Sunday, March 25, 2012

Whoops!!! We messed up -- or did we? BY GREG WALTERS

A number of our readers have noted that our announcement of Raytown Clean Up Day had the wrong date on it when we first published. We have since corrected the error.

Some may wonder how such an error could have happened.

As most readers know, Paul Livius reports specifically on City Council meetings. Last week's report mentioned the Annual Raytown Clean Up Day. Since it is an annual event that truly benefits the community, I pulled the copy from Paul's report and made it our lead story. However, Paul had not included the date of the event. I asked Paul about the date and he did a Google search to confirm. He found an announcement from the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce regarding the event . . . here is the link Raytown Clean Up Day

As it turns out, the link is from last year's event! However, it is posted on the Chamber's Calendar of Events page without reference to the year. Guess we can put this in the problem solved category.

There is more . . . I asked Paul why he had not gone to the city's website to confirm the date. He did, but said there is no mention of Raytown Clean Up Day on the city's website. 

Our search did turn up something else.

Last year's Clean Up Day was free of charge. This year's event has some pretty pricey fees associated with it (see the list in the next story). The city has also increased its list of non acceptable items to nine. Last last year it was six.

The lack of effective notification, the institution of fees and the increased prohibition on what items can be dropped off is not going to encourage increased participation.

The comment traffic on the blog portion (and poll) of the Raytown Report indicates an honest desire by people who want the Raytown Clean Up Day expanded and improved. 

This is a unique opportunity for members of the Raytown Board of Aldermen give direction to City Hall in response to the needs of the public. By stepping up to this challenge Board members can help improve the city's image, help people clean out their clutter and possibly even create some pride in our community.

Expand the hours, reduce or eliminate the high fees, and be heroes in the community.

If they step up the real winners will be those who make Raytown their home. The ball is in their court. Let's see what they do with it.

Raytown Clean Up Day
WHEN: Saturday, May 5, 2012 -- from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.
WHERE: Super Splash, 5330 Raytown Road
The list of accepted items is numerous, so the items NOT accepted:
No Tire’s mounted on Rims
No large truck or tractor tires
No Hazardous Waste (Oil, Antifreeze, etc.)
No Paint
No Yard Waste (Brush or Leaves)
No large construction debris
No shingles

  • Cars $5
  • Small Truck/ Minivan/ Sm. Trailer $10
  • Full Size Truck/ Trailer / Van $15
  • Large Truck / Trailer $20
  • Box Van / Dump Truck / Trailer > 16’ $40
  • Appliances with Freon Only** $35 (**DO NOT CUT LINES; any appliance without compressors will be charged the appliance rate)
  • Car Tires 16” & smaller $3
  • Truck Tires 17”; larger $10
  • Auto batteries Free

 This Weeks Poll Question:
Last year we took some stuff to the Raytown Clean-up Day drop-off location. Actually, it would be more accurate to say we attempted to drop some stuff off. The line was so long that we finally decided to find another way to get rid of our junk. Which caused us to wonder. Is the 7 1/2 hours really long enough for the number of people who show up with junk to get rid of? Don't get us wrong. We think the Raytown Clean- up event is a good idea. As its popularity grows perhaps the city should look at ways to expand the service.  We note that they already have a fee schedule that looks like it is covering the expense of the event. Check out this week's poll question and let us know what you think!

Paul Livius
The Paul Livius Report BY PAUL LIVIUS
Work Session – March 20, 2012
In 2011, the City received a Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant in the amount of $483,750.00 for construction of Phase 1 streetscape improvements in the Raytown Central Business District (CBD). Following receipt of that grant, the Board of Aldermen approved a Professional Services Agreement with the consulting firm Confluence for the design of the Central Business District Streetscape. In addition, a Steering Committee comprised primarily of CBD business and property owners was formed to work with the city’s consultants and city staff in developing the proposed streetscape design.

The Steering Committee has met several times with the consultant to develop a streetscape plan for 63rd Street between the 63rd Street bridge over the Rock Island rail line; Blue Ridge Boulevard from 59th Street to 63rd Street and Raytown Road between 63rd Street and Railroad Street. In addition, the final design for Phase 1 of the streetscape improvements, which includes improvements to 63rd Street between Raytown Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard, have been developed in conjunction with the Steering Committee.

Representatives from the City’s consulting firm, Confluence, is presenting the proposed streetscape plan that has been developed for Phase 1 by the Steering Committee at the March 20th Work Session and is available to answer questions. In order to comply with the required funding requirements, the final design plans for Phase 1 streetscape improvements must be submitted to the Missouri Department of Transportation by the end of April for their review and approval.

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – March 20, 2012
Pat Jackson, of Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church gave the invocation.
  •  Andy Whiteman thanked the Board for the 6:00 pm secret meeting.  He said it was in violation of the Open Meetings Law.  He told the Board he read in the Raytown Report that the Street Scape meetings are held from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.  This is too early for residents to attend.  He speculates the reason is because department heads don’t live in the city.  They have already worked their eight hours and want to go home.  He suggested the city require department heads live in Raytown.  If the City can’t, or won’t, he suggested department heads hours be changed so they work from 12 noon to 9:00pm so they can be in the city and have meetings at a time when residents can attend.  He read in the Raytown Report that Richard Tush observed the illegal posting of signs and notified the Raytown police.  Unfortunately, the sign posters had left the area by the time the police arrived.  He asked why the city can’t send a letter on City letterhead to the code violators and demand the signs be removed in 10 days.
Mayor Bower said Raytown celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club members are the heartbeat of the City.  He also said the Easter Eggstravaganza will be held on April 7 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Greenspace. 
  • The Board approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of sixteen workstations from Dell Marketing in an amount not to exceed $20,700.00. Police Chief Jim Lynch told the Board the computer equipment is rotated every 4-5 years.
  • The Board appointed Senior Accountant Briana Burrichter as the city representative on the Raytown 350 Community Improvement District board of directors.
  • The Board approved an ordinance authorizing and approving a service agreement and a disconnect/reconnect sewer service agreement with the Raytown Water Company.  Alderman Ertz recused himself, stating his company has a contract with a similar company.   Mahesh Sharma told the Board that on March 19, 1996 the City of Raytown and Raytown Water Company entered into a Service Agreement provided for by Missouri Statute in which the City was to reimburse the Water Company for certain services including the connection and disconnection of water service during regular hours, late hours, and other charges; and, on May 8, 1997 an Addendum to the Contract providing for disconnection of water service for delinquent sewer accounts. Now the Raytown Water Department has requested a review and creation of a new reimbursement schedule in the Disconnect and Service Contract and charges submitted to provide them reimbursement for actual costs incurred by the Raytown Water Company in providing disconnect and reconnect services during regular and after regular office hours and fees for pulling, setting, and unlocking of meters. Mr. Sharma told the Board if a resident is delinquent on their sewer bill, but current on their water bill, the water can be shut off.
For a list of proposed fee changes, go to page 15 Sanitary Sewer Rate Fees

Paul, Romney Supporters Carry Jackson County and St Louis Caucuses BY HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH, ASSOCIATED PRESS
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ron Paul supporters picked the majority of delegates Saturday during caucuses in Jackson County and the city of St. Louis as the state's complicated selection process continued.
Party officials said Ron Paul supporters picked all 36 of the St. Louis delegates and about two-thirds of Jackson County's 179 delegates. The remaining Jackson County delegates support Mitt Romney. READ MORE

Greg Walters
Worth Reading! BY GREG WALTERS
There is a most interesting debate going on between someone named Lee and a couple of anonymous bloggers on the blog portion of the Raytown Report. Normally, the blog portion of the Raytown Report would change to a "clean" page of posts with the new edition. 

But I have found these posts intriguing  and believe the merit sharing. So I have copied those posts and a very timely post about the upcoming Independence Property Tax Increase on the April 3rd Ballot to this weeks posts.

To view those comments go to the end of this week's page and click on the word comments.

Many of our regular readers know that Andy Whiteman attends nearly every Raytown City Council meeting. His posts are often full of interesting information about what transpires at the twice a month meetings of the Council.

I noted an interesting suggestion that Mr. Whiteman made during the last meeting of the City Council.

Mr. Whiteman believes that the City's practice of holding public meetings during daytime hours is contrary to the Missouri Sunshine Law. We agree. Public meetings held during the daytime are in direct conflict with the spirit of the Missouri Sunshine Laws regarding open meetings.

At the last meeting Mr. Whiteman reiterated that Department Heads need to live within the city limits. He went on to say if the City Council can't or will not force Department Heads to live in the city, then they need to change Department Head working hours to noon until nine in the evening so that they will be available to hold meetings at times convenient to the public.

Good idea, Andy. At the very least, all "official meetings" regarding Raytown city business should be taped and re-broadcast at times convenient to the public.

Speaking of broadcasting . . . We wonder if City Hall has picked up on the idea of broadcasting its meetings on AT&T's U-Verse. You would think that a governmental body that claims to support transparency in government would jump at the chance to offer this service to the public.

All’s Fair In Love and Workouts BY JENN
We may not do well running side by side, but we do make a good backpacking team!

Why are you reading about dude-related stuff? Because it’s Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week, that’s why! Click here for all the special posts, and please share with the guys in your life! 

True story: It took my husband (also known as “my Fit Bottomed Dude“) and me 11 years to be able to work out together. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. Eleven freakin’ years.

And let me tell you, we tried everything. At first, things would stick. We’d start a weight-lifting routine and go to the gym together. Or commit to running three times a week side-by-side. Or, we’d get up early to do yoga or shoot hoops before work. I’d drag him to my Spin class—and even when I was teaching it—he wasn’t a fan. (The boy does NOT like traditional group ex.) READ MORE

 To post a comment on this blog click on the word comments on the line directly below this sentence.


Anonymous said...

Voting fraud:
non-citizens voting in Florida (and I assume other states.):

Marjain Breitenbach said...

Independence Property Tax

The snake oil salesmen are back again. They have a new colored bottle with a new label. Open the bottle and you find the same foul smelling substance another new tax. Nothing has changed. Just another tax that goes into the general fund. The snake oil salesmen have pulled out all stops. I find it repulsive the amount of money spent from the general fund to inform us how bad we need this tax. They have spent all their money and desperately need more of our hard earned money. They have found a fertile market in the people who want better police protection. People who desperately want to feel safer. Many people are buying into the new label. They want a better police department and will grasp at anything to get it. We are being promised a goldmine, But we will probably just end up with the shaft. I know it is hard to predict the future. The best way I know is to look to the past and see the direction the wind is blowing. Looking in our past the officials are pros at turning our hard earned dollars into bonds. Which is another way of saying spend all you can we will worry about paying for it later. I for one can not justify giving the fox a key to the hen house. But then I am old fashioned and think you should try and spend within your means. Vote no on April 3rd.

Lee said...

That article on algae is nothing more than a thinly veiled partisan attack. And it doesn't even discuss algae, it merely mentions it twice in the middle of a rant on energy policy.

Where to even start.....

Keystone, lets look at the facts. There is already a pipeline that runs from the Alberta oil fields through Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas to Oklahoma refineries. The new pipeline will start in the same place and run through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and then connect to an existing pipeline to the same Oklahoma refineries, over top of the Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska. And then connect the Oklahoma refineries with the Gulf Coast so that it can be easily exported. This is NOT about increasing supplies or lowering prices in the US, our problem is lack of refining capacity and special fuel blends. (btw Pat, that is probably why your country fuel is cheaper than KC metro fuel. The metro area is on a special blend to reduce smog.) This is about getting Canadian oil to market. The problem is that they don't want to properly assess the risks to an aquifer that provides 30% of the water used in US agriculture. It also provides 82% of the water for people living in Nebraska, western Kansas, western Oklahoma, and northwestern Texas. This aquifer is VERY important to the American economy, and it is considered a 'shallow aquifer', meaning that it is easily contaminated by ground water. Should the pipeline have a leak, it could contaminate the aquifer. The consequences would be like dumping the oil in the Missouri river. We need to leave the risk assessment to science and stop using it as a political wedge.

While Keystone might create a few construction jobs, it will likely only add a handful of long term jobs.

And in the end, there is some doubt whether the extra pipeline capacity is even needed.

Other points in the article discuss US drilling. The author contends that the current administration is against drilling. Consider this, the biggest problem we face right now is our national debt. All exploration and drilling in contention is on Federal 'land'. The Federal gov't issues leases for off shore exploration and drilling and drilling on public land. When a lease is granted the Federal gov't gets a royalty on all oil extracted. Nobody is going to turn down additional funds in the treasury. You can look directly at BP for the extra scrutiny on issuing leases.

If our sewage system was managed by the oil industry we would all have cesspools in our yards. Because building a coordinated sewer system is hard.

I could go on, but you never know when blogger is going to chop a post. But if you want to discuss another way to lower energy dependance on foreign countries, kill the CRP program (mostly a welfare program for ADM anyway) that pays farmers to take cropland out of production for years. Instead, give them an incentive to grow soybeans and hemp and use those feedstocks to produce biodiesel. It's a much more efficient system that Ethanol production and an unmodified diesel engine can run 100% biodiesel or even 100% vegetable oil with a few modifications.

Diesel engines are also less complicated and more efficient than gasoline engines.

Anonymous said...

Talk about misleading! Those parts of the pipeline NOT being built are not being built because our President specifically ordered them not to be built.

Those very small sections that are built are not under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Yes, state governments, closer to the people and more in touch with reality than the royalty in Washington DC recognize the need to become independent of foreign energy sources.

Don't buy into the liberal nonsense spouted by apologists for President Obama. He knows exactly what he did.In true Obama style, he did exactly what he wanted to despite the facts.

Lee said...

Misleading? Do you understand the facts? He didn't 'order it not to be built', he vetoed a bill that would have required 60 day fast-tracking the decision about whether it is safe to build. The decision is scheduled to be made next year (2013) after the environmental impact study is complete.

And if a pipeline crosses a state line, or attaches to a pipeline that crosses a state line, then the Federal government holds jurisdiction over permitting and operation through the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution. The existing pipeline not only crosses state lines, but it also crosses the US/Canadian border. Just like the proposed one.

Oh, and BTW, the President did order the permitting of the southern portion of the pipeline to be fast-tracked. You know, the part that doesn't have the possibility to turn Nebraska and western Kansas into a contaminated wasteland.

I know it's in vogue to blame the entire controversy on the current president, but you need to ask yourself then; why does the (R) Governor of Nebraska and both Nebraska Senators (R&D) oppose the pipeline going any where near the aquifer?

Anonymous said...

you meean after the election Lee?
Also after all the eco freaks cast the vote for Obama.
It will be approved then.

Funny all those promises close this end that civilian courts.
Its funny what happens when you get in office and get all the real information in your daily security brief. Not just what your handlers gave you for talking points.

Anonymous said...

Who is kidding who? The environmental study has been going on for three years! This President is bad news for country economically. Especially on the area of energy independence.

He has blinders on when it comes to using the resources of the earth. What would you do? Leave it in the ground? What is the point? So that you can pursue energy sources that are so inefficient that even with huge government subsidies they go broke?

This President is the worst kind of leader. He will encourage class warfare. He will punish success in the name of equality.

Here is a typical Obama ploy. He publicly espouses reasonable energy prices. Yet he appoints a man to head up the policy end of the federal government who has publicly stated he wants America to pay the same for gasoline as do Europeans -- about $10 a gallon.

Face it. This guy, our President, is not good for America.

Bring us another!

Anonymous said...

Please make Raytown Clean-up days a 2 day event. When you have to wait in line for hours, you can only make one trip. This is not helpful as most people have smaller trucks and cars and must make 2 or more trips to clean out years of junk and clutter.

Pat Casady said...

Doesn't it seem funny that the biggest
contributor to the ecologists is the middle
east? They don't want us to pump our own
We could probably keep any leaks from happing
if the USA still had any steel manufacturing
companies here. How can we trust Japanese steel?
Chinese steel is even worse. But what the hey,
as a Wal-Mart frame of mind who cares, it's cheaper.
But, if you really want to point the finger at
somebody, might I suggest the oil companies. They don't
want cheap energy in the United States. It would cut
into their hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars a
quarter profits.
I don't blame our so called president for our lack of
drilling for our own oil. I blame the oil companies.
I guess I blame him for listing to them.
My last comment or question is, When was the last time
any president did anything to make your life easier,
better or make you proud?

Anonymous said...

O'Bomba has declared himself Dictator! He must be voted out 11/2/12 if we have an election.

Anonymous said...

How true is this today? Wow. What an insight this man had so many years ago. Unreal.

Do you remember the famous ABC radio news commentator Paul Harvey?
Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations nationwide.
The following commentary was broadcast 47 years ago.... April 3, 1965.
I hope you will listen to this. It's short...less than 3 minutes.
Notice especially what he said in 7 seconds, from 1:57 to 2:04 in the broadcast.

PS. The Republicans are already waring against themselves!

Andy Whiteman
Good Day

Anonymous said...

Andy - you rock!!!!!!!!!

Great idea having the department heads change their hours. The Mayor is being bullied by the department heads and won't make them live here. Fine, then change their hours and have them available for meetings when real people can go.

Thanks, Andy. Keep the good ideas coming.

Umbriago said...

I don't come here to read about national politics. Is there any way commenters could stick to Raytown topics? And could the moderators please keep the commenters in line?

Seriously, Andy: Go check out if you want to discuss national politics. The folks there are right up your alley!

Anonymous said...

You need to get the date right on the clean up day. It is May 5, not April 30. April 30 is a Monday.

Greg Walters said...

Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The change has been made.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the chatter about national politics. I think it is interesting to hear what people around here have to say about what they think.

Face it, some of the topics in Raytown can be boring.

I agree with the writer who asks that Raytown Clean up days be extended. It is very frustrating to have to wait for hours in line to unload the trunk of your car.

I think more people would take advantage of the service if the city would give us the opportunity.

Maybe some of our Aldermen could talk about this at a meeting. That would be refreshing. I can remember other boards who were not afraid to jump into topics like this because it would help so many people out.

The big payoff would be a cleaner city.

Anonymous said...

As to the hours of Clean Up Day, last year Beth Linn said they kept a count of use by hour and the last 2 hours there were few or NONE dumping. That is why the time was cut back.

I think it is good to clean up the community but I question the charges. A car is $5. What size of car? Full size, miniature, sub miniature? The fees are not specific.

Why would someone pay $5 or more and wait in line when they could simply put it in the trash? The only benefit is things the trash people won't or shouldn't take such as batteries and/or tires, etc. Anything I want to get rid of I put out for the trash collector.

Umbriago, I used to share your opinion but our elected officials are either Democrats or Republicans and overall national perspective gives insite towards their thought processes. I have many post on my Face Book page about national stuff.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

because Raytown talk is boring and everybody is to PC correct to fix any real problems here.

Anonymous said...

I do not know about the last two hours of last year's clean-up day. I do know that I pulled out of line after waiting 45 minutes to dump off my stuff. And I was not the only one to do so.

Could it be that people were simply frustrated with the long wait times?

The Super Splash location is a terrible place to use as a collection point. It has a choke point at the bridge entering the property which encourages long wait times.

I think the city could do a better job of promoting the program.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I mistated myself. I said that LAST YEAR Beth Linn said that they kept a count of clean up traffic and the last 2 hours had few or NO dumpers. Obviously last year's statement would apply to the previous year. I should have stated myself more clearly.

Isn't it logical that in a city where meetings take place during day hours so the department heads aren't inconvienced that Clean Up Day Should take place on a weekday? I never noticed the error since these people don't work Saturdays.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53am

Your right about Super splash being a horrible place to have the clean up drop off. Why can't they hold it on the green space? There's plenty of room and they can set up better traffic patterns.

Anonymous said...

I received an email from Mahesh that the BOA has waived the $5 fee on cars.

The Green Space is not a good place for Clean Up Day because the grass will be torn up and filled with ruts. I suggest the front parking lot at City Hall, RHS, or any other parking lot. These are paved areas with easy access that can be cleaned up before Monday.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

How about the old HyVee Parking lot? It has tons of room, easy access from 350 Highway, Blue Ridge and 67th Street.

It would also bring good exposure to our new Sutherland Store as well!

Anonymous said...

Greg, I was thinking that too but since I have not been there, I am unaware if Sutherland's is using that lot or if the dumping would block access. I know another Sutherland's store that has quite a bit of stuff outside and parking lots tend to be a location to sell trees, shrubbery, outdoor gear, etc.

Maybe Sutherland's and Hy-Vee should be asked if they are interested and for permission. I think you are correct, an event such as this will draw traffic to the store or at least notify the public that it is there. I am sure the dumpers may stop at Denny's after dumping. A win-win situation for all.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I hate to tell you all this but,
the "Green Space" is already torn
up and prople keep driving on it
and trashing it up. People seem to
want to throw their beer cans and wine bottles all over that space.
I wish the police would do something
about the drinkers and late night
and early morining parties that go on in that Green Space.
Not a day goes by that I don't have to pick up broken beer bottles and cans.

Anonymous said...

Good to read that the $5.00 fee on cars has been removed. It would be better to see it in an official announcement from City Hall. Though I doubt they would post on this blog. I am told they read the RR and especially the posts on the blog but will not officially admit the site exists.

Very strange behavior for adults!

I think the old HyVee - Sutherland location makes a lot of sense too. The HyVee portion of the lot is not used by Suttherlands and there is tons of open space.

Anonymous said...

Will the city pay to repair the parking lot at the old HyVee when it is damaged by the trucks moving the dumpsters? I don't think that is a good idea.

I also don't think Sutherlands would appreciate a constant line of vehicles blocking access to their store.

Why can't the location be at the dump area on Raytown Road south of the city?

Lee said...

I vote for using Walmart's new parking lot. After all, we paid for it. :-)

BTW, on the not local news front, and in line with the topic of Drill Baby, Drill, did anyone see that Total petroleum has lost control of a natural gas well on their Elgin North Sea platform? It has put a nice sheen on the surrounding water (all the pretty colors), and is being compared by some to the Deepwater Horizon. The platform was evacuated Saturday out of fear that there would be an explosion. Remember, BP downplayed the seriousness in the early days too. Estimates are that it could take 6 months to stop the gas leak.

Anonymous said...

Many cities have hours set for using parks. The Green Space, for example, could have signs, "PARK CLOSED 10PM to 8AM." Any one there could be cited for trespassing.

5:56AM There are 3 forms of communication in Raytown:
1) Telephone
2) Tele-woman
3) Raytown Report
The plain fact is the Socialist Fascist Fief wants to operate in secret. I have battled them for over 8 years over no notice of meetings, meetings too early, secret meetings, etc.

The Raytown Report is really the only dependable source of news about City Government. Greg and Paul are 99.9% accurate. I have to sort fact from fiction on the unsigned posts.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You guys have not figure it out yet.

I bet the owners of the old HyVee property were never even approached about using their empty lot as a collection place for Raytown Clean Up Day.

City Hall does not want the Clean Up Day to be very successful. They make no tax dollars on it.

That is why the use the Super Splash location. It slows down the dump off process. It requires fewer employees to run. Which in turn saves them money.

Does it really look like they are trying to run a hugely successful operation on Clean Up Day.

An honest person would say no.

Anonymous said...

Just think the City could save $$$$ by cancelling Clean Up Day altogether and not makeing the department heads come from their homes out wonder on a Saturday.

Frankly, I don't see understand the purpose of the event because I can set what I have out for the trash collector rather than hauling it to the city's site at a time that is too early for me. People pay for trash collection and could very well use that service. Much ado about nothing!

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

You wrote the following:
"This is a unique opportunity for members of the Raytown Board of Aldermen give direction to City Hall in response to the needs of the public. By stepping up to this challenge Board members can help improve the city's image, help people clean out their clutter and possibly even create some pride in our community.
Expand the hours, reduce or eliminate the high fees, and be heroes in the community.
If they step up the real winners will be those who make Raytown their home. The ball is in their court. Let's see what they do with it."

If your name was Mr. or Ms Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, IHOP or
Aldis you might have a chance of the board stepping
up to help you. But, since that's not the case nothing
will ever change in this town. Good people become leaders
of this town and when they take the oathe..they lose their
minds. All of a sudden they care not for what the people
need or want.

Anonymous said...


Very funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Pat, I agree. Walmart has a huge parking lot, much of which is unused; as does the closed Hy-Vee. City Hall has a a parking lot unused on weekends. I know you weren't at the last BOA meeting but the 6PM Secret Meeting ran into overtime and I heard part of it and also had a discussion with an Alderperson. Last year the fees were waived. There was a large quantity of trucks and trailers bringing trash. Even though Raytown ID was presented, there was an opinion that much of this was NOT from Raytown. In addition to creating a long wait, all of this trash ran up the cost to the City. I feel the cost should be born by the the individual dumpers, not the taxpayers of Raytown.

I feel the City's fee schedule is too vague and have forwarded the following suggestion to city staff: "The city I am moving to has a "Convenience Center" for dumping over sized trash and vegetation. They weigh the loads and allow a set amount of dumping per month. There is a charge over a certain amount.

I suggest that the fees would be more fair to both the city and to the citizens if you had scales to weigh vehicles as they come and go and charge by weight."

In fact the city convenience center where I am going is year round not just one day a year. The primary intention is for dumping items that won't fit into or will over residential trash bins since the bins are shared with at least one other neighbor.

Anon 5:44 PM, When I was a kid there were 3 forms of communication:
1) Telephone
2) Telegraph
3) Tele-Woman

We no longer have telegraph.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If the city really wanted a city wide cleanup we would all be able to set things out at the street and they would be picked up.

Many do not have a way to get the items down to Super Splash and as others have pointed out the long lines only allow for one trip.

Let us face it, our city’s image has gone downhill every year under Bower's leadership.

Other cities have curbside pickup to encourage full cleanup of property, but in Raytown we pay multiple individuals to be reactive to code violations.

Where is the progress in that back woods thinking!

Anonymous said...

9:32PM, Raytown has curbside pick up. It is called Trash Haulers. Having a one day clean up requiring people to haul trash to a city chosen location seems like a waste of time, money, and gas to me. I put my trash out for the hauler and don't waste my time trying to take it to a city location during my nap time.

Andy Whiteman

At least I Get It said...


Try getting out and seeing the world sometime.

You would find that other cities do a once a year curbside pickup.

You would find that other cities do one time neighborhood pickup, by placing a dumpster within the neighborhood and reminding those living in it to get things cleaned up or codes would pay them a visit.

Both of these are proactive ways to improve the image of those cities and both have been brought to the attention of our Mayor more than once.

You are correct that everyone should have trash service, but if you would ever take the time to go and attend one of the city clean ups you would learn the items that show up are not the normal items the trash haulers will pick up.

It could be part of the issue is in Raytown we don't have a single trash hauler, which is the thanks of the good old boys at city hall who work hard every day to find more and more ways to suck or tax dollars from us.

I know I must be just thinking silly that it is actually the job of those at city hall to help keep our city presentable and livable while keeping it all affordable.

Until that time we will just keep passing along our tax dollars to private business helping them increase their profits while they increase cost of their products to us and lessen the benefits to their employees. Maybe the 99% will wake up and identify those who are really stealing us blind.

Anonymous said...

Raytown is the only city I have lived in with a so called Clean Up Day. I have never heard of it before I lived in Raytown; therefore, it is unique to me.
6:04 PM You have a valid point about people taking things to cleanup that trash haulers won't or shouldn't pick up. But there are other options: For example batteries are returned to the parts store for a core charge refund or Auto Zone will install it for you free. Furniture, etc. can be donated to charity and the charity will usually pick up. I have also seen furniture at curbside with a "FREE" sign on it. sometimes people will take it. Also there are classified ads of people willing to haul stuff away.

Andy Whiteman

At Least I Get It said...


I agree there other solutions at times for items that are no longer wanted by the current owner, but one of the furniture I have seen at the streets in Raytown should just be burned. Now in to be fair I cannot say what the condition of it was when it went to the curb. I often wonder why the city cleanup couldn’t be in the summer where the school district could work with REAP to collect the items and sell at rock bottom prices and help fund programs supported by REAP. This also lessens the burden on landfills.

As for the signs that say free, I have seen others move things along faster by putting the item at the curb with a sign that said $50 only to find the item gone in the next day. It seems that many are more likely to take that item off your hand when they believe it is worth something to the owner and that the owner shouldn't have left it at the curb unwatched.

In regards to the cities that do offer a curb side city cleanup program actually end up picking up very little and even less now that hard times have hit. Many people will drive around looking for items to take home and call their own or for items they can recycle to make a little money.

When the grandparent-in-laws and mother-in-law were still alive we would go down to the small town where they lived and help them go through stuff each year. Before we would leave late on Sunday evening seventy-five percent of the stuff was gone. Their city also would do the project ward by ward with a ward a week assigned for cleanup. This way the regular city employees would take care of the disposal with no additional impact to the city. The home owners did have to separate the stuff by category and had some items they could not set out, but it was always a very productive program and helped keep the little town clean.

Over the years, many have continued to complain about our city’s inability to keep our city clean and attractive. Instead of doing something to address the issue the fine folks at city hall complain that the complainers on this blog are just negative people. In a time when bulling is no longer socially acceptable it is sad that our elected official would rather bully those who own and write on this blog then address the issues brought up on this blog or in any other forum. Until those at city hall start acknowledging that in Raytown we have issues with properties that need to be cleaned up our city officials is no better than an alcoholic who cannot admit they have a drinking problem.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous At Least I Get It,
I agree Clean Up could be a fund raiser for REAP. Some of the stuff being dumped is worth keeping (to someone.) One man's trash is another man's treasure.

A friend moved away from Raytown a few years ago. He set some really nice stuff on the curb with a FREE sign. I wasn't interested because I live in a miniature house and have no room for it.

When I lived in Colorado, the guy behind me set out an old desk. I needed a computer desk so asked for a price. It was free and he delivered it because I had no way to move it. Also a neighbor in CO had a garage sale and what didn't sell was set stuff out for the trash. I picked up a cassette storage file. Didn't want to spend money, but when it was free, it was worth picking up.

One City Official told me the he won't read the blog because many entries are unsigned. Another official actually made a comment about something I wrote, so either he read it or someone is reading and reporting. Doesn't matter how but messages sometimes get through. Also I know Alderpeople who read this blog because they want to KNOW what the people are thinking so obviously they see value to this blog.

EVERYONE PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE ON TUESDAY FOR SCHOOL BOARD. Remember these are the people who spend 69% of our personal property tax dollars.

Andy Whiteman