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Gnome Sweet Home? 
It could happen. Gnomes are magical and good luck in the garden. Kauffman Stadium is one big garden!

Take part in our poll with your prediction of who will win the World Series. (POLL FOLLOWS GREG'S STORY, "HOW ABOUT THEM ROYALS!"

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Why Raytown’s 
Street Program is Failing

The Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute, an organization promoting the use of the product on roadways cited the following reason(s) for use of Light Aggregate Seal in place of asphalt for road repair.

Wet or dry, road surfaces of lightweight chip seal provide superior skid resistance that is maintained throughout the surface life. Lightweight aggregate does not polish as it wears. Because it is light in weight there are trucking and handling cost advantages to the contractor.  Also, windshield damage and damage to headlights, and paint caused by "flying" stones is virtually eliminated with structural lightweight aggregate, thus avoiding costly insurance claims and motorist complaints.

The reader should note the accolades of the surface material used fit more into a rural setting, on high speed highways, than residential neighborhoods.

We found three cities using Light Aggregate Seal on roadways in the metropolitan area. Lee’s Summit has used the surface repair on some four lane highway-type roadways in rural areas of the city. Overland Park, Kansas, Light Aggregate Seal was used on road surfaces in the Corporate Woods business park.

Raytown is the third community using the material. Unlike Lee’s Summit and Overland Park, Raytown has used the material in developed residential neighborhoods.

Another important fact is evident to anyone who rides on the surfaces or has a view of the finished product. In Overland Park and Lee’s Summit extensive repair work has been used to correct streets degraded by wear tear before the light aggregate surface was applied to the surface.

In Raytown repairs are made, but not to the extent as are done in Lee’s Summit or Overland Park.

The two pictures at left show a residential street in Raytown.  As the cracks in the newly covered road attest, inadequate preparation of the road surface has a cost. The result is the scarred and rough surface shown in the two pictures of streets recently covered with tar and aggregate seal.

The people of Raytown deserve much better than this for their tax dollars.

The use of alternative roadway surface material on Raytown’s residential streets is not new. Greg tells me in the 1980’s the city used a process called slurry seal on residential streets. The Board of Aldermen finally instructed the Public Works Director at the time At one time slurry seal, a mixture of oil and gravel was used to resurface residential streets. The practice was stopped when the Board of Aldermen instructed the Public Works Director to quit using slurry seal on Raytown Streets.

How About 
Them Royals!!!

Now that the Kansas City Royals  are the American League Champions I'd like to see the Royals trounce the San Francisco Giants next week in four games. And I want the world to see the can win it with instant replay and without the help of Don Denkinger at first base.

Remember Denkinger?

He was the umpire at first base in Game Six who blew a call which many credited opening the door to a rally by the Royals to win the game.

The aftermath in Game 7 was evident.

As crew chief of the 1985 World Series umpiring unit, Denkinger was scheduled to work behind home plate in Game 7, a fact that further upset the Cardinals and manager Whitey Herzog. Some observers suggested that the presence of Denkinger behind the plate affected the Cardinals' gameplay, as ace pitcher John Tudor got off to a terrible start, giving up five earned runs and four walks in only 2 1⁄3 innings. Tudor was so disgusted by his performance, that he subsequently punched an electrical fan with his pitching hand. Todd Worrell (while being interviewed on ESPN Classic's The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame... about Don Denkinger's involvement in the 1985 World Series) would later compare the idea of Don Denkinger working behind home plate to putting a stick of dynamite back there and lighting it.

The Cardinals made their frustrations clear throughout the game. ABC television cameras caught Herzog screaming and belittling Denkinger from the Cardinals' dugout throughout the contest. Pitcher Joaquín Andújar exploded twice over Denkinger's calls at the plate during the 5th inning, finally being ejected with Herzog after a heated argument over Denkinger's strike zone. Herzog even went so far as to directly tell Denkinger that had he gotten "the call" right in Game 6, the Cardinals would not have been subjected to a seventh game in the first place. (Denkinger then replied that if the Cardinals were batting better than .120 in the Series, there would have been no need for a Game 7 either.) In the immediate aftermath of his meltdown, Andújar smashed a toilet in the Cardinals' clubhouse. The Cardinals were completely demolished by the Royals as Kansas City would go on to win Game 7 in an 11–0 blowout, taking home their first and only World Series Trophy.

That was then. This is now.

The Royals are making baseball history. Their eight game post season winning streak is proof of their pitching and defensive strength. Their run production may be low -- but they have shown an uncanny knack of scoring just enough to win the contests they are in.

Their confidence is growing . . . my prediction . . . the Royals in six . . . Just you watch!

Charter Commission 
Makes Bold Move for Change
Last Monday evening the Raytown Charter Commission spent close to two hours debating changes in the structure of how Raytown Parks and Recreation is governed.

In a unanimous recommendation Commissioners voted to change how the Executive Director is appointed. Currently the Park Director is chosen by the Park Board. In the new Charter under consideration, the responsibility of the appointment will be that of the Raytown Board of Aldermen.

Another change recommended by the Commission would be to codify the Parks Department Rules and Regulations. Commissioner Greg Walters that by codifying the Parks Department Rules and Regulations into the Code of Ordinances the Raytown Police Department would have the proper tools to enforce rules.

Walters explained the change would put teeth into the Park Board rules for conduct of the public in Raytown’s parks. As it is currently enforced, Police officers can only request that rules be followed. Once the rules become part of the city’s code, Police officers would be able to cite violations of Park Rules leaving judgment to the Municipal Court. Violators of rules would have to appear in Court. If they do not appear in Court, a bench warrant would be posted for their arrest.

Commissioners also addressed a restriction on showing favoritism to one utility provider over another. Last year the Raytown Board of Aldermen waived easement fees for Google. Under provisions approved by a majority of the Commissioners favoritism of one business over another would not be allowed in Raytown.

Recognizing the need to proceed at a quicker pace to meet a mid-January deadline to be placed on the April ballot, Commissioners agreed to double the amount of meetings to be held in the months of November and December to finish the Charter on time.

The next meeting of the Raytown Charter Commission is scheduled for Monday, October 20th. The meeting has been moved to the Raytown Fire District Headquarters at Fire Station Number 1 on Raytown Trafficway. The meetings are open to the public. Anyone wishing to address the Commission may do so at the beginning of the meeting during a time set aside for Public Comments.

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