it would be taken care of in record time.
Don't expect this bunch at City Hall to do or care
about you or anyone else in this town.
They have shown time after time where their loyalties
are and we the people, don't qualify.

Anonymous said...

I again watched the Jim and Jim show on channel 7 Tuesday night. This guy is a real moron the one who likes to hear himself talk I believe his name is Aziere. He says you can watch reruns of the council meetings on channel 7. I would like for him to get his facts straight before he sits up there and makes himself out to be a righteous know it all. I tried to watch it the night before the regular meeting and you couldn't because the screen froze up. Then he says get in your car and drive to city hall and pick up a copy of the minutes so you can be informed and know what out city Godfathers are trying to pull off. Here is some real common sense thinking and I didn't to have staff figure this one out for me. We had to go to summary minutes becasue it was costing city to much to have regular minutes. Do you want to know why? We have a very incompentent employee in Teresa Henry. The city was having to send the minutes out to be done, which by the way is her job to do. So in order to cut cost we went to summary mimutes so she could keep up. Why not hire someone who can do the joj and get back the minutes we the citizens deserve so we can know what is going on in the manison on the hill

Lee said...

Youtube will let you upload just about anything. From a quick search, it appears that Ozark Mo is uploading their BOA meetings.

I personally would prefer that Raytown post the meetings on their own website, bandwidth isn't as expensive as you might think. For example, one local company will provide a low end dedicated server with 500gb transfer for $50 per month. Jumping up to their professional grade server and you get 2tb per month for $100. And you could be in the 8tb range for $250. And that includes a server in their datacenter. Of course you'd need to provide streaming software and be able to administer a FreeBSD/Linux server. Analog quality broadcast (640x480) looks fine at 350mb an hour, but it would probably be fine for the meetings to be in 320x240 resolution as long as the audio was good.

But there are lots of ways they could make the meetings available for those of us who don't want/need comcast. For instance, they could put the meetings on DVD and give a few copies to the library. Then anyone with a DVD player and a library card could get them.

Wakeup Andy said...


Those on this blog understand things cost money and that there would be some type of cost associated with providing streamline feeds of the board meetings on the city’s website. Those that don’t understand this are our elected official who foolishly continue to spend money or give it away without having a clear plan to cover their spending.

You yourself have complained the city needs to be more transparent. Even our poor excuse of a mayor clams transparency, but does noting to achieve it. Doesn’t say much for him other then his definition of transparency is far from that of Webster’s. You are correct that the only way to view the meetings is by subscribing to Comcast. However, in this day of modern technology and with individuals like Shane “Shame” Pardue campaigning on bring technology to city hall there should be no reason to keep the citizens and business owners of Raytown in the dark. Unless those at city hall have something to hide and based on David “Blind” Bowers anger at those who question things we MUST BE HIDING SOMETHING!

I am not in IT nor have I asked the cost to streamline something like the board meetings. I however understand there are some host providers that provide a lot of space for a very low cost. Lets face it our city does a poor job of shopping around to find the best buy for Raytown. Just look at the fact of not supporting local dealerships on the purchase of city vehicles. Yet, we are reminded again and again to support Raytown.

While I think of it the person complaining about Flynn’s is correct. If local business what the citizens or other business owners to support them they need to support us. I recall at the chambers summer mess that Flynn’s was dropping their dumpsters on properties downtown without the permission of the property owners. Doesn’t say much for this local business or their respect of others.

Okay enough of my complaining today. I just want to see my tax dollars better spent and for the city to understand many of us work hours that don’t let us attend the board meetings. By providing some other means to find out what is going on we will not be as disconnected. If there is money to spend on survey’s that or disregarded anyway then we can find the money to get the board meetings on the web unless as I pointed out about the city is trying to hide something.

By the way… wake up Andy! Those at city hall read this blog as who else would they be able to recite things that are on here to way too many people. Sad thing is they don’t address the complains so we can start signing praise and not disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a lot of activity at the former Domino’s location (Northeast corner of 67th and Raytown Road). Does anyone know what they are putting in?

Raytown Needs A Senator said...


I am not sure how to contact you but thought you might ant to contact representative LaVota. It was in the Independence paper a few weeks ago that he wants to move to the 11 senatorial district so he can run for state senator in 2012.

I was thinking by the time he is done with his term at the end of 2010 that you would be ready to move. If I understand correctly from others you will within walking distance of downtown, which would place you close to Raytown High School. I am sure this would be great for his daughters.

It also would be great to have a state senator from Raytown based on the complains I saw last week about wanting the state representatives to live in our city.

Either way best of luck on finding a buyer for your home.

Poor Senior said...

Rick Thode:

Where have you gone and why did you leave our pocket books so taxed! Your promised us a CPA you would be our saving grace, yet still the tax man comes in takes all of my pay away. Christmas is now blue, as the school district has given me the senior flu of not finding cuts to reduce the waste and bring a smile to my old gray haired face.

I can only sit and wait, but my time on earth is not long and I assume that my descendents will still be singing a “Blue Christmas” song. Waiting helplessly for the members on the board like you to standup, cleanup the district and stop passing on this flu.

So at night when you find it hard to sleep think of all of us seniors trying to decide if we can find the money to still eat. Our medication bottles are empty even though we have the flu as the scrooge school distinct took all that we had and now we are all screwed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the upset business owner is? Could it be Pat?

Anonymous said...

I understand that tonight is the Mayor's annual Christmas part at city hall located in the council chambers. There will be food and drinks for all. I've often wondered why since the taxpayers are paying for it why don't ALL OF US get an invitation? ANOTHER MISS USE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that filing is open for 2 seats on the Public Water District #2 board of directors? You can file at the district headquarters on Blue Ridge during regular business hours. I hope someone will file other than the incumbents. We need a choice.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you guys figured out Pardue yet? He is there for the $450 a month. The rest of his campaign sound bites of bringing his IT experience to city hall was just so much noise.

Guess that's why we are still using 1980's technology in broadcasting meetings from city hall.

Isn't that right, Shane?

Anonymous said...

For the record. I went to the city's Christmas Tree lighting ceremony too. I saw two appointed department heads I recognized from t.v. (ambulance director and city attorney) you mentioned but the only city councilman I saw was Lightfoot.

I saw fomer councilmembers Walters and Jerry kinman. Kinman looked like he was doing something with the sound system.

Pat Casady said...

First off,
To Anonymous 10:27,
I have heard that a BBQ restaurant is going in at the
old Dominos location.
To Anonymous 11:22,
I have to admit I get upset about many things. Mostly it's
with incompetent leaders and untrustworthy people.
Who in many cases are one in the same and are right here in Raytown.
Most of all I get upset with people that are paid to do
a job and don't do it. Especially when it comes to taxpayer
If it's about the bridge, I guess you could say I am upset. Not with
The replacement of the bridge. We need that. I'm upset with the detours.
The biggest problem is right in front of City Hall. With the detour forcing
Many cars down 59th street and down Raytown Road, you'd think our
City leaders could look out the window and see traffic backed up on
Raytown road.
A simple solution would be to make that intersection a three way stop
so traffic could keep moving fairly. But, I guess that would be asking
too much because, you see that makes too much sense.

Greg Walters said...

FYI -- I have not visited with Pat in over two months. The complaints about the bridge being closed are for real. The people who complained asked to remain anonymous. I will honor that request.

It was not Pat who complained.

Guess again!

Independent Voter said...

Who really represents you and your voice in Jefferson City?

For years the Democrats have pointed out when the Republicans control the state house their members march to the voice of the Speaker of the House. The news media for the past couple of weeks has made it clear how this party acts behind the seen with the stories they have done on Rod Jetton. If it is not scandals like his it is the harsh treatment of their members who do not follow the voting directions given to them.

Today I learned that Democrats of today are taking up these same negative tactics and opening recruiting candidates to run against those of the party whom party leaders see as outsiders. It seems to me that the Democratic Party may now be the shadow puppet of the Republicans.

Word on the streets in Raytown is that the House Campaign Committee lead by a young man who was defeated by Will Kause in 2006 is leading the pack in openly trying to recruit candidates even when there are those who are standing up to run for his party. If this individual is not doing that he is trying to call the shots for the ones he and the party heads in Jefferson City are supporting.

However, he is not alone in his effort as it seems Jackson County Legislator Theresa Garza-Ruiz and her family in Raytown may be helping to drive this effort. One would think with this is not a good time for Mrs. Garza-Ruiz to be entering into multiple races being she is up for re-election this coming year and word is will face opposition from her fellow Democrats. I wonder if she has the time to represent us and is not spreading herself to thin for she is also working to help Crystal Williams attempt to defeat fellow Legislator Rizzo.

The plot of state control seems to also be linked to Mike Talboy, who the Democrats has already anointed to be speaker or minority leader depending on the out come of the November 2010 elections. Seems the party forgot that the incoming freshmen get say when the time comes to actually elect the party head for the house. It seems to me that he, Mike Talboy, and his supports are working hard to ensure the incoming representative has his best interest at heart and not that of those they represent.

I am just thankful for that so many others and I have the option of being independent. I only wish we could find so good independent minded candidates to address the problem of the two party systems, as it appears either way we the voters come up on the loosing end.

Andy Whiteman said...

The palace at 10000 E 59th doesn't have windows to look out. It is too much to expect anything that makes sense to come from the Lords who live there 8 hours a day and then drive home to another city where their loyalties really are.

Why should the Lord of the fief pay attention to surveys or what we have to say? We are just serfs living in this Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown.

I was at the BOE meeting and Rick Thode voted AGAINST the school tax. Remember is is impossible for one person to enact change especially when there is somone on the BOE who pays no taxes and voted for an increase. Seems like a conflict of interest from someone who should NOT be allowed to be elected to any office.

Andy Whiteman

Salamander said...

Thanks, Clark Hunt!

You showed your appreciation to the Chiefs fans by blacking out Sunday’s fame with Cleveland.

You’re really a great guy. Right in the mold of your father; a man who was the biggest carpet-bagger this town ever suffered.

Black out the Chiefs game because you sold only 70,000 over-priced tickets; not 75,500 as you wished.

Don’t tell people the league kept you from showing the game. The league does not have this authority.

Don’t tell us you couldn’t sell 5,500 tickets. Those are your tickets. You could have sold them for $5.00 each or at any discounted price you wished.

Tickets to a Chiefs game are owned by the team owner, not the league. The league has no control over what you can charge for tickets. Readers should remember this next time they read that “the Chiefs raised prices one more time.”

What you did, Clark, is show your contempt for those who voted a 25 year 1.5 billion sales tax which will benefit your football team and the sorry lot of baseball players owned by fellow billionaire David Glass.

Thanks again, Clark, for giving us the Middle finger.

Andy Whiteman said...


I second your post. I suggest you email it to the Red Star.

Salamander said...

No doubt they have already read it.

Anonymous said...

Have you received your outrageous sewer bill from the city of Raytown yet? Just noticed that it is going to a Kansas City post office box. Just another hint that Raytown is slowing falling off the map. Thanks, Mayor Bower for destroying Raytown. WHAT A JOKE THIS GUY IS.

Andy Whiteman said...


You might want to sent your comment to the Chiefs, Clark Hunt, and David Glass.

If they sold the tickets for 10 cents each, I might have bought them and given them to the Dream Factory or another group for a tax write off.

I saw on the news that a ticket broker couldn't sell the tickets even at 1/2 price!

I am surprised that CH5 didn't buy them because there are more $$$$ in advertising and regular viewer's goodwill than the cost of the tickets.

The Red Star may read this blog but no ethical journalist will pirate something from another source. Also their letters policy is the letter must be SIGNED and they have actually called me to verify that I wrote a letter when I previously submitted one.

EVERYONE: Remember the game is still on 101.1 FM so we can listen to it. I grew up BTV (before TV) at least my family didn't have a TV and I did a lot of radio listening.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

It is an NFL league rule guys! It doesnt only happen in Kansas City, it happens all over in different towns to different clubs. It is an obsolete dinosaur rule that needs to be changed by the NFL. It is stupid, and really kills of the rest or what little is left of your fan base! I spent enough on a big screen tv, and I am not obligated to freeze my you know what off just to watch them play when I could do it from my family room, nice and warm, with surround sound, and popcorn, and a bathroom, and a place to take a nap if things started going downhill!

Andy Whiteman said...

I spoke with someone in sewer billing awhile ago and was told that the city has contracted to have a drop box at a bank to process sewer payments. Apparently this will reduce the workload at City Hall. I was told that payments left at City Hall will be processed in the regular way.

This is a common business practice. Most people don't know when they pay many bills, the payment actually goes to a bank and is never handled by the company they think is receiving it. Aquilla had their payments sent to a bank in Illinois. Maybe no one noticed. For my house in NM, both electric and gas payments go to Denver. The water bill is mailed from Albuquerque 200 miles away, but I can call the Water Department to give them my credit card number.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I was surprised to see the Chiefs home games on TV when I first moved to KC in 94. I lived in other cities and the home games were not on TV because they did not have sell outs.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...


Somehow the posts from the week of December 20th dissapeared. Is the city hacking the blog?

Greg Walters said...

My bad on the post being temporarily remove from the page.

Merry Christmas!