Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Hearing Problem

One of Raytown’s elected leaders recently commented that all Raytowners do is complain about “everything”. Who said it is not as important as the fact that it was said. Is he right? Do Raytowners just complain and whine about everything in their city. Or, is there some justification for the discord that the ten Aldermen and Mayor are witnessing from their seats of power at city hall. A quick look at the past year’s agenda gives some clues that may explain the angst many Raytowners are expressing. There have been some successful efforts in changing the direction from the previous administration – for the first time in almost four years, some new street lights are actually being installed in neighborhoods. The city’s recycling center has been revamped into a more secure and, more importantly, financially stable operation. But for the most part, the Mayor and majority of the Board’s attention have been almost exclusively on promoting economic development. In fact, the Mayor put out the word to the Board of Aldermen that no other projects were to move forward until the Walmart project was signed, sealed and delivered. Three members of the Board, Aldermen Jim Aziere, Pat Ertz and Greg Walters, have been cooling their heels on new ideas the public has expressed interest in. (Aziere – no smokeing legislation, Ertz – legalization of the sale of fireworks, Walters – curbside recycling). Meanwhile, some of the city’s most basic services have taken a back seat – and it is beginning to show. City streets are badly in need of repair. At a recent meeting of the Board of Adlermen, City Administrator Mahesh Sharma reported to the Board that a number of streets are rated as “failed” streets. Judging from the lack of new ideas coming before the City Council and the condition of residential streets – it would be fair to say that the people do not complain too much. The problem is that some people in decision-making positions at City Hall are not listening.


Andy Whiteman said...

I feel that people of Raytown don't take time to complain.

My complaint is that usually I am the only one at the BOA to complain and many times I feel like I am talking to a wall.

People should be complaining about the failed streets. The plain fact is that many are failed because they were not maintained. Frankly some of the streets are now handling heavy traffic they were never designed to handle. I pointed this out to Mr. Frazier and other Public Works people.

If Raytown wasn't a 4th class city, I think there would be recall petitions circulating.

I hope everyone remembers the board's actions when the next city election comes up.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I am repeating this to continue the conversation from the previous string:

Anon 7:35PM, You have a valid point but Raytown can grow! If you have followed the BOA and city planning, they want to attract business. I consider that growth. Also they are considering allowing lots as small as 40' x 50' in the Central Business District with the name changed to something like Town Center. That is cramming more residences and businesses into a very small area. Is that growth? Also under the new plan, there would be no height limit to buildings in the Town Center. Isn't UP considered growth? The BOA just approved wasting $50,000 for an infill study. Isn't infill growth?

We are speaking of the Raytown Fire District. Are the boundaries limited only to the city of Raytown? I used to be Secretary-Treasurer of a Fire Protection District. I estimate our town was one square mile but our district included a much larger rural area along with industrial areas. We also provided mutual aid (especially EMS) to other districts on a frequent basis.

I think the question here is how much area does the Raytown Fire District cover? I understand that the Raytown School District covers areas out of Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

They do not like to hear complaints from us common folk. And when we do complain, we are merely labeled as whiners, complainers,troublemakers, and we just do not understand. People love to turn the tables on others, especially people who listen to talk radio, or are the talk show hosts. We are always wrong.

Oh, you are not a Republican, you are wrong, and your opinion does not count.

You are not a firefighter, you are wrong and your opinion does not count.

You are or are not a union member, you are wrong and your opinion does not count.

You are a taxpayer,you are wrong and your opinion does not count.

Just wait until election time and see who is right, and who's opinion counts now!

Pat Casady said...

I don't think the the people of Raytown are complainers.
I believe the people of Raytown want and expect their elected
officials to do the right thing for them and their families. So far
it's been big business 10 and the people 0.
How can anyone feel good about their elected officials when they
won't even do what the people voted for and were told they would
do for them. The streets are in sad shape. People and businesses
are leaving at an alarming rate and yet the elected officials can't even
comprehend that in most cases it's a direct result of their bad decisions.

City employees and department heads trying to run some businesses out of
town and enforcing codes on citizens when the biggest code violation sits less than a quarter mile up the street form City Hall and is owned
by the city. Some codes are enforced and then right across the street the city codes violations are ignored and even given the OK by the city.
Consistency and honesty is all we can ask of codes laws but this isn't and doesn't happen.

If you try to complain to the board they will treat you like you're the one
that doesn't know what you are talking about.

So when an elected official makes a statement like "Raytowners
complain about everything" maybe he or she should look for the problem in the mirror.
The next time elected officials decide to give away hard earned taxpayer
dollars, pay a multi-billion dollar store like Wal-Mart to come to town and
run off what is left of Raytowns retail business and grocery stores, you might
want to ask your constituents what they think about it. While you are at it you might want explain why the streets haven't been repaired after they
gave you the OK vote to increase their taxes yet again just for that.

Maybe the problems aren't the citizens of Raytown but with
elected officials that don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bower and the board of aldermen should be impeached for giving the city away to WalMart. It's sure a good thing that charter didn't pass because they would have all been recalled. Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

"Why I'm Voting Democrat This Year"

I'm voting Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

I'm voting Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long it doesn't offend anyone.

I'm voting Democrat because when we pull out of Iraq I trust that the bad guys will stop what they're doing because they now think
we're good people.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday CAN tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start driving a Prius.

I'm voting Democrat because I'm not concerned about the slaughter of millions of babies so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that businesses should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break
even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as THEY see fit.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe three or four pointy headed elitist liberals need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to
suit some fringe kooks who would NEVER get their agendas past the voters.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that if we no longer have the right to bear arms that all crime will stop because bad people will never be able to have a gun.

I'm voting Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want I've decided to marry my horse.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing the
same gallon of gas at 15% isn't.

Makes you wonder why anyone would EVER vote Republican, now doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Not me! I'm voting Republican because I've had a lobotomy.

Anonymous said...


Lee Gray here.

The easy part first --- New Ideas:

I'm not interested in anything proposed by Jim Aziere. Leave the smokers alone and let the bar/restaurant owners make their own decisions.

I'm the one credited with (and cussed about) where firework sales ending here are concerned. I never understood how the Optimists --- Friends of Youth --- could in good conscious sell lethal weapons which injured youngsters.

And curbside recycling? C'mon, Greg, what curbs? Open drainage ditches, no sidewalks, no curbs, no streets suitable to drive down! Those should be the city's priorities before anything else.

I required signed letters to the editor because half of any comment is who is behind it. You should have named the elected official who said Raytowners are complainers because you only leave us to speculate who that is. My guess: The Mayor.

Of course WE"RE COMPLAINERS --- and we have lots to COMPLAIN ABOUT!

That's our role in a democracy. And we COMPLAINERS are better than the WHINERS elected, who WHINE because they're not up to doing the jobs they wanted to be elected to do!

And, Andy, the reason no one else goes to City Hall to complain is because we're all smarter than that!

When I was charter chairman and went to talk to the BOA, Marilyn Fleming ALWAYS got up and left the dias. Mayor Sue Frank cut me off a couple of times and said the BOA would not hear about "personalities," and then did a little personal attack on me.

I really don't have a problem with any of that. I'm not very lovable.

I did a lousy job on the charter commission (before one of our anonymous commentators can point that out).

I've never minded someone else having a different opinion than mine. Time always tells who was "right."

This blog (Aug. 3) reminded me of what's going on nationally --- everyone distracted by crap that just doesn't matter while important issues are ignored.

There's more...but why bother?

Like Greg says, No one listens.

Raytown wants a theme? Why not invit Jerry Springer to move his show here. Wouldn't need a travel budget for the guests, who could stay in Larry Edwards' five-star hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, I'm not being mean...that's just my sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Republicans are sum of the earth bottom feeders! I will always vote democratic and I own guns and believe in the second amendment also. Stop trying to scare people into voting Republican, moron!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gray is right. While our streets are crumbling, our storm sewers overflowing, and our neighborhoods sliding into a mess worse than Kansas city's inner city, those idiots at city hall are worried about zip codes, fireworks and smoking. If we can't afford to provide basic city services then Mayor Bower and his cronies should resign and turn this city over to some city that knows how to govern and provide the basics. It's apparent that Raytown can no longer afford to be a city.

Pat Casady said...

I've said it before and I guess I'll say it again.
Diversions, diversions, diversions! Whether it is planned or just happens, we are bombarded with diversions.
The streets are falling apart so the city fights about recycling.
City employees are trying to run businesses out of town and
the city talks about tax giveaways for big business. Codes aren't
handled the same throughout the city. Neighborhoods are in trouble, people are getting beat-up at our shopping centers, it's not safe to be out after dark.
Then an arrogant, pompous ass of an elected official calls the citizens of Raytown complainers.
Lee, it doesn't matter which elected official said that. All but one feel that way. I too have tried to talk to the board but they wouldn't listen.
As for Mayor Bower, I'm still going to give him time. I think he really does
have the best in mind for Raytown but you have to consider what he
walked into and who he has to work with.
He is surrounded with elected officials that don't have a clue
how business works or a town should be run. They won a popularity contest. They didn't win because of how good of public servant they are. Unfortunately that will never change until people get out and vote
and some qualified people run for office.

As for the charter. It was a good document. The problem was
(as far as City Hall goes) the right people didn't get elected to the commission
board. The friends of the then (and most are still on the board) elected officials were voted down so the city, (Curt Wenson) couldn't dictate how it
would be written.

Anonymous said...

Pat, you may be right about Mayor Bower. His heart could be in the right place. Problem is that he has no help and has no experience on how to govern. A strong mayor could have made some changes by now. I sometime believe that it is just easier for him to go along with all the silliness at city hall, than to try to change it.

Pat Casady said...

Anonymous 9:00am,
I sure hope you are wrong about the mayor.
We do agree on one thing though, he has little or no
help. It's taken a while but some changes have come about.
The worthless city administrator is gone (Miller)
Truesdale is moving on and maybe Raytown can finally get an economic director to promote new business.
However I think an economic director should be an independent
outside business itself. If he or she is a city employee the
the position would be in control of the Board of Aldermen
and that would be a disaster. We all know how they work.

The next few years should be interesting. I'm just hoping
the terrible decisions that have come out of City Hall as of
the last ten years don't destroy this great little town.

Andy Whiteman said...

I would like to commend Raytown PD, EMS, and Fire for a prompt reponse last night when I was struck by a hit and run driver.

I agree with Pay that the Economic Director should be contracted and paid based on performance. Nothing achieved, nothing paid! Bring in a good business and collect $$$$! What could be more fair and avoid conflict with the BOA.

By the way, Doc, if you still teading what constitutes Raytown Rd? I have had previous issues with Animal Control and they thought it was Raytown Tfwy. These 2 streets are connected, have similiar names, but are different. Are you referring to Raytown Tfwy? I was refering to the Raytown Rd that connects City Hall with the one way bridge. There are frequent EMS calls along this route to the Nursing home past the high rise apartments.

ATTN READERS: Doc has a good post on the end of thelast string if you want to read it

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I have been thinking about it since it was published. Obviously the elected official who complained that Raytowner's complain too much is COMPLAINING about complainers as a cover up for NOT doing his/her job.

That person should be elected in KCMO which is in much worse shape. There is plenty to complain about in KCMO.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...


Good to hear from you again.

Can't say that I agree with all of your comments about the new ideas. Like it or not, there are a lot of people who are interested in the smoking ban that Aziere has proposed. The fact is, Aziere's plan is so watered down that it will make little difference in Raytown.

As for fire works -- who is kidding who? Pat Ertz is just recognizing the fact that they are being shot off anyway. His proposal has yet to come forward - so it is hard to discuss.

As for curbside recycling, I believe it is just a matter of time before it is being done everywhere. It will become clear enough to everyone that it is easier to "mine" natural resources from our trash than by digging in the earth for it.

Remember, the recycling center used used to cost us money -- and now makes it makes us money -- the same will be true about curb side recycling.

Still, the city has to kick the two year waiting period door open to make it a reality.

As for the Charter. We did a good job in writing and presenting it. We were out-spent in the campaign. The Raytown Post kept pounding us with hammer blows and the Sue Frank Administration campaigned relentlessly with city resources against us.

In retrospect I do not think that the voters believe they made the right choice in that contest. I have yet to hear anyone say how the city has benefitted from absentee department heads -- or that the lack of the right to petition, referendum and recall is a good idea.

We had some very progressive and worthwhile ideas.

As the Romans used to say, "Illigitimus non carborundum".

Anonymous said...


...Lee Gray here .. nice of you to respond since you're an elected official...and either part of the solution or part of the problem.

1) The city seems to spend money for everything else --- how about an independent, scientific survey reviewed by and the results announced by an independent citizens group.
That way there's no "selective" reporting of the results. (Don't think the LAST ONE lived up to its billing.)

I'll bet that city services come out No. 1...and that "new ideas" are far down the list.

2) Because Raytown doesn't enforce its anti-fireworks ordinance is a silly reason to assume we should get sales taxes off selling fireworks. Suppose they could be sold at the old 1st Baptist Church if the firework stands blow up they can at least claim that eyesore.

3) If curbside recycling "makes us money," will I get an annual check from that? My bet is that it will cost me more with the trash hauler.
I'm as "green" as you, Greg, but recycling isn't the necessity of life that infrastructure is at this point in time.

4) "No Smoking" isn't the issue, Jim Aziere is --- in my book. Please read my earlier post. You were at the charter commission meeting at the EMS Building when I pointed out to Mr. Aziere his lack of credibility with me.

And, finally, the b------s don't get me down. Latin was required when I was in public schools. Too bad it isn't today!

Best wishes
Lee Gray

Andy Whiteman said...


As an FYI Latin is required in a new Christian School just staring up in Alamogordo, NM. I wonder the reason except maybe Latin is the root of other langauges or maybe to read original writings from that time period. I really feel that English proficiency should be required in school. There are many American born people who can't read, write, or speak the English language. There are some who supposedly speak English but I can't understand a word they say!

I know you want to move away, but while you are here, have you considered running for BOA or Mayor and being part of the solution?

I think that what Greg means by making money on recycling is that previously the city was paying to have it hauled off, but the city has located a company who will actually pay for recyclable materials as well as hall it off. The city is making a small amount. (Somewhat like if you hauled your recycable material to a company that will pay for it. My wife and I use to haul in tin cans. The last time he had 2 cars full and collected over $80!) I doubt if anyone will get a check from the city. I expect this income may make your property taxes a few cents lower rather than adding the cost of haul off to your taxes.)

There are many good writers on this blog who could be a part of the solution if they were so inclined.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Here is to the elected official who said all we do is complain. Then get off your ASS and do something besides talk abut how WalMart is going to solve all our problems. Improve the streets, put up more street lights,have more visible police on the street, here is one I bet you haven't HEARD before ENFORCE CODES. There is plenty for the BOA and city hall to take care of and Jim smoking is not one of them. Leave that up to the individual owners.

Anonymous said...

If the smoking ban is going to be like the one on animals then it is a waste of time and OUR MONEY. I still see animals running loose and when you call it in no one ever shows and if they do the dog is long gone. IF you are going to go to take the time and expense of making these laws put some teeth in it and then comes the hard part getting city hall to ENFORCE it. Oh gosh here I go complaining again and THEY don't think I have any reason to.

Andy Whiteman said...

Code violations by the city should be enforced! The city is in violation of numerous codes.

There is a hill of TALL WEEDS in front of what is or was the Botony room at Raytown HS. I refuse to believe this is a botony project. These are TALL OBNOXIOUS WEEDS!

This Facist Fief of Raytown wants to attract business and new home owners. I wonder how they intend to do this when the city violates its own codes to the point this fief looks like a slum. Just get a dry spell and we have a fire hazard! The fief has numerous violations yet requires proposed new business to shell out money for land scaping and fencing the city considers attractive. By the way, does anyone feel the tall weeds on Blue Ridge Blvd. are attractive?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Lee Gray says,


As far as me being part of the "solution," I spent the past 20 years being part of the problem and the solution.

I've already ran for mayor...served on two charter commissions...more than a half dozen economic development boards...and several citizen nauseam.

Since you, Andy, have the most to say on this blog, I'd suggest you run for alderman or mayor. It's your turn to be part of the "solution." I've more than had my turn.

And, of course, I realize I'm not going to get a check for recycling. And it's not going to lower anyone's property tax either.

Saw you on TV the other night telling the mayor and BOA you had a solution to metering water out-flow. I noticed none of them took you up on your offer to tell them what that solution is.

That should tell you why you're wasting your time addressing the BOA and why the rest of us don't.


Andy Whiteman said...


Thank you for your service.

I would run for the board or Mayor except that I would loose my disability check since I would be earning over $750/month. Also I don't function day hours; therefore, all meetings for anything would have to be in the evening.

Truthfully, since I have announced that I am moving, I wouldn't feel it is fair to the people to run for office.

I kind of assumed I received no requests on how to meter sewage usage since I have already published it on this blog so maybe there was no need to ask.

I have never heard a response from an elected official during public comments; however, Buzz Delaney sure provoked Mayor Bower into a debate!

I agree with much of what Buzz had to say and would like to hear him again. He should speak on behalf of a group (perhaps businessmen or contractors) and be allowed 10 minutes. His time was almost used up with explanation when he go to his point.

I feel that a small income from recycling is much better than the city paying to haul it off.

After the last BOA meeting I questioned our City Accountant if my property taxes were going up or down? He really couldn't answer the question except as it would apply to an $80,000 house. I assume most homes in Raytown are valued over $80K! I don't know where these $80,000 homes are unless they are all in a blighted area.

Anonymous said...

Andy our taxes will go up because of the dumb asses who voted for the school bond. So get ready to see a healthy increase on your taxes in November and beware they are going to come at us again. Cathy Mack you don't have to brown nose the soccer coach anymore your son has graduated oh I forgot you still have daughter who plays high school soccer, be glad they have someplace to play and practice it may not be state of the art and they may not get state of the art either.

Pat Casady said...

I wish I could have been at the city meeting Tuesday evening.
I knew Buzz Dulaney was going to speak because he and I had
talked about it earlier.
He seems to be a victim of the codes game in Raytown.
I am told he brought up the codes for the 350Hwy. Live plan.
I believe he called them "the ridiculous requirements," that stop developers.
The mayor responded with "the merchants like it, the people like it and it is required by the 350 hwy. plan.
Well, welcome to Raytown Mr. Dulaney. If you are not a friend of the city, the school district, big business or the city itself, the codes only apply to you.

The 350hwy. Live Plan, has a rule. Apparently that only applies to individuals buying property or existing buildings in this "350 hwy.plan."
The rules as I understand them go something like this, There will be no new metal buildings erected on the 350hwy. corridor. If a metal building is bought
on this section of 350hwy. it has to be resided either with stucco, wood or brick to cover up the metal. Just like the old Payless Cashways building
had to be done and the old Toyota building is now being done.
However, if you are the school district these rules don't apply.
They have built and huge metal building that looks kind of like a huge brown Quonset hut.
Anybody willing to bet on if the new Wal-Mart will be metal or not?

I know Mr. Dulaney feels like, and I agree with him, that he is one that is being singled out about some grass cutting codes. However he has a point.
The point he has been trying to make is, Crescent Creek LLC has not cut their weeds in over a year and a half. If Mr. Dulaney's grass gets over eight
inches the city has it cut and fines him. Yet, nothing is being done at Crescent Creek. There are a lot more codes violations at Crescent Creek than
just grass too. The funny thing is I'm told Tim Truesdale lives there.
I guess he could only see outside that area.
Most people that have a codes violation get a notice to correct it within ten
to thirty days or be fined or in some cases taken to jail.
Crescent Creek has been warned no less then ten times in the last year.
That's 365 days for those at City Hall.
So, to the elected official that said Raytowners are complainers, this is another one of the many reasons why. The people Raytown can only expect
a few things from the elected officials, honesty, integrity, compassion and that everybody will be treated the same.

Anonymous said...

Pat, there is a segment on one of the cable news shows that is called "Why America Hates Washington". It points out the silliness that goes on with the federal government and how it infuriates the taxpayers. I think we should start one called "Why Raytowners hate City Hall". I believe that we could keep this thing full of the pure nonsense that continues on a daily basis with our city government. What do you think folks?

Andy Whiteman said...

It appears that tall grass and weeds involves discrimination. Why is Mr. Delaney persucuted and RHS has really tall weeds on a mound of dirt? I have sent several emails to numerous city officials with no response as well as mentioning it at the BOA.

Apparently code enforcement depends on how the code officer feels when he/she gets out of bed and what side of the bed he/she got up on! These people are paid so low that maybe if contractors offered some money (or even a lunch) they would get better treatment.

DISCRIMINATION IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE and needs to cease immediately. Who at city hall is accountable for this misconduct?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

For the record, unless he has moved, Truesdale does live in Crescent Creek.

I have been to his house.

Andy Whiteman said...

One of the younger workers at Arbys told me that Raytown City Government is corrupt. I didn't agree at that time, but maybe he knows more than I do.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...
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Anonymous said...

I grew up here in Raytown, my father held an office here in Raytown when I was a child. I grew up and moved around the KC area. But when I had a child, I wanted my child to go to a good school, so I bought a house out here in the southern part of Raytown. My goodness.. how Raytown has changed. The crime is ridiculous! I actually had some young teenager "begging" for money outside of the Dollar General Store on 350hwy. The businesses that are coming in are attracting as a target audience, criminals. Gangs graffiti everywhere. We need to do something to attract more high end business and do something to raise our property values so maybe it won't be so cheap and easy for criminals to move into Raytown. I can get good schools up north.. crime will be the #1 reason I will move from Raytown. Raytown used to be a nice place to live. Now people at my work say I live in the "hood". Yes... Raytown has the reputation of being in the "hood" and that's not a good meaning.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. Police copter spent over an hour from 12:30 am til 1:30 am hoovering overhead in the area of Gregory and Raytown Trafficway last night. Then at 2 am the cop car sirens followed. Have been woken up almost nightly by cop car sirens between midnight and 2 am for most of the last month. I balked at Raytown being called the "hood" and "ghetto" by outsiders telling my kids that, but I believe they are correct. Too bad. This used to be a nice quiet little place.

Andy Whiteman said...
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Anonymous said...

In my retail business, over 70% of the customers are black, 15% Mexican and the other 15% White. It seems that Raytown is becoming the new "inter city"! You can't go to Coleman park any more with out the blacks running you out.

The cops have their hands full right now and just wait till the "New Getto Walmart" comes to Raytown, you ain't seen nothing yet! They will need the Highway Patrol to help them with the crime!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should be grateful that the blacks are keeping you in business.

Andy Whiteman said...

Anon 8:57PM, What is to color of your customer's money? That is all that is important to any business. I don't judge a person by the color of his/her skin. I judge each as a person by their actions. I have some black and chicano friends while, on the other hand, there are some white folks I won't speak to because of personality issues.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with the postings that Raytown has become inter-city hood and not the nice neighborhood community that I once knew. We should bring property taxes up and keep the low life criminals out of town. Maybe Raytown should become a gated community. I have never before lived in a place where I feel threatened just to be out in my yard. Thugs roam the street in dog-packs looking for trouble and hang out at the parks and shopping areas causing problems. Can't do anything about it except move to the country and give up Raytown, like we did Kansas City, Grandview, Ruskin Heights, etc...
It's going to happen. It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Everyone thinks going to Lee's Summit is the answer, but have you see who is shopping at their Wal Mart and at the new shopping center. A lot of them look inner city to me. So if we just stay put they will move out and on.

Anonymous said...

I guess generation after generation of over re-producing has finally taken it toll on the local area populace.

My parents use to tell me "back in the day" that Troost, Linwood Blvd the Paseo were all very nice,
affluent neighborhoods. I guess we'll be telling our children and grand children the same story, except it will be about Raytown neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8 -18-08 4:11 P.M. Your problem is that you are shopping at WALMART. Don't shop Walmart, there are many fine retailers in Lee's Summit that treat their employees with dignity and respect.