Sunday, April 6, 2014


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A Job Well Done!
It probably has not set in yet, but last night’s victory by private citizens to form a Charter Commission was a political upset of yet to be realized proportions.

Without support from the local government a handful of candidates took a message of hope for Raytown directly to the people. The people listened and joined with their endorsement of your efforts.

Not everyone running could be on the Charter Commission, but many of those who ran and lost deserve as much credit for the victory. They too helped carry the message.

Some of the oddities of the campaign will be remembered.

The one candidate who campaigned against the Charter was defeated. Despite her holding the highly coveted No. 2 spot on the ballot!

The lack of news coverage by the mother of all news media in the area, the Kansas City Star, had little effect on the election, as did the “Oh, is there a Charter Election on the ballot?” posture taken by City Hall.

You now have a year to put together a good Charter for the people of Raytown, Missouri.

Keep an open mind. Listen and give due consideration to ALL the ideas that come before you. Be aware that many in Raytown hope for some positive change with the document.

A year from now you will want to look back proudly on what you create.

You have an opportunity. Take it and run with it.


Shall a Commission be chosen to frame a Charter?
1161 . . . YES

754 . . . NO
956 . . . JIM AZIERE

898 . . . JASON GREENE




752 . . . LISA EMERSON

748 . . . SUSAN DOLAN




704 . . . GREG WALTERS

670 . . . MARK MOORE

664 . . . TED BOWMAN



632 . . . JOE BURTON



571 . . . RICHARD KOOP



547 . . . ROBBIE TUBBS

1391 . . . YES

574 . . . NO
1428 . . . YES

522 . . . NO
1658 . . . YES

654 . . . . NO

Shall a Commission be chosen to frame a Charter?

Vote YES

This campaign to form a Charter Commission is unique in Raytown's political history. It is a true a grass roots effort. The call for this election did not come from City Hall, but from petitions passed by Raytowners to hold the election.

So it comes as no surprise that the Charter Election has made some at City Hall nervous. Generally speaking, in their view, it is not in their best interest to change how the Government of Raytown is governed.

That should not be a reason to vote against forming a Charter Commission. Contrary to that thought, it is a very good reason to support the formation of the Commission.

The diversity of candidates running almost assures that no one single group will have control of this Charter Commission. That will make for a healthy mix of concerned citizens who share one simple goal.

They filed for the Charter Commission because they realized that for Raytown to thrive as a community some change is needed in how City Hall is run.

The good news in this story is that one year from now the voters will have the final word when they approve or disapprove the work the Charter Commission puts into the finished document.

We cannot get to that point if we do not give these private citizens an opportunity to step up and go to work for us.

Give Raytown a chance to become a better community by voting YES for the formation of a Raytown Charter Commission.

Raytown Report Endorsements
Twenty-two private citizens have taken a bold step to be part of the process that would reform. On Tuesday, April 8th, you will have the opportunity to choose 13 of those candidates to serve on the Raytown Charter Commission.

After reviewing comments and action taken by those twenty-two candidates we believe the following eight candidates are the best choice for the Raytown Charter Commission.Voters are reminded they are allowed to cast up to 13 votes. It is our position that the following eight should be amongst those votes.


The Paul Livius Report
Steve Guenther, with the Raytown Main Street Association, went before the Board to say May 1 is the first day of the Raytown Farmers’ Market.  Lisa Bedsworth said it will be held at 6210 Raytown Road on Thursdays from 2-7pm and Saturdays from 8am – 1pm.  Thursdays will be Seniors day and retirement communities will bring Seniors to shop.  She urged residents to check out their website

Mayor Bower told Board members the annual Egg-Extravaganza will be April 19 on the Green Space from 10am – 3pm.  The parade will start at 11am from City Hall.

Mahesh Sharma told the Board Raytown will be having a school supply drive in April.  A barrel will be in City Hall for drop offs.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of safety equipment from Garon Marketing.  Chief Lynch told the Board the Police Department has purchased three (3) new Ford Police Interceptors in fiscal year2014. Since the City has adopted a new vehicle platform, they will require new up fit equipment designed tofit the new vehicle dimensions. There were four vehicle quotes received. Upon review of the quotes,Garon Marketing was the low quote and also the best quote for both the product and the service.

The Board passed an ordinance approving an agreement with Mid-America Regional Council for the acquisition of Orthophotography.This project will provide 2014 aerial photos to the City of Raytown for use with our web based GIS mapping. We currently have aerial photo layers from 2003, 2006, 2008, and 2010. Numerous City departments make use of this mapping using the ability to compare how an area looks today, in relation to the past.  Local government GIS professionals across the Metro region identified this project as a high priority, given that all local governments need aerial photography and the cost of acquiring it could be reduced significantly via economies of scale if all the governmental agencies worked together to develop common specifications for a consolidated purchase from a single vendor.  Over the past year, the 2014 imagery workgroup, working on behalf of KC Metro GIS, has developed imagery standards, issued a Project Assessment Quotation (PAQ), and selected a vendor for a 2014 acquisition. Due to the success of past projects and the large cost savings on imagery to the participants, MARC, at the direction of KC Metro GIS is repeating the regional aerial photography project this spring.  This aerial photography project is being shared across the entire metropolitan area. Including Jackson, Clay, Cass, & Platte counties in Missouri. Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth,& Miami counties in Kansas. Many other cities are being offered and taking advantage of this same opportunity; Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Independence, Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Gladstone, Kearney, Liberty, North Kansas City, Topeka, Harrisonville, Raymore and Belton.  Alderman Jason Greene asked how detail the photographs are going to be, why the codes department needs these photos, and when the last time these photos were taken.  Andy Noll told him the last time the photos were taken was in 2010.  They are used to identify man-hole covers and check fire hydrant shut off valves.  They also check storm surge structures.  Each pixel equals 6 inches of ground space. 

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to adopt the recodification of ordinances of the city.  Teresa Henry told the Board the City of Raytown Code of Ordinances have not been codified since original date of adoption which was October 7, 1969.In addition to the above scope of work, the Zoning Code, and the Subdivision Regulations, hasbeen integrated instead of being held as separate documents. The Personnel Code, whichwas previously incorporated within the Code of Ordinances has been removed and will now beheld as a separate document.

Paul’s Rant
I am going to shift gears, and that is putting it mildly . . . I am going to throw this truck into reverse!

Greg's editorial endorsement piece is okay. But it is lacking because it simply does not go far enough!

There are three candidates running for the Charter Commission that do not deserve anyone’s vote. I am going to name them and tell you why you should not vote for them!

So, without any further ado, here we go!

DO NOT VOTE FOR  . . .  Shirley Wittman. Mrs. Wittman has made quite a name for herself in what has got to be the strangest campaign strategy of all time. She is campaigning for a seat on an elected body that she does not want to create. Not only does she not want a Charter Commission formed, she wants you to vote for her to cause trouble if one is formed. Enough said. Be reasonable, do not saddle the Charter Commission with someone whose only ambition is to cause trouble.

DO NOT VOTE FOR  . . .  Jim Aziere. Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere is a puzzle. All accounts of his last time on a Charter Commission showed a Machiavellian side to his character that is counter-productive to working with others. He helped write the Charter, then, once it was finished, campaigned against it. If elected he will prove to be one Charter member the others will not trust. Not a good foundation for writing what is basically a constitution for city.

DO NOT VOTE FOR  . . .  Charlotte Melson. Ward 3 Alderman Charlotte Melson chaired the failed negotiations between the City and the Fire District on what was eventually failed merger talks. Whether you agree with the final decision is not the issue. It was the heavy-handed way Melson dictated the end of the negotiations. After holding only one meeting she abruptly announced the Committee had voted to recommend discontinuing negotiations with the Fire Department. The end result has been friction between the two governmental bodies that is not good for Raytown. Her abrupt manner and “my way or the highway” attitude will rub other Charter Commissioners the wrong way.

There you have it. My “do not vote for ballot”.That leaves 19 candidates to choose from for the remaining slots on the Commission.

Please remember to vote!

The City of Raytown will participate in the Raytown Main Street Association's Fifth Annual Egg-Extravaganza Saturday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Included in the festivities will be a Vintage Car and Truck show, a Children's Reading by Mayor David Bower, a Dachshund Dash and dog costume contest along with a giant egg hunt. The egg hunt begins at 1 p.m. A parade will begin at 11 a.m. at City Hall. 
For more information use this link Egg Extravaganza

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Anonymous said...

Paul, You are RIGHT. Do not vote for Wittman, Aziere, or Melson. These three people are part of the reason that the charter didn't pass the last time it was written. We do not need these NEGITIVE people on the commission, because all they will do is be disruptive to the process.

Anonymous said...

...Although, there are times where you do need a voice of dissent. Not to particularly to cause problems, but to also give the opposition's view point. Some of you claim that all we have now is a bunch of "yes men" who do whatever the current administration wants. However, if you seed the charter commission with only people who are for it, that too is only full of "yes men (and women)". Both view points should be represented, and both sides should be willing to work together for the better good. What is needed is someone who will truly represent the opposition's point of view, but not to solely cause a disruption to the proceedings. I am still unclear if the charter is needed, however I see that other cities in the area do have one, so perhaps we should have one as well. One thing for sure is to insure that city leaders and employees should live with in city limits.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a charter is needed unless you are content with more of the same: misappropriated and missing funds, reduced city services, closed doors, uncooperative and tyrannical leadership. No voice of your own in what happens here is what we've got. Who wants more of that?

Pat Casady said...

A couple of things.
First the people that want to run for the charter
commission that just want to ruin any chance of
Raytown ever having a charter don’t have an opinion.
They just don’t want a charter. Even if it was written
in gold they would be against it. Trust me there will be
enough different opinions with thirteen good people,
who actually want our city to have a charter.
Second, department heads should live in Raytown.
It would be hard to make all city employees live here.
Beside the fact, the department heads that are told
when they are hired and agree to live here and collect
huge paychecks should live up to their agreement
with the taxpayers of Raytown. By promising to live
here, then thumbing their nose at that agreement they
should be let go for lying or breach of contract….
No severance pay! Instead this administration gave
the City Administrator a raise and after six years of
breach of contract told him he didn’t have to honor
his agreement.

GADSDEN said...

Tomorrow we will elect 13 good men and women who want what is best for Raytown. I hope that the voters see the good from the bad and will elect those that want to pass a good charter not just a no change one. I know the voter turnout will be small but we must pray that good will be accomplished. The Azieres and Whittmans and Melsons hopefully will go done in defeat as they want the charter to do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Charter can have the Creamer amendment that allows people to live outside the ward that elected them.

What an kind of leadership we have in Raytown with this guy who cannot stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Saw a red truck plastered with a charter members name all over it parked right at the front door of a voting poll on Woodson ; the folks hopped out to vote and go inside not realizing that is electioneering and by law can not be seen inside a poll. When you give signs to your Freinds for your vote it is good to know the law and pass it on rather than having people embarrassed and have to move their vehicle

Anonymous said...

If Creamer truly lived outside of his Ward, shame on the Mayor and City Attorney for not addressing the issue, perhaps the Missouri Ethic Commission could do something.

Anonymous said...

I hope others join this over taxed citizen of Raytown and vote "NO" on all three of those tax questions.

Only a "NO" vote will send the message we are tired of the wasteful spending and tax give a ways.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting how Azeire is campaigning against the charter but wishes to be on it as well. These folks are just a selfish bunch.

Anonymous said...

To 10:45pm if you are stalking people at all hours I bet you are not home either....just a thought

Anonymous said...

Looks like the charter is a go

Anonymous said...

How sad 1,900 people decided the Charter question for the 9,000 others who couldn't be bothered with voting. Apathy gives you the govt you deserve, not necessarily the govt you want.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're unhappy 10:18. Maybe if you cared more against the charter effort you would have worked harder to stop it. I guess those 1,900 care more about the city then your supposed 9,000 friends who care so much about our city that they couldn't get off their butts and vote. The higher the turnout the larger the charter approval would be.

Anonymous said...

10:10pm Sounds like sour grapes buddy. I'm very happy that Question 3 passed on the ballot.

Terrie Planchock said...

I can tell you that we have elected an eclectic mix of people for the charter. I am hoping that everyone can work together in forming a way to do what is best for the citizens of Raytown. I grew up here and want this town to thrive...I am not happy with many things that have been happening in my town that I love...but I hope with the passing of the charter that we will be able to work through all of the issues surrounding our town and come together to make life better for Raytown citizens

Anonymous said...

Greg, The Charter Meetings should be live and rebroadcast on the Raytown channel and Internet. Let us see who is working for and against the efforts for a real change

Anonymous said...

Greene and Guenther did really well, especially where they were placed on the ballot. If Aziere was not first on that ballot he would not have recieved nearly as many votes. Great job Raytown!

Anonymous said...


What facts or law do you think you know that you are talking about?

I have spoken with the Jackson County Election Board about issues like this at the poll at the church at 79th and Raytown Road last general election.

They Election Board made it clear that they have a known issue with many older Election Judges who have miss informed the public that signs cannot be seen from inside the build. They are working to identify those individuals and if complains continue will not allow them to work as Election Judges going forward.

If you doubt that my information to you and the rest of the readers is not correct, you should take the take to call the Election Board and get the facts like I did and if one of the Judges at the Woodson location told you that the person in the truck was in the wrong than that judge needs reported for over stepping and misrepresenting the law

Terrence said...

To 9:28 it takes the whole of a group to come up with a charter that will be accepted. No hot diggers, hot heads, or know it alls. There can not be the us against them or them against us attitude. All charter commissioners work as a whole and go into it with that mind set. If a charter commisioner goes into the attitude that you displayed then it will be doomed. When you go looking for trouble you re not happy till you find it. So here's to sending Positive energy to a successful team of individuals who can bring all sides of an equation to a formible completion. Much luck team! The citizens of Raytown have chose each and everyone of you

Raytown Newbie said...

I am proud to be a Raytowner. As can be expected there's some sour grapes but every election results in some of that. Hopefully, the charter gets done and voted in for a fresh start for Raytown accountability.

Mary P. said...

11:55 is correct !! Go to class Four Election Offenses chapter 115 Election Authorities and Conduct if Elections section 115.637 (18 ) placing vehicles bearing signs with respect to any candidate or question to be voted on at an election on Election Day inside the building or within 25ft of building outer door

Anonymous said...

To 11:11; I didn't call the Election Board; didn't have to. It is in the Missouri State Election Law Offenses and anybody can request one or look it up on line. The Judges at the Polls have it in with their supplies. All who are involved with running for an office should reference it. How embarrassing that a sworn Election Official did not know the laws they are to uphold; they should be reported to Bob Nichols. Surely they didn't have a temp person running the main phone line when you called; oh I should hope not! Also if someone is in offense of a law such as the truck with signs at the door and they do not move it the police can intercede. It's the State Law of Missouri .9

Anonymous said...

To 11:11 in regards to your blog what facts or law do you think you know that you are talking about; check out The Missouri Election Laws and the offenses ; you can google it, I did and it is very interested reading for all of us. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront to do some research cause now we can all know

Anonymous said...

Mary P thank you for the information, but to your own findings:

(18) Exit polling, surveying, sampling, electioneering, distributing election literature, posting signs or placing vehicles bearing signs with respect to any candidate or question to be voted on at an election on election day inside the building in which a polling place is located or within twenty-five feet of the building's outer door closest to the polling place, or, on the part of any person, refusing to remove or permit removal from property owned or controlled by him, any such election sign or literature located within such distance on such day after request for removal by any person;

What makes 11:55 or you, believe that the parking spot and walk to the door is less than 25 feet?

If it is at least 25 feet from where the truck was we have no issue.; Do we!

I went to vote back in 2012 general election at the 79th and Spring Valley location and noticed one of the Judges came out of the building and started pulling all the signs from the property which were closer to 150 plus feet from the door. Words were exchanged between her and some guy who made it clear that she had no authority in pulling the signs. She was yelling she did and he was making it clear as he got out his phone that she didn't and the election board would be called. While I was voting I noticed her talking to other Judges about the conversation in the parking lot. When I finished I saw her putting the signs backup.

Anonymous said...

12:04 Are you saying that the head of the Jackson County Election Board doesn't know what she is talking about?

For your information the section that has come under question by 11:55 is:

Missouri Revised Statutes
Chapter 115
Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections
Section 115.637

(18) Exit polling, surveying, sampling, electioneering, distributing election literature, posting signs or placing vehicles bearing signs with respect to any candidate or question to be voted on at an election on election day inside the building in which a polling place is located or within twenty-five feet of the building's outer door closest to the polling place, or, on the part of any person, refusing to remove or permit removal from property owned or controlled by him, any such election sign or literature located within such distance on such day after request for removal by any person;

Please explain to everyone what was miss stated by 11:11 and why 11:55 is not just making up laws.

The one thing that is clear is 11:55 must be a man as I have yet to met any man that looks at something that is 5 or 6 inches and exclaims to me and I am sure every other women that it is a foot long. If men would learn to measure thing first we would have a lot more happy ladies that don't come up short on the male promise.

Anonymous said...

No Not a man but a Deputy for 30plus years with JCEC ; we have teams than go out to each poll prior to opening to check on supplies, Judges attendance , proper signage of ballot and precinct info and to measure the 25 ft line .we carry extra ballots assigned to each polling place as well as a tape measure.

Anonymous said...

Someone did not read the part about right up to the door. As there is a grand difference of I the parking lot as the woman spoke of at a church at 79th and that Judge was wrong to touch that persons signs or reprimand them. The one who asked the people in the truck 25ft from the door was right to kindly ask them to move the vehicle . And I'm sure as many times as the law has been placed on here everyone with half a brain now knows that law exist and is not just made up. Stop while your ahead. It's apples and oranges and different scenarios; surely you can find something else to dicker about

Anonymous said...

I hope someone will keep an eye on Aziere and Melson.
They are there only to stop the charter from happening.
It’s a shame that people don’t really know these people.
They are the “yes” people for the mayor and believe that
city hall can do no wrong. It is also a shame or a sham
that Raytown doesn’t have a new paper that will go after
the truth and report the real news.

Anonymous said...

I too have spoken with some of those fools that drive around for the election board.

I call them fools has they have not a ways give proper information about the signs as I have been at the poll and heard the misguided information come right out of their mouths.

It could be that many of these older judges are facing health issue that older folks face and don't want to own up to the fact that these same health issue should prevent them from serving as a judge.

Anonymous said...

To 9:42 am... I am 12:04; you addressed a comment to me . You might want to reread my blog for I never mentioned the head of the Election board. And your comment " for your information" yes I read it as I said on my blog it was interested reading. And if you reread my blog; I don't have to explain why someone else miss stated anything or made up any laws for it is not I that said any of that . No my blog did not call anyone names, challenge anyone's integrity , or make any sexist remarks... You must have my blog confused with another.

Anonymous said...

People just read the law and be done with it ; and 9:42 you printed the law word for word then asked to explain why 11:55 wasn't just making up laws ..... Come on folks move on this is looking ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

3:42 does your computer not have spellcheck ? Some of the sentences are like deciphering a code

Anonymous said...

I want to take a second to thank Paul and Greg for the good job they did of presenting the candidates and supporting the charter.

You were the only news paper, traditional or modern, that came out in favor the charter. Your forum that allowed candidates to speak their mind was helpful in my decision on who to support.

Though I did not agree with all of your endorsements I appreciate your making them.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

6:44 I agree. Greg, thank you for being the only one to endorse a charter. I found it sad that City Hall had been against this because they couldnt control it. I believe there our some good names on that list, I hope they are reasonable in what they wish to do so its approved when we vote on it.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again exactly how many times a charter question had been in the ballot and what yrs