Sunday, July 18, 2010

NEWS AND VIEWS by Greg Walters

New Curfew Hours Adopted

Last Tuesday the Board of Aldermen adopted new curfew hours for minors under the age of 17 in Raytown. The original suggestion for an earlier curfew came from Ward 5 Aldermen Steve Mock and Michael Lightfoot.

The new hours are 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., Sunday through Friday and 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Minors accompanied by a parent or guardian, on an emergency errand or travelling to and from their job (with parental approval) are exempt from the curfew. Also exempt are those minors returning from a school, church or other organization provided the police department is informed of the event.

The new curfew hours are being adopted to confront unsupervised gathering of minors late at night.

Park Board Should Consider Earlier Closing Times

The majority of the Raytown Board of Aldermen took some reasonable steps in confronting juvenile delinquency in Raytown last week when it adopted new curfew hours in Raytown.

As with all laws, the effectiveness of how well this action goes to solve curfew violations in Raytown depend upon how well the new hours are enforced by the Raytown Police Department.

One area that may cause come confusion is the operating hours of Raytown Parks. Raytown parks are open until 11:00 p.m. every night. Police officers, faced with having to tell the age of a minor at a community park are facing an unreasonable task in determining who is a minor and who is not.

The simple solution would be for the Park Department to change the closing time of Raytown Parks from 11:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This simple change would make the police departments job of enforcement of the new city wide curfew much easier.

Three weeks ago the Park Department told neighborhood representatives that they would meet to consider new closing hours at local parks. The results from that meeting have not been made public.

The Raytown Board of Aldermen moved quickly in recognizing the need for an earlier curfew. The Park Department should follow their example and move to earlier closing times in Raytown Parks.

Last Week Before the Big Vote

Monday marks the beginning of the end of the 2010 Primary Election season. After the August 3rd Primary the field of candidates for elective offices in the metropolitan area will shrink considerably. Raytowners can expect to be targeted with a considerable amount of direct mail this coming week with emphasis on the local County races and at least two state representative races in Raytown’s sphere of influence.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is unopposed in his race for the Democratic nomination. Six Republicans are vying for the chance to challenge him in November.

Local political watchers will be paying close attention to the state representative race in the 51st District (south part of Raytown) for the seat abandoned by Will Kraus last summer. The Democratic side of that primary has only one candidate, Gavin Fletchall. On the Republican side there are three candidates vying for the nomination, Gary Cross, Bob Gough and Pam Osgood.

Jackson County has four contested seats up for grabs in the primary election. Three of those races will be decided in the Democratic Primary. Theresa Garza-Ruiz is challenged by Ray Salva, Jr. for the 1st District at Large seat. In the Second District at Large seat there is a spirited fight going on between Henry Rizzo and Crystal Williams. The Third District has long time incumbent Fred Arbanas being challenged by Terry Riley.

The Sixth District seat on the Jackson County Legislature is the only County seat that will not be decided in the August primary. On the Democratic side of the ballot Greg Walters and Syed Asif are vying for the nomination. The winner of that contest will face the winner of the Republican Primary in the November general election. That race is between incumbent Bob Spence and challenger Joe Spallo.

TO YOUR HEALTH by Jenn Walters

Calorie-Burning Fat, Headache Help, and Dangerous Detoxes

The elusive brown fat, how exercise affects migraines and the lowdown on detoxing.

Ever heard of brown fat? It sounds gross, but it’s about to become your new best friend. Brown fat is a special form of fat that really is brown and really does burn calories. The special fat is said to help us stay warm because it helps us shiver and uses mundo calories to produce body heat.

Previously, researchers believed that brown fat was just in kids and babies, but new research shows that the brown stuff is in adults, too. In those studied, thinner people appeared to have more brown fat than heavier people, younger people had more than older people, and, surprisingly, women had more than men. Finally, women have an advantage in the weight-loss battle of the sexes!

The upside to being cold.

Exercise: Migraine Reducer or Trigger? Many migraine sufferers cite workouts as a trigger for head pain, but they shouldn’t throw in the workout towel yet. New research shows that a regular aerobic exercise program, such as indoor cycling, can improve maximal oxygen uptake without making migraines worse.

In fact, by the end of the study, participants reduced their number of migraine attacks, the number of days with a migraine per month, headache intensity and the amount of headache medication used. Everyone wins!

Talk about a no brainer.

Detoxes Debunked t seems like detoxes come in spurts. You don’t hear anything about them for years, and then all of a sudden everyone at work is doing the Master Cleanse. I’ve always been skeptical of detoxes for a number of reasons. First, they’re not a long-term health solution. Second, you generally aren’t allowed to eat substantial food while on them. Third, I like food.

According to one expert, most detoxes are more hype than help, but, sheconcedes, short ones can help people jump start healthy behaviors.

I think that’s a good compromise.

To visit Jenn's website go to

A Bridge Not Finished

Late in 2009 construction on the 63rd Street Bridge was started. Fancy architectural drawings showing the completed structure were released to the press. A six month work schedule was announced and a completion date of late May or early June was announced by City Hall.

It is almost eight months later and the bridge is still not finished.

Local business owners say the delays, coupled with an extended recession, have had a disastrous effect on their bottom line. Some express concerns that shopping patterns of area residents may have become permanently altered by the long closure of the bridge.

One local businessman, who asked not be named, said that he has been told the bridge will be completed by August 1st.

Apologists say bad weather has slowed down the project. Granted, the winter and spring have been wetter than usual. But there has not been two months of bad weather.

Typically, large bridge and road projects have stringent timelines in place with penalties assessed against the construction companies if projects are not completed on time. City Hall has been uncharacteristically quiet on the subject, which makes one wonder if the contract has a penalty clause.

It is a question that deserves an answer. If there are penalties involved they should be made public. If there are not any penalties, the City Council and Mayor should be asking some hard questions about how the project was managed by city staff.

Aldermen Mock and Lightfoot Ask for Earlier Curfew

Ward 5 Aldermen Steve Mock and Michael Lightfoot have asked the Board of Aldermen to consider changing curfew hours in Raytown for minors. The current curfew is 11:00 p.m. during the week and midnight on the weekend. If the proposal is accepted by the Board of Aldermen the hours would be changed to 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 p.m. on weekends.

Mock and Lightfoot told the Board that they personally witnessed minors blocking traffic on public streets. When the police were called the juvenile delinquents would scatter, but would return to the streets once the police had left the area.

The Board has sent the request to the Chief of Police and City Prosecutor for review.

Earlier Curfews Just Might Work . . .

Three weeks ago a couple of neighbors and I attended a Raytown Park Board meeting. My neighbor’s house abuts Coleman Park. I live on the other side of the street, but often walk my dog through the park in the morning hours.

The reason for our visit to the Park Board was to express our concern of the unlawful behavior taking place in the park on the weekends. Loud, obnoxious behavior, fueled by plenty of alcohol, were becoming the norm on weekend nights. So we went to the Park Board and suggested that they close the parks down earlier in the evening to help the police control the problem.

Surrounding parks, most notably those operated by Jackson County close their parks at dusk. This would send a message to those who would use Raytown parks as their adult playground that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Some members of the Park Board recognize the problem. They have sent the matter to one of their committees for further study.

Aldermen Steve Mock and Michael Lightfoot have recognized the same problem.

Part of the solution rests with the governing bodies, the Park Board and Board of Aldermen, to take a positive step in changing curfew hours in Raytown. The other part of the solution rests with the Police Department making enforcement of such curfews a high priority.

It would go a long way in sending a message that Raytown will not tolerate illegal activity on our streets or in our parks.

Bits and Pieces . . .

Mayor David Bower appears to be greasing up his political machine for another run for the big chair at City Hall next spring. He is quietly holding small neighborhood meetings in areas known to have supported him strongly in his last election.

Depends upon your political stripe as to whether this is a good or bad thing.

Bower has been criticized as being an absentee Mayor who can rarely be found at City Hall. The local meetings may be an attempt to re-build a base that many see as crumbling.

As one local Democrat opined at the RDA Picnic, “Look at the bright side. At least you know he is in town!

Speaking of the heat . . . I took some time to do some old fashioned door to door campaigning this weekend. As a politician I am well aware that some people are less than pleased to see all the baggage that comes with political campaigns . . . the signs, the literature left on door steps, etc.

Please bare this in mind, it is terribly hot outside and hard work tramping through neighborhoods. But it is also a proven method of winning elections. This campaign cycle ends on August

3rd. Roughly one half of the candidates running will be eliminated from the race.

Those that survive the primary will probably be back. But all are doing so because they want to make everyone’s life better.

One final note, while campaigning I ran into some old friends. One of them told me that they had recently called on my replacement on the Raytown City Council, Shane Pardue. Seems they had some trouble with neighbors who were letting their property go downhill (junk in the yard, tall weeds, etc.).

Pardue told them that there was nothing he could do!

Wrong answer, Shane.

Here’s some free advice for the freshman Alderman from Ward 1. These people are reaching out to you. The easiest answer in the world is to say “there is nothing I can do”. It is your job to help find solutions to those problems.

TO YOUR HEALTH By Jenn Walters

Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred

Because of our immense love for Bob Harper, I sometimes feel like Jillian Michael gets the short end of the FBG love stick. And frankly, she’s a bad ass. My husband affectionately refers to her, not by her name, but as “Rock & Roll Motorcycle,” as tribute to her bad-assness. And no bad-assness isn’t a word, but it should be.

Because Erin reviewed Bob-led The Biggest Loser, Volume 1, we thought that to even The Biggest Loser trainer score, we’d review Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred. Plus, I’d heard it was a serious calorie scorcher, which is especially good on a day like today when America actually celebrates naming a turkey, killing a turkey and then stuffing themselves with turkey and other delicacies. And I, for one, plan on partaking in all of that, minus the killing of the turkey, and need a tough workout to counteract that extra helping of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. After doing Rock & Roll Motorcycle’s 30-Day Shred, I’m happy to report that it did the job, and then some.

The DVD is divided up into three different levels. Each level consists of 25 minutes (the package says 20 minutes, but it’s lying—I know because I was almost late to work two mornings in a row) of hard-core circuit training. The circuits have a 3-2-1 format. Three minutes of weight lifting (one isolated movement and one compound movement that works the upper- and lower-body simultaneously), two minutes of cardio drills and one minute of abs.

The 25-minute levels get progressively harder as you go, as they are designed to challenge the exerciser as she gets more fit. Level 1 has you doing rows followed by lunges with bicep curls, butt kicks, punches and oblique crunches. Level 2 hits ya harder with walking push-ups, front and back lunges, plus a hammer curl, skaters, plank jacks and planks plus a side twist.

Level 3 is a whole other ball of crazy. It’s the one level where I feel like you get the real Jillian from the show. The Jillian who turns 300-pound people into svelte role models. She takes you through traveling push-ups, dumbbell cleans, jump squats and old-school sit-ups. It’s insane, in a really good way. All levels include a warm-up and cool down, too.

Why aren’t more DVDs designed like this? I mean, really, it’s like a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout in one, and I loved Level 1 for days when I wasn’t feeling very ambitious but wanted to do something. Jillian is tough but totally lovable. Okay, maybe not Bob-lovable, but with lines like “She’s kicking herself in the ass, literally!” during butt kicks and “I have 400-pound people do jacks, so you can, too,” it’s hard not to love her. She cues perfectly, she’s more personal trainer-y than aerobics-y, and all of the exercises are done at a sane pace where you have the time to do the exercises with proper form. It’s like she’s been reading FBG and taking notes on all the DVDs that suck. (Unfortunately, she didn’t read about how much we love fun music because that’s the only negative thing that I can say about the Shred.)

One funny thing about the DVD, though, is that I’m pretty sure they used the same set from this DVD. Thankfully, I loved that one, too, so it didn’t hurt R&RM’s rating by much. Okay, not at all. It’s totally worth the $10.99 on Amazon.

FBG Rating (Out of 5): Instruction: ★★★★★ Long-Term Likeability: ★★★★★ Music: ★★★ Fun Factor: ★★★★★ Meets Expectations: ★★★★★ Overall: ★★★★1/2

Fit Bottom line: Whether you’re a novice, intermediate or advanced exerciser, this DVD will challenge you. The exercises are unique, fun and, well, perfect. —Jenn


Anonymous said...

I can think of a very good reason that upper level management people in Raytown should live in the city. Collectively they probably take about $300,000 home in pay each year. That's a lot of money going to places like Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Raymore, etc.

If they lived here in town a good amount of those dollars would be pumped back into the local economy.

JWDT said...

Under the sunshine laws aren't we allowed to view the Bridge Contract? If in fact, there is no penalty clause, I for one would want to know why it was left out? From my point of view, that is project management contract 101.

The alleged, Nothing I can do response....what an interesting response, which is so typical of corporate managers, government employees and elected officials. I am so glad our Countries founders/homesteaders/etc., did not have the same response.
Justin Tomac

Andy Whiteman said...

Anyone who starts a construction project such as a bridge in the middle of winter is a fool.

I asked for the status of the bridge at the last BOA and our highly paid City Administrator said he would ask the bridge people. He also mentioned that we had more bad weather than usual and bad weather can't be charged as a delay penalty.

I am amazed an elected official would tell a voter that he can't do anything. An Alderman who can't do anything is likely not to be re-elected. At least I sure would remember that when I cast my vote and also mention it to my neighbors.

When I or a neighbor contacts Alderman Aziere, he takes action. Sometimes I wonder if things don't happen unless there is pressure from an Alderman. I have a neighbor whose apparent first step is to call an Alderman rather than Codes. Maybe she called codes and had no action, but the first thing I here from her is calling an Alderman. I call codes unless I know an Alderman is working on it in which case I contact the Alderman so he has knowledge of the event.

9:47PM, If department heads were required to live in Raytown not only would it add to the local economy, but they would have to experience the same quality of life as the rest of us surfs in the Fascist Fief. If they faced the same issues as us, things may change faster. How long would a CA put up with code violations by his neighbors, unmaintained streets, and minors running at large?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I like alderman Steve Mock. He is a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Bower running again and "greasing up the political machine."
Why not! Most, including Mayor Bower have greasing us
for a long time. They have been putting it to the people of
Raytown for what seems like a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

My hat is off to Mock and Lightfoot. They are trying to make things better.

Pardue should get an attitude adjustment. He needs to learn that public service is more than just two words.

Pat Casady said...

They closed the bridge in mid December before
Christmas. Then to add insult to injury it has taken
over two months longer than we were promised.
Every day it's a challenge to try to tell out of town
customers how to get to us in the downtown area. I liken
this to the BP's spill in the gulf. (although not as bad)
All the downtown businesses have been suffering with
this ill fated bridge project. Excuse after excuse but,
excuses don't bring back lost business.
It feels like this town's leaders don't care about how badly
this has hurt local long time small businesses.
That just may have been the plan all along.

Anonymous said...

I see that the Knabe swamp at 79th and Spring Valley is in need of mowing again. When will David Bower quit protecting these "lawbreakers" and allow our city codes officials to do their jobs?

Andy Whiteman said...

The bridge hurts the residents in the area as well as businesses. I don't mind driving around but it seems like Willow has as much traffic as 63rd St. Anyway it is much more traffic than before the bridge was shut down. Very poor planning.

RE: Swamp Knabe, has anyone actually called Codes and made a complaint? Also you could call Beth Linn. This should also be covered by the Jackson County Health Department.

Who is the Alderman there? Call him/her.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Downtown business really contribute a huge amount of taxes.

Anonymous said...

The people of Raytown should not have to go
begging to their aldermen so a hired department
head and employees will do their damn jobs!
This just shows the ineptness of who is running this
town. The bad thing is, the law breakers now know
they haven't a worry in the world because this town
will do nothing. Codes run amuck, thugs and punks
rule the streets, and our leaders keep telling each
other what a good job they are doing.

Tom Rigot, Sr said...

The old 40HWY bridge over I435 was removed on 7/10 and after driving by yesterday I see new bridge pillars and approach work well underway. My guess is a new bridge in less than 60 days. The Noland road bridge over I70 was removed a year or so ago and replaced in less than 60 days. The George Brett/Blue Ridge Cut off bridge over I70 is scheduled to be removed & replaced in the coming few months and I'll bet it will be completed in less than 60 days also. All these projects are very complicated involving multiple lane replacement with continous, uninhibited freeway traffic moving 24/7 thru the middle of the construction sites. I am not a construction engineer but I am told the 63rd St bridge has it's share of complications from utility lines passing thru that location however, the overall project does not seem that challenging from my untrained viewpoint. It was closed around the 3rd week of November 2009 and 8months later there is still no end to this major inconvenience. I don't know if this long delay is the result of budget restrictions, low bidder time schedule or another reason. My business and clients have both suffered enough! "Oh Lord, when will you make an end"!

Andy Whiteman said...


1) The bridge will open the first week of August.
2) The ordinance making the curfew earlier and allowing for enforcement was passed. Parents will be cited for minor(s) in violation of curfew. There was a motion to have the second reading tonight due to an emergency condition. the effective date was not stated.

3) Mahesh's reason for not moving to Raytown is that he will take a loss selling his present home. I don't find that to be a valid reason. There is NO requirement that he sell his present home.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You are correct, you are not a construction engineer. You are a business owner. Stick to running your business. I'll stick to mine. Meanwhile, I will make sure that the project gets completed when it gets done, in a safe manner, so that all workers get to go home at the end of the day to their families alive, instead of in a casket!

If your business is suffering, I believe that everyones businesses have been suffering because of 8 previous years of republican policy from the white house. It is not going to get fixed overnight either.

Perhaps your customers aren't the brightest bunch to start with. It is not that hard to figure out how to negotiate a way around to get to the downtown business district, or what is left of it. If people have a reason to get there, they will find a way to get there.

Perhaps allocating more money to your advertising budget would help. Remember, it takes money to make money.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Obama and his party have not found a solution. I also believe that blaming everything on the past is a losers view of how to correct problems.

I do not believe (actually, I KNOW) there was (NOT) two months of bad weather that caused the bridge to be built behind schedule.

HOw much did you say Mahesh paid for his house? Oh, you don't know, so how can anyone say that he will lose money if he sells it.

He has NO intention of moving here. Never did. His previous job was near St. Louis. He did not move there either.

Until we elect people who have enough pride in their community to set common sense rules, and enforce them, like reasonable residential requirements for city department heads, you can continue to watch Raytown slide downhill.

Remember this about all of the department heads at city hall. Everyone of them could have been required to move here when they were hired. But Bower and his friends would not do it.

So now we watch over $300,000 in salaries drive away from Raytown each year because those department heads take their money and spend it where they live. Like Lee's Summit, North Kansas City, Harrisonville, Raymore.

Some solutions are so simple. It is amazing that simple minds cannot see them!

Pat Casady said...

To "Anonymous" 7:07,
"I will make sure that the project gets completed when it's done."
What a profound statement!
It doesn't take a genius to know this bridge project has taken too long.
We were promised it would be finished by the first of June.
The business owners know what we are doing, if you have
anything to do with this bridge project we might question your ability's.
To mock business owners because we are hurting because
of the bridge taking too long is asinine. You sound like an elected
official or a department head for the city. They could care less too.
If you had any guts you would have signed what you wrote.
As it is, it's just another sucker punch by a know nothing

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:07 sounds like non-caring city official.
First to put down business owners in the downtown area
And then to insult, their customers.
None if which is at fault for the bridge not being done on time.
People that live in Raytown can get anywhere they want
but, try and tell someone from out of town how to
drive around to find a downtown business, it's harder.
Especially when we have two Raytown Roads and a
Raytown Tfwy. added to the mix.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7:07, You must be one of those incompetent, overpaid city employees. Any fool would not have started this bridge project in the middle of winter. Oh, I forgot we were trying to please Ms. Turnbow and the Chamber of Commerce so we wouldn't upset their Summerfest. We sure cater to the Chamber a lot, but always seem to be hanging the small businessman out to dry. Typical City hall mentality. Thanks, Mayor Bower for NOTHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand why you think department heads should live in Raytown. It's easier to make them take ownership of thir jobs. Also, the Raytown schools would benefit from the property taxes.

I disagree however about the salaries being spent else where. I very rarely shop in Raytown. I don't want to pay the extra sales tax imposed when I shop at Hy-Vee or Walmart. I usually to to Lee's Summit. The prices are cheaper, the sales tax is less, and the stores are cleaner.

Besides, there isn't the need to station on-duty cops inside the stores in Lee's Summit.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:53AM, How much does it cost you to drive to LS with gas @$2.67/gallon, plus wear and tear on your car? Do you value your time?

Where are the on duty cops in Raytown stores? The cops in stores are off duty working a 2nd job. Taxpayers certainly won't pay for on duty cops in stores. The stores pay IF they want security.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Wow... I actually agree with 7:07 am.... actually how difficult is it to find your way to a downtown business in Raytown? It is not that difficult. Anyway, out of towners usually have problems finding their way anyway, bridge or no bridge. I feel that the most complaints are from business owners that feel like they are being inconvenienced and neglected. I bank downtown, that is not hard to get to. I go to the hardware store, and the post office, and eating establishments, all without any problem. Yes, one has to make a slight detour, big deal. It still boils down to if the customer is determined to patronize your establishment, then they will come, otherwise they will go elsewhere and spend their money.

Business owners are probably just tired of having to tell people on the phone how to get to their establishments. But, that really is a part of doing business anyway.

Yes, the city could have put up some signage showing detour routes, and names of businesses along with them. But even that may not help some people to find their way to you.

And then some people just want to complain because that is what they are just used to doing with their idle time while they are not busy because the customers cannot find their way there. If the customers have that much of a problem, maybe they shouldn't be driving and have a drivers license to start with!

Some things are just simply beyond one's control.

Meanwhile, the bridge will be done soon, and all the residents of Happyville will all come together again in peace, happily ever after... THE END

Anonymous said...

Does anybody find it funny that Kansas City will
get a 220ft. Bridge built in two and a half months?
It's been eight months for our 63rd street bridge and
still it's not open. The new bridge over I-70 at Noland
road only took a few months.
Does anybody know why this has taken so long?
I'll bet this has really hurt our downtown businesses.
has the city tried to help any of them?
I know for a fact that Willow St is a raceway.
nobody drives thirty miles an hour.

Pat Casady said...

I think businesses in the downtown area have been
pretty calm about having our business and customers
put through this disadvantage. Not to mention loss of income.
I haven't heard much in the way of complaints yet.
But, enough is enough! It's time to light a fire and get the
bridge finished. Even if the last ton of concrete was poured
today it would not be open for three weeks while the
concrete cured.
We all know this bridge needed to be replaced
and we all knew it would hurt business.
None of us expected it to take eight or nine months.
We were told by our city leaders it wouldn't take this long.
All we want to know is, what is the hold up?

Anonymous said...


My neighbor shops at the Walmart all the time. She says there's usually a police car out front that belongs to a police supervisor. If that police supervisor is off duty, what's he doing driving a city car to his second job?

It only takes 10 minutes to get to Lee's Summit. If I pay $2.67 a gallon for gas (I get 30 mpg in the city), it would cost me about an extra dime to drive there. It's worth it to me to spend an extra 20 minutes and 20 cents. If I spend $100 in Lee's Summit, I would save $2 in sales tax.

It may not be worth it to you, and that is, of course, your choice.

Anonymous said...

Andy, You don't understand, many of us have reasons to be in Lee's Summit a couple of times a week, so you do your shopping while you're out there. So it really doesn't cost us anything extra. Just good planning in these times of high gasoline prices.

Anonymous said...

One Raytown Road and One Raytown Trafficway. FYI. Pretty Simple.

Seems as if everyone on this blog wants to make a mountain out of a molehill.

In addition, I didn't realize that we had to be 'PC' on here either. Hurt feelings, ruffled feathers, and the like.

Besides, who has used the bridge for decades? Who has most benefited from the bridge use over the years? I would have to say that the majority of usage was probably customers of the downtown business district. They wore the bridge out, coupled with the city's lack of upkeep. And what was the original design lifespan of the structure?

Seems to be a lot of impatient people on here.

The bridge will get done eventually, then everyone will have to find something else to complain about after that.

There sure seems to be a lot of 'armchair quarterbacks' on here that seem to be expert bridge builders. You all probably haven't a clue as to any of the major hurdles involved with a project of that size.

Just because they can replace a bridge over at another location in X number of days does not make it gospel that all bridges are going to take the same length of time to complete. There are lots of other factors that go into it, too many to get into on this blog.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Question? Why has the Raytown School district put up "no trespassing signs" at Norfleet school and orange cones in the drive way? I can't take my papers to the recycle bin at the school to benefit the school, so I give them to the trash man. I haven't been to other schools to check about the signs. I guess the citizens of Raytown can't walk the tracks or play basketball on school grounds after hours?

Anonymous said...

7:37pm did they re seal or repave the parking lot and drive to the school?

That is what they did with Robinson Elementary and they put cones up to keep people from driving on it for a while. There are other drop off locations available to use when you run other errands.....

Andy Whiteman said...

I saw work taking place on the bridge at 8:30PM last night! Looks like they are trying. I have heard excuses such as the braces or whatever they call them are too big and difficult to move in bad weather, bad weather itself, etc. No excuse was offered at the last BOA meeting.

9:43 AM, I always assumed that the RPD cars at Walmart were there taking a complaint (check crime reports in the paper~~they have numerous!) The security is Jackson Cty Sheriff's office. I suggest if you question if the officer is on a call that you get the car ID and call RPD during business hours, ask for a Sgt. and verify the activity.

As for shopping in other cities, I get 10 mpg. I shop sales and stock up so I make fewer trips. If Hy-Vee has what I want, that is where I shop. Hen House had a good sale on Iams dog food so they go my business Wednesday. I place a high value on my time because I don't have enough time to get everything done. Of course if you are there anyway, you might as well shop there. My brother was the kind who would drive across town to save 1 cent per gallon on gas. Never made sense to me.

I got my computer repaired and updated to XP Service Pack 3 at Raytown Computer Repair 10005 E 67th St, corner of Raytown Rd in the strip mall with Pizza Hut carry out. Rob has reasonable prices. Please check him out if you need computer help.

Andy Whiteman

Lee said...

Tom, the 40 hwy bridge is scheduled to be complete in 90 days. Unlike the 63rd street bridge, there is information available on a public web site concerning the schedule. It is being managed by MoDOT. I have commented in the past about how much larger the 40 hwy project is in the past. But consider, if Raytown had held them to a 90 day schedule and closed the bridge on April 1, it would have been complete for the 4th or July holiday.

BTW, as you can see if you are following the 435 fiasco, MoDOT generally includes in their contracts $40k per day penalty for every day the project is late and pays $40k per day for every day the project is early.

Anonymous @7:17, unless the media has it wrong (wouldn't be the first time), it appears that they are going to replace the built up area with a bridge. And it is a very aggressive schedule considering they have no advance time for preparation. The contractor is going to essentially reschedule all their current projects around this. They would normally bid something like this out a year or more in advance. I suspect that limited the number of bidders, having to make millions of dollars of equipment and experienced crews available in a week's notice. It will be interesting to see how they manage 24x7 operations through the heat of August.

There is more to this than just the bridge being late. I think there is plenty of evidence here in the metro area that it should have been a much shorter schedule. Failing to negotiate a 3 month contract has shown that the BOA has little interest in supporting downtown business owners. If my business was located in downtown Raytown I would be giving serious consideration to moving it. But then again, I already made that decision due the the poor condition of Raytown streets. Particularly Raytown Rd and 63rd Street.

But my biggest concern as a tax payer is the consistently poor decision making when it comes to city spending. Walmart is the tip of the iceberg. (Walmart scavenger hunt, find any other local Walmarts that have concrete parking lots... then realize Raytown taxpayers bought them a gold plated lot.) Other poor decisions include pouring money into 'Gateways' with added landscaping maintenance rather than street overlays and striping. Another fun outing, go look at the settling, cracking, and washboarding at the 63rd and Blue Ridge 'Gateway'. And then we get to this bridge that is 2 months overdue.

Raytown need infrastructure work and the BOA isn't getting full value for the money spent. Saying that they are doing as well as Kansas City is comparing Raytown to one of the worst cities in the region and saying 'good enough'.

Andy Whiteman said...

The way the bridge project isn't progressing proves that someone or several people didn't do their jobs with respect to planing, contract writing, bidding and supervision.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

A whole week and still no correction? Will Kraus' represents the 48th district, not the 51st.

If you're a republican, vote for Gary Cross in the primary on Aug. 3rd. I really like Bob Gough and his wife Helen; however, Gary is the only candidate that has a chance to defeat Gavin Fletchall in November. He will work hard enough and will have the money necessary to counter the money the Deomcratic Party is sure to throw into Fletchall's pocket to try and reclaim this seat. Bob Gough is 72 and simply doesn't have the stamina to get it done.

-Educated resident of the 48th

Anonymous said...

Justin Tomac,

Have you considered a run for mayor?

Pat Casady said...

I've been told that the bridge will open officially
next Monday. I guess we'll see.
As for "Anonymous 2:29's" little dig on "one Raytown Road
one Rayrown Trfy. FYI.
You know it we know it but people coming in from
other parts of the area don't know it.
I guess we can't all be as smart as you.
Just to clear up one more item. The people that live in
Raytown have used the bridge the most.
Again we all know the bridge needed to be replaced.
No argument there. It's the time it has taken. No making
a mountain out of mole hills. I don't understand why
people can't understand this long period of time has hurt
business in the downtown area.
The strong business have and will survive but, it's been hard
for some.
One thing "Anonymous" 2:29 was right about. He or she
will have to find something else to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Blame the new Public Works Director, Andy Null on the Bridge SNAFU. He soooo busy tring to impress everyone that he goes into projects without thinking. Have you talked to or listen to him at any BOA meeting? Completely clueless and full of babble talk.

Anonymous said...

Is this thing broke????

Anonymous said...

We seem to have the poorest bunch of department heads in Raytown's history. This is what you get when they don't want to live here. These people are just here building their resumes and would be gone tomorrow if they get a better offer. It's too bad that our elected city officials can't see this. Only one way to solve this problem, VOTE THEM ALL OUT NEXT APRIL!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

About one Raytown Rd, locals are used to Raytown Rd and Raytown Tfwy but out of towners get lost. Back in '94 or '95 we came here from KCMO for Shanghai Express on Raytown Rd. Couldn't find it and finally asked someone to find out there was a Raytown Rd and Raytown Tfwy. Very confusing with NO street sign for those on the big Raytown Rd/Tfwy. Even animal control was confused when I reported a viscous dog at an apartment on Raytown Rd. They told me there were no apartments there.

July 26, 2010 8:31 AM, I have listened to Andy Null at BOA meetings and disagree with you. Maybe he is using too many technical terms for you, but I understood him. He sounds highly competent to me.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

July 26, 2010 8:53 PM, Greg is running for county Legislature. I suspect he is campaigning for the election next Tuesday.

I urge EVERYONE to vote no matter how you vote. I feel Greg is highly qualified and would vote for him if I was voting Democrat.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I was reading in the Raytown Times Alderman Creamer is looking at taking on the state of the rental situation in our city. I applaud him for looking at the rental issue in our city.
I believe as a homeowner my property value should be protected, not all renters or landlords are bad people. There are to many absentee landlords in our city that just want to put people in their properties and arent concerned about who they put in there.
thank you for taking this on Mr. Creamer.

From a Lifetime Raytown Resident

Anonymous said...

There are not many people who would not leave their present job if they got a better offer. I know I would, family before job.

Anonymous said...

Someone must be busy campaigning. The news is about two weeks old. We need something new to complain about says Pat. Looks like I was right and that the bridge will open here in August from the progress that I see. Perhaps that will save the dwindling business district. Sears closed up, and so did TG&Y. Thriftway is gone also, and so is Raytown Bowl.

Andy Whiteman said...

The 63rd Street Bridge is open
I just noticed it tonight. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Let's get real about Creamer. He has been singing this song about cracking down on landlords for three years. But has done nothing.

I remember the last election when he sent a nasty letter full of lies out about Greg Walters and the city animal ordinance.

Three years later, Creamer has still not done anything to change the ordinance!

He better move fast if he thinks there is political capital on these issues. His record is one of NO accomplishments. Just mindless blather about ideas that are never followed up on.

Andy Whiteman said...

Didn't Alderman Creamer introduce the vacant property ordinance?

I thought he made good points during the children at large issue.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What has vacatn property to do with rental regularions? There are plenty of laws on the books in Raytown about keeping up property. The problem in Raytown is enforcement. More accurately, it is the lack of enforcement.

If Creamer, Pardue adn the rest of them were worth their salt they would demand that property codes be enforced.

Andy, you yourself have written many times about he lack of enforcement.

The city council can pass ordinances from now until eternity about keeping property codes up. But it they are not enforced it is nothing but a bad joke.

Just like the city council we have today.

Anonymous said...

I have a solution for Raytown Rd/Raytown Tfwy problem. Rename Raytown Tfwy as Raytown Rd, since it is rather continuous. Then rename the eastern segment something completely different.

I suggest renaming it "Curfew Blvd," in honor of the juvenile curfew that has solved all of our problems and given our children fulfilling lives. (sarcasm)

Andy Whiteman said...

12:08 PM, Renaming the eastern portion of Raytown Rd. is a good idea provided there are visible signs. Signs could resolve the issue without a name change. The problem is NO signs where the the split occurs. I suggest the name "Bridge Street" or "City Hall Way" since it leads to City Hall.

7:22 AM, I am in agreement with you about writing ordinances. I have pointed out to the BOA several times that there are unenforced ordinances and obsolete ordinances on the books.

Nancy Thompson and Beth Linn said the issue with vacant properties is that many are abandoned or foreclosed and Codes has no clue who to contact encase of violation making enforcement take much longer because the city has no clue who the owner is and/or is unable to contact the owner. Sounds logical but I question, how will it be enforced? People who abandon properties don't want to be found, hence they will not report the property as vacant.

I have seen ordinances enforced or not enforced based on who is the violator or who is the complainant. IE. Swamp Kanbe
On another note, I think the new curfew is a positive step, but I really wonder if our muni judge will enforce it in court. An automatic $500 fine will get attention, but if the judge reduces the fine, there will be no compliance. If the parent is jailed, then the minor will really be at large with no one to supervise.

Andy Whiteman