Sunday, February 28, 2010

In This Week's Raytown Report

Election News Raytown School District to Close Special Education Center to Out of District Students The Games People Play Heard on the Street High School Sports Community Billboard Announcements Last Week’s Poll Results Election News Raytown elections are only one month away. The city does not have any races or issues on the ballot. However, the Raytown C2 School District has three seats up for election, as does Raytown Water District No. 2. The Raytown School District has the most controversial contests. Three candidates have filed for two seats. The two top vote-getters will be seated on the Raytown Board of Education. Of the three candidates, only one, Rick Thode, paid his property taxes on time. The two other candidates for the School District seat, Nancy M. Eyerly and Bobbie J. Saulsberry, were delinquent in paying their property taxes at the time they filed for office. Both Eyerly and Saulsberry have since paid their property taxes in full. Under Missouri state law, they are both eligible candidates for the School Board. Thode and Saulsberry are incumbent candidates. This is Eyerly’s first race for public office. Last summer the Raytown School Board raised the property tax levy to historic highs for patrons of the Raytown School District. Thode voted against the tax increase. Saulsberry voted for the tax increase. Public Water Supply District No. 2 will hold its first election in over twenty years. Two (appointed) incumbents are being faced by a veteran Raytown politician and a political newcomer. Former Raytown City Councilman Jerry Briggs is facing J.W. Jimmie McClanahan. Mike Carpino is squaring off against Gary A. Gillihan. Though the contest is for two separate geographic areas of the Water District, the seats are elected at large. This means that all patrons of the C2 Water District are eligible to vote in this election. GUEST EDITORIAL by Al Walters Raytown School District to Close Special Education Center to Out of District Students The moral test of government is how it treats those in the dawn of life, the children. Those who are in the twilight of life, the aged. And those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped. Hubert H. Humphrey, November 1, 1977 Northwood School is operated by the Raytown School District. It is a special needs school serving handicapped children in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Many of its students come from outside the Raytown school system. The Raytown School District receives compensation from other school districts whose students are educated at Northwood. In a questionable decision the Raytown Board of Education has decided to close the facility to out of district students. But was it a move that had to be made? Last summer the Jackson County Assessors office, in response to the economic recession, lowered property values in Raytown to realistic levels. To offset the loss in revenue the Raytown Board of Education increased the property tax levy to a historic high. This resulted in increased property taxes for ALL taxpayers within the Raytown School District. I, along with more than 50 other Raytown taxpayers attended the School Board meeting when the tax increase was voted. A number of us asked permission to address the group. We were told that twenty minutes had been allotted, no more, to address the group. Additionally, Board members were instructed not to reply to any questions or engage in any discussion with the more than 50 interested district residents attending during the 20 minute audience. We were in effect told, come in, say your piece, it was obvious to even the most casual observer the decision had already been made. For the record, it should be noted that the same School Board had previously approved an expenditure of almost two million dollars to be spent on putting artificial turf on a couple of sports fields for the school’s athletes to play on. In hindsight, the Board’s action on Northwood is disgraceful. There is money to create playing fields that costs millions of dollars . . . but, it appears we do not have the money to help the less fortunate in our society. The more than 2 million dollars spent on the sports fields would have founded the shortfall needed to keep Northwood open for ten years. There is something plainly wrong with what has been and is being done in the Raytown School District. There is an election coming up in April. Two incumbents and one newcomer are filed for two seats on the Raytown School Board. The turning away of those in need from Northwood is a sad event. In view of the School Board’s extravagance in creating million dollar athletic fields it is much worse. It shows a lack of planning and prioritization that should not be tolerated by taxpayers in the Raytown School District. Anyone reading this who believes that putting an artificial rug on a football field is more important than serving the needs of the less fortunate should rel-read what Senator Humphrey said in his farewell speech to the United States Senate. The Games People Play! Jackson County politics is no place for the faint of heart. But some of the shenanigans pulled last week stretch the limits of what should be allowed in a land that boasts of free and open elections. Tuesday was filing day in Missouri for the August Primary Elections. Each governmental agency holding elections conducts the manner in which candidates for office files. Those filing for state office must make a trek to Jefferson City to file at the State Capitol. Those seeking office for Jackson County seats file at the Jackson County Courthouse in Downtown Kansas City. Candidates are placed on the ballot in the order in which they file. So, the first candidate filed gets the first spot. It is not uncommon to see candidates line up in the early morning hours in order to be the first on the ballot. Jackson County is the arena in which this story takes place. On Monday, March 22nd, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp took on the role of traffic cop for those candidates who would be lining up to file for office the next day. Sharp ruled that any candidate who was in line when the Courthouse closed at 5:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon would be allowed to resume their place in line on the next day. On the face of it sounds like a good idea. Due to budget cuts the Courthouse no longer has security on hand during night time hours. And there have been instances where candidates somehow found ways into the building the night before filing open. It also eliminated the dilemna caused when candidates had people stand in line for them during bitterly cold weather. Still, the decision would prove to have new problems that were not forseen. The announcement was made at the County Legislative session. Therefore, the only ones who could easily take advantage of the decision were incumbent County legislators who were already at the Courthouse. Five o’clock rolls around. Guess what group of candidates were first in line for the coveted first spot on the ballot? If you said the incumbent Legislators who were running for re-election . . . you are right! That is not much of surprise. They probably would have lined up without the change -- as they have in the past. But what did take place was not expected. Right before the list is made, another candidate shows up who is not an incumbent. His name is Ray Salva, Jr. County Legislator Henry Rizzo (who happens to be the first candidate in line to file) allows Salva to “cut” in front of him. It may be coincidental, but Salva files for the seat currently held by County Legislator Teresa Garza. Garza goes from the top spot on her race to the second spot. Incidentally, and this is important, Garza is known to be a supporter of Rizzo’s opponent, Crystal Williams, who has yet to file. There is more – read on! The next day a woman named D. Crystal Williams files against Henry Rizzo for a seat on the County Legislature. What most of the voting public is not aware of is that the candidate is not who she appears to be. There is a Crystal Williams who plans to run against Rizzo. In fact she has been campaigning and raising money for quite some time. But she is not the “D. Crystal Willaims” who filed Wednesday. So, there you have it. It has been only one week since filing opened. No doubt about it, this is going to be an interesting election year. Oh yeah, for those that are interested. Filing for office in Missouri closes on March 20th. Heard on the Street . . . Reliable sources have reported that Mayor David Bower was spied at a local eatery holding a meeting with well known Republican political consultant Jeff Roe. According to the same source, Bower is looking to the future (he is up for election in just over a year) and was heard asking for advice on what he should do to prepare for the election. One can only speculate how much that meal cost the Mayor. High School Sports Lady Celtics are District Champs by Brother Richard Geimer In the District 13 Class 4 Basketball Tournament Championship game, the Archbishop O'Hara High School Lady Celtics topped the Hickman Mills Cougars 52-41 on February 26. Alex Smith and Hailey Houser combined for 29 points, more than half of the O'Hara output. O'Hara went with six players, ballhandlers Ashley Clark, Cameron Randle, and Alex Smith and rebounders Tori Hurtt, Haily Houser, and Breanna Ransburg. For the rest of this story and other stories about O’Hara sports use this link: O'Hara High School Sports O’Hara Boys Upset by Center The O'Hara Celtic boys basketball team had defeated the Center Yellowjackets in the West Central Conference games wherein O'Hara won the Conference undefeated, but in the semifinal District 13 Class 4 game on February 23rd, Center emerged on top 61-53. During the regular season O'Hara had won games of 73-66 and 60-58 in their contests. Just three days earlier, the Missouri State High School regular-season basketball rankings compiled by the Missouri Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association listed the O'Hara team #4 with their 21-4 record. For the rest of this story and other stories about O’Hara sports use this link: O'Hara High School Sports Raytown South Boy’s Basketball Season ends with loss to Rockhurst The opportunities were there for Raytown South but the Cardinals never could take advantage as they lost in the district tournament to Rockhurst, 64-61. With 32 seconds remaining in the game, Ishmail Wainright scored a layup that brought the Cardinals to within one point. Suffocating defense prevented Rockhurst from inbounding the ball and a five second violation was called, giving the ball back to Ray-South with a chance to put up the game's final shot. For the rest of this story and other Raytown South Sports News use this link Raytown South High School Community Billboard Announcements Our Lady of Lourdes School will hold its 8th Annual Benefit Auction on Saturday, March 6, 2010. The silent auction begins at 6:00 p.m. Dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. and the live auction will begin at 8:00 p.m. Tickets to the event cost $20 per person and can be purchased at the School office or at the door. The venue includes a Cajun Dinner, beverages and bid number. Soup and Craft Days at Rice-Tremonti Home historic site Saturday, March 6 -- 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sunday, March 7 -- 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 66th & Blue Ridge, Raytown, MO (Look for the log cabin in the yard) Last Week’s Poll Results Do you believe Raytown City Hall practices "transparency" in the public's business? Yes . . . 30% No . . . . 70%


Andy Whiteman said...

It would be more logical to list candidates alphabetically on the ballot rather than the order they filed. Order filed makes it difficult to find a name. Alphabetical listing would eliminate a lot of games played in filing.

It appears the Dysfunctional School Board election forced 2 people to pay their taxes. Taxes should be paid whether or not one wants to run for office.

I read an article in the Red Star about students who come from quite a distance to attend Norwood. Since the other districts reimburse Raytown, their students should not be rejected. The remaining students will be such a small number, that I wonder if the district will keep Norwood open? I had a neighbor who moved a few houses down the street rather than away from Raytown because Raytown's program for special needs students.

As I have stated previously, the school district should cut back to only the curriculum required for a High School Diploma. The frills are not taxpayer responsibility and the students should bear the expense for athletics, band, chorus, orchestra, art, etc. If they want those classes the classes should be offered at a charge to cover the expense.

WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our school district. I hope there is a large turn out in April! Unfortunately I will still be here in April to vote.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Bower better talk to somebody he's going to need all the help he can get to get re elected.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The meal will cost Bower alot because I truly believe the guy will get beat. He has done NOTHING for the town. Don't even start with Wal Mart that was the worst thing that ever happened in this town beside Nesbitt, Frank and Bower being elected as mayor.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:41AM, Thanks for posting the links. I bookmarked them so I can find them again.

NOTICE: The BOA is going to spend $202,000 tomorrow night on a consent agenda without discussion. They consider this spending to be "routine." To me spending $202K is far from routine. I hope more people than me appear to protest. WE THE PEOPLE need top take back this Socialist Fascist Fief.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Most of our present elected officials are a disgrace.
An embarrassment to the hard working taxpayers of
Raytown. The school board is the poster board for
bad spending in a bad economy.
When a school board uses taxpayer money it is first
and foremost to be for education of our children.
Not for artificial turf for a game that is played for two or three
months of a year.
Two million tax dollars would have gone a long way to educate
the less fortunate students.
More importantly, what is this telling our children?
It's OK to shun the less fortunate?
The school board should be ashamed of itself.
City hall is no better at looking out for taxpayer dollars.
They have given away and cost this town millions and millions
of dollars in lost tax income and paying for department heads that
don't do their jobs but receive huge paychecks as if to say they
are doing a good job.
Millions of dollars that would have gone a long way repairing our

Andy Whiteman said...

We wonder why homes in Raytown don't sell. If I was looking at my house today, I wouldn't but it because the street is failed as are many other streets. I agree with 8:12AM that the wasted money could be used to repair streets. This city looks like a ghetto!

Someone needs to speak up at the BOA tonight. I have a doctor's appointment. They may listen, but don't pay attention.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I spoke with Andy Noll tonight and I think he knows how to do proper maintenance on the streets so that frequent repair is unnecessary. Repairs actually cost more than the maintenance and the city was wasting money in previous years!

I just noticed the vote on Northwood School. I hope that the results are presented to the School Board. But obviously the people's desires don't count. Keeping students from other districts at Northwood will enhance both the student body and the budget.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I agree that maintenance is important. But the simple fact is that the City Council has underfunded street maintenance ever since the economic idiocy that is Walmart.

Remember this. The city is giving up 15% of its sales tax income to pay for the debt created by Walmart.

So if you want to visit all the asphalt that has not been put on Raytown streets in the past three years go drive around the Walmart parking lot. That is where it has been spent.

The city has not been wasting money on maintenance. They have not been spending enough money on it.

When the City Council campaigned for a transportation tax in Raytown they promised the money would take care of street maintenance needs for years and years to come. The people bought into it supported the tax.

Another broken promise from our friends on the city council.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:12PM, I agree with you, but Nancy Thompson found the legal loophole. It was a "Transportation tax" and not a "street maintenance tax" that people believe they were voting for. She said the money actually did go to fund transportation items. I guess we made the wrong assumption when voting.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

No, Andy. We understood what we were told and promised.

They lied. Plain as simple.

As for Ms. Thompson's double-speak; now you know why there are so many dry eyes at city hall over her leaving.

It is not "clever" when politicians pull such stunts. But they continue to do so.

Joe Creamer said he raised taxes because he did not want to cut services. Within two months he cut the amount of time the recycling center was open in half.

David Bower tells us he wants to clean up Raytown. But his inaction on code enforcement screams just the opposite.

Don't pay attention to what they say. Pay attention to what they do.

Won't Get Fooled Again! said...

Did they call it a "Walmart Tax" when the sold it to the voters?

That's where the money ended up!

Mayor Dave and his friends sure did run a fast one by us, didn't they?

I will not get fooled again. When Bower and his cronies come to my house askng for a vote the door will not even be answered.

Anonymous said...

Check out this website: and put in zip code 64133. It will pull up 54 registered sex offenders in our zip code.

Do the cops know who these people are? Are the cops keeping an eye on them?

Andy Whiteman said...

Some elected officials should be classified as lairs. I am wondering, since services are being cut, where did the extra tax money go? OH, I forgot the double speak said it wasn't an increase, but it actually was staying the same.

Fool me once shamoe on you.
Fool me twice shame on me.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Closing Northwood to out of district residents was a choice made because other districts are not able to pay the fee it costs. At least that's what was plainly said in several meetings.

I was against the artificial fields at first, but when you consider the savings in upkeep it makes a lot of sense. Plus, I want our kids to have nice facilities and the district gets a large chunk of money from sporting events, especially football.

I know for a fact that the new turf fields have allowed members of the band and other sports more opportunities to use the field. the real waste of tax payer money was paying for a field that was only used by football.

Anonymous said...

Northwood School - I wonder why they could not have just charged the other districts more per each student who attended?
Paving - My street was paved last year and it looks great. I didn't really think it needed paving and am now surprised to hear about all the bad streets that seem to need it so desperately.

Anonymous said...

Of course they lied. They alway lie. They gave it all to Wal-mart before they left town. (Wenson, Estes, Franks). What little was left in the coffers was given to the PD (Mayor Frank's husband and all the cronies). Then when the coffers are tapped out, they cry "public safety" and ala kazam, another million plus, from the tax payers. I said sell out and move on, but you can't sell when no one is buying. Stuck in a rut, or in our case a pothole...

Anonymous said...

I don't buy into the football team making lots of money for the district. Do you have any idea waht it costs to outfit one of those teams?

Dollar for dollar football is the most expensive sport -- and strangely enough, the most exclusive sport for our children.

Anonymous said...

I just attended a fundraiser for one of the local HS football teams and the proceeds were to be used for new replacement uniforms so I know that they are not getting tax money for those.....

Andy Whiteman said...

As I said before Raytown is for the rich. It costs too much to live here with outrageous school taxes and outrageous utilities. 2:39PM, our leadership figures any one who is rich enough to live here can pay for it.

Not only is football expensive but it is subject to injuries! The teams (whatever the sport is) should bear the expense and not the taxpayers!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The uniforms? How about the pads, the training equipment, the infrastructure cost to maintain and house all the same?

Don't get me wrong. Team sports can do a lot of good in developmennt of a child.

Do not be blind to the cost that is paif to the football gods. Those innocents who will be left out because of the plan to close needed services to othe districts are just as important as every child playing in sports.

Hubert Humphrey was right. You can measure the greatness of a people by how they treat the least of those among them.

Anonymous said...

Why does the city and public water #2 continue to drive these 4 door, 4 wheel drive, gas guzzling pickup trucks? I've never seen more than one person riding around in them. Just another waste of our tax dollars and another good reason for change in our elected officials.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered the same thing about our police cars. Raytown is only about 10 square miles in area. It is tailor made for hybrid vehicles.

Forward looking police departments are using hybrids to literally cut their fuel consumption in half.

As for the four wheel drive vehicles. It is just another case of boys with their toys.

There is not a whole lot of wilderness area to go four wheeling in left in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

3:35PM, First are you sure they are gas guzzling vehicles or making an assumption? Maybe only one person is in the vehicle because only one person is needed for the job. Of course a 2nd person could ride along just to be paid for doing nothing. Could it be because the taxpayers would complain if the city junked what they are driving solely to buy a fuel economy vehicle?

I investigated doing that myself the summer before last and finally decided that using less gas would never safe enough to pay the cost of a new vehicle! Just not cost effective.

Pat Ertz has stated that WD#2 purchased a fuel conservative vehicle from a Raytown dealer. Obviously both the city and WD 2 will replace vehicles only when needed and not for the sole purpose of saving gas.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Hybrids get about 45 miles to the gallon in city traffic.

Conventional six cylinders like the Raytown p.d. uses get about 20 miles per gallon in city traffice.

With the number of miles that patrol officers put on their vehicles do you really wonder if there would be a savings.

To borrow a phrase from a well-known national politician. You betchya.

I don't know how often they change over cars in the p.d fleet. But from the looks of the cop cars I see in Raytown it has to be at least every two years. Not all at once, of course. But there are some pretty new models out on Raytown streets.

Andy Whiteman said...

The PD just got approval for some new vehicles including 1 4WD.
I agree as vehicles are replaced, fuel conservation should be considered. The hybrids I have seen advertised are very expensive and someone would have to decide if the savings would outweigh the extra cost. I assume the new vehicles being bought meet Federal requirements for gas mileage.

True there isn't much space in Raytown for off roading, but 4WD vehicles are a requirement with the miserable winter weather we get here. That is why I have one. I never go off the road but it is a safety issue in snow that I am not spinning all over the street. My driveway has a slight slope and I had to use 4L to get into my garage a few times.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Let me know when the Police Department changes over to hybrid vehicles then we can outrun them while we make it out of town with our loot going back to the 'hood!

BTW, I will be one of the first to move away from here... watch crime go skyrocketing through the roof! Why not put all the cops on bicycles and have them do a hot pursuit chase! you guys just crack me up!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the water department couldn't carry heavy
equipment or go into a muddy construction site in a hybrid.
They need the four wheel trucks. I doubt they could hitch up
a trailer with a piece of equipment to a battery operated car
and expect to go anywhere.
Here's another thing. Price a battery pack for those hybrids.
They run around six thousand dollars.
Every year gas mileage gets better with the conventional engines.
And lets face it global warming is a load of you know what.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys need to get a time machine. The battery packs in most hyrids are guaranteed up to 100,000 miles. You have driven one lately if you think they are all that slow. The days of the old cowboy cop in high speed chases are over. With area police departments ability to communicate with each other the reckless high speed chases are thankfully becoming a thing of the past.

Here is the interesting part. Hybrid vehicles are not that much more expensive than what our cops are driving now.

The savings in fuel consumption alone could hire more police, fix more streets.

As for the four wheel drive nonsense. Tell me about the crime spree that we had during the Christmas blizzard. That's right. There wasn't one. Because no body, including the bad guys, could get around.

You guys need to quit thinking like cavemen and step into the 21st century. Go ahead and check it out. More and more communities are going to hyrbid vehicles because of the savings in fuel alone.

But what can you expect from a city council that routinely embarrasses itself with by doing things like embracing smoking in public places like it was an American birthright, turning its back to recylcing and choosing the Pit Bull as its town dog?

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, I've never seen the water district trucks pull anything with these trucks and they never get off the pavement to quote" go into a muddy construction site." First of all there aren't any construction sites in Raytown, what business would the water company be doing there anyway? These huge trucks need to be traded in for more fuel efficient transportation. Get with the times people!!

Andy Whiteman said...

Bicycles for the Police are used in other cities with success.

Albuquerque PD uses bicycles. They are usually in areas like Old Town but also used in the neighborhoods for neighborhood patrol. Some cruisers carry bikes. The officer will park, get out, and bike the neighborhood. A lot more can be seen from a bike than a car because the bike is moving slower. This also allows contact with citizens.

I spoke with a bike officer at a shopping center in Leawood. He said that bikes are much better because he can pursue someone between cars if necessary. Also there is the exercise benefit.

I think Raytown should consider bicycle officers not only for gas savings, but for more efficient patrol and the exercise benefit. If something is happening,

Andy Whiteman

Frank Potter said...

I have been reading about artific
ial turf on the internet.To me it
is not cost effective because on average it needs replaced every ten years.There are a few well
maintained fields that have lasted
twenty years.Dividing the two million dollar cost of the Raytown
field by Twenty years comes out to
one hundred thousand dollars a year.

In regard to maintenance everything
I read did say there was a savings.
However the turf is far from maint
enance free.It requires vacuumng,
repairing tears and treament for
weeds and pests.Some of this reguires special equipment.One article said it cost twenty two
thousand a year to maintain their
football field.

Because the turf wears out before the full savings in maintenance cost is realized I feel the school
district did not make a fiscally
responsible decision.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, see, the 4 wheel drives are a bunch of nonsense, NOT! At least I was able to get around in the so called 'blizzard' if you want to call it that with my 4x4 pickup, and it kept all you yuppies off the road with your hybrids and rice burners and out of my way! Try pulling a 10,000 lb load on a trailer with a hybrid, NOT! A 4x4 is more practical for some. And gasoline powered pursuit vehicles are more practical for law enforcement.... tell me another one so I can laugh some more!

Anonymous said...

Hihg speed chases through our neighborhoods catching bad guys. Pulling payloads in the tens of thousands of weight class.

Get real.

Somebody has been watching too many Steven Segal movies!

The police are most effective at preventing crime from happening by being highly visible. Bumping around residential streets in gas guzzeling four wheel drive does not make a neighborhood safer.

As evidenced by the number of comments on this blog there is certainly not an uptick in the number of code violations being reported by our codes department.

Our police would be better off sneaking up on those with ourstanding warrants in a quiet electric or hybrid vehicle than they would in something that announces its presence a block away.

dennis said...

i think this blog just got dumber while i was you all think before you post?

Bob said...


Thank the heavens you are back. Please lead us and show us the way to be smart like you!


Andy Whiteman said...

Likewise does EVERY Alderperson think before they speak or vote?

Andy Whiteman

Dennis said...

well Bob,
Which problem would you like me to tackle first?...I would prefer you to be point i will be the counterpoint....wanna play?

Anonymous said...

As always it is nice to know that people like Dennis in our community who like to provide a lot of cheep talk, but can never back up anything thing with valid facts.

Sounds just like the bunch of misfits working at city hall.

My pride we should all take in our community when we hire quick talking do nothings that just love to spend our hard earned tax dollars.

Just call me Bob! said...

Okay, Dennis.

I drove by the construction site on the 63rd Street Bridge. Looks like things are moving right along. Just south of the bridge is a butt ugly, rusted out billboard. I know the city removed a similar billboard on 350 Highway when they developed the walmart area. I thought that was a rare, but good move on the part of the city council. It showed some vision for cleaning up the city.

Do you know if they will take down the one on Raytown Road?

I called my alderman about it but he never called me back.

Dennis said...

What did i say that needed to be backed up with valid facts?

This blog has turned dumber while i was gone. What kind of proof do you need? Read the posts theres the proof. No 4 wheel drive vehicles for construction vehicles that have the possibilty of working off of paved surfaces.

And the hybrid police cars so the cops can sneak up on the bad guys.....with out them hearing the big american made gas guzzlers coming.....i rest my case for tonight.

Go back to bashing Walmart at least it made more sense.

Anonymous said...

Too much Rambo.

Anonymous said...

If you want to do the point counterpoint thing go elsewhere and start your own stupid talk radio program.... or call in to 980 KMBZ..... maybe some republicans care to hear what you want to whine about! We don't!

Andy Whiteman said...

How can hybrid cop cars sneak up on people? I can actually hear car tires on the pavement.

Eventually an audible alert will be required on hybrids by the Feds as a safety factor.

A bicycle patrol would be able to sneak up.

Andy Whiteman