Sunday, October 24, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story . . .
The eye believes what it wants to see.
The picture on the left is of the Washington Monument was taken from about three city blocks away. The sculpture that appears to be tied around the monument is located in front of the Smithsonian Institute. The color enhanced version of the same photo (below) shows the monument and sculpture more accurately.
Below is a photo of the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. Note the precision of steps being taken by the two soldiers on the left and center.
The remains of three Unknown Soldiers are buried at Arlington. One each representing World War I, World War II and the Korean War.
The tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the Vietnam War is unoccupied. The remains that once rested there have been identified by modern forensic scientific methods. At the request of the soldiers family, his remains were returned to his home town in Missouri.
This week’s poll question . . .

The race for the Missouri State Representative District 48 seat is an interesting one.

The seat was vacated by State Representative Will Kraus when he decided to move to the Eighth Senatorial District to enter a three way Republican Primary for the seat held by Senator Matt Bartle. Bartle was termed out, leaving the seat open. Kraus won the primary but still faces opposition in the general election from Libertarian candidate Kevin Robert Parr.

The 48th District race has had its share of controversy. Three candidates remain in this race. Originally there were six. Gary Cross won the Republican Primary Election in a lopsided victory.

Gavin Fletchall, was the only Democrat on the ballot in the Primary, but was originally challenged by former Raytown Alderman Pat Riehle.

Riehle was removed from the ballot by the Missouri Ethics Commission for failure to file election forms in a timely manner. Riehle claimed that the Election Commission had mailed the forms to Raytown City Hall instead of his home address. He brought a lawsuit to remain on the ballot but the Courts ruled against him.

Constitution Party candidate Nathan Eaton was unopposed for his party's nomination.

The 48th District is considered a “swing district”. That means that neither party really controls the district and that the outcome is far from a “done deal” in any election.

Geographically speaking, the 48th is divided in thirds by Kansas City, Raytown and Lee’s Summit.

Remember, only one vote per person!

Sweet Revenge, Mixed Messages and Soda Costs

by Jenn Walters

Sweets may enrage later in life, some fat confuses the brain into eating more, and the soda tax debated.

Not Kids’ Play

So here’s an interesting one: A recent study shows that kiddos who are given and indulge in more treats as youngsters have a higher risk of becoming violent as adults. Yeowsers. (Sometimes I wonder where researchers even come up with random stuff to research.) The study controlled for both environment and lifestyle, including family income, parenting style and education, and still, those who had more sweets were more likely to be violent. Researchers guess that parents may give their children sweets to stop them from being upset or angry, which later makes them more likely to need instant gratification and have less patience. This subject definitely needs more research, but dang…that even makes me want to stay away from the candy jar!

We say it time and time again: All good things in moderation!

No Treats, Just Tricks

We all know that fatty foods aren’t great for us in excess, but researchers now believe that some types of fat may actually send signals to your brain to go ahead and eat more, even though your stomach has plenty of food. A saturated fatty acid called palmitic acid—found in butter, cheese, milk and beef—is particularly sneaky about doing this. Here’s some good news though: Oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid in olive and grapeseed oils wasn’t found to do this! I bet you can guess what I’ll be drizzling on my salad tonight…and what I’ll be avoiding as dessert!

Focus on the good fats!

Political Pop

Some politicans, health experts and researchers are urging the government to pass a 1 cent tax per ounce on all sugary drinks and sodas (about a 15 to 20 percent price hike on a 20-ounce soft drink). The moolah could help fund health care reform or health programs, proponents say, and lead to a minimum reduction of about 20 calories a day per person from soda. As you might expect, the beverage industry is against the tax.

Tax or no tax, we avoid the stuff!

We didn’t intentionally mean to pick three FitBits about sweets; It just happened that way! Turns out sweets aren’t so sweet after all.

To read more of Jenn’s musings go to Fit Bottomed Girls

High School Sports . . .

To catch up on O'Hara Sports use this link O'Hara High School

To catch up on Raytown South Sports use this link Raytown South High School

Last Week’s Poll Results

Do you plan to vote for Proposition A (earnings tax vote)?

Yes 67%

No. 31%

Undecided 2%

Do you plan to vote for Proposition B (puppy mill question)?

Yes 56%

No 38%

Undecided 6%

Do you plan to vote for Amendment 3 (bans taxes on sale of homes)

Yes 77%

No 19%

Undecided 4%


Andy Whiteman said...

There are so many offices on the ballot that most people don't know who these people are. That is also true with me but I know what is important to me or I know the person running for an office.

I was talking with a neighbor tonight who said she had no clue who to vote for except to vote for Democrats. I stated that I vote for the person based what they have done or what I think they will do, not the party. I started to discuss issues. She handed me a stack of fliers and asked who I would vote for without discussing issues. I would have felt more comfortable discussing why I would vote for that person or issue.

Actually the ballot is so long people have no clue on many offices or issues. Federal state and local elections should be separate an not together even thought it is cheaper to have only one election. I wonder if anyone can vote intelligently on EVERY office and issue? I know I can't.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If people would take elections more seriously perhaps there could be a different outcome. Some are too stupid to understand things and wont research about the issues or candidates. It is probably better off that they forget to vote, don't know where their polling place is located, don't know how to register to vote, don't have the time to vote, my boss will fire me if I vote. Cut the excuses. Use some common sense. If people were more responsible about things they should automatically know that they have a responsibility to vote unless they have been disqualified for some reason like in prison for crimes committed, etc.

Most people that are smart enough know to look at newspapers, radio, tv, and the internet to seek information on candidates and issues.

How can anyone not know that there is an election coming up on Nov. 2nd? With all the election ads running now on TV, radio, and in the newspapers. Reminder cards that come in the mail from the local election board to remind voters to vote and where.

With all that said, there are and will always be some poor souls that will step forward come election day and find out that they cant vote because they moved (DUH), or that it is too late to vote and they didn't realize that it was election day (DUH).

Anonymous said...

This my friends is the United States of America.
I will not vote for anybody running for any office
that drives an un-American car or backs the big Chinese products box stores. These have been the
undoing of America.
Please support the USA. Try to buy American first.
Demand American products.
Remember just because they are assembled here
doesn't make them American.

Anonymous said...

I have been wataching the BOA meetings for about three plus years to decide if the mayor is worthy of getting my vote if he should run again. I have made some observations and have come to the conclusion he will NOT get my vote. He is what we call today, a school yard bully. He treated the past and continues to treat the present board horrible. I know other mayors in the metro area and they work with their board for the betterment of the city. Not this guy. I will support Steve Mock for mayor. He says he will not run but we can write him in. We need to start a write in campagin for Alderman Mock. This man will work to better the city. He is not afarid to take on issues that the current mayor will totally ignore, he returns calls and if need be he will come and see you personally and take a look at the situation which you have concerns about. I am still waiting for the mayor to return my call from back in December. Let's get behind Alderman Mock and make him our next mayor. A man who has a heart for the city!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

6:58 AM, I was thinking about these issue this morning. Many don't get the Red Star because of the price or other issues. Some watch cable TV with no local ads because they watch stations from other places/countries, so they see no campaign ads. People can be really isolated in this high tech world.

As I said last night there are too many offices/issues on this ballot. There should be separate elections for Federal, State, and Local. No one can possibly know all of the offices. I, for example, would know nothing about County Legislative except for the fact Greg is running. BTW I received Greg's flier today and really liked it. Instead of a lot of rambling text to read, he kept it short and simple more like an outline of key points.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

It's too bad that Mr.Mock won't run for mayor.
I have had the pleasure of talking to him several
times. He unlike my own aldermen has stopped by to talk.
I am very impressed with him and his feeling toward
Raytown. All we can ask for of an elected official is to
be treated fairly and that our tax money is spent wisely,
to make our lives and city a better place. Tax money is
our investment in the town we love. Not something to
be given away to big corporations. Certainly not to be
loaned to developers or used to build nice parking lots
for these big corporations.
We need a sweeping change of the elected people we have.
We need new people that will think of the people of Raytown
first. Then the town it's self.
The problems Raytown has is a direct result of City Hall.
The crime rate, bad neighborhoods, street gangs,
bad streets and so on. Now they want to cut funds to the
Police Department and city services. How about they start cutting
at the!
Leave our city service and protection alone.

Anonymous said...

9:22 blogger I am with you all the way. We need to make a change at city hall.Alderman Mock is just what the city needs.

Andy Whiteman said...

There was a story in the Red Star business section today about small metro businesses including Clarks and Smith Bros.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

American Only,

The undoing of America is not due to the big box stores!
The undoing of America started when wages did not keep up with inflation and most women had to go to work and not be there for her kids. Second would be the divorce rate and all of these babies being born out of wedlock. If most kids had a two parent family America would be much better off. Instead most kids are unloaded at daycare to be raised by someone else.

Anonymous said...

I do not have the actual costs but each election costs taxpayers X dollars. If you have an election just for say one ballot measure would be wasteful of resources. So it is obviously cheaper to add things to the General Elections, plus you will generally get a higher percentage of voters turning out.

They also teach about the different branches of government, offices, who they are and what they do in schools.

As far as getting information they still post upcoming election notices and who is what is on the ballots in local newspapers. You can also go to your local election board's website (in our case it is

The information is out there for the dedicated voters. You just gotta want it bad enough to get it.

Andy Whiteman said...

Listening to talk shows and the news I am hearing there is ballot fraud in the early ballot states. In Clark County, NV (Las Vegas) Harry Reid's name is already checked on the ballot. In other states boxes or touch screens are already darkened or partly darkened.

I suggest everyone check their ballot to ensure none of the holes are already punched or loose.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

7:33PM I undrestand your thought about the cost of separate elections. The cost to the City of Raytown charged by the county to place an item on the ballot depends on which election it is.

I could find Lees Summit (not Raytown) on the link you provided after searching. As for publishing in the newspapers, the ballot was printed in the Red Star and much too small to read.

My point was not about finding the ballot but that too many issues and offices are on the general election ballot. Do you think anyone is going to take the time to hunt up and research each office? No one will! I am interested in higher offices plus Jackson County Legislative. (If it wasn't for Greg, I would have no clue about this office.) As for the others I have no clue who the candidates are except my state official doesn't answer the phone either in Jeff City or locally! Actually I never knew these offices existed. If the elections were divided into Federal, State, and Local; people would have a better understanding of the ballot. The present ballot is too complex and it is quite likely people will make random selections or none at all for many offices. Yes, lets save money so the public will vote in a confused manner.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

That link was not for Lee's Summit, it was for the Jackson County, Missouri Election Board's website.
I copied and pasted into my web browser and it worked fine. All election information is there for us. Even election results.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion corporate greed is the undoing of America.
American jobs being moved to Japan, China, Mexico and India
even Korea. Three of which have been a war with the US and killed
thousands upon thousands of Americans.
Sprint and AOL, lay off over three thousand American workers and sends
their jobs to India. Colgate, closes their manufacturing plants
and moves them to Mexico. More American jobs lost. The fact is
the prices of all these imported products didn't get lower
it just made more profits for the corporations. Everything you buy
in this country used to be made in the USA. People were working
and it was a better time. You hardly ever saw an import car and
most people had enough pride in America that buying an import
was a slap in the face of our American workers. Now companies
hire illegals from Mexico not because they will do the jobs
Americans won't do. It's because they will do the jobs for under minimum wages. Older people knew that tomorrow it would be their jobs being lost to imports.
Now it seems we have more Japanese, Korean and German cars on
the road than American. More Chinese products. Nobody cares any more, our pride is gone
and so is our country. We sold out to China, Japan, India, and
Mexico. Just writing this makes me sick to my stomach.
You may not think the big box stores are to blame but un-American
corporations are. We the people have some blame in the undoing of
America too. Early on if we would have demanded American products
and NOT bought the imports, maybe we could have kept America
prosperous and wouldn't have had a need for a two income family.
It wasn't inflation that made us two income families. It was the jobs being sent off to foreign countries, bread winners having to take lesser paying jobs.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know a the school district salaries contact the school district in writing. Copy the request to the Missouri Attorney General office, copy your file.

If they do not comply with your request, contact the Attorney General's office and ask for assistance.

Do everything in writing. Date everything. Keep copies of all correspondence.

Andy Whiteman said...

7:02AM, I know but I am dumb and once on that site the only other link I could find was to a Lees Summit ballot. Maybe you should give specific instructions. There are people without a computer, but obviously all of us here have one and could find this stuff with proper instruction. I would love to see a ballot that people in Raytown would use. If it was published my the local paper media, I don't have access to it because the owner doesn't mail my copies even though I provided stamped self-addressed stamped envelopes.

7:42 AM I am totally in agreement with you. Corporate greed and illegal actions caused this recession. You neglected to mention AT&T offshoring jobs. I was fired due to my disability when my job was offshored.

You mentioned manufacturing. What many people don't realize is that a product may be assembled in the USA but not all of the parts may have been made in the USA. I heard this about cars a few years ago.

Andy Whiteman

KMCCLA said...

I think that Andy hit upon a good point. Most people simply vote the "party", rather than learn about what is going on. I have come up with a saying a long time ago.

"Many of the political truths we cling too, greatly depend on our own point of view. We are willing to accept, justify, and defend the faults, failings, mistakes, and short comings of those we like and support. On the other hand, for those we do not like, nor support, we are more than willing to hold the very same things against them. We tend to want to think that our view, and those who hold similar views are always correct, and are all goodness and light. And, for anyone who dares to disagree, is therefore all wrong and all darkness and evil. In truth, neither side hold all the answers."

A lot of people simply vote their dogmatic political views, and they rarely take the time to really examine both sides of an issue, or candidate. Some have their prejudicial views towards one party or the other, and are unwilling even to admit that the other side just might have a valid point. It is easy to point a finger at the other side and point out their faults, but remember that when you point, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Years ago I called myself politically agnostic. While I tend to lean towards the conservative side, I look at both sides of a issue. I have never simply voted a straight party ballet, or voted as a single issue voter (such as abortion, like some I know). Vote for the right person for the job, not for the party, even though they may not be your regular party beliefs.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:22PM, I also suggest getting some proof of delivery such as Delivery Confirmation.

Lee said...

Andy, separating the issues on local and national ballots, or any other way will cause more problems than it creates. You will likely have fewer people voting in local elections. For me, every time I vote I lose a couple hours of work. There are only so many hours in the day.

Even you say that if Greg wasn't running for county legislature, you'd have no idea who was running. That wouldn't change even if it was on its own ballot. You just haven't taken the time to find out about the candidates.

I don't have cable. I haven't even had broadcast TV since the change to digital until today. I just happened to trade for a new digital TV and decided to pick up a $30 antenna from Walmart. I don't read the KC Star directly, but occasionally I see articles linked from Google news. I get more KC news from the Pitch, because they are the only ones publishing online.

And yet, with the exception of a couple county races that I haven't investigated yet, I know the issues and races in my district.

With pretty much universal internet access (you can go to the library if you don't have your own), getting information about candidates and issues has NEVER been easier. If people aren't informed, they just aren't interested.

Greg Walters said...

For the most comprehensive list of candidates and issues go to

To learn more about candidates follow these instructions. I have used my name as an example of how to use the search engine.

Go to the "Candidates" button on the bar at the bottom of the masthead.

Type in the candidate name (in this case Greg Walters).

Click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page (you may have to scroll down a little to see it).

The candidate name (Greg Walters) will appear at the right under the heading "We found Greg Walters".

Click on the candidate name (Greg Walters) . . .

And away you go!

You can also search by candidate office if you do not know the name of the candidates in a particular race.

Every candidate who filed for public office before the August Primary is on the site.

Some candidates refused to participate (as did my opponent, bob Spence)

The administrators of the site had a deadline before the Primary Election for all candidates who chose to participate -- most of them did.

It (the site) also locked in the positions you took at the time you entered them. So candidates are not allowed to go back in and change their answers.

I hope this is helpful.

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, Thanks for the link. One flaw with it is for those who don't have a name and want to look up each office, mosy people have no clue what district they are in. I sure don't. I am the kind of person that unless someone tells me something is there, I won't search it out. That is why I prefer paper documents. I can find something much easier by browsing a dictionary, phone book, or catalog; than by having to know a name, particular item, or correct spelling to find something.

Lee, I understand voting takes time. It sounds like you take much more time researching than it actually takes you to vote! Doesn't your employer give you time off as required by law? How about voting before or after work? Absentee is also available. I remember one election I voted after work while a coworker at Mountain Bell had 4 hours of paid time off to vote. I asked how it could take 4 hours to vote, His response, "4 hours is the maximun time whey allow for voting."

Being disabled, I can't remember all of the candidates and offices on the ballot. I and many others certainally don't have the time to go looking for every miniscule office. Too many offices on a ballot make the ballot mind boggling.

My neighbor had a stack of candidate fliers. I received only one that was on her stack. Maybe it is too expensive to put them out.

Digital TV is too expensive for me, too high tech, and I don't see any benefit to it. I had to get DVD recorders to translate the signals to my analog TVs. When one TV went bad, I found an SDTV on EBay.

My grandfather and father were Democrats as was my mother. My father told me to vote for the man not for the party. That is what I do, but when it gets to those miniscule races that I never heard of and don't know the candidates, my vote will either be selected by party or a name if I hapen to recognize it.

Lets split up the ballot so it is not so mind boggling. Too many candidates on a ballot causes people to vote stupidly. I never knew stupidly was a word until Dictator Obummer used it.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


You can’t read the “Red Star” because the print is too small. You want fewer issues and candidates on the ballots because there are too many for you to learn about.

Thousands of people read the Kansas City Star every day. My neighbor is 86 years old, and he doesn’t have any problems reading the paper.

Thousands of people research and make informed decisions about all the candidates and issues on their ballots. That’s because they take the time to do it.

Yes, I know, you’re disabled. So are hundreds of others. They don’t sit around and whine like you do. Grow up and quite complaining about every little thing.

Anonymous said...

Heck, some people want a glass of ice water, and I suppose that they want me to drink it for them too...

I have several disabilities, and I still work, I still get on the internet, I still read the news on the internet, yes the Kansas City Star is on the internet and has been on here for quite a while now. So is most other news media outlets.

Yes, you can see an all Raytown ballot. It is called the NOTICE OF GENERAL ELECTION STATE OF MISSOURI.

There are several websites available to get that information from. It is also available in the print media. And at the public libraries.

Are you all registered to vote? Where is your voter ID card? In your wallet or purse? Pull it out, it says everything on there that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Unless of course you forgot to put it in there and you threw it away. It will tell you what ward or precinct that you are in, Township, state rep, state senate, county district, Fed senate, Fed rep, etc.

I really do not see why it is so hard to find information about voting. Believe me , it is not that difficult to do.

I really believe that some people will just try to make things as difficult as possible for themselves, come up with 20 excuses why or why not that they didn't do something just because it is easier to complain than it is to just take action and DO IT!!!

Get un set out of your old ways of doing things and have an open mind. This is crazy! I get on here all the time and it is the same old thing.

It kills me sometimes to watch someone worry about the cost of a can of green beans and spend 10 minutes trying to decide on how to save say 20 cents off of their food bill, but an important national election they take less than one or two minutes to decide on how they will vote, or they will decide at the polls, sometimes just do the old 'eeny meany miney moe' routine.

The information is available, there is time. Make some time. people waste enough time on stupid things, lord knows that there is time to do it. Stop with the excuses. Be informed on election day.

Andy Whiteman said...

3:13 PM I didn't say I couldn't read the Red Star because the print is too small. I said that I couldn't read the BALLOT because the print is too small. Take a look at the Legal Notices. Obviously they don't want them to be read.

How on earth do do you know that thousands of people research and make informed decisions on ALL of the candidates? That is a really broad statement. Can you name them? Obviously you are making an assumption because most people don't take the time to complain; therefore, the thousands who don't complain are able to research ALL of the candidates. I take the time to complain. You are making a very poor assumption. I am making the opposite assumption that other than a few offices, most people have no clue who or what they are voting for. I suspect that many, like myself, vote on the races that are important to them and skip the others or vote in some random order. No one can possibly remember how they want to vote a whole ballot. There is not readable published ballot that someone can mark and take to the polls.

Maybe you should should become familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act before you expect disabled people to have that same ability as your superhuman race of which you allege there are thousands.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

This is sent for your info on what the health care bill contains. Certainly not to tell you who to vote for.


This is also posted on my FaceBook page.


Anonymous said...

Andy you should be ashamed of yourself trying to scare people about the health care bill. Get the facts from your congressman and the various websites that speak the TRUTH about health care reform.

Anonymous said...

That is all that they ever do is try to scare people. Big business is supporting the GOP in trying to scare the heck out of everyone. Stuff like they are turning this into a socialised country. and their going to raise taxes and the death tax.... only on anything over a million dollars... who's got a million dollars, certainly not me. the raise taxes part is a partial repeal of the Bush tax cuts, on the wealthiest Americans, I don't have to worry about that. Oh they are going to take away your 2nd amendment rights.... not likely. Let me put it this way, if anyone even considers supporting the GOP this time around then they are pretty dang stupid for doing that. They are the ones that had got the economy so screwed up, they have sent the vast majority of jobs overseas to avoid taxes and tariffs. There is no way humanly possible to straighten out 8+ years of bad policy decisions in 2 years time, let alone one term. Think that things are bad now, go ahead and vote for the GOP and just see how royally jacked up things will get. In fact, it will get so bad that probably no one will ever be able to undo any of their agenda. Sad thing is, that is exactly what big business wants, and they are the GOP. BTW, all the hate mongers out there like Rush, Beck, and all the others(Gee, public broadcasting is owned by big business, supported by the GOP, try to get some unbiased information from say 980 KMBZ, LOL!)sort of fall into the millionaire GOP category, you can see why they are all up in arms about everything that is happening. I really hope that the GOP can be stopped short again. If not, we are all doomed!

Andy Whiteman said...

11:10AM, You have to be kidding. Comrade Cleaver stated to me his reason for voting for the Socialist Health Care Bill was, "the President wanted it." Not a good reason in my opinion. Congressman Teague (D-NM) was smart enough to vote against it.

The bill was so big that many voted for it without reading the whole thing. It really scares me. Medicare had been drastically cut. Medicare Advantage Plans are being eliminated. I know that for a fact. Mine was discontinued and my insurance agent confirmed plans are being eliminated because of new Medicare restrictions.

I am voting for Jacob Turk on Tuesday. Hopefully we can get Comrade Cleaver and the other commies out of office. We the People will speak on Tuesday if long as the ballot fraud is stopped.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You're right on the mark. Andy keep up the good work.

As for the gloom and doom nonsense being spouted by the liberal left. They made this mess. They refuse to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

What really scares me are the people that are STUPID enough to follow the GOP and Tea Parties leads! They are nothing but a bunch of RADICALS that need to be STOPPED PERMANENTLY PERIOD! And hopefully before they destroy this country with their corporate greed!

One thing that hasn't changed is that for years members of congress have voted on bills put before them, and a lot of members have openly admitted that they have never read the bill legislation in its entirety or at all. So why is someone all of a sudden upset because one says that they didn't read it before voting on it?

Sounds like a lot of voters when they go to the polls. This will never change!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Someone needs to calm down, take some deep breaths and relax.

The socialist dream does not work. You see European countries slowly turning away from socialists schemes. Let's learn from their mistakes and move forward.

Capitalism rules!

When we start to realize that simple truth our country will be great again.

No More Hiding the Facts said...

I have heard for some time that Raytown’s former mayor Willard Ross has been in bad health. However, it was not until today when I drove by his house did I determine that he was also be suffering loss of memory. You see the mayor lives in the 43rd State Representative District, but proudly had a sign for someone running in the 48th.

I guess it is time Mr. Ross thinks about stepping down from his seat on the Fire Board. If he is having that much trouble associating what district he lives in I hate to think about what spending he has been approving without giving it any thought.

Mr. Ross’s seat is not up for some time, but being there will be an election in April to fill on of the other seats. It would only be fair to the taxpayers for him to step announce he would be stepping down so there is no need for a special election or the inappropriate appearance of appointing friend to complete the term.

Time to Come Clean said...

Dear Mr. Roy Blunt

Based on many of the ads you have polluted my television time with it is very clear you oppose “Government Healthcare” and want to protect “Medicare”

I therefore respective ask that you explain yourself to me and the rest of the constituents in the state of Missouri.

You see Mr. Blunt you might full the elderly and the uneducated in our state, but you have some explaining to do being the last time I looked at my pay check stub there was an amount deducted for “Medicare”

Clearly, that being the case my employer as well as every other employer in the United State is taking money from the hard working taxpayer of the country to support “Medicare”, which would therefore make it a government manage healthcare plan.

If you truly oppose government manage healthcare plans then how soon as a United States Senator before you introduce a bill to eliminate “Medicare” Remember your own ads clearly indicate your position on government managed healthcare.

Does this also mean you will be opting out of the government managed healthcare plan that is provided to members of Congress, which you are currently, and the US Senate?

Again, I am true to just understand what your true position is and that you are not trying to mislead the voters to cover the paybacks expected from all that special interest money you have been taking for so long.

Andy Whiteman said...

3:57 PM, I totally agree if people vote wisely to get the Socialists out of office.

I question: If people think the Socialized Health Care bill is so good, why are members of Congress exempt? It is good for us, but not for them because the aristocrats deserve better.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To put it bluntly (no pun intended), Capitalism Sucks! That is the big problem with this country now.

Anonymous said...

Scratch a socialist, reveal a communist.

Your intolerance is showing.

Andy Whiteman said...

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you own." - Thomas Jefferson

Blunt Do as I say and not as I do policy said...

Mr. Blunt and his party are at it again!!!

They want to tighten immigration laws to punish those that enter America illegally.

Mr. Blunt if you and your fellow party members like the ex-chairman of EBay would stop hiring these same individuals to help do the little things around the house like: house cleaning, yard work and raising your own kids. We just might be able to put a stop to the problem.

One thought is make a law that fines anyone who has hired an illegal in the past 50 years, $100,000 which would be split 50/50 between social security and Medicare.

The second is anyone that has hired them since the US Patristic went into effect on 10/1/2003 service one day for every day that they had an illegal in employment. Making sure that it ran concurrent for each additional illegal in employment.

When we shut down the jobs they will stop coming to America through these channels!

We can house them out in AZ with that crazy sheriff Joe oversee the prison he seems to like to punish people and clearly is against illegal immigration. Wonder if he and you will both feel so strongly about it when it impacts you personally as in your case or in either case impacting those big campaign donors who are always looking to save a buck even when it comes to something so wrong as this.

I have a feeling after Tuesday, Senator Elect Blunt is going to have to do a lot of explaining if you are planning to get re-elected to anything ever again.

Anonymous said...

Captisim is really working in America?

How many jobs are being sent to India or Mexico?

Have you forgoten FORD and the Pinto?

Yes, captisim works if you don't care about the human lifes that it is allowed to destroy!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard the mayor, David Bower, has been out campaigning for a few candidates.

I know I could never vote for anyone he supports as we don’t need any clones of him running around.

Just think about it:

Crime has increased every year that he has been in office and he still has done nothing to address the issue.

Code enforce is all, but unheard of and yet violations are visible on every street and he still has done nothing to address the issue.

You challenge him as several of our Aldermen have done and he publicly acts like the school bully

This is not the type of government that Raytown needs and Raytown should be force to pay for this type of abuse.

Just say “NO” to Bower and those he supports.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:40PM, You would have more credability you you SIGNED your name. IF Mayor Bower has been campaigning for candidates, he has failed to contact me.

Andy Whiteman

NOYFB... said...

Dont worry about Willards health...I think he is a little more savy than you think...Trust me i speak with him everyday..If you are concerned about the money spent and approved come on by the Station for the meetings.