Sunday, June 7, 2015


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Paul has the page this week. A lot going on up at City Hall and it looks like there will be some changes in the landscape on 350 Highway . . . not to mention a new business on 67th Street across from Sutherlands.

The Board has approved expenditures for renovation of the Police Department, but it looks like the project may be on hold because a temporary location for the PD to be housed while the work is going on.

There may be some closure to a project planned for over the past six years  . . .  a walking trail along 350 Highway. But don’t wish for it too much. We have questioned about the plans and have found the “trail” is a 5’ wide stretch of concrete that will adjoin a curb connected to East bound 350 Highway on from Raytown’s west border to (approximately) the HyVee Grocery Store.

Something new this week . . . Check out the Fit Bottomed Girls video at the end of this week’s report. They have a way of making the mundane  . . . .  interesting.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – June 2, 2015
Mayor McDonough announced David Bower was voted to be the 2015 Truman Heartland Citizen of the Year.

Mayor McDonough called Robert Riley to the podium.  He said, like many young American men in the early 1940s, Robert Riley’s life and high school graduation were interrupted by World War II. While fighting in Europe he served as sergeant and tank commander for General George Patton and earned the distinguished Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his bravery.  After returning from the war, Robert Riley made a life for himself in Raytown where he married his wife Margaret, raised two children, and contributed to the City’s development nd growth through his years as a home builder.  At the age of 92 Robert Riley was recognized by the Raytown School District and received his high school diploma. Now, it is the City’s time and responsibility to honor Mr. Riley for his contributions to Raytown and our nation.  The Mayor declared June 2, 2015, as Robert Riley day.

Police Chief Jim Lynch introduced Police Officer Abygail Shockley.  City Clerk, Teresa Henry, administered the oath.

Renovation of Police Department . . . The Board passed a resolution approving the expenditure of funds to The Wilson Group not to exceed $398,175.24 for the renovation of the Police Department. Jim Melvin told the Board the staff has worked with the National Joint Purchasing Agency (NJPA) contractor to develop prices based on the remodel design provided by Incite Design Studio Architects.  The largest expenditure will be replacing the sewer drains under the building.  When cooperative contracts such as the NJPA contract are available, state law allows municipalities to use those contracts instead of developing project specific contracts and specifications. The municipality sees a considerable savings in staff time and design expense and still meets the requirement to bid the projects at competitive prices.

Temporary Police Housing Contract Rejected . . . The Board rejected a resolution approving a 6-month lease with BPS Properties for temporary housing of the Raytown Police Department.  The staff has worked with local realtors to find a location to temporarily house the Raytown Police Department during the remodel of the lower level of City Hall.  The GE building was examined, but was sold. Staff also looked at mobile office space, but renting 7001 Blue Ridge Boulevard is more economical. Approximately 22 Raytown Police Department personnel will need to move during the remodel, and can readily be housed at this location.  The 6-month duration cost would be $21,000.00. Some additional cost would be incurred such as moving expenses and disassembly and assembly of office cubicles; however, those same costs would be incurred with any other facility.   

Jim Melvin said the City would also incur expenses, such as approximately $10,000 for taxes on the building and $800 per month for utilities.  The space will be 9,400 square feet.  Alderman Moore asked what it will cost to move the equipment.  Mr. Melvin said they have bids for about $6,000 to move the equipment out and another $6,000 to move it back in.  Alderman Black said the rent, taxes, utilities, and moving costs will add another $52,000 to the $398,175 construction cost.  

Alderman Moore asked if there is a definite time frame on the construction contract and claw back penalties for failure to meet the deadline.  Jim Melvin said the city can’t start the construction project until they have some place for the police department to move to.  He also confirmed there is a performance penalty clause in the contract if the work is not completed on time.   

Alderman Van Buskirk said the contract calls for the City to be responsible for building and parking lot maintenance.  He asked why that was.  Joe Willerth said this is a standard commercial lease.  If the city didn’t pay for the taxes and maintenance, those costs would be factored into the monthly lease payment, which would be much higher than $3,500 per month.  Alderman Moore said if the city was going to pay $3,500 per month in rent, they shouldn’t have to pay the taxes, as well.   

Alderman Black asked what would happen if the Board didn’t pass the resolution.  Jim Melvin said they would have to keep looking for a facility, and that would throw the project into the next budget year.  Chief Lynch said they can’t lease just anywhere.  According to Federal law, the building must be a secure facility.  Alderman Moore said he thinks the whole Board wants the project to go forward, but most of them have a problem paying Block’s taxes.  Mark Loughry said they could contact Block and re-open the negotiations, but Block was under no obligation to revise the agreement.

New Quik Trip Planned . . . The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance granting approval of the site plan for a convenience store on land located at 9323 East Highway 350 in agreement with the provisions of the zoning regulations.  John Benson said Triple M Enterprises, doing business as QuikTrip, is seeking approval of the Site Plan for a new convenience store at 9323 Highway 350 that will replace the existing QuikTrip store. The project proposes demolition of the existing QuikTrip store and gas canopy as well as demolition of existing buildings on adjacent properties to the east and southeast of the existing QuikTrip property.

The following are proposed to be constructed as part of this redevelopment project:

• New convenience store building;

• New gas pumps islands and canopy;

• New entrance / exit drives on Highway 350 and on Maple Avenue including removal and relocation of the existing driveway entrance on Maple Avenue near the intersection of Maple Avenue and Highway 350

• Storm water detention facility constructed to meet pre-development storm water runoff standards and

• Five foot wide sidewalks along that portion of Maple Avenue abutting the project.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has reviewed the proposed redevelopment plans for this property and has approved the driveway locations on Highway 350. The applicant is not being required to construct or extend the bicycle-pedestrian trail along Highway 350 as the grant obtained by the City will provide the funding for the construction of the trail along this portion of Highway 350. This segment of the trail has already been designed by the City and is anticipated to go out to bid this summer. 

The design for the new trail has been shared with QuikTrip so that the two projects will be coordinated.  Staff from the City and the Raytown Fire Protection District has reviewed the submitted site development plan in accordance with the bulk regulations of the Highway Corridor Commercial (HC) zoning district as well as the site development plan content requirements and the Highway 350 Corridor Design Standards specified in the Raytown Zoning Ordinance. Based upon this review the proposed site development plan has been found to comply with the bulk regulations of the HC zoning district and the site plan content requirements.

New Bakery Application Considered . . . The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance granting a conditional use permit subject to certain conditions to allow a residential use in the Neighborhood commercial district on property located at 5902 Blue Ridge Boulevard.  John Benson told the Board Wanda Mullins is seeking a conditional use permit application to allow residential use on property located 5902 Blue Ridge Boulevard, which is zoned Neighborhood Commercial (NC). The applicant is seeking the permit as she plans to open a bakery on the first floor of building and wants to live above the bakery on the second floor. The bakery is a permitted use in the NC District. However, the residential use is not a permitted use in the NC District and requires approval of a conditional use permit.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance granting a conditional use permit subject to certain conditions to allow a residential use in the Neighborhood commercial district on property located at 10200 E. 63rd Terrace.  John Benson said John Smith is seeking approval of a conditional use permit application to allow a residential use to be located in the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zoning district.  The property to which this application applies is located at 10200 E. 63rd Terrace.  

Mr. Smith operates an office on the property, which is a permitted use in the NC  zoning district, and is seeking approval of the conditional use permit application so that his mother can live in the building as well.  Mr. Smith has a contract with the current owner, Joe Medlin, to purchase the property.  John Benson told the Board the property has a 353 tax abatement and that will stay in place with the sale.  Alderman Van Buskirk asked to see the tax abatement papers before the next meeting.  He asked if the city had ever given a tax abatement to residential property.  John Benson said there is the commercial business as well.  Alderman Van Buskirk said the tax abatement is for commercial properties, not residential.

Indoor Shooting Range . . . The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance granting a conditional use permit subject to certain conditions to allow an indoor shooting range on property located at 8830 Highway 350.  Jim Bloomquist is seeking approval of his conditional use permit application to allow an indoor shooting range on property located at 8830 Highway 350. The applicant leases space from the property owners, Billy and Marilyn Green at this location. The proposed use will be located in an existing building with multiple tenant spaces adjacent to an existing gun and ammunition store Blue Steel Gun & Ammo), which is owned by the applicant. The property is zoned Highway Corridor Commercial (HC) zoning district.

Chain of Hope Proposes a New Kennel . . . The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance granting a conditional use permit subject to certain conditions to allow an animal kennel on property located at 8814 E. 67th Street.  Susan Jones, President of Chain of Hope, on behalf of Summit Bank of Kansas City is seeking approval of a conditional use permit application to allow Chain of Hope to operate an animal outreach and rescue facility at 8814 E. 67th Street.

Their facility will include offices as well as animal kennels for dogs they take in. A day care was previously located on the property but closed several months ago. The subject property is in foreclosure and owned by Summit Bank of Kansas City. The property is zoned Highway Corridor Commercial (HC). Chain of Hope is seeking this conditional use permit as they want to move from their current location at 8000 Woodson Road, which is on the northwest corner of Woodson Road and westbound Highway 350 to this location which will allow them to own the property while providing them with additional space.

They state in their application, however, that the additional space will not result in additional animals than their current location. Rather it will provide improved facilities and space for the animals they care for. There is past due property taxes due for this property which are yet unpaid. The applicant has stated that these taxes, which were not paid by the previous property owner, will be paid at the time the applicant closes on the purchase of the property from Summit Bank of Kansas City. The payment of these past due property taxes is a recommended condition of approval.

Alderman Josh Greene asked what the Department of Agriculture regulations were for the number of animals in the facility.  Susan Jones said there is no set limit of animals, but the Department of Agriculture has been to this facility and has given their approval.  Alderman Van Buskirk asked about sound proofing at the building.  Ms. Jones said there was no sound proofing, but they don’t want to listen to barking dogs either.  They work with and train the dogs so there won’t be a lot of barking.  All animals will be crated inside.   They also have several foster homes in which to place animals.

Fit Bottomed Girls . . . Check out the following video to find out how to make oatmeal a better a meal.
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Anonymous said...

I wish the Oatmeal video had better audio. The information could have been informational and entertaining, but I was lucky to understand one word out of 20!

Andy Whiteman

KMCCLA said...

I am happy to see the new Mayor is a man on the town. I have met him several times already, even though he already knows my father and I on sight, I am still not always sure who he is (then again, I am bad on remembering faces at times).

Anonymous said...

The new Mayor has been active in raytown
Forever! He is a man who remembers people he has met over all these years in his Hometown . I am glad we have gotten back to voting in a person that has deep ties to the community. I have known him since school days

Anonymous said...

He knows my name too but I am not convinced he is the man for the job. It just makes him a real politician in my book full of hot air.

Anonymous said...

Be fair to Mayor McDonough. If he has done something wrong or something you do not like at least say what it is. But to complain about a person like the earlier blogger did is plain silly. Why don't you think he is the man for the job? Is it because you don't like the way he parts his hair? Time to put on the big boy pants and say what is really bothering you.

Personally, I think he is doing a good job. I have not agreed with all of his decisions, like his choice for mayor protem. But it was his right to make the choice. And the Board approfve it unanimously.

Give the man credit. He is making a big difference compared to the secretive ways of the previous mayor.

Dana said...

I know why Anon 7:23 doesn't like the new mayor. It's because he's not part of the old regime. (S)he would rather have things the old way, with the old people in place. That person and that person's friends will continue to gripe about the new mayor and the new aldermen. Please notice none of them have the courage to sign their names. Just a bunch of gutless, spineless bullies.

Jodi said...

Hey, Dana - want to tell us how you really feel?

Beth said...

Haters are haters. Misery loves company. This person wants others to be as bitter as them and angry.
Don't acknowledge them. Their comments do not warrant such

Anonymous said...

Perfect!. approve almost $400 grand for a remodel, but no where to put the personal to get the project completed. Has anyone ever heard of micromanagement??? What a bunch of clowns. Because the BOA turn down a major piece of a project and approve the other is a sure fire way to ensure a complete failure and and waste of tax payers dollars. And that makes them better and smarter? I think not, and neither should the readers of this blog.

Also, what the heck happened to our beloved Raytown??? I guess for Politically Correct blindness, we neglect to see what new neighbors that we now have. I am not PC blind, I see it walking up and down the streets everywhere I go in my once beloved Raytown. Now, I can't even walk out to my mailbox without fear of my safety or life. Sorry, but this town and our entire society has gone to hell.

Thanks for the thug life hood that we all now endure here in Raytown. I'll soon be gone, but Lord help the hard working middle class that once made Raytown and America a great and I mean GREAT place to live. It is not here anymore...It is gone and doubtful to return.

Anonymous said...

I feel the mayor pro ten is nothing more than a token and pawn used by the mayor. And he( the mayor) has not separated himself from the police department, this was quite evident when he put together the new police pension board. I was shocked he didn't put his family on it. Come on people wake up. I wasn't a fan of the last mayor either, but this one hasn't shown me anything either.

Anonymous said...


Strawman argument, I thought the BOA made a good point to check things before we waste money paying for the TAXES AND MAINTENANCE of private property that you are leasing for 6 months. You would have to be a clown to just nod your head and agree to that waste. This new BOA asks A LOT of questions, I for one feel that they are sincere, I NEVER got that feeling with the old mayor and BOA. Of course you will get what is left of the old machine...coming on this blog crying and making up nonesense...I find it cute that this is all they have.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last blogger. I my opinion this mayor isn't ANY BETTER than the last one. He certainly has done nothing with the codes problems the town is plagued with.

Anonymous said...

Agreed they are checking things out and not just saying yes to anything and everything
Yes 9:12 ... Cute but still a crybaby pain in the "a" just like the last administration. But do agree who they are . Oh well as another blogger said " they are not worth acknowledging " Just crybabies and bullies .. So sad

GADSDEN said...

To all the people that seem content with a complaint in their mouth. The new board and mayor were sworn in about the first of May (Correct me if I am wrong) we are now in the second week of June and people expect that all the changes that need to be made should be made.

Come on people, use your brains for something other than sitting on them. Changes will be made but it does take time.

To the complainers have you been to the board meeting to express your discontent with the city?

If all you can do is com pain then maybe you should do something about it.

Maybe you are with the old regime and just upset that you lost.