Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Riehle Removed from Ballot
Former Raytown Alderman and candidate for the 48th District State Representative, Pat Riehle, has been has been removed from the August Primary Ballot by the Missouri Secretary of State. The Missouri Secretary of State's web listing of state candidates running for Missouri state positions no longer lists Riehle as a candidate.
According to sources in the State Democratic Party, Riehle was removed for failure to report his personal financial statement in a timely manner.
Riehle's departure from the Democratic ballot leaves Gavin Fletchall as the only Democratic candidate running for the seat in the August primary. The 48th District seat is an open seat. The current office holder of the 48th District seat, Will Kraus, has filed for a Missouri Senate seat.
Three Republicans will square off against each other in the election this August. They are Gary Cross, Bob Gough and Pam Osgood. All from Lee's Summit.
Raytown Community Clean Up Day This year’s Raytown Community Clean Up Day will take place on Saturday, May 1st, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Super Splash Parking Lot located at 5330 Raytown Road. For more information regarding Clean Up Day please use this link: Raytown Clean Up Day CITY NEWS . . . Elected Officials Salary to Remain Unchanged The Raytown Board of Aldermen made no changes to elected officials salaries at their meeting last Tuesday. But that does not mean there were not any fireworks over the issue. At their last meeting of the Elected Officials Compensation Review Board one of its members, former Raytown Mayor Bob Grissom, made a motion to lower the Mayor’s salary to $500 per month. The motion failed for lack of a second. The Mayor is currently paid $1,000 per month plus a $200 automobile allowance. The real fireworks took place at the last two meetings of the Board of Aldermen. At issue was the pay for the City Collector Kathie Schutte. The discussion centered on how much time the City Collector actually spent at city hall on city business for the pay of $100 per month. The City Collector position is statutorily required by the State of Missouri in fourth class cities. Raytown is a fourth class city, but all duties of the City Collector have been parceled out to the Finance Director. Because of the state law, the City Collector’s signature is required on many official documents concerning city business. Ward 4 Alderman Bill Van Buskirk asked that the City Administrator report to the Board of Aldermen on how much time the City Collector spent at City Hall in her duties. City Administrator Mahesh Sharma wrote: “During the last Board of Aldermen meeting, I responded to a question asked by Alderman Bill Van Buskirk regarding the duties of City Collector and time involved to complete those functions. As I mentioned, the City Collector is a customary position and compensation of $100.00 per month has not changed since 1993. Finance staff has informed me that the current City Collector visits City Hall on a weekly basis to sign business and occupational licenses, which takes on an average about fifteen minutes. Staff has no further information about additional duties performed by City Collector.” This brought various responses from other Alderman. Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere suggested that the position be paid one dollar a year. Ward 3 Alderman Christine White is on record saying that paying $1 a month would be an insult to the position. Before being elected to the Board of Aldermen, White served six years as the City Collector. A quick check of surrounding communities show that most fourth class cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area do not pay the position. The Board voted to continue to approve the recommendations of the Elected Officials Compensation Review Board a vote of 9 to 1. Park Sales Tax Question to be on August 3rd Ballot The Board of Aldermen also approved the placement of a one eighth cent tax on the ballot for Raytown Parks. Under the language adopted by the Board the tax would expire in seven years. The amended bill will be voted on at the first meeting in May. Raytown voters will decide the fate of the sales tax question when they vote at August 3rd Primary Election. How they voted on adding a sunset clause to the tax: Voting YES: VanBuskirk, Lightfoot, Ertz, Hamilton, ParDue, Mock. Voting NO: Creamer, Aziere, White, Melson Deceitful Misinformation Ploy Fails During the debate on the park sales tax sunset clause Alderman Joe Creamer told Board members they should vote against the sunset clause because it has cost the taxpayers over $100,000 in election costs for renewal of the park tax. He also said that the park department had budgeted $30,000 for the election. City Administrator Mahesh Sharma corrected Alderman Creamer’s bad math by pointing out that the actual cost would be much less since the election is being held on the crowded August Primary ballot. High School Activities O’Hara Baseball Team Takes Second Place By Brother Richard Geimer The final standings in the MID SEASON CLASSIC 2010 EASTERN JACKSON COUNTY VARSITY BASEBALL TOURNAMENT has the O'Hara Celtics in second place in Pool A competition with Lee's Summit taking first. Lee's Summit was undefeated in four games and the Celtics went 3-1. Raytown South, William Chrisman, and Fort Osage had identical 1-3 records to tie for third. Lee's Summit West and Truman tied for first in Pool B with 3-1 records. In third place was Lee's Summit North at 2-2, and tying for fourth were Raytown and Lee's Summit Community Christian School, both with 1-3 records. Extreme rain prevented playoffs this year. For other stories about O'Hara use this link O'Hara High School Ray South Girls Soccer Triumphs at St. Joe Central By Ryan Murdock For awhile it looked like the Raytown South girls soccer team would not be able to shake their dead legs and run with St. Joe Central, but that all changed in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Samantha Woodward's goal 8 minutes into the second half tied the score 2-2 and Ashley Chandler scored the winner just 4 minutes later as the Lady Cardinals defeated St. Joe Central 3-2 in St. Joseph Friday night. For the rest of this story and other stories about Raytown South High School use this link Raytown South High School Last week’s poll results: Should the Kansas City Earnings Tax be eliminated? Yes . . . . . . . . . 76% No . . . . . . . . . . 22% Undecided . . . . 2%


Andy Whiteman said...

This must be new because I never noticed it before. Exiting WestLake onto 350 HWY going NW there is a large sign blocking the view of oncoming traffic. Those going NW on 350 HWY might want to watch for traffic exiting Westlake.

I notified the store manager Chief Lynch, and Mayor Bower.

I was at both BOA meetings and did NOT hear Mahesh state that the City Collector was a City Hall 15 minutes a week. The statement may have been made outside a meeting. I happen to be Union and unions have a minimum call out time such as 4 hours, 2 hours, or even a fell day. That is to prevent an employee making a trip for 15 minutes of work. I don't know the city's personnel regulations regarding call outs but assuming a wage of $7.35/hr (which I consider to be very low) and based on a 4 hour call out, the City Collector is underpaid. She should be paid $117.60 per month.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...


Here is the exact copy of Mahesh Sharma's memo to the Board of Aldermen. It is a public document and available at Raytown City Hall.

Date: April 15, 2010
To: Mayor
Board of Aldermen
From: Mahesh Sharma
City Administrator

Re: City Collector Position

During the last Board of Aldermen meeting, I responded to a question asked by Alderman Bill Van Buskirk regarding the duties of City Collector and time involved to
complete those functions. As I mentioned, the City Collector is a customary position and compensation of $100.00 per month has not changed since 1993.

Finance staff has informed me that the current City Collector visits City Hall on a weekly basis to sign business and occupational licenses, which takes on an average about fifteen minutes.
Staff has no further information about additional duties performed by City Collector.


From my point of view, IF the memo from the City Administrator is correct -- and I am certain he did not fabricate the numbers -- then the City Collector is spending collectively 1 hour each month at City Hall in her duties.

She is paid $100 each month. She is at City Hall one hour each month.

Do the math.

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, Being disabled and hearing the question verbally, I expected a verbal response at the next meeting.

The City Administrator used to publish a weekly report, but no more. I wonder what happened to that?

Assuming the City Collector is at City Hall one hour each month, there is also travel time and personal liability for signing city documents. Being Union, I still advocate a minimum call out even though she may be there only 15 minutes.

I pointed out via email to city officials that if the pay is cut, Raytown could very well not have a city collector if no one ran for the office.

I do feel that savings could be achieved by cutting the salarys of City Administrators and Department Heads. They currently are under contract but pay can be cut as replacements are hired. It seems penny wise and pound foolish to question $100/month while others are drawing $60,000 to over $100,000 per year. The tie wearing chair warmer's pay should be questioned. Are they really worth what they are paid?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I personally do not think we need a city collector I think it's a waste of our tax money. All they do is sign checks. As I remember though, She is not an employee she's is elected by the people. We do not have the right to recall on an elected Offical.

I also remember that because we are still a 4th class city and we are required to have a collector by stste statues. Am I right Greg? If that is still true the only way we can correct the problem is to vote a Charter in that way we can decide what we want to have and what we spend our tax money on.

Greg Walters said...

Raytown is still a fourth class city and is statutorily required to have a City Collector. However, the city is not required to pay the position ANY salary.

Raytown is not the only fourth class city in the metropoitan area. It would be interesting to see what other communities pay the position.

From my point of view the position should be treated as an honorary one. There are many elected positions that do not draw a salary that have tons more responsibility than the City Collector.

We just held an election for School Board members and Directors to the Water District, neither position is paid.

The only real responsibility the Collector has is for her signature to be on certain documents from City Hall.

They can be "stamped", as is the Mayor's and other responsible positions like the City Administrator, City Clerk, or Finance Director.

I would wager that if you would remove what is really $100 per hour pay for the position that the argument would be over. There would still be someone willing to fill the position.

Life would go on.

We could use the annual savings the $1,200 saved to fill in some of the potholes in the streets. Why, in ten years, we would have saved $12,000! With that we could even re-pave some of our streets.

Pat Casady said...

Charters have been tried before.
They have been voted down time after time.
A charter would make our elected officials accountable
for their actions and for that reason Raytown will never
have a Charter form of government.
Raytown is a not so hidden dictatorship form of government.
What I mean by that is simply this, there are only two or
three aldermen that can or will think for themselves or the
people. The others do what they are told by the City Administrator,
the city lawyer or the mayor. No questions ask.
If they are not being told what to do they are busy kissing up the those three.
This has been this way for many......too many years.

Anonymous said...

The city collector's position is a wasted position. The only reason that Raytown has one is because we are a backwards community with a fourth class status. Didn't I read somewhere that the marshal can also be designated the city collector in a fourth class city? Wouldn't this make more sense than paying someone for basically doing nothing.

Max said...

I wanted to say thank you to Pat Cassidy regarding his comments on the Main Street Organization. Main Street has done a number of things to help generate interest in Downtown Raytown. The Holiday Lighting Ceremony. The Egg Hunt, the Window Display giveway and the flower planters were all Main Street events. You can vist them at Everyone is welcome to join and as Pat said, it aint expensive. They are trying to do something, help them if you can.

Raytown Booster said...

I knew about the Holiday Lighting Ceremony because I read about it here on this blog. I didn't know that an Easter Egg Hunt had been held.

The Main Street Organization would do itself a favor by posting their events on this blog. It would probably be the most effecive way of getting the word out about their events.

Anonymous said...

Would you comment on anonymous 8:39 AM regarding City Marshal position? Raytown pay 90,000 plus for this position with 4 percent increase for the next four year term and what we get in return. While you are checking city collector information from the surrounding communities, I would also ask that you check on city marshal position as well. You may be suprised that we may have the highest paying elected official in the state of Missouri.

Andy Whiteman said...

Those of us who have web sites might want to link to the Main Street Organization. I have various Raytown links on the page that shows my house for sale:

After I sell my house, I will delete the listing and just have Raytown links and pics.

BTW: I noticed driving around my neighborhood a large number of homes for sale. The price on a nice home 2 blocks away is way down from its listing price a few years ago when it was last sold. The price is affordable at least to me if I was going to move to Raytown.

I was thinking that since the city collector is paid $100/hr, isn't that in line with the tie wearing chair warmers? Except the tie wearers receive 80 to 100 times the collector's salary on a yearly basis. We need a study (not a $50K study) of what the chair warmers should be paid when their contracts renew or if there are vacancies.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

By all indications Kathie Schutte, the current city collector is the HIGHEST paid elected official at city hall. I hope that we see some qualified candidates come forward to file for this position in next year's city elections. Now that the word is out that this position pays $100 an hour, I bet that there will be more than one candidate run for city collector.

Over Taxed Tax Payer said...

Vote “NO” on the park tax on August ballot.

If the park board is not smart enough to charge more to rent the shelter houses and/or attend supper splash for non-residents then let us send them a message in August.

We have picked up enough taxes for others.

Anonymous said...

Today while grooming my dog I came across a tic, and as I was removing it I thought about the comparison of that tic to our Mayor.

You see a tic’s survival depends on the blood it is able to suck out of its host.

Our Mayor, as too many of us know, loves to suck the money out of our paychecks.

A tic even when not spotted will leave a blister mark were it has bitten its host.

The Mayor, as too many of us know, loves to leave code violations blistering our town.

A tic often carries incurable diseases that plague the host for life.

The Mayor, as too many of us know, has been taking us down a path of giving everything away and for which we may never recover.

I sure cannot wait until next April when we find someone to rid us of our pest.

They Call Me "Simple" Joe said...

Reading about "Simple" Joe has me thinking back that he was going to clean-up our city starting with the rental property.

Boy we must not have any rental property in Raytown as the number of code violatations is growing every day and I a sure "Simple" Joe is a man of his word.

Anonymous said...

Question, state law says we have to have a city collector.

However, does it say they have to sign the documents indicated on this blog or can they once elected assign that action to the city finace director or can the board decide that.

Just trying to figure out how to elimnate all the hard work that elected position has.

15 min a week... for $100 a month...that is just asking to much

Get real!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any business in the last year that Vicki Turnbow has brought to Raytown?

Does anyone know of any business in the last year that Vicki Turnbow has help get aid to keep their doors open in Raytown?

Does anyone know of any properties in the last year that Vicki Turnbow has help get cleaned up so others would want to open a business and/or shop Raytown?

I cannot think of any either, so why is the Chamber keeping her around. They sure are not doing anything to better our city.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank all of the smokers on the Board of Alderman for allowing smoking in Raytown.

It is nice to driver by the bars and see the people in the parking lots fighting and using four letter words.

Boy they are a rough looking group and a group we didn't see before being on of the few cities to allow smoking.

So what if someone gets hurt by these groups as long as the bars get to keep smoking in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Why does codes go after one person while the person next door has a bigger mess.

Is this what happens when we have non-proactive codes enforcement department?

Said that we are paying this Beth Lynn to make sure our citizens are not treated the same.

I am sure the courts would have a problem with this. So maybe we all should thumb our noise at city hall until they are proactive and go after everyone not just those the city doesn't like.

Mr. Pedasso said...

I sure want to thank Mayor Bower for all the hard work he and the codes department has done to make Raytown a better place.

It is refreshing to be able to show others what a ghetto looks like with having to drive downtown Kansas City. The gas saving is well worth a drive just around our own downtown. We have the same potholes, graffiti and yes even our own homeless.

If that is not enough to get the blood pumping just drive down Eastward on 63rd Street starting at Blue Ridge Cut Off. They grassy lot known, as Jacob Estates is its normal 12 plus inches. This makes a great place for the kids to play and go home with chiggers. It sure is nice the owner of the property maintains it so well. Just think we don’t have to pay any special taxes to enjoy this park.

Again thank you Mayor Bower for making living in our town a memorable experience for everyone.

Andy Whiteman said...

1:48 PM, The tic analogy also applies to Dictator O'Bomba and his puppet Congress. The tics are sucking the blood money out of the economy. Vote the puppet part out in November!

2:18 PM, I haven't observed this activity, but I don't go out that much. Why not give the PD a call and report it? I used to work in law enforcement and out deputies made bar checks several times a night. I am surprised if the Raytown Police doesn't make bar checks.

2:06 PM, This citizen moved to Raytown because of false info from the Chamber. I was told that Raytown had the lowest taxes in the metro. Boy was I surprised when I got my first property taz bill!

Andy Whiteman

"Simple" Joe said...

Someone needs to stay on top of Simple Joe and ask boy blunder where he learned to do math.

The only other person with any ties to Raytown that thinks it cost too much to have an election is that silly hillbilly Bubba Fitzwater.

Come on you two this is America where we pride ourselves on the freedom to vote.

If you two communist don’t like it there is a nice country about 90 miles South of Florida that I am sure would love to have you seek refuge from all of us freedom loving Americans.

Forest said...

Just think one-day Hollywood will come to Raytown and film the movie “The Really Forest Gump”

This will be based on the life and time of our simple minded “Simple” Joe Creamer and the search for the rental property owners and their code violations.

His simple-minded attempts to place the blame on these business owners will others lead the way in multiple violations.

I am sure all will find this a simple delight of the insightfulness of this simple-minded individual.

Like mommy says, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

Anonymous said...

Now, Now, Beth Lynn is doing a fine job... Just ask the Mayor!

Anonymous said...


You are right. We need self-thinkers on the board and less of the "Simple" Joe clones.

There one more reason cloning is wrong. To think we have "Simple" Joe to help prove the point.

Pat Casady said...

Wouldn't it be nice if a qualification for being an elected
official was at least a business degree.
Now all it takes is anybody that lives in town can become
an elected official that will try to run a town that desperately
needs an understanding of how the business world works
while not selling out the town itself.
We don't have that.
What we do have is one pre-election promise after another
that never becomes truth.
We need to get off the City Collector. There is nothing that can be done about that. Besides the hundred dollars a year is nothing compared to everything else that has been done.
We need to start looking for good people that will run this town.
People with compassion for the way taxpayer money is handled.
I was told along time ago that the board of aldermen were in effect
the boss. What I mean by that is the City administrator, the city lawyer,
everybody that is hired to run codes or anything else for this town, should answer to the board.
It hasn't been that way for over ten years. In fact quite the opposite.
Our elected officials choose to work for the hired help.
That is why we need a huge change next election.

Anonymous said...


Has the "TRAFFIC HAZARD" been addressed or did Lynch once again take the position of who cares.

I ask as I love to hear we Jimmy shows his true colors of not doing anything.

Also being 350 belongs to the state, we have departments at city hall like codes that take the position of doing nothing beacuse it is state property. They or should I say Beth Lynn doesn't understand it also is within our city limits. At least we can say Beth has no problem showing she is paid to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

With the math coming out of the BOA meetings, we now know what a wonderful job the Raytown "Quality" Schools are doing.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Fire Stations are now allowing Kansas City ambulances to stay in them. That’s a novel idea I cannot believe we have never thought of it. I wonder what they would charge us to run medical calls in Raytown. We could use that savings to offset the budget shortfall for the city, and never see a loss of service. But, that makes too much sense so it will probably never be discussed.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:42 AM, I don't know if the traffic hazard has been addressed. I just don't make special trips to check on items I have reported. I check them the next time I go by that place. I need to pick up an item I special ordered and will probably go on Saturday because Arby's has 5 regular for $5 on weekends. Actually I am afraid to go there. If it hasn't been addressed, it is too dangerous to turn onto 350 HWY.

4:36 PM, MAST does respond to Raytown. They are the back up if Raytown EMS is busy. MAST picked me up once and broke my screen door closer.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Usually I agree with Pat. But not this time. The City Collector salary is typical of what is wrong with Raytown.

Sure, it is a small deal. But if we cannot straighten out the small injustices, and let's be fair about it, paying the City Collector $100 an hour is an injustice, just because the City Council is afraid of looking like mean guys -- then how can we ever expect them to handle tough problems in the city?

Sad fact is, they don't want to handle anything up at city hall.

Andy Whiteman said...

Having a business degree doesn't mean that person actually knows anything about business. All it means is they have a piece of paper. It doesn't prove they know what they are doing. Just as O'Bomba and Bush have degrees, does it mean either or both knows what they are doing?

Being an elected official requires good judgment and common sense. A degree does NOT certify that person has good judgment and common sense. I wasted 1-1/2 years in college because my mother wanted me to go to college. I didn't see a good reason to waste my time there. I had a Teaching Assistant for math 101 that one of my classmates termed an intellectual idiot. That person was working on his PhD and knew the material but was unable to teach it in a manner that could be understood. I have no respect for a degree unless that person can demonstrate hands on knowledge.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

First, I need to clear up a mistake I made earlier.
I said the hundred dollars a year paid the collector.
I meant hundred dollars a month.
I guess you can look at this a couple of ways.
She makes twenty five a week or a hundred a month.
Either way the office is a requirement of the state for a fourth class city. This is something that can't be straightened out without a charter. It is law.
I will admit there are a lot of things wrong that the voters
can straighten out. The real question is will they?
Just think how many street repairs, sidewalk repairs and even making the downtown better to entice new businesses, could have
been done if City Hall hadn't given away so much money
in tax income.
Maybe the monthly hundred dollars paid to the collector is too much.
Maybe the money paid to most of the elected officials is to much too.
Most don't do any more than the collector. Remember they only have show up twice a month.

Andy Whiteman said...

True most BOA members show up twice a month (maybe). We think that is all they do. What do they really do that is transparant? They have committees they must serve on. They have to listen to and maybe resolve citizen complaints. They have to read and research what appears on the agenda so they know what they are talking about at meetings. By attending meetings and hearing the questions they ask, it is pretty obvious who is doing their work. An Alderperson who is really doing their job is really performing a community service. I wouldn't do that job (and do it properly) for the pittance they are paid.

As for spending taxpayers money: I would rather have street maintenance and repairs than a taxpayer funded Walmart funded by the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

In view of the ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, maybe Obama's plan to open the east coast of America to deep sea oil drilling is not a very good idea.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:10PM, Obviously...I have always had a concern about off shore drilling before this happened. If an oil well on land catches fire, there is only one man experienced in handling it (if he is still alive.)

The question now is how do you cap an off shore oil well?

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I doubt they "have" to serve on committees
and, as far as resolving citizen complaints.....
well, they have done such a good job at that.
You can tell by looking at our streets and how well
codes are enforced in this town. Along with how
they watch over taxpayer money. Oh and hows that
part time recycling station working out?
Here's the big one, how about the last two sales tax increases
that were for street overlays and safety. Where has that
money gone?
The only thing I agree with you on is, an alderman
that is really doing his or her job is an asset to the community.
Raytown has few assets in that area.
Andy, when I mentioned a business degree I meant some
kind of knowledge as to how business works. It is painfully
clear the deal with the big box on 350hwy was OK'd by
people that were clearly out gunned by corporate people
that spread on the BS and made our elected officials ask for more.
This was compounded by a City Administrator that was pushing
the deal so he would look good in his search for a better job.
I might add he had a great gift of BS too.
What we need is people that can see through this and protect the
taxpayers of this town. That is not done by giving away a third of
this town's total income and expect the people to make up the
difference by raising taxes.

Anonymous said...

Some intersting things in the KC Star

If I was Mr. Rizzo I be fearful that Daine K. Williams would start to sing who was behind her filing.

Watchful Eye said...

I hear the city has a list of several business project they are keeping under lock and key.

I hope they are not keeping under lock and keep becasue Bower has offered all of them tax breaks.

Also being it is so hush, hush maybe Crawford did spill some of the beans.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, I agree a city official should have business experience. Clearly very few even know what a business is.

I have heard about the Mayor handing out committee assignments. I thought "assignments" meant "have to." Of course we are back to how much effort is put into the assignment.

I have had good results from alderpeople on complaints. It depends on the alderperson and what draws his/her interest. I know of a former alderman and at more than one present alderman who will serve the city as a whole, not just his ward.

The recycle center is a catastrophe of poor business management.

Things would change if 100% of the people would get out and vote!

BTW: The traffic hazard at Westlake has been "addressed" but I am withholding comment until I inspect to see if things have changed since last week.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I was at Westlake again tonight and interfaced with the manager because my special order item was not there. I asked about the sign. He replied that he asked an employee who had been there 16 years about the sign and she said that it had always been there. I thought it strange that it never blocked my vision until last week. I retraced my route wondering what was different. I discovered that last week I stopped at the property line which would be the logical point to stop. Tonight I realized that is necessary to enter the shoulder to have a full visual field to the south (or southeast). Obviously I am the one in error, but isn't it illegal to stop in the shoulder?

Walmart's opening has caused more of a traffic problem in that is has been in the past because more traffic now flows on west (or NW) bound 350 Hwy making it more difficult to turn from Westlake. With Walmart there, there is almost constant traffic WB on 350 HWY with less chance to turn onto 350 HWY. One would think it would be simple to make the turn the light goes red at Walmart. I felt this way at first until I realized that traffic was turning on left red from Walmart (which is legal onto a one way street.) It seems to me the logical solution would be to post "NO TURN ON RED" at the Walmart exit.

Andy Whiteman
cc: Chief Lynch
Mayor Bower

Andy Whiteman said...

PS. Greg, I like the new color.

Jim Barnes said...

I encourage Raytown folks to have patience regarding the completion of the 63rd street bridge project. We want a bridge that is well designed, well engineered and well constructed. Rushing this important public project is not a good idea. At the end of the day we want a bridge that is safe for traffic and pedestrians.

This bridge is a valuable public works endeavor and needs to be completed in a correct manner.

The City of Raytown is well known around the KC metro area as the poster child for deferred maintenance of public infrastructure. The completed bridge is another good step indicating that Raytown is capable of addressing its problems and is capable, once again, of being a leader and not a has-been community that is eternally locked in a time capsule.

Jim Barnes

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with Jim. The bridge is a very big project and required much behind the scenes work such as interfacing with the Railroad (it is RR property) and all the utilities that cross the bridge.

The bridge is being completed in a timely manner. I am not inconvenienced at all because I plan my trips and can use a different route. Only once did I forget about the bridge being closed and had to turn around at Raytown Water Company.

I am sure everyone will be pleased when the bridge is complete.

Andy Whiteman