Sunday, November 7, 2010

Every Picture
Tells a Story . . .
The view of our nation's capitol from Arlington House, the home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
During the Civil War General Lee's property was seized by the Federal government and used as a cemetery for fallen soldiers. The grounds of the Lee Family home eventually became known as Arlington Cemetery.
O'Hara Girl's Volleyball Take State
Archbishop O'Hara High School Girl's Volleyball accomplished a rare athletic event by winning four consecutive state championships in Girls Volleyball. The "four-peat" took place at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City when O'Hara clinched he state championship in the Missouri Class 3 Division.
Lee's Summit West took second place in the Class 4 Division.

City Elections Just Around the Corner

Filing for next April’s city elections opens on Tuesday, December 14th and closes on Tuesday, January 18th. The same time period applies to the Raytown Fire District, Jackson County Water Supply District No. 2 and the Raytown School Board as well.

CITY OF RAYTOWN: The ballot will be crowded in next April's city elections. The Mayor, City Collector and five of the ten Board of Aldermen seats are up for grabs.

RAYTOWN FIRE DISTRICT: One seat is open on the Raytown Fire District.

JACKSON COUNTY WATER SUPPLY DISTRICT No. 2: Two seats are up for election on the Jackson County Water Supply District Board of Directors.

RAYTOWN SCHOOL BOARD: Three seats are open on the Raytown School Board.

Potential candidates for the above mentioned positions may have questions like . . . Where do I file? . . . How much do these positions pay? . . . Is there a filing fee? . . . How is the order of the ballot determined?

Former Raytown Alderman Jerry Briggs, who is also a current member of the Jackson County Water Sup

ply District, has offered to field any questions from potential candidates of any of the above offices. Mr. Briggs has been active in Raytown politics for many years and is a familiar with all the rules governing the above mentioned governmental bodies.

He can be reached at 358-0584.

Next Week . . .

Check the Raytown Report next week for information about the salaries, car allowances, health insurance, etc., of the positions up for election.

November 2010 Election AN ANALYSIS

Last Tuesday’s election was one for the record books.

Many candidates who ran hard for six months probably would not had filed last March had they known what was in store for them. At the time, the TEA Party was considered an anomaly, a mere flash in the pan that had no staying power. A Republican resurgence was not anticipated by Democrats.

Anyone running with a “D” beside their name fell victim to a Republican juggernaut that would not be stopped.

The collateral damage to Democratic office holders up and down the ballot was huge. In Clay County EVERY Democratic office holder lost. In Jackson County, if you were not running in a “safe” Democratic District, you would lose. Districts that had been held by term limited Democrats in state house races, would go to Republicans. In Kansas and Missouri this was especially true.

All of the analysis in the world will not change the results. My words of advice to candidates from both parties who were unsuccessful in their race . . . Get up. Dust yourself off. The loss of your election was more about events of which you had little control than a loss for personal loss.

There will be other elections. We all learn from our life experiences – learn from this one.

Positive Reflections by Erin Whitehead

This week's column from Fit Bottomed Girls is written by Jenn's business partner, Erin Whitehead. Erin co-publishes Fit Bottomed Girls with Jenn from her home in New Jersey. The following stories and interesting links come from Erin's pen.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you’re seeing the negative, you need a new mirror! Or a new frame of mind. Glamour magazine recently asked some lovely ladies what they see when they gaze upon the looking glass. And while we all have flaws, these women celebrate their best features. Look closely and you might even find an FBG! What are your favorite features?

You’re the fairest of them all!

Grapefruit Glam

I try not to go too extreme for vanity these days. No tanning beds (eek!) or fake nails (ouch!) for me. But plenty of women are willing to go to extreme lengths for beauty, according to recent findings by the Florida Department of Citrus. The investigative fruit squad recently released findings of the “Grapefruit Guide to Glamorous Moments Poll,” which reveals American women’s true confessions about preparing for life’s glamorous moments, including weddings, first dates and reunions. One interesting finding? Two-thirds of women who try to lose weight for a glamorous occasion admit that they have followed a fad diet to get quick results. Women! We know better! Aim for healthy eating and activity for the long term. Or I’m coming after you.

The juice.

To read more of Erin or Jenn’s musings go to Fit Bottomed Girls

High School Sports . . .

To catch up on O'Hara Sports use this link O'Hara High School

To catch up on Raytown South Sports use this link Raytown South High School


Pat Casady said...

I have a friend who owns a pluming shop on 350 hwy.
A short while ago he was sent a letter to clean up his property.
This was a justifiable request from the city. He admits that
the cleanup was needed.
He had a dumpster delivered and the property was soon cleaned up
but, here's the rub. While the dumpster was away being dumped
there was another pile of refuse made and waiting for the dumpster
to return, the codes person went by and this time, without so much
as to get out of the car to see what was happening, my friend was
sent a ticket. Even when they do their job they can't get it right.
Instead of asking and seeing what he had done, they only saw the pile waiting
to be removed.
My friend wanted to just pay the ticket and get it over with. I told him I would
fight tooth and nail because this is wrong. When they are too lazy to get
out to see how much had been done and to verify that the clean up was
being done, it's time to stand up.

Anonymous said...


I'm not surprised at what happened. That is the way the Codes Department has done business for many years.

What I find interesting is that our Mayor preaches the need for us to communicate with neighbors to clean things up. But he turns his head the other way when his own employees go completely against his own policy!

But in his defense, the Mayor is probably not even aware of such behavior going on.

After all, he would have to be at City Hall to hear about it. And that is NOT part of the Bower way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

Beth Linn and codes department needs to be educated on how to do their job. This so called professional head of the codes department is making our city into the Kansa City slum. She needss to either do her job right or quit.

Anonymous said...

I would like to remind anyone who is thinking about running for any of the mentioned offices might want to first think about attending one of the meetings and learn how they are ran.

This also will help provide an idea of the time commitment for some of the meetings.

Here is the list of the meetings for this Month

Nov 8th – 6:30 PM
Raytown School Board
6608 Raytown Road

Nov 9th – 9:00 AM
Raytown Fire Board
Fire Station #1
6020 Raytown Road

Nov 9th – 7:00 PM
Board of Alderman
City Hall
10000 E 59th Street

Nov 10th – 5:00 PM
Jackson County Public Water District #2
6945 Blue Ridge Blvd.

Nov 16th – 7:00 PM
Board of Alderman
City Hall
10000 E 59th Street

Nov 23rd – 9:00 AM
Raytown Fire Board
Fire Station #1
6020 Raytown Road

Anonymous said...

The codes department is an embarrassment to our city. There is nothing FAIR about the way they do business. They either ignore the problem or are too stupid to do a little checking before getting "ticket happy". Bower MUST be held accountable for all of this at next election time.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of meetings but I doubt anyone will run for all of those office at one time.

The fact is, they cannot hold more than one elected position (in Missouri) at a time. With the exclusion of Committeepeople of political parties.

The BOA meets twice a month at regular meetings. Each member sits on a standing committee. This changes from time to time depending upon the Mayor. Each of those committees meet once a month.

So for the BOA you have a whopping total of three meetings spread over a month. For that you are paid $450 per month.

Judging by the lack of participation of some of our Board members they are probably there for the money.

They never speak up and just go with whatever their out of town Department heads tell them to do.

The Five O'clock meeting of the Water District is for making plans for their Christmas Party!

Anonymous said...

Does Jim Azer know they have that many meetings?

I recall he wanted the smoking ban in Raytown and was the one to run the meetings, but could never seem to make it.

I guess he is just all talk and no action.

Doesn't sound like that is doing anything to really represent Raytown.

Anonymous said...

What steps need to be taken so that under MO law department heads, must live in the city that employee’s them?

Also can we do anything to change things so department heads are elected like the one for code enforcement? At least we the people would have a say in who was doing the job and the hope that would be enough to get them to earn the pay check those so happily cash.

Andy Whiteman said...

Many of the meetings are held too early. No meeting should be held before 7PM. It seems as if the Fire District, Water District, and School Board are trying to prevent the public from attending.

Pat, if I was your friend, I would have called a supervisor and demand that the supervisor reinspect the area. Someone wasn't doing their job properly.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide me with anything positive that David Bower has actually done for our city?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a hard figure on the total dollar amount that David Bower has given away to places like Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee and Knabe?

If I recall at least part of the Wal-Mart bill was 1.8 million.

If that is correct and Bower's own figure that Raytown has 30,000 citizens. He spent an average of 60 per person.

If the figure is closer to 20,000 citizens, which is the number I heard we will get back from the census. He would have spent $90 per preson.

He must be look at the cost of his give aways per person and think on that is not much.

I wish he would be able to take the time and think about how 1.8 million could have been spent to actual improve the city and not help one of if not the biggest company in the world get bigger thanks to using our tax dollars to help their bottom line.

I guess we no at least know the value of us the citizens (taxpayers) is zero compared to his big corporate friends like Wal-Mart.

So, any of you still think he is the great person he believes himself to be?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone allowed to attend the meeting that are listed on this blog:

Fire District,
Water District,
School District,

I only ask as I know from what was made public last year about the water district that we have special individuals running these groups that keep appointing their friends so that we the general public don't know what is going on.

In my heart that doesn't sound right. I wonder what the Depoartment of Justice would say about some of this stuff.

I bet they would say we have not seen anything like it since the late 60's with all the we had to watch in Alabama.

Darth Seriness said...

To Anonymous -- 1:59 PM

Not on this you will. Most, if not all are vindictive complainers who rarely ever have anything positive to say not only about Bower, but any city employee or any elected official, unless they have the highly exalted "D" next to their name. Also most of them are anti anything like Walmart, or anything else that gets a TIFF. Most here would complain (polite way of saying it) if you hung them with a new rope. I have been reading this for a few months now, and I rarely ever see anything besides negativity, and hate for Republicans here.

I lived here all my life, and I like being in Raytown, it is my home. I think what really needs to happen is some here simply need to get a life, and grow up. Yeah, there might be problems, but be part of the solution, just don't complain about it.

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong about the people that write to this blog. Most of them want Raytown to prosper. But they are frustrated by the actions of some at city hall whose actions are counter to good government.

The example given my Mr. Casady is a classic example of what is wrong.

The Mayor wants people to speak to their neighbors about cleaning up their property. But his own staff does not follow that rule.

I know of a gruop of well intentioned citizens who met with the mayor to volunteer to help in cleaning up the city by helping identify problem areas.

Bowers response was some hype about not wanting to use "gestapo tactics" in Raytown!

Turning a blind eye to the problems in our city is irresponsible and doomed to failure.

People should be encouraged to speak out. That is the only way things will improve in our city.

Anonymous said...


I don't agree with you very often, but I would say you got this one right.

The groups you listed need to have their meetings at a time when most people are of work and have had time to get a bit to eat.

The only reason I can think of to meet at a time when most cannot attend is because these groups must have something to hide.

With today's technology why don't they streeline the meetings so that anyone can view at any time on the web.

With that thought in mind I thought that Alderman from ward one was going to bring new technology to city hall. Technology that would bring about a more open and friendly city hall.

I guess like the alderman who got him to run he was just more hot air to what we already have at city hall.

I hope this election we can find honest and trustworth individuals to run and less of the self reprentative (me, myself and I) people then we have seen in many years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn!

Saw you on t.v. tonight talking up your FGB weight loss challenge.

You Go Girl!

Andy Whiteman said...

10:06 AM, If you noticed this weeks agenda, Jim Aziere introduced the ordinance to deal with the one way Willow which is a problem that NEVER should have happened. Jim has also resolved code issues in my neighborhood. In one case, it turned out that there was more going on than a simple code violation.

I am sure there are many things EVERY Alderperson does that doesn't become public record. These are things not visible to the casual observer which causes people to ask what these alderpeople have done. Jim received my vote.

Andy Whiteman

Had Enough said...

Anon 9:22 you are right the issues we find on this blog would be issues if the mayor would just address them.

He and his fellow board members instead complain about what is on this blog, which is mind blowing being they claim not to read the blog.

This is just further proof they are any odd group of individuals. Who are elected to represent the people of Raytown. I guess that is what is misleading to me and I am sure many others. I would think they would want to represent Raytown in a positive way. However, based on the decline I have seen over the past 16 years doesn't say much for any of them currently on the board. the individual who things everything on here is against all those Republicans at city hall. I might recommend you do a head count not all are Republicans for at least one is a Demorat. You might know this if your really got to know those at city hall and not act like you know your left foot from your right.

While commenting about post on hear it is good to have our citizens start taking a stand on the crime that our elected officials are allowing to grow at an alarming rate. I will be the first to say you cannot ever fully stop it but you can do things to prevent it. Raytown used to do a good job of preventing crime. I am sure I am not the only one that remembers Chief Chris Turnbow. However, since Jim Lynch as taken over things get worse ever year and I see less being done to address any of the crime. Yes, we all voted in additional taxes to support the police, but nothing has been done to hire the promised additional officers.

This past year for the first time in 40 years I actual nologner feel safe in my home. This has cause me to think about relocating to a city that believes in providing a professional police department that works to prevent crime.

Until then as they say in the NRA, I am just another armed citizen.

Anonymous said...

Have you have ever wondered when would be a good time to run for public office?

Now is the time.

Anonymous said...

A.K is Okay for Raytown

A.K for Mayor of Raytown

Anonymous said...

I heard something about Missouri and the Sunshine Law.

If I heard right we have several boards in Raytown that best be taking a training course to understand the Sunshine Law and what they are doing that is in violation of the law.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment that Mayor David Bower is doing a great job serving our community.

It takes a lot to standup to the people that elect you and tell them what they want to hear will you give money away to help corporate america

I heard he said he will run again for mayor but has no real political motive. Sure seems like he is lining himself up to run for congress in 2 years. I mean he already has corporate america in his back pocket for all of the money he has helped them drain from us taxpayers. So I am sure they will be ready to help fund his campaign and we know that corporations may give unlimited amounts of money to any candidate.

I wonder how this is going to set with Turk, but I hear he is not liked within the party or otherwise they would have help him in the election. Well, Mr. Turk with a man like Bower representing your party I am sure he is a shoe in as again he will have the support you could never gain.

Anonymous said...

Anon - November 8, 2010 9:58 PM

Why go to the expense of running?

Why not become a slap happy buddy of the good old boy network and just get appointed?

It seems this is at least how things are done in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Dear people of Raytown,

If you work in KCMO be sure to talk people into voting "NO" on the earnings tax question that will be on the ballot.

Those of us who live in other cities, but work in KCMO should have to pay an earnings tax.

We don't get to vote on it, we don't get to vote for those who decide how the money is spent.

Don't let the Fireman fool you... The city has other means to fund their salaries.

Anonymous said...

This is not an excuse for codes to not do their job, but if they have no leadership it would be hard for one to do their job correctly. The leadership starts with the mayor and we all know he has no leadership skills or backbone. As for the codes enforcement director she thinks she knows all things and what she does know you couldn't fill a thimble.

Greg Walters said...


Now that daylight savings time is over I find myself driving more in the dark of the early evening.

Tonight I stopped to gas up my car at Raytown's main gateway at 63rd and Blue Ridge. I noted that the street seemed very dark. Then I saw why. I took a quick count and found that 16 of the street lights are not working!

Since I was close, I swung by the new bridge on 63rd Street to see if all of those lights were on. Sad to say, five of them were not working either.

What's the point of having fancy monument entryways into a city if they are not lit up?

I hope somebody sees this message at city hall and takes care of the problem soon.

While visiting with a friend this evening the topic of the anti-gang/crime (etc., etc., etc.) meetings going on in the south part of Raytown are still going on.

I think they are a good idea.

Alderman Mock seems to be the driving force behind the meetings. If he will send me his notices before the meetings I will post them at the top of this blog's page.

Hopefully it will give the attendance a little bump at future meetings.

Anonymous said...

If Steve Mock responds to your request that would mean someone at city hall is actually reading the blog and we all know they keep telling anyone that asks that they don't read this blog as it is so neagative.

All it does is post the truth about code violations and crime that is out of control, but those at city hall have some sort of mind set that if you don't talk about the bad things in a city keeps them from being the truth.

Now that is some out of this world thinking!

Anonymous said...

If one attends a public meeting does that mean one is actually running for that public office?

Does good government to start with "We the People" asking questions about the governement that was formed "By the People".

I sure recall this was done "For the People"

Andy Whiteman said...

The direction of the one way Willow is being changed as requested by the public. There was a motion to suspend the rules so it may take affect sooner. Also there are plans to make this section of Willow 2 ways as funds become available.

The effective date of the direction change was not stated because there is a delay in changing the signs due to a need for an underground utilities locate before placing signs. A portable sign will be placed on Willow stating the the effective date so it doesn't come as a surprise to drivers.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

I understand what you are saying about some of our elected officials at City Hall.

Still, the offer stands for Mr. Mock or any member of the City Council who wishes to post on the Raytown Report.

As for some good "positive" news check out the short story on the O'Hara High School Girls "four-peat" as state volleyball champions.

Now that is one for the record books!

Anonymous said...

Based on the fact I have read nothing on here that David Bower has done positive for the city.

The rumors on the street that he has failed us must be true.

Andy Whiteman said...

November 8, 2010 9:25 PM, I just saw your post. Either I didn't see it previously or there was a delay in posting. I think some of the "public" meetings are scheduled during the work day so it doesn't involve overtime and the 5PM meetings are after close of business so staff doesn't have to return. But these hours sure prevent the general public from attending. I wonder if this is a Sunshine Law violation since the public is prevented from attending?

I asked a city official why the meetings couldn't be stramed on the internet? The main answer was about bandwidth. There is an organization that posts videos of some public comments. The city I am moving to had a close to 3 hour video of City Counsel discussing enforcing a weed ordinance on vacant property.

Actually videos may not benefit all. I am currently having trouble receiving videos even though I have DSL.

Have the street lights you wrote about been reported. Mine has been out 10 days and I have called KCPL 3 times!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Last week our neighborhood was notified by a person that lives here that a violent forcible rape sex offender is moving into the house across the street from me. The person knows the family of this man and does not believe that this person should be around our childern and the women of this neighborhood or any other for that matter.

The house across the street was built by the people who lived there for ever but could no longer take care of it due to illness. It was purchased by Homevestors(We Buy Ugly homes people). These companies do not care who they rent to they're only in it for the money. I know because I've talked to them as have all of the other neighbors. This house is renting for $1100 per month and it's probably our tax money paying for it if it's section 8. I did call KC housing authority (section 8) but they refused give me any information. These companies can make more rent on a piece of junk if they rent it through section 8 or HUD because it is our tax money that helps pay for it.

If Raytown continues to decline in our neighborhoods this is what you'er all going to get living next door to you. If it isn't a rapist it could be something worse. Believe it or not folks this is not a neighborhood where we have had a lot of turn over some of the people who live here built their home back in the 50's and they don't want to move.
These people are some of the ones who help build Raytown. What has Raytown done for them lately? I can answer that, I've lived here 45 years and the answer that nothing, accept to let there investment go down the drain.

We just put $30,000.00+ in our home this year because we wanted to stay in Raytown but now we feel that we have wasted our money and that this is only the beginning. We don't want to move, we love it here but when is the crime and lack of concern for our neighborhoods ever going to become the top priority for our mayor and this board of alderman. Yes, Raytown is bringing in more businesses, thanks to our new Economic Director and that's good. What good is it going to do if we can't control the problems that make people want to leave? Those businesses will leave too, we all know that because we've seen it happen before.

So, if anyone has any ideas on how we can get this city to take us seriously please let me know because, God knows, I've tried to make them understand. Now I'm just plain madder than H______.

Sandy Hartwell

Greg Walters said...

The street lights are the fancy ones on the black poles at the Gateway to the City at 63rd and Blue Ridge and on the new 63rd Street Bridge.

It is posted on this page and I know that the folks at city hall are well aware of what is written on these pages.

As for the overtime. Consider this. The Administrative Department Heads at city hall are salaried positions. Not hourly.

So the cost of holding a meeting for the convenience of the taxpayers is no greater than holding it during the day.

Even if it did cost more the meeting should be held in the evening so that it is more accessible to the people.

Anonymous said...

I understand all the crime on the Southside of Raytown is starting to impact more then just the safety of people in that part of the city.

Several businesses are starting to hire additional associates in an effort to help deter the criminals and we all know who at the end of the day is really picking up this cost.

You guessed right if you thought that those citizens who live in this criminal infested part of the city and have some type of service provided to your residence.

It really makes this citizen question why the city is collecting extra sales tax for “Public Safety”, but this infestation is being allowed to continue to plague us.

We elect our “City Marshal”, but we have yet for him to address the city as a whole about this problem. He doesn’t patrol our streets, nor does any of the high ranking officers in the department. They all enjoy the benefits of their salaries and health insurance that all of us taxpayers are supporting.

It is time we remind them of this…It is time we start calling the news media every time there is an issue in the Southside of time…It will then be time for our “City Marshal” to start answering for this mess he has allowed to take over our city.

Anonymous said...

I recall four years ago when David Bower was running for mayor promising to bring businesses to Raytown. I just wish he would have been a little more clear about it because criminal enterprises like those in the Southside don’t help our economy or the imagine of our city.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alderman Joe Creamer,

You have had almost four years to improve our city, but I along with the rest of citizen in Ward I have yet to see any improvements to our ward.

In fact what we have seen is a constant and continual down grade in our ward since you took office.

Wal-Mart has relocated to Ward IV and we the citizens of Raytown get to pay for not only their new building, but also the parking lot. Yes, using the transpiration tax that was voted in to address our aging streets is now funding the parking lot of a private business.

Hy-Vee has relocated to Ward II and we the citizens of Raytown get to pay for the renovations and improvements to the property so they could relocate.

Center 63 Strip Mall has countless vacancy’s including the loss of Thriftway.

Business like Title Max have open in the ward, but does Raytown really need anymore business that prey on those who are all ready down on their luck and facing financial hardships?

On the side of personal property, you have flipped around like a fish out of water one minute the first to stand up and support the property owners that wanted to turn their front yard into a storage facility for parts on vehicles they were restoring to the next minute wanting to attack investors who rent properties in Raytown.

You took a several stances and made many comments that Raytown needed to take action against these types of investor as all they want to do is buy up property, rent them out and never maintain the property. However, never once have you taken a stand against the explosion of property violations within the ward. Therefore, you truly have no means to support your claims that it is the rental property that is degrading our city. In fact all you have done is put on a show that you want something done, but have failed to truly represent the ward and get it cleaned up to be the pride of the entire city that we once were.

I am sure I am not alone and I am sure as the citizen across our state and nation spoke loudly on election day Nov 2nd 2010 when they cast their votes that the elected officials in Raytown like yourself best have taken notice.

You yourself support Mr. Turk who in the fist time in how many attempts to be elected to Congress finally got over 40%. Take this as a personal message as Mr. Turk’s opponent has already in his interview about the election results that we the citizens have had enough and it is time for the talking to stop and attractions to occur.

It is time ward one gets the make over it needs by the code violations being addressed or it is time for either the head of the department to go or you. You wanted to be Mayor Pro-Tem so assume the responsibility to bring leadership to the board and address these code issues, stop the taxing on citizens for corporate gains and address the issues caused by a management heavy police department or see where you stand on April 5th.

Andy Whiteman said...

11:22AM, Economic Development Administrator, Tom Cole, stated at the last BOA meeting that Save-A-Lot expressed an interest in the Center 63 Strip Mall. I went to the Save-A-Lot store on Blue Ridge near Bannister. They have low prices. The store operates almost like Aldi, looks like a warehouse, sack your own groceries and rent your cart for a quarter. The prices were low and the selection was not great, but a better selection than Aldi. Also they had weird sizes such as 23 oz coffee and 4 pack Charmin to make the prices on those items seem low unless you realize you are getting less.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, I do the reporting myself and don't assume someone will read it on the Raytown Report. As for overtime, you are speaking of the City, which may or may not be true for the the other governmental bodies. The staff (non-salaried) who are required to be there receive overtime. I am not making excuses for holding meetings that are not convenient to the public. I am looking at possible reasons things are done this way. I am sure the main reason is to keep the public away. Again, I feel that ALL public meetings should be held at 7PM or later. Sandy, You were notified so this is basically hearsay. If the person is a violent sex offender, he/she must register on the sex offender list. I suggest you check the sex offender registry. Also call the police and question this person's status. If they are an offender and fail to register within a certain amount of time, they are in violation. I don't want to live near a sex offender either, but they have to live somewhere. The only restriction I know is the distance to a school or area where children congregate. I don't think there is much that you can do unless you see a violation and report him/her. I suggest you get one or any large dog. There is a shelter in Raytown across from Raytown Animal Hospital as well as many in the metro area where you may adopt an adult dog. Unfortunately we have no control over who our future neighbors are. I have posted a sign to state my tolerance level when the home next to me was on the market. That pretty much sent a message to potential buyers. One person asked me about it. Good luck, Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Why are other currently elected city officials supporting David Bower?

Are you too blind to the issues he will not address?

In my book these makes you too part of the problem and not part of the cause and it believe the voters did a great job on Nov 2nd to show how we all feel about elected officials that do nothing.

Greg Walters said...


Unlike most street lights, the lights the city installed at the gateway locations and the bridges are the city's responsibility -- not the power company's.

I was by the intersection last night -- I drive by it every evening -- the lights have NOT been fixed.

I will keep a log as to how long it takes for the city to fix the burned out street lights.

I had some trouble with my phone and dsl service this week. It was out for three days. To complicate matters, google was acting up as well. I did have to "re-post" one of your comments.

If I messed up copying it, my apologies.

For what it is worth, I agree with everything you wrote in the post.

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, I sure can understand DSL trouble. I had really slow DSL starting election day/ The ISP blames my old modem. Then it went out for about 20 minutes one morning. That is one of the many reason I demand paper bills and statements.

I will bring the street light issue to the attention of a city official.

Andy Whiteman