Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

By Greg Walters
There has been a lot of comment lately about Mayor Bower’s position that we should talk to our neighbors about problems in the neighborhood. Then, only as a last resort, call city hall’s codes department for enforcement.
For instance, there is an ordinance that allows for trash containers to be placed at the curb for 24 hours. Most people follow that rule. A few sometimes forget. But there is a large enough of a minority that ignore it for it to be a visual detriment to our city. Unfortunately, if appears that part of that minority works for the city’s code enforcement division.
Doubt my word about the problem? Take a look at these pictures. They were taken on Sunday, August 23rd. Since there is no residential trash removal service operating in Raytown on the weekend, it is certain that the trash containers have been out longer than 24 hours.
(I could have placed more on this page – but our web server limits the amount of space we use on our weekly post)
The Mayor believes that we should contact our neighbor and tell them to clean up their act.
That is the formula for a neighborhood dispute that will only fester and grow as time goes on. It is the reason the city hires code enforcement officers to help maintain the city’s appearance. It also addresses the core of the problem. The violator does not care that he/she is in violation until they are officially called on it by someone in authority. Then, just as in grade school, they sit up straight.
The following is a true story. It was told to me by our former City Administrator, Curt Wenson. There was a renter who lived within stone throwing distance of city hall who regularly and blatantly flouted nearly every code violation on the books. Wenson had the Public Works Director, Beau Groceman (at that time code enforcement was under Public Works) to explain the law to the miscreant.
Here is what the violator told Groceman, "I moved to Raytown so that I could live like this. Now get off of my property."
Thankfully, that individual has moved away and is probably trashing up another neighborhood. But it points to the flaw in the Mayor’s plan. Some people cannot be reasoned with. I am certain Beau was surprised at the answer he received. And remember this, Beau is a big man, who, at the time, held a lot of authority in the city.
The Mayor is off-base when he tells the public to (basically) test the waters for the city’s code department. A private citizen does not have the backup of a city behind them in such a confrontation.
But I will take a page from Mayor Bower’s "neighbors helping neighbors" plan.
He should consider this article a kind reminder to our city codes department that we have set high standards for them. This year they have enjoyed a 5% pay increase when many in our town received no increase in pay. Some saw their salaries cut, others lost their jobs. They have a job to do – they should go do it.
As I stated earlier, some of the pictured violations may be a simple oversight. Many are repeat offenders. They choose to ignore their responsibility. Our codes department becomes part of the problem if they ignore it as well.
As many readers know, I ride in a bicycle road trip across Iowa each year. Last year that route took us through Iowa City. Iowa City is the home of the University of Iowa. It is a beautiful college town. As we peddled through the streets a fellow rider pointed out a couch sitting on a front porch. He told me that couch would be gone within a week. I asked why. He told me that a lot of the students used to put couches on the front porches. So many that it became a major eyesore. The local town council passed an ordinance forbidding the practice.
The lack of couches on front porches (I only saw the one) show that they take their ordinances seriously in Iowa City. We should so in Raytown as well.
Some would say "what’s wrong with leaving your trash containers in the front yard, on the curb, etc., etc. Besides being butt ugly, it detracts from the property values of all in the neighborhood. It would be akin to someone parting out a car in their front yard. If you want to have the lifestyle of a hillbilly, you should go to the hills to do so. But in a densely populated area – and 30,000 people in 10 square miles fits that description – everyone should conform to the standards of the majority.
It is why we have zoning codes and property maintenance codes. I sat on the Board of Aldermen in Raytown for 27 years. Believe me when I tell you the codes are in place. Enforcement is the key to making them work for our city. Neighbors Helping Neighbors Experience… By Richard Tush
I want to share with everyone my first hand experience of issues that arise with neighbors helping neighbors. About five years ago the grass in the yard behind me was starting to near the limitation as outlined within city ordinance. I knew the homeowner was an older single lady and decided maybe she was not up to the task or was having mower issues.
Before just address the problem, I decided to contact her, as I was aware of others helping her in the past, which lead to issues between the two families. I went to her front door and her nephew, who was in his mid twenties, greeted me. He said he was aware of the issues and would take care of it. Two weeks past and the back yard had just grown taller, so I went to ask what the issue was being I had been told it would be taken care of. When I went around the block, I was surprised to find the front yard mowed.
At the front door I was greeted by the same nephew and received the same speech that he would get things taken care of. I allowed an additional week to pass before contacting codes enforcement, but again a week went by and still no one had addressed the grass issue. I then contacted codes and made sure I asked about the issues and my growing frustration with the neighbor and codes. Codes took the position that this was the first time they had heard about the issues, but would be checking into it and someone would tend to the yard.
More then a week past and the grass was now around three feet tall. I had enough and decided the only way the problem was ever going to get solved was from intervention from an Alderman. I knew that Greg Walters had a reputation as the go to guy when city hall wouldn’t tend to duties that they should be on top off. I called his home and actually spoke with his wife who shared my concerns and took the information as Greg was out. She ensured me Greg would look into it and something would be done. At this point I was a bit skeptic as to the lack of action I had experienced from those connected to city hall. However, it was only a mater of days later that I noticed the yard was finally mowed and keep mowed for the season.
It should be noted that the high grass in the back yard is now an annual game played by the new owners, which just happen to be the former owner’s family. It seems that until they are contacted by the city at least once a year that they don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of us.
I for the longest time believe this was the exemption to the rule, but from talking with others it seems many of Raytown property owners share my neighbors view that it is their property to maintain as and when they want. It seems the city is well aware of these address based on the number of annual violations reported and the lack of attention to address the issues.
Lacking Supervision… By Richard Tush
I just heard that there have been several complaints about properties on Woodson Road in Ward 4 that codes finally made a physical review. However, a short time after their review and notifications they noticed a truck in the general area of the properties with a mower in the back. With this it was decided to mark the complaint as in compliance and move on to other issues. The odd thing was the yards didn’t get mowed.
I and others in the general area are in agreement had the issue been a mower left in the front yard that now seeing it in the back of a truck would mean the issue was addressed. However, when the issue is grass grown to a height longer then what is allowed by ordinance the violation would remain until the lawn was actually mowed. To many this seems simple enough and we can only hope our code enforcement officer too see the error in their prior judgement.
Speaking of poor judgement by someone from neighborhood service! This past weekend I received a call from a homeowner who found the dogcatcher waiting for them on Friday after walking their dog. The dogcatcher stated that someone within the area had complained that this individual’s dogs had used the complainants yard as their personal restroom. The homeowner explained that they have had prior conversations about the dogs, but ensured the officer that at no time had the dogs misused the yard. To be a good neighbor and do the right thing, they suggested they would start walking the dog on other streets, as it was apparent the neighbor was looking for something to complain about.
The officer agree that would be a good idea, but then went on to inform the homeowner that if the neighbor complained again the city would be forced to write a summons for the action of the dogs even if it was not the homeowners dogs.
The question presented to me by the homeowner was one does this type of comment in line with the code of ethics are city now has and when did our city start DNA testing on the dropping we all find from time to time in our yards. As with out the DNA how could they ensure proper identification? I laughed and agreed it sounds like another city employee has stepped into something that is actually going to get them in the doo and not the unidentified doo dog.
If the Department Head, Beth Linn, would take the time to work one on one with those on the streets reporting to her neither of the two issues would have resulted. It is apparent that this department not only has issues identify violations, but also their interpersonal skills and conduct when dealing with the public.
Bowen Plaza Café
One of Raytown best kept secrets is a new restaurant at named the BowenPlaza Café in the Bowen Apartments building at 6140 Raytown Road.
The restaurant, located on the ground level floor of the 12 story building offers a complete breakfast menu and a light lunch menu. Janice Osborn, manager of the Apartment Complex and the Café tells us that the average breakfast bill usually comes to about three to four dollars. The breakfast and lunch menus offer a wide variety of an all American diet.
This is not a franchise operation. All the menu items are served fresh and prepared while you wait.
The well lit and spacious ground level area of the Bowen Apartments has been tastefully remodeled giving the patron a comfortable and welcome feeling that makes you want to linger for a second cup of coffee.
"We wanted to offer our tenants a little more for their rent dollars," said Ms. Osborn, General Manager of Bowen Apartments. "Then we decided why not open it up to the public as well."
The Bowen Plaza Cafe can be entered through the rear of the Bowen Apartments located at 6140 Raytown Road. Parking is available in both the front and rear of the building.
What Our Readers Thought…
Last week we ask what should the school district do to address the short fall they are facing as a result of reduced property values? Our readers indicated 82% want to cut the spending with a 39% subset of that group also wishing to reducing services. It is clear that this is not a time for a mill level increase and we only hope those on the School Board as well as the Board of Alderman understand this.
To ensure these two boards understand your position, we encourage you to contract your elected officials and attend the corresponding meetings.
Fix This Eyesore…
DAY 78 – 84th Street Sanitary Sewer Project: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remain
Day 78 - Time to Get Serious About Cleaning up Raytown: The proliferation of large trucks using our city as a parking lot. It is especially noticeable along 350 Highway.
Day 78 – Green Space: The grass areas that were damaged by the chamber event still remain unrepaired. At a BOA meeting prior to the SummerFest event Alderman Charlotte Melson said the Chamber would repair damage to the grass.
Day 64 – Minor Smith Park: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remain.
Day 57 – Crescent Creek: Wires still dangle from the pole.
Day 50 – Former Religious Store: Allowed to decay. (Odd, but the real estate sign has disappeared)
Day 29 – The burned home at 8510 Stark: Remains a nuisance to the neighborhood
Local Meetings and Events:
Aug 28th – Municipal Committee meeting 6:00 PM at city hall
This meeting is to increase the taxes on our homes, cars, trucks, boats...
Aug 31st – Board of Education Tax Rate Hearing Meeting 6:00 PM at school district office
This meeting is to increase the taxes on our homes, cars, trucks, boats...
Sept 1st – Board of Alderman meeting 7:00 PM at city hall
Sept 3rd – Planning & Zoning Commission meeting 7:00 PM at city hall
Note: call the day of the meeting to make sure it has not be canceled due to no items being brought before the commission.


Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your bubble but August 25th was yesterday (Tuesday not Sunday). I guarentee you that everyone on this blog has violated a cty ordiance of some kind.

I can't believe you are stalking city employees houses. And you wonder why city employees have no desire at all to live in this town.

You all want to cut their pay and make them live in Raytown. Plus you stalk them by taking pictures when you can't even get facts straight.

As a city employee I welcome pay for performance because my salary would be at least tripled what it is now.

The last time I checked, this is a free country and you can live where you want to. Why hasn't the great Greg Walters moved the business he owns to Raytown?

Pat Casady said...

Speaking of Raytown's dogcatcher, this morning at breakfast one in
our group told us about his neighbor sitting on his porch with his
dog sleeping beside him. The dog is fifteen years old and didn't
even move when the dogcatcher walked up to them to complain
that the dog wasn't on a leash.
I don't know about the rest of you but, I think this dogcatcher should
be moved into the codes department. I don't think he should have
bothered the man and his sleeping dog but, it sounds like this person
takes his job seriously.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, It is my understanding that codes and dogs are handled by the same people. So this dogcatcher is in the codes department.

Greg, You brought up trash cans before. Sunday is a weekend. The trash companies tell people to have trash out by 7AM or 730AM. If someone is out of town and wants their trash picked up, they have to put it out before they leave town. Also some people are disabled and unable to move those containers.

I was in Roswell, NM in 04. If there were no alleys, the city's giagantic collection cans for 4 homes sat in the street. Quite ugly! I am surprised one wasn't hit by a vehicle. Alamogordo, NM told me they also do that where there are no alleys. I never observed that because I was in areas with alleys.

Why is the Lord High Mayor passing codes onto neighbors to do the city's job? Is that the reason that codes doesn't respond when called? It isn't their job? As far as I am concerned, this is the Show Me state. A neighbor won't get any attention as Richard said or it will escalate.

I had the dog bathroom issue in Colorado with a neighbor who complainted I took photos of her kids playing basketball. A police officer came. The neighbor also said my dog deficated on her lawn. I denied it, and told the officer that they would have to produce evidence and DNA testing to prove it was my dog. I told the officer I took the pictures as evidence to complain about the neighbor for distrurbing the peace. The officer told the neighbor that they could not play basketball until after I went to work at 3:30. It seems some neighbors will lie to retaliate.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The idea of talking to your neighbors does not work it only makes hostility in the neighborhood. I know for a fact that a code person who is no longer an employee was threatened with a gun when he made a call. I also know of a resident who was threatened with a gun because he asked his neighbor not to run his dump truck for hours everyday. By the way that truck was illegal. These are the kind of people who are moving into our town in some areas.

Why is it that the city employees do not have to comply with the same city codes that the resr of do? I ask again why is that OK? That is a double standard. The city employees should be the ones who set an example in praticular codes people but do we have any codes who live here anymore?

Greg, The ordinance says you can put your trash out 12 hour only before your trash is picked up and has to be pulled back up to the house when it is picked up. Unfortunately, the code doea not say that they have to be put out of site.

Anonymous said...


I think you and others might be surprised at the number of people who leave the trashcans at the curb and take the trash to the cans. If you go down 83rd and turn onto Lane there is a cross street Lane Place at about 85th and Lane. It seems to be the norm for several in the area. I have also seen the practice on Tennessee from 79th to 81st

I question if everyone even knows we have this ordinance on the book as city hall does a poor job of communicating to the general public.

You know a couple of years ago the city was sending out a quarterly mailer to the residence. What happened to it as it would have been a great means to keep everyone one up on the larger amount of ongoing violations. I still don’t think everyone knows you can not park a car on the grass in Raytown. I see to many on any street I travel in our city, which also says codes, is not addressing the issue.

As for the issue with the disability and getting trash out regardless of the disability you would still need to get the trash out as who would want it to pile up. Okay… we do have some of those in the city…who are just lazy and the disability is they can not get away from the TV long enough to take the trash out. This is a whole other story. Again not picking on you just don’t understand the point. By the way, I heard and have not verified that Ted’s will come and get the trash at the door. This might be the service for those with disabilities. I also question if under the ADA if anyone with a true disability couldn’t request and require their hailer to get the trash at the door. I make this point, as businesses that are visited by those with disability are to be disability friendly. I am sure the Justice Department who is assigned with policing the ADA could provide the answer.

Anonymous said...

8:00 AM what are you talking about?

When do city employee’s have time to play on the internet? Doesn’t seem like a good way to spend my tax dollars, but again based on the lack of service I recive in my neigboorhood I am not supprise. We next to never see police potrol and what is snow removal… Is that when the sun finally cleans my street?

Where did you see the 25th listed for Sunday…Are you in codes? I do know codes seems to have issues seeing violations including signs in the right away

Where did anything on this blog talk about anyone watching city employee’s homes? The only thing I can think is you know the pictures Greg loaded this week are from the homes of city employee’s. If that is the case then why are the city employee’s exempt from the trashcan ordinance. Trust me none of you are special!

Pay for perforce…sounds like you don’t understand how it works as well as really think highly of yourself. Odd I can not think of one department that is that good. Please contact some companies so you understand how it works and that there wouldn’t be 5% pay raiser across the board or would you get some large increase.

In fairness, I will say there are some police officers that do a great job….sorry will not name them as I don’t want Jim to tell them they are working to hard. Public works has improved with helping those at the recycling center. However based on Minor South and several streets they too have a long ways to go.

I hope we can agree that codes needs major improvements as they are the bad apple which is giving a black eye to all others associated with city hall.

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak for Greg, but can guess that unlike Wal-Mart, HyVee and Knabe he has never been give a tax break to relocate his business. I am sure if the tax payers of this city would pay for the next 20 plus years for him to get a nice new building like Wal-Mart he would be all over it.

Then again…. Greg has ethics, which would keep him from misusing our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Pat: I would agree if the associate within codes assigned to dogcatcher were more active. So active that he might be over doing the job then why not have him out on property maintenance and place Dave Batson on animal control. It seems this might solve a lot of the property maintenance issues and give Dave even more time to do nothing.

Anonymous said...


Is there something wrong with these people.

I have heard some crazy things in my days, but this has got to be one of the best. I am sure they will do it or if allowed the crazy citizens will vote it in just like with the sales tax this past April. When are people going to wise up and stop being LYNCHED by LYNCH and the REST of the ELECTED BUNCH.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Pardue is going to get out of his chair, put his laptop down and paint his house. What is with this guy does he not care what kind of example he sets for the rest of us. Yet, this so-called man can complain about rental properties and want to bring more responsibility on them just because he can not cleanup his own house. Hello he needs to not worry about those with rental properties and find out why him and his fellow homeowners cannot take care of what they own. While he is at it maybe he can help Joe Creamer finish his window installation. I am tired of driving past his home and seeing the windows out. I know he is simple minded, Simple Joe, but give we a break it has been months and you are make the whole neighborhood look like the ghetto. Shameful pair, I feel sorry for the poor people in Ward 1 having to put up with these two. They can not return calls and are the best example of how not to keep your property. If we had a charter form of government we could vote these two back off our island.

Simple minded thinking…Simple Joe…Is not going to move our city forward.

Above Par Service…Mr. Above Par …Starts at home

Living the Life said...

Last week many talked about the Baptist and how they have lead our city and are now leading it down a dark path. Now I hate to pick on anyone religion, but the poster has a point. We used to have to go outside the city for a nice seat down meal and a drink things to this simple minded thinking. The same thinking that is beating down new businesses in Raytown because they don’t agree with the type of service they provide. However, these simple-minded thinkers are okay with smoking because they smoke even though there too is a bad image of those that smoke. They clam it is a personal thing if you want to smoke why then using the services from these new business wouldn’t be a personal thing. It is sad that if it is not good for you or benefits you then it is wrong and that kind of thinking has been the downfall of society for years and lead to many wars. It is time to treat others like you want to be treated and respect others as you want to be respected.

I see a reminder this week of a couple of alderman who both are in ward one. They too are Baptist and support allowing people to decide if they want to visit a smoke filled restaurant or bar in Raytown. However, these two as the post indicated want to impose their mindset upon those trying to make a living renting property. I too have driven by both of their homes and they seem to not be living by the rules they want set for the landlords. Apparently the good word they have been hearing “Good is only good for me” and “Do as I say not as I do”. I am glad I do not attend the Baptist chute anymore I had enough of their misguided ways when I was twelve, which a good thirty years ago. You see the Minster would get up every Sunday and talk about the sinners of the world…Catholics, Jews and etc. At twelve I was wise enough to know hate when I saw it and know that my friends who where of those other religions were just like me. That is right…live the life … do preach the life to live. So simple… but to simple for our simple minded Alderman.

For those that wonder, yes I do attend church, but as indicated no longer Baptist. I also am the first to call the minter on something that is wrong right in service. Again… Live the life… The life of Christ.

Grandpa’s lessons said...

Reading these religious posting brings about memories of my grand-father-n-law. He was a kind and caring person. I only twice heard him talk about a couple of individuals, but made sure to indicate why he had those feelings. His talk was never using the four letter words we see and hear to often these days. More of examples of how we should not conduct ourselves. He always was willing to share his knowledge and didn’t it in a way anyone could understand. One-day we learned that one of his great granddaughters was pregnant. I was surprise that he had heard the news as it was decided not to tell him until they knew if she would even have the baby. As I walked in for my normal visits the first thing he had to update me about was the baby. Hard as anyone tried you just could get things from grandpa. He told me he was shocked, but understood things had changed over the years. He then shocked me as he told me he would be okay if she ended the pregnancy even though he didn’t want her to. I asked him why and he said it was her choice all we could do is be supportive and accept her decision. That was just the thing about him would accept anyone and their thinking even when he didn’t agree.

The shocker for those that want to decide things for others especially when it comes to the freedom of choice for women is grandpa was retired minister having served countless hours even after officially retiring. He said ministers never retire we just make the congregation come to us for the sermons.

With so many out of work and / or loosing their homes as well as those facing health related issues and not having insurance and / or the price for the treatment. It seems we could better put our time to use accepting others and providing caring and understanding. Doing what is best for the community as a whole and not a select few.

Two years before his passing his community passed a smoking ordinance. His daughter, my mother-n-law, was in arms about the impact it would have on the town. With a smile on his face he reminded her in front of all of us that was it best for her to keep the smoking prevision as it was or best to look to the health of the children of the community. Again putting everyone’s best interest before his own daughter. Yes, grandpa too was known to have a smoke now and then. Never in the house and very few time around others at all. His reason was it was a bad habit he didn’t want others to pickup.

I wish those in Raytown could have now him and learned from his kind and caring ways. Ways that I don’t seen in the younger ministers of today. One of a simpler time when family truly came first.

Greg Walters said...

Hello Everybody,

I just finished reading all the comments since Richard published our weekly comments.

There has been one post since that time that makes some pretty broad accusations about "stalking", etc., etc., etc.

One thing I have learned from operating this blog is that it is a mistake to allow someone to post outrageous and untrue comments.

Regarding the "stalking" of city employees. I do not know where our city employees live. Whoever made that post is, to say the least, paranoid.

EMPTY TRASH CANS: The pictures that were taken this weekend were taken on a Sunday morning. It took all of ten minutes to take them and they were taken randomly as I drove around town.

As you can see, the pictures show empty trash containers.

So, unless someone is putting out empty trash cans for the trash haulers to empty come Sunday morning, the suggestion that they are there for trash haulers to empty is bogus.

24 HOUR WINDOW: There is a 24 hour window for homeowners to place trash out for the hauler. After that period, the container(s) are prohibited from being placed in front of the property.

Whoever thinks otherwise should go re-read the ordinance.

As for the conduct of those who are supposed to enforce this law.

It is a good ordinance. It is not unique to Raytown. Most people will conform to the ordinance. More than likely, most Raytowners do not even know it is on the books.

The city can and should inform Raytown homeowners of this ordinance. They can easily do so by including the notice with the monthly sewer bill every homeowner receives.

Finally, fair and honest enforcement is the best way to solve this problem. And, make no mistake about it -- this is a problem which costs all of us in the value of our properties, the image of our town and the public opinion of the effectiveness of city hall.

Andy Whiteman said...

12:03 PM, I have lived in areas where it was normal to have trash containers in the front. I didn't see anything wrong with it because that was customary. When I was a kid, the trash was in the alley which wasn't wide enough to drive down. The city decided the trash people were lugging trash too far and had to many injuries. So everyone moved their trash to the front.

I agree with you about ADA. The ADA requires a "reasonable" accommodation but the question becomes, what is reasonable? I think asking the hauler if they will pick up from the door is a good idea. My mother's neighbor used to push her trash out. I frequently will move a neighbor's empty trash container off the street especially if the wind is blowing.

11:47AM, I agree with you about hostility. I used to feel it was better to speak to the neighbor first, but I have encoundered 2 obnoxious neighbors. I started filing complaints against those 2 without any more discussion.
I was at the BOA when the quarterly newsletter was discontinued. The reasons were, the information was outdated by the time it was received and also it was a cost cutting thing. Now with the Sewer Billing in envelopes, the city can put out a monthly letter if there is something to put out.
I can't understand why people haul their trash containers to the street. The haulers throw the lids onto the ground and then throw the containers onto the ground. If it is windy container and lid blow away. My containers are antiques (35 years old) and I don't want them damaged. I set my 15 gal bags out from indoors. If I have something from the garage, I take the 33 gal bag from the container to the street. It seems a lot easier to me to simply take the bags out rather than the container and having to fetch the container back. If people would just take out the trash bag, we wouldn't have this problem.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the way Grandpa down plays the serious issue of ending a living human being's life by referring to it as "ending the pregnancy"?

Kind of like those who called the Nazi death camps -- "concentration camps".

It is so interesting the way that no matter how hard some will try to hide a heinous act, the new words become synonomous with the original meaning.

Grandpa could have been more wise.

Anonymous said...

I called the animal control number the other day explaining the situation about dogs that are not on a leash or in a fenced yard that are allowed to run free periodically that are chasing kids, walkers, and postal service personel. I requested that they come out and talk to the person at that address and the person that I talked to gave me the impression that they did not care. They said that I would have to call them back whenever the dogs were loose again. By the time the city gets out here, they are put back up again. I believe that these dogs are strays and are not licensed or vaccinated either. DO YOUR JOBS! This is why I no longer want to live here anymore.

Pat Casady said...

I truly think we are going off course on this blog.
How the Hell did we get from the smoking issue to
strip clubs and juice bars, from legitimate businesses to "tattoo
and massage parlors" jumping all the way to religion
and abortion?
We need of focus on the real problems.
This city and school board are going move forward trying to get more
and more taxes out of each and every one of us.
The school board and city hall don't seem to realize none of us can
afford anymore taxing just to pay for their mistakes. It's bad enough
we had to pay for the turf and the Wal-Mart deal. Please read this carefully,
we are paying for Wal-Marts building, parking lot and so on. The
taxpayers may have to come up with $800,000 to pay towards the bond.
It's plain to see these boards of elected officials don't have a clue what they
are doing to this town. We need to come up with some way to tell them
the well has dried up for a while.
One other thing, if any of you go to the school board meeting would you please
ask them if they are planning any more artificial turf at any other schools?

Anonymous said...


I think some of the thing you call off points actually gets to the heart of the issue. The issues being our elected officials believe they are better then us. We need to do as told and not as they do. Personal freedom is spit like venom from many of their mouths, but only when it benefits them.

I agree that tomorrow and Monday we need to voice our opinion, but I fear it will only fall upon deaf ears, as again these are self-center individuals who vote as they wish and not what the majority of their constituents want.

This is a plague that we the citizens of Raytown have faced for to long with the interference of the churches one in particular comes to mind. Odd as once again members for this church are on the board as well as two from a counter part church. You have been in Raytown to long to not know the harm they have do and the lost revenue in tax dollars. Again, it fits to the point that the posters over this and last week make good point that we have to look deeper into those we elect to represent us. Only then will we see them for the self-center individuals they are and how their form or religion is actually being force upon all of us.

Anonymous said...


Please note: The ordinance is clear that only those at the curb fall under the ordinance. I know that those on the board tried to get the ordinance to read not visible to from the street after 12 hours on the scheduled trash pickup day. However, the board as a whole could never come to an agreement on that point.

Sec. 11-44.
Frequency of collection and time limitations of containers.

(a) Garbage and trash accumulation by residences shall be disposed of or collected at least once each week.

(b) Garbage and trash accumulation by commercial businesses shall be disposed of or collected at least once each week, or more often if necessary to protect the public health of the community.

(c) No person shall place garbage, trash or containers for the same at the curb more than twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up date.

(d) No garbage, trash or containers for the same shall remain more than twelve (12) hours following the scheduled pickup date.

Anonymous said...


I am friends with several of the city employees and have been to their homes. I would say based on the number of violations I have seen they should be paranoid. I have reminded many times if I ever get one of those special visits form codes I sure am going to have a lot to share. No, my friends don’t work for codes and the funny thing is as we seat around visiting we often talk about the codes department and what they don’t catch. Maybe just me but this makes me just laugh harder based on the danger zone I am standing in otherwise known as my friends back yard.

Anonymous said...


Do you have any updates on the doo? Did they ever take the time and waste our tax dollars to actually test the little mess? Just wondering how far our city employees will really go to misspend our tax dollars.


Did the person that you know had the dogcatcher in their yard ask them to fist wipe their feet next time at the curb. As the more I read on here and think about Richard’s and your postings it seems this guy might have quite a mess he has stepped in. I know he doesn’t need to get dragging around the smell for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...


I agree we have to do something as who can afford more taxes. I am concerned that our fine elected officials both on the Board of Alderman and School Board have already made their decision and the two meetings are just a smoke screen to make everyone think they really care what we think.

I have left messages for my alderman to call me and have not heard back from them. Yes, I live in ward three and therefore I am not surprised. I mean one uses the city hall phone number, but not an issue as I got the info from others. Makes me think they don’t want to hear from us as they don’t want to hear from those that disagree with them.

By the way I want to thank Richard for printing my problem with codes. I wanted to give a follow up for everyone. I left a message at the Mayor’s house on Sunday and the issue. I am still waiting to hear back from him. I know I am not pleased about this and will not be supporting him in any future public service attempts. Yes, I did support him in the past as I attend church with him, which to me makes the whole thing about not responding to me that much sadder.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:10 AM, If someone is taking the dogs in, they aren't strays. That person is demonstrationg ownership or "control" of the dogs. A postal employee is in trouble if he/she allows themselfs to be bitten by a dog. Therefore, they are within their rights to not deliver if a dog is at large. When I carried mail, I refused to deliver because of a dog. I have read in the Red Star a few years ago where an entire block in Independence was denied delivery because of a vicious dog. You are correct that by the time Animal Control gets there, the dog will be in. The other option is for you to identify the dog and owner, sign a complaint and go to court for "Nusiance, dogs at large."

My previous obnoxious neighbor complained my dog was barking when the dog wasn't even out. I received a letter from animal control also wanting proof of vaccination. They said that whenever they receive a complaint they have to check for vaccination. That was before we had dog licenses. Now they only have to check the license because a vaccine is required to get a license.

Anonymous said...


When did tattoo and massage parlors become non-legitimate businesses?

I hope you have not fallen under the spell of one of our alderman and his goal for a pure Raytown based on what he views as pure and ethical for us.

Have you been to either or this leader of pure Raytown?

This is an important question as judging without knowledge is wrong. I must say I have heard the stories about the past, but that is what happens to any business when the government doesn’t regulate the industry.

Now that is funny as the alderman I am thinking about doesn’t want government regulation, but wants to force his view of freedom on all of us. Bad for us and bad for our city’s future.

Please visit our local massage parlor, as I am sure it is not what you and this pure thinker believes it to be.

As for tattoo parlors I have not visited, but I know to many executives that have them, as well as most of the Raytown Police and Fire Department.

If those with tattoos present a danger then why are they being hired to protect Raytown?

Anonymous said...

A few years ago our city adopted a code of conduct for our city employee’s to follow. It seems it is time to update the code to include properly maintain ones property. I know this seems like a challenge when some employee’s don’t live in the city, but I am sure a call to their city explaining our city policy would take care of this. Either way those within our city need to set the standard for what is expected not the ghetto we try to keep from becoming.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned I could care less if you have a tattoo or not. You are missing the point, if we allow this business that generates NO SALES TAX and I doubt if it will CREAT ANY NEW JOBS, then we might be passing up a retail business in this space that could really generate some revenue for our city. This city has too many SERVICE TYPE BUSINESSES, dentist, doctors, accountants, attorneys, etc. that are filling up office space but really generate NO REVENUE for the city.

Anonymous said...

I hope as one poster pointed out we can no longer associate tattoo parlors with criminal activity or we will need a major overhaul of our police and fire services in Raytown.

Let stop judging everyone because they are not like us or think like us.

I think as it stands Raytown has more then enough vacant store fronts that a few business like a tattoo or message parlor are not going to cause a problem for those that might come and generate any sales tax revenue.

I also ask if you have done anything to try and get a business that would generate sales to open a location in Raytown. I can complain as I have taken the time to speak with several. I have not been successful, but at least made an attempt.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the piece in the Raytown Post about who may and may not be running for mayor?

I made myself sick laughing at Bower’s statement on waiting to decide to seek re-election until he has an ideas of how we all feel about the accomplishments he has done for the city. I guess he needs to open his eyes and read the post on this blog or open his ears at the board meetings and listen to Andy.

Where has he been and what has he done for us. Extra sales tax in April; now that helps everyone. Looking at and more then likely will increase the mil level, which will cost all of us more taxes on our homes and cars. No new business that generate sales tax dollars, which means the tax past in April is going to do all it could do for the police. Friends of his have torn up the green space downtown and it has not been fixed. Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee were both already in Raytown and now we get to pay for their new buildings and parking lots. We have a short fall for the Wal-Mart deal because business partners were not required to put front money up, which they would lose for not developing and opening with business the location South of the new Wal-Mart. Minutes from meetings only include the votes, which goes against his transparency position on city hall. Creating additional expense with positions we don’t need at city hall. Not address code violations that are right before his eyes and that several have committed directly to him about. Parks department increase fees and looking at tax increase. Parks torn up and not properly returned to condition before sewer work was started. Stopped curbside recycling program as well as single trash hailer. Not seeing the 63rd street bridge is repaired.

Have I missed anything else good and wonderful he has done.

I just hope groups like “Raytown Reaching for Tomorrow” will to be done with him and his non-productive ways.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the dogs were stray dogs until they were taken in, but that is not the point. The point is that when Animal Control AKA Public Works gets a legitimate complaint that they should act on it, go out and investigate it instead of shrug it off and acting like it is not important. This is a basic city service that is provided for by our tax money. Dogs running loose, tearing into trash bags, scattering the trash everywhere, BTW another reason to have trash bags in the trash cans at the curb for the trash can discussion, and the same dogs chasing, barking and growling at children walking to school, people walking for exercise, and hindering/preventing my mail delivery service, also putting the postal worker's life in danger, as well as my family's safety. Something needs to be done other than nothing!

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot… Usability to return calls to residents

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:35 the dogcatcher is part of neighborhood services, which reports to Beth Linn. It is not part of public works. Public works has its own issues, but they do not have near the issues of anything that reports to Beth Linn.

I don’t understand why she is still on the payroll as she has not improved anything. What a waste of tax

Anonymous said...

I’d like to make a comment about the tax situation. Is there a report anywhere that shows how many unpaid personal property tax and real estate tax accounts we have? There is no doubt the city and school district are short on money when citizens are not paying their taxes. Many of these people seem to afford other luxuries (gourmet coffee, cell phones, fast food), but are not paying their taxes. As I dropped my child off at school this week, I noticed three cars with expired license plates and that made me think about this! I imagine since they didn’t renew their plates they probably didn’t pay their personal property taxes either. Could the police start a massive crack-down on expired license plates and start giving tickets? They can sit outside of Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, schools and on the busy streets. I know one of the school board candidates was terribly behind until running for office and then somehow found the money to get current. I don’t think it would be too hard and at some point would add additional revenue for the city. I’m not targeting those who genuinely cannot afford to pay, but it is part of being a citizen to pay taxes whether we like it or not.


Anonymous said...

I believe we have more vacant buildings now that Bower is mayor then we had prior. Doesn’t seem like he is really moving us forward unless forward is right into full ghetto status.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mary Jane Van Buskirk decides to run for mayor. She has the backbone to push our city employees to do the jobs they were hired to do and I am sure the guts to send them on their merry way when they don’t want to change. I have been to public forums and she will ask the tough questions that her husband will not even ask.

Leadership like this is what it is going to take to move our city forward and bring new business into the vacant spaces that overwhelm our city.

Thank you, Mary Jane, for all you do for the community we both love.

Pat Casady said...

Hold on there Anonymous 10:42,
I have nothing against tattoo businesses or message businesses.
It's the stigma of the word parlor.
I've been going to a masseuse for over fourteen years.
If you would read my post on 08/25/09 at 1:44 you would see what I mean.
I may not have a tattoo but now they call them artists and the businesses
body art studios. My guess it is to leave the stigma associated with the
word "Parlor."
Trust me, I haven't fallen under the spell of any of our elected officials.
There isn't one of them sharp enough to even come close to impressing
an old man like me.

Anonymous said...

I hope Bower does decide to run for re-election, then we can point out has his TAX AND SPEND record with our city. He is conducting the city's affairs like he manages his household budget, not very well. Remember during the last election all that came out about his house and personal finances. We should have known better than to elect him mayor. Sorry now.

Anonymous said...

If she runs for mayor I any many more like me will do everything we can to see that she does not win.

Anonymous said...

The Jackson county Sheriffs dept. has a new kind of camera on a few of their catrs that do that everything qwhen it comes to checking the kicenses. They also have gone through Wal-mart and Hy-Vee and found many thousands of cars with expired plates and the ouwner have warrants out for them. The trouble that hear in Raytown is a lot of what they are catching are not from Raytown but they are still bring in over $40,000.oo into science they started doing this.

Anonymous said...

To August 27th 6:10am,

You are absolutely correct about the codes person regarding their attitude. I spoke with Kim and she acted like it was to much trouble to do her job. I know of at least 2 others that she has spoken to and they have gotten NO Where with her. On top of everything else she is very Rude.
next time I intend to go up their and speak with her Dept. head whoever that is. then if I get no where I will be calling the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t know Joe Creamer had any kids still in school wait the writer said school board member that got caught up on taxes right before running. Not sure I know, which of the fine members on the school board played that trick. I do no and it is public information that Joe Creamer Alderman from ward one played this before he first ran. We should have known by his actions then he couldn’t manage money. I read some court cases and he doesn’t do a good job of managing those that work for his janitorial service either.

Makes me wonder what Joe is good at and therefore what good could he ever bring to Raytown.

Anonymous said...

I think many in our town worked against Greg Walters 2 years ago when he ran for mayor and look what we got.

That is right I don’t see any improvements either!

We have the opportunity to send city hall a very strong message the games are over by elected Mary Jane Van Buskirk mayor. Again she was the only one two years ago asking about all of the vacant storefronts, which I am sure now is about 25% - 50% more. I never hear anything about the mayor giving back to the city. What I hear is he doesn’t even take his wife out to eat in Raytown. What a help he is to generating sales tax dollars.

However, I am not here to talk about someone who has a two year proven record of doing nothing for our town. I am here to tell you who has what it takes to get things done. Word on the street is she is a one team army aimed to clean up the eyesores that have helped drive down our property values. Our current mayor can only wait until tomorrow night to tell us they are increasing our taxes on our home, cars and other personal property. Why because he would rather look the other way.

We need to celebrate Mary Jane’s commitment to trying to drive the value of our properties backup and not finding new ways to tax us.

We need to overload Mr. Bower’s email with our harsh feelings of how he has betrayed our trust and destroyed our fanatical future.

Anonymous said...

Pat: sorry I miss understood your take on the two businesses in Raytown that have been taken a big beating lately. I just don’t see what harm these two could really do. Sure will not stand out like the entire payday loans, check cashing and title loans up on 350. If we can not keep those business that take advantage of people with financial troubles out can we at least stop them from paint their building urine yellow like the one at 350 and Raytown. Boy that bends in like the spot on the floor from an unhappy pet.

Anonymous said...

2:51 so you mean to tell me that these business that we help to pay to build and are now with in the center of Raytown and not on the Western edge are bring criminals into Raytown.

Boy – This sure is going to help our image and the property values of our homes. What a great job Bower did for Raytown.

Why doesn’t Raytown run tags in the lots? They sure do on Blue Ridge Cut Off. Gee – The western edge of Raytown. I don’t know how many times I have been driving down and watch them keep looking at someone’s tags then get on their little radio. You know something is up because the next thing they are lighting up the street like it is Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Bower can not think ahead of the trade off that he will maybe costing us. Now we need 800,000 by the end of the year and 1,000,000 by then end of next year. Not to mention the crime issue he is bringing into the city or the fact we gained no new business out of this venture. Makes we wonder will we actually loose two. Come on where is Payless Shoes and Dollar Store moving or are they just going to close the locations in Raytown. Don’t forget Block never built anything down by the new Wal-Mart. I sure am glad the city attorney got a written contract that he would… wait she not that smart. I guess that is why we are getting MILL by the MIL INCREASE tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Greg: Based on the information you received from the recycling study could you tell us what we would be paying monthly had we gone to one trash service.

I think this would be a good time to remind everyone that Bower and White keep us from saving a few dollars every month. Also this would have cut down on the number of heavy trucks going do streets each week and allowed them to last longer. Finally it would have been less air pollution as a result of few trucks in Raytown.

We wouldn’t want to reduce air pollution… no that would be like cleaning up the air in bars and restaurants. Who cares about the environment in Raytown?

Anonymous said...

When Mary Jane becomes mayor I know she will find a lot of waste at city hall that can be trimmed. Waste that is costing us money and money that could be used to pay of bill created by Bower and his merry men.

I am sure she will also find we are over staffed in many areas at least it sure appears that way when all city employees want to do is hang out at city hall. She also needs to cut the budget of the police department equal to the salary of one captain and two lieutenants. We need more officers on the street and less keep chairs secure at city hall. She also needs to look at all the vehicles owned by the city and make sure we really need those many. I am sure I could go on and on, but I know she is smarter then Bower and already knows we have over spending issues.

I understand she has ran a successful household and I sure have not heard about any potential foreclosure because she can not budget unlike… you know who.

That is why the best candidate for Mayor of Raytown is Mary Jane Van Buskirk

Andy Whiteman said...

Is there a conflict of interest if a man is Alderman and his wife is Mayor? I don't know Mary Jane, but if she indends to run for Mayor, that question needs to be answered.

12:35PM, I agree when anyone calls Animal control, we expect a response. I have received excellant responses when I have called them in the past. I suggest anyone not receiving what they expect or a rude employee contact a supervisor. Call Beth Linn or the Mayor if you have to. If I have an issue with a city employee, it goes to the Mayor and/or CA. Likewise if someone does a really good or outstanding job, the Mayor will hear from me. I hope you all take the time to commend the good employees. They deserve a thank you for a job well done.

11:31 AM, Are you saying service businesses should not be allowed because the don't generate sales tax? Are you aware they generate Personal Property Tax and I believe a gross receipt tax? From Economics 101 I learned that they create a trickle down effect. The people who patronize them may patronize other businesses. The employees may spend there pay checks here. Are you saying we should have no doctors, dentists, CPAs, banks, or laundries in Raytown becuase they don't collect sales tax? Man, they offer a service. People wouldn't live in Raytown without these services. I bought my house because of service businesses in walking distance.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


How can there be a conflict of interest if Mary Jane would be elected mayor and her husband being elected an alderman. Politics 101 these people are elected by the people in the area they represent.

If as was reported at a “Raytown Reaching for Tomorrow” meeting that Christine White would be appointed to Director of Economic Development we would have a conflict of interest because Christine and her peers would be the ones placing her in the position.

We have had a President who had a brother in the US Senate. This same family has had two sons in the US Senate at the same time. More recent years they have had one in the US Senate and I believe three or more in the US House of Representatives plus an in law elected as Governor. Is any of this a conflict?

By the way even Raytown had two brothers on the Board of Alderman one from Ward 2 and one from Ward 3. Is this a conflict of interest? It must not have been, as they wouldn’t have been allowed to do it.

I hope you get the opportunity to meet Mrs. Van Buskirk before you move out of town. I believe you will find her enlightening and truly concerned about the future of our city. Something we have not had from a mayor since the days of Willard Ross. It is time we once again have a mayor that will check in on those hired to operate city hall and make sure they are working.

Speaking of examples of conflict of interest being you brought it up was it write that Ted Bowen to some quick rank adjustments in the police department after hooking up with then mayor Sue Frank. Again, we will never really know but it does leave questions in many a mind. Odd, in law enforcement it is called reasonable cause, which can get many individuals stopped and checked out. For the record who is Ted’s sister…. Christine White, now we are really opening the can of conflict at city hall. By the way the brothers on the board well Christine is married to one of them. Now you know city hall’s dirty little secret something to laugh about when we all think of conflict of interest and the group that has really been sending our town down the wrong path.

Anonymous said...

After Ted Bowman married Sue Frank, he rose from a sergeant to a captain is less than 2 short years, but I'm sure this was just a coincidence. Boy, how the system works in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4:06,
Sometimes the truth hurts.
Nobody has made up stories or lies about these people
you think need protecting from us. Nobody has called them
nasty names, "Simple Joe" is just stating fact.
Mentioning Creamer, White and Par-Due for all the good they have
done for this town seems appropriate. (that's being sarcastic)
You know, all the hard work they have done for the people of Raytown
by watching over how our money is spent and pushing hard for
recycling. (again sarcastic) Taking the street repair tax money
and moving it to pave the Wal-Mart parking lot.
Yes, these are fine representatives of the people.............
They deserve the amount of respect they are being given, or lack
there of. But, if you want to be fair there are about four others that should
be honored in the same fashion. After all it takes more than three or four to sink a town.

Anonymous said...

To August 26, 2009 12:25 PM

Not all city employees work 8-5 so none of your tax money was being used. When the story was firt posted, it said the pictures were taken on Sunday August 25th. I just wanted to make sure the facts were correct.

You all need to learn how big groups work. The boss doesn't so the grunt work. You don't see the public works bosses out filling pot holes or whatever job they are doing, so the chief of police is not going to be out patrolling very often. I'm sure Greg is not running a printing press all day in his printing business.

As far as Chiefs go, Chief Lynch is the best Chief this city has seen. Beeler was a thef, Leslie was an idiot, Turnbow was an a&%*#le and Overfield was way over his head. So before you are critical, you should know what you are talking about.

You all are just mad the safety sales tax passed. You want city services for free. This city has acted like a bedroom community for so long that businesses did not want to move here. And the BOA did not want to raise property taxes except for a couple of times when tey could raise it the small amount allowed with out a vote, that this city was 15-20 years behind the times. Maybe if proerty taxes had been increased as time went on like a progressive city, there would not have been a need for so many sales tax increases.

Greg Walters said...

Good morning everyone:

An answer for you regarding the cost of solid waste management as it regards curb side recycling.

I do not know what the current figures are -- but -- three years ago when I chaired the city's recycling committee, it cost (on average) about $3.00 more per billing cycle per household in Raytown for trash service than it did in Liberty, Missouri.

At the time Liberty had a curbside recylcing program.

Mayor Bower disbanded the Recycling Committee after we (the Committee) found a new location for the city's recylcing center.

His promise to re-establish the committee after the construction on Walmart was begun later than year has not been kept.

Greg Walters said...


Tonight the City Council will vote on a new property tax levy for the City of Raytown. This increase will affect how much you pay in property taxes on your home, automobiles and recreational vehicles.

The meeting will be held at Raytown City Hall, 10000 East 59th Street. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

Please plan to attend and be heard.

Anonymous said...

As Chiefs go Jim Lynch is just so so. He's way overpaid and that's because he's got all his buddies on the board of aldermen to keep raising his salary for just showing up. Look at our city it can't grow, it's only 10 square miles and will never get any bigger. So Jim's responsibilities are not expanding. He answers to no one, only a handful of voters that come out every 4 years. So in my opinion ole Jim has got it pretty darn good. Most people would love to have a job as easy as his.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:44
Maybe you should be on the board if you aren't already.
They could use people like you. You would fit in just fine.
More taxes with less service.

SHEILA said...


Andy Whiteman said...

If the public is heard, will anyone listen?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I still have not had Bower return my call. You know I had this same issue abut four years ago with Lynch. Then I put more effort into it and keep calling once a day until I found him in took about three days, but I found him. As for Bower, I am guess you are still attending the 8:00 AM service so I will just catch you Sunday. I think we have several that want to talk to you about the tax issue anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to see a lot of signs on Gregory Blvd. Where is either codes or the sign lady that I keep reading about. We need someone to has the time to take the time and clean up or city.

Anonymous said...

It was reported on this blog and Post that Raytown would be making repairs on Gregory at Raytown, but I have not seen anything. Are we sure the city is really planing to do anything. Speaking of doing anything are we ever getting that new bridge at 63rd and Raytown Trafficway.

Anonymous said...

I see several posting about Mary Jane running for mayor does this mean that her or Bill are announcing her intention.

I don’t know Mary, but I do know what we have and I can not wait to work hard to get him out of office.

To the person who said they left a message on Sunday and still have not heard from him don’t feel bad. I have not heard back from him on many messages I have left. I don’t think he really wants to talk to any of us. You said something about going to church with him. Would you please let us know were that is as maybe that would be the best time to catch him. I work evening and cannot go to the board meetings so I really don’t know how else to contact him. Any help you or others could give would be great.

Anonymous said...

Some people must have a very unhappy life that they can not find anything good to say abut our city.

I for one am please about at least some streets being resurfaced. Yes, I would have like to seen 79th and also Blue Ridge down by Raytown High worked on. However, after waiting for more then a year anything is better then nothing.

Anonymous said...

Don’t we have any news in this city to share. Maybe we have already closed the doors and forgot to tell those still living here that we are just out of luck. We should as Andy said be so glad to live in this state.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at the Raytown Post and there piece about a hotel opening soon. They have been building that thing for over a year as well it is in KCMO so we will not see anything from it.

Looks like thanks to Bower and his do nothing attitude we loose again.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been by REAP lately seems they need to get their act together and get the grass mowed. Wait that was not grass that has weeds.

Why is there a large 50’ truck parked back on the property next to REAP.

To think those living in the area complained about REAP moving in and they have that truck to look at.

Anonymous said...

I drove by Alderman Creamers last night and at the curb were two empty trashcans. Now I know that not everyone uses the same hauler as me, but Joe does and Flynn’s picks up our part of town on Wednesday. These means Joe must be reading the blog and laugh himself sick doing little things that make others crazy. Fun thing is Joe needs to stop living up to his nickname of Simple Joe and set the example of what the rest of us should be doing. What a simple minded individual to act like a child.

Anonymous said...

REAP is located in a residentially zoned area by special use permit. The truck that is parked on that property is in violation.

Andy Whiteman said...

To contact the mayor try email:

His email as well as the email for aldermen and appointed officials are listed at if you search them out.

I thought the deadline for announcing intent to run for an office was the last day for registration to be on the ballot. But I think if someone wanted to run they MIGHT announce early to build up supporters. On the other hand, a short campign might be better depending on the person's preferences.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

There's a great invention out, it's called the Doo Doo bag, you pick up the poo and place it in the bag, take it home and dispose of it. Maybe the DO needs to be readdressed and what wasn't added 3 years ago brought up, and be revised.

Just to mention a few,

Curbing your dog, and owners sitting on their porches with their dogs not bothering the neighbors unleashed. Trap Release and Neuter for the feral cats, permits for rescuers. The list could go on. If you have an over zealous AC officer, then take the time to train him and require all new AC officers to go through a animal training course.

Now, that's if you want it done the right way, but people are happy to complain and do nothing about the problem. With that training it would cost the city money, so what do we get? A AC officer who has more than likely never handled animals.

If the problem is that bad, then AC needs to be separate from the codes departments, AC officers should only be handling strays, abuse and neglect cases, and any other issues pertaining to animals, not checking to see if your grass isn't cut or you have a unlicensed car in the driveway.

And this town has a lot more to worry about then trash cans being left out, that's just nit picking. I can see if it's there for a week or longer but come on folks, complain about the real issues.

Andy Whiteman said...

Raytown is run more like a HOA than a city. A lot of nitpicking ordinances, many of which the BOA had no intention of enforcing when they wrote them. Why did they waste time writing them?

Lets get away from HOA government and run a real city.

Andy Whiteman