Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hedges Street Painted! by Greg Walters

Thanks to the timely intervention of two Raytown Aldermen, Hedges Street has had messages painted on it reminding motorists of the speed limit and that the neighborhood has many children playing in the area.

Kudos to Ward 4 Aldermen Pat Ertz and Bill VanBuskirk for stepping up and taking care of business. We know the parents along that busy roadway appreciate your efforts.

City Council to Hold Open Budget Hearings

The Raytown City Council will conduct two consecutive days of budget hearings on Wednesday, September 22nd and on Thursday, September 23rd. The hearings will be held at Raytown City Hall located at 10000 East 59th Street. The meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m.

Budget hearings are the Public’s business and are open to anyone who wishes to attend the meetings.

Extraordinary Pantene Commercial

Normally I do not post commercials on this page, but this one was done so well I thought you would enjoy it.

Use this link

Creamer Brings Rental Property Discussion

Ward 1 Alderman Joe Creamer recently published a letter announcing his intent to bring legislation to regulate rental housing in Raytown. For those that are keeping track, this is the third consecutive year in which Creamer has proposed such legislation. Earlier attempts began in the same manner – and then – nothing happened.

According to Creamer, 25% of the housing stock in Raytown is rental. To our knowledge the statistic has never been qualified. And no, using estimates from real estate agents is not a good way to qualify the figure.

But what we find disturbing is that while Creamer decries the state of housing in the Raytown rental market. But he also recently voted to expand the area in which rental units could be built.

In other words, he is talking the talk. But he is not walking the walk.

Recently the Raytown Board of Aldermen rezoned a large tract of land on 63rd Street (just east of Blue Ridge Elementary School) from single family residential to multi-family residential. Alderman Creamer was right in there with his seatmates creating more apartment zoning for Raytown!

Is that what the Alderman wants? His letter suggests that property values decline when rental property is in the neighborhood. We would agree.

So why did he recently vote to create rental property zoning (on 63rd Street, just east of Blue Ridge Elementary) in the middle of a single family residential area?

That is a question only Creamer can answer if he wants his statements to have any credibility.

Running Up Quite the Bill by Jenn Walters

Now that I’m a couple of weeks into my marathon training, I’ve begun to notice a few things: 6 miles is now a “short run” to me, the days are getting insanely shorter (my 6:30 a.m. runs are no longer in the daylight—sad face) and my neighborhood is much, much more hilly than I ever realized.

Oh, and I’m broke. Broke. Broke. Broke.

I know that running shoes are pricey. Heck, I bought two pairs for my half marathon. But I got them online and on sale. They fit, mostly. I rotated the two pairs for my thrice weekly runs and by the end of training had big calluses on both of my big toes, a toenail that feel off and MASSIVE blisters on the outer sides of both of my heels. Ew, I know. But it was all worth it because I ran 13.1 miles!

But now a 13.1-mile run is just a training run, and not even a long one at that. After all, I’ll be running double that come January 10. (I know that the difference of mileage between a half marathon and a full marathon is very simple, straightforward math, but some days my brain has a hard time comprehending the idea of running 26.2 miles at one time.) And there is no freakin’ way that my feet can endure another pair or two of shoes that fit me “okay.” I need perfect shoes with a perfect fit and a perfect support and a perfect cushion. I need absolute perfection.

Turns out perfection will run you $146.19 a pair with tax. Multiply that times two and you can see why my husband is now requesting that we remove the 60s neon daisy bedroom wallpaper ourselves instead of paying someone else to do the hellacious task. I haven’t told him about the $10 pouch to hold my Nike+ sensor (I got one pair of Nikes and one pair of Mizunos, so I needed the pouch for the non-Nike shoe), the $100+ entry fees to the Disney race or the $35 fuel belt that I’m planning to buy. Soon I’ll also have airfare to Orlando and hotel reservations, too. I guess the jig will be up now though if he’s reading, eh? Sorry, honey. Love you.

But unlike the dress at Target that I couldn’t resist or the bracelet at Forever 21 that just jumped in the cart, these are worthwhile purchases. Purchases that will give back and make my training more about training and less about being uncomfortable. Sure, I could have gotten cheaper shoes that were on sale, but I went to arunning store, had a professional fit me and didn’t settle for anything but perfection. (I highly, highly recommend going to a running-specialty store if you can.)

And because I am prone to blistering (you should have seen my feet in high school from tennis…), I got two pairs to rotate. It was seriously one of the first times that I could care less about what my footwear looked like—although I lucked out that they are pretty cute and funky. When I started trying on shoe after shoe (literally like 20 pairs) and rejecting them on feeling instead of cuteness, my husband said, “Now I know that you’re really a runner.”

Now that’s a compliment worth running up a bill for.

For more of Jenn’s musings go to Fit Bottomed Girls

Raytown South Soccer gets big win over William Chrisman

By Ryan Murdock

The Raytown South men's soccer team defeated William Chrisman on Thursday night 1-0 in the their conference opener. It was a huge victory for the Cardinals as they finally were rewarded for their hardwork.

After dominating the game for the first 30 minutes, the Cardinals finally got on the scoreboard when Kyle Turley put home a left-footed shot from about 20 yards in the 32nd minute.

For the rest of this story go to Raytown South High School

O’Hara 14 / Smith Cotton 31

The O'Hara Celtics football team led Smith-Cotton until 1:10 left in the first half, but couldn't regain the lead the rest of the game as the Sedalia Tigers went on to win 31-14.

With their first possession, the Celtics went up by a touchdown and extra point. Raphael Spencer broke through the Tiger defense for a 56 yard TD and Julian Gidley tagged on the extra point.

It took the Tigers ten plays, but they knotted the score on a 12 yard run by Raymon Arias and an extra point by Dominque Smith.

For the rest of this story go to O'Hara High School


Andy Whiteman said...

Isn't 6AM too early for a public hearing? A really long day to 9PM. I assume it to be a typo.

I think the number of rental units could be determined by checking the county tax records looking for owners who don't reside at the address. I keep getting mailings about my owning rental property because my mailing address is a PO Box and the assumption is I don't live on the property.

I was unaware of rental units being build east of Blue Ridge Elementary. My understanding is these are townhomes and the developer intends to sell them, not rent. Of course, it is unknown what the buyer(s) if their are buyers will do with the units. Also if the units don't sell, the developer will be stuck with them and will probably have to rent them.

Beth Linn is scheduled to speak on rental property at the BOA Tuesday night. Raytown already has a large amount of VACANT property. It is my opinion if the city regulates rental property, there will be even more vacant property. Since I am moving my house will be vacant. If I rented it out, it would become a business and a real nuisance trying to manage it from a distance. Rental rates I have seen advertised are too low to make it worthwhile. To top it off, if rental involves city permits, inspection, etc. renting a house is not worth it. I think people will leave their homes vacant rather than deal with the nuisance from the city to rent it out.

I wonder if painting a warning on the street creates a false sense of security? No one looks at the street. It is not visible especially at night or inclement weather. Why not post very large signs on both sides of the street maybe with yellow flashers to get attention?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say to Alderman Creamer. Why in the hell would you want to put more ordiances on the books when you can't or won't enforce what you already have? And to have Beth Linn do all this work when she has more important things to do like ENFORCE CODES!!!!! COME ON jOE AND DIG YOUR HEAD OUT. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT PROPERTY START WITH YOUR BUDDY SHANE AND HELP TO CLEAN UP HIS PROPERTY !!!! Take care of the problems at hand.

Pat Casady said...

On this weeks poll you ask "Where would you like
the city to spend more money in this years budget?"
"Police, Economic development or Street maintenance.
Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't we fall for the
"Street overlay and Safety tax increases? (more police and equipment)
We shouldn't be asking where would we like to the city to spend more money.
We should be asking when will they spend the money
Raytown citizens already voted for.
If the city can vote to give Wal-Mart over $5,000,000.00 and
Aldi's developer almost a million, they can certainly give the
people what they have already voted for and have not received.
I was told that the reason our streets haven't been repaired as promised was because of the previous administration borrowed the money
before it was collected. (the first street repair tax voted in several years ago)
So, this current Street overlay tax went to pay off that loan.
Then we here it went to Wal-Marts parking lot.
This is something we weren't told about when the vote was taken.
Now we read about over six million going to pay other than citizen services.
This money going to big corporations, Wal-Mart and Aldi,
that really don't need the money and are getting millions in tax breaks.
If I could vote here, I would never trust City Hall with another dime!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mr. Ertz and Mr. Van Buskirk, for working on Hedges but now they need to go one block east on 81st terr and Appleton. Someone has paiinted a very inappropriate sign in the street with a word that small childern don't need to know. I do not know if it's a gang sign or what but it needs to go now.

Also they need to do something about the people who run all 3 stop signs on Hedges. There is a black SUV that love to run them and an older model either White Grand Am or Firebird with the drivers side mirror dangling off the side the never stops at the sign at 80th and Hedges sign and he always turns west on 80th street. Since we hardly ever see a police car in this neighborhood mabey Ertz and Van Buskirk can kick the police in the backside and get them do do something about these things too.

Greg Walters said...


I have corrected the typo.

Anonymous said...

Joe we all know who the biggest slum land lord is in Raytown, none other than Gary Knabe. Why do we need an ordiance just write Mr. Knabe a letter and watch him go into action and do nothing about his deplorable properties. This ordiance is a waste of the aldermans time to even debate it. I say trash it. And lets get down to business and make Beth Linn enforce codes. Oh I forgot she has the protecting hand of the mayor over her, and she only does what she feels like doing.

Andy Whiteman said...

I suggest clicking on the Chain of Hope banner on the left side of the page. There are many homeless pets who need homes. All of my dogs have been from shelters or people who could no longer keep them. I don't buy from puppy mills and would prefer to adopt an adult with some basic training rather than go through the puppy stage.

2:26PM, Do the stop sign runners on Hedges set a pattern? (IE. the approximate same time every day, either everyday or on certain days of the week) If so, the answer should be simple. I suggest calling the non-emergency number at RPD and ask for a traffic Sgt. State the approximate time of these violations and request that an officer be assigned around those times to hopefully ticket the violators.

I am assuming since you notice the same vehicles, they must have some pattern.

Greg thanks for correcting the typo.

Pat, you are more trusting than I. I wouldn't trust the city with a penny. If you wanted to upgrade your business, could you get $10M from the city or do you have to prove you don't need the grant to get money. It seems as if businesses who should have their own funding get city $$$$$$. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Here's the difference between me and the big businesses.
I am here to serve the community and the people that need
my services and pay my fair share of taxes.
The big businesses that this city has backed
with taxpayer money is out to get every break and every
dime they can. They don't care if this town makes a cent from
them as long as they make a profit. They don't care about
all the crime they bring to this town. Taking our police away
from the cities business. (there have been over 300 police
calls at W-M this year.) I am ashamed of our elected officials
that think they are helping Raytown by giving away tax income
to these big multi-billion dollar a year companies. Tax income
that could be working for the people on streets, codes, the
downtown area and safety for our neighborhoods.
I am ashamed that when a couple of our elected officials question
or show any kind of reverence for the people of this town, they are
shot down or when a citizen stands up and asks a question or is
in the middle of making a statement they are cut short.
Everybody that lives here, owns property or a business in
Raytown should be upset at the way this towns leaders are doing things.
The people of Raytown should come first. After all it's their money
and these people are supposed to be representing them.

Anonymous said...

Would someone with an ounce of common sense tell me how the city can justify going into someone house for an inspection but won't go in a back yard if it has a privacy fence? Jim Aziere talked about health and welfare of the citizens, well tall grass, junk ect can be just as hazardous to ones health as it breeds rats and other wildlife. Please use your head on this matter. It looked to me like Lighfoot, Mock, Van Buskirk,Pardue and Melson are the only ones thinking clear on this matter.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone forwards these remarks to the Mayor and Alderman.

The question about entering someone's house but not being allowed to enter their backyard deserves an answer.

Andy Whiteman said...

BEWARE:The Rental Ordinance may not apply to only rentals. One alderman suggested applying it to owner occupied homes as well. Homeowners need to pay attention to this as well!

9:00AM, Have you thought of following your own suggestion? Why depend on someone else to do something?

Pat, I understand how you do business and your ethics. I think it is discrinination that large corporations who should pay their own way fleece the taxpayers to build a business. We are getting into this in the city I am moving to has about 3 times the population of Raytown and ONLY 2 grocery stores one being Walmart. A 3rd grocery was talking about opening buy may pull out unless they receive taxpayer's money. Ridiculous!

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

For those who thought BlockBuster left Raytown due to city government, this headline states the real reason:

Blockbuster expected to file Chapter 11

Anonymous said...


Isn't it amazing someone at city Hall really does read this blog even if they say they don't. The street at at Appleton and 81st terr. with the spray painting and word no small child should know was gone the next day it showed up on this blog.

As for the stop sign runners I still can't say I've seen the police anywhere around here.

Thanks Greg for giving us a way to vent our frustrations. If you call city they are brushed under the rug.

Pat Casady said...

I didn't see what the board was looking at as to
entering a house but, I can tell you this.
All the rules this city passes don't mean anything if
they go against the constitution. There has to be a real
reason for the city to break into or go into a persons property.
Even then, they need a search warrant. If this hasn't been discussed then Raytown needs a new lawyer.
This should tell the people that we need new people at City Hall.
It is apparent that some of these elected people have gotten
a little full of themselves.

Andy Whiteman said...

I have spoken with 2 Alderman who stated they DO read this blog because they WANT to know what the poeple think. Obviously these 2 really care and take their jobs seriously.

Anonymous said...

How much more money can you throw to the police. The officers on the street do a good job, they just have far to many taking up space in the basement of city hall.
It would only make sense for economic development. This would bring in more tax money which could then be used for streets, police, parks, ect.

To me the Aldi and Walmart deals are completely different. If you want to shop at Aldi you will pay an extra tax above the current tax. The city is not out any tax money like they are with Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Police Chief is still depending on his cronies like Barb, Marilyn, and Sue Frank. He always need some shoulder to cry on. What a Joke this guy is. Until there is drastic change within the police department nothing will improve in terms of crime reduction and improving image of this city.

Economic Development is a key for the survival of this town. More spending on police with no result would ultimately bring this town down.

I am pleased with the economic development and the progress has been made in short time.

Top heavy police department is unaffordable. I am all for street level cops and they are good people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters,
Your sources at Raytown City Hall should confirm that Sutherland Lumber Co. has bought the old WalMart building in Raytown with plans to open a store there by Spring.

Andy Whiteman said...

If Sutherland comes to Raytown, what will happen to Smith Brothers? They close too early to be competitive. I was in there once when I first moved to Raytown. Never been back because they close too early for me. I do my shopping after dinner (7PM). I am not a day person.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that anything will happen to Smith Brothers Hardware. Westlake's prices are so darned high on Chinese made bolts that most people will still patronize Smith Brothers.

Sutherlands closes usually at 7 or 7:30 pm every night, at least that is what it looks like when their gates are locked up and lights are off.

It would be a plus if Sutherlands were to put a location here in Raytown, however, why they would put one here when the Independence store is so close in proximity to Raytown unless it is because of the business that they are losing to Lowes at the old Blue Ridge Mall location?

I know that about 6 months after I moved back to Raytown that Payless Cashways closed up, and I have been mad about that ever since. I finally was close enough to a Building Materials center/lumber yard that I didn't have to travel a country mile to get there. I know Sutherlands has always been there but they always closed up early, so if you were short on something you would have to wait until the next day to get it.
Lowes and Home Depot are nice because they are open a bit later than every other place, but again, you have to drive a country mile to get to one, and take a picnic lunch with you because you might as well plan to be gone most of your day traveling to get there. Then get home and unload your materials before the rain hits. Then rest for a day after the long road trip. Then start the project on day three, oh wait a minute, I have to go back to work. and we are working overtime so I can't start it now. It has to wait till the following weekend now. UGGH!

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 10:30,
Barb, Marilyn and Sue haven't been on or around
City Hall for a couple of years.
However, would I like to see speeding, crime and so on
given more attention? Yes I would.
Economic development is the key to make this town
come alive again but, I'm afraid our friends at City Hall
have hurt any major growth in that area.
With the big box on 350 hwy I don't see any small
business trying to come in and compete with them.
Remember we were promised that with W-M would come
many more businesses along 350 hwy. Where are they?
The developer said he had seven new businesses slated
to move in right across the street from W-M just as soon as
he built the site. Where are they?
Raytown has lost more than thirty small businesses since
ground broke to build the big beast.
It seems like the only big ideas this town can come up with
are grocery stores! We have enough grocery stores. We will
have a quota of one grocery store for every one and a half
square miles of town.
That's not economic development, that's poor planning.
One or more will go out of business and then we will have
even more vacant buildings.
I wish I had an answer but, for now the crime rate is at an all
time high for this town so maybe we need to spend more on police.
If and only if the money would actually go toward the police.
Remember the last three tax increases haven't gone where we
were promised they would go.

Andy Whiteman said...

Did Payless Cashways leave Raytown or did they go out of business? I remember many years ago when I lived in other cities, they closed those stores too.

Unfortunately many businesses are downsizing or going out of business and it has nothing to do with Raytown.

In this down economy (which I consider a depression not a recession) it is difficult to understand any business opening a new location. But I am glad they do and choose Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind came up with "slurring" some on the side streets in Raytown? I went on 72nd street next to O'Reilly's and thought I was back in the country! The neighbors are going to love the dust that flies up when you go over it and the loose gravel that will be hard to stop on (which you will slide) and speaking of the loose gravel, finding its way down to the sewers to plug them up (country roads don't have storm sewer on the sides of their roads).

Then comes winter when the snow plows will peel it up! They just kind of applied the slurry here and there, what a mess!

This shows we have NO leaders, department heads that don't have clue what they are doing. If we didn't give away all our money to Walmart and every Big Box store, we would have money to "pave the street right".


Andy Whiteman said...

Is the Walmart parking lot considered a street? Looks like a good job there with our tax money!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Why don't you print the truth about the crime in Raytown.

We all know there are great issues. We all know that it is very unsafe South of 83rd.

The power to change this issue is through the press but at the same time the power of the press can also be the party who adds to the unsafe conditions by it's own failure to act.