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Diana Jenkins, a 45 year old resident of Raytown was shot at her residence at 67th and Raytown Road last Thursday (March 25, 2010). She died from her wounds on the way to the hospital. Laray Jenkins was charged with the Class A Felony of Murder in the Second Degree and Armed Criminal Action. Mr. Jenkins is being held in the Jackson County Jail without bond.

KMBC has reported that the Raytown Police had been called to the residence twice before on the day of the murder. For this report use the following link:

Endorsements: RAYTOWN SCHOOL BOARD It is baffling when a governmental body proves itself to be in need of new members that very few file for the jobs. This year’s Raytown School Board election is a classic example. Only three candidates have filed for two open seats on the School Board. Collectively speaking the Raytown School Board has made some really bone-headed decisions this year. They signed agreements to build athletic fields with artificial turf at a cost to the taxpayers of over $2 million dollars. At the same time they eliminated special education programs that specifically helped the handicapped. When property values in Raytown were reduced by the Jackson County Assessor’s office the School Board joined in a frivolous lawsuit costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. They then raised the Raytown School District levy to historic highs – a move that increased property taxes on homeowners throughout the District. One of the incumbent candidates for the School Board was delinquent in paying her property taxes this year. To make matters worse, this same candidate voted to increase property taxes just five month earlier. That candidate is Bobbie Saulsberry. Her negligent action does not deserve the support or vote of anyone. Arrogance such as this has only been topped by the Raytown City Council which handed out 7% pay increases in the last two years when most Raytowners are happy to have jobs (but that is another story). This year’s pick up candidates are few. Still, it is a race. There are three candidates – there can only be two winners. Here are some recommendations: RICK THODE: Rick Thode has proven himself to be a clever politician. He voted against raising the property taxes and has positioned himself on the School Board in the role of the “loyal opposition”. At the same time, it is also known that he has actively lobbied members and candidates for the Missouri State Legislature to raise the levy ceiling on School Districts property taxes. So, even though he voted against the property tax increase, he is quietly working behind the scenes trying to create legislation to raise property taxes even higher! His actions make one question the sincerity of the persona he has tried so hard to create. None the less, he is the pick of the litter in this year’s School Board Election. NANCY EYERLY: There has not been any evidence of Nancy Eyerly actively campaigning for the Raytown School Board. Just the same, she deserves to be the beneficiary of the other candidate’s missteps (Bobbie Saulsberry). It is true that both Saulsberry and Eyerly were delinquent in paying their property taxes before filing for election. But Saulsberry’s lapse is extremely bad because less than five months earlier she voted to raise the property tax for EVERYBODY in the District. If for no other reason than Saulsberry’s actions, Eyerly gets the nod. REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR TWO! The two top vote-getters in this year’s school board election will win the election. So it is very important that every ballot be marked for two candidates. Tyranny of the Majority The public is being kept in the dark on many decisions made by the Raytown Board of Aldermen. Their most recent tactic is to ram legislation through via a “consent” agenda. This allows the Board to approve any amount of items on the agenda by simply voting them all at one time. Most recently the Board used this tactic in an attempt to approve over $100,000 worth of purchases (police vehicles) without any real discussion. (Mayor Bower does not allow discussion on consent agenda items) The excuse used is that the Board has already approved such items through the city’s budget ordinance, therefore, no discussion is necessary. Nonsense! Things change, financial situations change and so do priorities. What is worse, the public has no chance to learn of what exactly is going on until AFTER the vote. A waiting period on spending items should be the common practice. This gives the public time to learn and respond about issues in a timely manner. The twisted logic in play with the so-called “consent” agenda is both misleading and most definitely contrary to a democratic form of government. According to the American College Dictionary the word “consent” means to “agree in sentiment”. Plainly stated if only one member of the Board of Aldermen does not “consent”, there can be no consensus. At a recent meeting of the Board, Alderman Bill VanBuskirk asked that an item be removed from the consent agenda for further discussion. Typically, since there was an objection, the item should be removed. But not this time. The Mayor asked if there was an objection. Ward 2 Alderman Jim Hamilton, who rarely speaks out at Board meetings on anything, objected to VanBuskirk's motion. Bower then insisted that a motion be made to remove the item. Van Buskirk made a motion, but not enough members of the Board supported the motion. Therefore the item was left on the consent agenda. In effect, the minority on the Board were told “we will not let you talk on this issue”. The consent agenda had been turned into a gag rule. This is commonly referred to in parliamentary circles as “the tyranny of the majority”. The tactic effectively tells the minority on the Board that they cannot speak to an issue without the majority agreeing to allow them to speak -- even if that item is on the agenda. Even worse, those members of the Board who are not in favor with the Mayor and his cronies are not being allowed to do what they were elected to do. Mayor David Bower sat by while this farce played out. This is the same Mayor that campaigned on a promise of transparency in government. What he is enabling or actively doing behind the scenes is very wrong. He has a responsibility to allow all members of the Board of Aldermen the right to be heard. Transparency . . . hogwash . . . these are Gestapo tactics, plain and simple. High School Activities O’Hara Wins Academic Knowledge Bowl Championship by Brother Richard Geimer O'Hara High School won the West Central Conference Academic Knowledge Bowl varsity championship on March 26th and took second place in the junior varsity division. O'Hara had won the Conference Championship in 2005 and 2008; last year Saint Pius had won it. None of the other teams fielded a freshman team to oppose the Celtics on that level so three O'Hara ninth graders were moved up to the junior varsity team. Mike Berney, Andy Meyer, Josh Bonello, and Kierra Jackson each won varsity medals for winning the First Place plaque. Sophomores Jake Fortin and Jeff Best were joined by freshmen Tony Darling, Claire Banderas, and Alex Coutree to make up a five-person JV squad. Freshmen Maddie Champion, James Campo, and James Bradish who have been on the O'Hara Academic Bowl roster since January did not compete. For the rest of this story and others stories about O'Hara use this link O'Hara High School Celtics Open Baseball Season with Two Impressive Wins With Cullen Rowland pitching a no-hitter over three innings to get the victory and Austin Pearcy finishing the no-hitter by pitching the final two innings, the Archbishop O'Hara baseball team opened their season with a 14-0 victory over Van Horn. Rowland also led the team with three hits and six runs batted in followed by Alex Gaul-Pearson with two. In the next game, the Celtics defeated Raytown 15-5. Jake Slocum picked up the victory giving up only three hits and striking out eight. Aaron Mitchell led the way with a grand slam home run. Sam Janet collected three hits and Logan Halil had two hits. Help Support RSHS Cheer!!! By Kari Playter Ray South Cheerleaders are currently conducting our Spring Fundraiser!!! We are selling 12 inch frozen pizzas, cookie dough, and other wonderful frozen desserts! The pizza's come in many flavors and two different sytles; thin crust and regular. Pizza's range in price from $7-$9 each and desserts range from $8.50-$16. Please talk to a cheerleader or Mrs. Playter for more info!!! Thanks for your support! Remember everything you purchase helps support the Cardinal Cheer Program!! For more stories about Raytown South High School Activities use this link Raytown South High School Last Week’s Poll Results Should the Raytown Police Department use hybrid vehicles in their fleet of cars? Yes . . . 41% No . . . 59%


Andy Whiteman said...

April 6th is the School Board Election. There are 3 candidates running for 2 offices.

I would like to endorse Rick Thode. Rick is a retired CPA, has good common sense and is a professional in money management.

Mr. Rick Thode was elected to the Board in 2009. He is a retired Certified public accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kansas City. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Wichita State University, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He and his wife Sandy have three sons. (Term ends April 2010)

It was reported in the Raytown Report that the other 2 candidates were delinquent on their property taxes. Missouri State Law requires candidates property tax payments be current in order to run for office. After this became an issue both of these candidates paid their taxes plus interest and penalty. Bobbie Saulsberry voted to RAISE our property taxes but does not pay her taxes in a timely manner. I question why a person who does not pay taxes can vote to RAISE OUR TAXES? School District taxes are outrageous amounting to 69% of our property tax bills! I do not know the other individual. My vote will be for Rick Thode. I will not waste a vote on either the other 2.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If you only vote for one of the School Board canidates you will have wasted a vote........the two with the most votes will be elected!

Andy Whiteman said...

Anon 6AM, If I feel one person is highly qualified, one unqualified, and one questionable why should I vote for an unqualified or questionable person? Logic tells me that that one of the other 2 could accumulate more votes than the highly qualified candidate because I waste one of my 2 votes on her. I feel that voting for only the qualified person will add to his count and not the other 2.

Simply stated, why should I vote for someone I don't want in office?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


I guess it comes down to how you look at it.

Two people will be elected on election night.

Granted two of the choices are poor at best. But one is lesser of two evils.

That's why I'm voting for two candidates.

Anonymous said...

Lol Gestapo tactics? Come on Fox news settle down..

Greg Walters said...

Gestapo tactics . . . guess it depends on your point of view. If you were the elected official not being allowed to speak because the Mayor did not want to hear what you had to say, you would probably be upset as well.

City Council meetings are supposed to be an open forum for (at least) the elected officials to speak on agenda items in public.

Under the Mayor's interpretation you are only allowed to speak on an agenda item if the majority of the Board allows you to speak.

That is contrary to the oath of office that he and his cronies on the Board swore to uphold when they took their oath of office.

Maybe the attorney general will help change their thinking?

Another black eye for the City of Raytown because the Mayor wants to use "gestapo tactics" to silence members of the Board of Aldermen.

The smart ones on the Board will re-think this tactic when they realize that some day it could very well happen to them as well.

Anonymous said...

censorship sucks....another way to a socialist governmental tyrrany!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. All Board members should be allowed to speak any issue that comes before them.

I can't believe the city attorney is allowing this behavior to go unchallegned.

You would think Sue Frank was back in charge! I can remember how Bower used to deplore this type of politics.

I wonder what changed him.

Pat Casady said...

For a long time this town's elected officials have had their
little clubs. It always starts at the top. I guess the weaker
try to suck up to the strong. Meanwhile the few that chose
to stand up for the people that voted them in are shunned,
ignored or bullied by the top and the club.
It's clear this group has an agenda and it doesn't include what
is good for the people.
This "consent agenda" is just another way of shunning the people.
Reminds me of another at the top of government. Remember when
the president was running for office and we were told that every decision
would be on Cspan? We were lied to, big surprise!
I remember similar words being said by some of our elected people.
It is a shame that most of this little town's elected people haven't
given us any reason to trust them either.

Poor Management said...

While out last night and noticed several signs for the incubates in the water race. I sure wanted to go up to their doors and share what I had learned by doing some reach to help me decide to vote. The only thing that keep me from doing just that was it was after dark and I know I don’t answer my door at night. Maybe I need to go back today and share what I have found, but first let me share with the readers of this blog.

Water District #2 users pay $2.30 per gal more then the other district in Raytown

Water District #2 users pay a flat $30.00 for the first 4,000 gals regardless if you use them or not

Water District #2 users pay for two managers, Mr. Fitzwater was paid $45,00 last year and Mr. Ertz who was paid $85,000. As noted on this blog Mr. Fitzwater was the manager, but has been hired back as a consultant.

Water District #2 users are paying Mr. Ertz fuel bills twice. Yes, Mr. Ertz is provided a vehicle as part of his compensation and the fuel to keep it running and the city being he is an Alderman pays him $50.00 a month fuel allotment. Now what is he doing with the $50.00 from the city when he is always seen driving the water district vehicle?

Water District #2 users are paying for a waterfall / fountain to be in front of the office. So we payer higher rates for this.

Water District #2 users are wouldn’t have been reminded about the election this year if not posted on this blog. I know I never heard of anything, but guess what according to the Water District it was posted in the Independence Examiner. Now that last time I check the water district like you and me is in Raytown. Why couldn’t have they placed information with our bills about the opportunity to service our community as a board member

Water District #2 users cannot even find out who all of our directors are. Why are these directors trying to hide from us? Could it be they fear talking to us about their out of control wasteful spending of our money.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Raytown police not serving warrants, this would cut down on criminals in our city and stop some of the shootings like last friday night that they did not catch the people resposible.

Andy Whiteman said...

Obviously this country, WD#2, and the Socialist Fasict Fief of Raytown function off concealing information from the public. Isn't that the idea of the "concealment Agenda?" As one Senator recently said, "The people must be controlled." I say, "WE THE PEOPLE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, WATER DISTRICT, SCHOOL DISTRICT, AND SOCIALIST FASCIST FIEF AT THE NEXT ELECTION!"

Andy Whiteman

sam fisher said...

this whole blog is should be able to post it with out the approval..they only put what they want you to read on here. Why not have a section where you could post pictures of houses with code violations,board members doing nothing, signs that are in the right of ways, all the supposed hiding in the dark parking lot police officers.
Gestapo tactics actually CNN said that two days ago along with ABC about the Tea Party and the so called spitter on Mr Cleaver so calm down there Anderson Cooper, Rachal Maddow/Oberman. There was also comments who declared they were racist because Mr Cleaver is black(can i say that or is it racist also)or African/American and the Possible Spitter is white
I know here goes the Rush comment..lets hear it.
I also hear there could be some movement on the old Hyvee/Walmart location.

GOP said...

Sam Fisher

Where in God's name have you been?

If have been following this blog as long as I have you would know at one time there was a section on code vilations.

The members of this blog would turn the same violations into the city and very few ever got addressed.

Now you know why so many in this city wonder why we are paying 5 associates to work in the codes department. If they don't do a darn thing we don't need the department.

You asked why the blog administrator has the lock on to review the posting be for allowing everyone to view. Again if you have been following the blog for a while you would know it is becasue there are those that bleive if you don't include all those four letter words they just cannot make a point.

I am thinkful that I don't have to read someone writing who has to use the four letter words to complete their sentences.

On the other side it shows the failure of the family unit in America. I don't know how many people I know that let thier kids ware there pants down to the ground and run all hours of the night in day because they just don't want to deal with them.

These same friends get mad at me when I laugh myself sick in front of them because their kids are kick out of school again.

My point is when America starts to cleanup the home life and people start loosing their kids because the way it is impacting the commuity well we be a strong country again.

Until then we have to listen to the cheep talk of Rush who blames everything on the Dems, but doesn't address the underling issue he is causing, which is HATE.

It is no wonder we have a subculture within the once great Republican party that he (Rush) and his Bible quoting buddies have torn apart.

I am know too many of us (Senior Republicans) who might let our party leaders believe we are voting Republican, but vote Dem becasue we don't like the hate that Rush has brought.

VOTE REPUBLICAN, but only those not tied to the CHRISTIAN RIGHT within our party!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the city get on CBS to fix their ran down billboards in Raytown.

I know that would take effort, but again what do those at city hall within the codes department they they are getting paid to do.

Silly me, I too have talked to mayor do nothing who has made it clear he doesn't want anyone doing anything to improve our city's image.

What a poor example of a leader he has turned out to be.

I know I have talk with several that are upset they bought into your lies, but we have all wised up and see the result that "do nothing" can do.

Anonymous said...


I too don't want either of the ladies to win becasue neither paid their taxes on time.

However, being one will win the other set it only makes sense to vote Bobby out of office.

As pointed out this week on the blog, she voted to raise our taxes while not paying hers.

Anyone with this kind of thinking needs to spend more time at home asking themself where did they go wrong.

I also understand she has a couple of grandkids in the district. I hate to think what burden they are to the district and our city with a grandmother that believes she is about the rules set for all of us. If she too had been raised right she would have removed her name form the election once she got caught. Again pointing to the fact she thinks she is better then the rest of us. What an example she is setting for all of us.

What shape the school district would be in if we all decided not to pay our taxes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the police department and Lynch should be going to court for wrongful death.

Maybe the state will check into the management or lack of it from Mr. Lynch.

Rebecca said...

How many murders does that make now? 4 in the last year or so?? This last one is unbelievable, and enforcement were called twice prior to her being shot and killed??? Our PD needs to begin a more PRO active method of dealing with things, rather than a HIND SIGHT way of dealing with things. STOP the speeders...STOP and DETAIN, and GET THESE BAD PEOPLE OFF OUR STREETS AND OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!! I don't live very far from where this happened, and not very far from where any of these bad things have happened...and it makes me very sad. Our town has gone to Hell in a Handbag..and it is time that something is done about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young lady, and to all the families that all of the crime has affected.

Andy Whiteman said...

12:51PM, opinion too!
1:09PM, agreed Bobbie needs to go. My understanding is that her non-payment of taxes has been going on a long time. I wish we could simply not pay out taxes, but it isn't that simple. We would be accessed interest and penalties. Finally our properties would be auctioned at a tax sale.

Also non-payment would affect all government entities, not just the schools. I used to be secretary -treasurer of a fire district. We received a warrant (looks like a check but officially a warrant) from the county treasurer as taxes were paid. The largest 2 warrants were when the yearly tax payments were paid and then when people paid by 1/2 year. Other than that tax warrants trickled in the other 10 months as people paid their taxes or taxes were collected.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Raytown is run by the chief Lynch and he is accountable to nobody. He is fully responsible for all crime and do nothing attitude. It is shame that he report to no one. Not even the Mayor or Board of Aldermen.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of Greg for not submitting to "Gestapo tactics" this week, and approving one of my comments. Will you continue to act as you speak, and let me ask if Briggs's son-in-law was in fact WD#2's former manager?

Andy Whiteman said...

Bobbie Saulsberry had an ad in today's Red Star. How can someone who can't pay their taxes afford the money to pay for an ad?

Rebecca, The problem is this is the type of people who are moving into this hood. We dont need them here, but landlords and sellers can't discriminate due to Federal law.

Raytown is being turned into a ghetto as these people move in.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Why has Mayor Bower allowed our streets to get in such bad shape? Some of the potholes out there are huge, able to do much damage to your car. I wonder if a city can be sued for neglecting basic city services such as street repair?

Pat Casady said...

It's sad to say but this blog has been writing about
the lack of codes being enforced since it's beginning.
With very little reaction from the city. Even when violations
were shown with pictures, addresses and descriptions.
The problem is that several of our elected officials have
violations of their own. At least one codes inspector
has violations.
City Hall is like a club. The only way to get away with things is to become an elected official
or in some cases just work for the city.
Then, you become an untouchable. It's like the school board
where you don't have to pay your taxes but you can vote to
raise everybody else's and get re-elected.
Raytown has long been a town of double standards, double talk
and never looking out for the people or the people's hard earned
taxed money. This is why we need a huge change next election.
If there is a problem with this blog it is that some get off track and start the Democrat, Republican arguments and blame game that
has nothing to do with this town. It only distracts from the real issues this town has.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:00AM, I suggest you call City Hall and get the name of who you spoke to. (They are reluctant to give their names unless asked and then act like it is an unusual question.) Better yet, email the approptiate official.

Obviously if the city isn't notified, they have no way of knowing about the pot hole.

BTW: If you go to court you will have to establish that the city had knowledge of alledged pot hole and failed to take action.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the city seemed to have a sweep of campaign signs today. That's fine if they were in the right of way, but why are code violations allowed to go on for years in our neighborhoods. At least the campaign signs would have come down naturally after next Tuesday's election. Where are this city's priorities?

Anonymous said...


Would you like a good laugh?

Okay, I was out and about today in our city and noticed a city truck (public works) with two city employee's doing drive by shopping at the same sales.

Now that sure explains why things don't get done in our city as I pointed out each time to the individuals hosting the sales.

It also should mean that they are aware of at least some of the potholes.

I am so going to have to start taking a camera with me on my outings as to me this is news and proof that we have individuals working for the city that are just drawing the check and doing nothing.

Maybe as someone said earlier this week this should be a new section for the blog...lazy, wasteful city employees.

Maybe then the blog could give out a ward for the most wasteful as Bower does for those he claims is doing a great job. I wonder how many times it would be one in the same individual.

Then again the ones I want on the list are those chair warming department heads, but I don’t think they can leave their chairs that long. We don’t want the chairs getting cold.

Anonymous said...

this city is one rather large pothole of a ghetto.... everyone knows that, even city hall, that is why they are not pro active.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, I am in agreement with you. I get into national political issues because it seems as if the Socialist Fascist Fief is governed like Dictator O'Bomba is governing this country with a puppet Congress.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I see Topeka is trying to get a special google program.

I have not heard our elected officals trying to do anything for Raytown.

Maybe they are waiting on Colt, Glock or Ruger to pick a city to arm. Wait a great way for us to increase our murder rate that is already on a raise.

What a happy family town we have

Now that is pride mr. mayor!

Anonymous said...

Sorry... There is nothing that can force campign signs to come down after an election unless on the right away.

The signs are covered under the 1st Admendment.

I for one would take the signs over having to look at anymore kids who cannot seem to buy paint that fit or a belt to help hold them up.

I wish we had lays about people who think others want to know what color and type of underware they have on.

Sorry, son but if I want to see a behind I will just go up and watch the mayor lead a board meeting.

Anonymous said...


Just think we have Cuba's son leading our city.

Think of how often Bower tells everyone the city is doing good and is in great shape.

Sounds like the same stuff being sold to the people of Cuba.

Wonder if we didn't get Lynched into the public safty tax so Bower could increase the state police and address those who speak out against him.

Anonymous said...


Maybe the Star didn't know who they are working with.

So the ad was ran, but will payment be made?

Seems like a good answer to how someone who doesn't pay her taxes can have an ad in the paper.

Anonymous said...


Like Andy it would be nice to focus on local issues, but again we are impacted by those in DC

We are also impacted by Jefferson City and Jackson Co. when this happens and it impacts the betterment of the city we must speak up.

Anonymous said...


We have many issues in this city from codes that go unenforced to a chief of police that cannot get warrents served.

Cleaning up this city starts when business owners like yourself refuse to be lead around like sheep and join together and take the city back.

To offten I seen business owners kiss the backside of those at city hall and push money into the hiden agendas. However, the city allows crime and decay to destroy everything around us including those small business owners who have sealed their own fate by kissing the dark side of death.

So when are you going to be the business owner who wakes up the other small business owners and waves the flag of distrust towards the establishment that is bleeding us all dry.

Until you take a stand for change by finacially supporting those who stand up or you start a movement within the business owners of the city. You are nothing more then wishful thinker that hopes others fight your fight, which sir is why we are in the shape we are today!

Andy Whiteman said...

4:12 PM, I have complained for many years about illegal campaign signs. There were all sorts of excuses about why the ordinance couldn't be enforced.

Are you sure it was the city that did the clean up? I know of individuals who have removed illegal signs to show their pride in Raytown.

5:56 PM, I totally believe you. I think every city truck is Public Works. That is the only department what needs trucks. Animal control used to be under public works. It angers me that I am paying salaries of city employees who are shopping on the job. I hope you got the truck ID and time and reported it. It shows a lack of supervision. Of course they could always claim they were looking for violations. I notify the Mayor and the supervisor of any employee who has done a good job. Likewise if I had observed this, I would have made the same notifications.

3/29 11:28 AM, I have thought about it and I understand your point about voting for 2. Definitely NOT the incumbent who raises our taxes and doesn't pay her own.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


I belive we are at 7 or 8 murders in little over a year.

The 4 in the appartments
The 1 on Hunter
The 1 on Ash
The 1 on Raytown Road

I swear there was on between Hunter and Ash.

What a scary place our city is becoming.

I wish the city would do their part to try and stop some of this.

I know murder is hard to stop, but lets start by serving warants and increase basic patrols.

While the police department is doing that codes needs to clean up the trash that is now all over our city.

However, until we get David Bower out of office we are not going to have any change as he doesn't want to do anything to improve our city or after three years he would have done it.

I hope he sleeps at night knowing he is taking his pay form the city and letting it keep running down at the sametime.

Anonymous said...

Supervision of city employees in Raytown has always been lax. For years the city tolerated a city attorney who rarely showed up before ten. A city clerk that comes and goes as she pleases. The other employees see this and get the message real quick. Do what you want, when you want. Nobody will do anything about it.

It's thd David Bower "see no evil" governing method. Just pretend that all is fine and wonderful.

Bower thought he could use Raytown as a stepping stone to higher political office. But his record as Mayor will drag him down like an anchor holds a boat place.

By the way. Enforcement warrants is a proactive step in solving Raytown's crime problems. The police got their sales tax. So far it does not look like Lynch is using it too much effect.

The solution seems simple enough. Dedicate some of our new officers to enforcement of warrants. Let people know that Raytown is NOT the city to live in if you have outstanding warrants.

Teh answers to our problems are there. Our leaders need to step up and take their jobs seriously.

Are Bower and Lynch stepping up?

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 9:36 & 9:45,
I don't know where you have been for the last
fifteen years but if you knew me very well you would
know that I have been active in trying to get the downtown
business owners together to try and protect our rights.
Especially when this city was talking about taking our properties
by eminent domain and condemnation.
Also when this city had a runaway codes dictator that made up
his own codes as he went along. Even running businesses out
of town.
I even asked in the paper and in the Rayrown Reporter,
now this blog, for others to sign up so we could meet and
discuss our problems.
Guess how many responded to my plea? Two!
I even had a TV reporter meet with some of us.
So active? I was. But when you don't get any help from other
businesses because they are afraid of City Hall there is
very little one to two can do.
As far as the Democratic, Republican, what I mean is when
someone makes a political statement about this town on this
Post, it seems that there is always somebody that will say
you sound like a "Dummycrat or whatever they say about
Republican and this gets that whole political thing going and
away from this towns issues.
Raytown's problems and I mean all of this town's problems
can be directed directly at City Hall. Not the Democrats or
Republicans, City Hall. They make the decisions to raise taxes
and give away your tax dollars.
Remember when you voted for a tax to fix our streets? Most of the
money that was for your street went to the big box on 350 hwy
for their parking lot. Remember when you voted in a "Safety Tax?"
you were told all that money would go for police and none would
go into the general fund. Want to guess where a lot of that money went?
I could go on and on but, I think you get my drift. Until people that
really care about the people and small businesses of Raytown are voted
in, this town will stay traveling downhill until it is too far gone to recover.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:27 PM, There is a city ordinance about taking down a campaign sign within a certain time after an election. Usually the candidates take their own signs down so they can use them again. These signs are fairly expensive.

An extremely large Ron Paul sign is still at 74th & Holmes in KCMO. Glad I don't live there anymore.

The right to post a political sign is not protected by the Constitution AFTER the election is OVER. This was covered on KMBZ and the Red Star after a white extremeist ran obnoxious ads on the radio. His rights are protected during the election but NOT before or after.

9:34 PM, To my knowledge newspapers require papment before running an ad. I would like to see an acounting of WHO or what polotical entity really paid for the ad.

In my opinion, the murders are a function of those moving into or coming into this fine city. The only way to stop them is to establish a gated city and control who is allowed to enter. Even this will not achieve the goal because crimes are reported in gated communities. Maybe the renters ordinance should require landlords to obtain a backround check and criminal history of tennants.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What a dump!

I was helping a friend get some stuff out of his storage unit behind Laurel Lanes and boy was I surprised at the mess behind the bowling alley.

When did it become acceptable to have a semi trailer pulled up and rusted behind a business?

Looks like all kinds of old junk left under it so it has been there for some time.

It is so nice long time business like this get away with winning the eyesore of the year award.

Anonymous said...

To help reduce crime in Raytown why don’t we change the license and operations ordinance so business that deal in larger amounts of cash transactions like the convenience stores be required to have two associates on duty at all times.

Other cities in the nation have passed ordinances like this to ensure the safety of the employees and customers.

Now that is a great example of public safety, to bad we don’t have elected officials who are really concerned about public safety.

Anonymous said...

Bower sure has done a lot for our town.

I don't undertand those that decide to complain about him.

As I drive down the streets, I no longer fear coming home and finding a codes enforcement officer taking pictures of the mud spot in the yard where I was parking. I can leave my trash can at the curb so I don't have to drag it in and out each week. It really helps in the summer if I have been fishing and clean the fish at home. I sure don't want that smell up by the house. So what if paint is peeling from my house do I look like I have time to get out a ladder and take the time to paint. Heck, I have better things to spend my money on like getthing new tires and aligned from hitting those potholes.

Yes, I know so people even complain about those potholes, but them seem to be slowing people down. I know I don't go over 60 anymore down Raytown Rd. Heck last time I did and hit a pothole I banged my head so hard against the steering wheel.

Who cares if we have signs in the right away very informative. It is nice to know that when I am ready to sell my home that there are people who what this ugly house. Just the other day the doc told me I need to spice things up so I might have to check out single and Raytown. So those signs are very informative. I keep wish I could spot on of those signs that had someone selling a bullet proof vest. Who living in Raytown doesn't need on of those these days.

Speaking of shots fired, just last weekend I thought the kids down the street had started celebrating the forth of July early. Boy, was I wrong when I saw that kid in the hoody run down my street flashing his 9. I thought I was in the middle of filming a law and order epesiode right here in Raytown. Reality hit me and I recall the only show ever about Raytown was Mama's House that did a great job of showing the pride our police officers have in the city.

Anonymous said...

I love higher taxes they are great. I know I feel better knowing people at city hall get a raise while people like me work harder and don't get anything, but higher taxes.

David Bower is so great for his part in raising my taxes.

Anonymous said...

Does the mayor know the city was picking up signs on the right away?

Why can they find the time to do that, but not take off the utility poll. I guess becasue politicians don't post to utility signs and the son from Cuba (David Bower) only attacks those against his views.

Anonymous said...


Wake up and seem the ghetto.

Election signs even those of hate are protected under the 1st admendment.

They therefore can stay up as long as they want to leave them up on private property.

Don't link signs to the issue with the nut from the hills of MO. The issue is the news media cannot decide to run his ads. Again he doesn't own the radio or tv news media he just wants to use it to spit his hate. Also who can define an election cycle we have US Senate races starting a year out and the President now two years out. Actually there is a guy in KCMO who say he is running for the US Senate in 2016 now that is early.

Just think about Rush and his hate. Becasue he works for the station he can spit hate all day. So please don't get one piece mixed with one other.

As for me I would like ot see any sign on the right of way down. This would include alot of signs for re-estate and one of the worst to post on the right aware is that former alderman and person who took our tax dollars to paint is office building. What an example of a crook! I wouldn't use him to sale my home and I wouldn't buy from some one who does.

Anonymous said...

I jsut saw and ambulance and two police cars at a home on Laural between 67th and 69th.

I wonder if we have had an additonal shotting.

Andy Whiteman said...

11:18 AM, What good would 2 associates at a convenience store do if someone has a gun? I used to live near 75th & Troost 13 years ago. Back then there were 2 gas stations. Both gas stations and the Post Office had bullet proof glass. I suggest that be tried in Raytown.

4:54 PM, I think I know who is picking up the signs on the Right of Way and it isn't the city unless someone actually observed the city doing this. I have battled this out at the BOA every election.

Pat, what happened at the meeting on April Fools day?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Don't forget guys. There are a lot of good people in Raytown too.

The ills that face all of Kansas City need to be addressed. The suggestions that codes be enforced more stringently and the police enforce warrants more frequently would be a step in the right directin.

Let's hope our city leadership is listening.

If they stay arrogant and choose to ignore the situation. Throw them out of office.

Andy Whiteman said...

5:28 PM, I agree with you that NO signs should be right of way. One Realtor posted her sign on the corner during the blizzard. When the snow melted, the sign was actually in the street. I called codes and asked them to come pick it up before it caused an accident.

I definately won't list my home with the Realtor you wrote about. The market is so bad not that I don't want to waste time listing my house. I am thinking about actioning it unless someone comes along and makes an offer.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

It is a remote possibility, perhaps the city worker(s) in question had their break time creep up on them, as it happens to a lot of us, and they just happened to see a yard/garage sale, and decided to use their break time looking/shopping. I do not see a problem with that scenario. When break time is over, back to work.... find something else to nit pick that is more worthwhile. BTW, I am not employed by the City!

Anonymous said...

I just got my water bill from Public Water District #2 and it was just chucked full of information that they have been keeping a secret all these years. There REALLY is a Board of Directors and they have names. There will be an election on April 6th for 2 new directors. These 5 people, I am told, are the ones who set our water rates. Why so much secrecy about why these rates are raised so often? Shouldn't they be holding public hearings before a rate increase is approved? A little more openness from this utility would go a long way in restoring the public's trust in this institution.

Anonymous said...

Now let me get this straight. Two sets of city employees had their break time catch up with them at the same time and same place.

I don't think so.

The supervision at Raytown City Hall has always been and continues to be nonexistent.

Andy Whiteman said...

I was at Westlake for the 20% off sale but today is the last day.

They do have some CFLs marked down because those particular types are no longer made. I saw one for $3 which is cheap if you don't mind 20W. Not bright enough for me. I got the 42W.

BTW: As I was entering I heard a complaint about the sales tax rate. The reason stated was the tax rate went up with Walmart. People do watch the tax rate and don't appreciate paying for Walmart.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Do breaks and lunches happen at the same time for different people? It is possible. I have worked in several places and in some we all took our break at the same time. Some places have scheduled breaks/lunches. Others take breaks when authorized by the supervisor or the employee wants a break.

I don't know about here but other cities I have lived in I have seen several Post Office people meeting for lunch or break.

It is quite possible. If someone wants to make an issue, I suggest they call City Hall and check it out.

BTW: I have spoken with a City Official who stated that he/she would prefer that complaints be submitted to the city rather than an anonymous post on "the blog" because an anonymous post has no validity.

There is a section in the Code of Ordinances about the official way to complain about a city employee which will be investigated.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

it is possible that two sets of employees were working together on the same project, ever think about that one?????? wow, some people never cease to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Yes, yes, yes. Raytown City employees are the most dedicated employees in the world. There have never been better ones. They are concientious and concerned about their city. That's why none of the department head live here.

Why there are no code violations in Raytown. Just misunderstandings. And I am sure you can turn in complaints about city employees and get results. Probably not of the high caliber results you get on code complaints. But far superior to any management team and their charges than anywhere else in the world.

I turned on the television and there was the Mayor. He was handingout accomodations for a "job well done" to our out of town department heads."

And then I woke up from the dream and looked out my back window and saw the broken down lawn mowers and other junk so old and rusted it cannot be identified as anything more than junk.

I got in my car, dodged the pot holes on my steet and drove passed the vehicles without licenses that had not been moved in years.
I drove by a garage sale. There was a city truck. It's workers taking a well earned 15 minute break to browse the garage sale items.

I took my complaint about the trash and debris to city hall and spoke to a gentleman who was professional in demeanor, polite and concerned as could be.


Nothing happened

Anonymous said...

BTW I am not a city employee:

So it is okay that city employee's drive around and waste our tax dollars.

Come on David Bower stop protecting your pet.

Even if they are on break the truck and gas are property of the people of Raytown and should never be used for personal pleasure.

If you are okay with this then have the alderman all give back their $50 a month gas alotment.

Starting with two dipping Pat

Wake up Raytown citizens city hall has been cleaning out our pockets for to long.

Anonymous said...


I used to drive down to Westlake, but with the higher tax I have been shopping Smith Brothers.

Thank you for the idea I believe I will start thank Smith Brothers so all other customers can hear that it is great the taxes are not as high as Westlake.

On those times Smith Brothers is closed and I shop Westlake I will make a big stink about the higher taxes and how our mayor sold us out to the big box store.

Anonymous said...


Please tell the lazy Beth Lynn that complaints can be anon that is what the phone line is for or is she indicated that she uses the line to look us up like George Bush.

BTW how does she keep her job.

Mary I would keep an eye on my man if I was you

Anonymous said...

Talking to a police officer from Shawnee KS that I have know for years. We got talking about me living in Raytown and he started laughing. Asked if I had met Beth Lynn and if so was I am pressed. I said that based on a blog in our town and from the increase in code violations not much to be impressed with. He laughed and said same thing about her husband. He said a bunch of the city employee's hoped Raytown would have made them move to our town so they could get him off the fire department.

Makes me beileive doing nothing is all that family is good for.

Anonymous said...

See DAVE in the Raytown Dictonary

Doesn't answer voters expectations

Darn I wish I would looked that up before voting for Bower.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:52AM, Welcome to the hood! Raytown will be a ghetto and get worse until these issues are addressed.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Maybe you all should know what you are talking about in regard to the homicide before you talk about it. The police department can not make someone leave there house if no crime has been committed. If there had been a crime committed the first two times the police were out there, Mr. Jenkins would have been arrested.

If Mrs. Jenkins was that worried, she could have left just as easily and not been in that situation.

Andy Whiteman said...

Anon 9:32AM, Smith Brothers sounds logical for normal people, but I am disabled and they close too early for me. Westlake has a frequent shippers card and advertises sales. I have never seen a sale ad from Smith Bros.

BTW: That big box next to Westlake doesn't stock the same type of merchandise. You don't find brands like Kwikset or anyone to help you.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Where have you been or should I say talking with. Please stop being Lynched.

The papers reported that Mrs. Jenkins husband was the one who said he was high. Last time I checked being high was a crime.

So are you saying in Raytown being high / drunk is okay. That would explain a lot about the number of drivers I have seen in Raytown that are all over their lane. Funny many come from that bar on 63rd street, which is owned by a couple of KCMO police officers.

Maybe MADD needs to ask for an investegation by the state into the number of increase impacted drivers in Raytown that our police are looking the other way.

I am guessing you are part of the Lynching we got last April, but this is one voter who has not been fooled by the pile being shoveled out.

So what are you and your fellow members of blue doing to clean up the image of lazy, look the other way and take care of our side pay Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee going to do to keep our streets safe!

Andy Whiteman said...

10:06 PM Being drunk or high is illegal, but somehow it is also a defense for comitting a crime.

I am disabled because of an individual high on crack cocaine stealing my wife's car. Since I was expected to die, it was investigated as a homicide. After I got out of rehab, the detective told me that the individual had an excuse for his violent actions: "He was high. You have to feel sorry for him." My response was, "He had the option of NOT being high." The individual plea bargained to Grand Theft Auto and the ADW charge was dropped. He was sentenanced to only 10 years and I am permanently disabled!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have just read about the murder of the raytown woman and seen that they are looking for her boyfriend that looks like a crack head. Why can't the police department go after people that have warrents and fellony's so that law abiding cittzen's can remain alive and in our homes till we die of natural causes.