Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recycling Commission Formed

Two years ago voters issued a mandate to form a recycling commission to study ways to improve recycling efforts in Raytown. The question was voted on as a “pull-out” issue in the last City Charter Election. The charter failed, but the voters overwhelmingly approved the formation of a Recycling Commission. Ward 1 Alderman Greg Walters asked Mayor Sue Frank to form the Commission on at least two public meetings of the Board of Aldermen. Frank refused to form the Commission. Fortunately, Mayor David Bower has decided to take a more proactive approach in tackling the recycling issue in Raytown. He teamed up with Walters to name the members of the Commission and made the appointments official in early September. The six members are an interesting mix of known Democrats, Republicans and Independents. The members named to the Committee are: Diane Krizek, Mark Siettmann, Ken Fleischmann, Norma Storms, Pat Ertz and Greg Walters. Ertz will serve as liaison to the Board of Alderman. The Mayor has appointed Walters as Chairman. Walters says the first task for the Commission will be to find a new location for Raytown’s Recycling Center. The center is currently located where the new Walmart is to be constructed and will have to be moved. He has visited with all of the members of the Commission and believes that many innovative ideas concerning recycling are in the making. Heard on the Street . . . The word on the street is that the new ownership of the Raytown Post may be considering some changes in how the paper is operated. The lead reporter, Bob Phillips, has come under criticism for his use of the paper as a personal sounding board to attack his perceived enemies. Apparently, this “journalistic bullying” of private and public figures has hurt circulation and the credibility of the weekly newspaper. The powers that be at the Post are said to be considering options for the paper to take. Unless there is a complete change in personality by Phillips, which is highly unlikely, his role at the Raytown Post may be changing.


Anonymous said...

There are three things with the whole recycling program that I would like better clarification on. It was my understanding that they really needed this person(sorry, the persons name escapes me, as it has been a while back) to coordinate and manage the recycling program, and it basically was a paid position that was created. I remember at the time I thought that was pretty dumb to do that when public works could oversee that from the getgo and save that salary that was being paid to that person. That may have been back when Kathryn Shields was with the county since it (the recycling center) would get money from the county to aid in its operation. Secondly, does Deffenbaugh provide the recycling dumpsters free of charge or is there an actual cost charged to the city for them? Third, what happens to the moneies generated from the recycled materials that are collected and picked up be Deffenbaugh? (Especially the money for the aluminum cans) I had assumed that the recycling center could be self sufficent with any revenues or profits from the materials collected to be used to offset costs for the dumpsters and a worker from public works to man the site.

Also, does the site really need to be supervised as usually most people know where things go up there which could raise the possibility of maybe dropoff every weekend instead of just the 1st and 3rd weekends?

How about possibly trying to keep the center located somewhere close to where it is at now or possibly two different locations?

Anonymous said...

As far as the Raytown Post and The Raytown Tribune, I used to have a paid subscription to the Post but dropped the subscription when they would throw one on my drive and send one in the mail a day or two later, but I really solidified my decision to drop it alltogether when I finally decided that Burnt Brain Bob was just too obnoxious for me. As far as the Raytown Tribune, whenever there was a kid delivering it to me, I always paid them, however, the carriers were not consistent(high turnover rate) so if I get it, fine, if I dont, that is fine also. Someone is currently delivering it, free of charge. I never could figure them out.

I do however miss Lee and his monkey business column though! (BTW, I dropped my subscription a ways after you sold the paper)

As far as the KC Star.... I might buy it on Sunday just for the ads and sale fliers....the rest just gets recycled as they believe Raytown doesnt exsist unless something bad happens here like a murder or other violent crime.

True Blue said...

It was such a sad day in Raytown's history when Lee Gray sold the Raytown Post. He kept the politicians honest, especially those at city hall. He was a true watchdog over city hall. That guy he sold it to became a lapdog for Frank and her cronies. Of course what would you expect when he ran the paper out of Frank's insurance office. As far as for Burnt Brain Bob, there comes a time when it's time to hang it up and I believe Bob's time has come. There's so many errors in his columns, not a good sign for a professional. And the Tribune seems not to want to touch anything that might be the least bit controversial. RAYTOWN SURE MISSES LEE GRAY'S STYLE OF REPORTING!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words. Lee Gray

JWDT said...

I for one am really excited about the recycle program. The one thing that has always dogged my household is what to do with glass (i.e. wine bottles, broken glass, etc.). At present I am part of the landfill problem, although we do take out the paper trash (i.e. KC Star, Raytown POST and junk mail) to the paper bins wherever they may be.

Hopefully, we will have a top notch recycling program that breaks even and will become a possible model for other communities.

Justin Tomac

SLW said...

I dug into the Raytown City website and found the recycling page.
Click on the Departments button on the left, then the link to Public Works, then the Recycling link. It states that glass containers are accepted.
I hope the site is up to date.
Thanks for the update on recycling, Greg.

Anonymous said...

They do not take broken window glass as it is a different mixture of glass than glass container glass and will ruin the mixture.

And plastic #1 and 2 oil bottles have to be cleaned of all oil residue(rinsed with a degreaser) otherwise they will ruin the recycled plastic mixture as well.

Greg Walters said...

In answer to questions about the current recycling program:

The city has never had anyone in "charge" of the program as paid or unpaid. I remember a Finance Meeting I attended in which a gentleman offered to coordinate the effort but he gave up the idea when volunteers did not rally to his leadership. (he was quite angry about it -- to the point of wanting to close the center down!)

The city has received grants to help underwrite the program. The largest of these was from Jackson County through the office of then County Executive Kathryn Shields for $5,000. The city still receives some grants to run the program. Grants have also been received from the Truman Heartland Foundation, the Mid-America Regional Council, and many individual donations.

All told, we collected about $9,000 to keep the center open when former City Administrator Curt Wenson tried to cut the program from the city budget.

Some of those grants are still in place and are used today to help fund the center's operation.

Deffenbaugh does provide the dumpsters for the effort -- they also receive all the payment for the material collected.

The City of Raytown takes any money donated to the program and puts the money in the city budget (exclusively) to pay for the cost of operation of the site.

The current program is managed by the Public Works Department. A Public Works employee is sent to the sight twice a month (on Saturdays) to man the site and help people unload their material.

Yes, there have been complaints of those individuals staying in their trucks. There have also been reports of them being very helpful to those in need.

I agree that the sight need not be attended constantly and that the city should hire individuals on a part-time basis to manage the site.

Properly operated (I believe) that a recycling site will be self-sufficient. Opening the site more often is key to making the operation run in the black.

It is the first item for discussion on our agenda.

Greg Walters
Raytown Recycling Commission

Anonymous said...

Greg, to me, the obvious site solution is the old First Baptist Church downtown.


JWDT said...


Good observation and point...why not recycle the entire building and turn it into the recycle center? This should take care of two pressing problems in Raytown.

Justin Tomac

laughing all the way said...

Unfortunately...Mr. Walters' has come up with his usual revisionist history again in regards to the recycling commission:

Mayor Frank did allow the creation of a recycling committee. The members were Walters, Hartwell and Reihly.

And, voters didn't "overwhelmingly approve" the formation of a recycling commission. If my foggy old memory serves me correctly, it passed by a 52% to 48% margin.

Keep up the good work Greg...anything to make yourself look more important than you actually are!

Anonymous said...

What to do with the Raytown Post? In my opinion the best thing that the new owner, Mr. Ivy could do is to hire Lee Gray to get the Post up to what it used to be before the Battaglers ruined it. There's no advertising to speak of, probably because there is no one that can sell ads. There's very little city and school sports news. And on top of everything else I believe the circulation is way down. I talk to many in all parts of town and they either don't get it at all or it's very inconsistant. Yes Mr. Ivy, your only shot at saving this paper is to BRING BACK LEE.

Anonymous said...

All Greg has to do to LOOK GOOD is to show up at a council meeting and sit in the middle of these 9 boobs that are supposed to be representing the people in their wards. The elected officials of our city have sunken to an all time low. Keep up the Good work,Greg.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the new owners of the Post! Maybe they can get it back to the quality product it once was, using grammer and spell check on a regular basis! I don't have any connection with either Bob Phillips or Greg Walters, but the attack-style editorials have made me very sympathetic towards Mr. Walters, and embarrassed for Mr. Phillips! Let's support them in making it worthwhile to pick up the paper out of the driveway (thereby cleaning up Raytown!) and moving away from their current reputation. We don't want to hear it called the "Weekly Wipe" any more!

Andy Whiteman said...

I am surprised that a business is discussing its personnel issues.

When Bob writes "Bob's Burnt Ends," it is an editorial. I know it is his opinion. If he says something that is untrue the affected person has a civil case. I read it as OPINION only and skip over what doesn't interest me.

When I see him at the Board of Alderpeople meeting, Bob is a reporter and it is his job to accurately report the news.

As a side, maybe advertising has fallen because there are fewer merchants to advertise!

I support recycling as good for the enviornment and a money maker.

I lived in Carlsbad, CA and Albuquerque, NM both of which had mandatory recycling. They furnished containers and picked it up at the curb. I was easy to comply. The city of Albuquerque made money on the recycling because the jail prisioners sorted it for $5/hr to be sold.

One of the refuse companies here will pick it up but only if you are their customer and you must pay a deposit on the container. I paid a $30 deposit ($15 each on 2 containers) in Aurora CO. They delivered the containers but I never got my deposit back because they wouldn't pick up the containers. I am a day sleeper and it was too time consuming to to go to their office, so I still have the containers!

I was also going to suggest the Olde Baptist Church as a drop off point.

I don't understand why an attendant is needed. This center should be open 24/7! At present it is Saturday mornings. I don't drive that early for safety reasons but I wouldn't mind dropping it off in the evening. I think there are others who would do an evening drop since many have better things to do on Saturday.

With the theaft of copper, there might be a theft issue but I don't see the value of stealing cans, plastic, and newspaper. If so, the Police could drive by on their patrol.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lee Gray back at the Post!
That would be awesome. He had a peculiar point of view sometimes but he always struck me as honest and independent. I know he's smart becuse I ran into him a couple of times and talked to him. He seems to understand our community. If the Post doesn't get him to come out of retirement I hope the Tribune or the Star does because he would get to the bottom of someo of these issues and make people think about what is happening here in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

To laughing all the way--- I figure you must be a council person who hasn't done his job for the citizens he represents or be an employee of the city who has gotten us in this smell of a hess. That is the ONLY reason you would be upset with Greg Walters he makes YOU look bad!!!!

Anonymous said...

Within the last couple of days I went by the city collectors house. Talk about a mess of weeds. I would sure think she being an elected offical of the city would clean up her property and if for some reason she is unable then do like the rest of us and pay to have it done. And to think she was president of the Chamber of Commerce and trying to get people and business to come here and then to have her property to look like that!!!! I will never understand this city or the people who pretned to have the city best interest at heart.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous My understanding is that one of the if not the biggest slum landlords in the city was a council person for a number of years and sells real estate here is Raytown go firuge

True Blue said...

We need some answers about our Metro-Flex bus. First of all, why does it sit around Kenagy Park and other parking lots so much? Who really rides this bus? Can we get the number of riders that use this service on a daily, weekly or annual basis? Can we afford this subsidy that the city gives to the ATA every year? Again, I suspect more wasted money by your elected officials at city hall. WE MUST HAVE THAT STATE AUDIT to put everybody's mind at ease.

laughing all the way said...

To the 2 anonymous folks replying to my recycling post:

As someone on another recent post has mentioned: all you can do is attack the messenger, not the message. What I posted are verifiable facts. You can't attack my facts so you attack the messenger instead.

No wonder few people pay any attention to the postings on this hack job of a web blog...except for a few of the Walters' keister-kissers.

Anonymous said...

To laughing all the way-- Sounds as if you are getting a little nervous. I would be too people are watching you and how you conduct yourself and city business. So if I was in your seat I would be a litle nervous also.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone has a right to their own opinion, however, this laughing all the way character, if I ever saw them out on the street at night I would smack the crap outta him, the arragant jerk!

Anonymous said...

Laughing all the way Oh you will be surprised how many people are reading this blog and starting to sit up and take notice at what is really going on in this city and at city hall. The blog is very informative keep it up. You see the last mayor bought The Post I imagine it was with free rent. We won't be so stupid this time, we won't buy everything that is said or printed but we sure are watching and listening and taking notes. I haven't quite figured out what Mayor Hair is scared of. But he sure looks guilty as hell not having a STATE AUDIT done.

Anonymous said...

My goodness - enough mud slinging and childish fighting.

The Salamander said...

A few musings...

What ever happened to Ken Brown? The former councilman left town in the middle of the night. Did he,
in fact actually resign as an alder-man or is he still on the city payroll.

Selection of Alle Maddox (aka Al\
Maddox, Big Al Maddox or foul mouth
Maddox) as grand marshal of the
annual parade is an affront to
every decent citizen in the town.

Because of his language abuse Maddox is actually held in contempt by many.

His selecvtion is nothing but yet
another attempt by the
out-of-town cvontrolled chamber
of commerce rubbing "you know what" in our faces.

Last but not least: The Salamander is sick of bloggers who carry on azbout how good our police department is.

Truth be told, Raytown's police department is so overstaffed that
it borders on obscenity.

This town is only l0 square miles
and I will bet we have more cops and support people per square mile
than any city of its population in
the country.

If we are to believe reports in the
paper, the police department should
have some significant staff cuts.

Here's why:

Just a few weeks ago city hall personnel were complaining about a
drop in revenue from the city court. Since most revenue from the
court is derived from fining law-
breakers it would appear obvious
the decline would attribute to a drop in crime and law-breaking.

If this is true then our city should apply the rules which apply
to any other business -- cut the
work force. That's how its done in the real world and the city operation should be no exception.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, ease up a bit! He just reacts like a true republican. Don't tease the animals!

Anonymous said...

To laughing all the way, If Frank ever appointed a recycling committee is was the best kept secrect in town. I will say I just FLAT DON'T BELIEVE YOU. She was the laziest mayor this city has ever seen. She probably thought about it and maybe even told you she did, but knowing her just never made it official. Sign me: So GLAD you are gone Sue.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (Don't tease the animals!); obviously you have never met a TRUE Republican, I'm not sure what you are basing your comments on, but undoubtedly the truth eludes you. You must believe most of the bull you are feed by the Democrat leaders and their willing accomplices.

By the way it was mostly Democrats, not Republicans that got Ms. Frank elected. In fact I would wager to say that the majority of Republicans in our city supported her opponent. If you are referring to "laughing all the way", who should probably be renamed “wrong most of the way”, in your reference to Republicans, I'm pretty sure you got that one wrong also.

Hope you get well someday, there is always hope even for people like you. You are full of bitterness; it causes people to erode from within, very much like a cancer.

Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to kid about who elected Mayor Frank. It was her political club RRFT, later to be known as Continue Raytown's Progress. And yes, probably 99% of them are Republician. They are funded by people that do business with the city and most don't even live here. The "out of towners" continue to control Raytown city politics. Until the real Raytown people wake up and take control this will continue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, are you really that out of touch with reality? There aren’t enough Republicans in the city of Raytown to elect anyone into a city office; you'd better get your head out of the sand. It is true that there were some outside influences in the election, but it had nothing to do with Republicans. If you think the majority of the RRFT (Continue Raytown's Progress) people are Republicans then you’d better re-think things!

Pat Casady said...

As I recall the RRFT wasn't formed until after Mr. Curt Wenson was hired. It was his
idea to form this group and as much as I hate to admit it, it was brilliant. He met with a
group people at the then Skippy's shop and with his gift of B.S. talked this group
into backing everything he told them to. He told them how to vote, who to back and
all this by buying them off with a cup of coffee and donut.
As far as electing Sue Frank, they had nothing to do with it, they weren't formed at that time. Then for her second term she ran unopposed.

The fact is we shouldn't let this "Laughing all the Way" character get to us.
He's not worth a reply.

Now this is only my opinion but, as far as Democrat or Republican, I'm hard pressed to see any difference in either one these days. Certainly not in city government. What I find hard to differentiate is the, with few exceptions, the fools from the idiots.
(I may get in trouble over that one.)

Anonymous said...

Most people that are burning the candle at both ends, basically strapped for time probably dont realize that they are doing exactly what all of these politicians want them to do. That just happens to be to keep yourselves so busy and occupied that one does not have the time to stay informed on the issues and the bs legislation that has been getting railroaded through all levels of government, federal, state, and local that is passing into law, as well as all of us taxpayers that are having to support all the deadbeat illegals because big business wants to pay sub standard wages(cheap labor) to them. This is never going to stop because that is the way they want it. It will only stop if enough people wake up and take a stand and make a change come election time. How many more times are we going to be led on wild goose chases looking for WMD's and the like? How many times are we going to pay for consultants to look at revitalizing the downtown area of Raytown and yet have nothing as a result? How often are we going to allow a new governor to come in take over all the state dmv offices so that he may profit from it himself?

Dont be fooled by the color of their tie that they wear, or even what party that they try to align themselves with as it usually is a disguise.

Make the time. Be informed. Ignore the Limbaughs of the world and the spin meisters. Do your own research. Make your own educated decisions. If enough people would do just that, we could make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Someone medtioned the Raytown court. I had the privilege to make a visit to the court recently. There was a sign hanging out in the lobby that read,"Apppropriate attire is required." What a joke ,they came dressed in everything but proper attire,with cell phones on and hidden behind their back. If you show up with out a lawyer your case is continued. First of all fine them if their attired in not suitable and if they show up without a lawyer hear their case. They know they need a lawyer but this is one way of beating the system and not having to pay a lawyer or the court. Revenue will go up if these steps are done and the judge won't have a big load of cases to hear. By the way put a sign out in the lobby telling them if they don't have proper attire they will be fined and if they need a lawyer they had plenty of time to get one and their case will be heard.

Anonymous said...

9:23AM Anonymous,

Good points, but "proper attire" needs to be defined by ordinance. I was in that court once and the judge was telling people they needed an attorney and continuning the case. The defendents were not asking for an attorney. Unless "proper attire" is defined in an ordince, that judge will be fining everyone because she does not like the color or whatever. She is off the wall anyway. She gives the impression of having no knowledge of the ordinances.


Anonymous said...

Off the subject... (This is Lee Gray)

I happened to stop at the Raytown Plaza and watched the Bobcat tear dry rot from under the eves. Don't know where all that is going...but nice to see something being done. Maybe the 1BC can be next!

Driving down Hadley I noticed on my former office property that the "No Sertoma Parking" sign is still up. That was back when there was Sertoma Bingo in the old bowling alley in the back of the Plaza.

The sign shows a difference in city attitude and service. I mentioned back then to Mayor Willard Ross that I was having trouble even keeping one parking space opened on my property so I could return to work in the evenings.

A day later he walked into my office carrying the sign that he had asked the streets/garage people to make for me. Problem solved.

I wasn't sure if that was a proper use of city services, but Willard --- being Willard --- wanted to solve problems and be a peacemaker. Sure has been a long time since that was the City Hall attitude.

During the 2000 ice storm, I dropped a check off at City Hall. Limb removal was free for ice storm damage...but for regular limb removal...the cost was $25 a truck load. So I wrote a check for $25. Several years later Mayor Sue Frank handed me back my uncashed check, telling me I didn't have to pay for what was free for everyone else.

Just an that hopefully sinks in with the new City Hall crowd.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gray is so right about how easy it used to be to resolve city issues, because the people in charge, Willard Ross, Gene Yeokum, Tom Taylor and others really cared and did eveything to get your problem resolved quickly. Oh yes, that was before we had a city administrator. Things seemed to flow a lot smoother before we got burdened with all the red tape that has been created by having a city administrator, not to mention the added cost. This is the whole problem at city hall now, they are all just there to draw a paycheck. No real dedication to helping people. That's why are town looks so trashy and real problems never seem to get resolved.

Just Curious said...

You've got to hand it to the Raytown City council. Tuesday evening they spent what seemed an eternity thanking everyone who had contributed labor, goods or whatever to construction of that spit of land at 63rd Street, which is now called a park.

Endlessly a reader droned on and on and on tolling the names of those who "worked tirelessly" to construct the facility. Name after name was recored for posterity.

It was surely a moving and emotional event; so touching some
compared it to former alderman John Wiley's farewell address when he left the council.

Thru it all, however, one name stuckout and captured the attention of the huddled masses:

The name of Raytown's best known non-resident, Al Maddox, was read into the record.

We all remember when, a few short
weeks ago the local papers carried
reports of how Maddox was running about town trying to collect donations, both monetary & material to fund the park's resurrection.

The question about his action which is troubling is: How much did he collect? Where did it go?
Did the city sponsor Maddox's collection activities?

Are we going to get a report from this humanitarian.

Just Curious

Anonymous said...

Wow, how typical is that. Instead of saying how nice the park looks you have to attack ONE of the many people involved with the park. In my eyes it is now the best looking "spit of land" downtown. I would like to thank everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

The city fathers wasted so much time patting each other on the back for the little park. Ok, let's concede it is a nice park. But when are they ever going to tackel the real problems that are all around us. Lack of codes enforcement, rising crime rate, poor streets, overpaid city administrator and department heads. That little park is sure not going to bring any new residents to Raytown or encourage the ones fleeing to stay. I'm so sick of our elected officials dealing with this trivial BS while we continue to slide backward.

sparky said...

Okay, so the old root beer stand was not asthetically pleasing anymore so they city tore it down.

Now that little piece of real estate is supposed to be green space which I suppose is a good thing for the environment.

Now for a few questions. Why was this Al Maddox looking for monetary donations for this park. If it was for trees, the parks department could get those.

We have a parks department that oversees parks located in the city, why didnt they take care of developing this space instead of public works and individuals?

Where did the money that this individual collected go to and where is the accounting that goes along with it?

Why didnt parks and recreation oversee this money as well?

It is a nice little area, trees and all. I just think that they went about doing things in a strange manner. Not that there is anything wrong with volunteer help or volunteers in general, but I know that if I had been involved and any donations of money, materials, or food was to be involved just in the off chance that anyone would question anything about the project, I would certainly have had an accounting on paper, computer, or something to prove where the donations came from and where it went to just to cover my tail.

Hopefully he was smart enough to do that.

Was Al Maddox the ramrod behind the little park development?

I never saw the guy working up there, all I ever saw was the public works department working on it.

Again, it is a nice little space. Maybe the First Baptist Church building could be torn down and replaced by a small park on the property as well.

How much time did the Alderman waste in accolades and salutations the other night about the little park? Probably more time than should have been allowed by the chair of the meeting. Next subject on the agenda????

True Blue said...

Maybe we should call for a state audit of foul mouthed Al, just to see where all that money went.

Anonymous said...

I was checking through the blogs here...and saw where Greg and others think that the change of ownership at the Post will change things.
Just finished watching "The Insider," on indieplex/comcast cable/ch 167. It's about a tobacco company and CBS News folding to pressure from CBS corporate on a 60 Minutes report. Movie 1999/Russell Crow and Al Pacino. Exceptional movie worth the 2:40 hours to watch it.
If the media can capitulate at that can certainly cower in Raytown.
The examples speak for themselves: The Star, Trib and Post. Poor old Bob Phillips isn't even of "pawn" status in the local game. With him or without him nothing is going to change. The same goes for City Hall where all the lackies live. Almost all media in this nation and world is corporately controlled. Give up the hope. This silly blog is as close to real discussion as anyone is going to get.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly when I asked Al Maddox how I could help with the park I was told donations went through the Truman Heartland Foundation.

Pat Casady said...

I really don't care who built or who got the little park started or, how it got built.
It is a nice looking addition to the downtown area. I don't think it was a waste of money because you can actually see it. I just hope there is more to come.
We need a workable plan for the rest of the downtown that would include all business and property owners.
Do I think the little park will change the world? No. But if we take small steps like the park and not try and bulldoze all of the existing property's like in the past, I think we can make all of this come together.
Do I think it ever will? I hope so but, a lot of things need to change. We need a City Council that will ask developers the right questions and make them accountable for taking taxpayer money if no results are had. And they need to listen to concerns of property owners.
This has never happened in the past and I'm not optimistic for it to happen in the future.
However it will make most of us in the downtown area a little more optimistic if and when we see the old church being taken down. I think that would show that this city is at the very least trying to make things better.

But, I must warn them, if they come at us like they have in the past with threats of eminent domain and condemnation, we will hunker down and fight for our rights and to be treated fairly.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you why there was so much back slapping going on at the city council meeeting between Mayor Hair and the nine stooges, this is one way of avoiding the real problems that plague the city,and it is quite evident they have any answers for and don't intent on finding any either. Get ready when it is time for their re election they will all be telling us what a fine job they did for us and OUR city. BULL ----!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject again but what the heck is this "Raytown Human Relations Commission", and this supposed "City Spirit Event" that took place July 15th? I found this in a pdf file format on the city's website. It looks to be a general overview of topics discussed again, and some topics re addressed again, and how to promote a ethnic diverse image, how to attract more cultural awareness, etc.... Why do they waste time rehashing old things? And why don't they ask others for their opinions? It is always the same core group of people(or clique) that does this stuff. I guess they need to make themselves feel good about putting a new twist on the same old bs!

Anonymous said...


Did Lee Gray get elected?

Anonymous said...

You're right about the same old group being invited to participate. That was Frank's downfall and it could be Bower's too. I must say I'm pleasantly suprised by some of Bower's appointments, but he must continue to get new (younger) people involved at city hall. Many of the holdovers from Frank's administration (all white males) can barely stay awake through the meetings. These are old images of Raytown and they need to go. This will never be a community where young people want to stay if they flip on their tv and see who's making their decisions for them. Also diversity is almost non existant at city hall. Why aren't minorities being represented at city hall? All you need to do is get out into the neighborhoods and see that they are not being represented proportionly. It' time to wake up Mayor Bower.

Pat Casady said...

Ok, I'm going to do something I really never wanted to do.
I'm going to name drop. I don't want to do it but I feel I must.
Those of you calling Mayor Bower "Mr. Hair" well, this just isn't right.
I can speak from personal experience that this man is trying to do right by and for our
city. I have had several meetings with Mr. Bower and I I think he deserves a little
more respect than that.
He may not come across as a hard nosed leader but I think in the future he will help this city.
No, I'm not sucking up to the Mayor. I really believe from talking to him, he wants to
make a real difference. At the very least, I for one am willing to give him that chance.
Lets face it he has a lot to try to get done here. The first thing is undo some of the hard feelings and mistrust brought into this town because of Curt Wenston and some of the aldermen.
Trust me that's a huge job in itself.
With Curt it was us against them. With Mayor Bower I have a feeling that he wants to work with us............We'll see.

Anon E. Mouse said...

I was told that the CitySpirit meeting was publicized in at least one of the local papers. Letters were sent out to businesses. The city could have done a better job notifying the community of the meeting. I found out about it just a couple of days before, and called city hall who informed me that it was open to the public.
There were some great ideas and action plans brainstormed. I hope the Human Relations Commission acts on them soon.

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with Pat. I was surprised when Mayor Bower asked to meet with me. I also feel that he has the intention of making things right. Just remember the Mayor is not in control, just as the President is not in control. The Mayor has to contend with the 9 stooges. (I think we have a real need to replace the stooges with Alderpeople who have a goal of listening to and representing the public rather than treating us like serfs in a fief.)

I suggest that anyone with a specific complaint or idea call 737-6004 and ask to speak with Mr. Bower or make an appointment to meet with him. I feel he is a caring, motivated, human being who really wants progress.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Anon E. Mouse said ther was no real notice for the City Spirit Event. I have been complaining about no notice of many Board meetings, etc.

The City has a news bulletin (I think quarterly) but there are complaints about the expense. This is a good way to get the word out if it was more frequent. Everyone gets a monthly sewer bill. I suggest that short notices could be typed onto the sewer bill which would be more timely.

As for diversity, it was mentioned that there are 46 different languages spoken by citizens of Raytown. I wonder if they intend diversity to include DISABILITY? There seems to be discrimination towards the disabled in this city.

As an FYI, the Red Star has a section for Raytown/Independence every Wednesday (mainly ads). There is little news about Raytown except the Police log. Maybe some people should be writing news (not editioral) for the Red Star. I used to live in a small town and one lady wrote local news for the county paper.

Andy Whiteman

True Blue said...

I agree that Mayor Bower is much more approchable tha Sue Frank. I'm for giving him a chance, but he has been in office 6 months. An eighth of his term is over and he's dealing with a board that wants things their way insted of the right way. Soon he's going to have to move to do the right thing even if he has to step on a few toes at city ahll.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up my Raytown Tribune and saw the listing for the parade. What a poor excuse for such an event. If the schools(including PTA ect) weren't in the parade there would only be 41 entries and those are nothing to write home about. So I ask you why get up early to go watch a nothing parade and then go home? I would rather sleep in. As for Mayor Bower I had high hopes are they are sliding fast. He needs to get to the business at hand fast and if he makes a few people at city hall mad so be it he dosen't work for them he works for the people who elected him, for some reason the council and sometimes I think the mayor has a hard time understanding that concept. If you want us to respect you and the office you hold then do what is right, for one example get that state audit started if there is nothing to hide then all will come out fine until then there will always be a black cloud over your head. I am glad to see the city received a block grant to help tear down the First Baptist Church. I really makes me feel good to know that my tax money is paying for this to take place as well my tax money was used to help buy it. Now I ask you isn't there something very wrong with this picture?.

Anonymous said...

Choose all appropriate names listed below the question.

__________ is to Raytown what Dan Quayle was to the first Bush Administration.

1) Mayor Hair
2) Beard Manager Miller
3) Dan "I didn't do it" finance director
4) Ward II aldermen Jim & Jim, Dumb and Dumber
5) Alderwomen Barb and Marilyn, mean and meaner

Feel free to enlarge the list.

True Blue said...

Anonymous, I like #3 but #5 runs a really close second. I congratulate you, this is sooooo funny!!

Anonymous said...

I understand that we are in a building boom in Raytown. This is all well and good but did you notice that most of this boom is taking place at the taxpayers expense, school, fire department, not for profit and churches. Why doesn't the private sector want to invest in Raytown? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I say the Baptists aught to clean up their own mess! Why was the city so stupid to think that they needed to purchase that old church anyway? Oh, they were going to turn it into a community center I believe. Now our tax dollars have not only paid for the building and the property, it also has to pay to demolish the building. What a bunch of BS! I say back charge First Baptist Church for these costs as it was their mess to begin with!

Anonymous said...

I agree, they really pulled one over on the Curt Wenson and the rest of the people up at City Hall.

Pat Casady said...

I'm sorry but it wasn't the Baptists that was doing the pulling.
This one is 100% on Curt Wenson.
He's the one that pulled something over on City Hall and they fell for it hook line and sinker.
He convinced the board that he could sell this property to a company that would
"anchor" the new downtown development all they had to do was buy it.
Well they bought it, him and his buddies. Where are they now? They ain't here!
Curt moved on after talking, (again the board) into giving him a pay raise that
went from I believe, 75,000 a year to over 90,000 a year and he like the developers he hired did nothing for it.
As much as some people would like to blame Raytown's problems on other things
the fact is the main reason Raytown has problems is and was Mr. Wenson.
He was instrumental in the following;
He divided this town.
He talked the board into buying the old church.
He started the RRFT group.
He was key in spreading lies about the Charter.
He made it impossible for new businesses to come to downtown because he wanted to keep it a blighted area. It was the only way his failed downtown plan would have worked. (This practice may still be effect.)
There is also another reason the church was bought but I won't go into that in writing.

There are for sure other factors for Raytown's problems and I shouldn't blame them all on Curt Wenson after all the board hired him. They have to take some responsibility in all this.
If in fact they are going to credit for things they deem good. They have to take credit
for the asinine and stupid decisions too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hear that we are going to get a grant to help tear down the old church. At first this sounds great, but let's look at the rest of the story. Taxpayer dollars were used to purchase the church for $500,000 not counting the interest that was paid over the years. I've heard that estimates to tear down the church could run as high as 1.2 million dollars. When all is said and done we will probably have invested from 1.5 to 2 million dollars in a vacant piece of property that no one seems to want. Will the city ever be able to sell this property for private developement? I doubt it. Another city park, maybe. Frank and Wenson have to be two of the dumbest businesspeople to have convinced those other boobs, that we call aldermen to have purchased this in the first place. With wheeling and dealing like this it's no wonder that we don't have money for basic city services, like police protection, streets,storm sewers, and street lights that are so desperately needed in some parts of town. Again, I hate to say it, but Lee's Summit is sure looking like a good place to live.

True Blue said...

Pat, you are right as usual. CURT WENSON is to blame for so many of our problems, but that dumb Sue Frank, who was supposed to be his day to day supervisor, allowed him to get away with it. But this it what happens when people elect a person that had no political experence. That church will be known as FRANK'S FOLLY for many years to come.

Pat Casady said...

I can't believe I'm saying this but here goes.
Yes, Sue Frank as does the board, has to take the blame for the problems we have now. But, I don't know how many of you actually talked business with Mr. Wenson
but he could sell ice to Eskimo's. Sadly most of our elected officials fell for and believed every word this man said.
The first time I talked to him was about the redevelopment of the downtown. He told me
he wanted my business to stay where it was. the next month I received a notice that a company was going to appraise my property for condemnation by the city.
I still have that registered letter by the way.
I soon found out that, as the old saying goes, if his lips were moving he was probably lying.
I guess what I'm saying here is,
I believe that the then Mayor (Sue Frank) and all the other elected officials were
talked into buying the church by a very clever and manipulating B.S. artist.
I also believe that, at that time they thought they were doing the right thing.

True enough it is and was an expensive venture but we need to move forward,
(Damn I hate to use those words) and get rid of the thing, and at this point, no matter what it costs. It's holding up the downtown progress. Nobody wants to come here
with that nasty thing still standing.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I know what you are saying about Wenson ,he could be so convincing. But if you had enough conversation with him, you could eventually catch him lying. That's when the board should have fired him, but instead many of them just allowed him to destroy city hall's credability.

Andy Whiteman said...

I put a post here last night and don't see it. Maybe I clicked incorrectly.

As for bringing business to Raytown, why not THINK BIG? Many cities are getting amusement parks and other crowd drawers. These draw big numbers and people coming to these have $$$$$ to waste!. Something like this would generate sales tax.

Locate a large vacant area and offer it to a developer. I think that a Sea World would be unique for this area. From Economics 101 we learn about the trickle down effect: There would be a need for motels and restaurants. Workers would likely live in Raytown, shop in Raytown, and pay property and sales tax.

This sure would have been a better use of the 350 HWY rather than a Walmart!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" who said...
"I say the Baptists aught to clean up their own mess!” You obviously don't have a clue. The Baptists built a new building and put the old one up for sale. The old building was sold to the group that wanted to buy it, in this case the city of Raytown. To try to blame the Baptists for the city's dumb mistake is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

The "old" Baptist church was actually a pretty nice piece of property when they sold it, the building and the rest of the property too (they simply out grew it). It was the new owners that made it a mess, letting it run down and destroying the building. When you sell a property it is no longer your responsibility, it becomes the responsibility of the new owners, in this case the city of Raytown. Our city leaders (some have moved on and some are still around) made the mess, and unfortunately it's the tax payers that are going to have to pay for their mistakes!

Anonymous said...

I agree it was not the Baptists fault as to what happened to their old church. It belongs squarely on the new owners, the City of Raytown. I'm sure that many of the Baptists are sad to see what has happened to their old church. Though not a member of this congregation, I remember attending many community functions in this once fine facility.

Just Curious said...


In a blog Anonymous said that Alle Maddox had told him cvontributions for construction of the park at 63rd Street spuld go to Truman Heartland Foundation. I called the Foundation and they told me that they had received NOTHING BY WAY OF DONATION from Al Maddox.

It would seem to me that if a well known personage sucvh as Mr. Maddox was actively soliciting donations for such a worthy cause he surely would have received some donations. If hedid Heartland Foundation apparently did notreceive them from him. I suggest bloggers call Heartland themselves to verify what was and what was not donated to the endeavor.

It would seem to the observer that anyone who goes around town soliciting for a city project should have to make a direct report of his achivement.

Andy Whiteman said...

Where did the money really go? Sounds like an audit is needed?

Anonymous said...

Another reason for a state audit is the Maddox thing. The auditor's office should be able to put together a paper trail to determine where it came from and where it went.

Anonymous said...

I really dont care what you say. Most of us do have a clue. It is still part the Baptist's fault for selling to the city because they couldn't unload it(the property) to anyone else or another church group. Sure, they outgrew their church and had a bunch of rat contractors built a new one, whoopie! And yes, the city did play a part in it getting run down, but obviously it was somewhat run down, the newness wore off finally, so they built the grand temple on 350. Call it what you want, like I say, from a taxpayers standpoint, I shouldn't have to pay for the mess leftover by the Baptist Church and the City Administrator from the previous Administration. They should be held responsible and accountable for their actions irregardless of transactions!

Anonymous said...

The Baptist Church has run this town in conjunction with the BOA for years. That is why they should change the name of Raytown to Sleepytown. Close up shop and in bed by 6pm. That is part of the reason this city is dying out. There are lots of people that I know that used to live here and when asked, that is the reason that they are no longer here.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Baptists do something about all the bars that are going in downtown. This is not a good sign, when decent restuarants are closing and then being replaced by drinking only establishments. This can be controlled by the board of aldermen limiting the number of liquior liscenses. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Let's deal with a little reality where the First Baptist Church's sale is concerned.
1) Calvary Baptist College looked at moving in...taking the Bowen Apts. as a dorm...etc. No money/no sale.
2) Smithson (whatever) 24-hr revial from Cowlick, Mo. (somewhere out in the boonies) was going to buy the church and move here. That would have been special!!! Not
3) A black Grandview church looked at buying the building.

Now with Raytown's racist history it's not the Baptists to blame on who ended up with their building.

A white elephant is a white matter what color you paint it! City officials painted it "pink," probably cuz that's what they usually see a couple of hours after council meetings!!!!

You want to be a distination? Think strip joint! eh, eh

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said...
"The Baptist Church has run this town". Not only do you live in a dream world, you are so full of bunk I can smell it through the computer!

Oh, and by the way there were other church groups interested in purchasing the old Baptist Church building, but some of the city leaders really didn't want those groups in town.

To suggest that the Baptist Church should have any obligation or responsibility to clean up the city of Raytown's mess is ludicrous!

The First Baptist Church is one of the few positive things this city still has to offer, they could have chosen to relocate to better surroundings other than Raytown, but didn’t. You should be thanking them, not criticizing them.

Itellitlikeitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Itellitlikeitis said...

To anonymous who said..."they should change the name of Raytown to Sleepytown"; You probably still spend some of your money here, we are adding more sleazy beer joints all of the time (and they stay open really late), and of course we have buckets full of fine check cashing and payday loan places, not to mention the up-scale discount smokes/beer-liqueur/drug paraphernalia-drug magazine establishments we have in town.

We are rapidly becoming an extension of Knob Town, probably just what you envision for Raytown's future. Maybe we can add some trailer courts, girly strip joints, and tattoo parlors, which should make you happy and bring all of your friends back to town.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned a strip joint or juice bar. I have the perfect location. Ole Sue Frank's building where the Post used to be would be an excellent location. It would fit right in with all the other bars and such that are now located in the downtown area. It would also give the mayor and board of aldermen another place to go drinking after their meetings. Keep that redevelopement coming.

Anonymous said...

How was foulmouthed Al's parade? Sorry I just couldn't bring myself to watch Raytown honor a KANSAS CITY RESIDENT. The Chamber should be ashamed of itself and owes an apology to our 30,000 residents.

Anonymous said...

Heck, they already have mobile homes in Raytown, just look at the fire department. Its all going to pot now, booze joints, lewd behaviour, strip clubs, payday loan offices, pawn shops, abortion clinics

Anonymous said...

Dang, a person can get on here and say that the grass is green and there is always some bozo that comes along and says no, the grass is blue. They just cant be happy unless they are right 100% of the time. Must be a republican baptist bush supporter!

Anonymous said...

In looking through the past few posts, I'm neither a Republican nor a Baptist. But I don't have a problem with anyone who is. Everyone is entitled to his her own personal beliefs.
I do have a problem with someone saying that FirstBC didn't at one time have a tremendous influence on city government. It did. The church split over moving from downtown and split even further --- if you can believe anything that's ever written in the Raytown Post --- over some personal problems/financial problems/etc. within the church.
All that aside, the old First BC's sale to the city is the city's problem and mistake. I wouldn't be surprised if the new facility won't eventually become the albatros. To the writer that thinks the church is a plus for this community, I would point out that as church property it is prime land off the tax roles. Just as the Richard Green YMCA is. Eventually there will be no commercial property tax base in this town ... thanks in part ... to TIFs and giveaways to lure the Wal-Farts of this world. There's always more than one side to any issue ... so, yes, grass can be "blue." That's what they call it in Kentucky!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I heard from someone who went to the parade that it was pitful. Very few people there. So I guess FMA may have been the only there.

Andy Whiteman said...

Ray's Town

Someone told me the original name of this city was "Ray's Town" named after Ray the blacksmith.

Does anyone know the truth or history of this? I am wondering why the name was changed?

Maybe people couldn't handle the spelling. I am surprised how many people are unable to spell "Raytown". When I give my address on the phone, it is frequently misspelled.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Lee Gray here:

I almost stroked out on the way to Big Mama's for donuts this morning. Driving from Old Raytown Road onto 63rd headed west, the cleanliness of the downtown stood out like a new dime in a goat's butt! Then it dawned on me: They had the parade yesterday. The downtown should look like that every day!

Big Mama's is one of the few recent family business successes in Raytown.

By the way: Dave at The Store has a front door sign reading: Thank you for shopping Raytown first.

That's the community spirit needed to improve things around here. I asked him if it was a newspaper promotion, and he said, no, he did it on his own. Good for him!

Yes, Andy, it was Ray's Town. There are two local history books you can probably find at the library to figure out the rest.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone has a right to express their opinion(s) whether they are right or wrong, good or bad. The problem seems to always be that snobbish attitude that certain individuals exhibit while expressing their opinion(s) and I have merely made a general observation that usually it seems to come from people that have aligned themselves with the Republican Party, and a lot of so called Christian groups, as well as Owners of Big Business seem to have this general attitude/mentality. They cannot concede or admit that maybe they are possibly wrong or at fault, and that they are always right, no matter what, and their opinion(s) are the only ones that matter. If anyone dare ever goes against their ideas, theories, president, or political party or religious groups ideals or social agendas, then they are wrong, or very disturbed, or put down in some other fashion. Those, in my opinion , are the ones that need to get a life and realize that they are not better than anyone else, and their opinion is that, just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the history of Raytown - we do have a museum. The Raytown Historical Society & Museum is located at 9705 E. 63rd. They are open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-4 and admission is free.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous that said......
"Yes, everyone has a right to express their opinion". You seem to be the one that is bothered because other people have opinions the opposite of yours.

You apparently despise at least three groups of people, those who adhere to Christian beliefs and values, Republicans, and owners of big businesses (the people that provide jobs for most of our nation). For some reason you lump them all together into one group. I suspicion that you really don’t even know why you dislike these groups of people so much? You appear full of hate and I doubt that that even know why.

Andy Whiteman said...

Re: ANONYMOUS September 23, 2007 11:51 AM

I also noticed that there are those who think they are always right, but I don't associate them with any particular group.

Apparently the Board of Alderpeople is ALWAYS right and the citizens are in the wrong!

You made a good point except for associating particular groups. By the way, I am Republican but have my own views. My father taught me that when I vote, I vote for the person, not the party.

To the other anonymous: Thanks for mentioning the Historical Society. I was considering it over the Library, but I am disfunctional during the hours 10AM-4PM.

Andy Whiteman