Sunday, January 18, 2015


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Hat in the Ring Club
I wanted my readers to be among the first to know that I have filed for the office of Alderman on the Raytown City Council.

It has been ten years since I have held public office (not counting this recent nine month stint on the Raytown Charter Commission) and believe I can be of some help in guiding our city’s future.

Being old fashioned, I opted to use the petition route to qualify my candidacy with the City of Raytown. Raytown allows for candidates to pay a filing fee (which is what most do) or to collect signatures to be placed on the ballot.*

So, last Friday morning, armed with six pages of signatures – 50 are required, I turned in 55 – I filed for Alderman.

One thing I learned in gathering those signatures is that while many of my old friends and acquaintances still live here, many are gone. They have either left the Raytown area, or, sad to say, in some cases, moved on from this life to the next.

That being the case, I find I am in a race in which I will be meeting new people and, hopefully building new bridges of trust for the April 7th Election.

If you live in Ward 1, I look forward to meeting you personally as I take my campaign door to door.

*Editor’s note: The proposed Charter eliminates candidate filing fees.

Whiskey Barrel Story
Elisa Breitenbach, co-owner of “Doughboys”, located in the Woodson Village Shopping Center, has posted a firsthand account of the Whiskey Barrel Robbery. We confirmed with Elisa her source for the story.

Paul and I are well aware that many people want to know what happened the night of January 2nd at the Whiskey Barrel. We had contacted the Raytown Police and were told the crime was under investigation and could not make an official comment.

Elisa’s report is a firsthand account from one of the owner/victims of the Whiskey Barrel, Connie Maxwell.

Whiskey Barrel Robbery BY ELISA BREITENBACH
It happened January 2nd on a Friday night at 8:30 PM
Connie was told "Give me all your money b**ch!!!
She said "Are you kidding?"

She saw the gun. Then she was hit with a fist in the face. She went down.

At the very same time Mike jumped up he saw the guy jump up off the ground and hit his mother.

Mike said "Do you want a piece of this!"

He grabbed for his gun in his pocket.

The second guy shot his gun at Mike. Mike went down in a pool of blood!

Connie jumped up yelling for Mike. Both guys had ran out.
Connie called 911.

The rest was a Miracle. Mike was in ICU for days.

The Doctor calls Mike a Miracle! He told Connie he must of had a band of Angels around him.

The ICU Unit calls Mike a "Hero" for saving his mother. Many of them had been given gift cards for Christmas. They gave them all to him.

This is not a Rumor!!! We need each of you talking about this crime.

This is Raytown, it's our hometown that we need to help protect!!!

Silence is Deadly we must let each store owner and family in and around Raytown know about this crime.

Raytown Charter Endorsed
The Raytown Report is making a number of “first announcements” this week. Greg’s candidacy for Alderman is one. Another is the detailed report from Elisa Breitenbach about the Whiskey Barrel robbery.

Just as important is this final announcement.

We are pleased to be the first news source in Raytown to endorse the proposed Charter to be voted on by the public on the April 7th Election. 

Greg was one of the ten members of the Commission who endorsed the final document last Wednesday night at City Hall. He told me “we have put together a very good Charter with a strong foundation that will empower Raytowners with a new form of government”.

The Charter Commission is to be congratulated on putting together a very flexible and workable Charter for Raytown. An example is a last minute change that gave the Board of Aldermen the ability to create a one-time extension period of six months for applicants for the position of City Administrator to make a move to Raytown.

This change also illustrates the power given to the people of Raytown. The only way the extension could be increased after that point would be through direct voter approval as a ballot measure.

The Charter Commission has finished its work. Now, it is the voters turn. Please take the time to read the Charter and familiarize yourself with it. To view the completed Charter use the following link.

USE THIS LINK . . . Final Charter Document

“Gloom and Doom” was the way one Charter Commissioner characterized the opposition of three members of the Commission when they voted against approval of the final Charter. The remark was in response to the dire warnings of Charter Commissioners Jim Aziere, Charlotte Melson and Mary Jane VanBuskirk.

The trio of naysayers had voiced their belief that a requirement that the City Administrator be required to live within the city limits would run off qualified applicants. One commissioner went so far to say a qualified applicant couldn’t find decent housing in this town.

To which I say – hogwash!

I did a quick check of surrounding communities and found that Raytown is the ONLY city that currently does not require its City Administrator to live within city limits. As for the housing stock in Raytown, there are many nice homes in Raytown. If the cost of housing is the criteria, there are plenty expensieve homes in Raytown as well.

I am beginning to wonder the motive behind the opposition of two of the “no voting” members of the Commission.

Commissioner Jim Aziere was one of only two Commissioners to vote against the Charter in 2005. Charlotte Melson was not on the Commission but did oppose the Charter as a member of the Raytown Board of Alderman in 2005.

The 2014/2015 Charter is very different from the 2005 Charter. The 2005 Charter required ALL department heads to live within city limits. This Charter only requires the City Administrator to do so.

This Charter, particularly in the area of taxation has given the people of Raytown the right to petition their government to lower taxes. A power that was not included in the 2005 document.

There are many other examples of positive changes in the Charter. A section that forbids the creation of an Earnings Tax on Raytowners is one. A section that protects dedicated sales tax dollars from being used to fund tax abatement schemes is another.

As Greg told me when I was writing this story. “We have put together a good Charter for Raytown. I hope the voters see fit to approve it.”

QUOTE OF THE WEEK . . . The best definition of double-speak is given in a demonstration of how it works. Consider the following quote from Jonah Goldberg of the American Enterprise Institute:

“The Administration has ‘created or saved’ millions of jobs. For what it is worth, I ‘do or save’ 500 push-ups every morning.”
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Filing for Public Office 
The list of candidates for City, School Board and Fire District has grown since the New Year began. Filing closes for all offices next Tuesday, January 20th at 5:00 p.m.

Pat Ertz
Michael McDonough
Alderman Ward I  
Joe Creamer
Karen Black
Greg Walters
Alderman Ward 2 
Jim Aziere  
Chris Rathbone
Steve Guenther
Alderman Ward 3
Mark Moore
Ryan Myers
Sterling Brown
Alderman Ward 4
Mary Jane VanBuskirk
Steve Meyers
Alderman Ward 5
Barry Park
Eric Teeman
City Collector
Kathie Schutte
Kristie Lynn Collins-Delarber
Amy Beth Tittle 
Thomas​ Granger Estlund​
Richard Tush

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Pat Casady said...

First off , I would like to wish Greg Walters the best
Of luck in his run for Ward 1 Alderman.
Jim Aziere, Charlotte Melson and Mary Jane VanBuskirk
should be ashamed of themselves. After the people
have shown how much they were against our
city Administrator not living here, they still when against
the peoples wishes. Mrs. VanBuskikk may not be an
alderman, yet, but her husband is and all are yes men and women
for this administration whom has shown time after time
it doesn’t care what the people want.
Please don’t vote for Jim Aziere or Mrs. VanBuskirk!
We need elected officials that care for the people
and what they want. We don’t need these kind of
people as our representatives.

Vicky said...

I've known Steve Meyers for several years. I'm voting for him. He is a successful businessman that lives and works in Raytown. He will listen to what the people want, and do his best to support them. He will work with the other Aldermen to move Raytown forward.

Johnny said...

Yeah, Steve knows there are a lot of nice houses in Raytown. Unlike Van Buskirk, Melson, and Aziere.

Anonymous said...

Steve Myers would be an excellant choice for Ward 4. He will not be bought by anyone at City Hall. Mrs. VanBuskirk is far to negitive and we don't need her.

GADSDEN said...

Greg, I am glad to see that you are running this time. I think that you may this time have a calming effect on the board if you are elected. It would be nice to see Crteamer GONE.

Please tell me, over in KS a gun shop owner was sho and killedt by 4 punks and it was all over the news from that moment. True they caught all 4 within hours.

The Raytown robbery and what could have been a death the same as in KS. has apparently been silenced by the police dept. or maybe the mayor. I admit I do not like the publicity that this would cause but the people need to know. It is just one more reason that I carry nearly every place I go.

Also Aziere, Melson and Van Buskirk should all be ashamed of them selves. It is a shame that every person does not get all they want every-time. They should have gone home crying like some spoiled baby.

Andy Whiteman said...

Paul, Maybe you should have sent text messages to the Mayor and Aldermen as well as the CA and Public Works director. Maybe it takes a text to get attention. I have said for over 13 years that these meetings are really held in secret unless one attends because many don't have or can't afford CATV. I do agree that ALL CATV companies should offer a City Channel, not just the one selected by the city. Allowing only one is discrimination and favoritism.

Johnny said...


All cable providers have the government channel. That's Federal law. However. each city has to have the equipment for the cable company to broadcast the meeting. When the BOA was talking about putting out the money for the Chamber renovations, Mayor Bower said the Board needed to look at using other providers to broadcast the meetings since so many residents didn't use Comcast anymore. Let's see how long it takes the Board to act on that. Maybe after the old guard is gone in April something will finally be done.

Jessee said...

Johnny - The old guard is fading away. Melson and Lightfoot aren't running. With a lot of hard work, Creamer, Aziere and Ertz will be defeated. That leaves Van Buskirk and Mock in 2 years. Personally, I don't mind Steve Mock. At least he gets off his behind and goes out into the community. Remember, he's the one who puts the Christmas decorations on the 63rd Street bridge. No body else does it. Sometimes he votes wrong, but I think he at least tries. If I lived in his district, I'd vote for him. But nobody else.

Anonymous said...

My Vote is for Pat Ertz for Mayor.

He is a very respectful person who knows business and politics.

In the man for the Mayor's position.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Pat Ertz is a nice man but that is not the bench mark for a Mayor, we may not have the best of choices but Mike M. is the best for a person that is not tied to the establishment. I remember last year when the board voted on the Wal_Mart and 8 out of the 10 said that they had not as yet made a decision, they the 8 all lied as they had no trouble voting right of way for it. We do not need one of those to be mayor.

Matter of fact you may just be Pat Ertz.

Anonymous said...

Ertz is in the Mayor's hip pocket. If you want a person with a huge ego, who thinks the City Administrator was worth a $30,000 raise and doesn't make him live here, then you have the right guy. Hope the rest of the town has more common sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Greg!!! Thanks for sharing my firsthand account of Connie & Mike's nightmare at the Whiskey Barrel. Thanks also for running for Ward 1 Alderman. You have my total support. Crime is a problem all across the U.S. Some think that people should not talk about it or even worst not even be informed about it. Raytown has The Raytown Report to help keep Raytown residents informed on what is going on in their city. Thanks to you & Paul. Keep up the GREAT work guys! The Raytown Charter also has our support. We will all be glad when election day is over for us. Greg thanks for giving us a voice and a place we can all blog and talk.
Elisa Breitenbach

Anonymous said...

What happened to Lisa Emerson in Ward 3?

Cities website does not have Sterling Brown for Ward 3 any reason why?

Anonymous said...

Maybe some one that is well versed in our form of government in Raytown can answer this question. We have a mayor a city manager a public information officer and a chief of police.

Now when we have a shooting in one of our business we would expect that it would be public record.

I would think that the PI officer would be able to have this information unless the mayor or the city manager stops her.

Does the chief of police receive his orders from the mayor or the city manager.

Who does run the city??

Does anyone else understand what I think is going on here, or do we just not worry about it?

Anonymous said...

I was told by the KC TV NEWS DESK "To our knowledge, no such incident occurred at the Whiskey Barrel. Raytown On Line came to the donut shop today and told me Randy from The Raytown Times was told they would not give him any information about the crime. This was a public crime. The information is public information but somehow Raytown is not allowing it to be public. I am not able to put any comments on the city Facebook page but anyone who reads this can. Please be asking for this public information. All of our small shops need your voice. Why is Raytown covering up this story? We pay our taxes. We bring people from all over the metro to do business here in Raytown. We want answers. One of us was shot in public. Why are you covering it up. If this was a city official we would all know about this crime. We want answers. This crime happened January 2, 2014 come on.
Elisa Breitenbach

Vicky said...

Elisa, I can understand your frustration. However, there is no a single police department who will give out pertinent information about an ongoing investigation. There is too much of a chance it will cause problems at trial. It could be that the police won't tell the city, therefore the city can't comment.
All that can be done is for Connie and Mike to tell their story to a news station themselves. It won't and can't come from official sources.

Anonymous said...

Well put Vicky!

Anonymous said...

On a Raytown website the writer being a friend of Connie's had just seen her for the first time on jan 19 and claimed Connie did it want it on the news because her parents watch the news and they had yet to tell them about the attempted robbery.

elisa breitenbach said...

Vicky you can bet it would not work this way if this was someone in the police department that was shot.

Anonymous said...

Well Peter at least we heard a good excuse for a a change.

This one I can believe as the other is trash.

A lady was robbed at Oak Park Mall about 4:30 yesterday and it is all over the news even to the fact it was several black young people.

Vicky said...

Some of you may have been here when the Caylors were murdered. It was all over the news. There was a prayer vigil held in front of the Bible store. We didn't hear a word from the police department until an arrest had been made. Even then, the only official information was the man's name at the time of the arrest. More information became available from the press after the man was arraigned and the courts put the facts in the public record. When the Raytown police make an arrest in the Whiskey Barrel shooting, I'm sure the same scenario will take place. We just have to be patient. Remember, it took the Raytown police almost 2 months to catch the Caylor killers. Give them some time on this, too.

Anonymous said...

I remember The Caylors and the murder. Terrible thing to happen. Yes it was an on going investigation. At the time it seemed it took forever because we all were so anxious for the perp to be caught

Anonymous said...

Got a stumper question . If a friend was in a traumatic incident and said they did not want it on the news then why would a friend call the news

Lisa Emerson said...

I decided to drop out of the race for Ward 3 Alderman due to Mark Moore's filing for the same office. I have full confidence in his judgement, believing that if he were to win, he would make the right decisions for the right reasons on behalf of the people of our ward. I wish him the best in his race.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Caylor murders as well. Mr. and Mrs. Caylor were murdered by a young man they had been helping. Neither of them told the news media of what was going on. How could they? They were dead. But still the public found out. How did the public find out? Through the police department.

I won't throw stones at the p.d. on this one. There may be very good reasons for them not to go public with what they have.

Think of other murders in Raytown's recent past. The man on 67th Street who was murdered while walking his dog. His family publicized the murder and are workiing hard to find who is guilty. Should the same be true this time?

Anonymous said...

6:42pm I am sure the owners of whiskey barrel will tell the public when and what they wish to tell. If and until then I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers and respect their decision .

Anonymous said...

The nude red man on 67th and his family's decision to publicize it is their choice
As is Connie and Mikes choice. But it is their choice. Let them make their choice without being admonished. They have already been through enough

Anonymous said...

Email received from the Raytown Police Department:

Investigation into Liquor Store Robbery Continues
by harperdyon

Press Release

For Release: 01-22-2015
Prepared By: Sgt. D. Harper

Investigation into Liquor Store Robbery Continues

Raytown, MO – Raytown Police continue to investigate the robbery of a liquor store in the 6500 block of Raytown Road, which occurred on 01-02-2015. Two black males entered the store, demanded money and one of the males struck a female employee, which knocked her down. One of the males displayed a gun. When a male employee attempted to activate the alarm, he fell to the ground. The two suspects left the store. The male employee was transported to an area hospital for treatment to a wound to his head.

The male employee initially told the responding officers that he thought he tripped, causing him to strike his head, however, it was later discovered that he had most likely suffered a grazing gunshot wound to his head. He was treated at the hospital and has since been released.

The male suspects are described as being about 6’ tall, thin build, wearing dark clothing.

Raytown Police investigators believe that the liquor store robbery suspects may have been involved in other crimes, and have been diligently working with other law enforcement agencies to bring this case to a successful conclusion, which has restricted the release of information until today. We thank our community members that have remained patient through this process. The investigation into this robbery is ongoing, so in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and potentially others, no other information will be released at this time.

Anyone with information about this robbery, or any other crime, is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS (8477).

harperdyon | January 22, 2015 at 18:25 | Categories: Press Releases | URL:

elisa breitenbach said...

The Whiskey Barrel would like to thank everyone who came out last night. They both want you to know how much they both feel blessed by all the Raytown support! It truly is times like this you come to understand the true meaning of life.

The new hours will be 2:00-8:00 P.M. Please try & understand they don't want to talk to the media. Connie's parents are pushing 90. They don't want them to know what happened but they do want Raytown & all our families to know.

I am sure it was hard to reopen. Everyday each of us make a choice in life. We can stand up face the day with a smile & be thankful like Connie & her son Mike or choose a path of bitterness & hate. May life always teach us how life is a blessing even in the dark times thanks to dear old & new friends all around us.

Please like & share this wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Only one person has claimed to contact a tv station in this matter; don't think others will.
The police version is a tad different than what was previously published .
Glad people are rallying around them!!!

Anonymous said...

Salon 1101 had their open sign up today!! Yea for them and Welcome!! Glad you are here

Vicky said...

I'm always on the lookout for a good salon. Where is Salon 1101?

Anonymous said...

Salon 1101 is on raytown rd across from the library on the south west corner.