Sunday, April 4, 2010

In This Week's Raytown Report

Tuesday is Election Day Endorsements Hat in the Ring Club Ugly Billboards on 63rd Street Removed High School Activities Last Week's Poll Results
Pitch, Hit & Run competition to be held at Little Blue Trace April 17 from 1:30-3:30. This competition is sponsored by Major League Baseball and is open to softball for the first time this year. Girls ages 7-14 (as of July 17) can compete for free. Winners move on to sectional competition, ultimately having the chance to compete at the MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim, CA in July. Girls will compete in each of three categories. For each age group, the All-Around Champion, Hitting Champion, Pitching Champion, and Running Champion advance to sectionals. All are welcome!
Polls are open until 7:00 p.m.


Rick Thode / Nancy Eyerly


Jerry Briggs / Mike Carpino

Tuesday is Election Day Polls Open at 6:00 a.m. and Close at 7:00 p.m. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some poll locations in Raytown have been moved to accommodate Public Water Supply District No. 2 Election. If you are unsure where to vote this election call the Jackson County Election Board at 325-4600 for directions. ENDORSEMENTS RAYTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION: This year’s choice of candidates is not that great. The incumbent School Board candidates have been part of some of the worst decisions in the School District history. Like Nero playing the fiddle as Rome burned, they have closed down Special Education Programs while building athletic fields with artificial turf at a cost of over $2 million dollars to the taxpayers. They joined with area school districts in a frivolous lawsuit against the Jackson County Assessment office that was a complete waste of money (fyi, the court ruled against them). One incumbent member of the Board, Bobbie Saulsberry, voted to raise property taxes to unprescedented highs and then did not pay them herself until it was exposed by the Raytown Report. None the less, two candidates will be elected to a four year term on Tuesday. FOR DIRECTOR: Raytown School District (vote for two) RICK THODE NANCY EYERLY PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY DISTRICT No. 2 is a public water utility that supplies water to about two-thirds of Raytown. This is the first election for the Water Supply District in over 20 years. During that time the Board of Directors of the utility have been hand-picking who sits on the Board. The result has been a public utility that has higher water rates than a competing private water company (Raytown Water Company) that serves the rest of Raytown. Also disclosed in this election is the fact that District has been, in effect, paying for two Director positions for nearly three years. Former Director Bud Fitzwater has been the recipient of a lucrative consultant contract that has earned him over $100,000. There may be legal reasons for Fitzwater’s role at the District while the current Director, Pat Ertz meets certain licensing requirements for the position he now holds. It is not unusual for businesses to pay for services of outgoing Directors to help east the transition for a new Director. But it is all too clear that the Board was overly generous in what is being paid for the consulting service offered by Fitzwater. All that aside, it is also very clear that the Board of Directors of the Water District has lost its way and purpose as a watchdog for rate payers. Jerry Briggs and Mike Carpino fit that need perfectly. Their two opponents are hand-picked incumbents who have never been elected to the positions they hold. Briggs and Carpino could bring some need fresh air to the governing process of the Water District. FOR DIRECTOR: RAYTOWN WATER SUPPLY DISTRICT NO. 2 JERRY BRIGGS MIKE CARPINO Hat in the Ring Club Last Tuesday, I filed for election to the Jackson County Legislature for the 6th District. The District is made up of large sections of Raytown, Kansas City and Lee’s Summit. There are four candidates filed for the seat (two Democrats and two Republicans). So, this race will have a primary election in August and a general election in November, 2010. Candidates for those seats that will be voted on by Raytown voters are invited to submit a short essay about their campaign which will be published on the Raytown Report at a later date. Ugly Billboard on 63rd Street Removed As part of the 63rd Bridge Improvements the rusted hulk of an ugly billboard had been removed from the intersection of 63rd Street and Raytown Road Trafficway. It was a good decision by the Raytown Board of Aldermen (that was actually made three years ago) when design of the bridge replacement was under consideration. But it was still a good move. Now the Board should follow the action up with a moratorium on the placement of new billboards within the City of Raytown until such time that a city ordinance with some teeth can be written prohibiting such blights on our city. The ordinance could also contain sections prohibiting certain types of advertising on billboards within the city. High School Activities Raytown South – Strong Showing at UCM Mule Relays By Terry Scott of Raytown South High School Boys and girls track had a strong showing at the first meet of the year, the UCM Mule Relays. The team followed up with the Park Hill South Relays on March 26th winning 15 of 30 events. The next best finishers were Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit North with four wins. At Excelsior Springs on March 30th the Girls 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 Relays ran the fastest times in the State this season. Marquise Cushon had the best Triple Jump of 48’5. For more stories about Raytown South High School Activities use this link Raytown South High School Two from O’Hara to Play in All Star Football Game By Brother Richard Geimer Representing the O'Hara High School football team, Third in State in in 2009, two Celtics were selected for the June 17th MO-KAN ALL STAR Game to be played at 7 PM at Shawnee Mission North. On the offensive squad, lineman Ted Dujakovich and wide receiver Aaron Stubblefield will play for Missouri. Two from O’Hara to Play in MO-KAN All Star Basketball Game Seniors Alex Smith and Hailey Houser, who played on the O'Hara girls Third Place Team in State basketball, were selected on the Missouri squad for the MO-KAN ALL-STAR game scheduled for April 4th at the Independence Events Center at 2 PM. Smith was a guard on the Celtics' team and was one of the team's top scorers and especially accurate with three-point shots. Houser averaged over 13 points per game, had over 10 rebounds per game, and had an average of 3.5 blocks per game. She shot 63% from the field and 78% for free throws. For the rest of this story and others stories about O'Hara use this link O'Hara High School Last Week’s Poll Results Should the Raytown Board of Aldermen consider term limits for elected officials in Raytown? Yes . . . 70% No . . . 30%


Andy Whiteman said...

I hope everyone had a Joyous Easter.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday.

Anyone who is disabled or 65 or over with a Federal Adjusted Income of $77,254 or lower can file Form HPC for the above captioned property tax credit. You can get details from the State of MO website or the link on the Jackson County website if you can find it. My CPA had no knowledge of this credit because I am the only client he has who qualifies. I am sure there may be many people who are unaware of this.

Greg, If I am still here August, you will have my vote. Hopefully I won't be here that long unless I wait for the movers' rates to go down because they are higher in the summer.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Another alternative is Weslake on 40 Highway. They are just as close as the one on 350 Highway with fewer traffic lights to contend with. Plus the sales tax is about 2% lower than the ultra-high Walmart tax they have on at Westlake.

Same merchandise too.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:23PM, I thought the idea was to shop Raytown. I make more than one stop every time I leave the house to conserve both gas and my time. Normally if I go to Westlake, I make a stop at Hy-Vee, Walgreens, or Arbys. If I went to the other Westlake, it would require a lot of backtracking as well as more gas and time.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Have Briggs or Carpino ever attended a WD#2 meeting? They campaign on the point of making the meetings public. I believe they already are. But yea, clearly they know whats best for the people of Raytown when it comes to water.

Anonymous said...

I agree about shopping Raytown. But when the city raises sales tax so high that the local merchants are no longer competitive with surrounding areas, what are you supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Water Supply District has been operating in near secrecy for way too long.

That's why I am voting for Briggs and Carpino. They won't sell us out like the current board has.

Here is a question for you back. Why does the Raytown Water Company, a privately held business, have lower rates than a publicly held company?

Don't forget the Raytown Water Company has to pay taxes. The Water Distric does not.

The only difference can be in the managment practices of the two companies.

Pat Casady said...

I don't blame Westlake Hardware for the higher taxes
they were forced to charge. It's not their fault that Raytown
has a bunch in charge that cares nothing about you or me.
They didn't care about us when they gave away millions in
income to the big box store next to Westlake.
This city made a deal with the devil and want us to pay for it.
They didn't care about our concerns for recycling. They
didn't care about us when they used our voted in tax for our
street repairs, for the big box store's parking lot and bus terminal.
In fact they showed they didn't care by raising our taxes after
property values went down. Another direct result from bad decisions
made at City Hall.
I will always shop at Westlake. They fought Wal-Mart and this city
to keep their property. However, you will never, ever, catch me in
Wal-Mart. Being my location is in the downtown area I do shop
Smith Brothers first. If they don't have what I need then it's off to
the Raytown Westlake.
The fact is yes, taxes at Westlake are higher but, driving to Lee's Summit
or Independence to save a few cents on sales tax doesn't make much
sense either. Just please try to stay out of the main reason for higher taxes,
and lower property values, that big box next door!
The best way to show your appreciation for how you feel about the way
this town has been going is to vote out the people that caused it.

B Smith said...

If not for this blog how would I have known about the water district electing its directors.

With that said, I still don't know who my directors are other then a couple who finally came out of the wood work to run. I still have not even met them. I did see their material blowing up and down my street. What did these to do figure out, which way the wind was blowing than drive to that end of the street that should carry there stuff. What we don't need is more trash we have enough of that thanks to our city's policy of look the other way.

Now as for meeting I too would like to attend and being I still have not heard anything about the meetings. How would I or Mr. Briggs or Mr. Carpino know when the water district holds their meetings. Then again when no one knows when the meetings are all the water district has to do is say them held them.

Why with Alderman Ertz as manager not show these meetings on ComCast channel 7? At least then those who could attend could still watch. Just one more sign of the good old boys hard at work.

It seems clear to me the only people that would know about water board meetings are those who are already dirctors, employee's or that over paid unneed consultant.

BTW - Can someone tell me why that over paid unneed consultant didn't clean up his bowling alley before selling it. The items commented on about the bowling alley last week have been their for years. They sure are an eye sore that Fitz's on all of us.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:26 AM, It doesn't make good common sense to me to drive to another city to save on sales tax. There is actually no savings because the gas and my time are worth much more than the alledged savings. Some people are pennywise and pound foolish.

Andy Whiteman

Fixed Income Baptist said...

Why is Bud Fitzwater in the middle of the water board race?

I mean this man no longer lives in Raytown, but he sure has his two cents in everything conected to the water district.

I for one would like to know who is really running the water district. From everything that has come to light it appears to be Fitzwater. This brings up the question as to why they hired Ertz and more so why did Fitzwater retire and move out of town.

Now that questions are being asked he seems to be sweeting he has been locked in a steam room. What has gotten him so fired up? Could it be that the "Bud"dy system is finally come to light and what else have him and his band of friends been hidding.

Those of us who have been around no that "Bud"dy Bud has always only had his best intrest at heart. Bud, Do you care to share the Fitzwater additional license you got pushed through several years ago. Silly me I believe the proper term is Firewater.

Now "Bud"dy Bud who benifited from your Fitzwater additional license?

Now with that said it is no surprise why you are working so hard to keep the truth from the public about things going on with the water district.

Anonymous said...

Why with the number of times I have seen Raytown police at Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart can they not address the issue with people parking in the handacap parking that don't have the handacap parking tag?

I guess the handacap are 2nd hand citizen who are left to be Lynched by policies that don't reflect the will being of everyone.

Shame not only on the police department, but these to businesses for taking advantage of the handacap.

Max said...

It was nice to see several hundred people out in the green space downtown for the Easter Egg Hunt this year Saturday. I hope it can become a annual event.

Some of the things that people bitch about on here could be taken care of really something. So your neighbor grass is long, cut it for them. So trash is in the street, pick it up. Why do you have to go and waste time at City Hall? When people take some ownership in this community then change happens, till then its just complaining and not doing anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I see Bower or one of the highly trained city employees is voting on the blog again.

Who but someone tied to the city would vote that our streets are in excellent shape.

Oh, it could be someone with blood shot eyes from all of the smoke that is allowed in our city. It does tend to clog the eyes and make things not so clear or it could be the Bower way of think everything is great and therefore it will be. Please stop hanging out at those tar bars and / or pinch yourself and wake up.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown school board has two retired teachers on it already. Nancy Eyerly is a substitute teacher in the district. Voting her onto the school board will make three teachers on the board, just one vote short of the majority to do whatever they please in the district. Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house – that’s what we will have. There will be no oversight, no control. The teachers will be running the board, running the superintendent, running the district. Will they be doing what’s right for the students, or what’s right for their co-workers and friends, the teachers?

You can bet on the fact that the teachers in our district supported the levy increase some months back - for obvious reasons - and you can bet that Mrs. Eyerly would have voted for the levy increase just like the retired teachers on the board did, had she been on the board at the time.

The board is supposed to give lay input to what happens is our schools, not just be a vehicle to get the teachers what they want.

I’m sure Mrs. Eyerly is a nice lady, but I can’t vote for her.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the water company gives my water usge to city hall to figure my sewer bill.

Now how do I know that the right amount is being reported.

Think about it Pat Ertz with the water company is also an Alderman so I bet he is helping fund the loss money that the city is facing.

Sounds like a good time for an Audit!

Anonymous said...

Know the truth…...BRIGGS AND CARPINO

Why would these guys want a seat on the Public Water Supply District #2 Board?

Jerry and Mike have never attended a single meeting, not even last month when the budget was adopted for the coming year.

Mike Carpino currently holds 2 committee positions with the City of Raytown, but hasn’t been attending meetings.

This is a volunteer position that does not pay anything.

Jerry and Mike say P.W.S.D. #2 charges higher rates, compare:

PWSD#2 Raytown Water

4000 gallons in 2 months $30.75 $35.48
6000 gallons in 2 months $44.41 $45.36

Average 2 month residential bill for P.W.S.D #2
2006 $66.86 2009 $63.36

The cost of this frivolous election will be paid by the customer of P.W.S.D. #2.

Anonymous said...

You left one out about the Budster. Not only did he get a liquor license when none were available, he somehow managed to get the flooding problem at his bowling alley moved up built by the city ahead of schedule.

Bud Fitzwater, what a guy!!!

Wake Up Raytown said...


I ask you if you want us the citizens to cleanup Raytown are we so over staffed at city hall.

Do you not understand in codes alone we have 5 associates that do nothing? Think about it like this if one the low end 4 are makeing 25,000 a year and the department head makeing 50,000 that is 150,000 per year. Again I sure I am on the low end with guessing pay.

The last time I spoke with my manger I was expected to do the job I was hired to do or go on down the street. So why do you feel you need to defend those low lives that take our tax dollars and do nothing.

Are you one of those do nothings?

BTW - Why should I fork out my money to clean up my street when when we have elected officials that either don't take care of thier property or don't pay their taxes and / or fees. That is right Mr. Sunshine Bobbie is not the only elected official in Raytown who cannot seem to get their bills paid in a timely manor.

The city has ordinances on the books and the lazy good for nothing elected officials need to make sure the codes are enforced or start doing away with them. Once they are off the books and the department disbanded, I and I am sure others will stop complianing, but intill then why don't you see about asking those at city hall why you are paying taxes and not getting service for it.

By the way if Bower gets his way you can kiss the green space and therefore downtown easter egg hunt good bye. Yes, Dave only cares about his pipe dreams and not what the people want. However, that is a full list of its own that I don't have the time to spear educating someone like Bower that thinks every thing is grand in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

4:36 PM I was told that sewer billing downloads the water meter readings from the 2 providers. Every month my sewer bill shows the water usage for the previous month. You can verify it on your sewer bill.

Max, I think an Easter Egg hunt is a good use for the green space but I object when the Chamber brings its weekend of Hell there and tears the place up!

If I don't mow my yard, will you come mow it since that is what you suggest?


Anonymous said...

It is always nice to know we have people like Bud Fitzwater that have served as our alderman and they never put personal intrest and agenda in the way of doing the right thing for those that elected him.

Again...I am guessing he was elected, but based on the "Bud"dy system with the water district maybe he was appointed.

Anonymous said...

Annon 2:11


Come one you would reather have Bobbie and her let me increase your taxes and not pay mine on the board.

Based on what you have said you have not attend a school board meeting or you would know the school board president (Bobbie) lets the school supertentend do what ever he wants.

Last time I check the supertentend works for the board and the board works for us the voters. So if Bobbie is aready letting those with the district call the shots well you can see what 2 million dollars later it does to you and me.

Sorry... Bobbie is the wort on the board that needs her walking papers. The only example she has set for this district is what people shouldn't do. I hope her grandkids grow up to be better people then the example she has given them.

By the way we have had three school teachers on the board before and they all were smart enough to pay their taxes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fitzwater being you are now acting so concerned about Raytown could you find the time to cleanup that dump of a bowling alley.

Be a man and pickup after yourself as you have no right using our town as your personal dump.

People might have property like that in the hills of the ozarks, but we don't need it hurting our property values in Raytown.

It all adds up said...

Before everyone jumps over the three who have voted that city streets are excellent or good we really need to understand what they are using to compare with.

The Greater Metropolatan area as a whole so with that in mind I would say fair.

If only using KCMO or KCK I would then and only then say excellent

If using everyone but KCMO or KCK then we would be Poor...Very Very Poor.

There is a lot of streets that need overlayed. Yes, overlayed not have some seal put on it.

I spoke with city hall sevearl years ago and their was a plan in place to overlay the street on a set rotation and by condition. Yet, to this day no one including then public works direct and now city admininstrator knew the order.

I guess just one more example of clueless check drawers leading our city. To think we have some many on this blog that wonder why our city is in poor shape and the newest ghetto in the metropolitan area.

Wakeup citizens of Raytown Mayor Bower has sold us out to his big box stores.

Anonymous said...

To 10:06 and Andy,

It is not illegal to be high or drunk in your house or even walking down the streets in Raytown. There is no drunk in public or public intoxication law in Raytown. Mr. Jenkins was not driving a car so he was not breaking a law. It is illegal to possess crack but not illegal to be under the influence of it.

And 10:06 those ar big accusations about drun drivers being let go. Unless you have proof you shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about.

Krysta said...

I had an incident happen over the weekend that I thought Raytown residents should be made aware of...

Beware of Where You Park!!

Most stores have signs warning they're not responsible for damages caused by carts left in the parking lot, but according to one local hardware store they aren't responsible for their displays either. A recent trip to the Raytown Ace Hardware turned out to be a much larger expense than I ever would have expected. I was parked directly in front of the building this past Friday during a midmorning thunderstorm. I could hear the winds picking up outside as I shopped and heard the employees watching the weather thru the front doors, but they made no attempts to bring any of their large, rolling displays indoors...that is not until AFTER the strong winds had come thru, and not until AFTER one of their displays smashed into my car. It shattered my rear side window, left a large dent & removed paint on both the door and roof of my vehicle. After filling out their accident report & talking with one of their corporate representatives I got a real glimpse of how this company is run. By the time I left the store they had all but one of the rolling displays inside the store, an action that should have been taken before any damage was caused. $1,442 later & Ace Hardware refuses to take any responsibility, saying their was nothing they could have done differently & it was "an act of God". This is one Raytown business this citizen will no longer be supporting.

Thank you for your time & your commitment to keeping Raytown informed,

Anonymous said...

5:04 Do we need Jackson Co to watch the bars in Raytown

Pat Casady said...

To, It all adds up,
Remember the voters of Raytown passed a special 1/2 cent
sales tax increase just for street overlays. Then we were told
the money went to the Wal-Mart parking lot and it's bus terminal.
It wasn't bad enough our elected officials gave away almost a
third of Raytown's tax income to WM. That's bad enough but,
they gave away our street repairs too. Now there's talk of sealing
our streets. About the only thing that will do with the shape the streets
are in, will be turn them a pretty black, kind of a fake overlay.
But, you are right, it does all add up. It all adds up to our elected
officials not caring about the people of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters,

I believe you are on the edge of breaking a new story.

Might you get the help of one of the local network tv stations.

They have the crews to do ride along with the police as well as watch the drivers leave the bars.

I would keep an eye on the tree on 63rd, but it is not alone.

Also have them find out when was the last time anyone checked ids of the people in these places.

Raytown bars have gotten a whole new group of people stopping in now that we are one of the few cities that let people smoke. Don't think that means under age people too?

The police department pushed the public safty tax, but what have they done with the money and how has it been spent to make us feel safer.

Maybe Pat Casady and Neal Clevenger could put camras on there roofs to catch the activities those within the police departments seem not to want to address or own up to.

Anonymous said...

5:04 Let me get this right - Those at city hall don't read or respond to the blog.

Oh by the way for those that don't know shift change is at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM

So you all are smart enough to do the math about which department 5:04 would be with. The only question is shift as that could be those both coming and going.

I guess Bower was wrong about no one at city hall reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

Krysta, you should check out something called Automobile Insurance. Many of us purchase it. It'll pay for damages if your car is damaged somehow! It's REALLY, REALLY cool.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:19AM, I suggest you go to small claims court.

5:05AM, How can being under the influence be used as an excuse for committing a crime and plea bargained down to GTA? A person has to be responsible for his actions.


Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Thank you for trying to help explain things to 5:05 AM

It is sad like our elected officials that to post on this blog one doesn't first have to take an IQ test.

I wonder if 5:05 will be the first in line to file for the next city election they have the mind set of city hall already so they will fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:00am - why should Krysta pay higher insurance premiums when the Ace Hardware employees were negligent? If they had moved the displays inside, or better yet, safely secured them, she wouldn't have damage. I hope she took pictures of the displays and the damage to her vehicle. She can go to small claims court and force Ace Hardware to reimburse her for the damage.

Jack said...

Anon 8:34 PM

So you believe in the good old boy network great you can move to one of those places that are ruled by the good old boys.

I live in America and we have something here call votiing.

If something is public like the water district or city hall we should vote for those who will run it.

Who but someone with something to hide wouldn't want an election!

It is clear by your own last statement you know the water district has something to hide. It sounds like I need to find out how to get an audit started as the more I hear those from the water district on this blog the more the clear it is we need an audit.

Thank you Mr. Fitzwater for asking me and others to take the steps to get an audit underway. I hope you enjoy the states visit and other public enities in Raytown should expect the same. I understand why not get signatures for all the need audits at once. I bet you will be the joy of the city and school district for getting to many of us fired up. I am sure you will be glad then to stay in the ozarks.

Thanks again Mr. Fitzwater for helping me see the light and what I need to do to help others in our city.

Bob said...

I would like to introduce myself to my fellow blogers.

I am new to Raytown. Moved here to be closer to my family. I used to live in Lawerence where I had a job going around and following up on the individuals with DUIs to make sure they were not drinking while on probation.

Two thoughts based on what I have been ready on this blog.

1 - Why doesn't the police have someone doing what I did for Lawerance? It would make Raytown safer.

2 - Why not also get an ordiance on the books that requires elected officals to be breathalized each day before doing their job. This would translate into the alderman and mayor before any meeting, the judge before any hearing any court case, and the cheif before each day he is representing the department.

Yes, my nickname with all the kids was Breathalizer Bob. I didn't care as long as the street were safer for them

Take care and be proud of your city and elected officials do the right thing by setting the right example.

Andy Whiteman said...

11:00 AM, Why should Krysta's automobile insurance pay the claim if it is not her fault. If she files a claim, she will have a deductible to pay and the claim will raise her insurance rates! I don't file claims for that reason. I still think her best option is small claims court. Her argument would be that the item(s) that hit her car should have been secured. It may help to send a complaint to the company headquarters. Also there is CH 4 problem solvers.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

First off, Krysta should check with Westlake's home office.
If she doesn't get the right answer from them, then it's time to
get a lawyer. She should be out no expense not even her lawyer's
Next, Jack, I don't know where you have been but, Raytown is a
"Good Old Boy" town. Has been for many, many years.
Yes, we have elections but only a fraction
of the people get out to vote so nothing ever changes.
Raytown's Board of Aldermen is the biggest GOB system.
If you are not in their little club or you go against them you are
bullied or an outcast. Heaven forbid you stand up for the people.

I'd like to Welcome Bob. You have some good ideas especially the breathalyzer.
But, sorry to say Raytown needs a dumb-decisionalyzer too. You see we
are plagued with stupid decisions. Any time the one or two aldermen
that actually work for the people's interests speak up they are shot down.
Good ideas and suggestions go against the majority.

This Is America said...

Bud Fitzwater,

You have complained enough about people not attending the water board meeting, but to date I still have not seen anything posted on this blog about when the next meeting is.

You need to be remminded this is a free nation built on the idea of by the people and for the people. If the fathers of our nation wanted to live with someone telling them what to do and when we wouldn't have sent King Gorge and his men a marching.

Being this is the nation of the people you need to share information openly about meetings and elections. If not it is time for you to move to a country were dictators rule. Until then lets run the water district with the openness that we as American's have come to expect.

Anonymous said...

Well Fitzwater now that you can no longer hide your doings from the public will you resign.

You are not needed and being you are complaining all over town about wasted money on an election. Why don't you stop part of the waste and stop talking money from the district for a position that is not needed.

Yes, when one decides to preach they first need to make sure they are not part of the issue.

Oh, on your way out of town you need to take all the trash you left behind at the bowling alley.

Anonymous said...

Not long ago Billy Ray Cryus had a song with the following lyrics:

“All gave some and some gave all. All stood true for the red, white and blue and some had to fall and if you ever think of me think of your liberty”

Thinking of that song and those who paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom and believes that we as American’s value so mush.

How dare you post on this blog or complain to others about the cost for yesterday’s water district race! You are an embarrassment to what it means to serve the public and the public will know it is you Mr. Fitzwater and your appointed friends that are complaining about the cost.

The veterans of this nation didn’t serve so individuals like you and your close network of friends could declare yourselves the self-rulers of the water district. As our troops lead the fall of this same self-centered mentality in Iraq so will your network and control of the water district.

And the all cried out “Let Freedom Ring”!

Anonymous said...

I think Bobbie Saulsberry should know that just because she won the election and I might add not by a landslide, doesn't mean people wouldn't be watching her and how she votes on the school issues.

Anonymous said...

I want to compliment ALL the candidates in yesterday's election, win or lose, for picking up their signs so quickly. THANK YOU for making Raytown a cleaner place to live.

Robbie Tubbs said...

I had an opportunity to eat at Ritters BBQ the other day. I highly recommend this restaurant. The ribs are wonderful. They have several side dishes and I like their BBQ beans. They're at the corner of 67th and Raytown Road.

Robbie Tubbs said...

I agree with Pat and Andy. There is no reason Krysta should have any out-of-pocket expenses when she gets her car fixed.

If she doesn't have an attorney, perhaps Pat or Andy could recommend one here in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

Sorry, I don't know an attorney. They only attorneys I know were City of Raytown attorneys.

I suggest Krysta pick up a copy of today's Raytown Times. There is a story there that includes Westlake Ace Hardware's wind issues. A newspaper account is good evidence to take to court.

I agree with Pat the next complaint should go to Westlake Headquarters.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Judge's Cartoon in the Red Star said that 92% of the votes don't care about the KCMO school district. Obviously the same is true about Raytown. What really annoys me is that the voters don't understand how this impacts their tax bill with 69% of the taxes going to the Dysfunctional School District. How can people afford these outrageous taxes? Only the rich can afford to live and Raytown but why would the rich want to live here? That accounts for the unsold gomes on the market in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Well, I just came by the Gary Knabe lake at 79th and Spring Valley. Filling up with water as usual. I suppose that Mayor Bower will ignore this problem again this summer, like he has for the past 3, because Knabe is one of his political supporters. What a disgusting mess these "good ole boys" are.

Andy Whiteman said...

As for Knabe Lake, why doesn't someone pick up some Mosquito Dunks at Westlake or Smith Bros. to take care of this health hazard? A can of oil would work too, but it isn't good for the environment to pour oil into the ground.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Knabe conduct himself like a responsible businessman and community leader and clean up his own mess?

Pat Casady said...

Speaking of mosquito swamps, the old railroad tracks
behind the old Taco Bell building extending almost down to
59th street always has standing water, trash and who knows
what in them. I have said for ten years this city should make
the railroad clean it up or take it away from them.
But, we all know how our codes department works.
Besides, this city has always been afraid of the railroad.
You would think as close as one of our elected official's
is to the railroad, he could get them to clean up their proper

Anonymous said...

Knabe thinks he is above the law.

Anonymous said...

You guys have it all wrong. In the eyes of the David Bower crowd that smelly, mosquito infested pond owned by Gary Knabe is a beautiful lake. The mosquitos are really humming birds flitting around in the gold sunlight.

Those people who live around are just malcontents who are very negative.

Bower and his crowd know that if they ignore them and the pond that the alleged problem will go away.

Besides that, they have other bigger projects that take up all of their time.

Like handing out more tax breaks to large corporations. Of course they will have to raise everyone else's taxes or, as one of Bowers most loyal lieutenants, Joe Creamer, will tell you, "or we will have to cut services".

But we all know that Joe means he will cut services anyway. Because that's what Ceamer and Bower like to call "professional" government.

Andy Whiteman said...

Is the railroad right of way techinally in Raytown or is it an entity unto itself? From that I have learned since elementary school, it seems the government granted the ROW until perpitutity and it appears no one other than the RR has authority there.

7:45 AM, it sounds like you are describing Dictator O'Bomba's regime. Is anyone at City Hall from Chicago?

Andy Whiteman

Mr Pidasso said...

Why do so many find they need to complain about the efforts our elected officials take to improve our city.

I am sure they all put alot of thought in to every thing they do.

Just think about the effort and time Joe Creamer has taken to address all those nasty rental properties.

Our city looks better already and I just cannot wait until he takes on the home owners.

Thanks Joe for cleaning up our town.

Mr. Pidasso said...

So did I hear correctly that Block & Co are going to receive an award form Mayor Bower for all of the hard work they continue to do in maintain their properties in Raytown.

I couldn’t agree that this one company, Block & Co, has done more then any one single individual to promote the positive property maintenance.

I was overwhelmed with the delightful decor and time it must have taken to bring out the rustic advantage in the Woodson Village Shopping center. In one who misses the nostalgic images of Norman Rockwell needs to take the time to catch the living portal of prosperity during the great depression.

If you are not impress with this form of artwork you are spending too much time at the Nelson.

For those with a rustic taste be sure to capture the corner of Raytown Rd and 350 Highway. It is nice to see a company like Block & Co invest time and energy in providing living art to our community.

Thank you for your beautification efforts.

Mr. Pidasso said...

Anon 7:45,

You are correct the corner of 79th and Spring Valley is a private enhancement too our already great park system in Raytown.

The warm feeling I get when I think of those like Mr. Knabe who take the time to help beautify our city while at the same time offer a safe haven for our child and grandchild to play.

I find sorrow in my heart for those that are so blind to see the inter beauty this hidden treasure brings to our community.

It was refreshing to see the landscaping advertisement of Gary Gillihan for his construction expertise in negotiation with the property owner the lovely landscaping treat we can all lay our eyes upon. I too would be proud to post my advertisement sign had I done such a fine job of lending my expertise to this masterpiece.

Having citizen eagerly willing to volunteer and beautify our town for future generations is what makes living in Raytown great.

Andy Whiteman said...

Joe has already taken on the home owners with the Vacant Property Ordinance requiring abandoned properties to be reported. Charlotte Melson pointed out that a person who abandons a property is not going to report it because they have abandoned it.

Mr. Pidasso, I think We the People have valid complaints against our elected officials for not maintaining the streets. How do you like the streets that have failed? Our elected officials need to assume responsibility or the shouldn't be reelected. We need those who will do a job. That is what We the People who are taxpayers expect.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Hold on!!! Let me regain my composure since that last comment got me to laugh uncontrollably.... You must really be seeing things! Praise for Cramer, get real!!!

KMCCLA said...

The old Chicago Rock Island and Pacific line is owned by ole Uncle Pete (Union Pacific, by way if the SSW, and SP). Since it is an "embargoed" and "out of service" and not abandoned, I too am not sure. I know there has been and always is "disagreement" on certain things, on who owns what, and is responsible for this and that. For instance, Raytown contends that the old Raytown Road Bridge over the tracks belongs to the UP, and they are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. Of course UP says that it is belongs to Raytown. With the old railroad station, the railroad was told to remove it, but in the end I think it was Raytown who did it. I have observed off of Woodson Road, that it is usually kept somewhat up, but in other places it has gone back to nature. I think that it comes down to this, is Raytown can tell UP to do something, but unless they are willing to do it, there is not much they can do. Also, since the railroad predates Raytown (opened in 1905) they might have a case that they are separate and the right of way does not fall under city jurisdiction.

Also, I have little doubt that anything will ever even become of it to begin with. I have read that there are talks with the UP into trying to get them to sell it, but I find that doubtful. As it is they have a win, win, win situation with the old line. They have leased out the line to utilities (telecommunications, and water), and by keeping it they prevent another railroad from buying it and providing competition. They win a third way, is if and when the rest of the line, from Pleasant Hill to Union, MO is ever opened, they only have tracks rights on that line. Now the rest of the line, now owned by Central Midland Railway, and been turned over to the State, and will be an extension to the KATY Trail who knows what will happen. I still find it doubtful that they will ever sell, but perhaps if they can be persuaded to rail banking it, and that would settle a lot of the problems. But then again since the line is under lease...who knows. One thing to keep in mind the UP is the largest and oldest Class One Railroad in the United States, they are a 10,000 ton gorilla, and does what it wants.

Anonymous said...

12 simple questions...

Yes, Lynch 12 simple questions and we could have had one less murder.

We need a cheif who cares!!!

At least KCMO asks the 12 simple questions...

Anonymous said...

I think the Creamer comment was tongue in cheek.

After all, where has the city enforced ANY code violators, absentee owned or not.

Bower and Creamer are one and the same. They think by saying something it actually makes it reality.

Andy Whiteman said...

Originally I saw only Mr. Pidasso first post, but after reading all, I, too, think he is speaking with tongue in cheek. Too bad the rest of us can't see anything positive in the
mis-doings of our Fascist leaders.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Joe Creamer doesn't have a brain and if he does he is sitting on it

Mr. Pidasso said...

While trying to remember to think everyone for doing their part to help beautify Raytown, I don’t want to forget our public works for the outstanding paint job on their building down by the old Railroad Bridge.

The spotted decor makes me think of the family homestead and our old cow Betsy. She was full of spots and had one of those I am right personalities. You always had to keep a watchful eye when around her, as you never knew what you might step in.

Now that sure sounds like attending one of fine and productive Board of Alderman meetings. The mayor is always good about leave some sort of mess for us to step around. As personalities go it is almost like him and Betsy are one in the same. You know some religions believe we will be reincarnated as animals. The way our mayor dumps it out I is sure he will come back as a bull.

Sofa King said...

Today I was trying to kick back and rest up a little when my wife came home and gave me a copy of the “Raytown Times”.

Raytown has a paper again; I thought to my self. Who in there right mind being this is the internet age would try and start up a hard copy paper. It became so clear, only Randy Battagler would think it is a great time to start a paper.

Then it hit me maybe Randy was going to step up and do the right thing and pay everyone back his prior paper still owes. However, as face as I believed Randy was going to do something right for once I noticed that his paper was free and I decide how would he ever pay back you and me.

I did a quick flip through and said does this man really call this news. I can find this same old stuff a lot quicker on the web, but then who knows what hidden agenda Battagler has. I recall the one sided hate and we saw the fate of hate when his paper folded the bright an sunny day of hope for our town so it did seem. So what is his scheme?

Either way I now have a list of advertiser from within that if they want to do business with him they are not my or anyone in Raytown friends. I see Flynn’s ad and I laugh as it is time for me to cancel you guys. If Flynn’s is able to pass Battagler some cash to keep his pipe dream alive are they to going to also give a break to those who have remained loyal to them (Flynn’s) and helped them (Flynn’s) survive.

If not then great news for me as Joe Creamer didn’t want to support local and make you (Flynn’s) Raytown’s single hauler. So you can have Battagler and I will take on someone outside of Raytown, but someone who believes in sending happiness and joy and not the Battagler hate to which you (Flynn’s) are loyal.

Anonymous said...

I always knew the NRA had issues, but I understand they are trying to get Matt Blunt elected to their board of directors.

Maybe this is the beginning of the end for the NRA.

We sure know Matt ended a lot of good things for MO.

Anonymous said...

Board of Alderman - Wakeup

79.240. The mayor may, with the consent of a majority of all the members elected to the board of aldermen, remove from office, for cause shown, any elective officer of the city, such officer being first given opportunity, together with his witnesses, to be heard before the board of aldermen sitting as a board of impeachment. Any elective officer, including the mayor, may in like manner, for cause shown, be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of all members elected to the board of aldermen, independently of the mayor's approval or recommendation. The mayor may, with the consent of a majority of all the members elected to the board of aldermen, remove from office any appointive officer of the city at will, and any such appointive officer may be so removed by a two-thirds vote of all the members elected to the board of aldermen, independently of the mayor's approval or recommendation. The board of aldermen may pass ordinances regulating the manner of impeachments and removals.

Andy Whiteman said...

I have spoken with Joe on occasion. There is nothing wrong with his brain. I and others may not agree with him, but that is no reason to attack his sanity. I didn't agree with the vacant property ordinance and other comments he has voiced, but that is not reason to challenge is sanity. I can simply not agree rather than attacking Joe personally.

I was glad to see Randy Battagler put out the paper. Raytown definitely needs a real paper. I am old fashioned and prefer paper media. I thought it was the publisher who bought the paper from Randy who didn't refund his subscribers and advertisers. Maybe I missed something.

How can Flynn's be a single hauler? It was my understanding that they didn't have enough equipment or personnel to handle the whole city. Besides that, they probably handle other areas as well.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The point is that Joe Creamer adn his buddies on the City Council do not enforce ANY property code violatoins. The suggestion that any of them are offering anything this community is simply not true.

From the Mayor down they ignore the problems that are rotting our city from the inside. They show no concern for enforcing the simplest code ordinances.

They are a sorry bunch to say the least.

Anonymous said...


It seems Randy too has failed yo pay many people including Lee Gray.

I understand there are some others in Lee Summit from some other venture he came up with.

The simple answer is Randy needs to grow up and pay people back before anyone get to joyful about what great things he is doing.

Anonymous said...
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Andy Whiteman said...

9:26PM, Which board member or the Mayor would be removed? and for what reason?

Do you really think the necessary vote could be obtained?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

So a wise board of alderman could vot to remove the mayor.

This is the best news I have heard since David Bower took office.

The catch is just cause and based on the lack of code enforcement and his out breaks at board meetings he has given them cause.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:35AM, Thanks for the info. I don't do a credit check on new (or pre-existing) businessmen but I do expect EVERYONE to pay his/her debts.

5:33PM, There may be cause, but do you seriously think the necessary percentage of a vote would take place? Remember we have a puppet BOA. Knowing the board members I would project 1 and possibly 2 votes to remove. I doubt it would ever make the agenda.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

There is no way to remove the bad elected officials we have.
They belong to a "Good Old Boys" club. It consists of the majority
of elected officials. If the one or two good elected officials were to try to remove any of the bad, it would surly backfire and they would be cast out.
The best way to get rid of the worthless elected officials is to