Sunday, April 11, 2010

In This Week's Raytown Report

And the Winners are . . . August Primary to be Crowded Raytown Youth Activities Last Week's Poll Results And the Winners are . . . Undoubtedly most readers are already aware of last Tuesday’s election results. For those that are interested in the minutia of the elections, here are the “official” unofficial returns. An interesting footnote to the school board campaign is that even though Bobbie Saulsberry did win her race by 28 votes, it is important enough to mention that she did lose the Raytown portion of the vote. The lopsided return from the Kansas City precincts within the Raytown School District carried the day for her. Another local news source mistakenly named Nancy Eyerly as a winner in the School Board race. The following results include all absentee and precincts that cross in both Kansas City and Raytown. Winners appear in bold type face. FOR RAYTOWN SCHOOL BOARD Rick Thode 1,397 Bobbie Saulsberry 1,238 Nancy Eyerly 1,211 FOR RAYTOWN WATER DISTRICT #2 DIRECTOR, SUB-DISTRICT No. 5 Jerry L. Briggs 496 J.W. McClanahan 425 FOR RAYTOWN WATER DISTRICT #2 DIRECTOR, SUB-DISTRICT No. 3 Gary Gillihan 517 Mike Carpino 392 August Primary Election to be Crowded The mid-term election season begins with the August Primary on August 3rd when Democrats, Republicans and occasionally a third party candidates face off to be chosen as their political party standard bearer in their particular race. Raytowners can expect to see crowded ballots on both the Republican and Democratic tickets. Since Raytown is located in the geographic center of Jackson County many state and county seats overlap into its borders. Raytown voters will have over 40 candidates to choose from on August 3rd. However, three races in particular are noteworthy because such large portions of Raytown are taken up in the district. The race for Democratic and Republican Committeemen serving the Raytown area (Brooking Township) has each drawn three candidates. Two candidates from each party will win. Voters are allowed to vote for two candidates in this particular race. The candidates are: FOR DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEEMAN – Brooking Township Michael Downing Richard Tush A.K. Khan FOR REPUBLICAN COMMITTEEMAN – Brooking Township William E. (Bill) VanBuskirk Mark Moore Michael Lightfoot The race for the 6th District seat on the Jackson County Legislature is usually a ho-hum affair with few candidates filed. This year there will be a primary election in both the Democratic and Republican parties. The winners will square off against each other in November. FOR COUNTY LEGISLATURE – 6th DISTRICT (Democratic Party) Syed Asif Greg Walters FOR COUNTY LEGISLATURE – 6TH DISTRICT (Republican Party) Bob W. Spence Joseph C. Spallo When State Representative Will Kraus announced he was not running for re-election to the 48th District State Legislative seat it created a world wind of anticipation as to who would step forward from both parties in what is generally considered one of a few “swing” districts in Missouri. Two Democrats and three Republicans have filed for the open seat. FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE – 48TH DISTRICT (Democratic Party) Gavin Fletchall Patrick J. (Pat) Riehle FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE – 48TH DISTRICT (Republican Party) Gary Cross Bob Gough Pam Osgood FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE - 48TH DISTRICT (Constitution Party) Nathan Eaton
In the weeks ahead the Raytown Report will showcase other races in which Raytown voters will have an important voice. Raytown Youth Activities PITCH, HIT AND RUN COMPETITION Pitch, Hit & Run competition to be held at Little Blue Trace April 17 from 1:30-3:30. This competition is sponsored by Major League Baseball and is open to softball for the first time this year. Girls ages 7-14 (as of July 17) can compete for free. Winners move on to sectional competition, ultimately having the chance to compete at the MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim, CA in July. Girls will compete in each of three categories. For each age group, the All-Around Champion, Hitting Champion, Pitching Champion, and Running Champion advance to sectionals. All are welcome!
O'Hara Basketball Players Excel in MO-KAN Game by Brother Richard Geimer Scoring 90 points was not quite enough for the Missouri team to win the All-Star Challenge MO-KAN game on April 10th as the Kansas Stars won by three. Except for the second quarter when the Kansas Stars outdid their opponents 22-19, the two squads matched points quarter by quarter. Of the four Missouri players that reached double figures, Alex Smith from Archbishop O'Hara High School scored 11 points. For the rest of this story and others stories about O'Hara use this link O'Hara High School Raytown South Girls Soccer Wins Second in a Row By Ryan Murdock Playing with a depleted squad, the Raytown South girls soccer team won its second game in a row, defeating O'Hara 2-1 on Monday night. Both goals were courtesy of Ashley Chandler and both goals came in the first half. That 2-0 lead help up until one minute remained in the game and O'Hara was awarded a penalty kick. The Cards ran out the rest of the clock and secured win number 2 on the season. Amy Mack and Emily Peters were credited with assists. The Cards will play again tonight (April 6th) at 6p.m. against Lee's Summit West at home. For more stories about Raytown South High School Activities use this link Raytown South High School Last Week’s Poll Results How would you rate the condition of Raytown's Streets? Excellent . . . 9% Good . . . 9% Fair . . . 31% Poor . . .48%


Pat Casady said...

When is the next election for the board or aldermen?
The next question. Is there anybody out there that can
run for alderman that cares about the people and small
businesses? That cares where our tax dollars go and how
they will be spent?

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat that is laughable! Hopefully Greg Walters will run if the Jackson County Leglislature doesn't take all of his time. It doesn't hurt to ask him.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Surfing the web tonight I came across this quote.

“One thing our office is doing now is offering a full package of economic development services.”

That is from Raytown's Economic Development Director, Tom Cole.

Let's see, what can an "economic development service be"?

How do you say "taxpayer rip-off"?

Every tax they do not pay has to be made up by someone else. That means that the burden of the tax is transferred to the homeowners in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

What on earth does, “One thing our office is doing now is offering a full package of economic development services,” mean when translated into plain English? I have no clue what economic development services are. Sounds like it is copied from RED or one of the other developers the city wasted money on. This statement sounds like a major corporation or government double speak.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Which ballot will I chose in the August election? I doubt I will be here then, but if I am here; it depends on who I want to vote for. One person is running as a Democrat and 2 are running as Republicans. So I am basically undecided and undecided is not given as an option.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing about Mr. Cole's statement is that he and his handlers think that terms like "economic development service" is soooooo clever.

Call it what it is.

A tax give-away to out of town interests ultimately paid for by the residents of the community.

Kind of fits the model our Mayor uses in his government 101 setup at city hall. Take care of non-residents. Let the locals be damned!

Mr. Pidasso said...

It is so wonderful that MO is behind in the times and just doesn't have voters registor by party affliation.

I cannot wait until the same people who wanted non-partision city elections want the same in Jefferson City.

It has worked so well here in Raytown just look at our energtic and will educated self-thinkers.

Example: Sure why not let look at Joe Creamer. He is the brightest one of the bunch and a Raytown South Grad. He has worked very hard to help increase our taxes so we didn't have any days cut at the reycling center. He was the first one to completment the city for the fine snow removal we expiranced on Chrismas day. Yes, non-partission elections have brought out the the best and brightest in Raytown.

Just think what Joe could do in Jefferson City or DC!!!

Pat Casady said...

I agree with anonymous 9:30 and 7:26 and I might add
that so far Raytown's economic development has meant
economic disaster. Raytown has lost over twenty businesses
because decisions made in the name of economic development.
I have not met Mr. Cole as of yet but, since Curt Wenson first
set foot in Raytown talking of development there has been
nobody trustworthy, when it comes to redevelopment. That
includes past City Administrators.
Just think for a moment of all the wasted taxpayer dollars that
have been given away to shady developers without so much
as tablespoon of earth being turned over. Think of all the taxpayer
dollars wasted by buying property at the suggestion of administrators.
Think of all the millions of dollars in tax income given away to big corporations.
Just think of all the improvement this town could do with all the millions and millions
wasted in the past ten to twelve years.
Also just take a look at property values since the words "Economic development"
as come out of City Hall.
I'm not saying I'm against development. I'm saying it should
not cost the taxpayers another dollar.

Anonymous said...

Sofa King,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Randy Battagler. I took the time to look him up on Casenet being all of the talk around town that he still owes people money. It seems that not everyone has taken the time to actually filed a court case against him. However, it should be noted he has many cases and the records don’t have a date to show when he made restitution. So it seems Mr. Battagler owes our state a far amount of money.

Maybe everyone that see him out can ask him when he is going to payback what he owes not only to the people of Raytown that are still waiting, but to all of us taxpayers for what he owes the state.

For those that didn’t see here is what Sofa King posted last Saturday:

Today I was trying to kick back and rest up a little when my wife came home and gave me a copy of the “Raytown Times”.

Raytown has a paper again; I thought to my self. Who in there right mind being this is the internet age would try and start up a hard copy paper. It became so clear, only Randy Battagler would think it is a great time to start a paper.

Then it hit me maybe Randy was going to step up and do the right thing and pay everyone back his prior paper still owes. However, as face as I believed Randy was going to do something right for once I noticed that his paper was free and I decide how would he ever pay back you and me.

I did a quick flip through and said does this man really call this news. I can find this same old stuff a lot quicker on the web, but then who knows what hidden agenda Battagler has. I recall the one sided hate and we saw the fate of hate when his paper folded the bright an sunny day of hope for our town so it did seem. So what is his scheme?

Either way I now have a list of advertiser from within that if they want to do business with him they are not my or anyone in Raytown friends. I see Flynn’s ad and I laugh as it is time for me to cancel you guys. If Flynn’s is able to pass Battagler some cash to keep his pipe dream alive are they to going to also give a break to those who have remained loyal to them (Flynn’s) and helped them (Flynn’s) survive.

If not then great news for me as Joe Creamer didn’t want to support local and make you (Flynn’s) Raytown’s single hauler. So you can have Battagler and I will take on someone outside of Raytown, but someone who believes in sending happiness and joy and not the Battagler hate to which you (Flynn’s) are loyal.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I believe Michael Lightfoot's term is up next April for Ward 5. Does anybody know anyone in that Ward that would make a good candidate? I had heard Rick Thode's name for that position previously, but that has never happened.

Andy Whiteman said...

We the People will speak in the next city election but only if be get off our duffs and get out and vote which is not typical for Raytown and the Royalty seated at 10000 E 59th know that!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I heard the animal control officer. Who is part of the codes was out on one of the dead end streets. They pulled up never got out of the truck and yelled at the homeowner who came out to talk with the postman that their dog followed and wanted on a chain.

The owner tried to explain to the highly intelegent codes officer that if they had noticed the dog slipped out and they were in the process of trying to both catch the postman and get the dog back in the house.

The real issue is the homeowner is one of very few homes on the block without a property codes violation. However, our over skilled and unable to multitask animal control officers could seem to address everything within the same block.

Seems next time the homewoner needs to just tell them to contact their lawyer as maybe the lawyer can explain discrimination to the over educated city employee.

Truth Watch said...

Truth watch seems to be a nice catch prash used by the news media to keep a watchful eye on the political commercials candidates run. However, this only is from the position that is presented within those commercials and not any other area that may help the votes make an educated decision.

In order to bring some dignity and ethics back into the political process we need to look at the individuals and public information that shows the try character of the individual who is seeking office. With that said I would like to provide the following finds for the candidates seeking to be the next State Representative for the 48th District.

The areas reviewed for both real estate and personal property taxes over the past two years as well as any court cases on Casenet.

NOTE: This is not an endorsement, but meant to help my fellow citizen honest and ethical individuals to represent them. Taxes are reflective for property (real estate and personal) where candidate is listed in the title. Court cases are based on an actual match of name and address.


Gavin Fletchall – Taxes paid on time and current; no court cases found.
Patrick J (Pat) Riehle – Property taxes paid in the rears. It should also be noted that all taxes where paid current on 3/12/2010, which was three days before he filed for office. No real estate or court cases.


Gary Gross – Taxes paid on time and current, no court cases found.
Bob Gough – As of (4/13/210) owes $2,317.30 in real estate taxes, which are constantly paid in the rears. Personal property paid on time; no court cases found.
Pam Osgood – Taxes paid on time and current, no court cases found.


Nathan Eaton – Property taxes have been paid late the last two years. Real estate taxes paid on time; no court cases.

Greg Walters said...

Note to the individual who sent the "truth watch" message.

If you substantiate the claims in your post, I will print them.

Until then, the message stays on the back burner.

Jeff said...

Truth Watch,

Thank you for this insightful information.

Why do people who cannot manager their own finances keep thinking that have what it takes to manage public funds?

Those candidates who have not paid their taxes or cannot seem to get in touch with the reality of paying their taxes need to find a way to have their names removed from the ballot.

I hope you provide information like this in the other races.

Well I have always said troubles will catch up with you so live your life honest and you will have nothing to find you when you lest need it to.

I guess these candidates just don’t care what people find out.

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 8:34,
I understand you don't care much for Randy Battagler.
But, tell me why you would stop doing business with
Raytown businesses that advertise in his paper?
They have done nothing to you.
We Raytown business owners have a hard enough time
making it without being shunned for advertising in the only
paper Raytown has to offer.
We can't rely on City Hall for any help. We don't have any traffic
since they shut down the 63rd street bridge. Now we may be facing
another developer that surly will want to remove most of the small businesses
from the old church or "green area."
I'm not standing up for Mr.Battagler, I'm standing up for any business
in Raytown. We need all the support we can get.

Sofa King said...


What has Flyn's done for Raytown!

NOTE: That is not a question, but a simple point they have not done a darn thing to help improve our town.

If local business what our support then they need to support us too.

Don't forget or be fooled Flyn's who as I recall is truely the only local trash service. However, they didn't want Raytown to go to a single hauler becasue they couldn't handle the extra accounts.

Now here is were it get very foggy as just a year or two later they bought the contracts of another hauler, which increased their customer base.

So what is it with FLYNN can they are can they not provide Raytown with the service we all need.

Now don't forget and I am sure Flyn's would like you to. A single hauler would save everyone one a lot of money on trash service.

So I guess Flynn's would prefer to take advantage of us all and not help us save a few dollars.

Sofa King said...


While I think about it what have you done for our city?

This time it is a question!!!

You complain on this blog, but I have spoken with prior city candidates and none have recieved a dime from you.

You complain on the blog, but I have never heard you speak up at a Board of Alderman meeting.

(Thank you, Andy, for giving your time to address the Board of Alderman on a regular base)

You complain on the blog, but have you started any business or homeowners group to address your complaints.

You complain on the blog, but have you taken the time to start a petition to have a city audit.

So again I ask, what have you done for Raytown lately!

Anonymous said...

Truth Watch: I know we all feel taxes are paid "in the rears," but if taxes go unpaid past the deadline they are considered to be "in arrears."

However, I enjoy a good Freudian slip as much as the next guy.

Andy Whiteman said...

I wish more citizens who are concerned about Raytown would speak to the Board of Aldermen. I have the feeling they tend to ignore one person but if several spoke up, it might be different.

Actually I am wondering why I take the time since I am moving. Maybe it is because what this Board does impacts me until I sell my house if I am lucky enough to find a buyer.

This city's looking like a ghetto sure doesn't help home sales. Why would anyone buy here? The streets aren't maintained and the property taxes as well as personal property taxes are outrageous with 69% going to the Dysfunctional School District. Consequently only the rich could afford to buy in Raytown. Why would the rich want to live here? Department Heads don't live in Raytown. Does that say anything?

Andy Whiteman

Over Taxed Tax Payer said...

Maybe Truth Watch has it right...

"In the rears" that is; I sure feel like I am taking in the rear when I am paying my share and others cannot do the same.

I am not sure Mr./Mrs. Truth Watch may have a sense of humor and was playing with words.

Either way I want to thank them for the information. However, would they provide information on where I could review this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I see it is time to attack Pat Casady again! It seems Flynn has been picked out to be be attacked as well.

Why? Pat is a local businessman. Flynn is a local businessman. They pay their taxes on time.

Pat has every right to give his opinion on Raytown. And he does so without personally going after others. Plus, he has the guts to sign his name to his comments.

Unlike his antagonist, who left his name off his rant.

I wonder if the one going after Casady would do the same for another downtown businessman?

Gary Knabe does not pay the city property tax on his property. He owns property that is little more than a mosquito infested swamp in a residential neighborhood and refuses to have it cleaned up.

If you want to take your frustration out on someone, go after Knabe. At least there is really something to be upset about.

Businessmen like Casady and Flynn support our city.

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong about Pat Casady not helping candidates that run for office. He has helped MANY candidates for city office in the past and I'm sure he will help others in the future. I agree, he appears to care more about Raytown than this "slum lord" Gary Knabe. The voters just keep voting these losers in for mayor and aldermen.

Pat Casady said...

To the "Sofa King"
Now you have made it personal.
I have contributed to good candidates in the past.
I donate to REAP and I also donate to the some of the
Chamber's causes.
You need to come out from behind that sofa, because I have spoken at City Council meetings when it came to this city taking away
downtown business owners property.
When I do speak up, some people tell me to shut-up and move my business out of Raytown. When I don't speak up, people like you wonder why.
I can't win but, I will tell you this, at least I sign my name to everything I write!
I don't hide behind a piece of furniture.
I'm also too head strong to care what people think about me. The people that know me know where I stand and how much I really care for this town and fellow business owners.
While we are at it what has the Sofa King done for Raytown?

Daniel Thode said...

Greg, I was hoping you would publish this on your site. It is for a great cause

Dear fellow citizens of Raytown:

I am participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City's most important annual fundraiser, Summer Bowl For Kids' Sake.

This organization matches children from one-parent homes with adult volunteers who meet with their Little Brother or Little Sister every week. The success stories are amazing. I have personally gotten to know a talented 7 year-old boy named Tre. This connection would not have been possible with out BBBS of Kansas City.

I know with the nation's economic struggles, everyone's wallet is a little light, but I feel compelled to ask for any assistance you may be able to spare? Any amount helps, be it as little as $20, $10, or even $5.

* Donate Online Now - You can pay online by visiting my page at the link below


+ Send me an email at and we can make separate arrangements.

Thanks for helping me help Big Brothers Big Sisters!


Daniel Thode

Anonymous said...

Yeah you heard it here first Raytown is getting two new businesses an I Hop and an Aldi's. Overheard it after a few beers from a Crawford. Apparently a developer has purchased one of their lots that are vacant. Good for Raytown

Anonymous said...

Which lot did you say was purchased?

Andy Whiteman said...

I am Glad to hear that Aldi's is coming to Raytown but I doubt they will open before I move. They have a lot of things that cost less than regular stores. If I am still here, it will save me a 3 hour trip to 75th and Wornall.

I am surprised no one is complaing that it will hurt present Raytown merchants nut maybe they haven't had time to read the post.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Three hours? There's better routes to 75th and Wornall than going via Sedalia!

Also there's one up on 23rd St. near Lee's Summit Road.

Sofa King said...


I am glad you are now upset. However, do be mad at me be mad at those who are working against people like you and turn things around.

Be the leader, Be the voice for small business in Raytown.

You and I both know Vicki and the Chamber are not that voice.

We all need you mad and to use your anger to start up a good of business owners who care about the future of Raytown. Business owners that will stand together and address the city as a whole when one of you is the target of city hall.

Yes, I have spoken with small business owners and I have seen this targeting going on, but the only way to win is to unite.

So be mad as you want at me, but take the bull by the horn and lead our city for we need a leader.

Yes, I have my issues with Flynn as I don't believe they really care about Raytown.

However, I do believe your heart is in the right place, but you just need pushed to become the leader we need.

Please think about it and provide the direct we need to keep downtown Raytown alive.

Pat Casady said...

I really don't know who would complain about an Aldi
but, I really don't think Raytown can support anymore
grocery stores.
However, every grocery store has it's followers.
Not knowing which property has been bought it's hard
to say if it will make it or not.
My guess is, the further away from Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee
the better for any new store.
At any rate vacant buildings on 350hwy look bad and, lets face
facts. Raytown is hurting for income, so if they don't give away
everything again, this new store could help Raytown's tax income.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, Aldi's has really low prices! Much lower than regular grocery stores. Rarely do they have brand names. Usually they are unknown brands or marked "made for Aldis." I suspect they are made by the big brands with a different label. I would expect people to complain because the prices can take people from Hy-Vee, Apple Market, and Walmart. I doubt they will impact any business but when I moved to KCMO, my Realtor told me she did all of her shopping at Aldis. Of course there are always people who do their shopping only at a certain store.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

April 16, 2010 12:14 PM, Thanks for the suggestion but I don't go to Lees Summit. I organize my trips to make more than one stop. You may think I only count driving time, but I time the whole trip from leaving to returning because I am overloaded with not enough time to do everything due to my disability. I went to Hy-Vee and Arbys in Raytown tonight and that was more than 1 hour. I rarely go out because even a local trip is time consuming.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The Dodge dealership at 350 and Raytown Rd is te only one big enough to support a grocery store and an I-HOP.

Andy Whiteman said...

There is also the olde Jeep dealership on 350 Hwy. Using either one, they could put both businesses into the same building!

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Sofa King,
I don't get mad,
I will be 62 this month and I'm in the twilight of my
business life. I don't have much fight left in me anymore.
Ten years ago when I tried to form a downtown business
owners association nobody would back me. They believed
everything that came out of City Hall and it doesn't look like
much has changed.
I learned early on that when you talk face to face with people
they will agree with you but, getting them to go with you to City Hall,
well, lets just say it won't happen. Even your strongest backers
will find a reason not to show up. Believe me I did just that.
I stood in front of ten aldermen and the mayor and read a composition
of issues we, downtown businesses and property owners, wanted to
talk to them about. I was the only one that showed up. They voted
5 to talk to us and 5 not to talk to us. Mayor Frank voted the deciding vote. She voted no. But, she said they would talk about in their executive meeting after the city council meeting, that was for TV. The non TV vote was 2 for and 8
against talking to us.
I'm sure they thought that I was the only complainer and they didn't put much into
what I was about.
After that I knew where I stood.
I started out with a fire in my soul but,'s just a flicker.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.