Monday, May 25, 2009

Fix This Eyesore NOW! Greg Walters, Contributing Editor Richard Tush, Contributing Editor
With this issue of the Raytown Report we are inaugurating a new service for our readers in Raytown. We call it our "Fix This Eyesore NOW!" or, more simply stated our "FTE Column". In this column we will post any complaint from our readers that we believe may be a violation of the city’s code of ordinances. We will also see to it that your elected officials on the Board of Aldermen and Mayor David Bower are made aware of the complaint.
Keep in mind that we are only passing the information on. The final decision to resolution of the problem is left up to the powers that be at Raytown City Hall.
We are starting off the list with a location that has been posted on Raytown Report four times in the last week. We’ve also decided to take a page from our recent American history (remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis during the Jimmy Carter presidency?) and date the complaint by the number of days the city has been aware of the problem from its original posting on this page. So, without any further ado, we officially launch our FTE Column!
DAY 1 - 67TH and BLUE RIDGE CUTOFF: BP Gasoline station located between Commerce Bank and 67th Street (on the south side of 67th Street).
The picture speaks for itself.
--Picture Space--
The grating over the storm drainage cut has been missing for over one year. A copy of this page has been forwarded to Ward 1 Aldermen Joe Creamer, Shane Pardue, and Mayor David Bower.
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1 The Sign War Rages On Richard Tush Contributing Editor
The city election cycle has been over for nearly two months. However, the signs on the right away just will not go away. Travel any of the main streets and it won’t take long to find one of these violations. The amazing thing is the city was so eager to pass an ordinance against this practice, but is less then interested in enforcing it.
The latest invasion of these advertisement signs is to "Increase Your Credit Score", but we are all too familiar with their counter parts "We Buy Ugly Homes" or "Raytown" just to name a few.
We can only hope city hall learns that with each tax increase we will expect better service across all departments.
Another point of view on Public Safety Justin Tomac Contributing Editor
When you bring up the subject of Public Safety many different points of view emerge. Take the last election. The point of view the City of Raytown took was the passage of the Public Safety Tax. It is not my intent to rehash the election results. I would like to discuss the premise of the marketing campaign and an alternate point of view that will hopefully resonate with those who read this blog.
The whole premise, or what we were led to believe, is that Raytown is seriously under resourced to effectively battle the increasing crime wave. Facts and Data were presented to help bolster this point of view. On the surface these facts and data were fairly plausible. When one begins to examine these facts and data from a different point of view, things emerge that may have lent themselves to a different outcome. Prior to the election the City of Raytown Website ( provided a powerpoint attempting to show the need for additional public safety help.
As one who reviewed this powerpoint, a few things came up that caught my eye. One was the call volume, again attempting to show the need, which showed that between the hours of 5 p.m and 10 p.m. a peak of activity occurred. As a person who creates and analyzes data on a professional and daily basis, this gained some interest to me.
Most would just say, "look here it is", my question is what was happening at these times (as opposed to any other part of the day) and why would it peak during these times? Having worked in similar type of industries before I can surmise. People tend to come home from working all day at these times. Very similar to the Emergency Departments at Hospitals, they put off all day what they thought would go away on its own, or they came home an realized something was amiss. Another plausible explanation was they came home after a bad day at work and decided today was the day something was to happen.
What is interesting is the time of shift change at the police department typically occurs during these hours. As I mentioned the vote came back to hire more Public Safety officers and my intent is not to re-live this vote, but to hopefully stimulate residents to think differently when shown the "Facts & Data".
Since Raytown is now hiring more Public Safety officers, my hope is they can improve upon the less then 2 minute response time they have proven in the past. One way to help lessen the 5-10 p.m. rush and possibly ‘lighten’ the load of the department is for neighborhoods to implement a Neighborhood Awareness and Watch Group. This is a fairly inexpensive way for a neighborhood to help improve Public Safety. Before the naysayers jump in and say these groups are ‘replacing’ the servants in Blue, let me clarify my point of view of what a Neighborhood Watch or Awareness group is.
An Awareness or Watch group is simply put the residents of the Neighborhood banding together to insure their neighborhoods remain safe. This is done by 1st Knowing Your Neighborhood, that is, knowing your neighbors (at least by 1st name), their children, a general idea of what vehicles they drive (along with their relatives and friends who frequent the area). 2nd by knowing your neighbors patterns or behaviors.
Take for example, if you have a young couple move in and they typically kick back on a Friday evening and imbibe with a few friends, say two weekends out of the month, this would represent a pattern or something you can count on. This is like watching your neighbor take their dog out every morning to let them do their natural thing on the lawn. Once you learn to recognize these things you should notice when something is out of the ordinary…maybe a car that doesn’t look right in your neighborhood or a people on foot taking special interest in the house that was foreclosed on or is empty. Once you see these things you can feel ‘empowered’ (to use a clique’) to ask these people to state their intentions. If they have not satisfied your intuition, then think about calling the police.
Other examples are if you notice a garage door open. If you know the neighbor you can gently remind them either by phone, person or even text messaging. This saves the Police from taking their time out going after the ‘bad people’ to stop for something that may be trivial by nature. I realize this approach may not be comfortable for everyone, but is has been proven to show that by having an active group in the neighborhood crime has dropped significantly. I also do know that the Raytown Police Department offers a type of course for those who wish to start up such a group.
I participate in the South Brooke Neighborhood Awareness Group (SNAG). We have taken an active role in taking turns driving the streets on nights to add an additional pair of eyes to the Police. Another lesser known role is that of Neighborhood coordinators.
SNAG tries to host at least a Spring and Fall Neighborhood cookout, where we invite our Aldermen, the Police, the Fire Department and our State Representative to attend. The whole intent is to get neighbors to get to know one another so we feel comfortable to talk to them if something seems out of the ordinary. My belief is if ALL the neighborhoods within Raytown functioned to some level of SNAG, Raytown would be a much safer City and our Public Safety team would be a much more efficient operation.


Andy Whiteman said...

I have questioned the BOA many times why they pass ordinances that aren't enforced. Of course they don't answer. Why is the ordinance on the books if it is not enforced? It should be removed. Obviously the hole at the BP station is a nuisance.

A neighborhood watch is a good idea whether it is a group or one person. I don't have spare time so very rarely have the time for a conversation but Hank Dogg and I used to walk the neighborhood. It was pretty obvious when a door was open or a light on in a vacant house. Hank Dogg would alert to many things that were awry.

Now that the city hasn't maintained streets, it is impossible to take Red Dogg for a walk. I saw a request for bids for street overlay in the Raytown Post. Hopefully that will resolve the noise issue for her. Even if it does, it comes back to lack of time and a miserable climate in the State of Misery. Hank Dogg demanded walks, but Red Dogg is comfortable staying at home. (The climate is too miserable for her too.)

Andy Whiteman

Not Happy Non Baptist said...

What is up with the school district!

We are spending $400,000 on the football field and bleachers, but not having a graduation for either school. It seems the school board is still overly populated by the good folks at the Raytown Baptist Church.

I understand it could rain, but what happened to the days that graduation was held at the school either on the field in good weather or inside if the weather turned for the worst.

Is this how Raytown Baptist Church is paying for their building after the larger loss of membership they suffered many years ago.

Am I and others really to believe that within our school district boundaries this is the only place we could have the graduation inside. I guess those who have been inviting me to Baptist Temple must be messing with my head about the size of their church.

Speaking of church what happened to separation of church and state. This is a public school maybe we are all not Baptist.

Anonymous said...

I don't have pictures but I can give you at least 3 locations now that the codes people don't seem to see when they drive by and make their so called 360 degree turn. I think they all need glasses.

1. 7829 Hedges- Grass is 2 feet tall in the entire yard not just in the front. The house is vacant and if the owners are not going to fixed the problem the city needs to get it done now and put it on thier taxes as a lien.

2. no address on the house which is also against our ordinances and the as well county. It is at the corner of 81st Terr. and Harris NW corner facing 81st Terr. Black car on west side of the house is wrecked and has been sitting there for months.

3. 2 houses on James A. Reed Rd. just north of 83 St. before you get to the light on Blue Ridge. They are on the East side of James A. Reed Rd. They are a very bad eyesore as you come into Raytown into Raytown.

I am so tried of people throwing stuff out of the windows of their cars or when they are walking down the streets just dropping it. I don't know where these people came from but if that is how they want to live they need to go bad from wence they came. This city is beginning to look like a trash dump. If I can see people doing this when I'm out why can't our police officers and the codes people and dept.heads as well write down those licenses plate numbers and file a complaint and take them to court. The state has a fine of $500.00-1000.00 for littering why can't we. The city could make a lot of money on that alone.

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this blog knows that the littering and un-kept properties are just the tip of the iceberg.

I drive by the illegal signs that are stuck up on busy intersections nearly every day. I do not believe that our police and codes people, or their bosses, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen do not see the signs as well.

What amazes me is their ability to act like they do not see it!

The problem is two-fold.

One, some people are slobs and you are not going to change them, unless, you enforce your laws.

But the really big problem is that those who are charged with enforcing the laws simply refuse to do it. What is worse, there bosses are so busy congratulating themselves on what a fine professional job that they are doing that they forget to take care of business.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Andy Whiteman said...

5:40 PM, Maybe they really didn't see it. I was trained by a Real Estate Broker who said that if you over-price a house, the sign has been there so long, that people no longer see it. There used to be a sign on Gregory & 350 HWY at Walgreens. I didn't realized that it was against code at the time especially since it didn't bother me. It got to the point where I didn't see it anymore because it was there so long. But if it is near my house, I will notice and complain. I know it sounds strange, but if it doesn't bother someone, they won't report it.

I noticed when I lived in Colorado that much of the trash was liquor/beer containers tossed by underaged drinkers because they didn't want to take it home to dispose of properly. I think if the Police caught some of these people, they would have much more than a littering citation! By the way, the largest fine a 4th class city can charge is $500. Maybe if the State Patrol cited them on a state highway, the could get $1000 but not in our kangaroo court.

Enforcing tall grass and weeks is an extended procedure. The house next to me was vacant for an extended time. A neighbor complained to the point of calling our Alderman. It seems it takes time for codes to come out and inspect. Then they have to determine who the owner is and mail them a notice, allow for receipt of the notice, allow for time to comply. All of this can easily take over a month, and I believe this case was closer to 2 months. As I have previously said some ordinances are unenforeable. It seems that the proceedure may cause a long delay.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


There is an agency that is supposed to enforce these laws. It is called city hall. They have the personnel and tools to enforce our city's codes.

The problem is that their bosses, the Board of Aldermen, refuse to even discuss the problems.

Instead they set their sights on creating more fees for property owners to pay and pretend that it will solve the problem of a tenant not cutting the grass. Or a business owner not maintaining the city right of way on their property.

The simple solution is for them to have the city employees do their job in the first place. But that is more than they will do.

I read in the Post that Alderman Creamer says 30% of the houses in Raytown are rental. Where did he dream up that figure?

But it does point out a real problem. He (Creamer) and his buddies on the BOA are more interested in making nonsensical statistics up than simply taking care of the problem.

Fix that problem and you have gone a long way in getting that hole at the gasoline station filled in.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:22PM, I completely agree with you about people at city hall doing their jobs. I have complained for at least 6 years about this issue.

I wonder where Creamer got his figure on rentals? The only valid statstic is the US Census and the last one was 9 years ago. I think his fugure is a pure guess. My opinion is the slum lords will oppose his bill. The good landlords have nothing to fear because they maintain their property. I wonder is he is going to want RENT CONTROL like they have in New York City? Could that be the next step?

Andy Whiteman

Daniel said...

"After some initial research and conversations with city staff Creamer says 30% of residents in Raytown are renters, but that number has not been confirmed. "

They admit it isn't the gospel truth, if and when the issue with tenants and landlords make it before the BOA, I'm sure they will have better numbers.

I'm also sure that that includes apartment rentals. The problem is like Justin Tomac had said in his post about neighbor watches, which I fully agree with and we should be pro-active in our own neighborhoods. The nay sayers are complaining about the problem, but they are not doing anything about it. You got to get involved, we complain that the city has invaded too much of our private lives but we complain when we feel they aren't doing it (by enforcing codes). You can't have it both ways.

As they say you can't please everyone, so if you want something done be proactive, nothing gets done with just flapping your lips and you do nothing about it.

I think Justin has something there, we all should watch out for ourselves and our neighbors and not depend entirely on the men in blue. I would like to know how to start a watch group in my neighborhood.

I was researching an Overland Park ordinance many years ago, when I was the building manager of a large cable company Overland Park and believe me OP has ordinances out the ears, but this one struck me funny:

Home Pets Cats
City of Overland Park -

Cats can be picked up and taken to a local animal shelter if a resident complains or the cat has harmed a person or damaged property. If the owner does not claim the cat within seven days, it may be adopted or euthanized.

Before calling Animal Control to pick up your neighbor's cat, try talking to your neighbor. Chances are, he or she had no idea the cat was out, much less damaged your property.

Cat control:

Cats must be under the control of their owner, keeper, or harborer at all times. A cat is not under control if:

* A neighbor complains, orally or in writing, that the cat is entering his or her property, and it is found on that neighbor's property after the complaint.
* It causes injury to a person or animal.
* It causes damage to another person's property by breaking, bruising, tearing, digging, crushing, or injuring a lawn, garden, flower bed, plant, shrub or tree in any manner or defecating or urinating upon private property.

Cats must be registered/licensed with the city. If you have more than two cats, you need to apply for a special animal permit."

Now wouldn't it be nice to talk first to your neighbor? You may not know that his lawn wasn't cut due to illness, or his car in the driveway with out of date tags may be due to a financial hardship.

Wouldn't it be kinder to lend a hand with mowing or repairing the car, then to turn him into the city? We really don't need to turn on one another. In all reality we need to CARE.

Anonymous said...

As for tall grass problems, I got tired of it and just got my rider out and scalp cut it down to dirt a couple of times.... I was at the point that I did not care about money, just concerned about rats and other critters. Yes, my time is valuable, but so is the health and well being of my family and my neighborhood. The signs are really in poor taste, and are reminiscent of the crap that you see in KCMO on every street corner and utility pole, just like the loan shark places with bright colors, and the lowlifes moving in that have no morals.... time to get out of Raytown before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

I would agree we need to care. But so does our city and the people we put our faith in to run it. The pothole at the BP Gasoline Station is a good example.

The station owner/manager (who cares which?) knows about it. They put a hazard sign in it. Our codes department has to see that hazard sign poking out of the hole. One of our elected officials (Creamer) lives one whole block away from it. The other one, Pardue, lives about three blocks away from it.

It is one of the busier intersections in Raytown because Walmart and (until this April) HyVee have been located there for nearly 20 years.

And now you think we should go talk to the neighbor about it?

Hey Pollyanna, let's talk reality here.

Does out city and its elected officials have what it takes to fix a pothole on the city right of way. Or do they continue with business as usual about the fine job they are doing in taking care of our town.

Pat Casady said...

I am afraid we can complain and point out every codes violation
in the city and no matter what, it won't be taken care of. The fact is
our elected officials have messed up this town so badly that they
need money. They will be coming up with every off the wall idea they can
to replace the income they have given away.
Look at the school district. They are already working on the next tax increase.
They will be singing the blues about how the kids need it, or say it's for the
teachers. (who we all know won't see but a small percent of it) They will
probably be holding a rally on the brand new $400,000.00 football field
saying how broke they are.
I have always been against people driving around reporting codes violations
like some fifth grade tattletales. I was against it when the RRFT proposed it
and I haven't changed my mind yet. Our taxes are paid for the city to do it's
job. If they can't do the job then they need to find the people that will.
However having said that, if enough violations are pointed out to the seat
warmers it might get through to them that things are not working.
But, I have to caution you, they might have to spend a few thousand of your
tax dollars to hire a company to study the situation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Richard, Greg and Justin, for taking a proactive and realistic view of what we need in Raytown.

It is refreshing to read that someone else is concerned about how our town is managed.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

They should not need a study group to fix a pothole.

This looks like an open challenge to the BOA to see what they are capable of.

Pat, let's hope they are up to the challenge of fixing a pothole in the street.

Andy Whiteman said...

Richard, Greg, and Justin should have been elected as the ones who really care about Raytown.

Why doesn't the Dysfunctional School District admit the truth: The tax increase is for the administrators and not the children, not the teachers?

11:16 PM, talking to the offending neighbor sounds logical but it doesn't work. One started swearing at me. Another came to my door screaming at me. Another was swearing and I had no clue what his issue was. Another became threatening.

It sounds logical to, talk to the neighbor, but many of them are obnoxious and/or don't give a damn. Of course this is not true of all, but it is a waste of time to talk to some people.

I am at the point where I will try talking or mailing a notice (if I am too angry to talk to the neighbor ie noise issues) only once. After the first time I will call the Police or Animal Control.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have read everyone's complaints on the lack of codes enforcement. It is true that there is an excess of violations around the city. Heck even i have been lazy one week and did not mow my lawn. But the more important point is. The only thing you people have as basis for complaining is that the eye sores are not gone. That does not mean that the Codes department is not issuing charges. It simply means that the owner does not care in any way shape or form. Have you thought that maybe the codes people have tried. They may have issued charges and got warrants, or what have you. Anyone can sit in on the court hearings, to my knowledge. I have not been kicked out at least. There are some many people who get continuances or don't even show up. I only assume that some of the people that are called out by the judge and are not there, have codes violations. If they are not showing up for punishment and just sit at home and leave the trash as it is. That is not the Codes peoples fault. Now don't think that i assume this all the time. I personally have seen that a codes person can be lazy and not do anything to a violator. Heck one of my neighbors had grass literally 3+ feet high. I call it in. Codes came out. gave her a warning that it needed to be done. One week later the grass was still growing. I called again. Codes came out and the neighbor would not answer the door. So a walked outside and had a chat with the Codes person. I was told that my neighbors name was not one file with them and so they could not pursue charges, unless she came to the door so they could identify her. That there shows me yes the codes people tried, but failed. The Codes person went on to say that i had did the right thing in calling there main line and filing a formal compaint. He said that they have to investigate EVERY complaint.
So honestly do you think that anyone of the Codes people or even the BOA read this blog. I don't so my opinion would be, blow up the phones. Get everyone to call and file complaints. File them multiple times. Watch for them, and when they come get out and talk to them. Ask questions get some insight on how and why they cannot get results. Blow up your Aldermans phone. That is what they are there for. Don't wait for the meetings, call then write them, e-mail them. The only way to be heard is to talk to the person you want to listen. This is the only way we will change the government whether it be the Raytown city hall or even the Federal government would have to listen if someone would not leave them alone. Why is it so difficult for people to stop complaining amongst eeach other and complain to who matters. If i was elected to a public service position, my first duty is to those who elected me. That is not just meaning the one who voted of course, but, in this instance, to those who live in my ward. Heck i would pay for a second line in my house just for citizens to call in on. Useful and a tax deduction. I encourage all of you to stop the crying on this blog and call, write, or e-mai your Alderman right now. Also don't forget to call the Codes enforcement nonstop with you complains.

"the Hawk as spoken"
The Hawk

Concerned South Brooking Resident said...

Justin, Would you be able to provide some additional insight on SNAG as I have some concerns based on my personal experience with your group and from speaking with others in the South Brooking area.

I have had members of your group, harass me constantly when I am walking at night. One in particular told me that I need to walk during the day when it is not so suspicious. Who the heck are you guys to tell me when to walk and how does the time of day impact rather or not it is suspicious? I personally will start calling the police on that guy if he ever comes up to me again. Others have told me that one even carries a firearm on him, or so he told a group of kids that were walking home one night.

Patrolling our subdivision might be a good start, but how does it better Raytown as a whole? As well how does confronting everyone within South Brooking after dark deter crime and not actually lead to conflict and the feelings of harassment that I have?

I made some phone calls the after the last time I was stopped by one of the SNAG members, which is how I found out that they have no ties to the Raytown Crime Watch program. Wouldn’t make more sense to join forces with the Raytown Crime Watch program and impact the entire city and not just your little piece? I was told that on more than one occasion the crime watch group had approached and asked if the SNAG guys would care to get evolved with them. However, SNAG turned down every offer.

By the way, I understand that crime watch doesn’t confront anyone. They leave checking our suspicious activity to our police officers.

The Hawk said...

Pat, your 7:59 comments. Why would you be against people calling in a complaint? If some one were breaking in the back door of your neighbor’s house you would not call the police? Calling in tall grass to the codes people is no different. Remarks like yours is why crime/codes violation persists. Raytown is 10 square miles. There is no possible way that someone could be everywhere all the time. Fifth Grade tattletales, why tell on violators, why take some responsibility. Let us just let criminals and violators take over this town more than they have. Thoughts like this won’t allow things to get done.

This public perception that telling on someone for doing something wrong is wrong in itself. It is the worst possible thing that has gone on in our society. Oh Freddy is a nark, Timmy is a tattletale, and Jimmy is a snitch. What is ever wrong with exploiting the criminals and violators for their wrong doings? That is why we have laws. To think that it is not everyone’s responsibility to help in that effort is why our city is in the shape it is today.

I hardly ever agreed with you Mr. Casady, but I did respect you, until you made that statement.

Anonymous said...

The BOA can only do so much. When you call in a complaint it takes codes FOREVER to get something done. The home owner is given ten days then another is followed with another ten days and then another till it gets simply stupid. They give the person who is in violation more rights then you and I get. Another thing is these lawn mowing services. They operated out of their houses and park their equipment and trucks in the drive and the street. If I wanted to live in a such a neighbor hood I would move to the inner city. Or am I living there already???

Justin Tomac said...

To concerned South Brooking:

I will try to answer your questions:

Q1: How does patrolling the neigbhorhood better Raytown?
A1: If your neighborhoods are safer then wouldn't the whole City be better off? When the police have an extra set of eyes or a watchful neighbor doesn't this help cut down on the crime?

Q2: How does 'confronting' anyone after dark in the neighborhood deter crime and not just foster bad feelings (sorry I paraphrased here)?
A2: 1st sorry if you felt harrassed, that is not the intent of the group. The intent is to keep our neighborhood safe by being visible. There is a thought that crime will happen and if you are visible enough the crooks will go elsewhere to do their deed(s). 2nd, most of us only run 2 nights out of the month. If someone is walking at night I do not stop to discuss with them, but if I do see them doing something that looks suspicious and do not know them I will not hesitate to call the police. 3rd, armed intrusions, petty theft, etc. typically take place under cover of darkness...lets face it, it is a lot easier to commit a crime after dark. Does that deter us from checking out someone during the day and calling the police? No it doesn't. 4th, I would like to apologize again for your feeling of harrassment. Have you tried to contact Tom Bradley (who lives in the neighborhood) to make him aware of it?
C1: Wouldn't it make more sense to combine with Raytown Crime Watch?
AC1: I was not even aware of the Raytown Crime Watch until earlier this Winter. It is my understanding they cover all of Raytown and their are only a few of them. You or I can bring it up at the next SNAG meeting (you are invited, as are all Southbrooke or other awareness group members anytime). Personally, I have no desire to run all over Raytown to 'patrol or watch' other neighborhoods. It is enough to help keep an eye on the one I live in, let alone spread myself thin to watch others. My reasoning is if the other neighborhoods really cared they would start up an awareness/patrol group, instead in a lot of ways they are passing the buck back to the City as well as the Crime Watch group.

Thanks for posting and look forward to speaking with Tom to see if you have follow-up with him on your concerns. BTW, have you attended one of the meetings or cook-outs we have sponsored? If not we look forward to meeting you and hope for your active participation!
Justin Tomac

Anonymous said...

We are already living in the INNER CITY. If you don't believe me just look around your neighborhood. I've lived here MANY years and the city government has become so lazy the last 10 or so that nothing gets done. Why are all these people moving out of Raytown? Just stop some of them and ask them while you're out in Lee's Summit doing your shopping. That's where the majority of them have moved. They're not shy about telling me why they've move and I'm sure they will share it with you too. JUST ASK!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

10:51 AM, Our BOA seems to think a study is required to do almost anything? Probably a CYA thing so no one takes resposibility. A waste of money if you ask me.
I assume code receives so many calls that they have to establish a priority and take the most important first.

The process is so drawn out that codes could have taken action and we are unaware of it until we see something done. I think the idea is to give the violator time to correct the action before going to court.

On the other hand, I know a lady who tells me she is constantly harrassed by codes and in court over "non-existant" violations with codes people trespassing on her property. What is done to protect senior citizens such as her? Our Kangaroo court is part of her problem. I have suggested she get an attorney.

Since I am NOT a day person, when Hank Dogg and I walked it was frequently close to 1AM after I got home from work. I carry a cell phone and have Police Dispatch programmed as #3. If I see someone doing something suspicious such as walking close to houses, I will ask what they are doing? The last person who walked close to my house turned out to be a Census person who had ID to prove it.
The streets are public and anyone can walk them at anytime. To me, what is suspicious is someone walking near houses. I feel no one has business walking close to houses unless they are delivering mail or circulars.

I don't call codes unless it bothers me personally. Sure, it may be a violation but why complain if it doesn't bother me? It takes their time and mine. Let someone complain who is actually bothered. On the otherhand, if I observe a safety issue on the city right of way or a safety issue forming I will notify Public Works PDQ.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Do you think the combined effort of the Board of Aldermen and Codes Department can get the safety hazard at the BP Gas Station repaired?

It has been there for over a year. The owner of the station has put a warning device in it so that motorists will not break their axle driving across it.

It is definitely on the city right of way, so the city can repair it or the property owner can.

The real problem in Raytown is that there are too many people making excuses and not enough people getting results.

A previous poster wrote how the codes officers did not have someone on record so they could not be cited. Nonsense. The property owner is the one responsible. Finding out who owns any property is as fast a click of a mouse on your computer in Jackson County.

Tell that fairy tale that they have to be personally served to a police officer next time you see one writing a parking ticket!

Noxious, overgrown weeds, are a health issue. You do not have to wait to go to court to have the problem solved. The city can cut them and put a lien on the property if the bill is not paid.

If the homeowner (or property owner) does not show up in court a bench warrant can be used for their eventual arrest.

Don't buy the excuses from city hall as to why things are not done.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the person who is complaining abou the the SNAG group. At least they are doing something.

He feels harrassed because he likes to walk the streets late at night? But he resents other guys walking the street at night who ask what he is doing out so late! I would be suspicious too if I saw someone walking down the street at 3:00 a.m.

As for caring a firearm -- if the person is licensed to conceal and carry he has broken no law.

Just like you have broken no law by walking the streets late at night.

It seems that your supposed tolerance is really intolerance when it comes to personal freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what streets are being resurfaced this year? My street looks like a war was fought on it.

From what I have read in the Post it looks like they are going to spend all of the money on 63rd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard Downtown.

I hope they don't forget the little people who are paying the bill and repave our neighborhood streets as well.

Brains not Guns said...

7:05, Please take the time to wake up before responding.

Where did the individual asking questions about SNAG indicate they are out walking at 3:00 AM? It said when walking at night and the last time I checked in the winter it gets dark around 5:00 PM if not earlier at times this mean the walker could have a lot of lead way to be out walking in the dark. I often see people out walking in my neighborhood after dark. The only time I have called the police on any of them is when I see them going up to a house regardless of the time of day. Unless, I can tell during day light hours that they are some church group, scout like organization, or politician. I only confront them when they are at my front door, which they all have been someone trying to sale me something and when after dark they get a speech from me on timing and a visit from one of our police officers.

Your are correct about conceal carry, but I also don’t believe the conceal carry law says anything about stopping any group regardless of age and telling them you have a gun so it was a good thing they stopped. From those who I know that have taken the class and have their permit they said this was not covered and would call the police if someone told them this. I hate to think what would happen if someone actually pulled a gun on walkers even a conceal carry individual. I am betting someone and more then likely the person stopping the other person would either be going to jail or the morgue.

The point is having the carry permit doesn’t make you God and if you think it gives you the right to stop anyone and everyone you best have good insurance. I hope if someone in the SNAG group is doing this group kicks them out as well as informs the police as to this activity. We don’t need it or want it in Raytown

Pat Casady said...

To The Hawk,
Just when I was about to write to say I agreed with you on your
11:57 post you go and write the next post and make me think again.
Of course I would report a crime. I never said I wouldn't. I don't know
where you get these things. Again if you are going to quote me
please do it right. I'm big enough to say maybe I was wrong about
reporting codes violations, and at the last of my post I said maybe it
would do some good by pointing them out to the board.
However, it has been my experience that calling in or even telling
them face to face about a codes violation doesn't mean anything will
be done about it.
I'm sure no matter what I say will help you understand me or my thoughts
and that's OK with me. But, my main opposition about reporting neighborhood
code violations is the fact that maybe it is an elderly person that can't
keep up with items as well as some people. If I was thirty years younger
I would try to help these people.
My thoughts have nothing to do with a pothole in a convince store or a building falling
down somewhere, or cars parked in the back yard with no license, or trash
piled up everywhere. These types of violation should be brought to attention.
My with problem people turning in their neighbors is compassion and how
this could get out of hand. Neighbor turning on neighbor.
I still feel that if the hired city officials and employees were doing their jobs
we wouldn't be having this argument.

Andy Whiteman said...

It was mentioned at the BOA, I think by Johnny Osborn when he was still here, that the economy has caused a problem with enforcement. Due to forclosures, there is no owner on record. County records are not current. My neighbor's house was under forclosure and a notice was posted on the door with a number to call for code violations. All forclosures should do this posting but they don't.

Pat, I think you are the only one with compassion. Codes enforcement doesn't care if a person is elderly or not. They are paid to ENFORCE. It doesn't matter on age. In fact I have mentioned one lady who is harrassed probably due to her age.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the name and number of a resonable lawn care service?

Andy Whiteman said...

One of the writers said that the hole at BP was on the City Right of Way. If this is true, the city should make repairs. Maybe Public Works should be notified instead of Codes. I am too lazy and too cheap to go check it out. Someone who lives near it can do the reporting.

6:41PM, A good question. They are hard to find. I assume you have tried the Raytown Post but usually when they are in business, they want $$$. I suggest looking for a teenager who wants to work. Someytimes if you let it get high, they will stop and ask for work. Hopefully someone here will know such a person.

Andy Whiteman

Overworked Unappreciated Tax Payer said...

If someone from codes actually went up to someone’s door to talk with them that would be a first. Everyone that I have talked with has received not so nicely worded letters along with less then professional photographs to illustrate the violation.

I personally have had several at city hall tell me the city is proactive on addressing code violations. However, as Mr. Walters and Mr. Tush have indicated with this week’s article this is not how the city truly operates. It could come down to the direction given by Mayor Bower or more likely the lack of direction. Don’t get me wrong Dave is a great guy, but he lacks the leadership skills we need. I have attended meetings were he has spoken on the topic of code violations and his take is talk to your neighbors. We actually tired that and guess what it didn’t work! My neighbor now thanks I am the one that turns him in even though I have explained who are the neighborhood property police, which is why I tried the talking to him first. This approach might have worked 40 years ago, but today everyone only cares about number one (themselves).

I know at one time Dave went out with public works during a snowstorm to see how that they address our streets. It is too bad I have not heard him, give up a Saturday during nice weather to ride along with one of our code enforcers. I guess he is too busy ensuring Mary’s happiness and not worried about the lack of addressing code violations. I bet he doesn’t have an issue accepting that monthly check from us taxpayers for the hard work he is doing leading our city forward.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:45PM seems to have the assumprion that codes are enforced only on Saturday and Mayor Bower should ride along. There is one codes office on duty Saturday and Sunday mainly for the purpose of animal control complaints. Of course they could overlap and handle an ordinary violation. Since most of codes enforcement is M-F, why doesn't Mayor Bower ride along during the week and see how it works or doesn't work? Maybe Dave should handle a few calls himself and do the follow up just to see what it is like.

I think the reason codes mails a letter rather than approaching the person is either they are afraid of the people or it may be at an hour that will disturb people.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The other day I was at the BP gas station by Walmart and saw the missing grate on the city right of way. It is definitely a hazard that needs to be fixed.

Coincidentally, I saw Joe Creamer drive by in his big pickup truck while I was getting gas.

I wonder if he has been told about the need for it to be fixed?

Raytown Report Editor said...

Aldermen Creamer, Pardue and Mayor Bower were all sent emails at their city hall website addresses last Monday informing them of the safety hazard at the BP Station located at 67th and Blue Ridge.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bower does not put enough time into being mayor. When you travel out of town as much as he does he can't possibly be handling all the problems that are confronting the city. He's been a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT from day one. Also, I hate to say it but we seem to be getting less and less qualified city employees every time we hire someone new. I'm beginning to believe that no one REALLY wants to work for Raytown. They just stop here for a paycheck until the find something better.

Pat Casady said...

I had a friend that was getting a new roof professionally installed.
The roofers had put down a tarp on the driveway to throw the old
roofing on then after they were finished with that section they would haul it away. My point, the codes person drove by, never got out of his or her vehicle to see what was going on then, my friend got one of those treating letters from the codes people that he would be fined because of the mess. This begs the question, do the codes people even know what is a violation and what isn't. Clearly a new roof was being installed. Another friend was written up, justifiably so,
because his dog had gotten out. He admits it shouldn't have happened.
But, right next door to him is an abandoned house in a state of disrepair with several old cars in the backyard along with piles of full trash bags.
The person that owns the trashy property lives in a house next door.
He also has two vehicles with the same plates on the back. My guess is none on the front of the cars. This is the same guy with five dogs and two or three cats. This was reported several months ago by many people and still nothing
has been done. I'll bet if my friends dog got out again he would be written up in a heartbeat. This is why I don't think reporting codes violations to the city will do any good. The mayor knows about this problem and
so do the codes people and have for months. I guess it's easier to drive by and write up lose dogs and legal construction repairs than it is to stop, get out, look and or ask questions.
If Mr.Walters or Mr.Tush would like to come by my shop I would be more than happy to show them this bump. It's just off Raytown Rd.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown codes department needs a complete overhaul. You must find out where the problem is before you can solve it. MAYOR BOWER HAS NEVER DONE THIS. Ask yourself is it the employees, the judge, the prosecutor? I believe that the enforcement people are NOT TRAINED as to what a violation is. Also it's really hard to identify a problem from your office at city hall. These people should be on the streets 8 hours a day, instead of hanging out at city hall.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree the code enforcement employees don’t have a clue as to what is in the ordinances and therefore what is a true violation.

I recall several years ago walking in a complaint about a van with four flat tires and no license plates being park in the lot were Neptune’s used to be. I was told that being it was on private property they could not doing anything about it.

I then reported the Mexican restaurant across the street for adding gravel parking on the North side of the building. I was told that it was okay to add gravel to a business.

At this point, I questioned both responses stating that why then does the code enforcement group mess with vehicles on residential property and why can a resident not add gravel to expand their parking. The associate said they didn’t know, but only knew they couldn’t address my concerns. I had spotted then finance director and ask if they could get him as it appeared someone didn’t understand the ordinances they had been hired to enforces.

That walked to the back and brought our whoever we had representing public works at the time. The employee told them I was unhappy and why. To which the acting director stated, the complainant is correct. He then looked at me and said we will get right on it. I was shock to find the van removed several days later and it wasn’t much longer that cement was poured were the restaurant had added the gravel.

The question that is still in the back of my mind is do we train the people we hire or is it just a free for all. I wish I could draw a paycheck yet never show I did anything to earn it.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:11 AM, The problem is Raytown has a part time Mayor who you think should be doing a full time Mayor's job. I think Raytown needs a FULL TIME MAYOR and NO City Administrator. The 2 are a dublication of work. Mayor Bower is paid for part time work and NOT paid for full time work so it is not reasonable to expect him to put in 10+ hours a day as Mayor.

Raytown pay to the real workers is a pittance. You can't expect to attract QUALITY people with a pittance. If you want QUALITY people, you need QUALITY pay.

Pat, I am surprised your friend received a letter "written up" about a dog at large. The dog should have been picked up and he should have had to claim the dog at our contracted pound.

Pat & 9:59AM & 10:15AM, I have long said that codes enforcement is arbitrary and capricious. Codes are not enforced as written. Codes are enforced by what the person who does the enforcement THINKS is the intent of the writing. How can anyone be trained to determine intent rather than what is written? I think the training is, "If you THINK is it a violation, it is. If you THINK it is not a violation, it isn't." On top of that, we have to depend on a kangaroo Judge to make a final desision dased on what she THINKS is right.

I always ask for a supervisor if I disagree with the enployee and feel I am correct. A supervisor will usually overrule an employee who is incorrect. If that fails, go to their supervisor even though they may deny that they have a supervisor.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy, Who says the mayor's job is part time? Does he have a job description? I don't think so. Elected officials are elected 24/7, 365 days a year. You don't quit being mayor when you get tired or go home for the day. Most elected officials that I have observed put in WHATEVER TIME it takes to do the job. The point I'm making about Bower is he's not putting in the necessary time, whether it be 10, 20, or 80 hours a week to get the job done. He's been a big disappointment as mayor. Nice guy, just not mayoral material. He needs to go. And by the way I agree with you, we DON'T need a city administrator. What a waste of taxpayer dollars this guy is.

Andy Whiteman said...

12:40 PM, Lets put it this way, I called 737-6000 several years ago and asked for Mayor Frank. The response was, "The Mayor doesn't have time to talk to people. She has a business to run." When I argued the issue, I was told that Raytown has a part time Mayor.

If you look at the Mayor's salary, it clearly is not enough compensation for a 24/7 job. We may expect more, but, in my view, he is donating his time to the City. The same applies to the BOA. I think the pay is too low for the amount of time they actually have to spend on city business.

Department heads receive the big bucks and we can reasonably expect them to be available 24/7 should they be needed. I suspect if there was a public emergency, Mayor Bower would be available but we can't expect him to go out Saturday to enforce codes violations.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy, there is no expectation for the mayor to go out on code enforcement more then one time. The point is to learn and understand the process so he can make recommendations about the process. I bet if you would take all of the codes enforcement officers aside one at a time and asked them the process you would get a different answer each time because our city doesn’t have a written process.

I disagree with Nancy Thompson on just about everything. However, I bet she can answer why we don’t have written process because once it is in written form it makes it easier for those who have the rules enforce on them while they are not enforced on their neighbor to take action against the city. That is right folk although it is wrong for city, business and organizations not to have written policies and process. It is when they do have them and don’t follow them they get into big trouble.

Maybe Mr. Walters and Mr. Tush could check and find out if they have any policy as well as a process that the code enforcement officers are to be following. Again, I would be surprised if one exist!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the city or BP pulled the hazzered sign out of the whole so that it is now more visable?

I would have though in the time it took to do that they could have replaced the drain cover. Odd and as much as everyone would make fun of KCMO for all the metal plates at least a metal plate would have covered the whole and as long as it was placed over the side where the open cover still is it wouldn’t have impacted anything. I guess we just don’t care in Raytown.

No Will For Me said...

I just read the SNAG article and I believe SNAG is the 48th State Representative District. Gee, what a grand time to go to a cook out and have that young representative run around smiling at everyone and feeding them a line about all the hard work he did for them in Jefferson City.

Will be honest what have you really done for Raytown this past session?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that once a property is turned for tall grass it takes about 17 days to get that property mowed. Then if it happens again we start all over again and wait another 17 days to get it mowed again. That is why the city people are running after their tails. Let'ss get this changed.

Anonymous said...

Signs, signs everywhere a sign,
Mr.Tush, the latest invasion of signs are really the
big BBQ and Summerfest, yard signs. I guess these
are OK because they belong to the Chamber.

Anonymous said...

Taking 17 days to get noxious weeds cut only shows the level of incompetence to which city hall has stooped.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are responsible for how our city department heads perform. If they are not performing up to speed then they should be reprimanded or disciplined.

But this is Raytown. All we ever hear from city hall's elected officials is fawning over how professional our city staff is. The truth is they are not professional. They are practiced at the art of creating excuses for missed deadlines and ignoring city ordinances unless it suits them. "I will do it tomorrow", will be etched on their gravestones.

The leaders we have now, the Joe Creamers and David Bowers of this world, don't know how to inspire their workers to repair a pothole, fix a sidewalk, get tall weeds cut or recover a street. If you are waiting for them to clean up this town by fair and efficient enforcement of property maintenance codes you will be waiting a long, long time.

One earlier writer was so correct. We elected them. We are stuck with them. Maybe "we" will wake up next election and vote for people who are not afraid to make waves to get results.

To paraphrase Pogo, "we have met the enemy and he is us."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t the only way the chamber could actually display their sign’s for summerfest is if the chamber received a special use permit from the city.

Wait – I do believe the chamber is part of the problem with the down fall of our city. They spend to much time to work on their fundraisers. Gee – How many business would we have if their focus was put to what they should be doing “HELPING CURRENT BUSINESS AND BRING IN NEW ONES”

Some one pinch me and wake me up I am living in Raytown where those who should be helping the city only care about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Andy, Again you are using a poor example in Sue Frank as a mayor. She was another mayor that was lazy and never understood what her job was. You need to go back and talk to some of the REAL mayors from Raytown's past to get a handle as to what a REAL mayor does. Try Willard Ross, he ran city hall WITHOUT a city administrator and did a pretty good job of it. Also any of the mayors that served before him, Grissom, Hall, Williams, all of these knew what it was to be a mayor. The last 2 or 3 mayors that we have had seem more interested in what the mayor's job could do for them than what they could do to serve the citizens of Raytown. I think that's why Raytown is in such a mess and probably will never recover.

Anonymous said...

The CC could rent a billboard to advertise about the summerfest. But oh no that would be aganist the
wishes of PZ. And they MUST remain on good turms with city hall. Several weeks ago I turned in a car that is parked at the old Justrite Barber and Beauty shop location. I talked with the new Alderman Shane Par Du who stated on his campagin sign that he had excellant service. About this car no plates and has been there for months. Don't think he has done a ---- thing about it as it still sits there. Another prime example of how he works for the people of his ward. I will remenber this next election. Instead of wanting to spend money and make city hall more computer friendly how about making the city look better. Fisrt things first.

Andy Whiteman said...

Is the Chamber exempt from codes? Do they have a special use permit for their signs? I don't recall mention of it at the BOA. Maybe it is hidden in the ordinance allowing them to use the park and actually walk on the grass? Maybe someone should report it to codes and DEMAND enforcement.

Two writers mentioned the next election. The problem with that is apathy. People in Raytown don't take enough interest to vote in local elections so obviously it is a lost cause until the people see the need to vote

Anonymous said...

For those of you that voted against the additional half cent sales tax just remember this. It was Republican Representative Will Kraus that pushed this legislation allowing Raytown to vote on this tax, thru the REPUBLICAN controlled House and Senate in Jefferson City. So the next time you're complaining about how much sales tax is being collected in Raytown give ole Will a call and thank him. Or better yet stop by his house and thank him in person. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you. WHO SAYS REPUBLICANS STAND FOR LOWER TAXES???

Andy Whiteman said...

At least Rep. Will Krause allowed the voters to decide if they wanted the tax by voting on it. Dictator O'Bomba lied saying he would lower taxes. Now Herr O'Bomba is raising taxes without a vote of the people.

We had the tight to vote on local taxes, but too many people chose not to vote.

Andy Whiteman

No Will For Me said...

Andy, what tax increase for something related to the State of MO has will allowed us to vote on.

I recommend you get out more often as you would be so surprised about good old Will. I would assume you know which party he represents. Odd when he campaigns in Raytown he wares blue and claims he only fined the way he did because he was forced to that is if you ask the right question. Otherwise he likes a lot of us to believe he comes from the party represented by blue. He votes with the red blood drainers time and time again so he sure is not true blue to the taxpayers.

Unlike Pat, I will just call Mr. Walters or Mr. Tush and give them the goods on Will. Maybe they can use it for one of their weekly Blogs. It will change you point of thought on this state representative.

Anonymous said...

Andy, get you head on straight, Obama has only been in office a few months. Do you expect him to solve the last eight years of Bush's mess he got us in a few short months? You must be one of those 23 % surveyed that still call themselves a Republican.

Andy Whiteman said...

11:27AM, Per 9:14 AM:"It was Republican Representative Will Kraus that pushed this legislation allowing Raytown to vote on this tax, thru the REPUBLICAN controlled House and Senate in Jefferson City." I believe that 9:14AM is referring to the 1/2 cent Public Safety Sales Tax.

I personally don't know Mr. Kraus--only what is presented on this blog.

I like proposition 13 in California. Property taxes are frozen at the point where the person bought the house unless increased by a vote of the citizens. I won't debate if that is why CA is bankrupt.
I went to inspect the hazard at the BP station near Walmart. The hole is clearly on the city right of way which makes me think it is a Public Works issue. If it is a codes issue, codes should send a notice to city administrators the same as any other citizen.

I am wondering why no one has complained about the illegal sign on city ROW leaving the Walmart parking lot?

Andy Whiteman

Justin Tomac said...

To the person who has a problem with Will...

My point of view is this, at least he took the time to attend the neighborhood cook out for a little while. More then I can say for the Mayor and for the Alderman in the Ward.

Many conservatives, including myself, have left the Republican party mainly because we believe they have lost touch with their core constituents, beliefs and values. As for Obama, I guess if he wants to spread the wealth around, maybe he should lead by example, last I heard he is worth several million $$'s...
Now lets face the facts & truth of our beloved order to get anything done, anywhere concessions or battles have to be strategically chosen...if I was King for a Day, I would replace them all because in the end their really is no difference between Obama & Bush, Cleaver or the other clown that represents the State & Local levels, does it really matter, they just take orders from their national committees anyways.

Andy Whiteman said...

May 30, 2009 8:33 PM, I just saw your post. I wasn't surveyed at all. Of course I don't expect Dictator O'Bomba to clear up the mess in 3 months, but this guy lied and said he would lower taxes and offered entitlements. Now he wants to raise taxes and have Socialized medicine. The government is taking over the auto makers and banks and calling it bail outs. Neither the government or the taxpayers are responsible for bad business decisions. If a business fails, so be it. Dictator O'Bomba is leading us into Socialism.

There is no party registration in the State of Misery. I am an American first, not a Democrat or Republican. I vote for the person, not the party. Honestly, I liked what Herr O'Bomba had to say at first but this guy lied to get the vote.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

From my point of view Obama has not fixed anything. In many ways he has made it much worse.

I read in the national press how things are turning the corner, etc., etc., but it sure doesn't seem like it around here.

Unemployment and underemployment is still in the stratosphere. The government owning GM is downright scary. What a model of efficiency that company is going to be after the bureaucrats get their fingers in that pie!

Drove by the field of Blue Grass where the old First Baptist Church used to be.

It appears to be already "browning out" as blue grass does during hot weather.

Somebody better fertilize that stuff if they want it to have even a fighting chance of surviving the annual barbeque in a couple of weeks.

Andy Whiteman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Here's some questions for you,
Who is paying the city workers to clean up the area that will be the
Summerfest and BBQ? Who will be paying for the extra Police needed
to keep the thugs away from ruining the party and protecting
the good people

Andy Whiteman said...

Every time I drive by the Old Baptist Church, I feel like I am lost. That place looks so much better.

I am not a grass expert, but it seems they laid the sod too late. Should have been done early in the Spring. It is too hot now. A few large trees in the middle would give it some shade and make a cooler area.

BTW: I received an email with a tombstone for the
United States of America
Born: July 4, 1776
Died Nov 4 2008
Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

If people would complain to the city rather than just bitching about a violation, it may get resolved sooner. Here is the response I received from Jason Hanson:

"We looked into this last week and visited with the Convenience Store owner. He said that he has had to put on new grates a few times within the last couple of years. He believes people steal them and sell for money? We told him of the danger and that he needs to get it replaced asap. We also mentioned that the grates should be bolted down to prevent them from dissappearing in the future. The City wrote a letter giving him 10 days to fix the problem."

Anonymous said...

WHY IS WATER DISTRICT #2 WASTING MY MONEY?? Pat Ertz, water district boss needs to answer some questions. Why do you have to buy these big gas guzzling 4 door pickup trucks for your employees to ride around in? I've never seen over 2 people in them and never seen anything in the bed. Why in these troubled economic times do you have to hire kids as summer help? Are these make work jobs for some of the good ole boys kids? If you need more help then hire some of these poor people that are unemployed.
After all of this you're going to raise my water rate again. Looks like an investigation of this public service is in order.

Anonymous said...

As someone who drives by the BP gas station at 67th and Blue Ridge on a daily basis I can tell you that the story given about Jason Hansen of the Public Works Departmetn is pure fiction.

If people are stealing the grates for the metal, why don't they take the grocery carts that were frequently left at the bus station?

No, those grates have been gone for well over a year.

Thanks to this Raytown Report Blog it is finally getting some attention.

But I may be speaking too soon. After all, the grates have not been replaced as of this writing. Let's see how quickly and efficiently the city steps into action on this one.

No doubt there will be a blur of activity at the gas station. People shouting orders. Workman running back and forth, correcting the problem at hand.

But then I woke up. It was only a dream! After all, this is Raytown. City hall is best at creating execuses. Not finding solutions.

Anonymous said...

Will may call himself a Republican but he certainly isn't one.

Andy Whiteman said...

1:53 PM, There was an article either in this Blog or the Post that WD#2 bought energy efficient vehicles at a LOCAL Raytown Dealer.

5:29 PM, Yes, it takes Raytown forever to get something done. The first step is that someone must report it first.Then a study is required for almost any action! From what I have seen in the Red Star and on the TV Raytown is handling codes more quickly than KCMO. I used to live there and am sure glad that I am in Raytown now (except for the Dysfunctional School Taxes).

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Kansas City is huge compaired to Raytown. Kansas City might be slower at enforcing codes but because Raytown is only the size of about fifty KC blocks I can see why. Comparing our city to others
is why we pay more for hired management and so on. We need to try and stop that practice.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, I have stated many times that Raytown's upper management is paid too much. These people need to show us they are really worth their high salaries!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

In reference to the SNAG Group of SouthBrooke Estates
I am Tom Bradley and am working to get more people involved with our neighborhood group. For the past 3 years we have sent out fliers and news letters. We have had a dessert night, a neighborhood cookout and a neighborhood Halloween Party.
A small group of us are part of a patrol watch group. If this is a problem send me a E mail@
Oh! by the way I have never been contacted by the Raytown Crime Watch. We (SNAG) watch after an 8 block area. By keeping this small we are able to patrol our area several times per week. Where the Crime Watch covers a much larger area (10 Sq Mi.)and only able to check us on occassion.We are a small group of volunteers who have formed a group and registered with the City of Raytown Police Department. We try to encourage neighbors to look out for each other.
Myself and the people in our group live in Southbrooke and are concerned for the safety of Southbrooke.
If people are being harrassed we need to know. It is not our job to police, only patrol. If we find a problem we are to contact the police and let them do their job. If you would like to join us please contact me. Also look for the web page in late June.