Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watch for new publication of the Raytown Report this weekend.

Following are the vote totals for the April 5th Election - City of Raytown and Raytown School Board.

100% REPORTING . . .

DAVID BOWER . . . 2574
ANWAR KHAN . . . 319

JOE CREAMER . . . 342
GREG WALTERS  . . . 280

JIM AZIERE . . . 549
JOHN JACOB  . . . 77
ROBBIE TUBBS . . . 153

DUANE BASHAM . . . 128

PAT ERTZ . . . 434


TERRY LANDERS . . . 2162
RICK MOORE . . . 1957
JEROME BARNES  . . . 1510
LEE MARTIN . . . 983
ERIC TEEMAN . . . 969

A Personal Note From Greg Walters . . .
The other day I was thinking about the political process and how it has changed. I am somewhat old fashioned, so I did my campaign the old fashioned way. I wore out a lot of shoe leather. If I did not catch you at home, then I was the one who left the brochure on your door.

I am a big believer that the best way to improve the future is to learn from mistakes of the past. I hope that message has come across during my campaign for Alderman in Ward 1.

These are tumultuous times in which we live. If you are at all hesitant about voting on Tuesday, consider this. In some parts of the world people are fighting and dying for the freedom that we enjoy each time we cast a vote.

Tuesday is Election Day. Please remind your family, friends and neighbors to celebrate our freedom by going to the polls and voting.

It's About Time!
The Raytown Report will carry up to the minute election results of the Raytown City and School Board on this page on Tuesday night.

Regular publication of The Raytown Report will be delayed this week until after the election.

As always, the Blog portion of the Raytown Report will remain active.

Every Picture
Tells a Story . .

Yes, I know winter is over. And I know that we are all sick of the cold, cloudy days that seem to go on forever.

The picture on the right was taken in late summer at Mount Ranier during a snow storm. The mountain stream shows that even the cloudy, wet days have a beauty of their own.

A promise to my readers. This will be the last winter picture on this page for a what I hope is a long, warm, summer.

A “Tax Incentive” Primer by Greg Walters

The following is a primer on how the alphabet soup of “tax incentives” has been used in Raytown and how it impacts the bottom line on tax revenue for the city.

PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENT: A property tax abatement “decreases” the amount of property tax paid by a business to locate and/or make improvements to its property. Two examples of a Property Tax Abatement in Raytown are Coldwell Banker (which has since gone out of business, but still receives the abatement) and a proposed Sav-A-Lot to be located at 63rd Street and Raytown Road.

The Raytown School District opposed the property tax abatement for Sav-A-Lot because of the financial drain it would Districts tax revenue. In fact, School Board members testified against the tax abatement for Sav-A-Lot in an open meeting of the Raytown Board of Aldermen. Despite the objections from the School District the Board of Aldermen approved the property tax abatement.

COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (CID): The CID tax as used in Raytown is a 1% sales tax. It has been approved for use by the City at the following projects: HyVee, Aldi’s, Sutherland Lumber, and the House of Pancakes. Once collected, the 1% sales tax is remitted to the owners of the property to pay for upgrades and improvements on the property. The city does not receive any part of the 1% CID sales tax.

At the locations listed above, the one percent CID tax raises the sales tax to 9.10% on non-grocery items.

LOANS: Last summer the Raytown Board of Aldermen “loaned” the developers of the ALDI grocery store $600,000 to build an Aldi’s at Gregory Boulevard and 350 Highway. The loan is to be repaid, one penny at a time, through sales tax revenue created by a CID Tax at the new store. Another loan of $200,000 was also approved for a restaurant (to be named at a later time) at the same location. It is estimated that it will take 12 years for the loan to be paid back to the city.

TAX INCREMENT FINANCING (TIF): Tax Increment Financing is used to “capture” the sales tax revenue to pay off TIF bond indebtedness. The city used a combination of TIF taxes and other special taxing districts to finance the construction of the entire Walmart complex. The Board of Aldermen voted to include what amounts to an additional payment to the debt retirement of the bonds that captures ALL of the sales tax revenue from the Walmart Store.

When issued, the estimated time for retirement of the TIF bonds was 23 years. The bonds can be paid off earlier, but in today’s economy, it is doubtful that will happen.

Walmart’s economic footprint is so large that it captures over 15% of the city’s sales tax revenue. That includes sales tax revenue that is supposed to be dedicated towards street maintenance and public safety.

The sales tax at the new Walmart Store on 350 Highway is 9.10% on non-food items.

The Bottom Line . . . The impact of the lost city revenue through “tax incentives” used to attract large footprint stores to a community are felt in many ways. You see it when . . .
  • An oil/rock slurry sealant is used in place of asphalt to overlay streets.
  • Funding for new streets lights are removed from the city’s budget.
  • The School District suffers from a drop in property tax revenue.
  • Taxes and fees at City Hall are raised but the revenue stream does not increase.
Will the CID’s, TIF’s, Loans and Tax Abatements create more money for the City? In the immediate future the answer is a definite no.

Will the tax incentives create more revenue in the long term? In the case of Walmart, not for at least 20 years. In the case of Sav-A-Lot, the City will realize an increase in revenue. The School District will lose revenue for the life of the tax abatement. In the other instances, the city should gain sales tax revenue once the stores are up and running.

Has the city acted wisely in its venture into the world of tax incentives? Not always. The city has rarely used sunset clauses for CID taxes. It would be a good idea for the City to set performance standards for the continued issuance of tax abatements.

The City needs to learn from its mistakes. Some will remember how the old Schnucks property tax abatement, which was later bought and transferred to HyVee, was given for an empty building for over ten years.

The recent shuttering of the Coldwell Banker offices in Downtown Raytown has (again) put the City in position of awarding tax incentives to the owner of an empty building.

If tax incentives must be used to attract businesses to Raytown, then let us at least be smart about how we write the deals. An eye toward prudence and performance would go a long way in making the economic picture in Raytown improve.

Self-Defense Smarts by Erin Whitehead
1 Comment
If you’ve never taken a self-defense class, it’s high time you get yourself enrolled. It seems like a very glass-half-empty thing to do, but I say better safe than sorry. I took a two-hour class a couple of years ago and had a great experience learning techniques to defend myself should the need arise. Top 5 Self-Defense Tips

1. Think like a predator. Predators prey on the weak. They watch and observe, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Start spotting signs of weakness that may make you a target. Walking while listening to your iPod or walking and texting are two distractions that might make you an easier target.

2. A weapon is not a weapon unless it is drawn. Don’t rely on anything in your purse to save you. All the mace in the world cannot help you if you have to fumble around your purse to find it. Attacks happen quickly, in a matter of seconds, so you must be prepared to use a weapon to defend yourself. Workshops such Stilettos and Self Defense™ can teach you how to use everyday items such as your cell phone as defense weapons.

3. Your body is a weapon. We were all born with very dangerous weapons. Our hands, elbows, knees and feet can all be deadly weapons if we know how to use them. Many women don’t even know how to make a proper fist, let alone deliver a fierce punch with it. Learning just the basic mechanics about your body can give you that edge to get out of harm’s way.

4. Know three main targets. Learn the three best targets on your attacker to put him down quickly or at least to give you enough time to get away. Eyeballs can be gruesome, but impairing an attacker’s vision can save your life. Striking your attacker’s throat can disable his breathing long enough for you to deliver a blow, and kicking a man in the groin is always your best bet to getting a man to his knees, literally.

5. Release your inner she-beast! Every woman has an inner power that can be tapped in the face of adversity. Sometimes this power is enough to avoid trouble in the first place by using your inner awareness or scare your attacker away with your extreme confidence and fire. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner she-beast in any dangerous situation! Stay safe out there, ladies! Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead jointly publish Fit Bottomed Girls. To read more of their thoughts on lifestyle choices and fitness go to Fit Bottomed Girls

Lock It or Lose it! by Lt. Wayne Wisner of the Raytown Police Department
 If you ask people what is the easiest way to prevent someone from stealing your things, most will respond "lock your doors," but surprisingly, most people don't even follow their own advice! Since October 1st, we've had twenty people report to that their cars were broken into and their property stolen. Not surprisingly, ten of those cars had been left unlocked! Locked or not, it can take a thief as little as thirty seconds to break into your car (or simply open the door) and steal a purse, Ipod or bag sitting in plain view. It takes only a moment to lock your door and only a little longer to take your items inside with you or put them in the trunk. Is it worth gaining that extra moment of time by not safeguarding your property when someone steals it?

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Anonymous said...

Although many of your concerns have merit, I have to question why one would need to have served on a board prior to seek the office of Mayor.

The reality of politics in Raytown or anyother places is only good old boys get appointed to server on these boards. If we therefore only elect from this sub-culture within our city we would be elected the same good old boy thinking that has and keeps holding Raytown back.

Example: Why doesn't the city run over to Noland Road? Because the good old boys could see to the future and the advantage to Raytown as a whole.

Today this say good old boy network has moved several individuals from city boards to elected officicals. Who could make a good deal for us taxpayers if they had to.

Example: The mayor was reported a forum with the residence of Wildwood Lake to state the city is not and will not for some time make any money form sales tax at Wal-Mart.

No, I believe to move our city forward we need good citizens to come forward that have no ties to city hall.

Anonymous said...

have to agree with that last post. Let's face it. The bunch up at city hall right now have not been doing a very good job of running our city.

Remember the 63rd Street Bridge and how it took FOREVER to build it?

How about when they raised our property taxes last year. My tax bill went up 15%!

I don't care who the candidate is. If they are in office now it is time for them to go.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Wal-Mart was paying their fair share of taxes would Raytown had to done the following:

1.)Increase property taxes by 13%

2.)Pushed the voters to pass a saftey sales tax

3.)Pushed the voters to renew the park tax.

Yes, with bright mind like we have for elected officials in Raytown it is no wonder we keep picking up the check.

It is time to stop this it is time to vote the incumbnants out of office.

VOTE April 5th like you pay check is going to be taken from you as with the leadership we have now it surely will be.

Andy Whiteman said...

How do I apply to get money from the city? Sounds like a cash cow!

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Hard to believe someone lives in Raytown for 30 years, never voted in a city election (assuming that to be true) and expects others to get their arse out and vote for him to be Mayor.

Just because people are dissatisfied with the incumbent doesn't mean that another person can do better. He could do worse!

I am voting for DAVID BOWER for Mayor.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Being on a Board or Committee does not mean that your are part of the Good Old Boy network. Yes, it does mean that the mayor appoints you but even if he/she does you should you should have enough backbone to stand up for what you think is right and not let anyone control your votes.

The only reason for attending meetings and being on boards is to learn how the city works before you jump head first into a job you are ill prepared to do. You are right, you don't have to be on any of these things but why wouldn't you want to be to gain a lot of knowledge you could use later. At least, go to the council meetings and learn something. This man does not want to learn anything that could help him do his job if he is elected. He has had a year, scratch that, 30 years, to prepare for this and has done nothing not even vote. He talks the big talk, about what he will do when he's elected but 90% of what he wants to do he has NO control over. Another thing he does not know is with out the board behind him he can't do anything. From what I saw the other night that's not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I think the point made by a previous post is that you almost have to be one of the Mayor's inner circle to get appointed to a Board or Commmission.

If you are an outsider interested in serving, forget about it.

If the Mayor was serious about opening up appointments to new people they would advertise the positions on the city Channel 7 or include a list of vacancies with the sewer billings.

By the way, Greg, thanks for the information on the different types of tax incentives being used in Raytown.

I live in Ward 2 and the incumbent city councilman does not seem to want to talk about it!

I wonder why.

Andy Whiteman said...

5:37PM, If you look for it there is an application for boards and commissions on the city website. If interested you could ask the Mayor. CH7 is not public notice. CH7 on my TV is blank because I am not rich and don't have money top waste on cable TV.

3 people on the poll voted they will NOT vote in the election. Are these 3 people on this blog complaining about city government? If so they should vote or shut up and lie down.

Anwar Khan made a political speech at the BOA about controlling crime in Raytown. He made the same statement at the RDA meeting. He appears to be clueless on many issues. Crime is a metro wide issue. How will he reduce crime? Take a look at the photo on
Will these people control crime in Raytown?

When the public brought forth the issue of juvenile crime in Raytown, the BOA under the leadership of Mayor David Bower and input from Chief Lynch took prompt action to remedy the issue. I commend Mr. Bower on his action. Please vote for DAVID BOWER for Mayor of Raytown. I feel he is the only choice.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am will aware of the application forms. But what is really needed is a notification of when there are vacancies.

Then those who are interested can apply in a timely manner.

Posting a generic application form on a website is not enough.

It is a half-step that takes you nowhere.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:17PM, I understand what you are saying, but I don't think it is done that way. You apply first. They look at your qualifications and based on your qualifications ask if you will serve. It is kind of like applying for a job. You apply and then are notified if and when a job is available.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

This election should be pretty simple.
Re-elect Mayor Bower, he is really the only
choice. Vote out everybody else.
Andy, I don't think a new person could do
any worse that this bunch has been.
Higher taxes, NO street overlays, safety tax
not being used as promised, codes violations
ignored, tax income given away, the taxpayers
money used to pay towards the Wal-Mart bonds
(over one point eight million so far) Promise
after promise not fulfilled. It's just too bad
there aren't more incumbents up for election.
Remember every dime the give away, every dime they
waste, every loan they make is your money! You
entrust them to used it wisely.....they haven't!
It's time to say good by to spenders and wasters.
Aziere and Melson have been nothing but yes men to
giving away and spending, as has been the rest.
They all are supposed to represent the people.
Ask yourself this when was the last time they
asked you for your opinion?.....NEVER!
I'm proud to sign my name to this post.
Pat Casady

Anonymous said...

Wrong Andy, way to often those in the mayor's inner circle are asked to fill out an application just before he makes the appointment.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that there will be different ballets this time. They (Jackson County Election Board) will be using us a "guinea pigs" of sort. I know I got something in the mail from them showing how it will work. I still am not sure who to vote for on mayor. Some here want to paint Bower as "a big evil Lurch" and a bully. On the other hand, the other guy does not really seem to know what is going on, although I did meet him when he was in the neighborhood. From what I have seen from most of you, there is a lot of negativity in and about Raytown. I have lived here all my life, and I would want to live no where else.

Andy Whiteman said...

It was said that Mr. Khan has NEVER voted in a city election even though he has been a resident 30 years! I listened to him at the RDA meeting and he sounded clueless in my opinion. DAVID BOWER is the only logical choice.

I can't agree with a new alderman candidate when asked if when campaigning someone complained about an unregistered sexual offender living nearby what he would do. His answer was that he depends on what the offense was. As far as I am concerned, the law is the law. If a judge an jury convicted a person, he/she is guilty and an alderman has no business granting an exception.

Pat, I agree a new person can be better but there are 2 on the ballot who won't get my vote. Quite honestly, in many cases I think a new person is a better choice but not in the case of the Mayor's office. In Ward 2, I support a new person, ROBBIE TUBBS.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

There really is no good choice for mayor this time around. Bower is a Republican, and his track record stinks so far, he does not have my vote. This Khan guy I feel that he was paid off to run to ensure that Bower could win the election, plus it seems that experience is lacking for both candidates. Looks like neither one gets a vote from me. I believe that it was planned this way to keep the voting down.

The only viable alternative is to do a write in campaign for Greg Walters because none of the candidates have proven to me that they can get the job done, yet Mr Walters can, and I refuse to vote for who is offered on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

If I was Mayor Bower I would at least be concerned. Kaun is getting out signs and doing robo calls. Bower has never knocked on my door. I don't like Kaun but can he be any worse than what we have? I believe this man is scary and clueless. If Bower gets back in we need to show up at city hall and speak about what is bother us and make him accountable to us the taxpayers, the ones who pay is salary every month.

Anonymous said...

At the last Board of Alerman meeting, they agreed to spend $30,000 to some outfit called Municipal Code Corporation. They will "recodification of the Raytown code o ordinances". The city's website says that's what the city clerk does. If we have to pay some out of town group to fix our codes, why do we need the city clerk? Once again, the board of alderman is wasteing our money. Vote them out!

Anonymous said...

I have been able to meet both Bower and Khan like many not impressed with either.

The one thing I can say about Mr Khan is he has yet to lie to us, raise our taxes, or give away tax dollars to large corporation.

Tax dollars that will not be paid back until 20 plus years later.

Yes, it is hard to understand someones speach when they talk about putting small business first.

Yes, it is clear to understand why he has not been on a city board when many have writen to this or other city publicantions that he is diffrent then us.

All I can say is the world has changed the cold war has ended and places throughout America celebrate their diversity.

It is time the good citizens of Raytown start to notice that Raytown is no longer the city of your grandparents and read the current census reports that prove it.

It is time to stop tax give aways at city hall and therefore it is time to elect Mr. Khan.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to the alderman forum at Reap. One thing struck me as very funny. Alderman Melson said she wasn't done asking questions yet. It is to bad she didn't understand the questions that were being asked.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday is my day for running errands in town. Today I was at one end of town to the other. I saw something that made me do a double take. Anwar has signs in a lot places where Alderman Joe Creamer and Alderman Jim Aziere have theirs. Does this mean that they are supporting Anwar for mayor?

Anonymous said...

I don't think he is much of a Republican, but if he were that would be a good reason to vote for him!

Anonymous said...

If you looked up in an encyclopedia, "How to kill a
town?" You would look up Raytown Missouri City Hall
2000 thru 2012.
In that article you would see how to raise taxes
without cause, how not to maintain streets as well
as now to waste taxpayer money without really
trying. It would outline how you could loan taxpayer
money to companies that have more money than Raytown
has ever had. You could learn how to finance a Walmart
and lose tax income for twenty years.
Then for City Hall to find out an answer to any question that a grade
school student would know, you hire an outside source to
tell builders how far back a house may sit from the street
at a cost of $50,000 or as of late how to "Recodeify" our codes
department again $30,000.
Then we have the politicians. Now there's a bunch of smart
people. Sonetimes I wonder if they have to called in the morning
to remind them to start breathing. This bunch of non-caring money spending
so and so's actually want to be elected again! I guess they feel
they haven't done enough damage yet.
Please someone vote these losers out.

Anonymous said...

We don't want or need Anwar Khan for mayor. Think before you vote. This man has all the questions but NO answers how to solve the problems. What we need to replace are the alderman. The only one I feel needs to stay is Pat Ertz. Please think before you vote.

Andy Whiteman said...

I notice Aziere's and Jacob's signs posted at the same home. What does that mean? Undecided?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The talk on the blog this week has me wondering how well of a job our mayor has done to celebrate Raytown’s diversity.

I know at one time he appointed an African American to the Board of Alderman and there are a couple of other African Americans that serve on boards that the mayor appoints people. This leaves a great void with several other groups of Americans that are part of Raytown’s diverse culture.

I wonder how many Hispanic Americans or Asian Americans he has appointed to any boards let alone the city has hired.

I wonder when others within our community are going to stop writing letters to the editor of the Raytown Times that sounds like something from the late 60’s that lead to great civil unrest across this nation. We need to stand up and take a stance against those that write this hate and those that publish it. It is one thing to disagree with someone’s principles, but to take issues with their speech because it is hard for you to understand is walking that thin line between acceptance and hate. Further more when any individual shows concern because two national groups are supporting someone when those two groups are of a specific race, we must be consider are we not listen to a race hater whose true agenda is to keep a White America.

This also has me questioning if our mayor shares these believes of this writer being his failure to appoint individuals to boards that represent the diversity of Raytown and how highly this writer has written about our mayor.

I have intentionally not signed my name for personal fear for my family and myself from those that still fly the flag of the confederate states and believe spreading hate is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous March 30, 2011 12:33 PM;

It would appear that you have a huge chip on your shoulder! We need unity in our community, you don't bring that about by "celebrating" differences (or
“diversity”, as you call it).

Electing people to office is done by votes of the people; anyone that is qualified can always present themselves as a candidate. All races of people are qualified to file for any office in our city.

People should never be appointed or hired for any position based on race (just in order to achieve your "diversity" or a quota); it instead should always be based on the person that can do the best job for that particular position. People of any race can apply for any position open within the city and will be fairly considered.

It is your kind of rhetoric that creates division and hate

Anonymous said...

White America???? Confederate States??? Give us all a break on the race card. If someone volunteers and is qualified as a candidate for a committee or elected office, then that is all that matters. Don't pull the race card and say that we as a people are 'owed' this for what your ancestors did to your ancestors in the past.... Lets put it all behind us and get along, without the race card.
And if no one is serving currently on a committee thus making it diverse, maybe no one stepped forward to volunteer for it.
I know that a lot of people didn't vote for Obama because of his race, which is wrong. He met the qualifications, and that is all that matters. People need to get over this issue, all races included.

A member of the Human Race.

Andy Whiteman said...

12:33 PM, sounds like you are suggesting reverse discrimination. In other words, pick a minority whether or not they are qualified. Every one chosen for any board should be QUALIFIED.

Sarge is extremely qualified. I am sure he was chosen based on qualifications, not race.

I notice 4 people in the poll will not vote. I wonder if they are also complaining about city government on this blog?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

My father is a friend of Pat Ertz, and we have his sign in our yard. On Saturday Khan had come by, and asked if he could put up a sign, saying that he knew Pat. Although my father and already voted (he is a poll judge), and voted for Bower, he told him to go ahead. Today he got a call from Pat, asking why there was a sign. He told my father that Khan has been doing that, and that Pat does not really know him that well. But evidently he is going around representing himself as a friend and had the support of people he does not. My vote had been decided.

Greg Walters said...

After reading the last post I thought it would be appropriate to comment on a similar situation in Ward 1.

I have noticed that Mr. Kahn's signs had been going up in the area. I also noted that there was an unusually high number of his signs going into yards that already had a sign in them. I checked with other candidates and learned they had noted the same.

For the record, I have not made an endorsement in the Mayor's race in Raytown. Nor do I plan to.

My concern and hope is in getting elected to the Raytown Board of Aldermen.

Mr. Ertz's comments are appropriate. I share his message.

Andy Whiteman said...

I know every Alderperson but not well enough that I could say that I "knew" them to solicit a favor from someone.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

know Mr. kahn very very will and I will not vote him. He does not know what the mayors job is about. If all of you who think he is better than Bower only because you are upset with Bower you are wrong. If you think it's bad now as I do just wait until Kahn is mayor. Even if I'm upset with Bower there's no way I will ever vote for Kahn I know him to will. This citywill be in a well of hurt if he becomes mayor. Please don't let him fool you but hold Bower accountable if he is elected.

Pat Casady said...

It never ceases to amaze me.
People will make a statement and when that
statement is about someone, a person they
will sign "Anonymous." Stating their fear
of retaliation. I have been writing either
on this blog or in the Raytown papers for
over fifteen years. Stating my feelings about
bad decisions from City Hall to how bad I think
a politician in Raytown is.
I have never been attacked, except by words and I can
tell you they don't hurt. There may be people that
won't use my business because of what I write.
That's their problem, not mine.
The city has never come after me. If you write
the truth, and say what you mean but, without taking
cheap shots or calling names, nobody should be
afraid to write or say what they feel and sign their
names to it.
Anonymous 12:33 sounds like he/she wants change in Raytown.
That may be a good thing but, I didn't see an "Anonymous"
running for office in Raytown.
I have been playing music for over fifty years. I have a
fellow band member that had the fortune to talk to the late Mr.
James Brown. He asked Mr.Brown why he didn't have any
white band members? Mr.Brown told him "Race don't make the man."
I have to agree.

Anonymous said...

LOL - This is Raytown, which is a fourth class city!!!

The Board of Alderman are who actually have the power.

The Mayors main job is to make sure the city ordinaces are enforeced, which does not happen in Raytown. This is why code viloations go unenforced or are only enforced on select individuals.

Now knowing what the Mayor should be doing why would you vote for a him!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous; March 30, 2011 5:24 PM. You stated; "I know that a lot of people didn't vote for Obama because of his race, which is wrong".

Fact is there were many more who voted for him because of his race than people who didn’t vote for him because of his race. That was wrong also!

Andy Whiteman said...

I like what O'Bummer had to say at first. Then I realized he was lying and voter for McCain. Race had nothing to do with it. If I didn't detect lies, he would have had my vote.

I haven't received robo calls from Mr. Khan. That may be because I refuse to provide my phone number when I register to vote. It would take them some work to look it up.

Greg, The winter pics look cooling in the summer.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

A note to Joe Creamer,


I received your lettter the other day about your tax increases. I see from the information on it that your taxes went up on your property in 2010.

So did mine.

What I cannot understand is how our taxes went up when our properties were devalued by Jackson County by 13%.

If our homes are not worth as much as they were the year before how can the tax on the devalued property go up?

Oh, that's right. You guys at City Hall held a special meeting on Friday night to increase the taxes up when our property was devalued!

Pretty sneaky, Joe.

Shame on you. If our property values go down. So should the taxes we pay on that property.

Andy Whiteman said...

I wasn't at the meeting in '10 because of a bad date but at the '09 meeting Jeremy Wilmoth used governement speak to state, "the mill levy is going up but the dollars taxes remain the same." Does that make sense? My property value goes down. I expect my taxes to go down. I can't follow their logic except the city doesn't want to get locked into a place where the can't raise taxes by state law.

The city taxes are very minimal. What really concerns me is the Dysfunctional School District. I wish people would check their tax bills! 75% of my property taxes go to schools! This is outrageous. How can anyone afford to live in Raytown? Taxes are outrageous and utilities are outrageous with the city getting something like 11% of the utility bills as franchise tax.

VOTERS: Please vote wisely for school board. This is where most of your tax dollars go. I can't believe there is nothing posted here about the school board candidates! When I questioned these canidates about the tax issue, not one could give a satisfactory answer. I wonder why no attention is paid to the school board election? They are the ones who are really ripping off the taxpayers! Please watch this board unless you are rich and don't object to HIGH taxes.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Please remind your friends in Kansas City MO to vote April 5th and put an end to this earning tax.

I work for a company with offices in Kanas city, who opened an office an office in Lee Summit a couple of years ago.

We all fought hard to justify who should be assigned to that office so we could save 1%.

Luckly the company look for to those who would be closest to the new office, which counted me in for this tax savings.

They then looked at those who didn't live in Kansas City.

It is nice that there are business who know the earning tax is just wrong for everyone.

Andy Whiteman said...

I used to work for AT&T in Lees Summit before they poisoned me and fired me because of my disability. They also have offices in KCMO. Some of my coworkers told me they transferred to Lees Summit from KCMO to avoid the e tax. I didn't have a choice. I was forced to go there and live in Raytown because of a short, easy drive to work.

Those who pay the e tax should have a vote! It is taxation without representation.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If businesses would pay people a living wage, no one would ever miss the 1% tax in KC.... people in KC spend 300-500 dollars on any given Sunday at a Chiefs game or any other day at the Royals game on getting drunk, eating food, parking, and tickets... which would equate to a 30,000.00-50,000.00/year job at 1%. Some people waste that sort of money on stupid stuff anyway. Want to kill the economy in KC, vote to end the tax. If you want to keep jobs going in KC, vote for the tax to continue. Don't listen to the rich bellyache about it like the multimillionaire business owner in central Missouri that wants to do away with it, and he has spent MILLIONS to do that.... why do you think that he has spent that kind of money to get rid of it... HE HAS AN POLITICAL AGENDA FOLKS!!!! BUSINESS ORIENTED!!!! FOR HIS OWN SELF BENEFIT!!!! Look him up, and check him out. Sinquefield is his last name.

Andy Whiteman said...

3:10AM, You have explained why I don't go to ANY game. It is a waste of money.

Businesses aren't going to pay a living wage because it takes away from profits. With the high property tax rates and high cost of utilities in this area people need more money to have a living wage. When I was working, I worked overtime, shift differential, 6 days, and holidays to have a living wage. I needed at least one 6 day a month just to pay the utilities.

Raytown is NOT an affordable place to live especially with 75% of property taxes going to Raytown Dysfunctional Schools and aproximately 11% combined franchise and sales tax on utility bills which are already outrageous without the tax.

BTW: The so called "windfall" from the phone companies was not a gift. It is being added to your phone bill if you read the bill which most people don't.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I submitted some comments a while back that would likely be viewed as critical of the school district. I supported my comments with rather eye-opening facts and stats, so the comments would not be viewed as just my opinions. I've never seen the comments posted and was wondering if my comments for some reason were never received by the blog author, or if the school district is viewed as a sacred cow and comments critical of the district will never be posted. If the latter is the case, I understand. I would appreciate a response from the blog author, just so I'll know whether to spend any time in the future to post comments concerning the district. Thanks.

Greg Walters said...

The message ahead of this post was originally sent to a post that was published on March 20th. I copied your post and re-published it on this week's stream of comments.

The stream of comments sent by readers is unique to each week's post. I suspect that you passed over the current week's post and unknowingly sent your comment to an earlier post.

It is easy to miss the COMMENTS button and to move to the next post without realizing it.

I have done this myself on occassion.

Please re-send your post to this week's comments and I will be happy to publish it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. The folks in Wildwood Lake are really pi$$ed! It seems “Witty” Whitman has endorsed both Bowers and Aziere and made it sound like the whole Wildwood community endorsed them too. Well, guess what? They didn’t. The word on the street is that they don’t even like Aziere. All he talks about is what he done. He can’t tell anybody what he goin to do. Bowers is buddies with Witty, but no one else. They think he’s a bully. Looks like Witty has some explain to do.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of weirdness in campaigns. Why on earth would anyone use what looks like a wedding picture in their political advertising?

Political campaigns are supposed to enlighten and explain. If all you have to offer is empty headed slogans and little more than soundbites you will not get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts, Greg.

YOu can be sure that I will be voting on Tuesday. I hope everyone who reads this blog does the same.

Anonymous said...

If as the supports of the earning tax have stated in their ads that 50% of the earnings tax comes from outside Kansas City shouldn't 50% of the Kansas City’s City Council.

This would give all of us who work in Kansas City some representation of how our money is spent.

It might also address some of the following issues that I have seem while traveling to and from work.

1.) Kansas City has had the cost of their trash service included in their taxes for years, but for years their citizens have just dumped trash throughout the city, which the city just never addresses.

2.) The streets compare to those seen in news clippings from the Middle East. The difference is the Middle East can explain the condition of their streets as a direct result of ongoing military conflicts.

3.) The traffic issues around the Gorge Brett Bridge when the Chiefs play or when a team like the Cardinals plays the Royals. This is when people think it is okay to block the intersection and the police who are present stand around and do nothing. Sure looks like a way to generate more taxes and address the issue at the same time, so why are they not missing tickets that they would any other time. I guess a cut in around 500 offices as the supports wouldn’t quite be if they would start doing their jobs!

4.) The number of water leaks, which leads to ice in the winter and further street issues year around.

5.) The number of vacant and dangerous properties that are allowed to remain standing and exposing harm to neighborhood children and property values.

It is time salaries at Kansas City’s City Hall are cut and it is time issues like I have mentioned above are address.

Yes, I might not live in Kansas City, but I pay taxes to you and it is time this 50% of the tax payers have a voice.

It is time you stop spending my taxes on foolish things like the Sprint Center.

I know I have been very vocal around the water cooler at work reminding my co-works in Kansas City to put an end this foolish earnings tax and instead contact their elected officials and get on them to fix up Kansas City and instead of keep letting it crumble because they spend our taxes foolishly.

Anonymous said...

Very good point that if 50% of the earnings tax is comming from other cities so should respresentation.

I bet those who would be on the board but not live in Kansas City would want the infrstructor fixed as that is what impacts them when in Kansas City.

Maybe if the tax passes those against it can get a bill through Jeffeson City that forces Kansas City and St Louis to have their city council be representative based on where their earning tax dollar are coming from.

Yes, for once Kansas City would have true voices wanting to improve the city for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday while working in my yard I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Khan. I was very surprised at how clear his speech actually was after reading the comments in The Raytown Times by Mrs. Whitman. He was very down to earth and friendly, which is a complete unlike what I have seen of Mayor Bower during Board of Alderman meetings.

I was surprised to see him out in my neighborhood as I have not seen anything of Mayor Bower this year nor four years ago. He told me he wanted to meet the people who would be electing him and share with them his concern about the crime in our city and the decrease in our property values.

He shared with me that he attended a candidate’s forum on April 22nd, but he was the only mayoral candidate in attendance. He couldn’t tell me where the mayor was or why he was not in attendance. This had me wondering what type of guy is Mayor Bower. I thought part of the job of elected officials was to get out and meet and answer questions from the people elected officials represent. I guess Mayor Bower doesn’t want to answer my questions about why he finds it necessary to yell at other elected officials and why nothing is done about the people in my neighborhood, who pile trash done about their yards, let their grass grow nearly three feet high and need to think about painting their house. If he would come to my house I would be more then happy to point out these issues as Mr. Khan took the time to walk the street with me and hear about how these fine neighbors sure are not helping my property value.

I know I am voting for Mr. Khan as it is time we have someone who is kind and wants to listen to the people of Raytown out the issues we see facing us.

Andy Whiteman said...

I just noticed the paragraph about locking doors Under Fit Bottomed Girls. Either it is new or I never noticed because I stop reading where FBG starts.

I lock all of my doors as a reflex action. I had an Raytown police officer here taking a report. When he was leaving, he was locked in because I had dead bolted my security storm door. He questioned why I locked the door when a police officer was inside? I have a routine and don't deviate or things will go wrong. My car and house doors are always locked except of the car when it is locked in the garage.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Raytown in its most recent APR met 11 of the 14 performance standards. That means our district is accredited, which is good, but consider this: school districts meeting at least 13 of the 14 performance standards qualify for our state’s Distinction in Performance award. This recognition is given yearly. Of the 522 school districts in Missouri, 360 received the Distinction in Performance recognition for 2010-2011 (That’s 69 % of the districts.) Our district was not one of the 360 to receive the recognition. That’s sad.

Sadder yet, the Distinction in Performance recognition has been given for 10 years starting in 2001-2002. Raytown has not received the recognition in even one of those ten years. Our district is one of only 50 districts never to receive the recognition, while 32 districts have received it in each of the 10 years, with 20 districts receiving it in nine of the 10 years and 45 districts receiving it in eight of the 10 years. And here we are, zero for 10.

Zero for 10. That, I’m afraid, leans more to the dysfunctional than the exceptional. Clearly, our kids are capable of doing better than that, and many, if not most of our teachers are better than that. So, who’s to blame? The buck stops with the board of education.

We need a school board that will demand change in our district and get for our children the quality of education they deserve and the quality of education our community is paying for. Most of the members of our current board are not focused on student achievement. If they were, our district would be among the 115 districts last year to increase the number of performance standards met by 1 or 2, or the 30 districts to increase the standards met by 3 to 5. But, they weren’t. And we’re not.

We need new board members who will recognize the need to improve, who will truly study the issues, and who will not rubberstamp whatever the administration puts before them. We don’t need board members who are just there to support the issues important to their friends and former colleagues in the district. We need a school board that will focus exclusively on doing what is best for our children and community. It doesn’t appear we have one now. Vote with change in mind.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor and I were talking about Tuesday's election. One thing we heard was the Joe Creamer was telling people how he had the sidewalks built on Blue Ridge.

We checked with another alderman we know and found out that joe is a little guiltyof stretchiing the truth.

The money for the sidewalks came from Washington DC. It was our share of President Obama's stimulus plan.

The sidewalks were built on Blue Ridge becasue the KCATA bus service runs along there. Not because Creamer said to build them there.

we are both wondering if this guy can tell the truth about anything!

He misleads about the tax increse he forced on us. He claims to be responsible for things he did not have anything to do with.

Shame on you Joe. Didn't your mother tell it was wrong to make up stories?

Anonymous said...

Anwar has listed his goals on his website. The following is a section taken DIRECTLY from the above address.

When I am elected our goals will be to:____________

* Reduce Crime

* Improve Public works and safety

* Insure Property Maintenance

* Improve Economy

* Obtain new sources of revenue

* Re-instill a since of community

* Increase Real Estate Values


Now here is my problem with these goals.

1) You list what the problems are. Everybody on this blog can identify the same problems. There is no solution given whatsoever.

2) And probably more importantly - you ENSURE property maintenance, you don't INSURE property maintenance. This can not be a typo as the E and the I are on opposite sides of the keyboard. This is either flat wrong or a poor job monitoring of a website. It is one thing for Greg to make a typo on this blog, but on something that represents the legitimacy of a campaign, it is poor poor management.

Bower isn't perfect. But his re-election will not be the disaster that comes with electing Anwar. AK is OK for Raytown? I say no way to AK.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder if any blog readers saw the hit piece Al Maddox put on Greg Walters in teh Ward 1 cmapaign?

Anonymous said...

Read the Al Maddox blog.

Al Maddox is typical of what is wrong with a lot of communities. He does not live in Raytown. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mr. Maddox is no different than the rich millionaires who live in Missioin Hills, Kansas. The are always sticking their noses into the business of Kansas City.

Maddox has not live in Raytown for many, many years. Understand he moved out shortly after a fire of mysterious origin destroyed his residence in Raytown.

I also recall when the tragedy of the fire occurred, Maddox and his cronies actually held a fundraiser to help him financially. The fact taht he was insured didn't deter him from trying for a handout.

Maddox is hte last person on earth who should run around making spurious charges about others.

Andy Whiteman said...

Obviously someone doesn't know the difference between ensure and insure. These sound alike words were addressed in 5th or 6th grade.

Let me point out Postal abbreviations:
Translation: "Alaska is Oklahoma for Raytown." That is how I read it and it is nonsense!

Agreed, Mr Khan states his goals, but NOT how he intends to achieve them. How will he fight crime? One of his photos shows a mob of people. Will this mob be his crime fighters?
I have an antique American Standard 4043 toilet needing repairs. My plumber claims he is unable to obtain parts and wants to sell me a new toilet for just under $1000. Since I am moving and selling my house "as is", I am not going to waste money on a new toilet. I called Wel-Don Plumbing in Raytown. They got the parts at Smith Brother's and did the job for a little over $100! Their hourly rate is lower than the other plumber. I recommend Wel-Don Plumbing.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Sorry, but Bower had four years to do what....


....Time for a change, Time for AK!


How can Bower be the answer if in four years crime is up, property values are down!

Tax give aways are up, and property maintance is down!

Bower is NOT mvoing Raytown in the right direction unless you like living in the GHETO!

Guess it is time for me to join others in move out of this city while I can still get something for my home.

Anonymous said...

I want to talk about poor manangement!!!

Poor management is the mayour and any other elected official that tells us what a great job the codes department head is doing to keep our neighborhoods clean

Please if you are going to get on this blog or anyother and talk about stuff make sure those you are talking great about are not the problem that we all are dealing with becasue they just will not enforce code violations and work to restore our property values.

Bower might have that lady from Wildwood Lake fooled and the person who said AK needs a plan, but after four years anyone that votes for Bower need to not complain about our crime and decrease property values.

I am voting AK becasue I want someoone who will listen to the people and not get mad and yell!

I am voting AK becasue it is time to fix Raytowns issues as saying how great our out of town department heads are doing just doesn't get the job done!

When you do the math it is clear We cannot aford Bower

Anonymous said...

AK is Okay!!!

AK will prove a new direction to four year old problems that Mayor Bower still doesnot have an answer as how to fix.

AK is Okay!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

Bower is the better choice for mayor. Khan appears to be clueless.

I am moving but not because of the government. My move is because of miserable climate, high utility rates, and high Dysfunctional School District taxes. Simply put, the climate is unhealthy and this area is too expensive to live in unless one is rich.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I got home to night and found in my mail that some guy in Kansas City is whating to tell me how to vote in Raytown.

Raytown doesn't need people from Kansas City telling us how to vote.

It got me so mad that I decided to work the to put an end to the etax in Kansas City.

When we put an end to this etax, I hope the fire fighters and police officers in KC take the time to thank there fine resident Al Madox for messing in Raytown, which has me and several others going to help him end the etax in KC.

Maybe next time the fire fighters and police officers in KC will ask Al Modox to stay out of Raytown politics being he doesn't live in Raytown.

Anonymous said...


So you never have gone by AW?

Please think about it AK stands for Anwar Khan and OK stands for Okay.

Not all of us work for the post office and by the way these days you put the street address and full nine digit zipcode on a first classs letter and it will find who you are sending it to.

Anonymous said...


Pat Casady said...

This town needs some major changes.
Major changes in how it uses, spends
and wastes taxpayer money.
Raytown needs to cut away the department heads
that are not doing their jobs.
Raytown also needs to get rid of the aldermen that
endorse the above. As I have said before, their
job is to represent the people not big business.
Their job is to use voted for, tax increases for
exactly what they promised they would be used for.
Nobody running to be re-elected has done any of this.
Ask yourself what this means? It means they either
don't know what they are doing or they have forgotten
what their job description is.
Raytown needs new people that will ask questions, not
be a yes machine just get out of a meeting as soon as
they can.
You also have to remember there are people out there
that are hangers on. Like Witty Whitman. She and Jim Zaire
were on the Charter commission for only one reason and one
reason only. To sabotage the whole thing. The were working
top impress the leaders of this town that didn't want the charter.
Which means they were not working for the people that
elected them do make the charter.
It's time for a change for the better in Raytown.
Ask your neighbors to vote too.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know when Traci Fann's term as judge expires?

That is a position where we need new blood.

As for today's election, and I'm sure both would disagree, but we need Bower as Mayor and Walters as Ward 1 Alderman.

These two men appear to despise one another and are as adversarial politically as it can get. This makes them perfect to serve together. We won't have continual unanimous votes. Issues will be fully thought out and discussed.

Here is my take on the current board.

Strong- VanBuskirk, Ertz
Mediocre -Mock,
Weak - Par Due, Lightfoot, Creamer, Melson, Aziere

We have a chance to vote out 60 percent of the weak today!

In regard to the school board:

Strong- Thode, Moore
Mediocre - Collins-Delarber, Landers
Weak - Tittle, Mack, Saulsbury

I encourage to retain Landers and Moore and add Barnes.


Show me one person that offers a city that has prospered over the past four years and I will show you a liar. Bower has had a number of struggles, absolutely. But he also has brought new businesses in without using ridiculous TIFs (please don't say Wal Mart because that was not Bower's deal) The economy is improving and he has re-built the administrative staff at City Hall. With AK as the only alternative, I say give Bower 4 more years. If things don't get better, hopefully a better candidate will emerge (Walters, Ertz, Thode, VanBuskirk)

Andy Whiteman said...

10:43PM, I don't use initials only and demand all documents be first initial (since I don't use my first name), middle name, last name. If I have to initial something, I use all 3 initials, not 2.

OK is an offensive term to me because it is used mainly by people trying to get me to agree with them. One of my employees always used the word "OK" at the end of sentences. I told him to stop because I will not be forced to agree. Maybe it was the way he talked but I found it offensive.

I feel AK is trying to force an agreement using the term OK. I do NOT agree with AK and he will not use his psychology to force an agreement!


Most people don't use a nine digit zip code. Since most of the time only 5 digit Zips are used on letterheads, bills, and business cards, I have to look the the 9 digit code so my bar coder will work when addressing an enevelope.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

The polls at RHS were difficult to find! The signs directing to the new site were not clear and confusing. I asked a janitor who was clueless but it wasn't his job to know. I ran into a couple of girls who gave me good directions. I notified a judge who said he would move the sign. I spoke with Robbie Tubbs about it and she said that explains why there were only a little over a 100 votes there. I wasn't going to let poor sign placement stop me from voting!

I wonder how many votes are really counted? They give you a little blue pin to color in a square. Is the blue ink dark enough? I am unable to color in anything very well so brought a black Pentel Rolling Writer. Others may want to do the same next time.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Ms. Fann's position as well as City Marshall should be on the ballot in 2 years.

The problem with Fann is no one wants to run against her. The requirements for running are:
1) be a licensed attorney
2) a Raytown resident

The last time did a write in for Michael Hannah because a vote for her is wasted. I know a write in vote is wasted too but either way it is wasted.

I doubt any GOOD attorney would run for that gob because a good attorney can make more in one month than the city pays the judge for a year!

I would like to see Ms. Fann's license to practice law. From what I have heard and observed, I find it difficult to believe she is an attorney.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Congratulations to the winners of yesterday's
election and a sad condolence to the rest of Raytown.
It would seem the voters and happy with their streets falling
apart. It would also appear they are happy with their
neighborhoods and the downtown area heading down hill.
But what the heck, they have a new Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee,
a new Aldi's going in and a new Ihop started.
Lower property values and higher taxes, and almost no
code enforcements. Life is good.......I guess.
Greg, I am so sorry you didn't make it in. I have learned
a lot from this and past elections in Raytown. If you ever
get back in you will need to spend and waste taxpayer money
to succeed. Never under any circumstance represent the the
people and small businesses of Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

In my opinion, on some races the liar will win if he can make people believe it. That is how Dictator O'Bummer was elected!

Greg, Since I am not the only one with difficulty finding the current COMMENTS link, have you thought of placing
under the link or at the top of your next post as a divider?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if all of the newly elected alderman show up at the city annual trash day to help. There are some who are faithful but there are more who never show. How about it guys? Are you going to man up and fulfill your duties as an alderman or just give the usual lip service and shirk your duty?

Anonymous said...

So sorry to see the results of this elecion. It just proves to me that no one is watching what they are doing. I'm so glad that I've already made the decision to move out of Raytown. I convinced now more that ever that the next four years will be even worse that the last four. Our nice little community has been totally destroyed by the Frank-Wenson and now Bower administrations. I only wonder how long it will be before they are begging Kansas City to take us over? But then, Al Maddox can meddle in politics where he actually lives.

Anonymous said...

Where in the city ordinances does it say you must be a licensed attorney to run for judge?

Anonymous said...

Don't let the screen door hit you Anon 7:01

Andy Whiteman said...

How does one get a pick up on clean up day? I have some downed branches and no way to transport them since I don't have a truck. A few years ago the city said to call the Sheppard Center which I did. The Sheppard Center told me they only pick up appliances.

If I have my yard mowed before April 30, I will ask my mowing person if he will take them. If not, they will sill be here.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What a stragne election. In Ward 1 you had a leading Republican, Mary Jane VanBuskirk working for Greg Walters, who just ran fro the county legislature as a Democrat.

On the other side you had Michael Downing, the senior Democratic Committeeman and self-annointed political guru running right winger Republican Joe Creamer's campaign for Alderman.

Will someone explain this picture to me?

Andy Whiteman said...

9:43PM, My father taught me to vote for the person, not the party. I support Greg Walters (D), Bower(R), whichever vanBuskirk(R) chooses to run Robbie Tubbs (unknown). City elections are non-partisan. I don't care what their party is as long as I like their views.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

2:56PM, Good question? I found:
Sec. 18-4. - Reserved.

Editor's note— Ordinance No. 4197-96, § 1, adopted August 20, 1996, repealed § 18-4. Formerly, such section pertained to qualifications of municipal judge and derived from Ord. No. 1925-78, § 1, 12-19-78.

Does this mean any idiot may run for judge?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

read the flyer Andy, they do not accept brush at the clean up day.

Pat Casady said...

I don't know Michael Downing but, I have heard he has
a deep dislike for Greg Walters. Personally I think he would
have served Raytown better if he had just kept to himself.
Helping Joe Creamer did nothing to move Raytown forward.
Please believe me when I say I appreciate what Randy
Battagler is doing with his weekly paper. But if Raytown
had a true "news paper" I believe the election would have
turned out differently. The average Raytown citizen doesn't
know some of the bonehead decisions this bunch of elected
officials has done or how much they have cost the taxpayers
of this great town. If the give aways, spending and waste
was watched and reported the people would have seen just
how inept most of the aldermen that were running for re-election
are and how they have wounded the financial structure of Raytown.
A "news paper" would keep after these elected people asking
hard questions like what happened to our street overlay tax?
What have you done to make our neighborhoods safer? While
we are at it what happened to that safety tax? Why did the
people's tax money go toward the building of Wal-Marts building
and parking lot and last but not least why do the taxpayers
have to pay for the Wal-Mart bonds when they didn't buy them
in the first place. Remember it's over $1,800,000.00 so far.
We have around ninteen more years on W-M's deal. This could end
up costing the taxpayers ten's of millions.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much that Downing is a democrat and cramer a republican. It is that their philosophies are so opposite.

Downing is a flaming liberal. There is not a left wing cause he does not embrace.

Creamer is so far right that he considers making everyone else breath cigarette smoke a Constitutional right!

Politics shure does make strange bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you folks should be looking at the state statues for qualifications for municipal judge. We are bound by the 4th class city state statues that govern us. Our wise elected leaders voted down that charter, a few years ago, that would have allowed Raytown to choose it's own destiny.

Anonymous said...

Andy, not sure where you got your information, but I know Mr. Van Buskirk and he didn't endorse Ms. Tubbs. The only candidates he openly campaigned for was; Bower, Ertz, and Lightfoot.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:38 AM, In my opinion, limbs aren't brush. If clean up day doesn't take it, whay is the purpose of clean up day? I thought that was what clean up day was for. Now it sounds useless to me.

If Raytown had a real newspaper, it would have an established circulation rather than requiring people to remember to pick it up in a haphazard manner. I have no way to pick it up due to disability. I can't afford or remember to make a weekly trip in search of a paper that may or may not be there. I know Randy is trying to cut costs by having no circulation but he still has 7 of my postage paid envelopes with 61 cents postage on each! Starting April 17, each will require 64 cents because the postage rate is going up. I am not goint to send him 3 cent stamps because he never used my envelopes. I am out $4.27 in postage, the cost of the envelopes, plus postage to send the envelopes to him. What a rip off. Maybe he doesn't really want his papers to be read or he is selective as to who he wants for reader(s).

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

That's why I asked Andy.

I no longer think Raytown requires an attorney as Judge. In all honesty, an attorney isn't needed to execute the duties of municipal judge.

I had considered running against her, but no longer think that I will. I hope somebody does though

Anonymous said...

I am aware that the election is over. But for my own peace of mind I want to know how does Anwar really spell his last name? On his blog he spelled it Khan but, in the phone book it is spelled Kahn. How was it spelled on the ballot? Do we have another Obama on our hands????

Andy Whiteman said...

I spoke with Teresa Henry, our city clerk. City ordinance does NOT state the qualifications of the muni judge because it is covered by state statue. It is

RSMO 497.020:

Municipal judges, selection, tenure, jurisdiction, qualifications, course of instruction.

479.020. 1. Any city, town or village, including those operating under a constitutional or special charter, may, and cities with a population of four hundred thousand or more shall, provide by ordinance or charter for the selection, tenure and compensation of a municipal judge or judges consistent with the provisions of this chapter who shall have original jurisdiction to hear and determine all violations against the ordinances of the municipality. The method of selection of municipal judges shall be provided by charter or ordinance. Each municipal judge shall be selected for a term of not less than two years as provided by charter or ordinance.

2. Except where prohibited by charter or ordinance, the municipal judge may be a part-time judge and may serve as municipal judge in more than one municipality.

3. No person shall serve as a municipal judge of any municipality with a population of seven thousand five hundred or more or of any municipality in a county of the first class with a charter form of government unless the person is licensed to practice law in this state unless, prior to January 2, 1979, such person has served as municipal judge of that same municipality for at least two years.

4. Notwithstanding any other statute, a municipal judge need not be a resident of the municipality or of the circuit in which the municipal judge serves except where ordinance or charter provides otherwise. Municipal judges shall be residents of Missouri.

5. Judges selected under the provisions of this section shall be municipal judges of the circuit court and shall be divisions of the circuit court of the circuit in which the municipality, or major geographical portion thereof, is located. The judges of these municipal divisions shall be subject to the rules of the circuit court which are not inconsistent with the rules of the supreme court. The presiding judge of the circuit shall have general administrative authority over the judges and court personnel of the municipal divisions within the circuit.

6. No municipal judge shall hold any other office in the municipality which the municipal judge serves as judge. The compensation of any municipal judge and other court personnel shall not be dependent in any way upon the number of cases tried, the number of guilty verdicts reached or the amount of fines imposed or collected.

7. Municipal judges shall be at least twenty-one years of age. No person shall serve as municipal judge after that person has reached that person's seventy-fifth birthday.

8. Within six months after selection for the position, each municipal judge who is not licensed to practice law in this state shall satisfactorily complete the course of instruction for municipal judges prescribed by the supreme court. The state courts administrator shall certify to the supreme court the names of those judges who satisfactorily complete the prescribed course. If a municipal judge fails to complete satisfactorily the prescribed course within six months after the municipal judge's selection as municipal judge, the municipal judge's office shall be deemed vacant and such person shall not thereafter be permitted to serve as a municipal judge, nor shall any compensation thereafter be paid to such person for serving as municipal judge.

Andy Whiteman said...

I verified the state statue verbally with Teresa and a muni judge is required to be an attorney. I also posted that above.

I hauled the branches from the front yard to the curb in preparation for pick up. This afternoon, I hauled the branches from the back yard to the curb and discovered the big pile gone. If someone on this blog picked them up, I thank you.

I think Khan is a name that is easy to misspell. I did it myself and spell check corrected me. There is a possibility that when Mr. Khan called to start is phone service, the person taking the order spelled it wrong. Since my name is unusual and many misspell it, I always spell it to another person. Mr. Khan spells it Khan. At least that is on his website and brochure. I questioned him about his similarity to Dictator O'Bummer as community organizer. He stated that I didn't read correctly. He is the Democratic Asian organizer. BY the time I checked his web site, it was changed.

9:34 AM, I didn't state who Mr. vanBuskirk endorsed. My statement was about who I endorsed.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I agree completely