Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sign Issue Growing to New Height…

By Richard Tush While traveling West bound I 350 highway a new sign has appeared soaring high above the roof tops of neighboring buildings. It is apparent that Title Max is not aware of our city ordinances that do not allow any new pole signs. I was please to learn when I contacted city hall about this issue that they were already taking action to bring this business into compliance. I was surprised that a chain like this would move into a city without first obtaining a business license, which would have eliminated any misunderstand or perception of our city’s ordinances.
Speaking of Pole Signs… By Richard Tush
We would like to recognize one of our local small businesses for setting the example on properly maintaining their pole sign. We wish others would follow the example of "The Store" located at 67th and Raytown Road and keep not only their sign maintained, but also the pole. Too many of the pole signs in our city need the poles painted and / or the signs replaced, as they are faded and hard to read. While others list businesses that have long gone by the wayside.
Brighter Streets… By Richard Tush
We have been working hard to ensure eyesores are brought to the attention of those that at city hall. I recently asked myself what more could be done to directly address public safety. The simple answer stood right across the street from my house burning bright. We all know Raytown could use more streetlights so when one burns out it makes a noticeable difference.
This is not the first time I have taken on the challenge. Back in early April, I supplied KCPL and the city administrator with a list of about 20 lights on the main streets in Raytown like: Raytown Trafficway, 63rd St and Blue Ridge. Many on the list I supplied in April had been out for months and considering they were on main trafficways I still find it hard they went unrepaired until I said something.
This weekend I check prescient 3 and found the following lights out:
  • Pole 195297 – On 67th Ter across from Wal-Mart entrance
  • Pole 195306 – On Lane at 66th (Flickers off and on)
  • Pole 321912 – On Rose Lane near Laurel
  • Pole 195329 – On Laurel near Rose Lane
These locations have been reported to both KCPL and the city administrator.
Blog Notes . . . By Greg Walters
Checked out our counter the other day to see how many people are keeping up with what is going on in Raytown and was pleased to see that our numbers are hanging tough during the long summer days and nights. I attribute most of this widening of our reader base to the work of Richard Tush. His innovative use of pictures, polls and a broader base for stories . . . and his writing has added more depth and interest to the Raytown Report.
Keep watch for future changes at the Raytown Report. One new one is highlighted today on our "Fix This Eyesore" column. Often times, public officials make bold statements about how they are doing so great. That’s fine as long as they keep their word. If they don’t, they should be reminded of it and frequently.
So be sure to check out the photograph of scars left on the large grassy area from the Chamber of Commerce/City sponsored Raytown Barbecue. One city official made a promise that any damage incurred would be cleaned up (for the record, it has NOT been repaired as of this writing). To see and read who that Alderman is, go to the bottom of this week’s page.
I see there is still some conversation about the controversial decision by the Board of Aldermen to cancel the regularly scheduled meeting for July.
It is a bad idea.
Former Mayor Jack Nesbitt once suggested the Board go to one meeting per month. The idea was quickly vetoed by that Board of Aldermen.
It is pretty clear from BOA members that I have spoken with that someone from city staff made the decision. Actions like calling off a regularly scheduled meeting without good cause only serve to lessen the image of the Board in the public's eye.What is good cause? Extremely bad weather, like a blizzard or some other natural event outside of the city's control would qualify.But saying we have no business to discuss is nonsense. They have plenty to discuss. But the problems they ignore are tough ones to handle. Apparently they would rather continue whistling in the dark.From where I sit, the Board and Mayor need to grow a back bone and assert themselves. Their inaction on the matter is an embarrassment for Raytown. Shame on them.
RAGBRAI – 2009… By Greg Walters
Some may have noticed my absence this last week. I took some time off to go ride my bicycle in RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). This year we put in 230 miles in three days. We were lucky, the days we rode were of gorgeous weather with temperature peaking in the 70’s . . . Though we did have to slog our way through fairly heavy rains showers on Tuesday morning. The only downside was a constant head wind out of the north that slowed everyone’s time down. Riders later in the week were hit with temps in the mid nineties.
What Our Readers Thought…
Last week we started a new section, which allowed our readers to respond to questions. Last week's question asked if the mayor's and alderman's salary should be tied directly to the number of meetings in a calendar month.
The results were 61% of our readers agreeing that compensation directly correspond to meetings. We at the Raytown Reporter believe an amendment supporting this should be added to ordnance 2-28. Once there is an impact to the mayor’s and alderman’s salary we doubt the great majority would easily accept that a department head was calling the shots on when and if they should cancel a Board of Alderman meeting.
Fix This Eyesore…
DAY 57 – 84th Street Sanitary Sewer Project: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remains.

Day 50 - Time to Get Serious About Cleaning up Raytown: The proliferation of large trucks using our city as a parking lot. It is especially noticeable along 350 Highway.

Day 50 – Stop the Mosquitoes: The breeding ground for mosquitoes still remains and the forest of high grass has returned. Day 50 – Green Space: The grass areas that were damaged by the chamber event still remain unrepaired. At a BOA meeting prior to the SummerFest event Alderman Charlotte Melson said the Chamber would repair damage to the grass.

Day 36 – Minor Smith Park: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remains.
Day 29Mount Olivet Cemetery: Mission accomplished as the grass has been bailed.

Day 29 – Crescent Creek: Wires still dangle from the pole.

Day 22 – Former Religious Store: Allowed to decay. We have learned part of the issue is the children of the prior owners can not seem to come to an agreement on which one of them needs to make a decision to repair the property. It seems the only clear answer is for the city to act upon ordinance on the bookstore and address the problem.

Day 1 – The burned home at 8510 Stark, which has been the eyesore for the neighborhood for many years. Last year the city set aside funds to address structures like this one. So one has to wonder why it still remains and has not been demolished. Maybe this explains why those in our downtown business district are waiting on the former religious store to be addressed.

Local Meetings and Events: July 30th – Human Relations Commission is have a goal setting retreat 5:00 PM at city hall.

July 31st – Movie in the Park "Vertigo" at Colman Park, 5912 Lane starting at dusk.
Aug 4th – Board of Alderman meeting 7:00 PM at city hall.
Aug 6th – Planning & Zoning Commission meeting 7:00 PM at city hall.
Note: call the day of the meeting to make sure it has not be canceled due to no items being brought before the commission.
Aug 11th – Finance Committee meeting 7:00 PM at city hall
Aug 13th – Board of Zoning Adjustments meeting 7:00 PM at city hall
Aug 18th – Board of Alderman meeting 7:00 PM at city hall.


Greg Walters said...

Hello readers,

If you have checked the Calendar of Events on our City Hall Calendar at the end of this week's posting you may have noticed that there are two regular meetings scheduled for the Board of Aldermen in August.

That posting magically appeared this week. It was not on previous calendars from city hall.

It could have been an oversight -- but we see it as a response to those who wrote to this blog and complained about the July meeting being illegally cancelled by city hall.

We can't say for certain -- but we do know that there were some Aldermen who were upset at the second July meeting being cancelled.

The bottom line is that it was your written comments that brought focus to the missing meeting.

Keep up the good work!

Pat Casady said...

I don't think anyone has any complaints against the city
employees that actually do the work. I think the complaints
are pointed toward the department heads. They are paid
a lot of money and most of us see no tangible return for our
tax dollars. This blog is a great example because of the pictures
posted of violations that haven't been taken care of.
This blog and it's contributors seem to see more than the people paid to see problems in town. Maybe this is why the rule is, most department heads should live in town and why because they don't, things don't get taken care of like they should. I'm not anti-religious but, I to have seen the signs on Raytown road.
as well as many others that are certainly illegal. Anybody that works for
this town or any elected official has to drive by these signs.
Either these types of signs and codes violations are illegal or they are not.
If they are illegal they need to be taken care of by the people that are paid to do so.
This is simple. If someone isn't doing their job, find someone that will.

Anonymous said...

I was reading in the “Raytown Post” that Clay Chastain has been trying to contact Mayor Bower, but has not been successful. I find this shocking as Bower made it clear when campaigning he could be reached at anytime by calling his magical air phone. I guess that was a false promise just like the transparency his administration claims to deliver.

Over Taxed Tax Payer said...

Greg and Richard:

Did you too notice the article in the Raytown Post back on April 18th from Charlotte Melson? In it she wrote “Perspectives: Isn’t it amazing?” were she talks about the green space, which as you have indicated has now been damaged by the chamber. I find it amazing that she would write “As an open green field it will beckon possibilities for the future of Raytown’s revitalization”. When only a couple of months later her friends at the chamber damaged the land and have taken no effort to repair it. You are correct that we must remind our elected officials to take action as otherwise the will just seat and smile at us like the department heads with nothing to show. I wonder how long anyone of us would go with tire tracks in our yard before getting a visit form someone at city hall reminding us that we can not park on the grass in Raytown.

It seems Vicki Turnbow is allowed to get way with this thanks to the help of having a husband who was a form chief of police for our city, a brother that still is a police officer for our city and friends like Charlotte Melson on the Board of Alderman.

I guess the true perspective Alderman Melson is trying to send us is that it is okay to damage city property….as long as you have friends on board.

Anonymous said...

It's the "good ole boy," or in this case "girl system" that is alive and well at city hall. Vicki Turnbow has been another BIG disappointment in her position at the chamber. She's appears to have done nothing to hold on to the few businesses that we have and I don't see anyone knocking down our door to open any new ones.

Andy Whiteman said...

Does anyone have the number to Mayor Bower's magical air phone? There is a possibility that the Mayor doesn't want to talk to Clay Chastain. I wonder why someone who lives in Virginia has a concern for this area unless he still owns property here?

As for the Title Max sign, I would think the sign installers would know the code especially when they went to get the permit. I just contracted for an addition to the fence in my new home and wrote on the contract that the contractor "is to meet all city codes and permit requirements (if any)."

What I don't understand is since most signs I have seen are pole signs, how does anyone put in a sign that is not a pole sign?

Apparently it is OK for royalty to violate codes, but the peasants better not violate said codes.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Bower's cell phone number is 679-3073. I remember it well when he waived it (the cell phone) around at a debate and said that he can be contacted anytime in the world with it on a 24 hour basis.

Don't expect an answer. I hear he screens the calls pretty religiously.

Andy Whiteman said...

Stray crossed 63rd to the Post Office. Appears to be Pit Bull/Sheppard mix, very friendly and seems to be somewhat trained responding to "COME" command.

I am unable to keep another dog so turned her into Raytown Animal Hospital which contracts with animal control.

Owner please contact Raytown Animal Hospital 353-3666 or animal control. I have no complaint about the dog, just a concern for her safety.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

The rule is now and has been for quite a few years that there
will be no more pole signs but rather "Monument" signs.
However the monument sign for the Chamber is in a very dangerous
place. It impairs vision to the west bound traffic from the south.
Monument signs on corners should have to be set back so it doesn't
block the view of traffic from any direction. But then it is the Chamber.
This was brought up a few years back but, nobody at City Hall would

Anonymous said...

I have called the mayor twice on his cell and have NEVER received a call back. If you ask me he is scared to answer it, he may have to come with an answer for someone on the other end, and God knows he doesn't have an answer for anything but he is very good with the song and dance routine.

Anonymous said...

I watched the government channel on Tuesday night. The discussion was on writing a code of ethics. I find this extremely funny as a code of ethics would hold about as much power as a bucket full of holes would water. You see being a fourth class city about the only thing you could do to an alderman you wanted to get rid of is to impeach them. So Chris and Joe do something important with your time like encourageing Beth and her posse to get off their a-- and enforce codes. And by the way I think we need a man to head up codes maybe he could read the codes and know what they mean and wounldn't have to have everything interpretedby the attorney. Speaking of attorneys did you know that there are two kinds of attorneys the one that tells you what you can do and one who tells you what you can't do. Guess which one we have yep you got it the latter.

Anonymous said...

Andy, our current city collector gets paid $100.00 a month, not a year. She gets paid for doing absolutely nothing; the finance dept. handles all collections, etc.. All she is required to do is sign business licenses. I doubt that she has set foot in city hall since she was elected, possibly once to sign her name so they could make a rubber stamp to stamp business licenses with her "signature". The only reason we still are required to have the office of city collector is because state law forces us to do so. She could be more involved, but isn't, and I doubt ever will be. There were some people who ran for that elected position for the right reasons; she was not one of them. It's just a few extra dollars a month in her pocket at tax payers’ expense for free......

Andy Whiteman said...

I don't answer my cell phone either. If I am driving, I don't want to use it. If I am home, it is on my desk and by the time I figure out that the cell is ringing and get to it, it has reached the 26 second time out. I use it only for emergencies or while walking.

Monument signs sound like a cemetary. Pretty useless and a safety hazard. Should someone put in a 20 foot tall monument sign instead of a pole sign? The city leaders seem pretty stupid.

State law requires a conflict of interest form every 2 years. The problem is our city leaders don't know which year out of the 2 to file it, so they file it yearly; hence it is an issue every year.

If I was paid $100 a month, it wouldn't get much of my time either. There is a liability issue with signing one's name to a document.

BTW: I called and the owner of the dog has claimed her.

Andy Whiteman

Not What We Need said...

I was doing some research today and came across a website that hit Joe Creamer’s attack on rental property head on. It is apparent others see past “Simple Joe” and his inability to see the true problem is not any sub-set of property owners, but the lack of enforcing the laws already on the books.

For those wishing to read the actual article:

By the way the article forgets to remind the readers that “Simple Joe” was the same individual who after being elected in 2007 wanted to change city ordinances so citizens could work on vehicles located on their property and level the parts scattered across the yard.

My question is what does “Simple Joe” really want a cleaner and safer Raytown or what that fits his needs and those of his supporters like the two gentlemen who wanted the ordinance changed to work on vehicles. Just last night I noticed that “Simple Joe” is still working on replacing his windows, which have had the new ones leaning up against the outside of the home since he started the project months ago.

Maybe “Simple Joe” doesn’t own his home, which is why it is taking so long to finish the project and clean up the neighborhood. We might have to ask him if this is why he believes we need a new ordinance.

Anonymous said...

I don't think " Simple Joe" (and by the way I love his new name) could come up with anything on his own. He's just another one of our follow the leader city aldermen. His property is one of the messiest on the block. So" Simple Joe" clean up your own house before you go after anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Andy, what part of....our current collector doesn't do anything don't you get? SHE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING, other than collect a check that is!

Anonymous said...

To the person that said maybe we needed a man to be head of codes,

We have had 2 men as head of that dept in the last 10-15 years that I know of and the only one who was worth his salt was Beau Gorsman. Mr. Gorman made sure that the codes people did their jobs. I am not saying that The new person can do the job because as of now I don't see that happening. What we need is someone who listens and cares about this city enough to do their job and correct the problems. What we don't have now and haven't had it since Mr. Gorsman left is a dept. head like that.
I don't think it's a case of man or woman, it's a case of doing the job your being paid for and we don't have that in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, I was thinking about your previous post on corner monument signs. We have an ordinance in Albuquerque that nothing may exist in a triangle formed 25 feet from a corner over a certain height. I believe it was 36". I checked at one time and Raytown had a similar ordinance. That would make the sign you refer to against ordinance as a visual traffic hazard.

2:49 PM, I wouldn't mind collecting a check for doing nothing. Obviously that is the job description of a city collector: "collect a check." I bet it is direct deposit and she doesn't even pick it up! I should have run for that office.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

It is a good point, Andy. There are plenty of people out there who would do more than collect the $100 a month for being city collector.

Maybe we should give one of them a try.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the Post?

Talk about spinning a tale!

The Mayor says they knew this shortfall was coming. Funny. He didn't think of that last year when he gave 5% pay increases across the board to city employees. Even those department heads pulling down over $100,000 in annual pay and benefits were lined up at the trough.

The Chief of Police received a pay increase of over 11%!

Now he says he saw this crisis coming.

The truth is they are understating the crisis. The Walmart Store is way behind schedule. It is supposed to be open now. Since it is not, it does not produce any sales tax revenue -- so money that we were promised would go to fix our streets will be siphoned away to fill the need.

Sad, sad, sad. There were many in this town who told the City Council they were going down a very slippery slope when they started participating in corporate welfare.

The city's answer to the crisis is even worse. They plan to hire more "wise men" to save us. Alleged experts on development whose only answer will be to create more tax abatements to create an illusion of growth.

I read in the Star this morning that another Country Club Plaza eatery is closing. Pizza Uno will be close this Sunday.

An economic development director is not going to lure them open next to Walmart in Raytown if they cannot make it go on the Plaza.

Bower saw this crisis coming?

He and his Board created this mess and they don't even realize it!

Anonymous said...

Simple Joe. Gotta' love it.

How about his partner on the Board. Below Par(due) Expectations.

With a team like this propping up Bower, Melson, White and all the others "see no evil" crowd at city hall we are in for a long hard winter.

Pat Casady said...

Have you read the Raytown Post's article on the
Wal-Mart deal? We all knew it was coming but
reality has hit home.
Whoever talked our city leaders into such a terrible deal should
be in jail for fraud.
The city leaders that fell for this deal should be impeached
if they are still on the board.
This is what you get when you elect people on popularity
rather than qualifications of how to run a town. You get a bunch of
people that will believe anything they are told without even
asking a question. Block was the fisherman, and the illusion
of more businesses and more tax income was the bait.
The fish? Our elected officials and the then City Administrator,
who might be the smartest of them all. He and his buddies got out of
town before the stuff hit the fan and the people realized what a
mess they had made of this town.
Now it appears that the taxpayers of Raytown will have to come up
with $800,000.00 towards the bonds for this asinine deal,
and in summer of 2010 another payment of close to a MILLION
taxpayer dollars will be due.
So, to our elected officials, how are you going to get
us out of this mess you got us into? You tell each other how great
you are doing, so show us some of this greatness.
You certainly can't raise taxes any higher.
Show us how much smarter you are than the rest of us.
Show some leadership for a change.
By the way, I hope you all remember, when then Aldermen Greg Walters warned them about this but, the rest wouldn't listen.

Andy Whiteman said...

Who elects these people who make bad decisions? Not the voters. When you consider that a very small percentage of the pople vote in local elections, I would assume they are elected by their family, friends, and groups they belong to.

These same officials have been conned by at least 2 other developers on the downtown redevelopemnt project. "The first time sahame on you. The next time shame on me." What does it take for the officials and the people to learn by their mistakes?

I have no facts and am accusing no one, but I wonder what was under the table?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Pat: Part of the Wal-Mart revenue will cover the bond payment, so paying back the bonds isn't going to cost the city anything (they will get their 800,000 back). Wal-Mart is the real crook. They demanded tax breaks and the big challenge is what will be lost when they move. Greg may have voted no, what was his real reason? Was he just wanting to cover himself if something went wrong?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bower and his cronies are the most incompetent bunch of elected officials I have seen in a long time. I'm not sure they are even smart enough to be corrupt. I think they are just plain DUMB. TOO BAD WE DON'T HAVE RECALL ELECTIONS IN OUR TOWN!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote that the Walmart profits will pay for everything and not cost the city anything is nuts!

The money that is going to pay the bonds is tax dollars the city will not receive. They are not replaced by the tax fairy.

Wake up people. Your city council has sold you out to Walmart and HyVee. You pay extra for the pleasure of shopping in their stores. Money that should go to repair your streets, buy streetlights and improve your quality of life goes to pay the bond holders. Not to you.

Andy Whiteman said...

4:48 PM, Yes there is a Tax Fairy. It is utilities that owe back payments for not paying their franchise tax. A large amount bailed Raytown out a year or 2 ago. Looks like maybe more to come.

The thing is these windfalls can't be depended on.

12:52PM, I think the initial problem comes from the voters. What good would a recall do but waste money? There would still be a small turnout of the same voters who voted them into office.

Andy Whiteman

Sal said...

To the person who gave the link to the landlord blog, that blog belongs to Turn Key LLC a man named Ben is the owner. He's also along with Kanabe, one of the slumlords. How do I know this? I have several friends who have rented from him, not a very pleasant individual.

Just a heads up, don't believe everything you read on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Knabe's lot at 79th and Spring Valley needs mowing again and I'm not sure the standing water problem is solved either. Where are you codes?

Anonymous said...

Why is Public Water District#2 continuing to WASTE my TAX DOLLARS? Mr. Ertz has a lot of explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Someone is telling some white lies here. The payments made by the city in lieu of the Walmart sales tax revenue will not reimbursed by Walmart.

Check it out. Call City Hall and ask the City Finance Director if Walmart is responsible for payments on bonds when it does not have a store up and running.

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 12:46,
The Wal-Mart deal was one of the best deals in the history
of Raytown. FOR WAL-MART!
It was the worst deal in history for the people of Raytown.
Read this carefully, the only cost to Wal-Mart is their inventory
and payroll. Not even their building will cost them. It is all paid for with taxpayer money. The deal is if they don't don't collect enough taxes to pay for the bond, the City of Raytown has to make up the difference. This could be as stated $800,000.00 for the December payment. This is your money!
Greg knew what was being presented to the board. He tried to point
out the flaws and that it wasn't a good deal for the people of Raytown.
We wasn't "covering himself" he could see through the BS and hype
being pushed at the board by the then City Administrator and Wal-Mart's people. Nobody and I mean nobody else on the board was sharp enough to see that they were being played for fools. Wenson wanted to make a name for himself and Wal-Mart wanted everything at no cost.

Anonymous said...

The Jesus is Lord sign is still there and now along Raytown Rd. there are even more small signs.
It's like that old song "Signs,
signs everywhere a sign."

Andy Whiteman said...

I don't live in WD #2, but is Mr. Ertz the only one on the board? Why is he responsible for everything? In Raytown we have 10 on the board plus a mayor and I wouldn't hold an individual responsible for the actions of a board.

Since the taxpayers of Raytown are paying to keep Walmart open, obviously Raytown is a Socialist City. Maybe I sould call it the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown.

If Greg was the only one who saw what was wrong with the deal, I wonder why the other board members weren't voted out. Maybe that will come up in future elections, but people in Raytown don't vote.

I am still wondering if anything was under the table?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What does signs in someone’s yard that are not in the right away have anything to do with anything?

The last time I checked as long as a sign was not over 4 feet by 8 feet in a residential area not on the right away it was not illegal.

Although, I too might find it strange that someone has a large sign in the yard about a Bible study at their house and not at a church. However, I support the Constitution of the United States, which clearly allows for both freedom of worship and speech.

If you would do your homework, you will find the challenged of signs in yards has already been decided in the courts. Our city nor any city can do anything as long as the signs meet residential measurement requirement and are within the property lines of the property the signs are located on.

I would suggest instead you ask you Alderman why codes enforcement is not pull the signs that are illegal instead of a group of citizens that only get recognizes for their effort on this blog.

Remember the Mayor came out last week and owed up to the fact our city might be hurting to meet some bond obligations. If we have code enforcement officers or other city employees who can not seem to do anything then it is time for them to go. As well we sure don’t need the economic developer position. Lets tighten the belt at city hall and assign this were it should be, which would be Beth Linn. If she can not handle both duties then let her resign. Be honest, she can not handle code enforcement now or this blog would not have a “Fix This Eyesore” section. What a sad example of leadership! I guess Bower doesn’t want anyone at city hall that has more energy then him. The “Big Dog” he might be, but those who have seen his lack of getting things done know him best at the “Lazy Dog”. The “Lazy Dog” needs to resign so we can get our city moving forward again.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that someone has started up worship service or Bible studies at their home. I have heard to many stories in the past couple of years of how organized religion is driving people away from the church and God.

Let us look at some of the local churches and their impact on Raytown. We have one that has a history of costing the citizens a lot of money. In their hay day of ensuring business like Apple Bee’s couldn’t open in Raytown, which cost us tax revenue when they ended up opening just on the other side of the city line at 63rd and Blue Ridge Cut Off. Who can forget the building that we bought off then to later learn it had asbestos. I still don’t understand why we didn’t go back on them for failure to disclose. Then it was only a few years after they built their new building on 350 highway that more then a 3rd of their congregation left because of the actions of the Minister’s son. I assure you there is more, but they did a good job to cover it up as they couldn’t afford more shame.

One of the other churches has produced to mayors. One that one he left office and moved out of our town had a Clay Chastan mentality and wanted to still run our city. The other is our current “Tax Hike Bower” who is always miss spending our tax dollars. Given money away not to help our citizens, but to “The Corporate Welfare Hog” know as Wal-Mart.

With organized religion like this it is no wonder the churches that have the most growth are the ones tied to no denomination.

So let the persons on Raytown Road celebrate their faith in their own way and hopefully bring a little peace to the rest of us who are paying to much in taxes thanks to some of our local denomination churches.

Andy Whiteman said...

The last time I researched signs:
1) May NOT be in the city right of way.
2) Signs in a residential area must be not larger than 5 SQUARE FEET.

As to the religious signs, I don't know the zoning there. It could be business since it is on Raytown Rd. I didn't stop to determine if they are on the ROW or not.

By the way, there are new signs at Raytown Rd and Gregory on the ROW. Since I am not the sign police, I don't have time to report each one unless it affects me directly. Driving by a sign does not affect me unless it is a safety hazard.

The rest of you can report them is you like. I reported another one that directly impacts me. That is the only one that concerns me and it is not mentioned here because it was reported to the appropriate official hence no need to mention it here. I feel it is more efficient for each person to report these issues rather than bitching about them here.

If the sign (or whatever) impacts you, by all means report it, otherwise who cares? There is a garage sale sign on the corner of Raytown Rd a few blocks from the religious signs and across the street, but no one complains. HMMMM...could it be signs praising the Lord offend some but the same people aren't offended by a garage sale sign. I don't follow the logic.

True this city looks cluttered and below PAR so that is good reason to complain, but why not call or email city hall? I emailed Beth Linn about an issue and had a prompt answer from Andy Boyd. I think that is the way to resolve many issues.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If our paid personnel at City Hall would make a practice of picking up the signs instead of driving by them the word would soon go out to those who place the signs on the city right of way that it was a waste of time and money.

But I doubt that City Hall will recognize that simple solution to a simple problem.

Here's a thought.

Maybe Bower should call a summit of former Raytown mayors to discuss the problem.

Sure to grab the evening news and really fill their egos for at least 48 hours!

Pat Casady said...

I remember a few years back when an alderman
stopped at a house that had a garage sale sign in the
front yard. He pulled it up and yelled at the people
having the sale, "these signs are illegal" he said.
Either yard signs are legal or they are not.
However advertising a church or business in a residential
area would seem to be illegal. Then you have to ask the
question are the real estate signs legal?
How about election signs? Then you had the illegal signs
on the City Hall lawn that said "Not this Charter."
There was or is a barber in the Raytown Plaza that had a
sign on his van that said "Barber" on the side. He parked it
in front of his shop so people could see it from Blue Ridge Blvd.
The city made him take it off. So you tell me what is legal.
Is it only illegal if someone from the city feels it is illegal?
This town is full of double standards. Codes violations run amuck and past elected officials get away with things the average citizen could never get away with.
This is why I feel this town is going down a dangerous path.
I don't mean just because of the signs either.
A town is only as good as the people that run it.
There are many things that contribute to Raytowns problems.

Anonymous said...

The price of Wal-Mart coming to a town.

Good read.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:23 PM, I don't think that the city workers are allowed to just pick up signs. I complainted about election signs on the right of way. Mahesh Sharma saifd that the city had to idenitfy the owner and notify them to pick up the sign. Seems like an impossible proceedure.

I complained about a Realtor's sign in the ROW. A city worker pulled up the sign and left it on the ground still in the right of way. I complained again. The sign was finally removed. I just wanted it moved BACK from the right of way.

Pat, you are correct. From what I have been through something is against code if a city worker THINKS it is against code. It doesn't matter what is writen in the code. The claim was made that someone has to decide the intent of the code. Does the city have a psyhic on payroll to make this decision?

In Carlsbad, CA a walk in clinic is locate in a shopping center. An old van with a sign "Doctors Care Center" has been parked at the edge of the parking lot bordering Camino Del Real (a heavily travelled street comparable to 350 HWY). It has been there over 20 years, I assume without complaint. What is wrong with Raytown?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Drove past the "Greenspace" of Raytown yesterday & was amazed to see the sprinklers flipping around & the water oozing & leaking from the fire hydrant going into puddles & being wasted. Gee, I wish I had free water to keep my yard & flowers wet. Oh well, it is more fun to pay for someone elses water bill.

Anonymous said...

I have been walking around the city for yaers and have notice that at the intersection of Blue Ridge Blvd and Sterling there is no buttons to help people cross the road. I was hoping something can be done for us who live in the this area!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Had the opportunity to have lunch at Mr. Goodscents downtown the other day. It's really depressing to sit there and look around at all the empty buildings and of coarse the park, that isn't a park. There has to be a reason for someone to come there and I just don't see it. Mine was I was coming back from Independence where I left my tax dollars, because I couldn't buy it in Raytown. I only wonder how much longer our city can survive on lunch taxes.

Anonymous said...

It was my night to watch the BOA meeting on channel 7. I have never been so disgusted with anyone in my life. The mayor who calls himself a professional is nothing more than anrrogant bully who dosen't know shoe polish from applebutter. I thought the BOA meetings were open for discussion and opinions from the aldermen. I was totally wrong as far as our mayor is concerned. That only holds true if you are in complete agreement the the mayor. The man is a liar. I was at a debate for the candidates had when he ran for mayor. The question was asked of him. With all of your traveling how will you will be available to the citizens. He ever so proudly held up his phone and told a big fat lie. I will be available 24/7 via my cell phone. This man enjoys putting people down so he can look good. Well Mr. Mayor you look prety sad in my eyes and in eyes of alot of other citizens. So enjoy your power while you have it because when you fall you will fall hard.

Andy Whiteman said...

4:04 PM, Good point. Every time I see water running down the street or sidewalk, I say the street or sidewalk won't grow. Water is expensive. I don't waste money watering my lawn. My new house has no lawn so am installing sprinklers and a yard for Red Dogg. Water is much cheaper there in the desert so I can afford it, but if I didn't have her, I would plant cacti and let them take care of themselves.

7:36PM, there is a lot you can't buy in Raytown. Even though Raytown is in the metro, I feel like I am living the the country. We do have quality grocery stores but if I want computer stuff it is a trip to OP. I was reading in the Red Star that Bennittis had wifi internet. That is a plus I didn't know about. Raytown is really a bedroom community with not much shopping. The high end stores would never make it here mainly due to the lack of through traffic because Raytown is not a destination spot. The locals can't support the type of shops we would like to have.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Post last week make we realize that we will soon be without a city paper. Ben Felder is in the hip pocket along with about nine other city alderman. He couldn't do correct reporting if he had a gun to his head. Sorry to see you go Ben had high hopes for you but like a lot of other people in this town you too have sucked in by the administration at city hall. I for one will not be renewing by paper.