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Police: Raytown truck thief dead after shooting, crash FROM KSHB-TV NEWS

RAYTOWN, Mo. - Raytown Police said a truck owner shot and killed a man who was reportedly trying to steal the owner’s vehicle.

Police said they were called to 59th and Elm at 5:13 a.m., on a report of shots fired and an accident. Police said they found a man dead in a pickup truck that had struck a fence. Police said the man was apparently in his 20s.

$35,300 RAISED

Call for a Legal Defense Fund 

Consideration is on the table for filing a lawsuit against the City of Raytown. The Board of Alderman’s (BOA) approval of Wal-Mart’s application for their own Planned Zoning Overlay District denied the public’s rights to due process guaranteed by the Fifth and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. Federal and state courts throughout the nation have upheld these rights in rezoning cases.

  • Fifth Amendment protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure.
  • 14th Amendment Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness.

Rezoning Process

The BOA approved the rezoning district based on a simple site plan that didn’t even include landscaping details. Initially, the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZ) should’ve received a complete comprehensive plan that included public sentiments as well as impact, traffic, economic and environmental studies, all of which must be considered and evaluated in order to make a recommendation. These studies are imperative to determining whether or not rezoning will deprive persons of life, liberty or property. Imagine rezoning to industrial without impact studies.

Illegal and Unconstitutional

Wal-Mart representatives explained to PZ Commissioners that Wal-Mart did not want to spend the money on studies until they had the rezoning district. City staff then misled PZ commissioners into the illegal process of evaluating a rezoning request based only on a simple site plan. City staff threatened commissioners with exposure to a lawsuit if their vote was not based on design standards. To its credit, PZ did not recommend the rezoning district – but for the wrong reasons. The impact of operating hours and monument signs was only a tiny fraction of the big picture.

This illegal zoning process expedited the rezoning application to the BOA of which seven alderman are experienced and should be well acquainted with due process in  rezoning matters. The BOA proceeded with the process that was a total waste of taxpayer resources. Its May 7th and May 21st meetings became a three-ring circus with the mayor as its ringmaster where Creamer, Ertz, Lightfoot, Melson, Mock and Van Buskirk jumped through hoops to justify to the public their decision to vote for the rezoning.

Call for a Legal Defense Fund

There is short period of time from the signing of the new zoning ordinance to file a lawsuit for lack of due process. City staff are purposely withholding information that should be made available to the public according to Missouri Sunshine laws. Former mayor, Sue Frank, requested documents on May 10th and has yet to receive any portion of her request as of this date.

Litigation to fight city with the backing of Wal-Mart is extremely expensive. We’ve already received pledges towards our goal but your help is needed to make certain we can see it through.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would support this legal action. Your monetary donation would be tax deductible and cash, check, money order, and credit card accepted. Making monthly payments could be an option.

EMAIL US with your pledge and your commitment to volunteer to raise funds and awareness.

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Raytown Times Has It All Wrong BY GREG WALTERS
Everyone reading this sentence knows that Raytown Board of Aldermen approve the zoning application of Walmart for a grocery store in Downtown Raytown. Most are aware the meetings were packed with Raytowners. And that the vast majority of those in attendance were opposed to the deal.

So, it is understandable that supporters of the Walmart proposition would be having a little victory dance. Many of them are. In last week’s Raytown Times there was a front page press release speaking in glowing terms of the “the store would jump start downtown and get it revitalized”.

Not really the stuff of honest news reporting. But when you hand over your front page to someone else to write for you, I guess you hand over what is to be said.

Randy Battagler has it all Wrong . . .

The editorial portion of the Times has a different tune. In his column, Randy’s Reflections, the owner/editor of the Times, Randy Battagler aims his sights at the one good decision the Board of Aldermen made last Tuesday night. That “good decision” was a motion adopted by the Board of Aldermen in an 8 to 2 vote to limit the retail hours of the Walmart Store from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

The motion, which was made by Ward 1 Alderman Josh Greene made a lot of sense. In his motion Greene explained that the near proximity of five local watering holes (we used to call them “bars”) necessitated the need for closing hours to dissuade folks from taking their party to the Walmart parking lot.

A quick check of police reports show that the area known as the “Green Space”, especially along its southern border, is frequently used as an impromptu party location by local revelers.

Business owners along 63rd Street and Raytown Road will tell you they frequently have to clean up the empty beer cans and bottles left behind from the previous night’s parties.

But that is not the only valid argument for a closing time of 10:00 p.m.

Battagler complains that HyVee and the Walmart on 350 Highway operate a 24 hour schedule, so, he wonders, why not Downtown?

According to a report given by City Planner John Benson, grocery stores in Raytown similar in size and the type of neighborhood as the Walmart proposed store also have closing times of 10:00 p.m.

Therein lies the difference. The two mega-stores are located on Raytown’s busiest thoroughfare, State Highway 350. Both are in the middle of Raytown’s most intensive retail/commercial strip of property.

It makes sense for them to be open all hours.

The Downtown Walmart store is located in the middle of a residential area. That residentially zoned property extends from the Downtown area unabated to the east and west city limits. It stretches for miles of residential to housing to the south and north as well.

The decision by the Board of Aldermen to maintain the integrity and quality of life of those neighborhoods surrounding the Downtown Walmart was not a new issue. It had been discussed at both meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission and both meetings held by the Board of Aldermen.

Clearly, the decision by the Board of Aldermen to limit the hours of operation until 10:00 p.m. was the correct decision.

The majority of the Board of Aldermen got it right.

Mr. Battagler and those two members of the Board who voted “no” (Joe Creamer and Charlotte Melson) have got it all wrong.

Early Closing Hours not Limited to Downtown Walmart
The operating hours of a Downtown Walmart grocery store is not the only retail operation to have its hours limited by the Board of Aldermen.

Two months ago the Board gave its approval to a license for a tattoo parlor in Downtown Raytown. Part of that agreement restricted retail operation of the tattoo parlor from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Mr. Battagler was in attendance at the meeting when the special zoning was approved with the 9:00 p.m. closing time. Battagler was also in attendance at the meeting during the Walmart hearings when the fact was brought up again.

Guess he should take better notes!

The Last Word . . .
In “Randy’s Reflections” Battagler also makes a fuss about Quick Trip being open 24 hours. Perhaps he should check again. The Quick Trip located at Blue Ridge and 63rd Street closes at 11:00 p.m. In fact, it is the only Quick Trip in the metropolitan area that does NOT operate 24 hours.

The reason?

The corporate office decided to close the store during the early morning hours because it was becoming a place to hang out after local drinking establishments closed for the evening.

Finally, the last argument from Battagler is the one that holds the least amount of water. He wrote that “no one tells me the hours I can work”.

That is true.

However, even Randy must be aware that he does not have 60,000 square feet of parking space at his home/office for new found friends to come and hang out at after hours -- along with the convenience of a grocery/liquor store known to sell its goodies at the best price in town.

From time to time, the Raytown Board of Aldermen have taken some hard knocks for their decisions.

On the issues of operating hours at the Downtown Walmart they got it right.

We should all call our elected officials and thank them for making the right decision on the operating hours of the Downtown Raytown Walmart.

Mr. Battagler does not write without a purpose. Look for the Mayor and the two “no votes” (Creamer and Melson) to try to resurrect this issue in the weeks ahead.

Trouble at Colman Park BY PAUL LIVIUS

Jim DeLong likes to take his bird dog on walks in the park. His home is near Colman Park on 59th Street and the trails are nice and hilly for good brisk walk in the evening.

Usually the walk is a pleasant experience. Last Friday night is was not.

“The park was pretty crowded Friday night,” said DeLong.
A 30 year neighbor of the park, DeLong recognized some of the warning signs of trouble brewing at the park that night. The talking out loud, use of profanity and racial slurs was prevalent.

Concerned at what he saw the developing in the park, he called the police. The dispatcher told him that all of the officers were busy and that they would send one as soon as one was available.

Five minutes later three shots rang out near the left field area of the ballpark. They were immediately followed by five more shots near the maintenance building. Within five minutes of the gunplay, eight police cars arrived on the scene. By then, the park was nearly empty. Almost all of the estimated people at the park had left the scene. All the Raytown Police could do was pick up the empty 4o caliber shell casings left on the ground.

Was anyone shot? No one knows. If someone was hit by a bullet they were gone by time the police arrived.

Since he lives near the park, DeLong is very familiar with the activity that goes on. During the daytime, the park is pretty peaceful, with families enjoying picnics, and day care centers frequently bring their youngsters over for a safe, healthy environment to enjoy the outdoors.
In the evening, when the softball leagues are playing, the park maintains the healthy, fun filled atmosphere.

But on those nights when the leagues do not play trouble often comes with the sunset.

DeLong tells of another instance when some teenagers were running around shooting at people with paintball guns. It does not take much imagination the tragedy that could unfold from such activity.

DeLong remarked, “if I am walking with my wife and she is hit by a paint ball and I see red spreading down her shirt, I can assure you she will not be the only on hurt that evening.”

He continued that he was "disappointed" by the response of the police department in the paint ball incident. The officer who responded refused to get out of the police car and investigate what was going on despite the fact they heard the paint ball gun being fired in the near distance. According to DeLong, a police report was never filed on the incident.

"There was not any attempt to secure our safety or pursue the juvenile delinquents," said DeLong.

Residents around the park and those who walk their dogs early tell of a darker side to the nighttime activity.

Park goers tell of walking on the trails early in the morning to find couples performing sex acts on playground equipment, on park tables and on the sloping hills of the park.

Colman Park is not the exception in Raytown Parks. Other parks in Raytown are experiencing the same activity. Kritzer Park, with its isolated location, is reported to be exceptionally bad.

Times are changing, and unfortunately sometimes not for the best. If the police are stretched so thin that they cannot adequately patrol the parks, then city officials should look to other solutions.

Jackson County “gates” their parks at sundown. So do many private businesses and churches in the area.

A similar solution would work in Raytown.

People familiar with the parks note that if a car cannot come into the park late at night,  most of the illegal activity would end. It is also believed that much of the illegal activity is not from Raytowners, but from people driving to Raytown to party.

The plus side is in the evening the parks would become a  safer, more neighborhood friendly environment, and return them to an asset for our community instead of a detriment. 

This is the type of issue that the Park Board and the Raytown Board of Aldermen should jointly tackle. Sweeping the problem under the carpet will not do.

One year ago it was paint ball guns. Last Friday night their were multiple shots fired. What will the next incident bring?

 They are Back and They Are Ugly!

That's right. The illegal posting of signs on telephone poles is back. This year's version is as ugly as last years. If you see the sign pictured on the left please call city hall at 737-6000 and tell them there is an illegally posted sign at the location.

The signs went up last about a week ago. Hopefully, the city Code Enforcement will see them and remove the blight from our streets.

Work Out Plan and a  FREE AP! BY ERIN
I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I get to the gym, and it’s like it’s the first time I’ve exercised in my life. My mind goes blank. I struggle to come up with exercises I can do—never mind a comprehensive workout that makes any sense at all. It’s a sort of workout-amnesia, and if I don’t… Continue reading

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Anonymous said...
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Chris Rathbone said...

I think It's great the board voted to limit the hours to 10pm, but I don't think it will really matter in the end. Walmart may agree to the reduced hours for now, but what's to stop them staying open as long as they want once they get their building and parking lot built? All they have to do is threaten to pull out and leave that property vacant if we restrict their hours, and our hands will be tied at that point. The majority of the board will fold and allow them to do whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

John, I heard the same thing from some of the Raytown Police. They claim the fire dept can no longer talk to anyone in Raytown by walkie talkie. Also if you live on the edge of town you might have to wait 8 minutes for a Kansas City truck because Raytown fire will no be responding. The next time Raytown fire wants more money maybe they should ask Kansas City.
Raytona Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

Let us join their fight and get them to join ours!


KCPS Repurposing Office will be discussing recent proposal changes, soliciting community feedback, and reviewing next steps for the Bingham site.

Thursday, June 13, 2013 @ 5:30pm
Keystone Church in Waldo
406 W 74th St, KCMO 64114

To recap:

1. Proposal came in to sell Bingham to Walmart for a new Walmart Neighborhood Market. Many people did not approve.

2. Waldo Area Business Association has written a letter of support to move forward with a decision, regardless of what it is, in order to get rid of the blighted building. They didn't outright say they wanted Bingham sold to Walmart, but they DO want progress so if it means selling to Walmart, then so be it.

3. Tower Homes Association has not made an official statement due to the many issues that came up between their member base. Some are opposed to certain PARTS of the proposal and some are completely against Walmart.

4. There was a meeting between WABA, THA, the Repurposing Committee and Walmart to go over, in fine detail, the many issues that were raised to see if Walmart could address those concerns.

5. This last meeting will be Walmart's newly revised proposal with all of the neighborhood's concerns addressed to some extent.


We really need a great turnout at this meeting. If you have been on the fence about this situation, then you'll really want to go to this meeting to see what they have to say.

There will probably be NO MORE community meetings to garner input so this is the time we've been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Everything changes in the morning. With no one talking open about the big changes. When we call for help we will be dealing with Kansas City from now on. This will not be good for Raytown. Most of the city officials are doing all they can to bring in another Walmart in and now all our calls for the Fire Department will need to go through K.C. This is not a Chicken Little Story. This is just sad news that I have been told.

Anonymous said...

KCMO Dispatching for Raytown Fire is one of the best things to happen to Raytown in years!

The negative Nancy needs to check into what the facts are and stop just running her mouth.

1.) KCMO Dispatch allows for mutual aid, which is a great plus for all of us.

2.) Raytown Dispatch was given a negative mark last year for not having enough dispatchers, which caused all of us not to get a break on our home owners insurance rates.

3.) Raytown Dispatch is part of the problem in Raytown not the solution as indicated in the piece this week from the issue in the park. Yes, there is more to the story that would have everyone in Raytown marching on city hall and its less then professional dispatchers.

4.) Raytown Dispatch wants to disagree with people when they call about issues that they actually have an issue in their neighborhood. Keep in mind our department heads do not live in Raytown so does the dispatch members, which might explain why they don't understand how we the citizens of Raytown known when something is out of place.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the buyer of ugly homes now wants to sell them! Interest is going up so he/she may have a difficult time unless the sale is to "those people".

Is there something wrong with the repeater if the firemen can't use their walkie talkies? A technician needs to be called. KCMO had that same issue when they went to a new radio system about 15 years ago.

Maybe it is time for a fire sale! Just saying.

I always considered the Raytown Times as well as its predecessor to be 95% editorial content!

Andy Whiteman

Robert Palmer, President Raytown Fire Protection District said...

I'm glad you are making comments, but if you can't sign your name, you don't count. The Raytown Fire District is doing what is best for the taxpayers, if your have a concern contact us or sign your name. Please educate yourself on the truth.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Robert Palmer It's my understanding all the calls that Raytown Fire Department now gets needs to go through K.C. starting today. Is that not true? I did post my name on the blog when I sent it in. I think the Raytown Fire Department does a GREAT JOB for all of us. I have the donut shop in town and everyone respects how hard the Fire Department works. Maybe you could tell us why this changed. Thank You for blogging with us.

Anonymous said...

Where has the common sense gone in Raytown?
The first Wal-Mart killed off at least twenty businesses back
in the sixties. The second killed off more than thirty small businesses
in Raytown. Both brought with them crime and undesirable people.
Along with lowering property values and tying up police time.
You and I know our city leaders know this but, they insist on doing
the exact opposite of what the people wanted. Are they really
that Hell bent of killing off this town? I guess so.
I own a business on Raytown Road and the back of my business
faces the “green area.”
I invite any city leader to meet me on a Monday morning to help
me clean up broken beer bottles and McDonalds sacks before I can
back into my drive.
I’m sure it will get better after the new store goes in, because these
people will have a bigger parking lot to throw their bottles and listen to them
break on the new blacktop.

I will sign this Pat Casady now because I can't log in for some reason.

Anonymous said...

No Andy, the fire dept cannot talk to anyone in Raytown because they are on a different radio system now. They can however talk to the Kansas City Airport should the need arise.

As for the 10:35 Anon

1) Raytown has had mutual aid for 30 years with KC, also with Lee's Summit and Independence. So why change.

2) Raytown fire was also given a negative mark for not having enough personnel. However, the top three insurers State Farm, All State, and Shelter to not use that system for rates, so that is really much to do about nothing.

3) What problems, what park, what issue. I do not see how adding a third call taker to the mix will help with any issue.

4) What are you talking about. I am sure a KC dispatcher will care more about a call in Raytown.

Finally, Mr Palmer
Why so secretive if this is such a great thing. Your fire chief has not said word one of this to the public and I am guessing you were hoping this will go unnoticed. Well you guessed wrong and now it is out and public. I am calling on anyone who calls the fire department for help and has issues with them getting to you to come on here and share your experience. The arrogance of the Fire Board and the fire chief should not be allowed to continue.

Matt Mace said...

Raytown, MO, On Monday June 3, 2013 the Raytown Fire Protection District began to be dispatched by the Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD) 911 call center. Items of improvement for the community include:
• Real-time GPS monitoring of fire apparatus, which ensures the closest available unit responds in the shortest amount of time.
• Allows for a dedicated dispatcher throughout a fire incident
• Allows for the simultaneous alerting of both Raytown Fire and KCFD units when responding to incidents. This means when a call for a house fire comes in all responding units are alerted at the same time through a single point of contact.
“For the citizens of Raytown this change should be completely transparent. Anytime a citizen needs assistance for either medical or fire related emergencies they simply dial 911 as they always have. If it is a medical related call the Raytown Police Department Dispatcher will take the callers information and alert the closest appropriate responding units. If the call is a fire call, the call will be routed to the KCFD 911 call center and they will alert the closest appropriate responding units.” Matt Mace Fire Marshal

Elisa Breitenbach said...

The Raytown Fire Protection District just shared they changed Dispatching Agencies. Check it out. It was on Facebook:)

Anonymous said...

Just to show you what a "dump" Raytown has become, I tried to refinance my home a few weeks back with J.B. Nutter. My husband and I have great credit scores. We were told not to waste our appraisal monies since housing values are in the trash in Raytown. The agent told me" you live in Raytown, the housing values are the worst any where in the city" Thanks Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Has any one noticed all the properties in Raytown that haven't had their yards mowed? Abandoned houses, rentals, section 8, grass 3 feet tall? Thanks Bower for enforcing the codes in Raytown.

Anonymous said...


Some people don't sign their names because they are genuinely afraid that there may be some retribution. Like their home or business being set on fire.

I heard the reason the switch to having the KC Fire Department dispatch Raytown firemen was strictly economic. You would think that the powers that be at Raytown City Hall would have lowered their cost to keep the dispatching Raytown based.

I am sure they have their reasons. But after the Walmart mess I really doubt I would agree with them.

Consolidating emegency services is long overdue. If it saves us taxpayers some money I am all for it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24,

Sounds like you have not had to call and talk with the Raytown dispatchers.

It also sounds like you have not read this week's post by Mr Walters or you would understand Raytown is under attack by miss raised no guidance kids.

It is nice know that I am not alone with the problems with dispatch so I just want to say thank you to 10:36 for speaking the long silent truth about our dispatchers.

Anonymous said...

Property Code Enforcement? It as if the Mayor was saying, "we don't need no stinking property code enforcement".

But look at the really neat Walmart Grocery Store we shoved down your throat!

Bower and his six cronies on the BOA are so out of touch that they have forgotten what their job is.

They are supposed to be watchdogs for the community. They are supposed to make sure our laws are fairly and honestly enforced.

Instead we get a cheer leading squad for the Walmart gods in Bentonville!

Meanwhile they turn a blind eye to regular problems like over-grown lawns, illegal signs on telephone poles, unlicensed vehicles, the list goes on an on.

Welcome to Bowerville!


Pat Casady said...

I am probably one of the most disliked people in Raytown.
I got that way standing up for my rights and telling the truth
about City Hall and what they do. I was and am proud of where
I stand on various deals and how this town is run or not run.
I proudly sign everything I write and I have never had any
retribution handed my way. Other than the city and school district
doesn’t use my business for their cars and busses. Even though I
could save them money, I knew this going in. I didn’t care then
and I don’t care now. I’ve been told to shut-up, move out of town
and worse, but, never physically.
I can see a city employee not wanting to sign their name.
This town has a habit of keeping their employees under their thumbs.
But, citizens should NEVER be afraid to stand-up and sign what they
believe to be true! Remember it is against the law for a city to go after
a person just for stating what they believe. If they do, it could open
the city up for a law suit.

Anonymous said...


I think it depends on who you ask if you or disliked.

If you ask the standard citizen they don't even know who you are.

If you ask at city hall yes you are often at the top of the list, but I am sure I hear several names on a regular base.

It seems that if a citizen of Raytown speaks out against the way the city is ran they too have a chance to make the most hated list that is keep at city hall.

I don't think that those department heads at city hall will understand what the citizens are saying until they have to live in the city and then maybe the most hated list will go away.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I agree, "But, citizens should NEVER be afraid to stand-up and sign what they
believe to be true! Remember it is against the law for a city to go after
a person just for stating what they believe." But I think that after the IRS has targeted Tea Party groups, people are more afraid to excerise their Freedom of Speach rights.

It is difficult if not impossible for people to prove that the city has gone against them for what they said. In fact people may not know they have been targeted. I had an aledged zoning issue with my fence. I didn't think about it at the time but after your last post, I am wondering if it was retribution for my criticism of leadership of the Fascist Fief since I have always stated my opinions. I understand why people are afraid to sign their names or speak at BOA meetings.

Andy Whiteman

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Robert Palmer, President Of Raytown Fire Protection District has been working overtime on his special Agenda." First part happened Monday June 3,2013. The Raytown Fire Protection District began to be dispatched by the Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD) 911 call center. Our Fire Department cannot talk to anyone in Raytown now because they are on a different radio system now but we have been told they can talk to the Kansas City Airport should the need arise. Why do you think the public had no idea this was going to happen? Why do you think they have been so secretive about all this? This is the first step for Robert Palmers complete Kansas City Take Over. He retired from the K.C.F.D. Then went to I.A.F.F. The people of Raytown need to know about this Secret Merger of EMS & Raytown Fire District. We have heard nothing but good about our EMS and Fire District. Why are we messing with something that is working well.

Anonymous said...

Donut Lady, you need to get your facts straight before you start spouting off. Raytown Fire has been talking to KCFD since 2009 about having them do the dispatching. You would have known it was going to happen if you paid attention to the District. Furthermore the Public-you-don't run the Fire District. The District is trying to improve the level of service and save money, give them Kudos for that. There is a proposal on the table to merge Fire with EMS and Mayor Bower announced that he had formed a committee to study that at the last Council meting, once again no secret. I guess you think everything is a secret if you are not in on the inside circle. If either Fire or EMS can deliver better service than we should all supprt the effort. At least they are exploring the opportunities, pros and cons. Why not try to be positive about new ideas rather than constantly complaining.

Anonymous said...

Yeah improving the level of service by having Raytown fire trucks running calls in brookside and Martin city. How is this any level of improvement? KCFD response times have increased dramatically since they have taken over Mast. I am sure our response times for fire trucks will do the same now that they are being dispatched by KCFD. And that's even if the trucks are in Raytown at the time. Much longer though if our trucks are busy running calls in Kansas city. Wake up folks!!

Anonymous said...

Bower announced at the last meeting he was forming this committee merge EMS with the Fire Department? Really!?!

Who is on the committee. When do they meet?

Maybe he will follow the Fire Department's lead and put it out on Facebook.

Transparency. No, not really. Same old smoke and mirrors they are using on the P.D.

Let's see, he has a full time Public Relations Lady who should have her position changed to Public Spin Mistress. Would make more sense and at least be honest.

Anonymous said...

Raytown, we elected who we deserved and now will continue to pay the price for those poor decisions.

I am wondering, like a few others, when the codes will be enforced and what deal the City has with whomever needs to mow the grass? I have a few sons who would more than love to mow the grass and make a few dollars at it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Bowerville!

Where the weeds grow tall.

The parks are unsafe.

The police cannot be bothered.

The Fire Department answers to KCFD.

And people can light up anywhere anytime.

Now with TWO Walmarts!

BOWERVILLE - what a legacy.

What a legacy!

Anonymous said...

We sure are making a lot of progress. Under this Administration, City Hall has added a Human Relations position, a Public Relations spinster, and an Economic Delevopement director, while making cuts in the Police Dept. I wonder what kind of a price tag this all comes with? And I wonder if the elected officials even care. They are just worried about bringing in Business, regardless of what kind. They just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea I bet no one has thought of. Why not call Jim Lynch and find out why he has not replaced the five officers that left (not fired). If you remember a safety sales was passed and that is what that money was to used for hiring officers. Damn-it get your facts straight before you start bitching!!!

Pat Casady said...

Until I hear from the Fire Department that the new form of dispatching is
a bad thing, I will assume it is OK with them. I doubt very much that KC
will dispatch Raytown fire fighters to Martin City or any other faraway places.
As for this town going downhill, I guess we all remember the good times
of Raytown. Before any Wal-Marts brought crime to an otherwise
peaceful town. When you could go to a beautiful park and play games
and picnic with your family and not worry about foul language being yelled
loud by some ill-mannered idiot thug, or somebody firing a gun.
When peace of mind ruled and fun was top on the agenda. Not watching
a bunch of idiots fighting and calling each other names at the top of their lungs.
When people put trash in the containers and had the common courtesy
To respect city property and not draw and paint on shelter buildings.
When murders were not even heard of in Raytown. Robbery? Never
happened. When it was a privilege to live in Raytown not a curse.
When our elected officials actually gave a damn about what the people wanted.
Well, we can kiss those day good-by forever. If you think about it long
and hard, Raytown might just as well let Kansas City take us all in.
Anymore you can’t tell when you leave KC and enter Raytown. Our beautiful
little town is no more. Our leaders have seen to that. We all have to
realize they have killed this town and there is nothing we can do about it.
After the new Neighborhood Mart goes in, any business left in the downtown
area will have a new look. All we downtown business owners will have
to decide is what color of bars do we want installed on our storefronts.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself what the GREEDY ALDERMEN are going to do with the money from the sale of the "Green Space"? It should go back into infrastructure but I bet they will use it to give raises to our "out of town" high paid staff or maybe even hire some more people at the top and let the police department just go down the tubes. Real professional leadership is lacking at city hall. Too bad we can't recall all these elected officials. Raytown is doomed if these people keep making the same silly mistakes over and over again.

Anonymous said...

After last nights BOA meeting if I was Mayor Bower I would be working hard to bring the board together. And why hasn't Alderman Van Buskirk been recognized as Mayor Pro Tem? Because the mayor holds a grudge, he is throwing a big boy temper fit. That's ok mayor lets see if you get re elected again in two years. I would bet my life savings this is it for you.

Anonymous said...

The fire dept has already been dispatched by KCFD to those places mentioned above. They were not just made up. Feel free to check it out for yourself Pat. We now have no say so as to where KCFD wants to send our fire trucks. So the money saved on dispatching is now being spent on fuel, manpower, wear and tear, and unneeded risk to our emergency resources and our firefighters. All for what? Giving KCFD two additional ALS pumpers at the expense of Raytown citizens pocketbooks and our own safety.

KMCCLA said...

The KCFD would not just dispatch a RFPD to Martin City, unless it was needed. If it was, it would come under Mutual Aid, and the KCFD would be responsible for the operation (per the mutual aid agreement). But it also works both ways -- when we have a big fire here in Raytown, guess who shows up? That's right the KCFD. I cannot even count how many fires I have been to (or heard on the scanner) when Raytown FPD called the KCFD for help. (I used to even joke how do you know when Raytown has a real fire? The real fire department shows up. No offense to the RFPD, they are just not as big, nor as aggressive) If you have proof that they sent a Raytown unit to Brookside or Martin City -- PROVE IT (and a mutual aid response does not count). Also, the RFPD district, from what I understand, extends one mile from city limits. Also, Raytown and KCFD have already been in a "automatic mutual aid" for some time now. The way it works is, The RFPD will still run for Raytown, but if needed, it will help cover for KC, and vice the versa, when Raytown needs help, Kansas City will cover as well. Having other cities dispatch of others is not new either. Lee's Summit dispatches for several in eastern Jackson County, for instance. As for communications, a simple patch can be put in place so both networks can talk (it already has been done in the past). Also, the KCFD dispatchers are (or where line of duty) firefighters. CJC (Blue Springs) also at one time dispatched for eastern parts of the county as well. Independence covers Sugar Creek as well (I think). There can be a benefit as well, having the KCFD as dispatch, if there is a big fire, they will automatically send enough units, instead of having to wait for Raytown to get on the scene and then ask for help. I am a man from Missouri, if Raytown units have been sent to Brookside or Martin City, and that Kansas City will just send them wherever they want to, then SHOW ME. (And Mutual Aid, DOES NOT COUNT).

Anonymous said...

I may have missed read but did I just read something about the fact that the sale of the greenspace has now been completed?? If that's true shit is going to hit the fan and soon. It's going to be fun to watch bower turn red in embarassment and that stupid city attorney as well.

Anonymous said...

What we need for a mayor is a proven leader. What we have is a proven bully!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last year, my neighbor's house caught on fire. The RFD was there in less than 5 minutes. They worked quickly and professionally to put out the fire. They even rescued her cat. After the fire was completely out, they put a tarp over the hole where the roof used to be to keep water and stuff out. Someone (the fire department or the dispatcher?) called the Red Cross, who came and got them a room at the Holiday Inn on 350 Hwy for a few days until there insurance company could figure something out. After watching those guys in action, me and my neighbors can't say enough good things about the RFD. I don't care where the dispatcher sits. They call the fire station, and the firemen respond. The dispatchers could be on the moon for all I care.

Anonymous said...

mutual aid and automatic aid are 2 entirely different things.

Mike Helsel said...

Is there any news on Google coming to Raytown???
When we bought our home here a few years back we were hoping someday to have a grocery store we could walk to. I am glad it looks like that will finally happen.

Anonymous said...

Google is coming to Raytown but there has not been any timeline announced by the Google or the City of Raytown as to implementation.

The announcement was made in about four suburban cities in the Kansas City area earlier this Spring.

The plan works something like this.

Google will solicit homeowners and businesses to see if the interest is high enough to warrant the investment by Google into a neighborhood. Interested homeowners will then put a deposit down on the service.

At some time after that, Google would determine whether or not to expand into a certain area.

Power To The People said...


If that grocery store ever opens enjoy it while it is here as two other stores within a block of that location didn't make it and they didn't have the large number of people who wouldn't shop the store because of who owned them.

Bower doesn't get it we will speak at last with our money and Bower will just leave Raytown with another empty building.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when David Bower is going to let us know about Raytown getting a Sam Club?

Come on David we all know you want to turn this city into one big Wal-Mart mess!

Anonymous said...

Fire Board Meeting Tuesday 9am at the fire station on Raytown Trafficway. Please plan to attend. John

Anonymous said...

Google announced it was coming to the Kansas City area about two years ago.It has taken that long for them to (just recently) finally having some hookups in Kansas City.

Don't get me wrong. Google coming to Raytown is a good thing. But it will probably be another one to two years before the service will be up an running here.

As an earlier blog mentioned. It will not be like service provided by telephone companies, which is available to nearly everyone.

Google will determine if there is enough interest in a neighborhood to put in the hookup.

If you are the only one on your block that uses high speed internet service you will probably not be offered the service.

I see that City Hall is pushing real hard to make this the only news item out there. If you go to the city's website you will see it is the only news item they are covering.

Guess that's what a PIO is for. Spoon feeding all the soft, touchy feely news that will fit.

Sorry is not working.

Anonymous said...

If the Fascist Fief won't comply with the Freedom of Information Act, maybe they will respond to DISCOVERY when a lawsuit is filed.

Is there a fine or penalty for violating the FOIA?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Here's proof RFPD has responded to Brookside: That's pretty far away from Raytown and a real big stretch to call that mutual aid. That's lack of equipment on the part of KCFD. If you want further proof of where they have had to respond, call them up during business hours.

The fact they have an expanded agreement with KCFD shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Remember when KCFD had ambulance crews based at a Raytown fire station for quite a while?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard any news about the new Dunkin Donuts? I have seen nothing from the city since March.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the RFPD were big supporters of the last Wal-Mart!

Anonymous said...

It seems we have some folks on here that need to rethink what others hear about our city.

It was positive news that the Raytown Fire Department was helping others.

If was negative news that the Raytown Police Department is spending so much time at Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee that the citizens are having to arm themselves and defend there property.

Just think that same property was just blocks from the shots fired last Friday night.

Yes, our police department needs to step up and recall they are to protect us the citizens of Raytown not a select few businesses.

KMCCLA said...

As for your "proof" I did not see one RFPD on the scene, all I saw was KCFD units. I am not saying it did not happen, something that large I still think it would be a MA call. I refuse to believe you, and only someone from the RFPD will change my mind. At least I post (part) of my name.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Next Tuesdays Fire Board meeting 9 A.M. at Fire Station 1 Raytown Trafficway should be a good one. You can pick up the proposal to the City of Raytown Emergency Medical Services Consolidation (The Merger) Did you know that the Raytown Fire Protection District plans the transition of all employees from the City of Raytown to employees of the Raytown Fire Protection District by November 1, 2013?

Anonymous said...

The ambulance loses a ton of money for the city, it's about time they did something. Raytown is the last city EMS run department in the metro.

Anonymous said...

They are also only guaranteeing the RAYTOWN EMS employees jobs for a year. We already have 9 firefighters who only have jobs because they are paid for by a grant that expires next year. Then they will be issued pink slips in order to try to qualify for another grant to keep them on. Can we really not afford these 9 without the grant or is this fraud in order to qualify for a grant? So if we can't afford these 9 without the grant how can we afford to take on EMS employees if we can't afford the ones we have without grants? Looks shady to me. I am a firefighter. If I wanted to work on an ambulance all the time I would work at EMS. This is not good for the City of RAYTOWN.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 8, 2013 at 10:44 AM
I fail to see how what you want has relevance in this discussion. I did not want to have to find a job after I retired, but the stock market and my property value had other plans. If your not willing to work on an ambulance and it means the city will save money by combining the services....then I wish you luck in your job search. As for the rest of your statements you lost me when you interjected your personal agenda....John

Anonymous said...

Ok Doc time for you to weigh in on all this.

Anonymous said...

As a citizen who has had a long and fairly close relationship with a Raytown firefighter, and also an Uncle who retired as a firefighter in a town not unlike Raytown in Texas, I feel I should share this.
Yes, they have been dispatched to Brookside, Independence, Grandview, Lee's Summit, and all places in between.
As for the issues with Raytown Police Dispatching that they have, I understand that they refuse to be become Qualified Medical Emergency dispatchers. From what I gather this makes for dispatched calls that don't require emergency responses and that the dispatchers are not even qualified to coach a citizen through CPR (God forbid) if it were needed.
It is correct that a grant saved 9 firefighter's jobs ( and don't forget that the other fireman took a 7% paycut to help keep those jobs as well after what I was told was a very emotional speech by their Battalion Chief)
As for that, management and the board from what I understand created a new management/chief postion and promoted a firefighter to take that job. What is interesting about this is that the management were planning on another Chief to retire in two years or so. But my question is if they are taking paycuts and grants, why are they making new positions to be filled?
What is also interesting from what I stated above is that the said Chief who should be retiring has filed a lawsuit against the department and the union, or so I have heard.
As for the firefighter at 10:44 AM, I've heard that out of several mouths that work there. Not that you don't want to do it, but because I understand that whatever people from EMS would come over would get free training to be firefighter qualified, but at the same time not being required by the department to staff the fire trucks. I understand that could be an issue when your own department has decided not to pay for any outside training for you, or so I am told.
I know I'm on the outside looking in, but it it is pretty apparent to me that the management and the board is doing the citizens of Raytown the most harm. From personal experience, spend anytime in the same room with the people that are employed to be the management at the fire district and you will probably come to the same conclusion.
All I know is that the firefighter's that serve us have their hands tied and are forced to abide by whatever policies that the board and the management set for them. From my point of view, the management is failing at both the Fire Department and at EMS.

As for Mr. Palmer saying I won't count because I won't use my name: I won't to protect mine and others identity. Also I bet you wouldn't be able to call most of the firefighters by name that work in Raytown without a roster in front of you. From what I understand, you and Ms. Schlapia don't really pay them much mind anyways.