Sunday, May 2, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story
I bought the picture at right from a photographer at the Brookside Art Fair. The deer was swimming across a lake in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. The photographer told me she took the picture early in the morning while canoeing across the lake. She was about 40 yards away when she spotted the deer.
If you have a photo you would like to share with readers email it and a short explanation of the subject matter to
Welcome to the New Look . . . As you have undoubtedly noticed, there have been a few changes made to the “look” of the Raytown Report. As you scroll down this page you will see that a new writer has been added as well. Her name is Jenn Walters. She is co-owner/editor of a website named Fit Bottomed Girls, a website focusing on good nutrition and healthful tips for women and men. So, guys, don’t be put off by the website name. It has good advice for everyone. The High School Sports section of the Raytown Report will take a brief vacation while school is out – but will return next fall. Anyone with information about local youth activities, sports, etc., is welcome to submit them via email to We will find room for your stories. Now, for a word about the Raytown Report. This past week I received an email from a reader who was displeased with the comments that are posted from readers. The letter went on to make some untrue allegations about yours truly, and, in general, condemned anyone who did not agree with the status quo up at City Hall. I thought it would be a good time to reiterate how this post is managed. First, the comments received are reviewed before they are posted. At one time, profanity was a problem. I am pleased to say that particular problem has vanished. Comments are reviewed before they are posted. If they is any profanity or the comment is judged “below the belt” in its content, it is not posted. Readers should remember that what is written on the comments section of this blog are not necessarily the viewpoint of the editors of the Raytown Report. Most contributors to the “comments” portion of this site are concerned Raytowners who want the best for their community. Some are frustrated by what they view as an unsympathetic attitude from City Hall. It is hoped that these communications may alert our city office holders to the desires of those they are elected to represent. Pet Peeves #1 - Unsubstantiated stories out of City Hall: A number of years ago then Mayor Sue Frank announced that the Raytown Round-Up Days could not be held in Downtown Raytown because of construction planned for redevelopment. Let's just say the Mayor was less than honest. There were no plans for any construction. The truth was that the Chamber of Commerce wanted to quit holding Round Up Days in favor of another event which is the summer festival barbeque cook-off. So, rather than be forthcoming about their intentions, a story was conjured out of thin air. There are now rumors of imminent plans coming from City Hall in the area of economic development. But the plans are soooooo secret that the possible development projects are referred to only in code. Not really part of the “transparency” that was promised a couple of years back, is it? Let’s be brutally honest. If there was a development package that was a reality, the powers at City Hall would light up a billboard on top of the building announcing it. Everyone wants successful development in Raytown. But unsubstantiated rumors are not a good development strategy. Be honest and factual with the people. In the long run they will appreciate you for it. #2 – Finish Projects in a Timely Manner: Last fall the City of Raytown did some construction on a traffic island located at 350 Highway and Raytown Road. The project was built at about the same time the new gateway was under construction at Gregory and Raytown Road. I was impressed, the old island was crumbling apart and in bad shape. The new curbs looked as if they could withstand a pounding by a Sherman tank. The gateway at Gregory and Raytown Road was completed with plantings of trees and shrubs. With the greening of Spring, it is blossoming into an attractive feature of the city. The traffic island at 350 Highway and Raytown Road was completed – and then, nothing happened. No trees, no shrubs, the ground within the traffic island was not even leveled for future planting. As a result, motorists at the intersection are greeted by disheveled piles of dirt eroded by the weather with weeds sprouting in irregular bunches. Take a look around our town at other traffic islands. Some of them definitely need some tender loving care. The Parks and Recreation Department handles the maintenance, planting and grooming of the islands. They took on this responsibility when the city helped create the 1/8 cent sales tax (which is up for renewal next August). A good number of the islands have large signs announcing that the maintenance of the island is the work of the Raytown Parks Department. Somebody has definitely dropped the ball either at City Hall or the Parks Department. But in fairness to those same folks at City Hall and the Parks Department, planting season is here. Hopefully the work will be done soon. One other note. The park department signs are somewhat of a blight themselves. How many homeowners would post on their private property signage saying who maintained the yards? My bet is not many. City departments need not waste money on signage saying who planted the flowers. If it is public property the people will figure it out. #3: Long time readers will remember the Raytown Report used to publish pictures of problem areas needing the city’s attention. Our efforts met with some success. Then, one of our regular contributors, Andy Whiteman, was told by personnel at City Hall that complaints from the Raytown Report would not be followed up on by city code enforcement officers because they were placed anonymously. Though the Raytown Report is not a person, it most certainly is not anonymous! Besides that, what difference should it make where a complaint comes from? Our code enforcement people should welcome private citizens reaching out to help clean up our city. One current Alderman is so upset with the lack of code enforcement that he has been seen removing illegal signage from the city’s right of way. He should be applauded for his public spirited action. But his time would be better spent convincing Mayor Bower’s administration the need to be more stringent in code enforcement. TO YOUR HEALTH . . . By Jenn Walters Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut! Nuts are misunderstood. Because of their high calorie and fat count, they’re oftentimes shunned when, in fact, they are little nutritional powerhouses brimming with deliciousness. No, it’s not a good idea to eat a pound of salted cashews in one sitting, but, in moderation, these puppies provide healthy fat, vitamins and minerals, making tummies everywhere happy. Not to mention that while eating nuts, you always have an army of immature jokes just waiting to be made. I’m a peanut butter fan, but I recently added almond and cashew products to my nut repertoire. Turns out all kinds of nuts are being used to create milk, cheese and butter for those who have gluten or milk allergies, or for those who are avoiding animal products or are obsessed with eating nuts in new ways. I’m no vegetarian and I have no food allergies, but I love trying new foods, so on a nut adventure I went. To read the rest of this story use this link Fit Bottomed Girls Last Weeks’ Poll Results Should the Raytown Park Sales Tax have a Sunset Clause ending the tax in seven years? Yes . . . . . . . . 72% No . . . . . . . . . 26% Undecided . . . . 2%


Anonymous said...

So the parks department needs additional tax dollars to place signs around town letting us know they are the care takers of city property.

What is next "Acceptable by Codes Department" on belighted properties.

Move On Block & Co said...

Why is the city letting Block & Co push them around?

Block & Co has their name on the worst looking and most code issues properties. However, city hall keeps looking the other way.

It is time Block & Co cleanup their mess or turns the properties over to the city so we can move forward on positive development and start putting an end to GhettoTown.

Anonymous said...

Better question is should city department heads be qulified for the jobs they are hired to do.

I believe based on basic services we have a larger problem then department heads living within the city.

Andy Whiteman said...

I was speaking with the aforementioned current alderman and expressed my amazement that city workers obviously drove by these illegal signs which are on heavily traveled streets but somehow fail to notice them!

I feel that anyone with a complaint about codes or whatever should call the appropriate city office rather than making a blog post unless more than one call does not resolve the issue. Posting on this blog rather than notifying the appropriate person is like talking to a brick wall because the communication is not directed to the appropriate person. It is not reasonable to expect a code to be enforce if you have not officially notified the codes department.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Censorship is stupid Greg and you know it. Move to a communist country please

Anonymous said...

I like your choice of colors. It improves the look of the site 100%.

Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

There is no need for Greg or anyone else in Raytown to move to a communist country for what do you think we have right here in Raytown.

The Mayor tells us all is great, but just drive around our city and you will see otherwise. If that is not enough to get you to wakeup watch how the Mayor acts towards those he disagrees with.

No my friend under Bower we are under communist rule!

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the blogs durning the past election cycle, I got thinking about all the truth that was presented about one of the former Alderman.

Being he doesn't live in our city any longer, but still finds the need to play in local politics we should name an award after him and present it to any current alderman who is doing their part to live his dream.

Therefore this year I want to give the "Bub Fitzwater Self Centered Award" to Alderman Creamer.

As someone pointed out last we both still cannot come up with accrate figures. Bub worked hard for years to keep only his friends on the waterboard and Joe is working hard to get his friends elected to every seat on the Board of Alderman. Bub sold his business "Laural Lanes", which was as dump at the time as it is now. Joe only thinks rental properties are a dump, which would explain why no issues with Laural Lanes.

Yes, there is no reason not to give Joe this award.

Pat Casady said...

I find it funny that the few people that like to take cheap shots
at this post use an "Anonymous" signature.
I guess they are upset with free speech but won't even sign their
writing. By the way free speech does not mean profanity in this
case. I also like the fact that the editor reviews each post.
Below the belt cheap shots shouldn't be let in. After all the
receiver of those cheap shots shouldn't have to defend themselves
from those brave "Anonymous" shooters.

Andy Whiteman said...

12:41 AM, Why does anyone need to move to a communist country? This country is slowly being transformed in the United Socialist States of America by Dictator O'Bomba.

We will be a communist country in a few short years!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Recently my husband picked up a copy of Raytown’s latest four page newspaper. On the second page was an article about how the city is going to be “PROACTIVE” on codes enforcement regarding vacant commercial and other vacant business properties. The article went on and on about the new ordinance that says the owners or managers of those properties must keep them in good repair. It said we have 50 yes I said 50 vacant buildings in Raytown that they know about.

Isn’t it a double standard for the city to be ‘PROACTIVE” with those business owners and the city won’t do the same for our neighborhoods. The article said that our property values will go down if these businesses are an eye sore. I ask you, what does this mayor think is going to happen to those property values if our neighborhoods look like no one cares. I’ll tell you those values will and are going down much faster than those businesses will ever make them.

We have a mayor who does not give a cares about those of us who have worked hard to keep our properties looking good. We have always known that pride in what we own and taking care of it because it’s to our benefit. What this mayor has forgotten is that, for the most par, it us who vote and his time is coming for him to find out just how upset we are. My neighborhood is becoming a dump and it’s time this city starts doing their jobs. One of my neighbors said that codes dept. was across from his house and he wonder why they did not cite all of the other that needed to be cited in the area. Good question!!

The mayor doesn’t want anyone harassed because he needs their votes but those building can’t vote. Of course, he won’t say that but believe me that is it. Well, he had better start caring about the things that most of us who do vote feel are important. I have watched my property value decline from the economy but it really angers me to see it going down because of city hall. I will be working against this Mayor in the next election. What a major disappointment he is!!!!

Anonymous said...


Being you opened the gate...

Who but Bush wanted to find a war at any cost even to make up facts to go into additional countries.

Sad, but we used to send troops to fight other countries like Russia that believed it was okay to have millitary forces occcupy other countries.

No, Obama is not the one leading the way that has already been done.

Andy Whiteman said...

Remember, if voters want to effect any change at all in the next election
The typical small minority of voters won't accomplish the desired results.

Now I think I understand the low voter turnout. We have many Anonymous blogers who complain. Are ALL of you Anonymous blogers registered to vote and do you vote?

Andy Whiteman

Republican Leadership Flaws said...

I have seen a lot on the news about the new law out of AZ.

I now hear that MO might pass a similar law.

Great, but one problem. When are we going to arrest the owners of the business that hire these individuals? If we as Americans would put an end to the endless jobs then those from our Southern boarder would have no benefit to come to America.

However, as long as profits are up and employees paid under the table then who cares that is the Republican way!

It is just like Raytown giving a tax break to a cabinet shop that was also hiring those from South of the boarder. Come on we cannot have the government agencies helping those who hire these individuals instead lock those owners.

America deserves better then business owners profiting off those most in need.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barns,

You are correct that we need a safe and sound bridge, but lets be real that in Raytown it seem to take longer then normal to get anything done.

I base a lot of this on poor management and city hall and that lack of any external oversight. A prime example of never finishing a project can be found at the intersection of Raytown Road and 350. Where as Greg as reported this week still have many of us questioning what the city is doing.

Further indication of the lack of concern for improvement is the number of business in the downtown area in need of repair. Being in a few months the city officials will want to sing at the top of their lungs the pride of the gateway to downtown. However, we both well aware that rebuilding the bridge does address the surrounding overdue needed repairs to too many buildings.

We can only sing praise when we truly have elected officials working towards true betterment of the city and until then I am sorry, but putting a Band-Aid on a single problem like rebuilding a bridge just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Your prior experience as a State Representative would be put to much better use for all of Raytown by delivery a state audit the those who so poorly manage our city.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I'ed like to know what you consider a below the belt shot? Why shouldn't people be able to use anonymous as their sign in? If people are telling the truth it should not be necessary to sign their names. There are some that fear repercussions from city hall if they know who they are. If course, someone at city hall would have to admit to reading this blog and NO one will. But then they do have a former Alderman who runs to the Mayor every time he/she reads it and that is a fact. So if the powers that be at city hall claim they don't read it then what's the need to sign your name because they don't care anyway. By the way, I am anonymous like it or not.

Andy Whiteman said...

One alderman told me that he reads this blog so that we will know what people are thinking.

Officials won't admit to reading the blog but I was recently contacted by a city official about one of my posts stating, "I was told that....." So even if they don't read this blog, someone may be reporting what was written here.

May 3, 2010 8:43 PM, I can't dispute your statement. We have no business attempting to create a democratic republic in another country. They are a different culture and how they want to govern themselves is their decision not ours.

We are supposed to be fighting the Taliban. But where are they? They are not organized as we know organization and are certainly not located on one area or region. We just had an attempted terrorist attack in NYC that failed because an individual didn't know how to make a bomb and a previous who failed to ignite his underwear. The terrorists are right here in our country and we are powerless to combat them.

On the other hand, I don't want this country to become the United Socialists States of America. In a few short years we may be saluting, "Heil O'Bomba!"

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You mean lock up these business owners that take advantage of others; please what is next you will want them to cleanup their property. Come on this is Raytown where the Mayor way of doing things is to look the other way.

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 2:18,
I have never said a person shouldn't sign "Anonymous."
I have said that if you want to be taken serious and you believe in
what you say. Then you should have the intestinal fortitude to
sign what you write.
Voice your opinion. Speak your piece. It's a free country.
I have been writing either on this post or in the paper for almost
thirteen years. I've sad many things for and against the way I think
things are going in Raytown. I've spoken out against City Hall.
I've been told I should move my business out of town if I didn't like
the way things were done. That was from a member of the RRFT
group. But, never has this city come after me.
I sign everything I write. I don't lie and I don't call names.
Trust me when I say, Raytown doesn't send the blog police after you.
I'm not going to pretend everybody at City Hall likes me but, they
know where I stand. They know that even though we don't agree on
much of anything I respect everyone at the city, that deserves it.
I can promise you, every single person at City Hall knows who I am.
I can also tell you they do read this post. I can also tell you they, like
me, don't take "Anonymous" writers seriously.

Anonymous said...

Are we not the United Republic of Raytown now, "Hail Bower"?

Look at all the great things the chancellor has done for what was formarly Raytown.

Anonymous said...


If you think city hall takes you seriously just because you post your name then it is time to retire and get the rest one needs when they buy into the bull at city hall that they give a rat.

Anonymous said...

I always sign my name as anonymous. But I don't lie either.

I don't think it is any different than city hall personnel hiding behind each other. If you don't think that's accurate go up to city hall with a problem and be prepared to get run around in circles trying to find anyone who will solve it for you.

Just ask those poor people who live near the vacant lot on Spring Valley Road that is infested with mosquitos during the summer.

I do wonder if city hall would take code violations more seriously if they were not anonymous. My guess is that it would not matter.

I've talked personally with the Mayor and other city hall folks about this in the past. Their reaction is to look the other way or even out-right lie about their so-called accomplishments.

Alderman Creamer taking credit for cleaning up rental property. Creamer's is the mother of all lies.

The mayor could not care less about how our neighborhoods look. He is more concerned with his image and that everyone think he is a "good guy".

Those two should are the poster child of selfish and hyprocritical in their view of how they should serve Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, I suspect some Anonymous writers MAY be city employees, parks department employees, police employees, EMS employees, or fire department emplyees. These people have good reason not to sign their name.

There are also a few other Anonymous writers with nothing better to say than to bad mouth the administration or others with nothing constructive to say. These writers also have good reason to be anonymous.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I did not say City Hall takes me serious.
I actually doubt they do. But, I have a good talking
relationship with several elected officials and they
have never come down on me for what I write.

I said they don't put much in anonymous writers.
This is still a free country at least for a little while longer.
Sign your name or don't, I don't care.
All I'm saying is I've talked to enough elected people
in the last few years that don't read or put much stock in
anonymous postings.
Having said that, I do understand, if someone works for
the city or school district, why they would sign that way.

I obviously think different than other people. I feel that what I write is like talking face to face. They know who I am and where they can find me. The end result is what we all argue about. A better Raytown and
our tax dollars going to make life better for the people of Raytown.
Not the big boxes on 350hwy, or our school taxes for education not
fake grass.

Anonymous said...


You are so funny for buying the city hall line of bull.

Andy is on target that there are those on this blog that for set reasons cannot put our names on here.

You should be aware that alot of the Anon posting stir alot of talk at city hall and action within. Sorry those calling the shots are not more forth coming.

Sofa King said...

My oh my what a lot of talk again, but no actions.

Anon 1:42 5/4 you sure hit that right on target. You brought up good questions about why downtown doesn’t get cleaned up.

Why do we have these former politicians and few concerned citizens who what us to have understanding that the city is trying to make some progress, yet they do nothing just like the city but give a lot of lip service.

Pat wrote a week ago about a downtown group anyone could join and talked about promo stuff they have done. Well slap the remote out of my hand and grab my chips – please, Pat what have they done to improve downtown.

It is time these groups, the Chamber and Downtown Merchants, start improving the image of downtown and not the balance of their checking accounts. Raytown needs actions and not more small talk. I know you are going to start betting on me to do my part. Heck, I am… watching the actions of our elected officials and individuals like you is better then any sit-com that I have ever seen.

Should we, the citizens of Raytown, expect any change or just more of the same!

Andy Whiteman said...

Does City Hall take anyone seriously?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I recall last year this blog did a piece about the city needing to paint public works. I see that they still have not painted the build, which is in the downtown area. As normal in Raytown the Mayor is a bunch of hot are they cannot even cleanup the stuff he was elected to oversee.

Anonymous said...

Someone is telling some tall tales here. You can wash your car on your lawn. You can't leave it parked there for extended periods of time.

Tell us who told you you couldn't wash your car?

You can still stay anonymouse!

Anonymous said...

We the People of Raytown expect change, but we don't realize that change is slow and and doesn't happen as quickly as we would like.

Some are dissatisfied with the progress on the 63rd St bridge. We also had the same issues with the wooden bridge. I, for one, am satisfied with progress on the 63rd St. bridge. At least the city didn't wait for a bridge collapse before doing something! I realize how slow these construction projects are. When I was 5 and 6, I heard constant talk about, "How long it would take for the bridge to be opened?" I believe it seemed like a whole year once work started. There is a lot more involved with a construction project than people realize.

The south end of I435 widening started shortly after we moved to KCMO in '94. Sometime after I moved to Raytown in '00 work was still being done on the Grandview triangle & on towards Lees Summit. Hwy was in progress before '94 and is still going on.

I commented to a city official that change is so slow, that people don't notice it! For instance we have new businesses, each moving to Raytown at different times in a "transparent" manner. I know about them from BOA meetings otherwise, I never would notice many of them.

We the People of Raytown want not just change, but positive change. Several of us don't regard paying for Walmart's TIF as positive change but really taking at step backwards.

There has been money wasted on downtown redevelopment due to lack of good planing and I also wonder if developers were ripping us off?
Our leaders need to sit back, and think about what they are doing without rushing into decisions.

Yes, we want change but it must be organized and well planned.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Sofa king,
It would appear that you would rather sit
with your remote and chips instead of joining a
group of people, Raytown Main Street Association,
that are trying to pull together
all that is left of our downtown business owners
and citizens, trying to make this town better without, I might add
any monetary help from the city.
It will take time because their only income is from members.
Any and all work they do is volunteer. Not only do they
volunteer their time but their money just to try and make
this town better for the likes of you and me.
So you go ahead and sit on your big......... sofa and fondle your
remote. Even laugh at the people that get off their sofa and try
to make things better, I'm sure they won't mind.

I may and do come down on City Hall, and I may even come down on
the Chamber but, how can anyone with half a brain put
down a group of good people volunteering their time and money
trying to make Raytown abetter place?

Some Sure Are Blind said...

Yes, Andy things take time, but city hall has not excuse for not addressing things like pealing paint, weeds and other code violations. For them to even be thinking of planing any kind of celebration in conjunction with the reopen of the bridge is the same thumbing their noise at us and the reason several of them are employed at city hall.

If you are anyone really wants positive change in Raytown then we as a whole must ride them at city hall to get out of their chairs and improve our ran down ghetto image. Until then individuals like Barns, Pat and you need to put a cork in it or join the fight to cleanup Raytown. As all the three of you are currently doing is sending the message if they at city hall address one problem them are making positive change.

Please wake up and look around at all the negative images our Mayor Bower is forcing us to look at by not having codes enforced.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:09 PM, Raytown is the only city I know with a no patking on the yard ordinance. In other cities I have lived, it is common practice.

But obviously, if a person is washing the car on the yard, then the car is PARKED there!

When we lived in San Diego County, there was a water shortage and it was really stupid to wash a car and have water running down the street. Therefore, I told my wife that if she wanted to wash her car; she should do so in the yard so that water goes to the grass and is not wasted.

Andy Whiteman

Stop the Day Dream said...

I wounder if Jeff Row has told David Bower he best survey the good citizen of Raytown and find out the number that voted for him last time, but wont this time.

Ha, ha, he doesn't need to do that does he being he is Bower all knowing and all good.

If the rest of us did 10% as a great job as Bower thinks he is doing just think what a wounderful place Raytown would really be.

Sorry Bower, but you are not doing your part by just saying Raytown is doing great.

Anonymous said...

Based on the poor management and leadership Bower is doing I question if at mayoral conferences if he will be the case study on how not to run a municipality.

Anonymous said...

Some Sure Are Blind,

I think it depends on who you are if ordinances are or aren't enforced. I know a senior lady who claims to he harassed with code violations that don't exist. She has even been to jail at taxpayer's expense. I had to pay over $1100 to correct my fence which was NOT a violation and was told that the ordinance as was written was not the issue but the intent of the ordinance was at issue. I question how do we know what the intent was when the ordinance was written?

I also have had barking dog issues and our elected muni-judge told me to move.

Andy Whiteman

Lee said...

Andy, probably every city in the metro area has an ordinance that requires vehicles to be parked on an 'all weather surface'. Raytown is no exception. I've never heard of one being enforced to keep people from washing their car in the yard.

And while progress takes time, there should be a schedule for public works projects. How can we tell if good progress is being made on the 63rd street bridge when the link on the City website says "Construction schedule to be added soon" over 5 months after construction started. The summary that was included with the conceptual drawings says "Construction time of approximately 6 months", but I don't think they have even started the decking so it's not likely they will complete it by the end of the month.

By contrast, a bridge by my other house was removed on April 1st. It crosses the interstate and is being managed by Mo DOT. The cost is $1 million and the new bridge is scheduled to be complete by the end of June.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please answer this for me. What do the park employees do in the winter? There is nothing to do at the parks. So are we paying them to sit at the park department bulding and play cards? Simple Joe here is a waste of tax payers money. You are always so careful of how taxpayers money is spent(ha ha)let's see if you can fix!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is possible the park employees do maintenance on equipment and vehicles, snow removal from walking paths and parking areas, trash removal, repairs on misc things, etc.... not just playing cards for all of you armchair quarterbacks.

Andy Whiteman said...

I finally got close enought to one of those "Maintained by Raytown Parks Department" signs at City Hall to read it. It end with, "by sales tax dollars."

Seems like a political statement to me asking for the sales tax vote in August.

I really feel that if City Hall wants shrubbery that needs naintenance, City Hall should budget to maintain it. Is City Hall a park?

Also the shrubbery at the Gateways was put there with general tax dollars. The general fund should maintain it, not the Parks Department. These aren't parks!

It would be nice if Raytown was advanced enough to have a bridge schedule, but they ain't MODOT. I have seen public works schedules in the past years for striping of lanes.

Lee, cities in the metro MAY have no parking on the yard ordinances. But where I come from it is quite common for people to park vehicles in the yards. If there is an ordinance, it isn't enforced. When there are old homes with one lane drive ways, one car garages (if there is a garage), and the street is full; where are people going to park unless it is the yard?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


The senior you are talking about is probably May leslie. If that is true here is the truth. She had several codes violations and refused to do anything about them. She was at the time living in her car in front of her house and came to city hall to use the facilities. She had children but she would not even let them help her either with the codes problems. It's not like she could not afford to pay someone to clean her place up she was just not going to do anything because she wanted to tell city hall that she could do what ever she wanted too. She was cited and she appealed to the Property Maintaince Board did and lost. She did however go to court and lost but she NEVER went to jail. I am not sure who did the cleanup but someone did. I am quit sure her place is right back where it was before. But she has nothing to worry about now because the Codes Dept. does nothing any more.

Mrs. Leslie went so far as to threaten some of the Property Maintaince Board members. My advice to you is not to believe anything she says. She says what she wants you to her.

I am former Property Maintaince Board member.

Anonymous said...

1:10PM, I don't believe everything I hear, but hearing it in detail numerous times, it starts to sound real. In fact, I have run out of time to listen.

Andy Whiteman

Lee said...

So Andy, let me get this straight. You are perfectly fine with our city paying $1.7 MILLION dollars to a contractor for a bridge without a schedule? I was working under the belief that there was a schedule, but no one at city hall could be bothered to update the website and keep residents informed.

Seriously, you should warn us when you're going to change sides and be the BOA's apologist. We're liable to get whiplash.

Anonymous said...

Lee, Your last comment confuses me. You may be referring to something I said on another string.

A schedule was announced when the bridge contract was accepted. I believe there was a penalty for not being completed by the stated date.

What I did question was that this project stated in the winter especially with the downtown merchants expecting Christmas shoppers. (Sorry the word Christmas is not allowed anymore when speaking of the City.) Not only that winter is a poor time to do construction which I pointed out to the BOA. I also spoke personally with an elected official who agreed with me.

Apparently the city doesn't want to admit that the bridge is behind schedule or possibly no IT person to do a web site update. I wasn't aware the bridge was behind schedule until now.