Sunday, November 28, 2010

Someone Told Me It Was All Happening at the Zoo!
Sunday was a perfect day for a walk. And what better place to walk than at the Kansas City Zoo?
Very few people but plenty of animals who seemed to enjoy the breezy, sunny day as they basked in the sun.
“Step Up and Step In” Crime Watch Meeting

by Greg Walters

There will be a public meeting for Raytowners interested in learning of ways to protect their homes during the holiday season and other crime prevention topics on Monday, December 6th at the Raytown South High School Cafeteria. Enter the high school through the doors on the south side of the building. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting will be chaired by Michelle Sipes.

Mrs. Sipes has been instrumental in organizing crime prevention meetings in the south part of Raytown in response to juvenile delinquency. She has formed a group called the Step Up and Step In Committee to help spear-head efforts to reduce crime in the Raytown area.

“People are reaching out for help with neighborhood problems. The purpose of this meeting is so that people can become involved, step up and take charge,” said Mrs. Sipes.

Ward 5 Aldermen Steve Mock and Michael Lightfoot told the Raytown Report that the meeting is being held at the Raytown South High School Cafeteria to accommodate the large crowd anticipated for the meeting.

Both Mock and Sipes stress that this meeting is not just for those who live in the south part of Raytown.

“This meeting is for the entire Raytown community,” said Mock.

“It is an opportunity for any Raytowner wanting to make their neighborhood more safe and secure to do something about it,” added Alderman Lightfoot.

Speakers include members from the Raytown Police Department, members of the Citizen Crime Watch Patrol, and area community leaders representing churches and schools involved with crime prevention in Raytown.

Those in attendance will be asked to participate in group discussions and urged to take an active role in the "Step Up and Step In" program.

Keeping Up With Mock and Lightfoot

In writing the story you just read I had the pleasure of holding and in depth conversation with Michelle Sipes. She is an interesting person who has the best for Raytown at heart. I wish her well in her plans to bring Raytowners to the realization that to move forward we must step up to the challenge of leadership on an individual basis.

To round out the story I had to track down Ward 5 Aldermen Steve Mock and Michael Lightfoot for their comments. They were instrumental in setting up the public meetings that have been taking place. I found the team of Lightfoot and Mock on the old Wooden Bridge in Downtown Raytown. The two of them were hanging decorations for the holiday season.

Both of them are an example of what the Mrs. Sipes was speaking of – they saw the need and took action.

Staying Active in

the Autumn Season by Erin Whitehead

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Back-to-school season always feels like the start of a new year-the time to turn over a new leaf as the leaves fall from the trees. I love the colors of the season, the reds and oranges as the trees change. I love the crisp feel in the air as I go out for my morning walk or run-that one day when you just know autumn is in the air. My birthday and wedding anniversary are both on glorious fall days, and I love the fun of Halloween and the indulgence of Thanksgiving.

But even with all the wonder of the fall season, it’s not all fun and games. Business travel carries on even as the leaves fall from the trees. So how can you take full advantage of fall and all it has to offer-and fit in business and fitness? I’ve got some active ways to enjoy fall both at home and on the road. Here’s the scoop on fall business travel, tips and tricks for fall and ways to work fitness into my favorite season.

Autumn Activities

Regions like the South are great for the year-round sunshine. But the good news is that if you live in a region that doesn’t celebrate the fall weather, such as Arizona or Florida, traveling to other regions for business can help you temporarily enjoy the bounties of autumn. If you have the opportunity to travel for business to the Northeast or even the Midwest during these perfect months, take it! If you have time, arrive a day early or stay late to take advantage of seeing the fall sights and sounds. If you don’t have that extra time, get outside during lunch breaks for a late afternoon stroll to take in the season and get some exercise.

Small towns and big cities alike have fall festivals with loads of activities. Before you leave for your business travel destination, check to see if it offers any fall activities in the area during your stay. Likewise, if you’re just looking to fill a weekend with a friend or loved one, find local fall activities to participate in. Haunted houses are active (and scary) ways to enjoy the weeks before Halloween. Walking through corn mazes and pumpkin patches are active ways to enjoy the weather as well. Hike local trails to check out the colors of turning leaves or join a local charity run to enjoy the weather ( can help you find runs in your area). Apple picking and horseback riding are also active fall adventures. Even an hour of horseback riding can burn more than 200 calories if you weigh 150 pounds-and the horse is doing most of the work!

As you already know, when you’re away on business, chores are always waiting for you at home. When you get home from that business trip, don’t forget that raking leaves is great exercise-especially when kids and the dog keep plowing through your pile of leaves.

Wondrous Weather

Fall weather is pretty splendid. The heat of the summer is long gone, but the cold of the winter still hasn’t hit. It makes for the best weather for exercising outdoors. No coats are needed, which makes for easy packing when you hit the road for business travel. For outside workouts, a lightweight pair of pants or running tights is enough to keep you warm and a light, long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket will be enough to keep the upper body warm. Wearing layers in the fall is a safe bet; that way, you’ll be plenty warm but can remove items as needed if you start to heat up on a run.

Dark Days

As much as I love fall, I also love long summer afternoons, so it’s always sad to me when fall approaches and the sun goes down by 6 p.m. And while the weather is still relatively mild, you still have to be careful when being active outdoors. Light-colored, reflective clothing is very important so that cars will see you if you’re out on the roads at dusk. Make sure your shoes have reflective strips on them, and don’t be shy about wearing a blinking light. Always make sure you run in safe neighborhoods, preferably with sidewalks, and don’t be afraid to ask the Embassy Suites concierge for a safe, car-free running path if you’re heading out for an evening run.

Fitting in exercise both on the road and off will get you in the habit of health and activity this season and set you up for year-round success no matter where you are. Which is good because my other favorite season-winter-is right around the corner!

Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead jointly publish Fit Bottomed Girls. To read more of their thoughts on lifestyle choices and fitness go to Fit Bottomed Girls

Raytown Police Start Up Blog

The Raytown Police Department has started a blog. Appropriately named, the site is written by Lieutenant Wayne Wisner. Last week’s post has two stories. One of them is asks for witnesses to come forward on vandalism at Laurel Height School. The other is some timely suggestions on how to make your neighborhood safer during the Holiday Season. New items were posted on Sunday evening.

To visit the site use this link: Raytown Police Blog or go to

Raytown Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Mark your calendars for the Raytown Holiday Lighting Ceremony held in Downtown Raytown. This year's Ceremony will be held on Friday, December 3, 2010 from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m. Meet at the Pocket Park located at the Southwest corner of 63rd Street and Raytown Road.

Please join Santa Claus and his elves and the downtown businesses as they kickoff the holiday season in Raytown.

The Holiday Lighting Ceremony includes the lighting of a Christmas Tree donated by Our Lady of Lourdes Church in the Pocket Park, the arrival of Santa Claus and holiday music provided by Little Blue Sing-O-Gram Team from Little Blue Elementary School.

Tour Open Houses in the Downtown Businesses Visit Santa inside UMB Bank and listen to music provided by Raytown Community Band Flutes Hop on a hay ride around downtown Sit by the fire at 62nd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard (across from Mr. Goodcents) and listen to holiday music provided by the carolers. Stop by the Gingerbread House at 62nd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard (across from Mr. Goodcents) to enjoy a cookie and sip some cider.

High School Sports . . .

To catch up on O'Hara Sports use this link O'Hara High School

To catch up on Raytown South Sports use this link Raytown South High School

Last Week’s Poll Results . . .

How do you rate Mayor David Bower's performance as Mayor of Raytown?

Good . . . 31%

Fair . . . 15%

Poor . . . 51%

Don’t Know . . . 3%

How do you rate City Collector Kathie Schutte's performance as Raytown City Collector?

Good . . . 21%

Fair . . . 5%

Poor . . . 41%

Don’t Know . . . 33%


Andy Whiteman said...

As for the local economy question, what is the definition of "local"? Does local mean Raytown or the metro area. No matter which we consider, I consider the economy of the metro going down hill and Raytown's economy worse than the metro economy.

Could you please provide the URL for the Police blog? I can't click on the link. Probably part of my security system.

Which holiday is the city having a lighting ceremony for? For some reason these country bumpkins can't state the name of the holiday. I know Christian holidays can't be named, but every other religion can mention the name of there celebration? Really dumb. Besides that the holiday I think they are celebrating is a National holiday which can't be named.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...


Try this link

As for the "Holiday" it is Christmas. I had missed that it was not mentioned in the city's release.

But I did add that the Christmas Tree was donated by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church -- so I guess it is pretty much identified there.

Strange that it is okay to donate from religious group for the event but it is verboten to name the religious event in the press release!

As for your question on the "local" economy . . . Raytown is much too small to drive its own economy. So much depends on the metropolitan area, even the Midwest in the delicate workings of our area economic engine.

For instance, most people living in Raytown work outside the city, we are still basically a bedroom community -- so, as the people of Raytown's fortune goes, so does our
perception of how things are going.

Pat Casady said...

While my business is staying busy I can't help but
wonder when Raytown's downtown area will perk up.
This town has hired Economic Directors, spent a small fortune
on devious developers, hired one City Administrator after
another and still we see no change for the better in our
downtown. I know that the 350hwy area has been our elected
officials number one priority for over twelve years. With little
or no income from taxes. This has done nothing for Raytown
except bring in more crime and caused good neighborhoods
to turn into bad neighborhoods.
When will they start looking out for Raytown? They have given
corporations every good deal imaginable but have done
nothing to bring in business downtown. They have done nothing to
make neighborhoods safer. Ever wonder where your tax dollars
are going? Me too.

Pat Casady said...

In 2006 August 30th,
The Raytown Post wrote:
"The Dollar Factor"
"When the Raytown 350 live project is fully developed,
revenues of local taxing entities will be greatly enhanced,
according to a cost benefit analysis prepared for the
developer. The analysis is based on the initial plan for
Phase 2 for a second large box store.
Projected total revenues to all taxing jurisdictions over the
23-year financing period of the development would be $60.3 million
versus $5.9 million if the area is not redeveloped.

This week, November 29,2006, the Raytown Post
wrote " Developer (RED) quits on downtown project"
"Mayor Sue Frank cited the fact that entrenched
property owners downtown have little incentive to
re-invest in their businesses. She went on, "There are many small
parcels of property that would need to be grouped
together for new development and unwilling sellers
posed a major problem."

First off it think, we would be tax money ahead if we did not
develop the 350 hwy area. I have old papers dating back
to early 2006 and I will try to go back to the archives from
time to time to show how promises and developments
Haven't been realized.

Anonymous said...

By golly, you are right!

I drove across the 63rd Street Bridge this evening. Only two of the eight lights are functioning. Just for fun I drove over to the 63rd Street and Blue Ridge Gateway. Thirteen lights burned out!

Then it occurred to me. If our out of town department heads are only here during the daytime, how would they ever know the lights are burned out at night?

See. If is easy to figure out why this stuff does not get taken care of in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

7:50PM, I feel the same way. But even if they lived here, they may never go that way. If they do, the still may not notice the lights are out. I never noticed until it was brought up in this blog. Mainly because I am driving and these areas are well illuminated. If I was walking my dog, I would notice.
I don't go eastbound across the because I need to pass the Conoco station to report on their gas price. But tonight I thought, "Gee that bridge sure seems dark!" The city will have a liability issue if there is an accident or slip and fall, etc.m After all THEY HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED and can't say they had no reasonable knowledge!

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

Just learned tonight that whatever is needed to fix all the burned out lamps on the city's light poles have been ordered.

My thanks to Alderman Steve Mock for "enlightening" on what is going on at City Hall!

Andy Whiteman said...

At least we know it is being work on. I wonder why they don't keep spare bulbs and parts? Obviously bulbs burn out.

I have a large supply of bulbs (many of which are bulbs are no longer manufactured in the USA and will not be sold after some future date. Rush Limbaugh has a 10 year supply. I don't know what a 10 year supply is so I am stocking up on bulbs especially the bard to find type like 300W and 200W. I like to have enough light to read and need at least 200W but prefer 300W.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Maybe if our wonderful mayor would spend a little time in our city enstead of Lee's Summit he might be able to notice and report the lights that are burned out.

However, that would also mean he would actually do something to better Raytown. I guess if KCPL got a big tax break for repairing each light he might be up for it as he only does things for big businesses when he can give them some tax money.

Makes me wonder when him and the board of followers is going to wakeup and notice they have ran out of money.

Silly me they will just tax us some more, which is what Bower and Cramer love to do.

Yes, I recall what they did to my property tax last year...and you can bet I will be out reminding others in Raytown this election year.

Anonymous said...

The three newly elected alderman know more about what is going on at city hall and how to get it fixed that the mayor. Should we re elect him? I think not.

Anonymous said...

I remember too. My favorite was when Creamer said he was voting to raise the property tax so that they would not have to cut services.

Less than a month later, they cut the hours of the recycling center in half!

You fooled me last time Joe.

You will not fool me again.

Pat Casady said...

Mr.Steve Mock has stopped by my shop several times,
and I have to tell you all, he seems like the aldermen we all wish
we had in every ward. He cares about Raytown, what a concept!
Another plus is he TALKS TO THE PEOPLE! Another great concept!

On February 23 of 2005 the Raytown Post printed:
Big crowd supports Raytown Live project.
Mr.Dick King a lawyer for the developer said "Most of
the land is under contract and negotiation continues for the
rest. Much of the land within the TIF boundary is vacant and
has been so for years. The current assessed value of those
30 acres is $1.4 million. The property now generates sales
tax revenues of $104.000. When the businesses within the
area open, it is estimated that sales tax revenues will soar
to $2.5 million. The TIF project will jump start economic
activity in Raytown he said.

What happened to all the new revenue Raytown that was promised?
Why wasn't there a clause in the agreement that if the development didn't produce as promised that
the big store would have to pay their fair share like all of us?

The paper actually had a typo and stated that revenues will sour
to $2.5 million. Maybe it was a premonition.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:33PM, You are penny wise and pound foolish! The city has a very low tax assessment, It is the Dysfunctional School District that is sapping our tax dollars. Check your tax bills. I think the reason the county refuses to mail them to people with mortgages is they don't want you to know what you are paying!

75% of the taxes on my home goes to the Dysfuctional School District! The dollar flow into the Dysfunctional District needs to be addressed. True there are issues with City Government, but The Dysfunctional School District is responsible for worse mismanagement and 2 board members don't pay taxes until election time!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Please go back to bed and make sure you are good and awake before putting comments on this blog that are misleading.

The Board of Alderman did decided last year to increase the mil rate, which in turn raised what we pay in property and real estate taxes.

If David Bower and the Board of Alderman would stop giving breaks to businesses you and I would not have to pickup the cost.

Therefore 10:33 is correct!

I am not saying you are fully incorrect the highest amount on personal proerty / real estate does go to the school district.

By the way they too raised the mil last year because they cannot get control of their spending.

Being you are so upset about the school district and the amount they get please provide all of us with a place where the school district doesn't get the largest precentage of the taxes off personal property / real estate taxes.

What two board members didn't pay taxes on time? You seem to be slipping as it was only one. The other was just running for one of the seats, but didn't get elected.

Sad the election board and school board as a whole was not doing there job of vetting those who filed as both are reason to kick them off the ballot.

However the one that was on the board was the board president, which seems to me could be the reason.

By the way the taxes are public information. So even if you have a mortage you need to make sure the mortgage company is not taking to much out of the escro account. So check with the county you live in many counties have the tax information online.

What is with you and those like you! It is time people grow up and take responsablity for their lives. People like me shouldn't have to remind you of "FACTs" and we shouldn't have to teach you as to your point we pay enough in taxes for that.

I guess you got me there the school district is as you say so disfuctional that it is producing disfuctional individuals.

This explains alot:

One alderman from ward II was a teacher in the Raytown School District.

One alderman from ward I was a former student of the Raytown School District

Neither has done a darn thing to better Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters,

You have a nice story about Michelle Sipes and the effort she is doing in starting a group called "Step Up and Step In".

This is nice and I am all for citizen working to better the community in which they live.

However, I have a couple of concerns on is I don't believe based on police reports that they issue in South Raytown are all caused by juvenile delinguency.

Someone best go back and check the age of some of the defendents.

Second, and most concerning is the lack of input and public out receach being taken by our city marshal. We elected this individual to represent us and provide for our protection, but he has done nothing. Now he might just laugh if confronted on the issue and say well no one ran against me so I must not being doing that bad of a job. The truth is several I spoke with didn't because the don't have a law enforcement back ground. From talking with them they sure have common sense and great ideas about how to run the department for the better of Raytown and address the top heavy department that Mr. Lynch has created. I told them they should read the state statues as only things it says is one must live in the district for a year prior to running and if elected pass the state law enforcement training. Now that doesn't sound to hard based on these individuals formal education and ablity to reason.

It is time we all stand up in Raytown and question the status que. It is time our elected officals provide answers before we are forced to ask the questions. It is time our elected officals actually lead and don't hide in the back of a room and wait for the Michelle Sipes of the world to step up and provide ideas.

It is time for our city marshal does something right for Raytown and step down to enjoy an early retirement and the joys of being a grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54,

Thank you for your honest answers about the issues with taxes from last year.

I too share great concern over individuals like Alderman Creamer, the Ward I Alderman, that you wrote about.

We all reguardless of what ward we are in need to question his ablity to lead. I myself cannot believe my Alderman was not picked by her peers over him to be mayor protem.

It is apparent we those living in Ward I need a strong candidate who will work with the people so that their ward once again is represented on the board.

As for those of us in Ward III, we don't want to see our Alderman step away from being an Aldrman, but we need a mayor who will represent Raytown as she did at the Sheepord Center. We all hope and pray that come Dec 14th she will be first in line not for Alderman, but Mayor as Raytown needs to get headed in a new direction and we need someone who doesn't get elected by making false promises like we have had for the past four years.

Anonymous said...

I think you are all being too hard on our mayor.
After all it didn't take him long to turn into a
do nothing, spender, and giveaway artist most
of the rest of our elected people are.
As for not keeping his pre-election promises...
that's business as usual in Raytown. I know most
of us had high hopes for the then new mayor but, they were
flushed along with the rest of the high hopes we had for this town.
But, look at the plus side. He and his bunch have managed
to ruin some of our neighborhoods, and crime and murders
are up. Let's not forget he has turned every taxpaying
Raytown citizen into a financer for big corporations while
our streets go down the same path as our town.
Aren't you proud?

Andy Whiteman said...

3:54 PM, Most school districts have higher taxes than Raytown but the Disfuctional School Distrist's taxes are outrageous ay 75% of the total taxes! Something is wrong there. I may have a bad memory but as I remember both non-taxpaying candidates won. But remember Raytown has NO LOCAL PAPER OF GENERAL CIRCULATION.

True the tax records are public record, but in the past the county has REFUSED to mail them to those with mortgages. For some strange reason, I received my tax bill this year. You can't expect people to search the internet to find their tax bill. Most people don't care, they just pay it and complain with out knowing to whom they are paying. People can't be expected to search for their bill. They have a right to have it mailed to them!

Obviously if you don't agree with me you ASS/U/ME that I am not awake. I may be rushed at 10:54AM, but I am awake by that time.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Now we are talking!!!

I am not sure how is recomending that alderman from ward 3, but she would be a great improvement over what we have now.

She ask questions and I have never heard or seen her blowup or attack others because she doesn't like what they have to say.

Maybe Bower could take some leasons from her on how to interact with the public as his skills are lacking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Mayor,

I want improvements to our city like street lights over Christmas lights.

I want improvements to our city like great police patrols over gangs running our streets.

I want improvements to our city like well maintained homes over the ghetto that we have become.

Mr. Mayor all I want for Christmas is you to step down!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do we have a codes department?

We have code violations, but no enforcement.

This appears to be a budget item that money could be saved.

If not being enforced why spend the money on the department.

Our streets need curbs

Our streets need lights

Our streets need true leadership to guide us all right

Anonymous said...

I was talking with someone that asked me what I thought it took to be mayor.

Well, based on what we Bower has done I quickly replyed, "Not Much"

Odd, that also sums up what Bower has done for Raytown "Not Much"

Andy Whiteman said...

7:11PM, I doubt anyone will pay attention to you. As far as the City is concerned, Christmas does not exist. They celebrate "the Holiday." For some reason, The Holiday must be remain unnamed. Evidently they are afraid to speak Chris's name.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

My 11:12 post had a typo. The last sentenance should read: Evidently they are afraid to speak Christ's name.

I read in the Red Star today that the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is enforcing inside city limits because the Sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in the county. One big problem is they are very underpaid. $14.56 per hour was mentioned but it didn't say if that was starting pay or after some service. That is not a living wage!

10:19PM, I checked into curbs and gutters because the curb/gutter ends at my property line. I was told that the curbs and gutters are installed by the developer and the subdivision ended at my property line. If you don't have a curb it is because you had a cheap developer.

I agree about street lights and leadership. If we had leadership, the Codes office would be a non-issue.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I suppose leaving the front doors unlocked when no one is around is about as transparent as government can get. Not funding the bus route, parades, etc. is a direct result of the over-paid; do nothing, chair-warmers who could care less about the citizens of Raytown. Also - There needs to be more accountability for the non-stop amount of out of town travel that the department heads and police department have been known to do. This is, but one example of the continued waste of tax-payer dollars and should be reviewed more closely. With online training, webinars, Internet groups, etc., out of town travel should be the first item cut to reduce spending. Cutting services to the Citizens of Raytown, but keeping out-of-town travel expenses, is an outrage and smacks of a self-deserving attitude, which exist with the Department Heads at City hall. None of whom are citizens of Raytown, by-the-way…

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor,

It is okay to make a public announcement that you will not be seeking re-election.

Look at the 1968 Presidential election when President Johnson addressed the Nation and announced he would not seek re-election.

It is now your turn and time to step up and announce that you will not be seeking re-elcection.

It is time to hand the direction of the city over to those that actual have a plan and skills to provide "new" and "positive" direction for our city.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:26

Very well put!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

1:14PM, I notified a city official about the unlocked doors and the issue is being addressed.

As for travel, there are certain things that require a physical presence such as hands on training and/or skills certification. You can't certify an EMT via a webinar.

I found the 2nd level manager at AT&T took a dim view of teleconferencing when I suggested the company could save $$$$ if he used teleconferencing. He gave be a dirty look. His drips to Denver lasting from Thursday to Monday were actually a paid vacation on company time at company expense!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Why do we need city officials to travel out of town?

Is the state aware of this?

It sure sounds like we need a good old fashion state audit to set these good old boys in Raytown on the right path and not the self center quest they have been doing for over the past 50 years.

TEA Party will lead the way and we are going to start in Raytown next

Anonymous said...

I was paying my taxes today at city hall and I heard a lot of people complaining about the higher rate of taxes they are being charged.

It was all I could do from reminding them to thank that alderman from ward one who is up for election that he voted and asked the rest of the board of aldrman to vote to raise taxes.

This is not leadership this is what happens when one gives in to request from stores like Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee for tax breaks.

This is why this April I will be voting from someone other than my Alderman Joe Creamer.

We just cannot afford anymore of his way of doing business!!!

Greg Walters said...

Most of the lights at the 63rd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard intersection have been repaired. The lights along the northwest side of the street are still out. That may be because of ongoing construction at the Brywood Shopping Center.

I don't know if the lights on the 63rd Street Bridge are repaired. They probably are because tonight is the "Holiday" Lighting Ceremony.

City officials could have easily responded and explained why the lights were out for so long. All it takes is a two minute post on this page.

The public will accept a reasonable explanation.

From conversations with personnel at City Hall it is very clear that our city leaders are well aware of what is posted on these pages.

Communication is the solution to many of the problems that face any governmental body.

My personal thanks to Alderman Steve Mock for stepping up and coming forward with the explanation as to what the hold up was on having the lights repaired (parts were slow in coming to City Hall).

I hope they ordered extra parts for the future. Those lights are high maintenance and will burn out again.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why city employees in the administrators office are allowed to watch TV all day long? This is a disgrace that our city is allowing the inefficiencies of this office to deteriorate. You CAN'T do your job and watch TV all day. WHY IS MAYOR BOWER ALLOWING THIS TO GO ON? New leadership is definitely needed at city hall.

Anonymous said...

Raytown would be bleased if the Alderman from Ward III would run for Mayor.

Her proven leadership with non-profit organizations throughout Great Kansas City speak to the honest and caring person she is.

Her kindness would provide Raytown with that family touch that has been missing for too many years.

Anonymous said...

Would the Alderman from Ward 3 remove the television from the city administration's office?

I don't think so.

Andy Whiteman said...

The Red Star published a legal notice that the Fire District is taking applications for election as Director for the April election. Again we have no local publication of general circulation so it is hidden away in the Red Star.

Obviously we can't use names. We have unamed Holiday lighting and should vote for the Alderman of Ward 3 for Mayor. Which Alderman? Must be a secret! One I would vote for, the other I wouldn't. There are Ward 4 and Ward 5 Alderman I would also vote for.

I wasn't aware that a TV was being watched in the City Administrator's office. I have been there maybe 2 times during office hours. What station? Why doesn't someone ask the CA? There could be a valid reason such as area news or weather. Some people are capable of multitasking. I happen to have medical restrictions and if I worked there, the TV would not be allowed because of distraction. As a member of the public, I would demand it be turned off or way down because of distraction.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Mr Walters,

While out shopping last night I as at 63rd and Raytown Road.

Yes, the lights are still out on the bridge.

By the way lights are out at almost every interesection with street lights.

OLG said...

I found a copy of the Raytown Times on the floor at one of the grocery stores. Opened it up and low and behold there was a story about our Mayor announcing he is running for re-election. It used up a whole quarter page of a very small publication.

I though Randy Battagler was not going to get involved in political races. Guess those public notice ads in the front of the paper changed his mind.

That's not legal notification. It has to be a paper of general distribution. Not a paper left in a heap at a grocery store.

I am really not surprised.

When Battagler had the Post all he did was carry Sue Frank's water.

It is only appropriate that he not take his plate a the foot of David Bower as his water boy!

Anonymous said...

Randy Battagler's paper is a joke. Why would anyone pick up a "throw away" paper from a bar and expect it to have REAL news? He went out of business once, so why should the general public take him serious this time?

Anonymous said...

I read on this blog all of the time how bad this administration and this board of alderman are, so what are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit on your butts and not go to the poles like in the November election or are you going to show them you are tried of the status quo and vote them out?

The only elected alderman that are worth anything are Pat Ertz and Steve Mock and our mayor is a joke and has been from the start and the way he thinks he is not going to change any thing he does because he knows best. He won't take any advice from people who has been there before or his constituency. He does not care what those of us who put him there think. He refuses to have an open mind because once again in his mind he only knows best.

There is another way to show your disapointment. Go to the meetings and let them know but keep in mind the mayor will not let you talk if he doesn't like what you have to say. But by ordinance any public speaker has 3 minutes to say there piece. Don't let him fool you.

Anonymous said...

The Great Pumpkin himself wouldn’t be happier.

Just as he is able to rise out of the pumpkin patch and bring presents to the good girls and boys. The city magically is in the process of having all of the lights on the 63rd Street Bridge working prior to the spectacular lighting event that is planed later tonight.

If we could only get them to spread the magic of lights to all of the neighborhoods within our city what a brighter place this would be.

Until then may all the girls and boys from 1 – 99 be safe and happy actually await for the Great Pumpkin to bring joy to their neighborhoods too.

Andy Whiteman said...

I like the content of Raytown Times but my issue is it is NOT of general circulation. I rarely get a copy! I regard it as mainly editorial when candidates are involved.

3:08 PM, By ordinance each speaker at the BOA is allowed 5 minutes. A person who represents a group and so states is allowed 10 minutes. I have found that 5 minutes is a little over a page of legal sized typed 12 font. Expanded to 36 font so I can read it it comes to about 5 pages.

I can recall only one time that the Mayor became angry and engaged in a debate. Another time, the person was off topic namely the one way Willow and was stopped.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Great Pumpkin I hope you are not to disappoint that the only lights that got repaired are those on the 63rd Street Bridge. As tonight on my way downtown to the lighting ceremony I noticed that the lights on the Raytown Road Bridge are not working. It seems the 63rd Street Bridge was only an allusion that the city was taking positive steps to brighten our roadways.

For me this is just another example of mismanagement we have been forced to face over the past four years of David Bowers lack of leadership.

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Chinese restaurant in the former Taco Bell building just on the NW side of the Raytown Road Bridge has been repainted. I wonder if David Bower will ever notice as those of us like me that use this bridge that the public works department needs to paint their building.

How is our city going to improve its image and get business to invest in opening a location within our city limits if the city cannot first set the example for others to follow?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Whiteman,

I have reviewed the video of the Willow comments several times and the direction of speech by the former Alderman was not ever off topic as our mayor would like everyone to believe.

He was doing his best to clarify to Mayor and board of alderman that they keep allowing the city officials to make decisions without thinking them trough.

If this was not clearly the underlining issue with what occurred on Willow then sir you and I live in two different realms of reality.

This is just another demonstration by the Mayor that when he disagrees with what others have to say he will tune them out and shut their speeches down.

I don’t know about you but I sir live in America and we sir have a thing called freedom of speech. I might not agree with what others say, but when they are trying to make a productive point and not using inappropriate language who gives the Mayor or anyone else justification as too who they present their point.

Thank God for those of us who still believe in the Constitution of the United States and the first amendment.

Thank God that I as a member of the TEA Party am not alone in this fight to preserve the America we all love.

Sir you should be thankful for individuals like us that stand up and take America back from politicians like our Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a television in the admininstrative office area at Raytown City Hall. Yes, I have seen it on during business hours with city employees watching it instead of doing work.

Yes. It should be removed.

City Hall is a business office. Not a lounge.

I have been in a lot of city halls in the K.C. area. This abuse is unique to Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Blood Drive

Monday, Dec 13th
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Raytown Msonic Lodge
6309 Overton Ave
Raytown MO

For more information call (816) 210-8388

Andy Whiteman said...

8:34 AM,

I can only agree you and I live in two different realms of reality. I was at that meeting, not watching a video that may have been edited. First general public comments were heard. Then the topic of Willow was moved from the end of the agenda to after public comments due to the large number of people wanting to speak.

The agenda had it as a discussion item and I was surprised that anyone was allowed to speak. I expected people to speak during Public Comments. The speaking on Willow was clearly limited to the topic of the the one way Willow. Yes this is America and we have freedom of speach, but the former Alderman spoke on issues not related to the topic of Willow and I think the Mayor should have stoped him long before he did. If the former Alderman had spoken under Public Comments and not the Willow comments, I would agree with you that he has the right to speak and should not have been stopped. I didn't time anyone, but he "seemed" to be way over his alloted 5 minutes.

Andy Whiteman

James said...

The issue in Raytown is our Mayor.

His actions of being the town bully are unprofessional and not acceptable in civilized society.

I don’t know where he got the notion that bulling others was the only way to get ahead. However, after watching one to many displays of his anger it is clear I don’t want him representing me or my children as Mayor.

Raytown is a family community of church going people who love this city as much as they love their family.

It is time we have a kinder, friendly and honest person representing our us.

Red Star said...


1959 called. They said to come back anytime.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Times is not a paper of general distribution. So why is the School district and the city of Raytown spending tax dollars to advertise notices in it?

That way Mayor Bower and his buddies can make sure that warm and fuzzy stories are written about them through the next election.

The tax payer abuse is just one more reason that not only will I vote against anyone aligned with Bower. I will work hard to get them defeated.

Bower and his friends are not good for Raytown. T

Anonymous said...


The former Alderman was speaking for a group, which is clearly commented in the video both by him and the mayor. A group gets 10 mins and we was under the 10 mins.

8:34 was correct as I have seen the video which was taken from the feed of the actual taping of the meeting that is aired on cable.

There is no consperacy on this one.

Yes, the former Alderman could have used shorter examples to make the same point that the issue with Willow is much larger than Willow.

Again as 8:34 pointed out that is not for any of us to decide.

I have known our Mayor for years and I must say the office has either changed him or I am finally finding out what type of person he has been all along.

He neeeds to be the man he once was. He neeeds to find his family values again. Maybe that is the key he needs to give up publicly life and get back to those of us that know the old David.

That is something he has to work out on his own, but as 8:34 said taking away ones rights becasue you don't like how things are presented is wrong.

Dave, for that reason I unlike last time cannot support you running for Mayor. Your family and friends need the old guy back and not the flash of anger that we are see way to much of.

Anonymous said...

Inside sources say that the annual Police Breakfast for officers and their families has turned political with Marshall Lynch inviting all of his old cronies back for some "good ole boy" backslapping, handshaking, good time for his political supporters. Doesn't this sound like another Marshall that was voted out of office back in the 80's? Yes, you guessed it Marion Beeler. Lynch is behaving more like Beeler every day. Sounds like it's time for a change in this office also.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:38 PM, I don't understand your post. Please explain.
I wonder if it is a violation of any law to place a "legal notice" in the Raytown Times since the paper is not of general circulation and is not a legal newspaper which requires a Post Office 2nd Class mailing Permit. The work around may be that the Legal Notices are also published in the Red Star where no one can find them in such small print they are unreadable. Anyway publication the the Raytown times is a waste of taxpayer money and should be prosecuted as wasting taxpayer's money. I sure don't like my money wasted that way even if it is only a few dollars. I rarely receive a copy of the aforementioned paper. If I and everyone else could easily receive a copy, I would think it is a better place to publish legal notices. Still there is the issue of no 2nd class mailing permit.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If Lynch was sounding more like Beeler and doing more like beeler we would not have the crime that we have now in Raytown!!! Beeler would not put up with it.

Anonymous said...

Dec. 3, 11:15pm,

Amen to you I've been trying to tell the city that for years but we all know how that goes with this adminstration.