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The Final Word . . . 
A blogger recently commented that David Bower was not Mayor when the Board of Aldermen approved the enabling legislation for the 350 Live Project that brought Walmart and now the debt crisis Raytown is facing. Someone once wrote that a picture is worth a thousand words. The image below is from the Official Minutes of the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting held Tuesday, May 22, 2007. 

The tally sheet shows how the Aldermen voted. Mayor Bower’s signature is shown as well.

A Busy Week . . . 
For those who may have missed it, a lot has happened this past week in Raytown. Here is a short rundown of out of the ordinary events from last week:

TUESDAY, MAY 4TH: The Raytown Report broke the news that City Administrator Mahesh Sharma would be leaving Raytown for the top administrative job in Scott County, Iowa.

RAYTOWN BOARD OF ALDERMEN MEETING: Two private citizens addressed the Board and Mayor on current topics.

Robbie Tubbs specifically responded to comments made by former Raytown Alderman Joe Creamer. At the previous meeting Creamer had unleashed a verbal attack at seven members of the Board for meeting with officials from the Raytown Fire District over a dispute on tax collection policies of the City. Tubbs told Board members she found it ironic that Creamer was trying to place blame the City Council for problems he helped create under the David Bower administration.
Former Ward 2 Alderman John Wiley also addressed the Board. Wiley wanted to make certain that his criticism of the past City Administration was not a reflection on the efforts of the current Board of Aldermen conduct.

THURSDAY, MAY 6TH: KSBH TV 41 aired an investigative news story regarding the recent death of Norene Irvine in a fatal fire in Raytown. It has been alleged that Raytown Ambulance crews declined an offer from another ambulance (from the Kansas City Fire Department) to transport the victim to the hospital. The 41 Action News Investigators obtained dispatch audio of the Kansas City Fire Department's call to Raytown EMS.

KCFD: "Are you guys sending an ambulance out to that house fire in your city?"

Raytown EMS: "Uh ... we don't know anything about a house fire."

KCFD: "All right. We just got a call for 70th and Hedges. I don't have an exact address. The house is on fire, there might be someone in there - I'm listening to the call taker. Um, so, if you could definitely, it's by someone who's a worker, so you'll probably need your police and an ambulance."

Raytown EMS: "OK, do you know what color house it is?

KCFD: "Oh my goodness. Uh ... no ma'am. I mean, it's on fire."

To view the broadcast in its entirety, use this link: READ MORE

FRIDAY, MAY 7TH: The Raytown Fire District announced it would conduct a Public Informational Hearing regarding our concerns with the 350 Live Tax Increment Financing. Fire Chief Matt Mace had invited the City of Raytown to participate in the Hearing but was turned down by a spokesman for the City.

In a letter to Mace, Raytown City Attorney Joe Willerth wrote, “I do not think it is in the public interest for an entire Fire District Board and the entire Raytown Board of Aldermen to sit down and review extensive detailed financial records in an open public meeting or attempt to negotiate the resolution of any outstanding pending issues initially in an open public meeting.”

The Fire District’s legal counsel, Christine Waldschmidt, expressed frustration in a letter to Willerth about the the lack of communication between the Fire District and City officials. I her letter she had invited all city officials to sit down with Fire District officials “for a full accounting of receipts and disbursements of this TIF Project, dated and corroborated by bank statements, with copies for all parties at the meeting.

Willerth rejected the offer to meet.

To view the letters referenced in this story use this link . . . READ MORE

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – May 3, 2016 
At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor McDonough said in part, “While many TIF districts across the state implemented in the last 10 years have failed or are struggling, the Raytown Live TIF District is still progressing.  No one could have predicted the economic Downturn that followed the approval of the TIF, and admittedly it has been slower in growth than projected.  However, at no time since the TIF’s inception has the City missed a payment or requited additional input from any entity outside the original agreement.”

Robbie Tubbs told the Board she found it ridiculous that a former alderman could point fingers and make accusations against the people cleaning up the (TIF) mess he helped to create.  She also said she appreciated the fact this Board is trying to do the right thing.
John Wiley also addressed the Board and said he wanted to make certain his criticism of the past City Administration was not a reflection on the efforts of the current Board of Aldermen.  He stated the River of Refuge Transitional Housing Facility will be opening soon.

The Board passed an ordinance granting a waiver to the approved exterior building materials specified in the design standards provided in section 50-421(h) of the code of ordinances and approving the use of composite siding material on property located at 8320 Westridge Road.
Brian and Kenda Bamesberger own and operate Star Drywall, which is located on the property at 8320 Westridge Road. They are remodeling the existing building on the property and want to change the exterior building material on the front of the building to a composite siding material.  The composite siding material proposed,  does not comply with the Highway 350 Corridor Design Standards. As such, they are seeking approval of their request for a waiver to the allowable type of exterior building materials specified in the Highway 350 Corridor Design Standards as provided in Section 50-421(h) of the City of Raytown Code of Ordinances.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the city administrator to enter into an agreement with TLC and /Warman Concrete & Construction for the 2016 concrete repair project in a total amount not to exceed $120,000.00.

The 2015-16 street maintenance program budget is $775,000 (this amount includes the concrete project, asphalt overlay, light weight aggregate seal, street striping, 83rd Street Bridge, crack sealing, and grant match for Blue Ridge Blvd bike lanes). The concrete repair project was budgeted at $150,000 of the $775,000 total. This project will be for 40 working days, and is planned to be completed by late July. The Staff is requesting an $11,953.45 increase in the approved amount for possible change order overruns in this concrete removal/replacement project. This will make an approved amount to spend of $120,000.00.

The Board passed a resolution approving the professional services of storm water infrastructure repair in Raytown from Wiedenmann, Inc. Utilizing the City of Lee’s Summit cooperative purchase contract and approving project expenses for 55th Street west of Crescent in an amount not to exceed $39,381.15 and amend the fiscal year 2015- 2016 budget. City staff tore out some sidewalk that was undermined by storm water flows in the area west of Crescent on 55th Street.
The Staff intended to perform the repairs with current personnel, but the project proved to be too large for the manpower available. The Staff then requested a quote from Weidman, Inc. (Weidman was the successful bidder on the Lee’s Summit annual pipe repair project, a cooperative contract). A quotation was received from Wiedenmann, Inc. dated March 3, 2016, in the amount of $39,381.15. The amount is a budgetary estimate, and the work will be completed per the Lee’s Summit contract.

Normally the actual cost of the work is less than Wiedenman’s estimate, unless the unforeseen is encountered. The project was not originally included in the 2015-16 budget. However, with the significantly reduced fuel expenses this fiscal year, funds are available for transfer from Vehicle Expenses to Capital Expenditures to fund this project.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance providing for submission of a proposal to discontinue application and collection of the local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and outboard motors that were purchased from a source other than a licensed Missouri dealer to the qualified voters of the city for their approval at the primary election called and to be held in the city on August 2, 2016.

Municipalities have until November of 2016 to receive voter approval to continue to impose the local use tax on vehicles purchased by their residents from out-of-state vendors.

Political subdivisions that had a use tax in place prior to July 6, 2013, need not get voter approval to continue to receive this revenue stream. All other municipalities must seek voter approval to continue to impose the local use tax on purchases of vehicles, trailers, and out-board motors from out-of-state or person-to-person sales.

I recently learned that some individuals in Raytown are telling people that I voted for the 350 Live/Walmart TIF. Experience has taught me that when someone tries to change the facts of a recorded event, it is in my best interest to set the record straight.

I wrote the following story shortly after the Board of Aldermen voted to sign off on the 350 Live Project. The Minutes following this story will attest to what took place back in 2007.

So, without any further ado or preamble here is the story I wrote nine years ago defending my “no” vote on the 350 Live/Walmart TIF.

Why I Voted “NO”on the
350 Highway Walmart Project
Tuesday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting was a milestone of sorts for Raytown.

The Board, by a vote of 9 to 1, voted to go deep into debt for 23 years to the tune of $31,980,293.00 (yes, 31 MILLION dollars) to guarantee a Walmart would locate a new super center on 350 Highway.

I was the lone “no” vote on the package. There are very good reasons why.

First, let me say for the record that I am not a Walmart hater. I don’t hold them in the highest esteem either. But I do believe in capitalism. And, that in a free capitalistic system the rules are such that prosperity and growth are not signs of evil. If people do not agree with how someone conducts their business, they can vote with their feet and refuse to shop at Walmart.

Some do just that. But the simple fact is that most do not.
Nope, my reason for voting against the 350 Walmart Development is two-fold.

Most people are not aware that once the project is up and running that it is predicted to fall far short of returning anything on the money invested – period. Not in one year, not in 23 years. TIF packages come with a tax increase. At the end of the day the tax increase for this particular Raytown TIF is nearly 1%.

Typically, one-half of the tax increase goes to development – the parking lot, the building, the sewers, etc., etc., etc. The other half, often referred to as the “bottom end”, of the tax increase goes to the City. In the case of the Raytown Walmart TIF – ALL of the bottom end goes to the Walmart development.

The reason for disparity is the Raytown School District. They are in the catbird seat. They own the land needed for the development. This drove the cost of the project from something feasible to something that resembles more of an economic black hole.

The city’s only hope of a gain is in some nebulous plans of future development. A theory that is long on Pollyannaish talk of this developer moving in here and that one over there. But the reality is that no such plans exist except in “blue sky” talk.

But that is not the main reason for my “no” votes on the seven pieces of legislation this evening.

The city, in an effort to make the “deal” work has made a conscious decision to indemnify the bond holders investments for the full 23 year term of the bonds offered to finance the project. In short, the taxpayer is guaranteeing that the bondholders will be paid in full – no matter what. That means that if Walmart does not meet the expected sales targets for the new store, the money needed to pay the bonds from the tax revenue will come directly from the city’s coffers.

In other words, the Board of Aldermen have put at risk tax dollars you and I pay to maintain our streets, sewers, policemen, ambulance service, etc., etc., etc. If the economy takes a nose-dive into a recession, if gasoline prices spike and cause an economic upheaval – our tax dollars are guaranteed to make certain that the shortfall at the local Walmart will be made up from the general revenue of the city.

That is a line I refused to cross tonight. It is why I voted “no” this evening on the 350 Highway Walmart.



An ordinance authorizing and approving a redevelopment agreement between the City of Raytown, Missouri and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., for implantation of the Raytown Live Tax Increment Financing Plan and designating Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. as developer of Redevelopment Project 1 under certain conditions stated herein.

AYE:    Creamer, Aziere, White, Hamilton, Melson, Schlapia, Ertz, Fleming, Riehle

NAY:    Walters
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Anonymous said...

I do not see a valid reason the City will not meet with the Fire District. Putting out press releases that are ambiguous and questionable as to the so-called facts is not an honest way to conduct business. City Hall should meet PUBLICLY with the Fire District to work out their differences. The stonewalling going on is not good for our town.

Anonymous said...

I can guess why the City is afraid to meet with the Fire Department in the public eye. It's really hard to spin the story if we all hear it as it happens. Besides if they hold a public meeting how in the world will the Randy and Bob make up a story. I am not saying it's impossible, God knows those two are very talented authors, too bad there is a difference between journalism and fiction.

Anonymous said...

BULLSYEYE... Seems you (Greg) had the courage and foresight in 2007 to see past the shiny new shopping carts and rolled back prices to vote NO against a horrific Wal-Mart TIF deal that glaringly favored the developer and school district and not Raytown or it's taxpayers. Too bad your fellow BOA members failed to follow your lead!!!

Anonymous said...

BULLSYEYE... Seems you (Greg) had the courage and foresight in 2007 to see past the shiny new shopping carts and rolled back prices to vote NO against a horrific Wal-Mart TIF deal that glaringly favored the developer and school district and not Raytown or it's taxpayers. Too bad your fellow BOA members failed to follow your lead!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok something just doesn't seem right. If everything is fine with the TIF project and all has been made whole as the Mayor claims, why would the Fire Department host a public hearing and more importantly why wouldn't the City Attorney welcome this? I am just a lowly small business owner, but in my experience when the City of Raytown hides behind their attorney it is because the public is taking it in the shorts. I supported the Mayor because I was tired of the previous tyrant and though he was different. Since then I have learned the City has been improperly spending the money generated by the Public Safety Sales Tax, improperly spending the money raised by the Park & Sewer Sales Tax and most recently improperly managing the money used to finance the Wal-Mart project. Enough is enough Mr Mayor, it is time for you to stand up and lead or resign and let someone qualified take over. It did not make sense at the time but the reasoning behind the Mayor supporting Janet Emerson so passionately last month in crystal clear now. Its called job insurance, he knows no matter how badly things get vary few of us will call for Janet to take over.

To the Fire Department and the School District, please stay vigilant and keep up your efforts to hold people accountable for our hard earned tax dollars. I realize there are those who would rather not see Government entities arguing publicly over the use of our tax dollars, but I for one think there is no better example of being accountable to those you serve than this. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Couldnt agree more. Trying to follow the meetings and papers, it seems that Green, Meyers and Moore are the ones with some stones. Maybe the mayor can borrow some and address his problem with his administration.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the issues between The City and Fire District have not been resolved as reported. Chief Mace has done his best to get this settled but is being stonewalled by City Hall. They need to just put it all on the table and let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who is paying move Walmart Mountain and where is it going?

Anonymous said...

Dan Estes was the Finance Director when the Walmart debacle first came about. It was when Wenson was the City Administrator and Sue Frank was Mayor. Even now Bower and this current administration receives the blame for the mess, but in reality, in was Sue Frank, Wenson and Estes. It's funny, after the Walmart deal was all but done, all three moved on. Seems that under the table dealings would be the only reason to be foolish, or stupid enough, to make such a bad one-sided deal for the city, that each of those people claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

Greg and Paul,
I want to thank you both for taking the position of keeping an elected official and/or candidate's spouses out of the spot light and conversations on your blog.

However, I hope you agree that a game changer to that is when the elected official and/or candidate's spouse puts themselves in the spot light by going around our community and trying to cause issues for other the elected officials and/or candidates by speeding rumors that would help their spouse succeed in their efforts as an elected official and/or candidate.

Over that past several week's one spouse has decided to openly stress to many either privately or at meetings and events that they have knowledge that two of the candidates will be attending candidate training for the political party, which they are opposing .
If this were true, I would actually agree it needs to be of public record and brought into question why than these candidates didn't file under that party.

Why would this come up in any conversation before the said training event and without proof that these same candidates actually attending the training.

I think it speaks not only to the character of this candidate's spouse, but what agenda are they trying to push, It also makes one have to question the candidates strength to stand on their own and what they have done for the betterment of the community.

Perhaps that is the underlining issue!

The candidate has nothing to offer where they have provided for the betterment of this community, and therefore they believe the only way to win is to spread information that cannot be validated.

Considering the condition of our city and four of the six candidates for state representative are either on the Board of Alderman and/or tied to the Wal-Mart TIF vote that is in the negative spotlight throughout Greater Kansas City, thanks to Former Alderman Joe Cramer contacting Action 41 News, do we NOT all have need for concern about who ends up being elected to represent Raytown in Jefferson City.

Greg Walters said...

No. It was on May 22, 2007 that the enabling legislation was passed approving the Redevelopment Agreement between Walmart and the City of Raytown. David Bower was Mayor and it is his signature is on the minutes of the meeting. Tomorrow I will publish the document in its entirety.

This should put to rest the "story" that Bower was not Mayor when the Walmart deal was approved.

Anonymous said...

He was mayor for a month or so prior to this he vote. All the leg work had been completed by the previous mayor and board. Suggesting a new mayor would completely halt a project many we're excited about is haphazard and highly wishful. If those folks were so amazing and blameless, bring Wenson, Frank and Estes back.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that no matter what the TIF debate may be about, that the current BOA and Mayor are taking flack for so much of it. Come on people just like so much other crap this last year these folks have had to deal with because of Bower and even some before him!
Let's see what comes out in the end. I bet the Fire Chief ain't all correct and the city may be off some too, but doesn't mean anything evil, just some misunderstanding about how this huge TIF is spelled out and what is owed too
Funny that some of the other entities in the TIF aren't concerned,just the Fire folks

Anonymous said...

We can all pull up information on when the "Wallmart Deal " first started and whom all was on board for that endeavor and who was finally on board when it was pushed thru. No problem going back from the get go on that one. No fluff many names in that push through

Anonymous said...

But who was mayor when it all started?? And who was all for it? From the GEt Go? Look that up..

Jeff said...


That's an interesting statement. I wish you would name names and dates. I think it would be enlightening to know who is spreading the lies (although I can make an educated guess). Oh, and you'll have to sign your name or they won't publish it. If you don't want to sign your name, get your neighbor's cousin to write in.

Anonymous said...

SO when did Walmart come to Raytown? Everyone talks about the store move and how bad a problem it created. But who was on the BOA when it came to town? By the time it came for the move Walmart was carrying over 1,000,000 in sales tax dollars in to the city's budget. It was a no win problem for the BOA keep Walmart and have some chances of getting sales tax dollars, lose Walmart and lose all the sales tax dollars. Im sure Greg can find when the first store opened up.

Of all the folks on here that bitch about the Walmart can any of you say that you have not been in there? I have been twice, once I walked out because of rotten service. The other time i was sent money via there system. I have yet to buy anything there and wont. Just like I wont go to Sam's club.

Anonymous said...

9:12 - you say you don't like Walmart. Ok - that's fair. Tell us, though, where do you buy your clothes? The only places to buy clothes are the other big box stores, like Sears, Penny's or Macy's. How is that any different?

Anonymous said...


What other entries are you speaking of?

I hope not the school district as look at what all they got, which I myself question if it was even legal.

Also be reminded that the school district has several law suits for the property rates being set on TIF properties, so in the end they too don't like TIFs

Also not all entities collect sales tax and from what I have read this all started because of the city trying to collect sales tax that was in question.

To this date it appears even the mayor based on his comments last BOA meeting agrees with that piece.

I also find it funny that at least 3 department heads have left the city since this all has come to light.

Those tied to city hall are going around town commenting their are several other department heads looking.

41 Action News has done a story about an additional department head who to quote him "This is a Non-issue" in regards to need 4 ambulances to transport 1 individual.

I don't hear the same around town or on the news about the fire department. In fact I hear positive stories about saving of $750,000 and being the first department in the nation with new thermal cameras for every crew.

It makes it clear to an educated individual were the problem is and if you cannot understand that you must be tied to those at city hall that don't like the facts to tell the story!

Anonymous said...

I think we need the historic proof from the state on the amount of sales tax Wal-Mart in Raytown has Generated by taxing entity since 1995, which will give a good 20 year history.

We can than base things on fax and not numbers NO one can validate.

The day of managing by WET DREAMS must end and FACTS has to be the driver.

Anonymous said...

I buy my clothes at Target if I cant find them a Feldmans Or TSC, Academy, Pennys. It is different because its not Walmart. I don't give them any of my money. I will pay a bit more at other stores to not buy at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Grab your shovels and hip boots as it is getting deep in the "Raytown Times" again.

What is it with ex-alderman that came in last place in a three person race that they just cannot understand the general public is tired of their stories and take on things!

Yes, folks once again former alderman Joe Creamer is providing his take on the happenings at city hall.

He starts out with "his professionalism, honesty and integrity along with the leadership he provided" in speaking of the city administrator we have and what a loss it is with him leaving.

WAIT - Professional!
• What professional doesn't make sure required filings are completed in a timely manner when in fact they themselves competed filings for other properties during the same time frame.
• What professional demands a $30,000 pay increase when they know the country is in a recession and no other employee will be getting a raise.

LOL - Honesty!
• What honesty when he continued to refuse relocate to Raytown even though prior to accepting the position as city administrator he knew this was a requirement.

REALLY - Integrity!
• What integrity when several individuals around town and Action 41 News have commented in the past year how he refuses to respond to calls and/or emails. What a lead my example message this sends.

PLEASE - Leadership!
• What leadership when just after transitioning into the role of city administrator from director of public works he couldn't provide guidance to the interim public works director on dealing with the destroyed parks and yards from the company the city hired to work on new sewer lines. The unknown to the public still is who even hired the company and was it our city administrator when he was still director of public works.

We all know by the TIF, EMS and other messes he is leaving behind that taking responsibility and cleaning up messes his NOT what he is good at.

Creating hostility, dysfunctionality and public distrust are the true highlights of his time with Raytown, which should never by anyone be call out as "professionalism, honesty and integrity"!

Clearly public comments like Joe Creamer's shows that the past elected leadership at city hall has taken us down a dangerous and costly path.

Anonymous said...

So Raytown's finest fiction source Raytown Times has another letter from future Ward 1 BOA candidate Joe Creamer. This weeks sob story has him talking again about all the staff leaving City Hall and all the big bad bullies causing it. Even mentions Tom Cole previous Economic Director Tom Cole who left on good terms with City to pursue an opportunity with some previous friends and associates. I have it on a very reliable source who says he has reached out to City to possibly regain employment.. Doesn't sound like a scorned and bullied employee there does it Joe?? MISS... Also Mr.Hand on Raytown's Pulse Joe Creamer says that Community Development Director John Benson "May be" possibly interviewing outside Raytown for vacant City Administrator positions, but Joe can't "substantiate it"..Wow..Let me help you out again Joe since your buddy Raytown Times Randy left you flapping in the wind on that HUGE blunder... Joe if you reference the Raytown Brooking Eagle web-site on February 11 2016 in an article wriiten by Kris Collins,it highlights the interview process and selection of John Benson as a finalist for the City Administrator position in Fergus Falls MN. That's right Joe. Actual story in a LOCAL factual newspaper..ANOTHER MISS... Gotta admit though Joe Creamer you have brought a comical weekly twist of unsubstantiated and obvious grandstanding fictional editorializing to an otherwise bland and irrelevant dinosaur disguised as a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The "Raytown Times" only gets better

I don't know about any of you Democrats, but this Republican is never going to get on the Donald Trump band wagon like Bob Phillps.

Trump has destroyed my party and I cannot be any part of anything Trump.

I don't know if Bob has been drinking too much lake water or maybe water with lead in it for even thinking everyone should get behind trump.

Maybe it is just me, but I wonder what side in WWII Bob's family was supporting.

Maybe at the lake you idea of a bonfire is actually making a cross and lighting it on fire

Maybe you too want us to declare our choice of religion by wearing a symbol on our clothing while you are covered in a nice set of white sheets.

However, some of us are still around the understand the danger the world faced 80 years ago and don't ever want to see that much hate again.

I guess we live in the land of the free and with that comes the understanding we will face folks like Bob Phillips that may always put us in harms way for their open support of hateful thinking.

Max said...

Will all of you PLEASE stop vilifying Mahesh Sharma? At least until he's gone. If you keep this up, his new employer will find out how bad he really is and renege on the contract. Then we’ll be stuck with him!

Greg Walters said...

As promised . . . anyone interested in viewing the Official Minutes of the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting held on the May 22, 2007 can view them by going to our top of this week's Raytown Report. The image shows the vote tally and Mayor David Bower's signature on the document.

Anonymous said...

Go to the May 2003 mayor and alderman goals then go to the Jan 2006 updated goals. It is a very informative read. Also interesting is the project 1, project 2, project 3 phase of 350 live. The Internet is so useful in pulling up archive

Anonymous said...

Yes 350 live was started in 2003; )

Peter said...

The April 17th 2007 minutes of the meetings really goes into some historical findings as does all the minutes of recorded meetings leading up to the final signing. It's like putting the horse before the cart. Read it from 2003 to 2007 for a much clearer understanding

Greg Walters said...

Agreed that 350 Live was a work in progress for many years. But make no mistake about it. Not a shovel full of earth would have been turned with out the "go" button being pushed on May 22, 2007. A good comparison would be the Downtown Raytown Walmart Grocery Store that never happened. There are hours and hours of work that went into the project. Yet it never happened.

Why, because Walmart pulled out of the deal on the 11th hour.

The Walmart planned for the Waldo area was also abandoned after many months of work as well.

Same thing happened recently in the Crossroads District in Downtown Kansas City. An architectural firm had plans to renovate and move into the area but was turned down.

The preliminary votes, the decisions to move foward, etc., etc., etc., mean nothing if the final decision voids them.

Despite all the good intentions the 350 Live Project should be called what it is, a massive economic failure. It has strapped the city's cash flow. It is at the heart of the dispute between the Fire District and City Hall. On a more personal level, we can see how much this matters when we look at the deteriorating condition of neighborhood streets and basic services like street striping. The lack of new street lighting in our neighborhoods. Now there are allegations of reduced emergency services starting to make the rounds.

There is not much to be gained about arguing about the past. The time and energy would be better spent figuring out how to stop the bleeding of tax dollars to a project that is destined to fail.

Anonymous said...


Wake up he turned in his notice!

He is gone and with the grace of God Iowa will do the same to him.

If you really think the Great 7 will allow him back think again.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Times with the help of Joe Creamar and Jim Azeire are an embarrassment. The more I read from it the more I realize how delusional this last Board of Aldermen was.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sharma is a good man. Anyone who slings mud at him is not a reflection of Mr. Sharma, rather, it is a truer reflection of the type of person who hides behind anonymous posts. I don't mind a person wanting to remain anonymous, but not for the sake of attacking another person with name calling and hateful comments.

Mr. Sharma did what was best for his family, same as you and I would. His not moving to Raytown was for his family, receiving a salary increase was for his family and moving to a nice clean area in Iowa was for his family as well. We all care for our family over our jobs everyday, so what's the difference for Mr. Sharma?

I commend the man for taking care of his family, despite all the hateful name calling and back stabing that goes on with this blog site. His family will always love and care for him. Bloggers on this sight will be exactly the opposite of that - hateful and cynical.

Vicky said...


Mr. Sharma is a self-centered, two-faced liar. When Sue Franks asked him if he would be willing to move to Raytown if he was promoted to CA, he answered "Yes". He then reneged when it came time to actually move. Since he didn’t live here, he didn’t care that all the other city employees weren’t getting raises. He took all the money for himself instead. If he had been forced to move here by the spineless BOA, maybe this city wouldn’t have the problems it does because then Sharma would be forced to care. Don’t tell us what a good guy he is. We’re marking the days off our calendar until this guy is gone. It can’t be soon enough. Oh, and by the way – I signed my name!

Anonymous said...


Thank you! You are right on about Mr. Sharma.

After talking to several staff members who were and are still upset with the following miss treatment towards them if is clear Sharma was bad for this city.

30,000 raise for one individual, who happens to be Sharma
Funds for a public relations manager
Requirements staff must follow, but he doesn't have move to the city

Clearly the only ones that think he is doing a great job all are on or have been on the BOA or are tied in some other way to city hall.

This all speaks to the condition of our city both on policy and funding.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Vicky said...
You clearly have drank the cool aide that the political machine in Raytown has put out. I bet you didn't know that most of the employees of the city don't live here.The police have the lowest percentage of residents that are employed by the city and the highest percentage of the budget. I bet you don't question if they care about the residents. Mr Sharma has done very well with the hand dealt him by the previous administrators and the previous mayor and board of aldermen. The fact is that Sue and Barb And Curt and company sold our future to the failed school district all to keep walmart. Greg was just as much a.part of the show until the final vote and he backed out (good for him) but it doesn't change the fact that Bower and company inherited a bad deal and couldn't back out without a lawsuit and certainly loosing.

Big picture is get over it and make the best of what we have and be thankful for those who have worked hard to try make lemonade from a bad batch of lemons.

Anonymous said...

If I have a chance to get a raise, I'll be darn if I turn it down because no else gets a raise. You take care of your own, first. That's just good business and apparently Mr. Sharma was a very good negotiator.

As far as moving to Raytown, there are several upper echelon staff at city hall including department heads, Majors, Captains and on down the PD ranks that do not live in Raytown. I never see anyone getting their shorts in a twist over that on this blog.

Vicki, your obvious hatred and tone of your blog suggests more than a simple dislike for Mr. Mahesh. It suggests to me a deeper sense of hate toward one’s self.

Mary Beth said...

Greg you are so right a shovel full of dirt would not have been dug if not for the final signing. But I wonder when the 350 live plan was brought up in 3 different projects 1 thru 3 why didn't the Mayor and BOA nay the idea from the start. You can look up all the minutes from that time period with the talk about 350 live corridor and see how each one voted

Marilyn said...

I see the photo in the Raytown Times of the Raytown EMS staff. There are 20 people in that photo. I can only assume there are more EMS staff members who are on duty and are not in the photo. Why does the city have so many EMS staff when we only have 2 ambulances? No wonder there's no money!

Anonymous said...

Sue Frank bought Wal Mart to town start with. She's no angel but she sure try's to act like one.

Just sign me Gloria

Mary Beth said...

Marilyn ; I'm betting the 20 staff members are needed for various shifts with a bussiness such as EMS that is open 24/7 365 days a year. Plus your comment made light that you hoped there were other than the 20 in the photo that would be on duty

Anonymous said...

I read the letter from Joe Creamer in the Goofy Tune Times. It appears Joe has been drinking the Koolaide again! Is this the same Joe Creamer that lived everywhere but in the Ward he was supposed to represent for two years while drawing a paycheck from the city?

As for Mahesh Sharma, I have yet to find anyone wailing and breaking their teeth because he has decided to leave. If the comments on this blog are any indication, Joe and his ever-shrinking circle of friends may be the only ones upset.

No doubt about it. Mahesh will rise to even greater glory where he is headed. A word of advice for the greatest city administrator to bless the City of Raytown. Be sure to move into the County you will be administrating. You will find the Iowans are not too open to outsiders running their governments.

As for the three amigos, Jim Aziere, Joe Creamer and Randy Battagler. Please keep telling your stories. I really enjoy reading fiction. Perhaps you could add some aliens or Russian spies taking control of the Mayor's office and the city council.

Anonymous said...

The LAW says he is supposed to live here. He broke the law and lied to get the job. That shows all I need to know about him. The boys up in Iowa gonna have fun with him.

Anonymous said...

Well slap me and call me Mary.

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin
I'll take loozzzer's for $100 Alex-the question is- who would try to
sell you a boat that is made of window screen and try to convince
you that it will float?
Answer-The three amigos Joe Creamer-Jim Aziere and the Raytown Rags Times.

Truly amazed that Little joey hasn't been tarred and feathered by
by his little league of gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

We need to make Mayor Mike a ONE TERM mayor. He has done NOTHING except to act like a big know it all. Just tell in the truth.

Anonymous said...

Ha!, them boys in Iowa won't stand a chance against Mahesh's charm and demeanor. He thrives in an environment of government incompetence. Whey do think he does as well as he does and gets what he gets? Wait and see, he’ll do his 5-7 years there then bounce to an even better paying job, while were all still here on this blog, cursing him for not living in Raytown and blaming him for all the city’s woes.

Anonymous said...

In reading the article one would find that the blue shirts are EMS students not our EMS folks
Only the red shirts are employees of EMS

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Mahesh's time here is a success story!!??. Unbelievable! Other than bringing Raytown the most gifted city staff since Raytown was founded, name some of his successes. Please try to be concise. I want to go visit the monuments to his expertise in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Mike loves to have his picture taken giving our another proclamation. Shake hands and
slap backs and give you some of the old police bull.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Marilyn doesn't read the articles ; just looks at the pictures