Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Rockfest Mess Not Acceptable by Greg Walters
Raytown Democrat Association makes endorsements
Baring It by Jenn Walters
Raytown Summerfest and BBQ Cookoff
Celtics Place Second in District Soccer
 by Brother Richard Geimer
Last Week's Poll Results

Every Picture Tells A Story . . .
End of the road for Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska . . . The Mendenhall Glacier reached its point of maximum advance in the 18th Century when its terminus rested almost 2.5 miles down the valley from its present position. It started retreating in the mid-1700s  and loses about 100' to 150' feet per year.

The foggy, rainy conditions pictured are typical weather conditions for most of the Alaskan coast line. The white object shown at right is a waterfall mixture of glacial ice melt and rain water runoff.

Pat Riehle's lawsuit contesting his removal from the August Primary Ballot has been rejected by the Cole County Circuit Court. According to sources attending the trial, Mr. Riehle's argument that the state had reached its decision through human error was not accepted by the ruling judge. 

Riehle's attorney had argued that mail from the State of Missouri was sent to Mr. Riehle care of Raytown City Hall. The lapse in time from when Riehle finally received the mail (in this case, four days) caused him (Riehle) to be late in clearing up any misunderstanding over filing of personal financial statements. 
Mr. Riehle's absence from the ballot leaves one Democrat in the race, Gavin Fletchall.
by Greg Walters
Rockfest Mess not Acceptable
The tenor of a people is often judged by the esteem and reverence in which they show those who have fought for and, often, given their lives for their country.

We have all seen the reports of damage to the grounds by the 50 to 60 thousand who attended a recent rock concert at the Liberty Memorial Monument. Entire patches of grass and sod were ripped out, bushes torn from the ground and even trees damaged by irresponsible concert goers.

No point in going into detail. Drive by the Liberty Memorial and see the damage if you wish. It will be there months from now. Or visit the nearby Firefighters memorial and see where the grounds were churned up by cars looking for a place to park.

Kansas City’s Mayor Mark Funkhauser is quoted as saying the “grass will grow back”. In so doing, the Mayor dismisses the ill-mannered behavior of many who desecrated the grounds of one of our nation's premier World War I monuments.

He defended the situation by saying the city profited from the concert because AEG (the entertainment group which ran the rockfest) paid the city $50,000.00.

Mr. Funkhauser’s convoluted way of seeing everything in only dollars and cents is misguided.No plan has developed for cleaning up the mess. Even worse, no one seems to have an idea of how much it will cost to repair the damage.

Local homeowners and private businesses near the park complained of pubic urinating and vandalism. Will AEG pay for their damages as well? It is doubtful.

One cannot help but wonder where were the sponsors (AEG) when cars were illegally parked on public property, tearing huge ruts into the ground. Did they think that standing by while concert goers turned the sloping lawn around the memorial into mudslides was a good idea? Where were the police? If you leave your car one minute at an expired parking meter in Downtown Kansas City it will be ticketed and possibly towed. Did the police not see the illegal parking and damage being done?

It is time to ask “Mr. Mayor, if we can get a license and pay the fee, why stop at letting someone pay for the right to destroy city property?”

How about selling licenses for prostitution, drug dealing and some of the other ills of our time? Will the license fees justify the damage done to the tender fabric of our quality of life?

The “who cares as long as it makes money” attitude of Funkhauser is twisted and beneath the dignity of the Mayor’s office.
The event has grown to such a size that the Penn Valley Park is too small. Other venues are available. Fifty-five thousand people could easily fit into Arrowhead Stadium. The hard surface parking area needed to accommodate cars is already in place. It is doubtful city officials would stand by while the home of the Chiefs is vandalized.

If damage were done to the stadium complex, we could take a page from the Mayor's response. Walls can be repainted, vandalized directional signs replaced, broken glass in private suites can be replaced.

Whoops, sorry about that, didn’t mean to step into the rooms of the privileged in Kansas City.

The point is, you do not build monuments to World War 1 and cultivate beautiful parks to have them destroyed in an eight hour concert.  

Penn Valley Park and the Liberty Memorial should be a place where people can gather peacefully for remembrance, relaxation and introspection.  City officials should take the responsible course and work towards a goal to make certain the mess left behind at the recent rockfest does not occur again.
by Jenn Walters

Baring It

Because I do so many workout DVDs, sometimes I get a little, ahem, lazy in my fitness attire. Granted, I’ve never gone sans clothes (I’m not that weird), but a time or two I’ve accidentally grapevined in my husband’s dirty boxers, mistaking them for my shorts in the 6 a.m. darkness. And I’d lie if I said I’ve never worn a holey sports bra with a pair of stained gray sweatpants that I’ve owned since college. Sure, I feel better when I sport my new gear, but sometimes the comfort of home becomes too, well, comfortable.
Case in point: my footwear.
While my clothing choices have been questionable and not suitable for company if someone happened to stop by, it’s got nothing on my feet. See, sometimes when I Zumba or Turbo Jam or lift mundo weights with Cathe, I don’t wear shoes. Part of it is because I’m lazy. I know I should wear shoes for support during cardio and to keep my digits intact when I strength train, but putting socks on and lacing up seems like a hassle sometimes. Okay, when I work out at home it always seems like a hassle. My floor is clean. There aren’t rusty nails or staples around, and, even if there were, I’m updated on my tetanus shot. That’s my rationale anyways.
Despite all this, unless I’m doing yoga or Pilates on a mat, I still have bare feet guilt. That was until I met (or heard) Sara Haley, one of the instructors from the Reebok Global Instructors Team. In a recent webinar I sat in on about Reebok’s new fitness initiative, which is bringing fun back to fitness (FBG is all for that!), she confessed—okay she “said” but, to me, it felt like confessing—that she teaches class barefoot and likes to do some workouts in the foot nude. She’s a trained dancer and choreographer, so she’s used to it and enjoys it. Hallelujah!
Then, just for the hey of it, I googled “working out barefoot,” and found this article, which didn’t really give a solid position about naked feet but had some interesting research on how barefoot walking is better than walking on hard-soled shoes.
I figure that if Sara looks this good going sans shoes, I can lose the shoes every now and again, too:
What about you? Do you ever work out barefoot at home? Even if you’re not doing yoga or Pilates? Come on … join Sara and me. 
To visit Jenn's website use this link Fit Bottomed Girls
Raytown Democrats Make Endorsements
Over 50 local Democrats, most of them members of the Raytown Democratic Association (RDA), crowded into Las Chili’s Restaurant last Thursday evening to make endorse candidates for the August 3rd Primary Election. All Democratic candidates whose districts cross Raytown city borders were considered by the membership.
When the smoke had cleared after the two hour meeting the following choices had been made:

U.S.Senate - Robin Carnahan
U.S. Congress - Emanuel Cleaver
State Auditor - Susan Montee
Jackson County Executive - Mike Sanders
Jackson County Legisalutre / 4th - Dan Tarwater
Jackson County Legislature / 6th District - Greg Walters
Jackson County Legislature / 1st District at Large - Theresa Garza-Ruiz
Jackson County Legislature / 2nd District at Large - Crystal Williams
Jackson County Legislature / 3rd District at Large - Fred Arbanas
State Representative / 42nd District - Leonard (Jonas) Hughes
State Representative / 43rd District - Gail McCann Beatty
State Representative / 48th District - Gavin Fletchall
State Representative / 49th District - Tom McDonald
Brooking Township -  Committeeman (vote for two)
        Michael Downing, Richard Tush
Brooking Township - Committeewoman (vote for two)
        Sandy Hartwell, Judy Briggs
Raytown Summerfest and BBQ Cookoff
The Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce will hold its Annual Raytown Summerfest and BBQ Cookoff June 11th and 12th (Friday and Saturday) in Downtown Raytown. 

Over 65 BBQ entrants and 55 booths of fun, games, entertainment and a carnival will be on hand for a relaxing evening and – of course – Barbeque.
For more information about the Raytown Summerfest use this link Summerfest
Celtics Place Second in District Soccer
By Brother Richard Geimer
Archbishop O'Hara High School won the Runner-Up plaque for the soccer Class 2 District 6 when they lost the Championship game 4-0 to Note Dame de Sion on May 20. The loss brought O'Hara's record to 13-11 while Sion went to 16-3-2.
Oak Grove fell to the O'Hara soccer team 3-0 in the first round when Derrianna White was credited with yet another shutout for the season. Katie Brage, Lindsay Beachner, and Andi Davis provided the necessary goals. 
In the semi-final game, the Celtics outscored Pembroke Hill 6-4 with Taylor Eason and Sydney White each getting a pair of goals. Mary Pat Brage and Kaylea Lancaster each had a goal to account for the margin of victory. 
For more stories about O'Hara High School sports use this link O'Hara High School

Last Week's Poll Results
Will you vote in the August Primary Election?
YES . . . . . . . . 94%
NO . . . . . . . . . 2%
NOT SURE . . . . 4%


Groucho K. Marx said...

Reading your piece on the Rockfest (in KC-MO far away from Raytown) and just wondering- Did you have a BAD weekend Mr. Walters?


by Greg Walters said...

Actually had a very good weekend.

The silly dance I see Funkhauser and other professional apologists do when their lack of management skills becomes so very evident.

We really deserve better from our local governments.

Wouldn't you agree?

Or are one of those who thinks everything is fine in Mayberry!

A word of warning. Don't drive by Penn Valley Park. You will not be pleased with what you see.

Andy Whiteman said...

There seems to be a lack of courtesy and respect for property in today's society.

There was an editorial in the Red Star from a nearby condo owner who was adversely affected by the nuisance and disturbance of the peace of Rockfest.

The described event seems very much like Raytown's yearly weekend of Hell. As I recall Raytown's Green Space was torn up last year. That is unacceptable. By the way, how much did the Chamber pay the city for this nuisance?

A $50,000 fee is a paltry sum for the havoc that was caused. The fee should have been $1 Million! The Rockfest should have been held at the Sprint Center!

These nuisances and disturbances of the peace should not be allowed. If they are to take place, the should be held in a confined, paved area.

What would be said if these nuisances had taken place near and overflowed on to Groucho Marx's property? (Any relation to Karl Marx?)

I suggest that in the future Raytown's yearly Weekend of Hell be held at City Hall where there is plenty of space. What the heck if the grass is torn up and business is disrupted. That is what our society is coming to.

Andy Whiteman

JWDT said...

Has the Raytown Democratics ever endorsed someone who is not a Democrat?

Robbie Tubbs said...

It's true that Penn Valley Park is a mess. Any place that Rock Fest would have been held would be a mess. Any time you get 50,000 people in the same place and add mud, it's going to be a mess. There's not been significant complaints in the past, and if the weather is nice next year, I doubt there will be complaints then. After the promoters repair the damage, we'll never know the event was held.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Raytown Democrat Club endorsed Emanuel Cleaver tells me that you would endorse a snake if was a Democrat, actually I guess you just did!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Cleaver unopposed in the Primary?

Andy Whiteman said...

I wonder what address Pat Riehle provided on is ballot application? If he listed City Hall as his address, he would be the human error. That is an important fact in the issue. Maybe it was disclosed in court.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Pat Riehle DIDN'T file the required paperwork with the Missouri Ethics Commission. This had nothing to do with his address. Word on the street is that he was turned down by the courts on Friday and WILL NOT be on the August ballot.

Pat Casady said...

I still think the United States has the government
in the world. But, you can see what has happened
to us by democrats voting for democrats likewise Republicans
voting for Republicans and unions voting for certain parties
because their leadership tells them to.
This is exactly what has given this country the mess we have now.
It's the same in city government too. Friends and groups of people
voting for people, not on their merits, but on popularity.
That is why Raytown is in the shape it is in. For too long
people have believed what they were told and not what their
own intelligence told them. Promises made and never kept.
I would like to suggest that when people running for office
come around and ask for your vote...again, that's the only time
you will see them, ask them what they have done to make your life better? What have they done to
make Raytown a better place? Ask them where your street overlay
tax increase money you voted for in has gone?
After all these years of broken promises surely you will be able
to tell who is talking truthfully and who is just trying to
resume their seat to stay in the club.

Anonymous said...

The breaking news article said that Riehle's lawsuit failed. His arguments rejected. Why would you make a statement that makes it sound otherwise?

Had Riehle been contacted in a timely manner by the state it may have been otherwise. That was Riehle's argument.

As for endorsements within a political club. For nearly everyone of the those endorsements there were also candidates who were rejected for endorsement by the RDA. All of those caondidates that were not endorsed considered themselves Democrats as well.

Not everyone was pleased with the choices made. The vote on Rizzo and Williams was very close.

Andy Whiteman said...

I don't pay attention to endorsements (Democrat or Republican.) If the candidate approaches me or a friend makes a comment, that has some weight on my vote. I make up my own mind. I am not a follower. Likewise, I don't accept BBB ratings. What does it take to get an endorsement? How many $$$.

I agree with Pat. I am on a blog of displaced AT&T workers. A CWA rep or former CWA rep attempts to censor every coment I make about Dictator O'Bomba or Health Care stating it is "political." If it is on another subject, she still complains that it is "Political." The Unions are also the thought Police.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Hey Groucho. Are you a Three Stooges Fan as well?

Anonymous said...

Who is running for Mayor in 2011?

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that the green area formerly the old church site is in violation of the tall grass
code? And the bare spots left from last years summer-fest and bbq have not been repaired as promised. I can hardly wait to see what damage this year will bring. Maybe Raytown could have the rockfest.

Anonymous said...

David Bower wants to continue his role as chief bully of city hall. He was seen having lunch with Republican strategist Jeff Roe a couple of months back.

The River preacher John Wiley has started making public appearances at city council meetings.

Richard said...

Being the endorsements from the RDA have been listed on the blog, It should be noted that the RDA also endorsed Susan Montee for State Auditor.

Out of the fifteen races that have some part of the district within the city boundaries of Raytown eight have opposition in the primary.

Anonymous said...

If you think things are bad now
just wait and see how far down Raytown can go if John Wiley would get in as Mayor. When John Wiley was an alderman he couldn't tell the truth about anything and I doubt he has changed. Beside the fact he has alot of friends on the board already. it could only get worse if he would make it.

Anonymous said...

I am considering a run for the mayor position. I am at this point checking out my options and talking to some people. Who am I well you will just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Some guy named AK Khan is running for Mayor. Or at least I've seen his business card that says he is running.

Anonymous said...


I agree for the most part unions vote with a specific party, but not always. If you would do your homework you would be surprised to learn, which local unions have a greater trend of jumping the fence and going with the party of the all mighty dollar. It is normally an incumbent who doesn’t have any promising opposition or the incumbent has a high percentage of voting for bills that help protect the working individuals.

Saying something like that is like someone saying the NRA only supports a specific party. Although they don’t often jump the fence and go with the party of the people they too use the same logic as the union mentioned above in some races.

Although I don’t weigh my decision on endorsements alone I do look at certain groups to see who they are endorsing as it sets a red flag being the specific group is known to make endorsements only for individuals with deep pockets that make donations to their group. One group making endorsements this year was recently in the paper being fined over $100,000, which would have me really concerned about the candidates they support. Other groups like the one in this week’s blog have a reputation of looking at the character and reputation of the individual as well as what skills and ideas they bring to the community they will be elected to represent.

My advice to anyone voting is do your homework not only on the candidate, but the group making the endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Bower is finished as Mayor if anyone runs against him. He has done NOTHING to improve our city and has made dozens of mistakes. He has raised our taxes and spent it foolishly. I'd love to see him run for re-election so ALL of his faults could be pointed out. He's got a RECORD now and it sure" ain't" a good one.

Anonymous said...

May 26, 9:52am

The person your are speaking about is Anwar Khan. He would be a disaster for Rayotwn if he were to when. He and his group just want to get elected to some office and it doesn't seem to matter what or where. We need to be very concerned if any of thart group were to win any elected position. I have spoken to him extensively and beleive me we do not and should not be voting for him or any of his friends. They are a scarey bunch if you listen to them.

One of that group is running against Greg Walters for county legislature and one is running unopposed for the county legislature for one district in K.C. just outside of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

To the person who thinks Clever is a snake maybe you should go up to city hall and find out who get most of the money from the feds for Raytown. Without clever we would not have a new 63 street bridge being repaired and I could give you many other examples. I don't always agree with him but he ias a friend to Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is also responsible for getting the money to tear down the old church. If it wasn't for his help you would still be looking at another eyesore in downtown. Now we have this beautiful green space for the chamber to hold their ridiculous fundraiser and barbecue.

Andy Whiteman said...

1PM, Clever is buying votes with all the money bailing out Raytown. I have already informed him that since he voted for Socialized Health Care, he will NOT receive my vote but whoever screens his email is unable to comprehend that and replies on a different subject.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Not one dollar of the money "from Cleaver" was actually "from Cleaver"! It is all from tax payers. He just likes to give away other peoples money so you can make him out to be great, pat him on the back, and re-elect him. He is buying your votes.... WHAT FOOLS

Pat Casady said...

Anonymous 11:58
Although I don't like to reply to anonymous writers
I feel I must reply to you. You don't have to do much
much homework when you watch the news broadcast
on national TV that tell you which labor unions endorse
which political party. I'm sure there are some members
that can and will think for themselves but, most will vote
the way they are asked by their leaders.
However that wasn't my point. I was trying to say that people
should vote for the right person for the job, not because of
popularity or because someone or group tells them to.
Just like here in Raytown. We have groups of people like the
chamber and the old RRFT that voted and pushed their
friends to be elected and you can see where that has gotten
this town. We have had some very good, Raytown citizen
minded people lose an election because of this. Raytown
and the people have suffered because of it.
All I am saying is, if you like the way things are going then
keep voting in the people you think are good. The rest of us
will try to find better people for the job.
You don't have to afraid to sign your posts either.

Anonymous said...

So you want to blame Cleaver for bringing the money to Raytown. Well, who do you think asked for it? Yes, it was Mayor Bower and his cronies. Remember that cold winter day that the congressman presented the ceremonial check at the old church. Bower and all his chamber friends were their to take Cleaver's check, but most of these people don't even live in his district, so he'll never see a vote from any of them.

Anonymous said...


Please find something contructive to do with your time.

You and Mr. Bower need to understand many of those that write on this blog work for the city. That is right city workers reading and writing on Mr. Walters blog.

Now do you think it would be in our best intrest to put our names on here?

By the way I am not the indvidual you are having this weeks "Childish Games" with.

I am just someone with a clear understand of how thing work and therefore why some don't put their name on here.

Sorry, I normally only put important facts on here about things from city hall that I find out about and think others should know about. Yet, I now find myself about as miss lead by many of your statements over the past several months as I do about the management I am forced to face at city hall, but again we all need a job.

Anonymous said...


It seems we have alot of know nothings blogging this week.

So let we set a few records straight.

1.) corrrect - It is taxpayer money not Cleaver's

2.) correct - Is was Cleaver who brought back our taxpayer money to Raytown.

Point is without a Congressman like Cleaver who brings taxpayer's money back to Raytown. Our tax dollars would be used in other states. Like AK to fund a bridge to no where.

So the question you have to ask is do you want you tax dollars coming back to projects in your state and/or city or going to others?

Then again maybe you are one of those who just doesn't like things as they are and just want to end taxes. I understand there is a political party for that I am just waiting for those "Tea Baggers" to start moving back into caves and enjoying the good old life before taxes.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha…

Okay, how many of you that are complaining about the national healthcare bill are willing to give up your Medicare benefits. Not to be the one to upset your parade, but if Medicare is not socialized medicine then what is it. I sure know too many seniors that cannot wait until that magical day that they can start enjoying the benefits and take a major cut to the health care insurance they are paying for.

Maybe all of us who are working today need to complain like a bunch of school kids that we want the government out of the health industry all together starting with Medicare.

Oh my does the cat have your tongue now that it is recommend to impact all government insurance.

Face the fact America there is a “Grand Old Party” that wants nothing more to profit off the hard working men and women of this nation. They don’t care about your health or they would want to ensure proper health care in America. They don’t care about your jobs or they would stop sending them overseas or hiring illegals. It is time the “Grand Old Party” either start doing the right thing and in many cases legal thing or stop the lies from their King “Rush” and Quinn “Sara” and put America and America’s first.

Andy Whiteman said...


We learned in High School to vote for the most popular person. The most popular were always elected. Somehow I didn't want to be in that group.

But when we are voting for government leaders in real life, we need to think about it and to vote for the best person for the job whether or not they are popular.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

That's all I'm trying to say.

To the "anonymous" writer that may or may not work for the city.
I do understand when in some cases people have to sign anonymous.
But, as I have said in the past taking shots at people and then signing Anonymous is cowardice.
One other thing I don't lie and I don't mislead. If the truth hurts
I guess you will just have to deal with it.
Whichever anonymous writer you are.

Anonymous said...

I understand the carpenters don't support just one political party.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is buying your votes with your own money and that of other tax payers! Wake up; he doesn't care about you or this community!

Andy Whiteman said...

I completely agree with 8:13 AM who said that he/she is a City worker. When I worked for the Post Office, I wrote a letter to the editor which appeared in the Sunday Denver Post. Nothing was said. but several years later I found that letter in my OPF (personnel folder) after I was denied a job.

I agree with Pat about Anonymous writers taking shots at people. I am beginning to think that maybe some of these people changed their names to Anonymous. I was thinking once about changing my name to Occupant because that is the way my mail is addressed.

Congressman Clever (er: Cleaver) is very clever sending porkulous money back to Raytown. I appreciate that, but still won't vote for him after the other things he has done.

9:20 AM, Do you know what Medicare covers? Practically nothing!! Do you realize that the seniors are charged a really high rate for Medicare that pays practically nothing? After the initial deductible, I pay only 20% of office visits which is pretty good. But Medicare has a high deductible and high copay on Hospital stays and pays practically nothing. After a certain number of days, they don't pay at all, leaving the person stuck with a big bill.

Part D is supposed to be the prescription coverage but many prescriptions aren't covered unless I get an exemption and then I am charged as "Tier 3" which means that I must pay 75% of an outrageous cost in the first phase and then 100% in the gap. I just paid $1,350 for a 90 day supply in the gap. I went to Walgreens a few weeks ago with a script for something not allowed by Medicare. Walgreens wouldn't fill it until I presented a discount prescription card and then I got $9 discount from full price leaving me to pay $130!

Medicare was really cut this year so that all of my meds cost more. The media reported that doctor's payments were cut 24%. One of my doctors told me that Medicare isn't paying doctors until they rewrite the payment tables then he expects it to be retroactive on the low side.

Medicare isn't that great but it is better than nothing.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy, I don't think that most of us seniors agree with you on Medicare. Medicare is working and that's why you carry a supplement policy. My heath insurance premiums went way down when I went on Medicare. Thank God for the Democrats for enacting it so many years ago.

Anonymous said...

I read in the paper this morning that President Obama is blaming BP for the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He is also blaming George Bush!

The BP part makes sense. But the George Bush part leaves one scratching your head.

He has been President for nearly two years and has still not figured out that he is in charge of his own destiny.

He should try to find ways to clean up the mess. He can play the blame game later.

Gotta' luv those Jay Hawks. What's next? Players fixing games for guys making bets?

Lew Perkins and Bernadette Gray-Little are setting new standards for corruption. They should be shown the door.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:49AM, Medicare may be OK for a normal person, but for those with medical problems, it has very little coverage. I previously had a Medicare Advantage plan, but Dictator O'Bomba eliminated it. My insurance agent could not find another Advantage plan because none of them cover the expensive meds I take.

I now have a high deductible supplement that I doubt will ever pay because I probably will never reach the $2000 deductible on office visits alone. It doesn't cover my meds at all.

I think if you and other seniors took expensive meds that Medicare doesn't cover, you would agree with me. When I was working and had insurance, all of my meds were covered. As I said, I doubt you folks have high presciption costs. The only benefit I get is the part that exceed 7.5% of my income is tax deductible.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Do your really need the high dollar meds you talk about?

I don't mean to upset you, but have true concern. We had family members who's doctor told them they needed to come in ever Mon, Wen and Fri for a visit. The doctor also had them on about 5 prescriptions each all name brands.

After voicing our concerns to find a new doctor and it not happening we contacted the State Attorney's Office. It was soon after the family members had to find a new doctor as theirs was going to jail. He had been taken advantage of over 60 individuals on Railroad Insurance and around 110 individuals on Medicare.

At then end of the day the new doctor was able to get the meds down for the husband to two and both generic. The wife down to one and it too was generic. However, the wife had to spend six weeks in rehab because of additions to some of the meds.

So please make sure you and who ever always get a second or third opinioun. Yes, I know not all doctors take advantage of people or the system. However, one can never be to careful.

Heck, we had a Dr in Raytown that keep telling me and my wife that there was nothing wrong with her. Luckly when I said it was time for a second opinion she agreed. Good thing we did as she had a medical issue that needed to be taken care of.

I am taking the Anon on this one as I don't want anyone to find out who the family members are.

Andy Whiteman said...

1:04PM, I understand your being Anon. One of my meds maintains a level. Generic while they have the same ingredients, don't have the same release mechanism. I took a generic once and had side effects from a sudden high level. The generic of this med cost almost the same as the brand, so why take a generic when the brand is safer? I do take generics of other meds when I can. The generics can be very high priced in the gap. I think Medco makes there profit by overcharging for the meds.

I take other meds that have NO generic. This miserable climate gives me a lot of skin problems and Medicare doesn't cover many the dermatology meds because there is NO generic.

Dr Dean Adell said not to take generics if they build a level.

Andy Whiteman

by Greg Walters said...

I hope everyone has a restful and relaxing Memorial Holiday.

Especially you, Groucho!

Anonymous said...

Why is Beth Linn and the codes department not doing their jobs? Why is Bower and the BOA protecting them? Need some answers.

Andy Whiteman said...

Looks like maybe Greg is taking the holiday off.

I also wish every one a safe and relaxing 3 day weekend. These days people loose sight of what we are commemorating because holidays have been changed form their rightful day to Monday to make a 3 day vacation. All most people know is that it is a 3 day vacation.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The surrounding neighborhoods also suffered during Rockfest on the grounds of Liberty Memorial and Penn Valley Park. Free parking drew concert-goers to our neighborhood.

There was urination, vomiting, lost drunks scaring young girls who live in the area, and damaged property.

The biggest complaint was the speaker noise. I must live more than a mile from the stage but could clearly hear music inside my house even over the TV volume.

I thought Kansas City had a noise ordinance.

Greg Walters said...

I'm still here. Holidays are slow times for this media. People are out enjoying the time off and and good weather.

I will post this week's stories this evening.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:13AM, I thought Raytown has a noise ordinance too but the offenders are scofflaws.

Parade Magazine has an article today about noise. was the link stated but I haven't checked it yet.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I see much more blight in Raytown than in the city I am moving to but her is what a City Commissioner there has to say about blight. Raytown needs to take a good hard look at blight!

Blight is serious issue in Alamogordo
Alamogordo Daily News
By Aaron Rance, For the Daily News
Posted: 05/30/2010 12:00:00 AM MDT

Hopefully, this is the first of many Commissioner Corner columns yet to come. As your newest city commissioner in District 2, I want to address issues the city has been faced with - and ignored - for some time.

The city has, for years, disregarded the situation known as blight. We now recognize the problem and will start addressing it. This will be a challenge, but it's a challenge we can overcome.

Blight is considered unsightly and depressed properties (homes, businesses and vacant lots) throughout our community that are filled with trash and debris. Typically, one of the first things that come to mind when this type of conversation occurs is either "Yes, we need to rid the city of those ugly, junk and dilapidated buildings" or "You can't tell me what to do with my property. It's my right to grow weeds four feet tall, park 10 cars on my yard and let my roof deteriorate and blow onto my neighbor's cars."

Guess what? If you and I choose to live within a municipality and that municipality has codes and ordinances on such conditions - and you or I are in violation of those ordinances - then we need to be regulated.

I no more want Big Brother in my back pocket than you do. But, I also have a responsibility to you, my neighbor, to keep and maintain my property, as you have a responsibility to do the same. This is a community problem. There are few areas of town that are unaffected with these falling-down structures and the filth and degradation that go with these types of properties.

The commission will soon institute new ordinances that put some teeth into the consequences of these violations. The present process is cumbersome and ineffective. A new, enhanced set of codes will be adopted that give officers enforcing the violation a clear, direct path to resolution or governance.

We should look forward to living in a community that is proud of their property and wants to establish community pride. We need to be proud of our community and show that by keeping our properties, homes and business attractive.

If we want Alamogordo to grow, we need to look outside the box we live in and ask ourselves, "Is this the type of environment in which we want to raise a family?"

It has been said that you need to know where you have come from to know where you are going. Does Alamogordo offer the quality of life that we expect? If so, we need to ask ourselves why we would encourage businesses and families to move here, only to see block after block of homes and business properties in disrepair, overgrown weeds and falling structures with no one paying attention to them.

The city is asking for your input. Let's work together as we change - for the better - the look of our community.

Aaron Rance is a city commissioner representing District 2 in Alamogordo.