Sunday, October 31, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story . . .
The picture on the right is of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC.
The images were burned into the wall with a laser. They depict the many nationalities that participated in the Korean War.
The picture below is of the Vietnam War Memorial. The names of over 50,000 Americans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War are chiseled into the stone.
This view of the wall (below) shows its relation of the wall to the rest of the Korean War Memorial.
Tuesday is Election Day

The mid-term elections of 2010 are turning out to be one for the record books. You see it in the hard work and sweat equity invested by the candidates. You are constantly reminded of it in all forms of advertising.

From a personal level, I see it and hear it every time I walk through a neighborhood and visit with voters in my campaign for the Jackson County Legislature. There is a steely determination in what I hear. The voters are going to be heard this election.

Sometime late Tuesday night, that voice will be heard.

Here are my personal observations about this campaign:

NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING: Every election cycle there is a whine and cry for an end to the negativity in American politics. Read your history. It has always been there.

In the 1960’s voters were warned that a vote for Goldwater would bring nuclear Armageddon and a war in Vietnam. John F. Kennedy was going to bring the Pope to America and turn our country into a theocracy.

Abraham Lincoln was called less than human, the “gorilla”, by his opponents.

Our founding fathers, Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr, Franklin (to name a few), were masters at the game of politics.

This does not excuse below the belt attacks. But it does expose the passive-aggressive nature of the complaint.

American political campaigns can be brutal. But violence is rare. It is the process by which we choose our leaders. Compared to other governments on the planet, it is one of the best systems going. The results are not a foregone conclusion and decisions are not made at the point of gone.

Most importantly, the final decision is made by the people. Not the government that rules them.

TEA PARTY: The Tea (Taxed Enough Already) is not really a party, though some candidates do align themselves with the movement. It is a movement that has attracted and empowered many voters. From conversations I have had with voters, it is not exclusively a Republican phenomenon. It draws voters from both major parties; more so from independents.

Their influence on this election has already been felt in many upsets during the primary process. How that voting block will affect the elections on November 2nd is yet to be known.

LOOK FOR A HEAVY TURNOUT: The Jackson County Election Board has reported extremely heavy absentee voting for a mid-term election. It is a sure indication that many more will make the trip to the polls on Tuesday.

A HEALTHY SIGN: I see the anticipated heavy turnout as a healthy sign. Despite all the complaints there are about the elective process we still have one of the most vibrant democracies on our planet. Our elections may not be without rancor and personal attacks.

Please remember to vote next Tuesday. It is truly an American celebration of democracy.

Election Night Results . . .

Here is a link to a site that will be posting results through the evening next Tuesday.

Down Ballot

The last candidate race you will vote on next Tuesday will be the race for Jackson County Legislature, Sixth District. I have campaigned hard to win the votes of this very large district that includes most of Raytown, those parts of Kansas City east of Raytown, Lee’s Summit and all the other small communities that make up Eastern Jackson County.

I am asking for your vote on Tuesday. The support and encouragement that many have shown me is appreciated.

Jenn's "Fit Bottomed Girls" column will continue next week.


Anonymous said...

I was having a hard time making up my mind who to vote for in the 48th State Rep.race. I have finally decided. I was reading about a form the Lee's Summmit Chamber put on, that Gavin Fletchall did not attend due to night classes. That got me to thinking is that how he will represent us in Jeff City. Only when it is convenient for him to go to sessions. GARY CROSS has my vote. After talking with him I believe he will truly do a good job and has the voters desire first on his agdena. I urge you to vote for Gary Cross for 48 State Rep.

Pat Casady said...

There has to be a change in our federal government
or we are all in for a mess.
The health care bill is a joke. Do we need health care reform?
Yes but, not this one.
Some people, it would seem, are content to let the government
run their lives, tell them how to live, where they can spend their
hard earned money. Some don't see a problem when our government
both federal and city lie to us about how they will spend our tax dollars.
When our government spends billions and tell us it's for jobs and it goes to the big corporations and banks that don't create jobs. I guess some people are OK with this. It would seem that here in Raytown some people are content to vote for street overlays and have the money go a big corporation.
I guess it's OK for Raytown's government to finance a grocery store even though
Raytown has more than enough grocery stores as it is.
I guess it's OK for a passed safety tax to go into the general fund even though we were promised it wouldn't go there. Now, after wasting our money
they want to cut police service and city services, I guess that's OK with some of you but, it's not with me! I'm tired of being lied to. I'm tired of watching
my tax dollars go to big corporations. I'm tired of driving on streets that were supposed to overlaid years ago. If you are happy with "chip and seal"
that will be gone by the end of next summer, then I'm sorry for you. If you are happy with the way our neighborhoods are going downhill then again, I'm sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lets all vote for Gary Cross for he has done a great job of taking advantage of poor home owners who have lost their homes.

Yes, not making one meeting Vs. making money off those who are down on their luck sure makes him a great person representing us in Jefferson City.

Oh God help all of us if Cross gets elected. Where will he stop! How else will he take advantage of the weakest and poorest!

Sorry, but I want someone with an education not looking to deeper line their pockets, which is why Gavin has my vote.

I hope the rest of you think about this before letting Cross buy you vote and than taking you to the cleaner in Jefferson City.

Andy Whiteman said...

PLEASE VOTE TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 2, 1010. I hope there is the bigest turn out ever!

Greg did an excellant job as Alderman representating ALL people in Raytown in a conservative manner. I am sure he will represent ALL people in his district equally well. I support Greg and ask for you to vote for him November 2nd.

Andy Whiteman

JWDT said...

I urge everyone to get out to vote...
Unfortunately, I am not in agreement with Greg on a point he made in this weeks blog. "More importantly, the final decision is made by the people. Not the government that rules them." To my knowledge the vast amount of Americans did not want the Healthcare Reform that the current administration rammed down everyone's throats, nor did the vast amount of Americans want the Stimulus packages that were also rammed down our throats.
Perhaps the people will speak tomorrow at the Polls, with the shenanigans that have happened over the past Decade with voter fraud, overturned elections, etc., I would not be surprised to see some political stunts, fraud, etc., pulled out tomorrow.

A taxpayer who is aligned with the TEA movement...Justin Tomac

Anonymous said...

People get ready... It soon will be time to file for several of the local elected positions.

Mayor – 1 position (4 year term)
Alderman – 5 position 1 from each ward (4 year term)
City Collector – 1 position (4 year term)

Jackson County Water District #2 – 2 positions (3 year term)

Raytown Fire Board – 1 position (6 year term)

Raytown School Board – 2 positions (3 year term)

It is time we find qualified people to run that will enforce the laws of MO and Ordinances of Raytown.

It is time to find people that will be accountable to the voters of Raytown.

It is time they understand the MO Sunshine Law and how they all need to do a lot more work to follow the letter of the law.

Andy Whiteman said...

Justin, The decision was made by the people. The people believed the lies that they were told and voted in Dictator Obummer and his puppet Congress who then enacted this idiotic leglislation. When I complained to Comrade Cleaver about his vote on the Socialist Health Care Bill, his response was, "The President wanted it." I find that unacceptable which is why I am voting for Jacob Turk.

There was voter fraud 2 years ago. Now I am hearing about ballot fraud this election. I pray every voter will vote wisely.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you own." - Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...




Rebecca said...

"WE THE PEOPLE" have spoken...I voted...did you?

Anonymous said...

To the TEA Party / Palin / Republican hater. I am leaving to vote in five minutes.

Consider your vote cancelled.

Everybody else - VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Anonymous said...

It used to be a government for the people, by the people,
of the people.
Now, even in Raytown it's. For the corporations, paid for by
the people, nothing for the people.
We need to gear up, find good people to run this town. People that will put the people first. We live and pay taxes here as an
investment in our town, services and protection. Not to have our
tax money given away to some corporation that doesn't need the
money but, will extort and fool our city leaders into financing their buildings, parking lots and unlike our small businesses this city even builds their buildings with our tax dollars they give away.
It's time for a change, it's time the city started working for the people!

Anonymous said...

Just got back from voting. Very crowded at my precincet.

Greg, I voted for you. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

The elections are over. I'm sorry Greg lost but maybe we can
talk him into running for alderman in April. We need him back.
If I could have one wish for this great little town we all love, it
would be that we have a sweeping change of our elected people.
Remove the those that think more of giving away our tax dollars
than giving us a return for our investment in our town.
We need people that care about our town and it's people.

The people of Lee's Summit voted for street improvements and for more police.
I hope they, unlike us, get what they voted for.
If you remember, and please don't forget this April, we voted for the same things
And we got the shaft!

Anonymous said...

There was a big change in our federal government because the people
didn't like what they were doing by spending and giving away our tax dollars
to big corporations and banks. It's no different here. Our city government
has and is doing the same thing with our tax dollars. The people of this country
wanted their say in how this country is run and they voted accordingly.
We in Raytown need to do the same thing. We want our city back from those who give our tax money away and spend none on our town.
But, if you like rough streets, chip and seal, bad neighborhoods, streets gangs
and a blighted downtown area, then make no changes. Keep the same bunch of non caring, money wasting, bobble headed people sitting at 100000 E.59th St.

Andy Whiteman said...

The people of this county district voted stupidly but their loss could be Raytown's gain. I wonder if Greg will take another run at Mayor?

Andy Whiteman

Black Tuesday said...

Last night the Republicans were all stating how they had made history and for once I agree with them.

We differ on how last night will be remembered in the history books.

Based on their position that the government shouldn’t be in the health care business, it shouldn’t be long before they are once again attaching Medicare. Yes, they might wait 2 more years until they flip the office holder of the Whitehouse and a few more seats in our national capital, but it will happen.

Heck they have tried it before and like an alcoholic that can never truly give up their love for booze the party of “Me, Myself and I” will take you to the cleaners for buying all the bull they sold over the past 90 days.

I ask then what will you baby boomers do, but too call November 2, 2010 Black Tuesday and the fall of human compassion in America.

Remember that every outsourced job takes funding away from Social Security and Medicare and we both know that the party that is celebrating today cares more about outsourcing jobs to increase profits than the impact at the end of day to this Nation.

The all might dollar spoke last night and Corporate America who bought and paid for the misguide messages this party has sold to all of you too is celebrating their increase ability to take advantage of those who need assistance the most.

If you doubt Corporate America has a role in the misguided and over taxing we all face just look at the number of business in Raytown that are getting tax breaks that we get to cover so they can locate in Raytown.

Clearly we need to spend more tax dollars on education and stop any GEDs to ensure the next generation of Americans are self thinkers and not sheep who are lead by the corporate masters and false prophets republican leaders that is plaguing our Nation.

Anonymous said...

Greg sorry you didn't win. You would have served us well as a Jackson County Legislator. I hope this election serves as a warning to our mayor and alderman , things can be shook up. Don't get to comfortable in that chair.

Anonymous said...

If a person was interested in running for an alderperson position, how would they go about it? How does one get one's name on the ballet?

Greg Walters said...

First, I want to thank all of those who encouraged me in my campaign for the Jackson County Legislature. I think it would be very accurate that I chose a poor time to run.

I have an after campaign request. As you have undoubtedly seen, I have a lot of yard signs in the area. I have started picking them up. But my main problem is that I do not know where all of them are because supporters (that I was unaware of) were placing them for me.

So, if you see a yard sign of mine still up, feel free to take it down. Do with it as you please. If I run again I will buy new signs.

Greg Walters said...

One other thought. To the person interested in running for the Board of Aldermen. Please give me a call. I served for 27 years on the Board and I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

You can email me at or call me at 816-517-6852.

Anonymous said...

All of us in Raytown know what we have to expect from the Republican take over last night.

Higher Tax
Lower Poperty Values
Higher Crime

And much, much more Corporate Welfare.

Mr. Bower have I missed anything else that you have done to us hard working taxpayers that has destroyed our family imagie.

What a man of family values you have turned out to be.

No Bower!!! No Way!!! said...

Our city is in a mess crime is runing wild and yet we cannot find Bower out and about in our town.

What is it Mr Mayor do you fear the terror that you have all to be from not doing anything to protect the good citizens like me.

I hope you drop your head in shame for the eveil things that you have allowed to breed. What a sad and angrey person you have turned out to be. And now that anger has hit our streets gangs of thugs that you still allow to roam our streets.

I for one will do my part to make sure you are not allowed to further turn our city inside out.

Anonymous said...


Please use the next several weeks to think about running for the fire board.

It has been too long since this group has had an election. They hind their meetings from the general public by meeting at 9:00 AM. While other government entities have been writen up by the state auditor for not having meetings in the evening when more people can attend.

Heck, I bet there is no one that can recall ever seening any notice posted on when and where to file for the position.

Do you know or is this some dark special hand shack that one must first learn to get that answer?

Raytown needs honest respresntation at all levels and we all know you would like to be elected to a city wide position so why not the fire board.

Anonymous said...

When is Mary Jane Van Buskirt going to kick off her campaign for Mayor?

She will be the best thing to happen to Raytown in over a decade.

For once code violations will be addressed.

Corporate give aways will be just a distance nightmare.

Departent head will be held accountable.

yes, Mary has my vote and my support

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, As I was voting, I was thinking you were the wrong party because the trend of this election was to vote in Republicans. Unfortunately that didn't hold true with Comrade Cleaver. As I said previously, that is one of the offices people rarely hear of. You had my vote because I know you. Many probably recognized the incumbent's name and voted for him.

Last night I was speaking with my councilman in the city I am moving to because I am having issues with timely water billing. He told me that he is trying to address "annoyances" of weeds and signs. Sounded almost like Raytown. I was shocked they don't have a sign ordinance yet. They had to jail a man to get his attention to remove a burned down building. I was surprised to find they were just getting around to some of these nuisances. I guess it happens everywhere.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To Black Tuesday:
Almost everything you accuse and say the republicans
will do or have done in the past is exactly what has been going
on for the last two years.
Who was it that gave billions to the corporations? Who was it
that gave billions to the banks? They called it stimulus money to create jobs, that never appeared.
Who was it that gave tax breaks to corporations to do the most
un-American deed in the history of this country by rewarding them to
move our American jobs to China, Japan, Korea, India and Mexico?
Who signed on for NAFTA?
The next time you get in your foreign car and go to Wal-Mart or any other store and buy your next "Made in China" anything, you can thank the
very people you think so much of.
Those of us who wanted a change for the good of our country do believe what was said BUT, if they lied to us like in the past, both parties, we will vote them out until we find some people that will get back to believing in the U.S.A. And our constitution.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, November 3, 2010, 7:49 PM: You are apparently confused; the negative things you listed are usually attributed to the Democrats, not the Republicans.

TEA Party - Demands Change!!! said...

Speaking of elected officials at city hall that show their lack of a good education.

Is Joe Cramer ever going to understand before creating new ordinances on property management he first needs to find out why the codes department is not enforce the ordinances that are already on the books?

Joe's lack of being able to understand this is a black eye on the Raytown School District being Raytown South gave him a high school diploma.

I guess that is what we call truly letting no student be left behind regardless of their ability to comprehend.

I for one am still waiting for any Alderman to standup and either bring about an ordinance to remove all code ordinance from the books or ask of the head of codes to resign for her inability to provide are city with the wholesome image that these codes where originally to ensure.

One would think by now Joe would realize if he real is going to represent ward 1 as well as be mayor pro tem he is going to have to address the true problem and force codes to do their job or stop the waste that the salaries of the associates of the codes department are being paid by the taxpayers of Raytown.

So Joe, can we expect you to show you are worthy of representing ward 1 or as on Tuesday it is time we hold elected officials who no longer represent the people accountable for the condition our city is in.

Anonymous said...

Some in our city call wild flowers weed and others see them for their natural beauty, For me they are just additional piece of security measures I have had to taken to mislead the criminals that our elected officials have allowed to roam our city.

I have been collecting empty glass jars and bottles and breaking them all over my yard making a nice and messy trap for these low lives. It is the same reason you find sharp metal objects too throughout my yard.

The pealing paint on the outside provides a great misleading vise to any would be trouble makers that decide my home is their next stop on there wrong ways that our city has done nothing to contain.

It is for this reason that I ask those that complain we need to enforce codes would stop and think that maybe there are others in the city like me that have let our homes go to waste on the outside to protect our belongings inside.

As we all know our city lacks adequate patrols from our police department even though we voted to increase our taxes for more officers to be on the street. I sure which I could find out who to contact our city marshal and ask him why after all of these months he has yet to provide us with protect form all of this criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is smart that woman will not a one vote I know her to well and she would be a disaster for Raytown besides the last count I heard there were already 5-6 people who say thet are going to run against Bower. If you don't want Bower need to keep the list very short so that the votes aren't divided.

Anonymous said...

Anon Nov 4 9:28 AM

You best double check with Bower as to which party he is party of.

You also best have alook around Raytown at the problems listed.

Not sure who wrote that about Bower, but they hit the nail right on the head.

Raytown is going down hill under his leadership.

However, the true people to blame are those like yourself that must have voted him in office, but have at least indicated by your own writing that you don't see what is going on right in front of you.

It must be nice to be that out of touch with reality.

NO!!! - I am not a Democrat

I am a realist

OMG It Is Getting Deep said...

Anan 7:37 Nov 4th:

Where have you been?

It was Bush you gave out the first gave out money to jump start the mess his administration created.

Maybe if you hadn't been on the wagon at the time or been hit in the head by a pile of bull droppings from Roy Blunt you might recall that.

You also might recall that fine Senator from AZ (John McCain) was on of the leading people to give breaks to companies that sent jobs overseas again this was post 2008.

So before you speak have you am cofee an wake up so that you speak like an educated individual and not like one of our city leaders.

By the way both of my vechicals are Chev products, but both as I understand have parts from MX. So what is truely American made these days.

While you are pushing American make sure you verify the paper work on those who do your yard and roof work as I am sure they just appear to be illiegl. Wait Roy Blunt likes to hire illegals, but he just doesn't want them in the US. Now explain to me how that one works.

Thank You Alderman Mock said...

Citizens of Raytown need to thank Alderman Steve Mock as he is one of the very few at city hall who has been trying to do something about the crime in our city.

What upsets me about this is we elect our chief of police or as the position is referred to in the MO State Statues, City Marshal. Why an elected official who’s very elected position would is to provide for the citizens safety not publicly take a stand against the very primal activity.

We the news media was covering the murders that we have had over the past 18 months it was not our elected official that was the spokes person, but one of the captains.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems this individual is all about drawing the salary, but not putting his life on the line to protect us, which the last time I check was one of the sworn duties of a member of law enforcement.

It was refreshing to learn that the great percentage of the Board of Alderman didn’t fall for this individual’s annual request for a 5% pay increase across the board for the department. When crime is out of control, patrols are next to non-existence, additional taxes have not brought about the promised increase in officers and ranking officers are not on the street it is foolish to even think about asking for any time of pay increase. The performance doesn’t deserve it.

I now wish those same courageous Alderman would read the MO State Statues on 4th class cities for the position of city marshal and make careful notes about what changes they could bring to our police department to make it the professional department we have been promised and are paying the taxes to support.

Anonymous said...

I find our mayor to be on of the most disrespectful people I have ever met. The way to this day he acts like a bully during the Board of Alderman meetings is a disgrace to the office he was elected and it is time we the people give him his walking papers.

This is no excuse for members of the boards and committees that he appoints to not show up at meeting for the very board or committee they were appointed. I am not talking about those with some extended illness that might have them out for 6 months. I am talking about those who repeatedly for whatever reason just plain and simple don’t show up. If these individuals don’t want to serve they need to be asked to step down and if they don’t then the mayor needs to do at least one right thing during his administration and just flat out replace them for fail to serve their appointed term.

While at it and being he likes to back people in the corner, he needs to give many others an educational lesson about showing up at the meeting on time.

Yes…We the people, TEA Party, are watching and we are getting tired of the waste and disregard we are seeing coming from city hall.

Anonymous said...

Dear Republican Elect Members of Congress and US Senate:

What are you waiting on…You said if elected you would fix our Nations problems.

You mean it cannot be done over night…. What that is not what you expected from Obama or those that you defeated on Tuesday night.

By the way at any point do you plan to come clean and omit the reason our Nation is having all these issues is thanks to the spending habits and poor decisions for our last President…. Opps, I guess not being he was from your party!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the current total tax breaks that Mayor Bower has given to Corporate America?

We must keep reminding the uneducated citizens of Raytown that he cannot hide the facts of his mismanagement tax give aways.

Tax give aways that you and I, the working folks, get to pay for. Makes one really proud of all of those that talk so highly about capitolism in America.

Don't get me wrong I don't blame all the companies in America. I recall Quick Trip didn't ask for any tax breaks when they built up at 63 and Blue Ridge Cut Off. I cannot say the same for Hy-Vee, Wal-Walwart and Aldi's. Yet we know they are just part of those he hs give money to as we can never forget his friend and fellow Republican, Former Alderman Knobe.

It is actions from idividuals like Bower and Knobe that the Rebulican part has a black eye on society from the city level to there master counter parts of taking from the poor to give to the rich, John McCain and Roy Blunt.

Don't you really think it is time you think before throwing your vote away to those that will countinue to take advantage of you and your fellow Americans

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:55,
Ever think that our elected people don't show up for meetings
because of the mayor. Why would anybody want to voice an
opinion and then be bullied and put down by such a person as
our not so fine mayor.
By the way Anonymous 9:25, Raytown's elected people did give
away millions to Wal-Mart and yes, they gave tax breaks to Hy-Vee
but, our fine leaders not only gave a tax break to Aldi's they are financing
the project with yours and my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Anon Nov 5th 6:38 AM

I agree with you that who would want to attend a meeting to be bullied by our well manored mayor.

However, it is clear you have not attended any of the committee or board meetings that he appoints or you would know the following.

1.) Bower seems to find better things to do with his time then bother these groups

What a blessing wouldn't you agree?

2.) Very few citizens or business owners have ever been seen at these meetings.

What a surprise you wouldn't know what you are talking about wouldn't you agree?

So please do something productive and visit one of these meetings and enjoy the Bower free evening.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, November 4, 2010 9:17 PM:

Obama, the Democrat House, and Democrat Senate are still in power. When the new House of Rep's is sworn it will be the ONLY part of the federal government held by the Republicans.

Your statement is ridiculous at best. Defiantly shows your total lack of understanding as to how our government works.

If the Republicans were to gain control of the Senate and the Presidency in two years it would still take a longtime to correct the mess that this current administration has made in just two years!

Salamander said...


It passed by a tremendous margin. Slightly more than 30% of Missouri voters punched "No". The balance voted "Yes".

As with many elections the language on the ballot was convoluted in an attempt to convuse voters. The ploy failed.

"No" meant you wanted to keep paying the Earnings Tax in Kansas City and St. Louis.

"yes" meant you did not like the tax and wanted to damn certain it would never be put in place in your community. It would be unconstitutional and illegal for any city to even put an earnings tax on the ballot.

Think of Independence, good people. Residents of towns like Peculiar, Raymore, Carthage, even Raytown will never know the euphoria of being allowed to have an earnings tax shoved up their nose.

Don't you pity and feel sorry for them?

As for the tax vote coming up next year.

Get ready for a four to five month drumbeat from the Kansas City Star and a few misguided folk about how the sky will fall if the tax is not renewed.

Pay not attention to those Chicken Littles.

KC can well get along without the money its Earnings Tax is producing.

If the publisher allows, the Salamander will bring forth suggestions on how the alleged loss of $200,000,000 per year (if the tax goes away) can actually work to the benefit of a better and stronger Kansas City and St. Louis.

See you next week!

Andy Whiteman said...

The Board listened:
On Agenda BOA meeting 11/09/2010

Action Requested: Board of Aldermen approval of an ordinance designating Willow
Avenue from 70th Terrace to 71st Terrace as a one way street southbound by approving
an amendment of Section 23-61 of the City Code. The code will be modified to change
the one-way direction from northbound to southbound.
Recommendation: Staff recommends approval as submitted.
Analysis: The Public Works Department has proposed changing the direction of
one-way travel from northbound to southbound after extensive citizen input and
additional study. The Board of Aldermen concurred with the change in direction at
the October 19, 2010 Board of Aldermen meeting.
There has been significant input by the public and the Board of Aldermen to arrive at
the current recommendation.
Alternatives: Do not change the direction of the one-way street.
Budgetary Impact: None.
Additional Information: Map of street.
Sponsor(s): Aldermen Aziere

Anonymous said...

Did the Board really listen?

No. If they had listened they would have returned the street to a two way street before the out of town department heads decided it was time to mess with one of Raytown's neighborhood.

The correct solution would be to make the street wider. It is not that long of a stretch of roadway and can be done for a lot less than the $800,000 the Raytown Board of Aldermen agreed to "loan" Aldi's to build a fourth grocery store on a one mile stretch of 350 Highway.

But the Board cannot build the roadway because they have so badly mismanaged our tax dollars by giving it away to Walmart, ALDI, HyVee, and the HOuse of Pancakes that they have none less to take care of citizen's simple needs of decent roadways in their neighborhoods.

Keep on electing them to office. They are sure to do more damage!

Andy Whiteman said...

6:28AM, As I said at the first time this issue came up, "IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE." There should have been a traffic study and people should have been notified, none of which happened.

As for the cash giveaway, anythime the city wants to send me a check, I will gladly accept it. How do I get a TIF to sell my house?

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

6:28 AM

PS. The same people will be elected EVERY time mainly because people in Raytown don't vote. They will complain on this blog, but that is all. No action! If anyone has an issue, they need to make it known as the people on Willow did in mass. The next step if you are dissatisfied with an official go to the polls and vote for someone else IF they are better.

The last city election shocked me. It was the first time I have seen a good alderman voted out! I think that was done by unethical campaigning by the opposition.

Andy Whiteman