Sunday, January 24, 2010

In This Week's Raytown Report

Four File for Two Seats in Water District No. 2 Three File for Two Seats on Raytown Board of Education Park Board Considering Sales Tax Question High School Sports Last Week's Poll Results
Community Billboard Announcement
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church will host its Annual Taco Dinner this Saturday from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes Gym located at Gregory and Blue Ridge.
The cost of a ticket is $5.50 (for adults) at the door. The dinner will consist of five tacos, a beverage and a dessert. Burritos are also available. Lourdes Annual Taco Dinner is one of Raytown's longest continuous events, spanning a period of over 30 years.
Four File for Two Seats in Water District No. 2 Raytown Water District elections are usually non-events. Candidates are typcially appoined by the acting Board of Directors. Since they are unopposed in their elections, the appointed candidates simply step into office the day after the election. Not this year. Two "out-siders", that is to say, candidates who have filed on their own without prompting from the acting Board, have stepped up to challenge the status quo. Former Raytown Alderman Jerry Briggs, and Raytown community activist Mike Carpino have challenged the two board-appointed candidates, Gary Gillihan (vs. Carpino) and JW McClanahan (vs. Briggs). This is Mike Carpino's first attempt to run for public office. A Raytown Water District election is a rare event according to Richard Tush, President of the Raytown Democratic Association. "It's been over 20 years since there has been an election of the Water Board," said Tush. "I see it as a healthy sign that candidates of the caliber of Briggs and Carpino are stepping up." The election will be held on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. Three File for Two Seats on Raytown Board of Education Two incumbents and one challenger have filed for two open seats on the Raytown School Board. Incumbents Rick Thode, Bobbie Saulsberry, and political newcomer Nancy Eyerly will square off against each other Tuesday, April 6th. The two candidates who receive the most votes will be seated on the Raytown Board of Education. Park Board Considering Sales Tax Question The Raytown Parks and Recreation Board of Directors is considering a special election for a sales tax renewal question in either August or November, 2010. The current Parks Department sales tax has a sunset clause that will retire the tax in 2011. A simple majority vote by the public is required for the tax to continue in force. High School Sports O’Hara High School Basketball Round-up By Brother Richard Geimer In the championship game of the KA-MO Classic Girls Basketball Tournament, Aquinas was able to hold off a strong O'Hara Celtics team to win 46-36. At the half, O'Hara was down by three points 21-18 and could not not catch up. They were down by four in the final quarter 40-36 but the remainder of the points were scored by Aquinas. DaShawn Harden was named the tournament's Most Valuable Player scoring 10 points, and Melanie Siscos scored 15 points to lead all scorers.For the Celtics, 32 of the O'Hara points were fairly evenly scored by Alex Smith, Hailey Houser, Cameron Randle, and Ashley Clark. Aquinas' record went to 9-1. Third place in the Tournament was Hickman Mills winner over Blue Valley North 37-28, the Consolation Championship went to Liberty who defeated Blue Springs South 62-45, and seventh place was won by Metro Academy 70-24 over Washington. Unlike the first time Rockhurst and O'Hara played when the Celtics won 61-41, this time the two teams played down the the wire vying for third place in the Culver Classic Tournament; the Hawklets won 69 -68. For the rest of this story and other stories about O’Hara sports use this link: O'Hara High School Sports

O'Hara Students Provide Hope for Haiti Students at Archbishop O’Hara High School are joining efforts with students across the nation to provide hope for those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. Students planned and participated in a prayer service for the people of Haiti on Thursday, January 21. As students entered the gymnasium for prayer a collection was taken. Additional collections are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week at lunches. The National Honor Society is selling ice cream after school to help Haiti. All money collected will be donated to Catholic Relief Services for Haitian relief.

Under the direction of Geography teacher Mr. Efrem Gutteridge, members of the freshmen class also brought items to create hygiene kits that will be distributed by Heart to Heart.

Last Week's Poll Results Should the City of Regulate who Raytowners can use for their trash hauling service? Yes . . . . 41% No . . . . 58%


Andy Whiteman said...

I am glad to see new people running for office in an effort to effect change for the better. This will only work if the people get out and VOTE otherwise these candidates have wasted their time and money.

BTW Greg, since we no longer have a local paper, may the candidates post ads on this blog if the want to?

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

Yes, they can. My contact information is at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 23, 2010 5:22 PM, under last week’s posting.

Think you for showing us how well our public schools are educating our citizen’s on their English skills as well as acceptable and appropriate language.

“i got a F FOR Yael its followed by off....”

It is no wonder so many think of our city as a Ghetto

Grow up, buy some soap and wash your mouth out like your parents should have done!

Andy Whiteman said...

I thought 5:22 PM was trying to make a point with misspellings, typos, and poor grammar. I had to read it several times to try to understand what he/she was saying. Obviously anyone who writes like that would be unable to get an F at Yale because they would never be admitted.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

I remember this post. I am pretty sure they were talking about an editorial by Yael Aboulakah of the Kansas City Star.

He (Yael) had given the City of Raytown and "F" on the no smoking issue.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 23, 2010 5:22 PM may have been talking about the article in the Kansas City Star by Yael Aboulakah, so I don’t think he was trying to be obscene. That said, however, doesn’t explain the misspellings, poor grammar, and the inability to capitalize proper nouns. It’s one of the worst posts on this blog to date. The least (s)he can so is proof read the entry before hitting the submit button. Others do, so it’s not that hard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Greg that is in fact what i was refering to.
So sad that you have to slow it down for them.

Raytown is viewed as a ghetto by the public.
Property Value down
Buisnesses down
New Housing down
Rental Property Up
Crime Up
Section 8 housing up
vacant buildings up
I work nights and when i am coming home i have found kids up to know good walking the streets after midnight.

Sorry no Yale in my liberal of a college for me.
I got my degree closer to home.
Paid for by my service overseas.

Something else to think about...If everybody cared about what was going on around the good ol USA as much as they do in Haiti...maybe we would have no homeless people or people with out health care...
And please spare me the Obama talk..he just gave a 25 million no bid contract to a big campaign doner oh how i love the double talk...and you expect better from our local chairwarmers...where do you think they get thier ques...

Anonymous said...

Sad, sad, sad yet profoundly pathetic 5:22 pm must be a smoker from the backwood country or the urban ghetto.

How about being intelligent, utilize proper grammar and a little intellect instead?

Anonymous said...

I am excited to see Mr. Briggs and Mr. Carpino file for the water board. It is about time we have some people serving on the board who have some common sense and will think of us the poor people out here trying to keep up on paying all our bills and cut out some of the waste that has been going on there for years. I ask all citizens to get out and VOTE for these two concerned citizens who have thrown their hat into the ring. Could anyone tell me something about the new lady who has filed for the school board. We need a change there also. I think it is time we replace Bobbie.

Anonymous said...

Saw our good mayor on the tube tonight on the local NBC Action News Station. He was trying to explain away why Raytown is the only city to opt out of a plan for regional recycling.

You should have seen him. Telling how great our local trash haulers are. I thought Deffenbaugh was based over in Shawnee all these years.

No Mayor Dave, your legacy is not too forward looking is it?

First, you sell out your tax base to Walmart. You reject a no smoking ordinance and now you turn your back on recycling.

What a guy!

Do you even know how to spell the word leadership?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25:

Did you migrate to our city from Florida as it is the only place based on the 2000 election that I know of that uses the math that you are using for several of you examples?

Please explain to the good hard working taxpayers of this city. What you base your figures on for section eight housing? I am sorry my parents where not born with silver spoons in their hands nor do I have a brother that was Governor of Florida to fix things for me.

Also you state that rental property is on an increase and act as if that is a bad thing. Maybe if our past President was doing his job he wouldn’t have appointed the fox (bad banking regulators) to guard the hen house (banks). When you elect those whose true ambition is finding new and better ways to line their pockets what to you expect will happen in the end.

What do you base an increase of crime on in our city?

You sound as educated as our Mayor who cannot address the true reason everyone is moving out of Raytown…If you let the city look like a ghetto because you don’t enforce the property maintenance codes then you get exactly what you see as you drive through our town.

Maybe when you respond you could explain why the Mayor tell everyone what a fine job Beth Lynn and her staff is doing. Based on the lack of enforcement and the lack of tax revenue thanks to the Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee deals is apparent when should save cost and just disband this department., which if you truly had any form of formal education would know is the true reason so many failures you mention are staring us in the face.

Just make sure next time to get you facts straight and point the finger not at Obama, but at the one who created our national mess. As for the city, I hope you even take the time to vote in the city elections and when you do you take the time to ask yourself why so many like you support Bower and his worthless leadership.

What a guy! said...

Anon 7:38

Great comments, I am sorry I missed him and his lies on the news.

Our mayor openly complains about those that disagree with him.

Even those that have tied to explain our failure to pass a smoking band or jump on the recycling band wagon levels us as the (cigarette) butt of garbage for the metropolitan area

If there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mind if this individual, David Bower, is a Democrat or a Republican it is clear by his position on these two issues alone.

I sure don’t know many Republican’s this day that care about the environment and our impact on it. Heck, look only to the environmental report out of Jefferson City. Sorry…Coal (fossil fuel) is not the answer to the future of our state. When are we going to make up and see what we can gain with renewable energy? Then again when their party lives by the motto of take all you can today as it will be the next generations problem what do we expect.

I further would love to our mayor’s and the board of Alderman’s investment portfolio to see how many based their vote on profiting from the sell of cigarettes. I don’t know how many times I have read in some investment magazine that it is a great investment to invest in a company like Phillip Morris.

Sad is now to have an enjoyable meal one has to travel outside the toxic fog that remains to invade our city as well as the element (social misfits) that ordinance like this have help drive out of other cities. The problem is they will then migrate and patronize our city and do other activity we don’t need the reputation of allowing.

Thank you Dave for showing your true colors and proving we don’t need partisan elections for a Republican still cause havoc for our citizens.

Andy Whiteman said...

I wonder what the kids that 1:25 PM saw in the street were up to? Does Raytown have a curfew? I would suggest a call to the Police non-emergency number to report suspicious persons and or activity. If they are checked you, they may be found to be evil doers. Nevertheless the officer might suggest they not be out.

I wonder why parents no longer supervise their children? I am responsible for the actions of my dog. Parents should be accountable for their children.

If we have a disaster in the USA, we are helpless; but if something happens overseas we are the first to render aid! Why? I heard that out crazy government borrowed $100M from the Chicoms to help Haiti. Ridiculous! True these people need help, but to borrow money we can't pay back is just plain stupid.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor Bower:

I was wondering if you could help me with my attempt to understand human nature and how people deal with the direction them choice for their life.

I am specifically wondering if the old saying that once you tell the first couple of lies the rest become easier to tell. This leads me to then wonder if it is true that at some point the individual who is lying can no longer separate the true from the lies.

As I further deal with the psychological impact, I was question if you are able to still look yourself in the mirror and believe that you are really doing a good job and have the best interest of Raytown in mind.

Maybe it is the generation gap that you and I have. One from the “greatest generation” who has seen the worst our world can deliver and the other from a generation who prefers to hand out the worst to others.

Your actions and those of your generation are not now nor have they ever been acceptable. I feel shame and sadness in my heart for the freedom my generation gave to yours being how your generation has destroyed the small towns that once made our country great.

Please stop giving what we worked and fought so hard for away to companies like Wal-Mart.

I now can only hope and pray that once again in my life time I can see Raytown be turned around into a place of glory. A place filled with youthful enterprise on a small business level, which made our city great once before. A place that has learned from the mistakes of the past, and will now willingly accepts all as fellow citizens.

I hope you find it in your heart to change your ways and bring hope to my tired old eyes and lift the sadness from within me.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 1:25

Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.

You complain that things like section eight housing or rental property are bringing a ghetto appearance to Raytown, but at the same time want us to focus on the homeless in the US.

Please explain what you really want as anyone with their head out of the smoke clouded bars of our city can clearly see that to help the homeless we need to provide some type of assistance, which is what section eight does.

You might also need to understand that not everyone can save up for a down payment to purchase a home or has the credit to do so and therefore is forced to rent, which also seems to trouble you.

The only thing that made any sense is we need to focus on the US before trying to save others like those in Haiti.

Might I add this also means we need to advance our education to be the world leader we once were by once again focusing on education and not things like sports and the corresponding fancy fields. Shame that our school board focused on things like the fields; while scores on the MAPs test have dropped.

Anonymous said...

Bower has done more than turn his back on curbside recycling. He also cut the number of hours the recycling center is open each month in half.

His administration (no one will take the blame) is also responsible for Ripple Glass not having a glass collection bin in the recycling center.

He supports environmental moves if he thinks it will help him in his business. Remember when Funkhouser wanted light rail. Good ol' Dave Bower was out their campaigning night and day all over the metro area in support.

Lots of bucks to made in designing those train stations and tracks, isn't their Dave?

But let's be fair. It is not just the Mayor. Our BOA is not what you would call made up of a bunch of visionaries.

Joe Creamer and his sidekick Pardue don't want curbside recycling because they fear their favorite trash hauler will not pick up the trash.

Christine White has shown she is a pro at dismantling other's plans. But can't point to anything she has accomplished. Oh, pardon me, she considers Walmart an accomplishment!

Speaking of which. Have you noticed the influx of new businesses rallying to build near the new Walmart?

Anonymous said...

Anybody that thinks Section 8 Housing is good for Raytown needs to go visit some of the success stories in Kansas City.

Don't you just love it when guys like Creamer talk about the glories of free enterprise one minute and give TIFs and tax abatements well over $30 million to Walmart the next?

Anonymous said...

Bower cares nothing about re-cycling. By reducing the re-cycling center to only 2 days a month I'm sure it is only a matter of time until he shuts it down. He is the LEAST PROGRESSIVE MAYOR we've ever had. All he cares about is padding his resume like so many of the others at city hall. We are TRUELY a city in decline and he's too stupid to realize it.

Pat Casady said...

I have read this blog for a long
time and there have been some good points and some bad.
However, we need to remember it's not the section 8 housing
or the people moving into Raytown that is making this towns
property values and neighborhoods decline. No, this is a direct
result of City Hall. If in fact houses and neighborhoods are falling into disrepair it's because nobody is enforcing codes or the laws.
Think about this, it's not the citizens of Raytown that gave away
millions in tax income. It's not the citizens that shot down curbside recycling or limited the time we can use the recycling center.
It's not the citizens that chose to use taxpayer money that was
for streets on the W-M parking lot.
Every single problem can be directed to 10000 E. 59th st.
So you can point your finger at your neighbors but, I believe
you are pointing it at the wrong place.

Robbie Tubbs said...

For those of you that missed the Mayor's interview, here's the link:

Richard Tush said...


Thank you for posting the information about the event at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.

It is always nice to learn of the local churches and other non-profit organizations fundraisers as it give the community the opportunity to support organizations in our town

I have attended the “Annual Taco Dinner” at Our Lady of Lourdes for the past ten years and recommend it to others in our community as a great value at $5.50 a ticket (for adults).

It also provides a wonderful atmosphere to network with fellow citizens that one might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

Andy Whiteman said...

There is something wrong with out Dysfunctional School District. Hickman Mills woke up and is consolidating schools due to revenue loss from decreasing property values. They are now talking about going back to the basics.

I question why our dysfunctional board doesn't cut back to the basics needed for a high school diploma? The rest is totally unnecessary. If the students want the frills, they can pay for them.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am signed up and therefore receive state audit reports.

For anyone else interested in receiving these reports please visit the following website:

The thing that I find amusing is I have yet to see any related to our city or other entities operating within our city bounders.

To clarify for everyone, I would like to see the reports for the following and also have disclosed when the last time an audit was conducted by the state.

City of Raytown
Jackson County Water District #2
Raytown Fire Department
Raytown School District

NOTE: Be aware there is a major difference between an internal audit or that conducted by a firm hired by the entity and those conducted by a true neutral source like the State of Missouri.

If these entities have nothing to hide as they claim with their statements of transparency then there is no reason they have not requested the state to complete an audit.

Based on the fact that as pointed out in this week’s article that it has been some time since an election has held for at least one entity within my list, it would be appropriate for the state to review the records and ensure the tax payers have not been being taken to the cleaners over more then the past two decades.

As for our city, yes we have regular elections, but based on the fact we are wasting tax dollars on a codes enforcement department while visible violations grow at an alarming rate we need so form of state oversight and review of spending.

I for one am no longer able to justify the expense of this department when as many on this blog have pointed our city is now a visible description of a ghetto. I also have great concerns around the spending or lack of for the quality equipment our public works department needs to provide standard services that we pay very high taxes to receive. I wish to thank the individual(s) within the public works department who have spoken out about the equipment they are force to use. I hope others within the city like you are more open about what really goes on behind the closed doors at city hall.

It is time our mayor shows us the transparency he loves to boast about in speeches or time he steps down so we can find some who can walk the walk as much as they talk the talk.

Anonymous said...

Without a local newspaper anymore does anyone know if the school board members ever decide to look at how they are going to address on going short falls.

I was in attendance at the meeting when only two members voted against increase the mil levy to make up some of the short fall caused by the decreasing property value. While myself and many other begged the board to show respect to us, the seniors, and those hit by the economic down fall our nation is still facing.

Only one person, Richard Tush, asked the board to look into the cause of the property value down fall and for them, the school board, to work with the city to ensure our property values don’t take any additional hits as a result of the decrease in property maintenance within the city. He further reminded the city that our mayor had made a campaign promise to have the school board, camber of commerce and city hall work together and was displease this has not occurred. He made sure to address this statement to the mayor’s treasure who is a school board member. She even agreed with Mr. Tush, by commenting she too world like to see these group work cooperative.

I mention this as thanks to this blog I am reminded that it will soon be time to go to the polls and elect two school board members. To those not in attendances at the disgraceful show towards the hard working, retired and unemployed of Raytown. Only current member Rick Thode, who is up for reelection, recommended to look first at cuts then ask the voters only if additional funding be needed instead of just demanding funds from our citizens.

It is with personal shame that I admit to supporting Mrs. Bobbie Saulsberry three years ago when she first sought office. Her lack of respect to those of us who have worked so hard to achieve and maintain what we have today; clearly shows we no longer need her services on the board.

I wish Mr. Thode and new comer Nancy Eyerly the best.

I hope that Nancy rationalizes we need people on the board who understand money doesn’t grow on trees. School districts must live within a budget and not force the taxpayers to pickup the tab because the school board cannot look ahead and prepare for the future, eliminate wasteful and foolish spending and focus on base education to improve the testing score to make our students more attractive and competitive in the future they will face.

Mr. Tush you seem to be an individual who has the common sense as to look at the root cause of problems and offer solutions. I had hoped to see your name listed as one of the candidates. Perhaps you will grace our city in the future by seeking a position on the Board of Alderman as I understand you where a candidate in 2007. Sorry, I don’t live within your district, but would be more then happy to contact friends that do as Raytown needs someone like you who shows understand, commonsense while offering workable solutions for all.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone left in Raytown other then the mayor himself and his bobble head alderman that believe he is doing a good job of moving Raytown forward.

I used to think we could never do worse then what we had when Sue Frank was mayor. Gee was I ever wrong.

I am so sick with this man handing our much need tax dollars over to multi million dollar corporations, while our city service continue to decline.

If that is not bad enough he and his band of thieves then increase the mil level on our property while claiming it must be done to save city services. The next thing you know they decrease the days of the recycling center, snow removal only looked good when compared to Kansas City, MO, and neighborhoods look more and more like photos from the inner city.

When our who are registered to vote going to wake up and demand more for service our tax dollars pay for!

Well Mr. Mayor you are losing more and more support every day

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor I know negativity and Mr. Mayor the Raytown Report is not the negative issue facing Raytown… It is your negative out reach to those who are demanding improvement and progress for our city while putting an end to wasting our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Rather you agree or disagree with President Obama you must respect him for standing up and taking responsibility for the mistakes several departments made with the events that unfolded on Christmas day.

We in Raytown can only hope that Mayor Bower will too stand up like a man and take responsibility for the mistakes made by the department head and associates with the codes enforcement department at city hall.

However, he still publicly thanks her for the hard work her and her department is doing to improve the imagie of Raytown.

I guess he will never be a true man…. As only a true man can stand up and admitte there is a problem then work to correct the problem !

Andy Whiteman said...

I wonder what does transparancy in government mean? I assume transparant means to prevent the public from knowing what the government is doing. After all they don't want the public voicing an opinion or wanting changes.

Pat makes a valid point. I wonder if there is a conspiracy going on to turn Raytown into a ghetto? When things get bad enough, the city can be declared blighted and sold to a developer who will make a BIG profit razing homes and redeveloping. Is that the intent here?

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

PS. Robbie, thanks for publishing that link. The reasoning of the main speaker is pittiful and, in my opinion not what the people of Raytown want.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

First: How can a small business succeed in Raytown if people buy everything at Wal-Mart?! Please don't patronize that store. Shop at your local businesses for you needs. Try to spend money in Raytown and not Lee's Summit or Kansas City, if you can.
Second: The Raytown Schools - I am all for improving the basic subjects to allow our children to get a better education and achieve higher state and national test scores, but I also know many children receive scholarships for music, art, debate, theatre, and yes, the dreaded money pit: - sports. Without these programs, some of our students would not be able to attend college. I wish for everyone a good college education, if they want to pursue it. I also do not think we need as many coaches as we have - how many for football, how many for basketball - I think it is crazy! I very much want Raytown to succeed! Let's work together to keep our homes and yards neat and help out elderly neighbors who may no longer be able to do this. We each have to do our part and show Respect for one another. Loving Raytown…

Anonymous said...

Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia, must be of the same mind set as our over educated leaders at city hall. I heard him talk about coal, drilling for oil and nuclear power, but not looking into renewable energy. I guess like so many of his kind and those elected officials at city hall that can only think about the here and now and not the future of our grandchildren.

What an embracement individuals like these are to the best interest and survival of our nation.

Anonymous said...

It was great to hear the President talk about needing to focus on education. We cannot be second place when it comes to education and should focus on math and science.

Sorry all of you that think we need to keep pushing all those tax dollars into sports. It is time scholarships are awarded based on merit in the class room and not on the field or court.

Maybe then we will see our own school district MAP test result increase.

Anonymous said...

12:24 – What! Do you really think the greater majority of those in the city who are parking in their yards or not maintaining their property are seniors?

Please stop talking with the mayor about his opinion of the reality of our city and get out and take a look for yourself.

Those that I see with the run down and ghetto looking properties are of the age that there should be no reason they are not addressing the problems themselves. The answer is simply they and city hall doesn’t address these issues as they are all lazy and from a generation that just doesn’t care.

Sad our school systems focus too much on sports and not enough on being responsible and respectful in our society.

It is not my or my fellow citizen’s responsibility to clean up after you, teach your children to buy clothes that fit so they don’t have their pants down to their knees and to be financially responsible and not asking everyone for handouts.

Anonymous said...

I really don’t know what is worse as I drive through town the trash that is piled up outside some homes that our multiple haulers will not remove or looking at the full moons in the middle of day from those fine kids in their sports attire because their pants are down on the ground.

Parents please teach your children that cloths are made in different sizes for a reason!

I have yet to find a size of jeans with a tag that read one size fits all.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I live in a ghetto. The guy across the street hasn’t painted his house in 25 years. In some places, the paint has complete worn off and bare wood is showing. Last year, during a spring storm, some of the shingles blew off his roof. He went around and picked them up and nailed them back on. The house next door has a quarter of the wood siding missing. The deck in the back was dangerous, so the owners tore it down four years ago. They have never replaced it. BTW – the deck was off the second story kitchen. I have called the city more times than I can count. I have taken photos and mailed them to the Codes Dept. NO ONE DOES ANYTHING! I’ve seen houses down around 30th and Troost that look better than the houses in my neighborhood. When the next election comes around, I’m voting against anyone who is already in office. I’d like to sell my house and get out of this town, but my property value is in the sewer because my neighbors are pigs.

Anonymous said...

How long is Mayor Bower going to put up with this Beth Linn? She is doing NOTHING about improving the codes in our city. Bower needs to get out of his office and look at the city, Ms. Linn is a total failure at her job.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:50 PM, I agree with you about education. Sports scholarships are a worthless to raise money for universities to get ticket sales. What degree does one with a sports scholarship get? They play pro sports and are burned out with injuries by age 35 or 40. A waste of money of education!

My wife had a tennis scholarship and was a woman swimmer on the mens' swim team because she was too good for the womans' team. What good did it do her? She had a degree in outdoor recreation that would get her a low paying job. Why did she go to college? Because her parents wanted her to. What a waste of money and time.

My mother wanted me to go to college. That wasn't a valid reason to me. Since I had no career goals that required college, I decided not to wate my time. My mother didn't like it but it was her problem.

10:07 PM, Your first sentence is a very poor assumption. I am a disabled senior and am unable to maintain my yard, but PAY someone to do the mowing, trimming, an fallen limb clean up.

I can count at least 7 seniors within a block of me who actually maintain their property! The blame should not be put on a group. It is certain individuals who are responsible. The main blame should be on the Fascist Fief of Raytown for non-enforcement, but on the other hand tagets people with alleged vioations quoting "intend" of a code rather than what is actually written in the code. This action only antagonizes people who class the city as a Fascist Fief.

I always thought that jeans sliding down the hips was a gang style. On there other hand, there is an expensive style known as "low riders". So I can't conclude what type of people dress like this. It actually appears to be 2 different types of people.

Greg, there is a secutity an issue with the blog. Everytime I have opened the blog I get a warning that it is not a secure site.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You ought see what I have as one of the houses I have to look at A lady who calls herself a professional landscaper!!! What a joke lawn full of nothing but WEEDS!!!!She never mows the back yard but a privacy fence so codes can't go look at that!!! What a joke!!!! And a codes department that will do nothing to make her clean it up. I am just about to call Fox 4 news and see if they can embarce the city into making her clean this mess up

Anonymous said...


How is 10:07 making a bad assumption in the question they are asking back to 12:24?

To quote 12:24 “I very much want Raytown to succeed! Let's work together to keep our homes and yards neat and help out elderly neighbors who may no longer be able to do this. We each have to do our part and show Respect for one another.”

As I read 10:07 question that you are saying is a bad assumption I don’t get the same take: “12:24 – What! Do you really think the greater majority of those in the city who are parking in their yards or not maintaining their property are seniors?

To me as you have indicated in your own response and I quote “I am a disabled senior and am unable to maintain my yard, but PAY someone to do the mowing, trimming, an fallen limb clean up. I can count at least 7 seniors within a block of me who actually maintain their property! The blame should not be put on a group.”

I in fact read both you and 10:07 to be wondering why 12:24 believes seniors have property issues to start with.

I can drive my neighborhood too and oddly enough the homes in need of repair are not owned and / or occupied by seniors or as also in your case those with disabilities limiting them to tend to their property on their own.

They are owned by individuals who like to have weekly parties and based on boxes out for the trash or deliver trucks make a lot of purchases again not an assumption but fact based on observation. The thing that bothers we are these are the same homes that need painting or allow the grass to grow about 18” or more before mowing. They also like to place items out for the trash that the trash haulers will not take without prior arraignments. All of which makes my neighborhood to look like some kind of dump site.

To me 12:24 sounds like the mayor himself and his neighbors helping neighbors proper agenda. I don’t have issues helping my neighbors when they will first help themselves. I am a reasonable person and understand someone’s mower might be in the shop for repair. Yes, then it would be the right thing to do to help them. However, when the case is them or their son spending more time out on the drive shooting hoops then tending to the property then you bet, we have a problem!

One other observation about my neighborhood is the seniors are the ones that either has their yards maintained by others as in yours or they mow several times a week. So I don’t understand why 12:24 would imply seniors are the problem.

Anonymous said...

The below notice is on the School website. Does anyone with students currently in school have any constructive ideas? I know people like to say cut this cut that, but really think about it. I plan on attending this session and would like ideas before I go. Also, my student brought home a paper showing they are over, I believe, $4 million short for next year. I think so many unpaid property taxes are hurting more that we realize. **** The Board of Education will discuss the budget for the 2010-2011 school year, to include potential cuts to services and programs at its February 8th regular meeting and its February 22nd special meeting. Additional dates for Board budget discussions will be posted as they become available.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:27AM, Valid point. It appears that 10:07 said, "Do you really think the greater majority of those in the city who are parking in their yards or not maintaining their property are seniors?" But 12:24 said we should help our elderly neighbors. That isn't stating that the seniors are at fault. I take it to mean the seniors may need help. That is not an assignment of blame, but maybe 10:07 interpreted to mean that seniors don't maintain their property. I don't know what another person is thinking but 10:07 put that meaning onto the statement in my mind.

Andy Whiteman

JWDT said...

I am curious how other Raytown residents get rid of their Paint Cans? Do they bury them or just horde them in the basement like my previous owner did? Or maybe they just throw them in the trash and hope they do not get caught...

Was just on the phone with the Household Hazardous Waste group representative ( who informed me it is going to cost me $50 for the 1st 100 pounds of paint & paint cans I am getting rid of because Raytown will not participate (we are only one of two communities that do not participate in the Metro) in the program.

It would be nice if one of the elected or actual city employees addressed this on the blog?
Justin Tomac

Andy Whiteman said...

Justin, I thought everyone kept their old paint. I have saved paint from when I lived in KCMO because it is expensive. I think previous owners save paint to match the color for touch up. Why don't you check where you buy the paint and ask if they have a disposal method?

Disappointed, Codes ARE enforced but from what I observe on a selective basis. I have had an issue in the past with my fence. The only option was to go to District Court which would cost more than it cost to comply with the Fief's arbitrary and capricious demands. I also know a senior lady who claims harassment, has been in muni court many times and also jail. I am sure there are two sides to the story but she claims not to be in violation.

An ordinance violation (tall grass, trash, etc.) doesn't require a signed complaint. All that is needed is a complaint to codes and the codes offices can sign the complaint. The trouble comes with barking dogs. A signed complaint is required. Our muni judge as well as the contracted prosecutor appear to have never read the ordinance so it is basically unenforceable. In my opinion, our muni court can either be vindictive or totally useless. The problem may be with the court and not the codes officers.

Andy Whiteman

dennis said...

shows how dumb this blog really is i cant believe you would post someones address here..

Anonymous said...


Well stated on the inner workings or the uneducated at city hall for who other then the uneducated wouldn’t be able to read our city ordinances and then do their job by holding those in violation accountable.

I know of any old saying that often management hires only the uneducated as they don’t want anyone smarter then them reporting to them for they might soon be the manager. This sure would explain how thinking at city hall.

I sure am disappointed with the leadership skills David Bower has brought to city hall. I bet we could talk to some animal trainers and learn we would find better results from a bunch of trained monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone beating up the mayor?

This man should receive outstanding citizen of the year… Just one fine example of his skill sets is the vetting job he did that resulted in Pat Riehle being appointed to one of the city boards.

Pat as I am sure the mayor knows by appointing him is the prime example of what working hard and asking others to do for you while doing nothing can bring joy, happiness and wealth to oneself.

Being we are handing out awards, we should also include Pat for receiving the taking advantage of others of the year.

Anonymous said...

Turn this property in for codes violations:

10000 E. 59th Street
Raytown, Missouri 64133

I am sure that the codes police would have a hard time finding that address and then trying to figure out just what is wrong up there!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen better than this site.