Sunday, December 6, 2009

In This Week's Raytown Report . . .

I’m Spartacus I'm Spartacus??? Downtown Raytown Lighting Ceremony a Success High School Sports I'm Spartacus A lot is happening just below the surface in the Missouri 8th State Senatorial District currently held by Matt Bartle. Bartle cannot run for re-election due to term limits. The district, which encompasses most of Lee’s Summit, is considered wide open for next November’s election. The 8th is a rock solid Republican District and a curious game of “who’s on first” is being played by potential candidates for the seat. Shock waves caused by the race have reached Raytown’s 48th District currently held Missouri State Representative Will Kraus. This past summer Kraus very quietly and stealthily moved from Raytown to Lee’s Summit. The move was made for one purpose, which became very clear recently when he announced he intends to run for the 8th Senatorial District. This leaves an unexpected void in the 48thy District. Kraus still had another term left to serve. Though many of my democratic friends may disagree, he (Kraus) probably could have held on to his seat had he run for re-election. Be that as it may, the reality is that Kraus has moved and will not seek re-election. So, what about the shock waves pounding on Raytown’s shores? Kraus moving out of the District (which encompasses most of south Raytown) creates a void in what is acknowledged as one of metropolitan areas few swing districts. Republicans have held the seat fro many years, but the demographics of the district, roughly one third in Raytown, one third in Kansas City and one third in Lee’s Summit, lean Democrat by a small majority. One individual, Gavin Fletchall, who was very active in the last presidential election, has already formally announced his intention to run. Matt Cushman, the Director of Raytown’s ambulance service, has also been mentioned as a possible candidate. I ran into Matt up at the Downtown Raytown Christmas lighting ceremony on Friday night. He does not deny an interest – but from our conversation I doubt he will be throwing his hat into the ring at this time in his life. Two other names that have surfaced are former Ward 5 Alderman Pat Riehle and former Mayor Sue Frank. Though, frankly speaking (pardon the pun!) we can’t see how a known Republican, such as the former Mayor Frank, could be seriously considered as a Democratic candidate. It would make more sense for her to follow her Repubican roots and file on that side of the ballot. Riehle, who resigned his seat on the Raytown Board of Aldermen in 2008, has had run-ins with the local Democratic political party apparatus. Long time Democrats say his credentials are weak at best. Senator Victor Callahan, whose Senatorial District encompasses all of Raytown (his seat is not up for election until 2012), said it best about the hotly contested 48th District, “there is still plenty of time for many candidates to stand up and say “I’m Spartacus” before filing opens next Spring.” I’m Spartacus??? It occurred to me that some of my younger readers may not know about the Spartacus. So, here is the official Wikipedia explanation: Spartacus (c. 109 BC-71 BC), according to Roman historians, was a slave and a gladiator who became a leader (or possibly one of several leaders) in the major slave uprising against the Roman Republic known as the Third Servile War. Little is known about Spartacus beyond the events of the war, and surviving historical accounts are sometimes contradictory and may not always be reliable. Spartacus' struggle, often seen as the fight of an oppressed people fighting for their freedom against a slave-owning aristocracy, has found new meaning for modern writers since the 19th century. The rebellion of Spartacus has proven inspirational to many modern literary and political writers, making Spartacus a folk hero among cultures both ancient and modern. A movie named “Spartacus” was filmed in the 1960’s that glamorized the ancient gladiator. Kirk Douglas played the lead role. At the end of the movie the Romans had captured the remaining rebels. They demanded that Spartacus step forward. At which time a number of the rebels stood up, all claiming to be the leader with the phrase, “I’m Spartacus”. Downtown Raytown Lighting Ceremony a Success About 150 frigid Raytowners attended the Annual Downtown Raytown Christmas lighting ceremony last Friday. Thirty-two Downtown Raytown merchants kept their businesses open late offering complimentary prizes and refreshments to those who attended the lighting ceremony. The highlight of the event was the drawing of the winner of over $4,000 worth of merchandise from local Raytown merchants. And the winner is . . . Kathryn Robinson of Raytown, Missouri. High School Sports O'Hara Tops Smithville 81-54 The O'Hara boys varsity basketball team opened their 2009-2010 season with an exclamation point on December 1st.Scoring 31 of their 81 points in the second period alone, the Celtics reached a 50-22 halftime score as eleven players contributed to the scoring. Led by D. J. Jackson with 20 points and Jevon Lyle's 14 points, the team benefitted from nine three-pointers along the way (five of which were by Jackson and Lyle). In the first quarter, the Celtics had surged ahead by eight points and were able stretch the advantage until easing up in the fourth quarter. Raiders Fall Celtics 59-29 The Pembroke Hill Raiders couldn't keep pace with the O'Hara Celtics in the December 4th basketball game at Pembroke Hill. After falling behind by six points in the initial quarter, the Raiders were only able to come up with two more points until halftime as the Celtics poured in sixteen for a 30-10 lead. Eventually the game ended 59-29 with D. J. Jackson leading the way in double figures with 15 points. O'Hara only cashed in on 9 free throws in 23 attempts but the game did not hinge on points from the free throw line. D. J. Jackson, Jevon Lyle, and Ronnie Miller contributed three-point shots in the game. Cardinals Drop Season Opener After Fourth Quarter Drought For the Raytown South men's basketball team the new season started the same way last season ended. A loss to Grandview. The Cardinals hosted last year's state runner-ups in front of an official sell-out crowd and seemed to be moving towards a solid season opening win but the Bulldogs overcame a 12 point fourth quarter deficit and ended the game with a 13-0 run, handing South a 74-69 loss. "We had a scoring drought because we turned the ball over," said coach Brad Oestreich about his team's struggle to keep possession of the ball. "I had 16 turnovers out of my guards and you're not going to win down the stretch with 16 turnovers out of your guards. It was just bad execution tonight." For the rest of this story please use this link:


Anonymous said...

I understand Gavin Fletchall was involved in the Obama campaign, but what has he done to show he would be a good leader as opposed to merely an outstanding supporting cast member. What can he do for Raytown?
I was somewhat peaved to learn that he had his "Campaign Kick-off" in Springfield. I understand he went to Nixa High School, but he is a Kansas Citian (not a Raytown Citizen or a resident of the Raytown School District) now. It is my belief that he could be yet another vote for the interests of southwest Missouri maked with a 48th District suit. Mr. Fletchall went to Avila for undergraduate and graduate school which is no knock against him. That said, he has only been a member of this district for, at most, five years since he is only in his upper twenties. I focus on Mr. Fletchall because he is the one definitive candidate (that the Raytown Democratic Club has already endorsed from my understanding)

I think this race should be less about the interests of Democrat or Republican and more about the interests of Raytown versus Lee's Summit versus Kansas City. I've heard rumors of several Lee's Summit residents as potential Republican candidates and Gavin Fletchall is a Kansas City candidate. Where is the Raytown citizen who will step up and represent the interests of Raytown in Jefferson City.

Are there any presently elected officials (or recently not reelected) that would make a legitimate candidate for Representative? Mr. Walters? Mr. Van Buskirk? School Board Members? Mayors on their way out? Former Mayors?

Somebody in Raytown, please stand up.

Greg Walters said...

For the record . . .

I do not live in the 48th District. Therefore I am ineligible to be on the ballot and cannot run for that office.

I am not sure that previous post is accurate as to the endorsement of a candidate in the 48th by the Raytown Democratic Association.

A large number of readers of this blog belong to that organization. Perhaps one of them can shed some light on that subject.

It would also be interesting to hear from those Republican candidates eyeing the open seat for the 48th.

The post before this one sounds like it may be pointed in that direction. If true, why keep the possible candidate's name a secret?

Anonymous said...

When are we going to learn?
Not even our own elected people care for Raytown's people
or it's economy. It's sad to say our town is a sinking ship and
we can only thank City Hall and the inept people that run it.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Fletchall was an Obama supporter he won't get my vote. I would rather vote for Clara Belle the Clown

Andy Whiteman said...

The reason for keeping the candidate's name secret is it is way to early to start a campaign or even announce. Those in media must give up their job once they have declared themselves as a candidate. Darle Jaye is considering running for Dist 3 in KS but will have to gove up her job if she does. It is said that Sarah Palin may run in 2012 but she won't declare. Obviously it is too early and cost too much money if started this early.

I won't vote for anyone who supported Dictator O'Bomba. I don't vote by party because I vote for the individual. I am NOT a follower of either party. I make my own decisions.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

As a supporter of President Obama during his election, I assure you I am not a potential Republican Candidate. I just feel Raytown should be loyal to Raytown interests before party interests.

- 12:08 AM poster

Anonymous said...

You folks on this blog seem to forget that the 48th district has Kansas City, Lee's Summit and Raytown in it. Why would you think the person elected should be from Raytown? I believe that it doesn't matter as much as where they live as to what they stand for and who will do the best job for the WHOLE district. I can't say Kraus did a whole lot for Raytown, I'm glad he is not going to run again.

Anonymous said...

great more dummycrats lookin out for my best intrest...cant wait to see how much this will cost

Anonymous said...

Cushmen is a good idea... and I like Riehle too

Anonymous said...

Cushmen and Riehle are good selections. I know they both live in Raytown

Anonymous said...

The problem with Riehle is two fold. One, he never finishes anything he starts. He served two partial terms on the Raytown City Council. One was to finish Gary Knabe's term when he (Knabe) resigned and the other was after he was elected.

It should also be remembered that he was a Sue Frank appointment. That throws all kinds of warning flares all over the place about what type of politician he is.

If what Mr. Walters wrote is correct, it sounds like Cushmen is not interested in the job.

I don't know Mr. Fletchall, but at least he is standing up and announcing his candidacy.

This passive aggressive stuff I am reading lately makes me worry as much about Riehle's supporters as Riehle himself!

Anonymous said...


Pat Casady said...

Does it really matter who represents the 48th district?
Looking back on past elected officials both district representatives
and city officials you have to ask yourself, what have these people
past and present ever done for the this town? Oh they've bent over
forwards for big business but, what have they done for the people?
Let's see, you voted to have your streets overlaid and they deferred
most of the money to the W-M parking lot. They have installed two
"Gateways" when a simple street repair would have been just fine
without the "Monuments."
They have closed the 63rd street bridge and it's day eight
without so much as a shovel being used on it. By the way, who starts a construction
job when winter is just starting up?
No, I'm not against the replacement of the 63rd street bridge. However
I am all for common sense. Which I am sure none was used in this case.
Especially when figuring out detours that would keep traffic moving!
Why would they close the bridge when there isn't a construction crew in sight?
I'm afraid these days just about anyone running for any office is in it
for themselves, not to make things better for the people they are supposed
to represent. From small town U.S.A. to the White House it doesn't matter.
You are just a vote and they will tell you anything you want to here to get that
vote. Then, as we have seen, once they have taken the oath, they lose their
minds along with their memory.

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to see Jerry Briggs throw his hat into the ring. He is one of the most honest men I know. He truly loves Raytown and would work hard for the city and its citizens. I would like to see him as Raytown Mayor. He knows ALOT about government and would move Raytown forward in a positive way.

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with 6:36 PM. An elected official represents the whole district, not just Raytown! It sounds like some are territorial. People in Lees Summit or KCMO could come off with the same attitude.

Cleaver does not live in Raytown so what qualified him for election? He did get pork barrel funds to raze the Olde Baptist Church so the would country paid for it. Does that qualify him for relelection? I hope not. He voted for Socialized health care which deprives senior and others of health care:

I spoke with my health insurance agent. Thanks to Dictator O'Bomna's revamping of Medicare I can no longer get a decent Medicare Advantage Plan but must spend about $60 more a month for a Medicare Supplement. What a RIP OFF thanks to our Socialist Dictator! IMPEACH DICTATOR Barack Insane O'Bomba:

Anonymous said...

Andy, sounds like you insurance agent is ripping you off. No health care bill has even passed, much less signed by the president. If you think we don't need health care reform, then you better get you head out of the sand and talk to many of the working people that either can't afford to buy insurance or it is not offered by their employer. HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW, thank God for President Obama for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

Soneone mentioned Briggs for mayor. If he doesn't run I wish Greg would. I certainly would support and work for him. I think he too knows more about city government than present mayor ever did or will.

Tired of Actionless Complaniers said...

Anyone for mayor would be better then the tall mean giant. The man acts nice and sweet in public, but don't you dare catch him alone. Never ever and I mean ever speak out against the way things are done in this city or you will be on his chopping block.

I keep waiting to hear that several citizens have recieved knocks on their doors in the middle of the night, but him and his followers warning them to back off. Just like he used to attack Greg Walters at the board meetings and now does Bill VanBuskurt.

Now if you don't like dictators you really should never say anything good about how things are done at city hall or how you think things are done.

City hall is ran by a bunch of good old boys who pat each other on the back, but never do a darn thing for the tax payers. Silly me, then do tend to keep raising our taxes or have us dish out corporate welfare to big business like Wal-mart.

So wake up Raytown and stop listen to a few mouth pieces on here that complain one minute about Raytown and how it is ran then the next what a great job Bower is doing.

I also am tired of hearing seniors complain about socialised health care. Pull you head out of the sand, who is flipping the bill now! Those of us you are still working. If a plan provides more people with coverage this would be a blessing. Maybe you should spend less time on this site complaining and shop around for other health insurance options. I know my parents did and found out the company they were with was part of the issue.

If you would take the time to read other publications like Kipengers, you would note they recomend every so many years to rebid out any and everything you can as companies don't give a care about loyal customers anymore.

So take a PC brake and get some bids to save you money then share the positive findings with others and not your dislike with America.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with someone from the RDA and it was news to then that there are those saying they have endoresed being this is not done until closer to primary.

As I read your message I can tell you are a miss guided soul with a hidden agenda.

As any true Raytowner knows Greg doesn't live in the 48th District and the others mentioned are Republicans.

I would recomend that you come out of you closet more offten enjoy the sunshine and warm of meeting others and learning the truth and not rummers.

I guess this means you will not be supporting Paul LeVota for senate as he doesn't live in district now and is pulling a Will to be about to run as the senator representing Raytown.

Thank You Chief Fife said...

Well, well, the public safety tax passes, but yet we have had more murders this year then anytime that I can recall in the history of our city. Now I will be the first to admit we will never stop all crimes, but we could do a better job on prevention if our department was not so top heavy. I guess that is the deference between a great chief and someone who would rather be a great friend to his long time buddies on the department. It is time to shave the budget and retire the top dogs and eliminate many of the management positions. Force all levels to spend time out patrol our streets with great focus on 55th and Ditzler area. Again this take someone who wants to act like the top cop and not top coward. I have yet to see our current chief out patrolling our streets or address the public on the trouble areas like 55th and Ditzler. We have had chiefs that worked hard to protect us like Turnbow, but now our dreams of public safety are just turndown with higher crime rates, murders going crazy, and no care attitude for the top brass. I am sure the board of alderman will waste more dollars next year and once again give the top clown in town a bigger raise to keep him smiling bright in his delight of Fife protection.

Greg Walters said...

A number of people have contacted me regarding the brutal murder of one of my neighbors, Wes Binder, earlier this week. The police have been at the crime scene running their investigation for over forty-eight hours since the body found.

To my knowledge, no conclusion has been drawn regarding the murder. Like everyone else, we will wait until the police finish their work.

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked there is a very small percentage of criminals who return to their crime seen. With the high visibility of the police now in the area, I doubt that this will occur with the crime over on hunter.

Part of the issue with crime in Raytown is the lack of our chief to address the high criminal havens that are often mentioned on this blog and oddly enough the same places the portal officers’ talk about. Seems a higher police presence in the area would address a good portion of this. Face it if the city is now buying laptops for the police department the detectives could work form one of the marked cars in the area to help create the higher police presence. As the Fife poster indicated this would mean the chief no longer being the buddy of many of the officers, but loyal to the citizens of this city who he was elected to represent.

Additional issues from the past of way to many unserved warrants surely still have not been addressed as this would mean the chair warmers would have to get out and get recanted with the city. Yes for once they would again have to earn the paycheck that the board of alderman so generously keeps increasing. However, as Fife indicated, we are seeing crime increase. Fife did forget to mention that we see fewer officers on the street then when city hall was pushing for their tax increase – good show and no backbone program!

As I set at home and listen to my scanner I laugh myself silly when I hear about the officers telling dispatch they are blacked out. Odd as one night they where all over at some home by the new Hy-Vee. From what was on the scanner someone was shot in Kansas City and drove to his mother’s home here in Raytown. Sounded like every officer felt the need to see this poor individual, which case was turned over to Kansas City anyway being it happened in their city.

Come on Lynch – Stop Lynching our paychecks and give us the police protection we need and defiantly pay higher taxes to support.

Anonymous said...

We don't need health care reform we tort reform. But that will never happen as long as the Demorats are in office.

dennis said...

to the health care reform post...i would say you need to go online and read the bill that the dummycrats are putting out there....we cant afford it...the taxes will kill small buisness..i have been told here that this blog is only for what goes on here in raytown not what goes on in you understand that obama has spent more money in first year than bush did in four want to reform health care maybe you should open the private companies to bid across state lines create real competiton better rates better coverage...thats just common sense....govt run does not mean better...i can say think va, amtrak,medicare,soc security,postal service all going broke all managed by federal govt...what do you think govt run health care would do...yes praise obama for he is the messiah...merry christmas not happy holiday for it is christs birthday...

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

It has been several days since I have had time to check on the blog but I would like to set the record straight. AS a member of the RDA Board I can tell you in no uncertain terms we have not endorsed anyone for the 48th district. The are a lot of names out there and filing is not until sometime in February many things can change by then.

It does upset me to find out that there are people out there making statements that are untrue about RDA. As an organization we would be doing all of the candidates an injustice if we were to make an endorcement at this time. So please don't believe everything you here or read.

Thanks everyone and please have a Very Merry Holiday and A Happy New Year.

Sandy Hartwell

Anonymous said...

The public safety sales tax did not begin until Nov., so to cite safety issues earlier this year and say the tax is not working would be wrong. I'm not saying I supported the tax, but its nice to have correct facts when complaining :-)

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, Sorry for the loss of your neighbor. Murder investigations are not like shown on TV's CSI programs. Everything must be documented in detail consuming much time. Also all of the TV "instant" tests are not as fast as the show makes it seem. Everything is time consuming especially since it appears from what I have seen the news there is also a primary crime scene to loacte. Fortunately in the last 2 homicides Raytown PD has identified and locted the perps. To me, that is a good record. I agree this never should have happened. One of the writers implied that ther should be more on patrol to prevent this. The simple fact is when officers are on patrol there, they can't watch every location all the time. Crime will sneak by after an officer has passed by a house.

I have lived in many loctaions and rate the Raytown Police Department as top notch!

3:57 PM, No Medicare is ripping me off. Medicare has already changed their regulations. ALL advantage plans will be gone after next year. My advantage plan was cancelled for the year 2010. The advantage plans for next year give a lot less coverage and Medicare also requires that they have drug coverage. My problem is Medicare no longer pays for my most expensive medication but pays for generic only. I must have brand name due to time release issues so my plan choices are limited. I blame Dictator O'Bomba who wants to get rid of seniors and disabled people.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


I have been away for a while and just now finding the time to play catch up on postings. I too want to welcome you to our city.

1st – I am glad to hear you want to meet your elected officials. Shy of attending a Board of Alderman meeting you will not see Jim and Jim at any community event. In fact shy of Charlotte Melson you won’t see any of them with the occasional appearance of David Bower. It is apparent that they really don’t care that they work for us and not the other way around. Andy is right on that this is a result of the low turn out and those who seem to be turning out over the last several city elections are a group of snow balled members of a group that meets on Thursday at the First Baptist Church. Always good to see the separation of church and state!

2nd – Those that who complain on here have had first hand negative dealings with the elected officials or those at city hall. They are tired of being told what a great job the city is doing while always either raising taxes or giving handouts to big business, which hurt our local small business owners. I hope that when you visit the Board of Alderman meeting that Mayor Bower shows his true colors by publicly attacking his favorite target on the board, Alderman Van Buskirk. It is apparent that if the mayor doesn’t have someone to attack he just is not happy.

3rd – If we had true leadership at city hall they would notice the same things that are being complained about on here and address them before people start complaining. Instead they openly take the position of being over worked and under staffed to address the concerns in a timely manor. Odd as a life time resident we used to get a lot more done with a lot less management, which could be the underlying problem of to many people want to call the shots and not just tending to the issues.

4th – Jim G’s yes, the appear and like of a heavy traffic flow might turn you a way, but as others have indicated you will be pleasantly surprised by there tenderloin sandwich. I always laugh at how big my fellow Raytown’s think they true are. I have seen better and if you are even in Turner, KS you have to try Christy’s, which is located just north of 55th and metropolitan. They have best and biggest tenderloins in Greater Kansas City.

Over Taxed Tax Payer said...

I wonder on these cold mornings if the city’s professional chair warmers would be kind enough to pay a visit to the homes of the hard working tax payers and set in their chairs to warm them up. This would make a nice a cheer spot to eat are breakfast before heading off to work to support these simple minded folks with higher taxes they keep imposing on the working class of Raytown.

Richard Tush said...

As President of the Raytown Democratic Association, RDA, I would like to put any rumors to rest regarding rather we have endorsed any candidate in the 48th district for the 2010 election.

It is our practice not to endorse this early in the races and should further be noted filing for this seat has not even opened.

If you would like to learn more about the RDA, I invite you to join us at our next meeting on January 21st. Our meetings are held at Los Chili’s restaurant 6210 Raytown Trafficway and start at 7:00 PM. Many come as early as 6:00 PM to meet and greet. Our meetings are open to the public and this is always a good chance to actually meet candidates, elected officials and others concerned about the future of our community.

It will also provide you the opportunity to learn who the Democrats are on the School Board and Board of Alderman as well as an understanding of the house district bounders that are part of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

To the person that complained about the current person who is actively seeking to be the next representative of the 48th.

Do you even know for sure if you live in Raytown or at least the 48th district?

I mean as others including Greg himself have indicated Greg doesn’t even live within the district. Van Van Buskirk has been the Republican Committeeman from Brooking for years. Brooking the political name at the election office for our city. Bet you didn’t know that being all of the other pieces you have mixed up.

You best be concerned whom the state party gets behind in this race. I unlike you have made some phone calls with those in the political seen of Raytown and word is the state party wants to decide who represents the people in this district. To think you are worried if this individual lives in Raytown, best be concern with which the candidates are going to represent the district or the state party.

I for one would rather see someone from outside our city represent us if it means them not truly representing Jefferson City.

The Blind Lead the Blind said...

10:54 So you have not noticed or spoken with an officers and found out we have been running short handed on patrol since the 1st of Nov. Now this is for many reasons, but at the end of the day there is no reason we have all the top brass with the department up at the station and not out on the streets.

Do your own homework and read up on Chief Bishop. He was Chief Of Kansas City, MO during the early 90’s and made many changes that positively impacted the police services being provided. One of the best was changing the chair warming policy that departments like us still believe in. One other pieces addressed the over weight and therefore non-fully fuctioning officers.

The chair warming policy that is allowed must end for us to truly have the best department in the metro.

I suggest you get a police scanner and listen to the three ring cicus that Lynch is allowing to occur. I have heard at least one office, who must be a sergent as they are the highest ranking that I am aware of on patrol that actual listens to the other officers calls and follows up on what they are doing to help make our city a safer place to live. He should be seen as the example and I can only hope be the next candidate for chief.

Anonymous said...

Tort reform has nothing to do with party affiliation. Do your homework and look at the over all number of lawyers across party lines that are in elected positions and destroying our nation.

Thinking back the first misfit was Lincoln, how silly of him to want to save the Union. Boy what good money those rich farm owners of Missouri made off the back of others sweet. Thank God today, history shows that he had the best interest of everyone in mind.

It is a shame that the attorneys of today do have the foresight to have the best interest of the people and not the big corporations that fund their campaigns, which is the real driving factor to our down fall.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that many are still unable to move past the color of President Obama’s skin.

You complain about the spending, but never stop to mention that fact that he was given this mess, by some miss fit of an individual who never grew up.

Believed it was great to play war with the lives of our sons and daughters in an effort to find weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. Just because his father was not man enough to address the issue when he was President.

This same little man joined the National Guard to escape going to Vietnam, but as President has sent countless number of National Guard troops to war in a foreign lands.

So next time you are on a kick to place the blame for the condition of our country make sure you point the finger at the right individual and his miss guided family.

Anonymous said...


Placing the Postal Service in the same category as Social Security and Medicare goes to the heart of the issue of the failure of our schools to properly educate individuals into being self-thinkers.

Being my tax dollars have failed you in the past let me know take this upon myself and make it quick and simple so any good red neck could understand.

The Postal Service is loosing money as they are loosing business. Just think of the number of the number of emails sent every day that once was paper letters. Now think of the number of banks that offer some type of bill pay program were they cover the postage. Finally companies that don’t offer electronic copy of bills instead of receiving something in the mail are the dinosaurs of modern industry.

The post office just recently announced they would be raising postage in 2010 as the above things where already hurting business and raising the prices just drives more people to find new means to communicate.

So get out your chew and think about how when few people are using a service out it impacts the service being provided or you could simply drive around our city and enjoy the sights of all the closed store fronts that used to house small business.

Anonymous said...

1:37PM, I was going to try Jim G's but they appear to close early. Never thought of going there before because they appear to be a drive in and I prefer sit down.

Dennis, I sure agree with you. Herr Dictator is forcing the Health Care bill through even to paying for votes! The Bill is over 2700 pages and I doubt any Senator or Congressman has read all of it. They are voting on something they have no knowledge of. I have a email from Tom Udall (D-NM) stating that President Obama wants this bill passed. I would like to know what gives der Fuhrer so much power to command votes from out elected representatives?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Crime must be on an increase in Raytown as the new Hy-Vee has a police officer and the new Wal-Mart has either a police officer or sheriff deputy. I was talking with one of the officers and learned someone is one duty all hrs, but 6:00 am – noon. I guess that is when the criminals sleep.

Anonymous said...

I supported obama because i wanted change. I am disappointed of all of his supporters blaming his failure to bring that change and his penchant for compromising away any real change as a result of his predecessor.

The time for excuses is over.

Pat Casady said...

I'd like this post to keep track of how many days the 63rd street
bridge is closed and NOT being worked on. This closed bridge
is not helping the downtown businesses that are still here.
It would be different if is was being worked on but, come on City
Hall, this is asinine. The bridge isn't going to be worked on until
the weather is better. When the construction crew shows up,
close the damn bridge! It's that easy.
The closing of the bridge on the busiest street in Raytown without
it being worked on just shows how inept this town is being run.

The Teacher said...


Do you really believe that Obama is the first President to contact his party members in the house and / or senate to vote for something?

This is a common practice from the top down; even our local city has this practice. Okay, maybe not Bower’s administration as he seems to be lacking the ability to do anything good for Raytown, but that is another subject.

You should visit with some of the Jefferson City insiders and learn about how the current party that controls the house controls their party members. You best follow like a heard of cattle the direction of the speaker or face loss of your committee seat or be forced to move to a smaller office.

However, this is not the only party playing games in Jefferson City as insiders have indicated that if you are not anointed by a small group of former Nixon campaign staffers then your name is not expect to be found on the ballot in August.

These games are sad for both parties and tarnish the political system that makes our country great. Elected officials need to have open communication with those they represent and vote according to the majority of the feed back they receive. I know living in Raytown and dealing with a Kangaroo Court and Staged Production of a Board meeting that few know what is right and ethical.

Simple Joe Creamer is a prime example of failure to represent the district that elected him. Those from his district that I have spoke to have never seen him at any local events, so how does he know what people think. He supports spending money on surveys to end up voting the opponent of the results. This makes the money spent wasted and the survey a worthless piece of paper. At board meetings he often claims that he has spoken with one or two people about an issue and that is what is helping him decide his vote. He fails to tell about the number of messages left that he never returns, but again when you truly represent yourself why talk with the greater majority that have some other view on an issue.

I don’t want you to think he is alone as a no show no care Alderman. The worst would be the absent-minded Jim Aziere. Have you ever heard this guy talk at one of the board meetings? At the rate he is jump around we are going to be flipping the bill to hire some type of interpret that is if anyone can really understand what he is trying to communicate. He wanted a smoking band for Raytown and was to chair the committee on the issue. However he so absent-mindedly forgot to show to lead the meetings. By the way fore then 60% of the survey’s returned indicated the people of Raytown want a smoking band and not to be know as the band of smoke. However, the board did what they wanted and failed to represent the people’s position on the issue.

Enough of you education training for today. Please in the future spend more time comprehending the message and less time jump to conclusions just because you don’t like someone who has a job clean up a mess they didn’t make. I am sure neither of us would want to deal with an eight year disaster like the on handed to Obama, which might explain why we can not find decent people to run in Raytown.

dennis said...

then why did the post office give out a $200,000.00 bonus this year to the post master..thats good buisness practice.
My father retired from the post office 25 years ago and my grandfather was post master in small town warsaw after he returned from ww2..My father was based in raytown and worked from time to time and the mail sorting facility downtown.
He said on breaks guys were drinking in the parking lot, throwing away packages and if it said fragile or please do not bend i think you have it figured out.
I will have to add something to the other misguided respose blaming Bush for all the countries problems.
Bush inherited a falling economy from clinton who himself was a draft dodger he then in turn sent troops to bosnia and then left them in somalia..funny sec of defense les aspin declined army request for armor...shortly after that CWO Mike Durant was shot down and his Doorman Bill Cleveland was dragged through the street witnessed by all on please spare all the Bush is to blame for everything...
I see the weapons of mass destruction comment very funny...i think after isralies bombed the reactor at Kirkuk..(side note Ilian Ramon leader of the flight that bombed the reactor was killed when the Space Shuttle "Challenger" blew up)...humm im sure they disbanded the entire program and decided to use only poison gas against the sure they just gave up on trying to build a bomb...funny all intel agents said they were there including the russians...funny hilary gave a speech to congress outlining the "grave threat" that saddam posed to the region and that they new of weapons programs some research you will find the speech i think it is still on you-tube.

on to closed store fronts and small buisness...what do you think is going to happen to the remaining small buisness when bush tax cuts expire this year...maybe obama will put a czar in charge of that.
closed stores are not only a problem for raytown it is country wide problem...maybe some of that unspent stimulus money should be used to open some buisness...what do you think the health care reform will do to small buisness with increased payroll taxes and fines for not providing health care
read the health care bill it is available on line but beware 2,074 pages long...that screams streamlined....about lincoln do you still think the civil war was about slavery...crack a book turn of keith oberman....well thats all for now got a good book to read and i need a new chew....dennis

Anonymous said...

I thought that this blog was about local things happening here in Raytown, Missouri. Now it is starting to sound more and more like Flush Dimbaugh! If you want that garbage, turn on the local talk radio and listen and spew your hatred and misinformation there. These idiots out there cannot get past the 'Race' issue and the fact that Bush screwed up in many ways and left our country in a humongous mess! It should be based upon the qualifications of the individual, not skin color! And dont even get me started about all of these Senior Citizen Republican Retirees that are crying all the time.... Or get me started about the outright blatant Republican Small Business owners crying and whining about how they just cant afford to provide things to their loyal employees, especially when they buy cheap made in china crap to resell at a huge profit, while paying those loyal employees next to nothing... GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Crime is on the rise in Raytown. When you witness drug deals taking place, in broad daylight, in residential neighborhoods it's time to demand some answers from our police department. Where's all that tax money going that we are paying for "public safety"? Do you really feel any safer? I know I don't. Time for some answers!!!

Anonymous said...


Face the reality of the city you live in. If you would stop sending mixed messages of how hard the elected officials have it and then turns around and complain about lack of proper record keeping.

Wake up! Bower talks a good game about wanting transparency, but then the city switched to the secretive way of keeping minutes. It is apparent he has something to hide, which might be as simple as the fact he is incapable of leading.

Sure would explain why the department heads are calling the shots and we who live in Raytown or paying for their mistakes. What a great leader this guy is where the only success he has is in his dreams.

Please don’t forget it was Sue Frank who talked this man into running and her group Raytown Reaching for Tomorrow that helped fund his campaign to make sure he won. I know I would be embarrassed for the damage they have done today that our and their grand kids will be paying for well past tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Anonymous 6:21.
A lot of us supported the people that are in office
here in Raytown too.
We all make mistakes, the difference is Obama will
probably be gone in three years. Here in Raytown
we just keep letting the same people drag this town
down the tubes.

Richard Tush said...

I would like to provide some positive information I have received about Caption Ted Bowman. I learned that he has a practice of working Christmas day so that one of the officers can be off with their family. This is done by a drawing from a list of all the officers assigned to work Christmas day, which allows everyone the same chance to win.

We should all recognize and thank him for step up and putting his fellow officer’s families before his own on Christmas day.

Thanks you Caption Bowman for leading by example.

Andy Whiteman said...

Dictator O'Bomba's supporters sure like to play the race card. I don't consider race. I consider what the person has done or will do.

To start with Herr Dictator is a liar. He promised goals he never could achieve in a legal manner which is essentially buying votes from those who believe Him. Then member(s) of Congress are paid to vote for the Health Care Bill. It appears his His intentions are to raise taxes under the guise of global warming or health care (even though he lied and said he would lower taxes) forcing all of us into poverty. This individual has intentions of giving up US soverignty for climate control. Perhaps he has intentions of being world dictator.

Der Fuhrer has put the USA into more dept in one year than Bush did in 8 years. This is a debt that will never be paid back.

He refuses to prove his citizenship but Kenya claims he is a citizen of Kenya. Herr Dictator has no concern for the welfare of the USA and SHould be impeached. As my father would said, "I have NO President."

6:21 AM, Der Fuhrer is indeed bringing change. We are moving towards Socialism and execution of seniors and the disabled by denying them health care. Big Brother will take care of us by getting us into the grave faster
Anon 4:21PM, The Post Office still performs a vital function but to fewer people. I receive very few ads in the mail but so much email ads that I am on overload and don't have anough time to delete all of them. I wonder how much business this has taken from our trash haulers?

I don't accept electronic documents or electronic billing. I DEMAND paper billing and paper documents. There is too much possibility of fraud and unauthorized changes without paper documents. I had a credit union combine some of my accounts without my permission. They tried to tell me they had always been that way, but I had PAPER STATEMENTS in my hand to prove them wrong. Electronic data can be hacked and altered or transferred. In my case it wasn't hacked. It was an incompetant employee who did the damage figuring I couldn't dispute it.

10:19pM, It is common practice for business handling a lot of money or having shoplifting issues to hire and off duty officer or private security. It could be that the new locations hare handling more money than in the past. Walmart also has more high value items that can be shoplifted.

Have you noticed a Police Officer at Price Chopper on 63rd? This is not in Raytown. This is in KCMO. There has been an officer on duty since I moved here 10 years ago. Is crime increasing in KCMO?

The plain fact is that the new Hy-Vee and Walmart are attracting "customers" from a larger area and social-econimic area so they need to protect their property. This is a polite way of saying that these stores are attracting crime as some writers on this blog predicted.

10:36am, I AM NOT sending mixed messages. You are twisting my words. If an Alderperson is doing his/her job properly, there is much more work than 2 meetings per month. True there are some who do nothing but sit there with a deer in the headlights look. The tie wearing chair warmers should be REQUIRED to LIVE IN RAYTOWN. I have always said that they are overpaid. How do you get mixed messages?


Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


It is good you are able to rationalize that Bush was a draft dodger. You are correct, Clinton, too was a draft dodger. The difference is bill didn’t go into the guard, which seems to have been the standard practice of the Republicans of the time. Makes me think that if he didn’t have the guard as an option that Bush would have been Canada.

I have an uncle that is all the time blasting Clinton for dogging the draft. However, he talks of how grate his high school buddies are that still live in Canada, which they moved to when they decided to dodge the draft. Now that makes a lot of sense and I am sure I wound understand if I woke up every mooring praising the Republican rising sun and listing to Rush. By the way, this same uncle was able to get word that he would be getting notification to serve in Vietnam, so off to the National Guard’s office he ran.

Sure makes me proud of him and those closed minded individuals that think like him.

dennis said...

i didnt know republicans are the only small buisness owners..i hear lot of dummycrats whinin about free money Acorn, new black panther much of your tax payer money will go to the NYPD this year to provide protection for the 911 trail...cnn just said between 43 and 75 billion(and they love you liberals) to lock the city down and provide play eric holder....and obama....what about jobs and 10%unemployment....and to the person that claimed mis information what part of my post was incorrect info please explain and offer hard facts if not....mmmm go to your living room and kneel before the obama shrine for he is the messiah havent you heard the school kids sing his praise....

Anonymous said...

Unlike his wife Sue Frank I believe Ted Bowman is a honest and decent person.

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 9:18,
You are so right! This little town is in enough trouble
from our own elected officials we don't need to
fight about the national problems as well.
It would seem every time a serious problem comes
up on this blog, like crime or wasting of taxpayer money,
someone starts off on Democrats and
Republicans. It's as if they know it will change the course
of the conversation. Which is exactly what I think they know will happen.
If they can get us talking about something else it takes the
pressure off Raytown's City Hall and this town's problems.
We need to focus on things that are about Raytown.

Anonymous said...

For the record, we know that Republicans are not the only small/large business owners. Funny that someone always has to point out things like that to others. I personally know business owners that pay a decent wage and benefits to their employees that are affiliated with other political parties instead of paying as little as possible and no benefits to their employees because of what is called 'corporate greed' and then whining about not making any money, profit, its Obamas fault, etc... all the time like they are doing now. Pony up, that is a cost of doing business. Even I didnt complain as a business owner because I knew what was right and what was wrong.

Guess you have to spell things out to some of you dense individuals sometimes, and that is a real source of aggravation!

It is also a general observation that EVERY TIME that I get on the computer, or turn on talk radio that it is ALWAYS REPUBLICANS or their party affiliates that are whining, crying, grasping at straws, mudslinging, etc... just like a bunch of snot nosed whiny elementary school kids with no respect. GROW UP!


Anonymous said...

As most anyone will recall, Bowman did not make Captain until after his wife became Mayor. That justs plain wrong and smacks of nepotism.
Big deal if he works Christmas, alot of Police, Fire, EMS, Wal-mart greeter, etc work Christmas day and don't get an ounce of credit.

Andy Whiteman said...

5:43AM, I disagree. Sue Frank is also an honest and decent person.

Dennis, What 10% unemployment rate are you speaking of? I don't believe the statistics. It may be that 10% are receiveing unemployment but that doesn't count those whose unemployment has expired and are still unemployeed. There are also people who do not qualify to apply for unemployment such as the self employeed, those whose work hours have been cut, and part time workers who earn too much to collect unemployment, or the employer used dubious means to force people out of work. In my case, my job was sent to India but to avoid unemployment or paying retirement and benefits, my employer poisoned me and fired me due to disability leaving me with no benefits and unable to apply for unemployment. I was not counted as unemployed because I couldn't apply for unemployment. Hence the figures are skewed. I would guess the true unemployment rate to be 15% - 20%. Dictator O'Bomba's a administration is trying to make the unemployment look good at only 10%. I would like to hear the real figures.

Andy Whiteman

Lee said...

Generally I try not to get into national politics on a local forum, but here's a touch of reality based on the actual debt that the US Treasury reports.

President..Overspent..% Debt Increase
Carter.....$ 287b..... 46%
Bush Sr....$1,462b..... 56%
Clinton....$1,610b..... 40%
Bush Jr....$4,351b..... 77%

Carter and Bush Sr were 1 term presidents.

Having said that, as a small business owner my problem with the health care reform being proposed is that it doesn't go far enough. I know some of you are going to blow a circuit, but when your brain reboots give it some thought. A single payer system helps small businesses be more competitive. Like it or not we are in a worldwide marketplace. And many of the businesses that we compete against do not have to pay for health insurance for their employees. Whether its provided by the government or not provided at all.

If you are looking to hire an IT professional, and many others as well, you will be expected to provide health insurance and many other benefits. Even in the current economy there are base benefits that are expected or you won't get quality candidates. Here I am at a disadvantage to large US employers as well, because I have to pay more for insurance due to the size of my employee pool.

Sure, a single payer system is going to raise my taxes. But at least then my employees are part of a very large pool and I'm paying the same as larger employers. Whether you like how Medicare is run or not, my payroll taxes are the same percentage as IBMs.

From an employee's perspective, realize that when an employer determines what an employee costs, it's based on both wages and benefits. If I am paying 10+% of your salary to provide health care, it comes out of the same payroll pool that determines salary and raises. You're paying the 10+% tax to some private company, because my margins are fixed. I can't raise prices to give you a larger raise or pay more for health insurance. Rising health care costs is quickly putting many of us in the situation of having to offshore or close.

On a local note, even though I'm in the process of moving to Raytown, I don't expect to locate my business there. I have concerns about infrastructure and how it is being addressed. The streets in Raytown are very rough, with wash-boarding around many busy intersections and utility access covers below grade. Even ones that have been recently rebuilt as 'Gateways'. And not being a retail business I suspect I'd be neglected by City Hall since there would be no point in me locating on 350.

What I'm looking for in the people who spend my tax dollars is intelligent thought and efficiency. I wonder, how much does it cost to maintain the plants in these new 'Gateways'. Concrete was pretty much maintenance free.

dennis said...

cant wait to see obamas numbers when his one term is up...and really do you understand that what happens there has a effect on small towns like raytown..
does anybody know any buisness that got stimulus money?
know anybody that was able to modify there mortgage under this adminstrations "making home affordable plan"?
know anybody that got any real tax breaks during the bail -out..did you get any credit card relief?did your bank offer a reduced intrest rate to help you after your tax money bailed them out.
And republicans are the only ones cryin..that has got to be the dumbest comment yet..were you not watchin tv during bushes time in office...that is all that was on tv between the dingbat rachel maddow and the washed up espn reject keth oberman...and i dont listin to rush... i like dennis miller....i did see a interesting fact that the nobel peace prize that obama got ..i guess he beat out a lady who saved children from the nazi army during the holocaust
man that must have been a close vote....he got a award for not what he has done but what he said he wants to do....and you think that thats right...more later i want to finnish my book...because us rednecks like to read in between grasping our guns and religion...nite

Andy Whiteman said...

Lee, I pointed out the state of no street maintenance and hazards to the BOA stating that this will keep both businesses and people from moving to Raytown. They don't seem to pay attention. Maybe I am wrong. We got Walmart, Hy-Vee, Mid America Coach, an auction house, plus others so obviously I was wrong.

I don't know how the Raytown PD handles it, but generally people who work Christmas Day get holiday pay. When I worked for the Post Office, Christmas Day was a 300% differential plus overtime plus night differential all compounded.

I am glad that this blog isn't writing about Tiger Woods who seems to be the most important subject on the news, celeb shows, and talk shows.

Andy Whiteman

The Over Taxed Taxpayer said...


Don’t forget the Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart where actually already located in Raytown therefore I find it hard to count them as a new business. I am sure you are correct that is how city hall is counting them, but again look at how they do other things. We also need to be reminded that Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart where able to relocate thanks for the hard working taxpayers like you and me.

It is a sad shame that we have people complaining about social programs like those that provide care to senior and children. Many of these very programs were cut in Missouri by former Governor, Matt “The Blunder” Blunt, and house Speaker, Rod “The Kinky Stud” Jetton. Both leading Republicans in our state to find fellow republican Mayor, David “Blind” Bower all, but falling on himself to provide taxpayer dollars, corporate welfare, to both Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart.

I think any of us that read the newspaper or watch the news on a regular base know the trouble “The Blunder” and “The Kinky Stud” have been in. I believe it is only a matter of time our leader will be front page news when we are unable to pay off the debt created by him being “blind” to the corporate welfare he allowed during his administration. If not for that reason for the ghetto we have become by his ongoing policy of not requiring department heads to living in the city. This policy of non-vested interest in the community allows code violations to grow at a rate unseen since the days of the black plague.

While we should be please that the 63rd street bridge is finally going to be rebuilt, we shouldn’t sing any praise until we truly see construction started. I too have heard they are in the process of moving utility lines under the bridge. However, I must question why work under the bridge required it to be closed. If it is necessary to close while they are working underneath then why must the bridge be closed during the hours they are not working on it as the deck is still in place? Yes, I agree there may be things I don’t know that are taking place. What I do know is for three years they told us they would start on the bridge and I don’t know if our downtown can take three years for them to get started. You stated there is a contract that it must be completed, by June. However, you and I both know Raytown has a reputation of being the extend exceptions city. Look at the exemptions made for REAP or the number of code violations that our city judge, Tracy “The Laid Back” Fran, has allowed extensions on over the years. It is no wonder that our city is the “Butt” of Greater Kansas City’s jokes for more reasons then still allowing smoking.

So this Christmas lets give a big round of thanks to wasted tax dollars spent by a bunch of good old corporate welfare loving boys that take a laid back approach to getting anything good done for Raytown.

What We Elected said...

Crime is on an increase in Raytown! I learned today when I asked one of the businesses on 350 why the police were all over the place last night. It seems that sever of business have been shopped by the Christmas Grinch over the past week.

Maybe if we still had a local paper or if one of the news media would take notice to Raytown the information would be public and someone would report the activity before this group of bandits strike again.

One thing I would note is I nor those from the business have spotted our elect chief out assisting with patrolling the streets. I guess he can only come out when it means asking for additional tax dollars like he did last April. I recall he was never on the news when we had the quadruple murder earlier this year. Perhaps his position is needed about as much as the city collects with the only difference I can think of is she makes $1,200 a year compared to his nearly $100,000.

So am I the only one that wonders why he is still around?

Andy Whiteman said...


The city of Raytown got porkulous money! The Bank of America kept calling me to offer me a home loan for those who don't have enough equity in their home. They called me numerous times after the initial conversation disclosed I have equity on my home. It appears to me that they are trying to push loans on people who can't or won't pay it back. If someone asks for this funding, that is one thing, but to keep calling a person about it?????? Sounds like Dictator O'Bomba wants predatory lending. Maybe that is a way for the government to take over homes.

When the Dictator's first term is up do you really think there will be an election? I really expect that He will not allow an election or Acorn will tamper with the election. I used the name "He" because der Fuhrer thinks that He (the anointed one) is God.

I agree about sticking to Raytown issues but there are no recent posts and Dennis' post got my attention as I was scanning them tonight.

Lee, I can't agree about the Gateways being maintenance free but they are sure a waste of money. They have vegetation that will need maintenance. If someone cuts their turn to short or spins out at Gregory & 67th a lot of repair will be required. This gateway is unsafe.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have Bank Of America and have negative equity in my house.
They have never called me and offered anything.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh that someone earlier this week wrote that Sue Frank made Ted Bowen what he is today as a police captain.

The question I have is does anyone recall which local news paper owner made Sue Frank appear to be a kind and loving person.

Wonder what the exchange was for that misleading bunch of non-news being printed.

Anonymous said...

You talk about the 63rd street bridge, when are we going to get to the one on 83rd street. Have you been over it lately? It's falling apart at an alarming rate too. I too agree with some of the previous bloggers that at some time in the real near future Mayor Bow Wow is going to have to explain why the city can't pay it's bills. His spending has been running wild ever since he took office. Not much of businessman, but we should have learned that from the mayoral campaign, that pointed out how much of a mess his personal finances are in.

Andy Whiteman said...

The Over Taxed Taxpayer,
True Hy-Vee and Walmart moved, but they are not the same type stores. Go look at them.

Hy-Vee is much larger, has a larger selection, has "natural" selections, a larger deli, and cafeteria like food service. Also a larger liquor section that I don't patronize. Hy-Vee has many more customers than the olde Hy-Vee.

The Walmart is not the same junky overcrowded small store. It is spread out (too big) with a larger selection including groceries and open 24/7.

Personally I consider both to be new businesses with the same name. Especially Walmart is so we are all overtaxed taxpayers.

I noticed that Hy-Vee's prices on dog food has gone up when they moved. I generally only buy sale items but at the old location Hy-Vee was cheaper on canned generic dog food than Walmart.

I checked out Walmart's grocery prices and noticed many of the items I buy are cheaper than grocery stores. But how long will that last? The old Walmart on Hillcrest raised their prices until they were close to grocery store prices and not worth the trip there.
Raytown definitely needs a newspaper. I am surprised that the Raytown Post didn't ask for a TIF.

It is strange that there are 3 or more murders a day in KCMO plus uncountable crime. But in Raytown murder is big news as is a robbery. I don't condone crime but reporting is out of proportion. If we consider the metro area as a whole, our neighborhood has a less crime than the rest of the metro. I attribute that to the excellent work of Chief Lynch and the Raytown Police Officers. Yes, in the ideal world, there would be no crime, but in a metro area this big criminals have a larger area to come from and to escape to.

Andy Whiteman

Wake Up Andy said...


You leave me and I would bet other confused. You talk that postings need to focus on Raytown, yet time and time again you go back and bash Obama. Instead of just complaining about the man offer up other options to the problems created by the Great Son of the South and look at Lee’s posting to the cost of that self centered individual.

Perhaps if you would focus on the suffering of others and stop complaining about how everything impacts you. Do you really think those still in the work force have things better? Please give me a break. I have one choice for health care through my employer or none at all. I know others that work for small business that doesn’t even offer health care.

You complain that the plants and self-serving tower at Raytown Road and Gregory are danger eyesores for those making turns. I ask who the hell is driving so fast to have a problem in the first place and with luck those that think they can drive that fast will hit the tower to the great leaders at city hall before hitting others. You should ask why do the police let so many off with a warning. Yes, if you where truly the insider at city hall that you think you are you would know this happens more often then not.

I wonder how long after you move to NM before you will be complaining that you should have just stayed in Raytown. I learned long ago there are those that will never be happy unless they spread unhappiness.

By the way please take Denis with you when you move as he too seems to miss the southern comfort of a tarnished past.

Blue Christmas said...

I was reading on here who won the lighting ceremony merchant contest. However, I didn’t see anything about who won the guess the correct attending department head and elected officials contest.

I had guessed David Bower, Meshes and Alderman Melson. Could some one tell me at least how close I came with my guess.

I am assuming no one won as none of our leadership for city hall had the courtesy to come out for their own event. I mean when was the last time you have seen any of them at anything.

Anonymous said...


You complain about the waste of the post office and the behavior of the employee based on what you father witnessed. However, you failed to share with us how your father dealt with what he noticed. From your anger towards man kind, one must asset that he tended to blame others for his own failures and did nothing to report actions of others that were not expectable. This is causing you to lash out at these around you and for you too to blame every thing on others.

Please find it in your heart to move forward with life and figure out how you can help others without blaming personal or family failure on one political party or any other. Accept your own responsibilities for the things you see as failures and ask yourself what you could have done different to impact things in a positive way.

Your post seems to rant from one thing to so other with no clear thought other then the anger that now consumes you.

I for one pray that Obama can fix things in his 1st term in office, (4 years) that it took someone eight years to make and thank God every night we are not dealing with four years of John “The Same” McCain. This is not based on political party only the mess our great grand children are going to still be financing. Remember the old saying, “Don’t let the fox guard the hen house”, well what do you think started this mess.

Take care,

Your fellow NRA patriot, who is old enough to know the truth and young enough to still rationalize.