Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heard on the Street . . .

In many respects, Raytown is like a small farm community. The small talk around town slowly becomes everybody’s business. Sometimes these “rumors” are just so much noise. Many can be discounted by who is saying what. Other times, there is a grain of truth to them – that only time will show to be accurate. Often times, the exposure of a rumor turns it into a shadow that quickly dissipates when exposed to the bright light of day. Here are some recent “rumors” – some old, some new – that have been floating around and how factual they really are: A NEW CHARTER? This one has been floating around since last April. It surfaced shortly after the Municipal Elections. It is a tough one to verify because most people are familiar with the Charter process and therefore, most people consider themselves experts. None the less, the word is out that the Mayor is not interested in a Charter – at this time. Though it is probably a sure bet that he will push for one before his term in office expires. An interesting footnote to this issue is one that played an important part in the last Charter election. The authors of the Charter included a residency requirement for certain appointed department heads at City Hall. Since that time, three appointed city officials have moved on to jobs in other cities. All three of them, Curt Wenson – now serving as City Administrator in Liberty, Dan Estes – now serving as Assistant City Administrator in Liberty, and Debbie Grant (former Assistant City Clerk in Raytown) now serving as City Clerk in Harrisonville, are ALL required to live within the city limits of the city they serve. Meanwhile Raytown has hired a new City Clerk, City Attorney, Public Works Director and (soon) a new Finance Director, NONE of who are required to live within the city limits. NOW RUNNING FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE? This one is fairly new. Two public figures in Raytown, both of whom have served in elected positions at City Hall are said to be looking into running for the Missouri House of Representatives. Political allies Sue Frank and Alle Maddox both live in representative districts serving Raytown. Both of those seats are held by incumbent House members who are nearing the end of their respective terms. Couple that with some unusual behavior by Maddox and Frank and you can’t help but wonder what is up. Frank was recently appointed to a vacant seat on the Jackson County Republican Committee as a representative for Brooking Township (Raytown). That’s pretty much out of character for someone who has never paid much attention to Republican politics. Al Maddox, who moved out of Raytown nearly 20 years ago has been working hard to raise his name recognition in the community. Last year, Frank bestowed upon him the title "Raytown Man of the Year”. And, even though he does not live in Raytown, the Raytown Chamber of Commerce named Maddox the Parade Marshall for the Annual Raytown Round-up Parade. My take, don’t look for anything this coming election. But I can assure you, those two (Frank and Maddox) do not make such moves without an end-game plan in place. CITY ADMINISTRATOR SEARCHING FOR A NEW JOB? Michael Miller has been Raytown’s City Administrator for about one year. So it was with some surprise that I read on this blog’s page that he was one of six applicants for a job in Ketchikan, Alaska. Miller was one of three finalists out of 15 candidates for the position of burrough manager. Ketchikan is a small harbor town along the Alaskan coat. It has recently seen a economic “boom” of sorts because nearly every cruise line that takes the inside passage along the Alaskan Coast stops at Ketchikan. Many readers may remember the name as the location of the infamous “Bridge to the Nowhere” that was eventually not built connecting the city’s airport (which is located on a island) to the mainland. The Ketchikan Daily News has an impressive website with links to archived material. Readers can access the site by going to


Andy Whiteman said...

I don't blame a person for wanting to improve his/her income or career, but these people may not be looking into the future. It seems that they are not staying in a job long enough to become vested in a retirement plan. I can tell you Social Security by itself isn't enough to live on. I thought about retirement while changing careers and finally stayed in one 23 years until I was forced out by disability.

Is a charter required for a residency requirement for management? Why can't the Board of Alderpeople write into the job description and advertisement, "This position requires the employee to have an established, permanent residence in the City of Raytown within one year of the start of employment." The person could be required to be a resident before starting, but it is almost impossible to get someone to move that quickly unless the city is willing to wait for that person to start work. The last time I moved, I had a 6 months leave of absence and I was still stressed out trying to move that quickly. I think it would be difficult for a person to move within one year while working. Never the less there needs to be some type of residency requirement. It also needs to be stipulated that an occupied residence actually exists and is not merely an apartment rented to receive mail and for lunch time while going to a home in another part of the metro.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Regarding Miller, i say let him go. He doesn't return calls, He gives the calls to an underling to return even if you call him directly. He doesn't want to handles codes the way they should be. He doesn't ever want to make a decision on his own if you watch the meetings.

True Blue said...

Miller has been a BIG disappointment as city administrator. You're right he won't deal with codes and won't get rid of the dead weight at city hall. So what good is he? Yes, I'm all for him advancing his career, SOMEWHERE ELSE.

sparky said...

It appears that in my searching on the internet and remembering back several years that for a very long time since this city's incorporation that we did not have a City Administrator. The Mayor handled the tasks that the city administrator would do.

I found that ordinance number 4014-94 adopted July 19, 1994 created the office of city administrator as such.

My question would be, simply put, why couldn't the BOA repeal or reverse that decision, restoring those duties back to the Mayor where it should be, thus saving the city 90 to 100 thousand a year in an unneccessary salary that could better be utilized towards basic services?

I wonder if Greg could shed some light on this idea.

I have often thought that it was silly to have this position from the start when things actually got done a lot quicker with one phone call by a resident many years ago before this position was in place.

I do know that I myself have to live by a budget. And I have to reallocate funds periodically to take care of other basics. Why should a city be any different?

Andy Whiteman said...
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Andy Whiteman said...

I can't honestly say anything negative about Michael Miller. Maybe I don't have enough experience, but he answers the phone himself. If I reach a voice mail, he returns the call (unlike some other city employees.) If I don't receive a call back, my hours make me difficult to reach, so I leave another voice mail and eventually get a call back, sometimes after normal business hours!

As for unability to make a decision at board meetings, it was my understanding that Board approval is necessary for all expendatures. Maybe I am wrong, but I also noticed Chief Lynch asking permission for a purchase or even to transfer funds between budgets.

Miller is a big improvement over that last individual who warmed that chair.

All I can say is that the position of City Administrator should be abolished as an over-paid, tie wearing, seat warmer, draining the City Budget! That is actually a job that should be perfromed by a full time mayor. Why do we need multiple levels of bureaucracy?

I agree with Sparky that the BOA should eliminate the job of city administrator! If Michael goes elsewhere, I strongly recommend that job be abolished! The board would have to consult with Nancy if they wanted to abolish the job with Miller here. He may be under contract that would cost $$$$$$ if the city breaks the contract. With no contract, he can still file an unemployment claim which would hike the City's unemployment contribution.

Anonymous said...

Running the day to day operations of a city the size of Raytown is a full time job. Maybe some of you don't know all that goes into managing the number of employees we have.

Now, assigning that kind of full time mangerial task to a politician worries the heck out of me. That is not a skill voters will vote for. In cities like Raytown the Mayor is more likely a visionary, a leader, a consensus builder...not a day to day manager of employees.

I have no problem with the concept of a city administrator. What I do sometimes question is who is actually providing the leadership and vision. If the city administrator (and his hired staff) take that role, someting is wrong. That would be justification for changing course, in my estimation.

Anonymous said...

You elect your chief of police and he oversees the largest group of city employees and has the biggest part of the city budget. It doesn't seem to be going too bad. I think the voters did a pretty good job. So why go out and hire another city administrator? Just let the mayor do it. Let's see what he is really made of.

Anonymous said...

Sue Frank running for state office. I've heard some of her old boyfriends would like to talk to her opponent. Can you imagine the dirty laundry that would be aired? Also don't forget Frank's Folley!! This would be fun.

Pat Casady said...

Maybe Raytown should put in their next contract for upper management
city employees, a clause that after a year of service they will be evaluated for progress they may have made. If no contract renewal.
A simple web site vote should do it.
This is twice the taxpayers have invested in a City Administrator with no or very little results. It reminds me of the two developers our city officials have hired.

The next time our city officials want to just blow millions of dollars maybe they should just throw a huge party. At least everybody in town would get something for their tax dollars. All we have now is the old church.

As for living here in Raytown, that's a no brainer. They need to live here.

If Raytown would have taken all the money they have spent on City
Administrator's and devious developers and directly spent it on the downtown area it would be an inviting area by now.

The lesson here is, we don't need to hire someone from out of town to
try and tell Raytown how to be. As for the downtown, it is what it is.
I have gone to meetings on the downtown area since I moved into the area from 350 hwy. twelve years ago. Nothing has changed. With the exception of the old church.
I don't mean this in a bad way. I'm saying there are no new spaces or buildings. True some have and are undergoing a face lift, but no new buildings.
I feel, the downtown area isn't going anywhere until it is cleaned up and cosmetically eye pleasing. Along with some true restaurants,
no disrespect to the small eateries in town, but true sit down have a drink and a steak kind or place. Not a bar, not a sandwich shop.
A family restaurant.
As property owners we owe this to ourselves. The town is only as good
as the people in it. If we don't take care of ourselves why should we expect an outsider to. It's a proven fact they will take the money and
another city that will pay them even more. For what or why I have no idea!
I guess the other city officials that hire these people haven't driven to Raytown to see what wondrous changes these people have made to our town........NOT!
It takes money to clean up a town and make it better. Why waste it on positions that don't seem to work? Why waste it on people that clearly don't want the town to grow by hampering new businesses.

Anonymous said...

How can the Mayor, or the Board of Alderman take anything that Miller says seriously with knowing he is looking to leave Raytown?

Don't offer him more money to stay, because money will not buy loyalty.

If Miller is looking to leave, then let him leave.

We need leadership at City hall who is able to pull this city together and out of the problems the past two City Adminstrators have caused.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need Ole Foul Mouthed Al in state government. Another fine example for our childredn to look up!!!!!! If this happens, he decides to run let me know where I can sign up to work for the opponent.

Andy Whiteman said...
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Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with Pat that upper management needs to be evaluated. The workers are evaluated as to performance. Most business does this.

I question when a new manager is hired, is he led to his desk and told to manage, or is he given goals and objectives? If he is just led to his desk, what do you expect?

Is the manager given authority to make a decision or must he ask permission of the Board of Alderpeople? If he can't make a decision, what do you expect?

One writer said that Miller wants to leave. I think this is an assumption. We don't know what is going on at city hall behind closed doors.

I agree with Pat that requiring management to live in Raytown is a no brainer, but we have to remember that some of our leaders apparently have no brain. So what do you expect?

As for downtown: Many cities are losing their traditional downtown as shopping malls have evolved. That almost happened to KCMO. Albuquerque's downtown is mostly an 8-5 M-F government and office area. Denver developed their downtown to be a destination point with Coors Field, a 15th Street pedestrian mall--shopping, and entertainment with free bus service along 15th Street.

Lets face it, downtown Raytown is not a destination point. There is no traffic flow other than local residents. What big merchant would want to open a business hoping only for local customers?

The traffic flow is on 350 HWY so I think that is where we should focus as we are doing. Hy-Vee wants to build a bigger store there because of traffic flow and the fact other businesses are moving there. I hope we don't turn them away.

A downtown would be nice to have but is it worth spending money on when the traffic flow is elsewhere? Yes, we can want a downtown but if the merchants want traffic flow, obviously they they don't want to be downtown.

Andy Whiteman

PS. Has anyone else noticed that the time on this blog is one hour early? It set back to standard time one week early the way it used to be.

Anonymous said...

Andy, If Miller was flown to Alaska for a job interview, then that pretty much tells me that he is actively seeking employement elsewhere. How many other interviews has he gone on that we don't know about?

Pat Casady said...

I know that the downtown will never be what it used to be.
But it can be a great little speciality shop area. But first and foremost it has to cleaned up. The church has got to go and we
as business and property owners have to realize that fixing up
our property will only make things better both financially and
raise property values too.
However it will take a joint effort with both property owners and the city. Property owners can't install fancy street signs and lights or repair the bad sidewalks.
I truly hate to bring Lee's Summit into this but their downtown looks
inviting these days. They replaced or repaired sidewalks and planted
trees and the property owners cleaned up their buildings.
Raytown needs the old church gone and some new small buildings
in it's place to invite new speciality shops. But we must keep in mind if they are too costly the rent will be too much for these kind of businesses.

This is a tricky deal. It will take planning. Raytown will need a City Administrator that will stay for the long haul. We will also need somebody in a position that will welcome new businesses, work with them and not discourage them like we have now. This town will never get any better
if the way of thinking at City Hall doesn't change.
Raytown has got to quit wasting money on people that don't think
"Raytown first" and people that don't do their job. Along with a few that only use Raytown for a stepping stone to something better.

We've been there and done that. Raytown needs to quit hiring people
just to fill a job title. We need people that actually care and want this town to grow.
I know I sound like a broken record but maybe someday someone will either get it, or explain to me if I'm wrong.

As I said before, we've been talking and talking, going to meeting after meeting for twelve years or more about making Raytown a better place.
Spent a small fortune on bad developers, City Administrators. along with some bad decisions.
It's time to do something or just let it go.

Anonymous said...

The citizens made a BIG mistake when they failed to make it a requirement that department heads at city hall live in Raytown. It just makes GOOD sense. Why would you want to make a city better if you didn't live in it? Oh I know I work for the city big deal anybody can work a job but there is a real pride when you work for the city and live in . I don't think we have to offer big salaries to a new finance director and hopefully a new city administrator to get then to come here. There a lot of sharp people out there who want to work and don't have to have hugh salaries to do it. The BOA always says you have to compete with the other cities. Why??? We did the last time we needed to fill a position and look what we got!!!!

Anonymous said...

All the Board of Aldermen has to do is pass an ordinance that requires all department heads and the city clerk to live within the city limits. IT USED TO BE THAT WAY!! But that stupid Jack Nesbitt and a bunch of dumb aldermen changed it. As you can see it has really been a success. Ha!! It's been like a revolving door at city hall, they use us as a stepping stone to get to better paying jobs. Pat is right, you need people that are committed to Raytown instead of just themselves.

Pat Casady said...

Before you get too carried away about this,
I believe all department heads like City Administrator, Community Development Director
and so on, do have to live here.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, I agree with you. First, Downtown needs to be cleaned up including that folley (Olde Baptist Church). The church, at one point was a useful building and a little remodeling would have worked wonders with a little brains and planning. Yes, it is ideal for sepeciality shops and offices, but I don't think big business will come due to the no traffic issue.

Anonymous 7:08AM, I haven't spoken with Mr. Miller so don't know what is really going on here. Maybe he was reading his City Administrator's magazine and saw a job ad that paid more. (If I saw a job that paid more, I would apply for it too.) Or maybe he wants to leave. We don't know what another person is thinking. There is no reason to feel negative of a man because he applied for another job.

Laughing all the way said...

With the exception of Mr. Miller...which is verifiably accurate...I really believe that Greg must sit up late at night dreaming most of this stuff up.

He offers no facts...just innuendo and fictitious "I heards" so that he can keep you troops going on about something and keep his site counter clicking!

Some of you must be the most gullible suckers that have ever walked the face of the earth. PT Barnum was absolutely dead on regarding some of you folks!


True Blue said...

Pat, Other than elected city officials only the city administrator is required to live in the city.

Anonymous said...


Greg Walters said...

I see our old friend "Laughing all the way" is back. He questions the accuracy of my last report. So, I will enumerate them for him:


1. Check it out. The three individuals mentioned, Wenson, Estes and Grant ARE REQUIRED to live in the town they serve.

2. The four new department heads in Raytown are NOT required to live in Raytown. Consequently, none of them do.


1. Sue Frank WAS appointed to the Jackson County Republican Committee.
2. Sue Frank DID name an out-of-towner, Alle Maddox, Man of the Year her last term in office.
3. Yes, that was Alle Maddox who served as Parade Marshall for the Raytown Roundup Days Parade.


The newspaper articles from the Ketchikan News are attached to the story. Check it out!

So, you see my friend. There is really very little to laugh about in the story. In many ways, there is much to be sad about.

But I don't think people like you are bothered in the least by any of what has transpired . . . do you?

Anonymous said...

I too, believe that someone is trying to revive these ole has been politicians, Frank and Maddox. Can't understand why, but it probably would be interesting to see them get their b___'s whipped. People are tired of these old cronies that have ruined out little town. Are the Republicians this desperate?

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the Republicans they didn't even know Sue Frank claimed to be a Republican and I really don't believe she is a true republican not sure where her loyalty lies.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the Republicans they didn't even know Sue Frank claimed to be a Republican and I really don't believe she is a true republican not sure where her loyalty lies.

Pat Casady said...

I don't mean to offend anyone here but to be honest,
I can't tell the difference between Democrats and
Republicans. I don't know, maybe there is a difference
on a small local setting, but as far as from the state on
up to the Federal Government it seems they are out of
touch with reality.
These rich jerks have no idea what it takes to live in the
world they have made us live in. If any of them ever actually
had to work for a living they would fail miserably.
You only have to look at the Democratic runner John
Edwards to see this. He paid four thousand dollars
for a haircut. I'm sure if you looked there are the same
type of stories on the Republican side.

Ask yourself this, what has any president or politician done to
help your life?.....and,
How smart can a person be to spend six million dollars
to get a job that pays less than five hundred thousand a year.
All "Politicians" are it for themselves.

It's been my experience that even on a local basis most
politicians don't give a damn about people after they
get elected. They conveniently forget the very platform
and promises they used to get your vote.
They lose their individualism and in some cases self respect. I guess it's easier to go with the flow than it is to stand up for their contingency and what they really believe to be right.

I guess there really isn't any difference between small town
politicians and big government elected officials is there?

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Mayor Bower is not returning his phone calls or emails. This is the first sign that a politician has either lost interest in or is not capable of handling the job. Which is it Mayor?

Anonymous said...

I was unable to attend the town hall meeting last night. Could someone tell me what went on and what was discussed.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Town Hall meeting last night. The topic was only downtown business district and it's current status and what the mayor sees for downtown.

There were several issues discussed:

1. The 63 street bridge. It is going to be started some time in late spring if all goes well. It will be closed completely for 6-9 months. there was some concern for the downtown businesses and the possible lose of business they may incur during that time it will be closed.

2. The church. They are going forward with the idea that it will be razed. However, there is a company who maybe interested in it for a country and western auditorium but there has been no furthur communications with them as yet. The city does not want the auditorium used only for country and western music but to be available for other events as well.

At this time the city is going forward with the idea that it will be torn down unless there is a more solid form of interest.

If it is razed the idea is to turn it into a park.

3. The city has been asked if they would be interested in taking part in the light rail system if come to fruition, the answer was yes. But don't hold your breath we could all be gone before if it happens.

4. There was some discussion about the Raytown Plaza changing it's name because of the possible park being built on the church property. IT is now called Raytown Park Plaza. Also discusion on the updating of that property and the current low rate of $5.00 per sq foot they are charging to get it filled.

5. Ther was some discussion about a ATA bus hub in downtown as well.

6. One of the people for the audience would like to see the lights on 63 Street timed better so that you don't have to stop at every stop light.

7. There as talk about the design plans(buildings)for that area. Those plans have been set for about 5 or 6 years but they are only guide line.

That is about all I can remember at this time.

Salamander said...

Greetings and ReadingsFrom the Salamander. Takeing a few minutes of your time to:

l. Remind all good taxpayers that the end of the month is here and everyone should grab their checkbooks. It is, again, time to write another check for interest due on payments for purchase of the old Baptist Church, aka Sue Frank's Folly.

Talk on the street is that someday the old Church building will come down and be replaced. More speculation is that the cost of taking down a building such as the OBC is far exceed $ one milllion dollars. Get ready for a special assessment tax for pay for this one.

2. Nice little park there as 63rd and Raytown Road. I wonder if anyone has ever seen anyone sitting on the benches.

Speaking of the park, did Alle Maddox ever make a report of how much money he collected on that endeavor? Probably not.

3. The meeting Mayor Bower held on Wednesday -- should say meetings--should have been televised. Not a bad idea but it is hard to know what people are saying when they are mumbling their words.

More to come later. Gotta run.

Anonymous said...

I attended the Mayor's meet the public meeting last night.

I think it is a good idea.

But the format could be improved.

One woman took up nearly half an hour with all her questions. It woulb be a good idea to not let any one person dominate such a large part of the evening.

Andy Whiteman said...

Salamander and all should be happy to hear that Mayor Bower said at the meeting that the City ontends to pay off the Old Baptist church with the settlement check from Verizon!

I questioned if the city had the funds for the demolition of the church or intended to go into debt. Mayor Bower stated that the city would NOT go into debt and hopefully there might be a Federal Grant. If the Feds don't dome through, I don't know what they indend to do.

One lady did take up a large amount of time with numerous relevant questions. I do feel that in fairness to others, each person should ask one question at a time and then wait their turn for the next question.

Anonymous 7:24 AM, I will tell you that Mayor Bower DOES return emails so word on the street is incorrect. I don't think it is necessary to return each email, but I do get an email if he has a response.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you that more than one person has told me that Bower is avoiding email and phone call responses. Maybe you are just special Andy. An elected official has an OBLIGATION to respond to ALL of their constituets. If they don't then they are not doing their job. What happened to his pledge that he could always be reached by cell phone even when he was traveling for his company?

Greg Walters said...

Sparky asked if the BOA and Mayor could eliminate the position of City Administrator from Raytown City Hall.

The Board and Mayor could take this action -- but it is very doubtful that they would for two reasons.

1. Mayor Bower already has a full time job that includes extensive travel from time to time. For that reason I doubt he would want to take on more responsibility as a full time mayor.

2. It would be out of character for the Board to make such a radical change.

Anonymous said...

This would be a perfect time for the BOA to reorganize the city department heads at city hall. Estes is leaving and Miller is looking. There are many opportunities to cut costs at the top without actually firing anyone. I believe that Raytown is not big enough for a city administrator or a full time city attorney. Too many people not delivering service to taxpayers.

Pat Casady said...

Most of you either know me or have read what I have written
for over seven years now. Most of the time I have been critical
of our cities choice in handling us in the downtown area.
From voting not to even talk to the business owners and backing
developers that wanted to steal our property.
I taken a lot of hits from my stand on wanting to be treated fairly.
I've even been told to leave town and take my business with me.
I'm sure that there are people that won't use my business because
of my stand on this point.
But I have to tell you, Mayor Bower has always returned my E-mails and phone calls. He even stops in from time to time.

Although I think the world of Sue Frank and have stated this many
times. I feel that Mayor Bower seems to care about our businesses
more than the last administration.
This may have been that since she has a business in the downtown
area and she felt like she had to distance herself from the rest of us because she felt that maybe there was a conflict with her being mayor, and I understand that position.
The few times I have been able to talk to Mayor Bower I have had the
feeling that he genuinely cares about all the businesses in town and wants us all to stay here and prosper.

To the Salamander, I was told the other day that the church has been
or will be paid off very soon. So maybe no more interest payments.
I was also told that more special grants might be given to Raytown
to help take down the old church.
I guess we will have to wait and see.

So far I, of all people, am happy with the direction this town is heading now.
I feel that this administration cares about the business and property owners...........But believe me when I say this next line.
If I feel that it is all just a bunch of smoke blowing I will be the first to write and complain. I to attended the meeting last Tuesday. I attended
the early meeting. It was all positive but just when I was feeling comfortable with what was being said, somebody in the audience had to ask the
question about......EMINENT DOMAIN.
I instantly flashed back to reality and the bad times of the past seven years.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who talked about Jennette Gentry who took up so much time at the meeting the other night she was very very rude. But it took no time for Mayor to cut off one man when he did not want to answer his question and that person only asked one question. The fact is it is the responsibility of the person who is running the meeting to control it. If you are upset about Ms. Gentry you should also be upset with our mayor he should have been the one to stop her and allow others to speak.

Ms. Gentry has always been one who likes to herself talk and thinks she knows it all. She barely took a breath in that 30 min..

Anonymous said...

Ms. Gentry is one of the choosen RRFT people, that's probably why she got to babble on. She doesn't have a clue as to what is really going on and especially in the downtown. She's one of Frank's cronies and until you truely get REAL RAYTOWN people involved nothing is going to change.

Anonymous said...

She is the idot who rambeled on one meeting about the block party(flop) that Mr. Truesdale was pushing. Until the mayor gets a hold of things don't expect things to change. People we are the ones who can change things remenber there is an election on the horizon.

Andy Whiteman said...

As Pat said, Mayor Bower does respond to his emails. I receive responses to some but not all. I assume he only responds if he has a comment to make when he has the time. I don't feel it is necessary to respond to EVERY email unless a response is required.

I agree with Pat about being treated fairly even though I am not a business. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly. I am sure all of you expect to be treated fairly.

I have seen progress in Raytown:
1) Raytown Park Plaza is being rebuilt and will be occupied. The name is new to put emphasis on the park to be where the Olde Baptist Church is. The new name sounds like a hotel to me.
2) The church will be paid off with funds from a settlement with Verizon. The church will be razed but it is unknown how much the cost will be or where the funding will come from.
3) The 63rd St bridge will be replaced but traffic through downtown will be detoured. This will save money compared to having the bridge 1/2 open. I feel spending additional funds to keep the bridge 1/2 open would be wasted money since there would be traffic congestion getting across. It impacts many residential users as well as downtown (I guess 1/4 of the city).
4) The HWY 350 project is bringing businesses to that highly trafficed area. I am hoping that the city does not turn away Hy-Vee. They will be an asset. I agree with Pat that the opportunity should be open to all; but my opinion is anyone who is interested needs to step up and apply as Hy-Vee did.

Yes, there is more that needs doing; but we have a good start to progress.

I believe in the one day at a time method to keep things in order.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The closing of the 63rd street bridge for a few months will just about kill some of the downtown businesses that are barely making it. Just ask those that were effected when they converted the old wooden bridge to one way.

Andy Whiteman said...

Anonymous 7:10 AM, I can't argue your point. I just feel a partial closing will cause just as much trouble. If there was a partial closing, I would still detour around the area rather than be tied up in traffic. (I happen to life east of the bridge and regularly go over the bridge going to and from where I am going.)

Andy Whiteman

sparky said...

This may be a little bit of old stuff mixed with the new. The old wooden bridge was brought up again. They basically did a good job on rehabbing the old structure but they ruined it when they changed it to one way traffic only. I know, people were getting hurt and/or killed in accidents near the bridge, but for years, if one knows how to drive properly they could cross it successfully. The key is to watch your speed and stay in your own lane. It seems that all the crashes that took place around that bridge usually happened in the wee hours of the morning after 'The Last Call' at the local bars. That is how the bridge became one way only, which sucks! And that did have a effect on some of the businesses in the area also.

The 63rd street bridge closure will have a negative effect on the downtown local businesses, however, there is always 59th Street, and 67th Street, and 63rd Street fron the east that can get you there. Most customers are loyal enough that they will find a way to get there.

As far as this town hall meeting which I could not attend, it sounds as if the Mayor could better exercise being the chair of the meeting by putting a 2 to 4 minute time limit on comments per individual instead of letting some ramble on uncontrollably. That does tell me a little bit about how local government is being operated. He needs to tighten it up a little bit and muzzle a few of these old cronies from previous administrations that really do not have Raytown in their best interest. Otherwise, things will continue status quo.

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with Sparky about what was the wooden bridge. The old bridge was wide enough for 2 cars with no foot traffic. The problem was people don't know how to drive. The speed limit was 15 mph. If they slowed down and drove the speed limit, they would have been OK. My opinion is that the ONE WAY BRIDGE will be a well used access to downtown from the south when the 63rd St bridge is under construction. I use the One Way Bridge myself when coming from the south rather than 67th St or 63rd St.

I feel that at the Town Hall meetings, questions or comments should be limited to one at a time per person. After that, others have the time to comment/ask questions. Then everybody has a turn and someone can wait to be recognized again to ask another question. I asked all of my questions one at a time except on the last one when I did a comment and then a question. It is extremely RUDE for any one person to ask numerous questions in a row.

Andy Whiteman

watchdog said...

Re: Miller, Check out Chippewa Falls, WI...He's one of the 4 finalists.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty bad when the elected officials have nothing better to do then to dream up false hoods. Sorry Greg, but Maddox has no intention of running for State Rep. He has better things to do. What is it with you? Are you jealous because you were not asked to be "Raytown Man of the Year?" Get over it do the job you were elected to do, and stop boo-hooing.

Again, you get your facts wrong, as you have with several other city issues, hopefully you will not be in office at the next running. I do recall you making a monkeys ass out of yourself several times at Board meetings, acting like a child.

Any elected official that bashes his fellow officials is not doing what he was elected to do. You need to get out of high school mode and act like an adult.

If you got something to say have the facts straight and please get over yourself, your not as wonderful as you let yourself think.

Raytown will be better off without you're self serving attitude.
I can't wait for the next election, get rid of the old and put people in with innovated ideas. You been sitting up there too long.