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Local Business Owners
Express Concern
Elisa and Marjain Breitenbach, owners of Doughboys Donuts, are concerned about crime in Raytown. More specifically, they are concerned about the flow of information from the Police Department to the public about criminal activity in Raytown.

The topic gained public attention after a spate of armed robberies and break-ins took place two weeks ago along Raytown Road and 350 Highway.

Elisa made an attempt to contact the Raytown Police to receive information on the crimes. Frustrated in her attempt to learn details about the crimes, she reached out to the owners of the businesses and friends on Facebook to learn more.

She also placed the sign on the left at her store, asking for citizen involvement in helping the police to identify the criminals in, some of whom were caught on video during the crime spree.

In her quest for information she spoke with Channel 4 news reporter, Kera Mashek.

Mashek told her that she was having trouble getting any pertinent information from the Raytown Police Department. She also told Elisa to change the number of crimes in the recent spree from three to four. A local business owner had given her the tip on who had been robbed.

A local facebook page, Raytown Unleashed, has seen a tremendous amount of traffic on the topic.

Elisa’s husband, Marjain Breitenbach said, “the number of people who have come into the Doughboy’s and personally thanked Elisa for her activism is amazing.”

He continued, “They tell us . . . thanks for letting us know what is going on in Raytown.”

In response, the Raytown Police have amped up their public relations by posting a video tutorial on you tube.

To view the tutorial go to: RAYTOWN POLICE VIDEO
Elisa and Marjain Breitenbach own and operate Doughboys Donuts located in the Woodson Shopping Center at 63rd and Woodson. Doughboys Donuts, is a popular gathering place for those who like to eat donuts (of course!) and serves as a place where many gather to visit before they begin their day.

With such a large cross-section of the Raytown public going through their store, they have learned a lot about what people are thinking. That opinion, they say, is shared by many who do not believe the Police Department is doing all it can to keep the public informed on crime.

This same thought was echoed last week by Bob Phillips of the Raytown Times who wrote, “Ask any area TV or newspaper reporter which police department is the most difficult to work with and 9 out of 10 will say Raytown.”

Elisa Breitenbach’s conversation with Kera Mashek of Channel 4 backs up Phillips observation.

When information is shared about a crime with the public, the police gain an ally in their job. An informed public may give the police information needed to bring a criminal to justice.

Contrarily, a public that feels it is not informed begins to feel that not only is no one listening. They begin to feel no one cares.

You see this manifested when people are aware of criminal behavior but do not report it.

Do you ever wonder how many people have not called in complaint about gunfire at night in Raytown because they do not believe any one will respond?
This reaches beyond police work.
How many people have witnessed cruelty to animals, a party out of control, unsafe driving practices, even curfew violations in Raytown Parks but have not reported it.

If people believe nothing will happen from standing up, they will begin to lose faith in one of the most important parts of any community, the local police department.

The reaction by the Raytown Police Department to criticism in this case has shown they are listening. They have amped up their outreach to the public with additional news releases and a You Tube broadcast.

That is a good sign.
The more sharing of information between the public and the police, the better off our community will be. We are all in this together. Our police need our support. The community needs to know they can rely upon the police to keep Raytown safe.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – August 15, 2017
The city clerk gave the Oath to Police Officer Logan Dale.

Phyllis Goforth told the Board the Police Department is having the annual Citizen Police Academy on Wednesdays from August 30 to November 1.  It will be held at the library from 6:00 to 8:30.  She also the Masonic Lodge BBQ will be Friday and Saturday.  There will be a disc jockey, pulled pork, brisket and ribs.  Everyone is welcome.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the reappointment of Terry Copeland to the Raytown Park Board.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the reappointment of Michael Attwood as the Ward 1 representative to the Special Sales Tax Review Committee.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the reappointment of Lisa Emerson as the Ward 3 representative to the Special Sales Tax Review Committee.

The Board heard the first reading for an ordinance amending the code of ordinances of Raytown, by repealing a portion of section 2 of ordinance no. 5566-17. The Community Development staff has done a comprehensive review of Chapter 50 (Zoning) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Raytown, and has made a number of recommended changes to the use table in Section 50-107. It has been known for some time that there were existing errors in the use table, as well as some conflicting information between the use table and the zoning district requirements. As such, staff has put together changes to the Land Use Table to accurately reflect what is required in each zoning district, as well as to better capture the spirit and intent of the zoning ordinance.

The Board heard the first reading for an ordinance amending the code of ordinances of Raytown, by repealing a portion of section 2 of ordinance no 6448-17.  This is an ordinance amending chapter 50 (zoning), section 4 (definitions) of the code of ordinances of the city of Raytown by repealing a portion of section 2 of ordinance no. 5571-17 as a part of an ongoing review by city staff of the zoning ordinance (Chapter 50) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Raytown, staff has revised the definitions section of the ordinance in order for it to more closely match the land use table, zoning districts and overlays, and for the general purposes of greater clarity and understanding.

The Board passed a resolution approving the expenditure of funds to Watkins Lithographic in an amount not to exceed $28,000.  The City of Raytown currently provides four quarterly newsletters to our residents. The City put out a request for sealed bids for the printing of the newsletter and received submissions from six firms. After much evaluation and review staff ultimately decided to continue with our relationship with Watkins Lithographic, Inc. due to the detail and clarity provided in their samples which is what we desire to advance the opportunities and perception of Raytown. This decision was based on their proven experience with municipal government newsletters and the sample provided was extremely clear and crisp with an emphasis on creative and eye-catching design along with the preservation of City staff time, as all artwork is procured and provided by the vendor.  

The Board passed a resolution approving participation by Raytown in a grant application to the Mid-America Regional Council for a solid waste management program grant.  The staff is requesting permission to submit a grant application for a Solid Waste Management Grant Program through Mid-America Regional Council. Funding through this program can be used for education, waste reduction, re-use, recycling, composting, collection and processing, research and development and market development for products made with diverted materials. The grants are for one-year projects and we would be utilizing any funds received for the City’s Clean-Up Coupon program.

The Board passed a resolution approving the expenditure of funds with DH Pace Company, dba Overhead Door Company of Kansas City utilizing the Kansas City, Missouri cooperative contract to maintain the overhead doors of the city of Raytown in an amount not to exceed $16,214.  Capital Sales Tax funds for the replacement of two overhead doors with similar insulated doors and replace one panel of a third overhead door. Replace the front pedestrian door, frame, threshold, panic bar, locks and hardware. Replace the header and jams and fill threshold as needed to improve weather tightness and energy efficiency of the south overhead door. Perform preventative maintenance on all remaining doors.

The Board passed a resolution approving a professional services agreement with GBA for inspection services for the 59th Street Sidewalks project in an amount not to exceed $62,399.40. The 59th Street Sidewalks construction project is scheduled to begin construction in September of 2017. This is a complex construction project that will require a significant amount of labor-intensive oversight. It is estimated that adequate inspection of this project will require approximately 6 hours per day through the duration of the aggressive 90-day construction schedule. As a means to provide adequate inspection and testing throughout the project, staff requested a cost proposal from GBA utilizing the MoDOT 2014-2017 LPA Consultant On-Call List. The proposal includes the oversight of all construction activities, utility coordination, the upkeep of all required daily inspection notes and forms, communications with City staff and surrounding property owners, bi-weekly progress meetings, coordination of all required testing, and the completion of as-builts. Their attached proposal is for $59,428.00. Staff interviewed a handful of consulting firms for these inspection services. GBA is our choice for this project. Other firms interviewed were Affinis, Garver, TranSystems, and CFS Engineers.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the City Administrator to enter into an agreement with Vance Brothers for the 2017 granite seal project and approving an amendment to the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget related to the fiscal year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 granite seal projects for an amount not to exceed $507,524.93. In fiscal year 2015-2016 the Annual Chip Seal project was awarded to Vance Brothers, Inc. The City made the decision in September of 2016 to postpone the annual project to the following year, the Fall of 2017. The unspent funds from the 2015-2016 project year went back into fund balance and were not reallocated during the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget In September 2016, the City and Vance Brothers, Inc. agreed to delay our contract to the Fall of 2017 at the same bid prices of 2016. Vance Brothers, Inc. does reserve the right to negotiate a price variance should oil prices increase, this has not happened yet. Below is a timeline of the fiscal year 2015-2016 annual chip seal project: - Opened bids on May 20, 2016 - BOA approval of the fiscal year 2015-2016 bid from Vance Bros. on July 19, 2016 (R-2891-16) - BOA approval to purchase stored materials on April 11, 2017 (R-2966-17). The City has already spent $54,861.75 to Vance Bros. to purchase materials they ordered in 2016. - Work session agenda item on 4-25-2017 about the budget amendments for granite seal/concrete. Public works is requesting a 10% contingency to pay for potential overruns. $516,248.05 - $54,861.75 = $461,386.3 plus 10% equals $507,524.93. The Parks and Recreation Department has their own funds budgeted for the trail granite seal work at their park.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of one Stryker Power-Load cot fastener system from Stryker EMS equipment in an amount not to exceed $61,784.62. The original resolution was to purchase two systems.  Alderman Greene made a motion to only purchase one system. The Power-LOAD cot fastener system compliments the Power-PRO ambulance cots we currently have in service. During loading into/unloading from the ambulance, the system supports the full weight of cot and patient and lifts/lowers the cot into/out of the ambulance mechanically; thereby, minimizing the potential to drop the cot or patient during these operations, and eliminating the operator spinal loads which can lead to cumulative trauma. Cost includes freight, extended warranty/maintenance package (7-year), installation by Feld Fire and the retrofit of our cots to be used with the system. The unit which was purchased with the new ambulance has been in service since early June without any problems; crews report very favorable results from it. Price increase is expected October 1, 2017. STOC approval for this item as meeting the intent of the Capital Improvements Sales Tax was granted in October 2016.

The Board tabled until September 5 a resolution authorizing the purchase of computer equipment and supplies from Dell Marketing off the Midwestern Higher Education Commission agreement in an amount not to exceed $42,950. The Police Department utilizes an IT replacement scheduled that is an annual recurring list of equipment for IT items reaching their useful service life. The new equipment is to ensure infrastructure reliability and mitigate large IT expenses in any single year. The Department frequently purchases workstations, laptops, servers, network security appliances and other IT equipment from Dell Corporation via special government pricing, MHEC Contract Number MHEC-07012015. The Police Department anticipates spending approximately $42,950.00 this budget year with Dell. This is a budgeted expense for IT equipment and all the items scheduled to be purchased were approved by the Sales Tax Oversight Committee and found to meet the intent of the designated tax.

The Board tabled until September 5 a resolution approving the purchase of workstations and equipment from Knoll off the U. S. . Communities cooperative bid in an amount not to exceed $22,829. Last year, a portion of the Police Department underwent substantial interior renovation. These renovations included many work spaces used by Officers, Detectives, Command Staff, as well as Citizens who have occasion to visit the Police Department. The Department is now in need of furniture to best utilize remaining space, including the addition of a workstation in the Sergeants office. Much of the office space equipment is decades old, some are broken, and not designed to maximize available work space. Many of the old pieces of equipment are mismatched equipment that has been put in use after being discarded by other departments. The Crime Analyst is working with broken and incomplete furniture. The included furniture proposal from Spaces, Inc. shows a design plan of both the layout and models of furniture/equipment selected for this project. The Department is able to utilize the “U.S. Communities” Federal cooperative bid. This provides deeply discounted equipment pricing. Knoll (manufacturer) products include an excellent warranty, covering lifetime parts and service on the workstations and 12 years on chairs. Knoll also maintains a non-obsolescence policy, making future renovations and service possible within this same product line. 

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


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Automobile Take Home Policy to be
Discussed by BOA in September
The Raytown Board of Aldermen have decided to hold over discussion on the city’s policy concerning vehicles taken home by employees of the city until September.

At this time, the agenda has not been set for the September meetings. We will bring forth information provided to the Raytown Report once the agenda is set for public discussion on the topic.

Following is a partial list of information and data the Board has asked for to consider before making their decision.
  • The number of vehicles taken home by police personnel each day.
  • The round trip miles they are driven to those homes.
  • The cost of fuel and estimated wear and tear on vehicles taken home.
  • Policy on the private use of vehicles taken home by police personnel.
  • Discussion of implications as regards insurance costs due to private use of public vehicles.
  • Discussion on Internal Revenue Service as regards vehicle take home policies.
The Raytown Report will carry an analysis of the information in next week’s edition.

Community Events
Two upcoming events will be taking place in Raytown August and  September. Mark your calendar for the following events planned for August and September.
Raytown Arts and Music Festival 
August 26, 2017    1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
The Raytown Arts and Music Festival will be held August 26th from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at C. Lee Kenagy Park at 9608 E 79th Street. The festival promises a good show of artists that includes members of the Raytown Artist and Independence Art Associations, Luke LeTourneau Photography, Wine and Design by Kathryn Edwards, Chuck Watson Pottery, K-Jug Guitars, Messner Family Farm and many more vendors who will display their works for sale along the walking trails.

Connection Point will host art activities for kids in the shelter house.
Food and beverages will be available on site.

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and coolers and settle in to listen to some great music.

Headlining the music lineup this year is Brewer and Shipley. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of One Toke Over the Line, the hit that launched the career of this duo who hails from Raytown and Kansas City.

Other bands performing include:
Wildwood Boys originated in Raytown in 2010 and are dedicated to preserving the natural sounds of blue grass music performed on mandolin, banjo, fiddle and acoustic guitars.  

Keith Ladd Band is a country/southern rock band from the Kansas City Metro Area. With a passion for original music, the band aims to bring its fans unique, hand-written songs. 

Millage Gilbert and the Down Home Blues Band For over  35 years has taken center stage at the blues clubs of urban Kansas City. Gilbert has chiseled out a solid style of Delta Blues, Memphis Soul, and Kansas City Blues. 

The Supermatics Every once in a while the perfect group of musicians forms the perfect band at the perfect time. For Kanas City, The Supermatics are that band.  The Supermatics perform a variety of dance music, covers and originals, but enjoy adding JohnnyC's special touch to make our music truly unique.  Hearing is believing.
Main Stage Band Performance Times
(all times approximate)
Wildwood Boys - 1:00 pm
Millage Gilbert and the Down Home Blues Band - 2:15 pm
The Supermatics - Featuring Renee Satterwhite - 3:30 pm
Keith Ladd Band - 4:45 pm
Brewer & Shipley - 5:45 pm.

Jackson County
Combat Commission 
Combat will be hosting a Family Day at Coleman Park located at 59th and Lane Street on September 23. This free event includes music, free food, ice cream, a petting zoo, face painting, games and basketball in a fun family environment.

The event starts at 11:00 a.m. and will continue until 1:00 p.m.

This a FREE FAMILY friendly day event.

City Assistance in Trash Removal
Do you have trash/storm debris and need a place to dump it?

The Raytown Board of Alderman have set aside $20,000 to help pay for trash removal during the month of August. Double click on the yellow clean-up coupon to learn how you can take advantage of this offer.

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