Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Raytown Citizens Crime Watch

By Richard Tush

I belong to a group of Raytown citizens who takes our responsibility to assist in ensuring our community’s safety seriously. That group of Raytown volunteers is called Raytown Crime Watch. Raytown Crime Watch was founded in 1992 by Marty Taraski.

Members of Raytown Crime Watch voluntarily give their time to patrol within the City of Raytown during evening hours and some afternoons for any suspicious activity. On an average week, 50 hours will be logged in by the volunteers. If suspicious activity is found, we radio the information into the police department. We do not intervene in situations, we simply observe and report.

Beyond looking for just suspicious activity while patrolling we also look for garage doors that have been left open and unattended. At other times we assist the police with directing traffic at accident sense, which allows the police to get back out on patrol or respond to other calls sooner.

If you would like more information please visit the following website

Natural Health Connection By Richard Tush

One of the newest businesses to open in Raytown is Natural Health Connections located at suite H, 6520 Raytown Road, which provides licensed massage therapy.

The owner Elisa Bedsworth is a graduate of BMSI Institute in Overland Park, Kansas and certified through NCTMB. Her services are for therapeutic massage, Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, postnatal, sports and reflexology. She is certified as an infant massage instructor. She welcomes visitors to come on in and take a look at my establishment it does not resemble a massage parlor. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of massage to come and check them out.

Massages Unveiled By Elisa Bedsworth

Massage is defined as the systematic manual or mechanical manipulations of the soft tissues of the body by such movements as rubbing, kneading, pressing, rolling, slapping and tapping for therapeutic purposes. This includes promoting circulation of the blood and lymph, relaxation of muscles, relief from pain, and restoration of metabolic balance, and other benefits both physical and mental.

Massage has direct psychological and physiological benefits. Physically, massage increases metabolism, hastens healing, relaxes and refreshes the muscles, and improves the functions of the lymphatic system. Massage helps to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and spasms and improves circulation of blood and lymph, thereby improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells as it enhances the removal of metabolic wastes. Because blood carries nutrients to the skin, massage is beneficial in keeping the skin functioning in a normal, healthy manner. Massage therapy is effective in pain management in conditions such as arthritis, neuritis, neuralgia, labor and delivery, whiplash, muscular lesion, sciatica, headache, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions.

Psychologically massage relieves fatigue, reduces tension and anxiety, calms the nervous system, promotes a sense of relaxation and renewed energy.

All the above information was from Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage by Mark F. Beck. If anyone is concerned about the requirements of a Massage Therapist in Raytown, MO, Article VIII Massage Establishments, Bath Houses, Modeling Studios, and Body Painting Studios- Ord. No.1337-76 is available at city hall.

For Missouri State Massage Therapist License contact the Missouri Board of Therapeutic Massage at not only can you find requirements for massage therapy, but also other professions.

Time For A Sabbatical By Richard Tush

I have enjoyed the opportunity over the past several months to provide a new spin and direction for the blog. However, with increasing request from other commitments this is a good time for me to take a step back and reflect upon my future ambitions.

As well, like the lady whose single handed effort to address the ongoing signs in the right away issue I believe for any changes to ever accrue we the citizen must address them being city hall continues to choice to ignore them. With that said, I believe more time needs to be devoted to identify the eyesores of our city as it appears only those identified by others are ever addressed by city hall. An effort of this magnitude will take time, time that with producing and daily monitoring of the blog I currently do not have. The only way we will ever see these problems address is by someone taking the time and proving we clearly need to overhaul the codes department and their current procedures. It is time I put words into action and see our city’s appears be restored to the glory day’s of the past.

I hope that the blog will continue to run many of the sections that have become weekly additions and would encourage the section on new businesses to become part of the ongoing expectations. If it is not those at the Raytown Reporter who brings to light the new treasures who will as Raytown no longer has its own paper.

Fix This Eyesore…

DAY 92 – 84th Street Sanitary Sewer Project: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remain

Day 92 - Time to Get Serious About Cleaning up Raytown: The proliferation of large trucks using our city as a parking lot. It is especially noticeable along 350 Highway.

Day 92 – Stop the Mosquitoes: The breeding ground for mosquitoes was not fixed as we had indicated. It seems a good load of two of dirt need added to ensure water cannot collect on at this location.

Day 92 – Green Space: The grass areas that were damaged by the chamber event still remain unrepaired. At a BOA meeting prior to the SummerFest event Alderman Charlotte Melson said the Chamber would repair damage to the grass.

Day 78 – Minor Smith Park: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remain.

Day 71 – Crescent Creek: Wires still dangle from the pole. - Fixed

Day 64 – Former Religious Store: Allowed to decay.

Day 43 – The burned home at 8510 Stark: Remains a nuisance to the neighborhood

Local Meetings and Events:

Sept 10th – Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting 6:00 PM at city hall

Sept 10th – Planning & Zoning Commission meeting 8:00 PM at city hall Note: call the day of the meeting to make sure it has not be canceled due to no items being brought before the commission.

Sept 15th – Special Sales Tax Oversight Committee meeting 5:30 PM at city hall

Sept 17th – Human Relations Commission meeting 5:30 PM at city hall

Sept 21st – Park Board meeting 7:00 PM at park administrative office

Sept 22nd – Municipal Committee meeting 6:00 PM at city hall

Sept 22nd – Board of Alderman meeting 7:00 PM at city hall

Sept 29th – Finance Committee meeting 6:00 PM at city hall


Andy Whiteman said...

Richard, Sorry to see you leave but I can understand that this work takes a lot of time.

I think the Raytown Crime Watch is a great service organization. I think I may have seen their cars when walking one my dogs but never saw the word "Raytown" on the cars. I thought it was a private security company. I keep a watch when out walking and have Police dispatch as a fast dial number on my cell phone. My last dog was really good at noticing things I didn't see such as an open gates, etc. Actually I feel a foot patrol gets exercise and provides a better view.

I am glad to hear that Raytown has massage therapy. When I slipped on ice and had whiplash, I had a prescription from a doctor for massage. As posted there are many benefits to massage.

Day 64: Several "structures" from the old the old religious store east bound and one across 63rd St are in poor condition. I spoke with Andy Boyd about these. I am not going to try and quote him but I suggest anyone interested call him. Frankly I think these need to be razed to remove the blight. The religious store has an occupied building between it an another blighted building. The other building is next to a vacant lot +/- 1.18acres. i think the whole area would be prime for a developer if the economy wasn't so bad.

Day 43: These things take forever. Lightening hit and burned down a home in my neighborhood. After over a year I called codes and was told that insurance wouldn't pay the claim and it would be a hardship to require the owner to raze the building. I pointed out that it was a safety hazard and should at least be fenced. I think it took about 2 years to raze the building.

I have told the BOA numerous times that many codes were wither obsolete or not enforced and should be reviewed. From what I have seen of the smoking issue, this may be an impossible task.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

A friend of mine just took over the Crescent Creek
Development. He also reads this blog. After he took
over the development he called the KCPL and asked them
to fix the wires on the pole. They told him they hadn't been
notified about the problem and would be out to fix it.
They did, end of eye sore.
I find it strange that our codes people couldn't have made
the same phone call over 71 days ago.
By the way he told me there will be no section eight housing
in Crescent Creek. However if the city gives him their usual
bunch of problems as they give every other business that tries
to come into town, who could blame him if he changes his mind.

Andy Whiteman said...

I think it is strange that a ctiizen couldn't have made a call to KCPL 71 days ago! Why does codes need to be involved? When I see a street light out, a pole problem, water leak, etc. I call the utility myself. They are responsible, not the city. I believe in the KISS system.
I have called Aquilla in the past. Sometimes it took several calls. They couldn't get it through their thick skulls that the pole or light I was calling about was not at my house but maybe down the block. They always claimed they couldn't find the light or pole.

Andy Whiteman

Justin Tomac said...

I am curious, was any one else aware that Blockbuster on Raytown Road will be closing on Sunday (9/13)?
It would be interesting to know if it was the lack of business, higher taxes or combination of all the above?

Justin Tomac

Justin Tomac said...

Either they are closing or will not be renting after Sunday. Either way if you don't mind pre-viewed movies, you can get some good deals...4 for $20 or so my wife conveyed to me this evening.

Sad, I hate seeing stores close in Raytown even if they are big box/chain stores.

Justin Tomac

Andy Whiteman said...

I don't have time to rent videos but am sorry to see them go. I am sure many enjoy renting videos. When we lived in KCMO, my wife would pick out videos at the library. The charge was like 50 cents or $1 depending on the video and it was for a whole week!

I don't know if the Raytown Library has videos or not.

I can only speculate what led to Blockbuster's demise but there is a lot of competition with videos downloaded on the internet. I don't know about price, but you don't have to fetch them and return them. I read that some ISPs are starting to charge for bandwidth use and those who download a lot of videos will have higher ISP fees. Maybe not now, but it is being phased in by some ISPs in some places.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Justin, I wasn't aware of the Blockbuster closing. The real question is, were the city officials aware of it's closing? Probably not, because they don't seem to have a handle on the businesses that might need help to stay in our town. Again it's sad, and there's less sales tax for our city officials.

Anonymous said...

I hear on the street they are going to put plan parenthood at the old Raytown Plaza. This will be good to have a new business and not just vacant storefront. It will also fit right in with “Freedom of Choice”. I know how well those on the Board of Alderman support we the people deciding what to do with our bodies. That is why they didn’t vote in a smoking ordinance. Now the women of our community will have a choice too. Sure will be nice and that is so close and convenient to Raytown High School. I bet the young girls just can not wait to celebrate their newfound freedom.

Anonymous said...

Being that David Bower is blind to all of the code violations in the city. Shouldn’t we report him when he is spotted driving as a “Seeing Eye Driver”? Let’s be real I don’t want some blind guy out driving our streets and putting our families in danger. Again he does have Mary, who for all we know is his personal driver being none of us ever see her at anything.

I sure hope for her he does more around there home then what we have seen him do for the city. Maybe that is the reason we don’t see her. She is working none stop around their home because he is just the lazy dog on the porch.

Anonymous said...

Andy: I am concerned that you have an issue with forcing people to buy heath insurance. You are telling me you would prefer one of two things. Either way, we pay for their health care now when they visit the emergency room or to out right not provide them services unless they could afford to pay.

Myself I believe we have those that need assistance, but we have to many in the current system that you and I are paying for their medical services when they could pay their own way. I know of a family that begs everyone for money, but they net $40,000 a year the issue is $500 a month goes to smokes and beer. Then they spend about $1,000 a month on sports or purchase to keep up with the Jones. They do not have health insurance as it would cut into the play money. They use the emergency room when sick then refuse to pay the bill.

This is the kind of people we have in the country and it is time they pay their fair share. If you have $1,500 to throw to the wind each month you need to respect others and pay your way.

Anonymous said...

Here we are on the eight anniversary of 9/11. Our country still giving money away to other nations who act as our friend and will only bit the hand that feeds them. We could put the money towards health care, social security and feeding our poor. However, we never thing of those in our own nation.

We now have some half crazed Republican from South Carolina opening his mouth will the President is trying to move our county forward on one of those issues. Sad, the Republican are never for “Family Values” as they clam just personal gain at others expense.

Lincoln would be ashamed of the self-centered party you have become!

Andy Whiteman said...

Limit all U.S. politicians to two terms:

One in office and one in prison!

Illinois Already Does This.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:55PM, I agree with you that we shouldn't pay for others to get medical care. When I go to the ER, I get a bill. How does that family get out of paying? You seem to know their income and spending habits. The hospital should sic a collection agency on them. That is what they would do to me!

There was a time I had no health insurance because for me it is too expensive--over $12,000 per year! Not worth it. I put the money into a separate account each month rather than give it to the insurance company.

This is the United States. Each person needs to take personal responsibility as someone stated above. If someone doesn't want insurance, they can do without health care or the collection agency can come after them. I am not by brothers keeper. Dictator O'Bomba doesn't even help his brother who lives in a hut in Kenya.

Socialized Health Care violates the Constitution. The government is overstepping their authority by taking away our freedom of choice. The government can't manage anything efficiently. How on earth could they possibly manage health care?

In every other country that has Socialized Health Care, people can't get care because of long waits. In Canada, a dog can get an MRI in one day, but a human has to wait months! People in Canada come to the USA and PAY for health care.

If the Fascist government takes over Health Care, health care will be rationed so the elderly, those with mental issues, and the disabled, will not receive health care. Medicare pays only a fraction of the cost and denies many services and medications. I take several medications that Part D Medicare won't allow so I have to order them from another pharmacy.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

but it is okay and stand before the american people and lie to our faces. The HALF CRAZED republican spoke the truth not in the right format but it is the truth read all three of the bills put forth by the democrats all three call for some coverage of illeagals.
He is no more crazy than Van Jones or Acorn or even the new black panthers that got a free pass on voter intimadation charges in philadelphia all the while we are forming panels to investigate the south carolina police officer dust up with the professer,we are outing CIA officers. I even saw John Kerry came out today and equated the attacks on 911 to the struggle with global warming. Do you really think that 900 billion is going to cover everybody for health care? Where are you going to get the Doctors to handle the increased workload,Dont you think we are going to need more hospitals and clinics? The area has lost two hospitals in the last 12 years Park Lane closed and Independance closed two and built one to replace it...You really think they are looking out for you..we are still in iraq,gitmo is still open,more troops are being called up and deployed to the afgan conflict..iran is still buying time and enriching uranium as is north glad nancy pelosi and harry reid are answering the phone.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Larry Edwards it seems the schools are still failing. Just last night after the football game someone was shot down at 63rd and Claremont. I hope by now you have learned all the money in the world is not going to get these kids to stay out of trouble.

Thank God the police caught the shooter!

I wonder if parents ever check their kid’s vehicles for items they should never have in their possession. Maybe we need to change the laws and start holding the parents accountable. I know the parents cannot be every were, but how many of these kids are the root of evil because their parents never spent any time with them and those that did taught them to act just like this punk with the gun.

Well Mr. Edwards I and the rest of the hard working members of Raytown would like to know what loving thought you have now. Maybe you could tend to the poor wounded individual until they heal to reflect upon you foolish comments at the Raytown School Board meeting.

While you are at it maybe you can think about what we need to do to address the issue with the school board president not paying her taxes in a timely manor. I guess she really doesn’t want to help the kids!

Anonymous said...

You mean we had a shooting in Raytown and it was not in the section eight. My I thought those were the only places to fear. I think we best be looking into checking vehicles at these high school sporting events.

I heard from a good source that the chief was not out to help with the investigation. Jim Lynch is just a waste of our tax dollars. We all know that Chris Turnbow would have been one of the firsts to the seen. I guess that is the difference between a chair warmer and a true police officer.

It seems it is time for Jim to think about retiring and letting someone with more concern for the city take his place instead of him and his concern to only draw a high paying check.

Anonymous said...

speaking of section eight by house at 5501 lane yes it is a know the one with foot hi grass and a overturned sofa in the front think the shooter or the victim voted...hmmmmm probably not...but maybe the parents did..and in reference to chief lynch responding to a shooting call....that is why he has solid detectives and beat cops..thats what they get paid for he oversees the department ...i mean would you want your boss over your shoulder everytime something happened...i dont understand how so many of you are so short sighted...

Anonymous said...

I just drove by Jerrys steakhouse and it is closed. Oh I know it is not in Raytown but I hate to see any business close.

Anonymous said...

We have those that forget…. Lynch is elected.

We have those that forget…Lynch wanted the position to remain elected even under a charter form of government.

We have those that don’t understand…. Elected officials need to remain in the public eye.

Thank God our Country Prosecutor doesn’t hide behind closed door like our chicken of a police chief.

We deserve more for what we pay this lazy excuse of an individual!

Andy Whiteman said...

Larry Edwards thinking is logical only if children are in a locked school 24/7. Keeping them there 7 hours M-F doesn't resolve the issue. Those who want to make something of themselves will study while the criminal types will ply their life of crime. School doesn't change anyone's goals. You can't force children to learn anything unless they want to learn.

If the BOE President is in arrears on property taxes, it seems to me the board is in conflict of interest to raise the mill levy since at least one member clearly isn't paying taxes. Someone should challenge the BOE.

I have said this before and agree with 5:49PM. Parents should be responsible for their children's actions.

Some consider children to be a gift from God. I am sure those people assume responsibility for proper up bringing of their children. Other people just breed and collect welfare, food stamps, and/or child support and let their little brats run wild. I have encountered both types and don't enjoy being around the latter.

Has anyone noticed beer and alcohol bottle tossed on the street and/or yards? I suspect these are from minors in possession and driving under the influence. Since they can't dispose of the bottles properly, they toss them onto the street. When I lived in Aurora, CO, almost every Friday night minors were parked somewhat out of sight and drinking in the car. On Saturday I saw all of their empty bottles next to where their car was. I started calling the PD, but of course that is a low priority call and they were always gone by the time the PD got there. One time the dispatcher didn't understand the problem since they were parked. I explained to her that obviously they would soon be DWI and it is best to stop them before the kill someone.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The world is full of real men ready to standup and do the job they are elected.

Sad that we in Raytown have Jim Lynch whom seems to be good for one thing…WARMING CHAIRS

Gee there is an additional nearly $100,000 savings we could find by paying for performance.

Lynch wouldn’t see anything, as we don’t need to pay someone to set and smile.

Andy Whiteman said...

There is something wrong here. Not mentioning names, there are 3 officials elected with no opposition. Obviously you can't vote someone out unless there is an opponent. One requirement is that someone else WANT the job. I did a write in on the last ballot because I felt the candidate was a complete idiot.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have found the Raytown Police Department to be pretty responsive when I have called. There was a time in the past when that was not the case. But it has greatly improved as of late.

An anonymous poster keeps on going after Jim Lynch but to be honest it appears that the p.d. may be one of the few departments to brag about in Raytown.

If half of the accounts about the codes department are true then there is a REAL problem. That light pole at the Crescent Creek is a good example. Codes new about it (I know for a fact they read this page) yet apparently ignored the eyesore.

Our elected representatives are supposed to be watchdogs on how the staff at city hall manages things.

It looks like they really do not want to get involved.

Change your leadership at city hall and you will go a long way in solving those problems.

Anonymous said...

I believe that David Bower is well on his way to being the WORST mayor that Raytown has ever had. He appears to not take anyone's advice except the city staff, and they are all a bunch of "out of towners" that could care less what REALLY happens in Raytown. They are here for those BIG FAT PAYCHECKS (all are overpaid) that they pick up every other Friday. Raytown is on a downward spiral and I'm afraid it will never recover.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty hard for the elected officals to over see the codes when they themselves have codes violations as an example ward 5's new elected offical and ward 1's new alderman as well. How can they ask others to comply if they themselves don't?

Anonymous said...

I don’t know which is the sadder state of offers. Having members of society deciding the only way to settle differences is with a gun or having an elected chief that cannot manage to get out of his chair and do the job he was elected.

Andy you are correct it is sad we couldn’t find anyone to run against these individuals, but I must ask did you do your part to find candidate. I feel I have the right to make a statement like that as I tried for two years before the election to find someone with classifications to put an end to the Lynching we have been getting for some time. I spoke with an Independence officer who lives off 76th Ter and Westridge several times, but he has no ambition to further his rank or change departments at this time. Maybe I should have spent time talking to his wife about how much the chief makes. I also spoke with a couple of Sheriff department officers who live in the city. The one indicated he was thinking of retirement and therefore wouldn’t be interest.

For those that think they know Jim Lynch they are only being lynched by the image he wants you to see. This guy has a worse history of returning calls then our poor excuse of a Mayor. By the way, I still cannot get the mayor to return my calls. I have also spoke with a couple of friends in the city and seems they too are having this issue. I wouldn’t want to bother someone wife, but I am getting closer and closer to calling Mary and asking what the issue is with David.

Let’s look back to the shooting at the apartment buildings earlier this year. I never once saw Jim on TV as the spoke person. I know of no other elected chief who would pull this stunt. We elect him not his boy toy friend Ted Bowen. It was nice that Ted took the time to address the community, but we elected Jim. If Jim is not able to do the job then step down and let Ted have it until we can hold an election. We all know Sue is money hungry so I am sure she would love him making the extra pay.

So those that think they know Jim, need to ask him. Why we never see him so what in God’s name does he do all day? Yes, those of us that know him know that answer. I too have seen it on the blog, but it seems to drop off as soon as it is mentioned. I therefore recommend the next time you are at Applebee’s on 350 ask for the manager Matt is his name and I am sure if you ask he will be kind and tell you how often he sees Mr. Lynch.

Andy Whiteman said...

2:34PM, I can understand why an Independence officer didn't want to run for Police Chief. First off how does it affect is retirement in Independence? He could lose a good part of his retirement or even all if he is not vested. Second, if he won the election, he has a 4 year job that could end at the next election and he would have to HOPE to get a job at another department, maybe at a lower salary than he has now.

I thought of running but in fairness to the citizens I didn't because I won't be here 4 years to finish the term. Also there is nothing I can criticize Chief Lynch about so there would be no campaign issues to present.

What is wrong with Chief Lynch eating at Applebee's? When I dispatched the Douglas County Sheriff's Department it was pretty common to find one or more officers at the local cafe. State Patrol and the City PD also hung out there. I would give the dumb crook of the year award to a ticket walker who walked past an officer on the way out. The officer got up, followed him out and made an arrest!

2:23PM, I think the message we are receiving is that landlords may not violate codes but for certain city officials it is OK. Have you ever called in a complaint to the Codes Department?

11:55 PM and 3:23PM, We as Citizens need to be proactive and report the violations ourselves. The Crescent Creek issue never should have gone to the city. KCPL could have been notified by ANY citizen. It is not codes job to handle matters like that. If it bothered me, I would have called KCPL. I have called many times about street lights out, poles leaning, water main leaks, etc. Why use taxpayer's time for something a citizen should do themselves?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

to be honest if you called me ramblin on about pot holes and light fixtures and how evil walmart is...i wouldnt call you back either and if you called my wife and bugged her id come over to your house and remove your phone from the wall...its funny you all have such interesting ideas

Anonymous said...

Mr. Whiteman… I don’t think Mr. Lynch is eating at Applebee’s unless he is on some new liquid diet. Again I recommend speaking with Matt. I hope he will be as forth coming as I have heard he as been with others about our fine chief.

Furthermore Mr. Whiteman if you would spend some time watch what goes on in our city and less time recalling the pass you would be quick to learn Mr. Lynch never is on patrol. This was not the case with Chris Turnbow, who believed an elected official should be highly visible to those that elected him.

I have spoke with others who have presented many good ideas to the police department, which would allow for additional services to our community and not impact the police department. Jim will not take the time of day to look into these options let alone just agree, as that would impact his daily ritual of doing nothing. If luckily Jim will give some excuse, but the excuse is just that as other local city’s have the programs. So before you and others go blowing the happy horn of Jim Lynch find out how he is holding us back and actually costing us money. Money that we could use thanks to the rest of his elected friends in Raytown.

For those that think I am against the Raytown Police Department, I am not! I am against wasting nearly $100,000 on a poor excuse of an individual who has done nothing for our city, but cost the taxpayers more and more money. We have other options, but then we would have to be proactive department… sounds like the same stuff I hear about with codes. I will agree the offices do a great job of responding if dispatch will take the call. I swear they are the rudest bunch of individuals and they know they can be because their boss is too lazy to address the issue. By the way…if you talk to the right officers you will find they too share the disappointment with dispatch. Did you know we just spent around $50,000 this year to update dispatch. Gee, other cities in the metro are look at having the sheriff department handle the calls to saving money. Yes, we are in a recession and most honest communities are doing their part to help out the taxpayers. Sad we live in Raytown were our elected officials believe money gross on trees and all they need is us hardworking citizens to take the time to pick it for them.

One final thing if you feel Mr. Lynch is doing such a fine job and spending our money wisely. I guess you have no problem with at least 50 supporters I have bring their property tax bills to you this year to pay. In other words you and the rest of the Lynch huggers need to get your facts right and not just state an opinion of what a great job he is doing.

Anonymous said...

No one forced David Bower to run for mayor unless there is something some of you know that the rest of us don’t know. The fact is he did and he one now he has an obligation to the community were he was elected. If he doesn’t like hearing the complaints then address the issue.

If he doesn’t like to return calls then answer his phone.

If he doesn’t like the fact people start calling his wife to check on him for not responding to their messages.

He needs to grow up and be a man as a man would return the calls.

However, a real man wouldn’t have to worry about the calls because he would have already called the department heads and gotten the issues address before everyone started complaining.

I guess we just elected a childish little boy who needs his wife to take over her knee and enlightening him on the reality of the world he lives in.

Anonymous said...

What is with these young alderman? After seeing the posting today on the blog I drive by Alderman Pardue’s and Alderman Lightfoot’s homes. I guess being an Alderman makes it okay not to keep your property up and being these two clowns both own their homes they would not fail under Simple Joe’s plan to go after rental properties for being the eyesores of Raytown.

I for one think we need to get some things changed at city hall like making our elected officals set the example for the rest of us to follow. I also believe this is further proof we need a state audit. If these elected officials are running around not tending to their person issues I hate to think what they have allowed to happen at city hall.

Didn’t Simple Joe recruit both of these clowns?

PS – I think clowns is the right name for them their houses look like something the circus wold drag around.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:35PM, I don't recall praising Chief Lynch. I stated that I had no complaint about his work. In rarely see a large department where the Chief is on patrol. Their job is behind a desk. I do think he should ride a patrol sometimes to see what is going on. If this was a true fourth class city, we would have a smaller police department and the chief would have to cover a shift on patrol. Raytown is a real city but is of the 4th class.

If you were at the BOA just before the election, you would recall that I spoke against raises for ALL chair warmers including Chief Lynch.

I am aware of the money to upgrade dispatch. I am glad dispatch is local. Outsourcing is not a good idea because the Sheriff's Department doesn't have local knowledge of Raytown. In Raytown you can call 911, state the name of a business, school, or shopping center and they KNOW what you are talking about. The Sheriff's Dept. would require an address which the average person may not know. I used to Dispatch a Fire Department in a village where we dispatched by the name of the family living in the house rather than address.

To those who don't like the job Jim Lynch is doing: you have about 3 years to find someone else to put on the ballot. Hopefully I won't own property here 3 years from now or I will have to vote absentee.

Andy Whiteman

Excuses for David said...

Let's face it. The David Bower that is serving as Mayor is not the same one that campaigned. One was open and communicative. The other is secretive and refuses to communicate. One had a sense of humor. The other throws tantrums when anyone publicly disagrees with him.

He simply does not have the tools to be a good mayor. We all know it. Many of us a made a mistake by voting for him. It is time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built in a day and Raytown can't be destroyed
in a day either.
It takes time to run a town in the ground.
City Hall has been working on this for over ten years.
So please give these elected people a little more time.
They are doing a good job of ruining our town so far.
As for the new aldermen that think that codes don't
apply to them, they haven't had enough time to talk the
others into letting their property go as well. So give them
a chance too.
Together with the people that don't get out and vote, and the
people in city hall, this town should be gone in just a few more

Anonymous said...

I have not lived a long time in Raytown as some of you have. I would like to know was Mayor Bower always like this? I have heard and read terrible things about him. If he ran for Mayor again I am not sure I would vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

Andy: I have often heard you refer to the school district as the “Dysfunctional School District”.
Anyone thinking that we have a large department or need all of the chiefs is thinking “Dysfunctional”.

I said it last April when Lynch was working hard to “lynch” us on voting in the “Public Safety Tax”. We need to examine how many chiefs, senior officers, our department has.

I seem to be the only one facts to validate my position.
We have one chief that makes around $100,000 annually.
We have two captains that make around $40 an hour each, which adds up to $166,400 annually.
We have four lieutenants that make around $35 an hour each, which adds up to $291,200 annually.
We have seven sergeants that make around $30 an hour, which adds up to $436,800 annually.
We have five corporals that make around $25 an hour, which adds up to $260,000 annually.

PEOPLE that is $1,125,400 annually for the chiefs at the police department!

How many more officers could we put on the street?

Our city is only 10 square miles does any other city our size have that many people at the top? I highly doubt it. It is time we run an efficient city and not a free for all for those at city hall as WE ARE PAYING FOR THEIR SERVE.

We have to keep the chief’s position under state law, but I think we need to reduce the salary to be more in line with the detectives and officers on the street. Now this is an example of opinion., As for fact - I would like to point out Fairway, KS is doing this now. The reason they do it is to hire the best officers and to do that you have to pay them more, which means pay the chief less.

We need someone to act in the chief’s absense, so I could under stand either one captain or one lieutenant. I recommend a lieutenant to save money. That saves on upper management. Now on lower management we need to cut out two of the sergeant positions and eliminate the corporal positions. This would save us $640,600 annually. Being the upper management doesn’t get out on the streets we wouldn’t see any impact to service.

We could then use the savings to actually hire more officers to be on the street, which is we need as long as they are highly visible. Something we don’t always get under the lynching policy of policing.

Anonymous said...

The information on salaries may be obtained by any of us under the freedom of information act. I believe more of us should join me in learning what we are really spending at city hall.

Anonymous said...

For all those who do not remember, Insurance Agent/Mayor Sue Frank ( who had business dealings with Lynch when he was a insurance detective) endorsed Lynch for Police Chief. When Lynch was elected Police Chief, Mayor Frank's husband, Ted Bowman (who was a Sgt. detective with the Raytown Police Department) within a 2-year period, rose to the rank of Captain, under his good friend Lynch. Of course along with Bowman making Captain, Lynch and Bowman got rid of anyone who opposed them and surrounded themselves with as many butt-kissers as they possibly could including all high ranking memebers in the Police Department to the tune of over a million a year ($ number by earlier post).

This is this the Police Command that we have. Pretty sad for the citizens of Raytown, but there is nothing that can be done about it. Know why? Because if you try, you WILL have your character and name attacked. That's how they do.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:05 AM, As I previously said ALL tie wearing, chairwarmers at City Hall should have salary cuts or the position eliminated. When the BOA raised the question of elected official's pay as well as all employee's pay, I voiced a concern that the salaries of tie wearing Chairwarmers should be cut.

I agree this size of city doesn't need so many high ranking officers. Your figures of upper officier's salaries is somewhat misleading. Your assumption is a savings if that position is eliminated, but if the position was reduced to a patrol officer, that person is still paid so the savings is actually less than you stated.

BTW you will find senior officers on patrol. I have called previously and requested a Sgt. I was connected to a cell phone of the Sgt. while he was on patrol.

I feel that Raytown has a top-notch police force. If anyone has an issue with the staffing, it should be brought to the BOA.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy: You of all people should know that the BOA doesn’t listen to the people. Do you really think they take you seriously. If yes, I have a bridge at 63rd and Raytown road I will sell you.

We need to work harder to point out to the public the issues and who it impacts every ones checkbook. Then make sure they get out and vote in the city elections. As others have pointed out on this blog we must first find a good candidate to run for chief and not someone just looking to warm a chair and play merry games with his friends.

Pat Casady said...

You are right. Raytown does have a top notch police
department. Raytown has a top notch school program too.
But, the money that city hall and the school district use and
we are taxed highly for their use is getting to be too much
for the average household to keep up with.
We see the city growing heavy with upper management and high
salaries along with wasteful spending.
We see the school district buy property and spend
like there is no recession. Both with certainly no consideration for the
people that are being laid off, losing their jobs or people on a fixed
income. No, we see every election a new tax added on. Or even worse
tax levy being raised, then the money being spent on things that aren't
really needed. Like that asinine artificial turf. Just how does that improve
education? After all isn't that the reason for a school taxes, education?
Think of the teaching aids and books that money could have gone towards.
In better economic time nobody would mind this kind of spending but,
when everybody is just trying to make ends meet, we have heavy spenders
sucking on our bank accounts like ticks. This is morally wrong and they don't
see it.

Anonymous said...

Good point about the over spending and top-heavy police department. We need to not fall pray again to the scare tactics they used on our senior voters. We need to hold them accountable as stockholders would a corporation. Maybe I am the only one that recalls that the mayor would often refer to the city as a corporation. It seems time to start finding new board of directors, Alderman, as well as the chairman of the board, David Bower.

He was elected by the stockholders to represent us not the good old boy ways of the board of directors, Alderman. It is time he is held to doing this. This would also mean running is city like a well ran corporation and start cutting those high-paying jobs. I agree we have too much high paying waste seating around in the police department. However, I would say it shouldn’t be the only place to start cutting. I still don’t understand have the community development department head position and based on the lack of service from codes. Do we even need the codes department? Yes, we need, but clean all the dead wood out and hire some individuals that want to work for the check they are receiving.

I bet with the right review and logical thinking we could cut several million for the city budget that could be used to address the boards Wal-Mart blunder then start putting more funds towards our infrastructure and over all appearance. This should help attract new business and homeowners as who wants to move into the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought that if the police would start issuing more tickets we could increase some of the lost revenue we are facing? I now last April Pat mentioned several times about the speed of vehicles on Raytown Road, which if anything has gotten worse. In addition, I know I have spotted many vehicles along 350 highway with expired tags.

Just take a little road trip and have a look for yourself. The lot behind the former Car X has had a car with expired tags parking there for about three months now. There is a blue car with expired KS tags parked behind Fun House Pizza. I hate to think of the number of cars at the shop next to Arby’s with expired or missing tags. Funny as our ordinances doesn’t allow this and from what I have seen these vehicles are not safe to even be licensee. I thought this was a repair shop, but it must be a junkyard based on the condition of the cars as well as the boat that appears.

It should also be noted all of these locations also have some other codes violations to include but not limited high weeds. Now if I can spot this stuff going down 350 highway or with the car at Fun House by supporting a local business then why cannot codes? It also tells me the two alderman from ward one are not making sure their ward is the worst eyesore in the city. However, Simple Joe doesn’t want to work to hard and it might take to much of his time to drive through the ward. He would also then have to report on his boy toy pal Alderman Pardue for the maintenance issue at his home.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad we have this blog for new citizens to the city to read. One of my neighbors told me about it. From what I have read we have a HORRIBLE city government and very poorly ran. Sounds like we are paying a lot of money for nothing. I look at KC schools all the money dumped into that situation. Pouring money into something doesn't make it better. The root problem must be fixed first. Here is sounds like we need a clean sweep of city hall starting with the mayor and city staff.

Anonymous said...

I believe our Mayor has a split personality. Ask anyone who has delt with him on a one on one basis. Mister nice guy one minute and the devil himself the next.

Anonymous said...

Like paying higher taxes and want that ghetto experience without moving to the inter city. No longer a problem – Raytown has many homes that are run down and either for sale or rent. You might even find yourself lucky enough to live down the street from one of the less maintained properties owned by on of our fine alderman.

Our swimming pool might close early every year compared to other communities and the fees might seem high, but former alderman Knabe welcomes all to his mud hole of delight at 79th and Spring Valley. You will find more then plenty of parking across the street at the Hay Bail Maze. Be careful while walking through the maze not to step on any of the wildlife, snakes and mice.

For those wishing to see the local art culture just drive down to our former downtown. The backside of Raytown Plaza offers a collection of graphic tags along with broken and boarded windows to delight even the most experienced artistic taste. Kids can enjoy our own version of Jacobs Ladder by attempting to walk the walk of death in the NW corner of the parking lot.

What is any city with out is own house of horror! Just visit the one at 8510 Stark, this lovely creating has been a favorite of the neighbors for the past several years.

You can see why this is definitely the town to celebrate your inter sole of ghetto in the suburbs. We hope you enjoy the accommodations that our city leaders have worked so hard to bring to our community.

Anonymous said...

8310 Stark - Nice home! Love that paint job and board on the window.

Thank you Alderman Lightfoot for making ward 5 look more like a war zone then a place to raise kids.

Andy Whiteman said...

To top it off, Dictator O'Bomba is spending money like there is no recession. The City and School District are following his example. None of the 3 are very wise if you ask me. The Dictator is an embarrassment to this fine country!

Andy Whiteman