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Every Picture Tells a Story . . . Think it's cold here? Take a trip to Yellowstone and visit the geyser basins. The picture on the right is of a hot spring in Yellowstone. The temperature at mid-day (when this picture was taken was 12 degrees.

Candidates for the public offices in the City of Raytown, the Raytown School District, the Raytown Fire District and the Jackson County Water Supply District No. 2 opens on Tuesday, December 14th. For more information about filing for public office use this link: Raytown Public Office Filing Information

The following list of candidates filed is current as of 5:00 p.m., December 14, 2010.

FILING FOR OFFICE April 5, 2011 Municipal Election Mayor - 4 year term expiring April 2015 David Bower Bill Van Buskirk City Collector - 4 year term expiring April 2015 Kathie Schutte Alderman Ward I - 4 year term expiring April 2015 Joe Creamer Alderman Ward II - 4 year term expiring April 2015 Robbie Tubbs John Jacob Jim Aziere Alderman Ward III - 4 year term expiring April 2015 Duane Basham Alderman Ward IV - 4 year term expiring April 2015 Pat Ertz Alderman Ward V - 4 year term expiring April 2015 Michael Lightfoot

Street Lights and Public Safety by Greg Walters

About six years ago the City of Raytown hired a firm to conduct a survey in Raytown. The plan was to find out just exactly what they people in Raytown wanted for their tax dollars. It covered everything. Parks, police, sanitary sewers, ambulance service, tax collection, if it had anything to do with Raytown city government, it was on the list. The city paid over $50,000 for the survey.

By far, the most requested and number one concern was the need for adequate street lighting in our residential neighborhoods.

The Board of Aldermen responded by providing funding for a small number of street lights with more promised for the following years. That lasted one year. The following year the Board removed the street lights from the city budget.

Last Monday night a group of about 50 people met at Raytown South High School to discuss ways to fight the increasing crime rate in Raytown.

Four Board members showed up*, as did the Chief of Police.

The participants broke into discussion groups. The first item brought forward was the need for more street lights. This was immediately countered with the worn out excuse that there is no money in the budget.

*Board members in attendance, Bill VanBuskirk, Michael Lightfoot, Steve Mock, Pat Ertz.

What are the Board’s Priorities?

Last summer the Raytown Board of Aldermen agreed to an economic development package to entice an Aldi Grocery Store to locate in Raytown. The package includes an $850,000 “loan” from the City of Raytown to the development project – plus – a 1% additional sales tax to be paid for by anyone who shops at Aldi’s. The revenue from the additional sales tax is to be used to repay the loan. The money from the loan is for the developer to pay for construction/development costs such as the store, parking lot, sewers, etc., needed to build the Aldi’s Store.

Raytown taxpayers have spoken very clearly that they want more street lights. The Board of Aldermen spent a lot of those tax dollars to find out what the people wanted. The desire for more street lights to make our neighborhoods safer has since been repeated at every crime watch forum held by the City this past summer.

So why isn’t the obvious being done?

Because the Mayor and Board of Aldermen say there is no money in the budget?!?

Wait a minute. Are these the same men and women who agreed to “lend” $850,000.00 to an out of town developer to build a new Aldi Grocery Store?

Don’t buy the “no money” excuse. There is money. It is a question of setting priorities. It is a question of what is most important.

Another excuse from City Hall for the lack of street lights is that they are an ongoing expense. The lights are owned by Kansas City Power and Light. The city pays the utility for power and lights on an annual basis.

That is correct. There is an on-going expense. The taxpayers also pay “on-going” taxes for proper street lighting. So where is the problem?

Is the safety of our neighborhoods as important as a fourth grocery store on a one mile stretch of 350 Highway? You be the judge. Next April the Mayor and half of the Board of Aldermen are up for election. You will have your chance to hand down your verdict at that time.


A representative from the Raytown Police Department was in attendance at last Monday night’s “Step Up and Step In” Crime Watch Meeting. Two items dominated the discussion. One was the obvious need for all of us to get to know each other, keep an eye on our neighborhoods and call the police whenever anything seems out of place.

The other was to increase the illumination around out homes.

It is a documented fact that areas well illuminated at night have a lower incident of vandalism and burglary than those areas without lighting.

Four examples come to mind.

Check out the lighting at Raytown City Hall and Blue Ridge Elementary. It is bright enough to play baseball at night on those two parking lots. Check out 67th Street across from the old Walmart. When the City last budgeted for street lighting, Chief of Police Jim Lynch was instrumental in having those lights put in place to combat what was once a high crime area.

Another example is Coleman Park. I am personally familiar with the decision to install new lights in a park that was once plagued by vandalism and vagrancy. I sponsored this action which was adopted by the Board of Aldermen despite a moratorium then Mayor Sue Frank had placed on new street lights in Raytown.

In all of the above-mentioned scenarios the incident of crime has decreased dramatically.

If it works for public properties, our schools, city hall, parks and streets, then it will work in our neighborhoods. Crime watch programs are a good idea. It helps if you have enough light to see what is going on. So spend a few dollars to light up your property – even if it means just leaving a porch light on at night.


Robbie Tubbs announced her candidacy for the Ward 2 Alderman seat on the Raytown Board of Aldermen today.

Ms. Tubbs is a 12 year resident of Raytown. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and is the Office Manager of Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company, located in North Kansas City, Missouri. Ms. Tubbs is a member of St. Bernadette’s Church. .

“Our property taxes keep going up, and our property values keep going down,” said Ms. Tubbs. “When my opponent in this race voted to raise our property taxes after the County had devalued our property . . . well, let’s just say it was then that I began to seriously consider running for Alderman of Ward 2,” continued Tubbs.

On August 28th of 2009 at a Special Friday Night Session of the Raytown Board of Aldermen the City Council voted to increase property taxes by 13%. The new rate set an unprecedented high water mark for Raytown Property Taxes.

“I was disappointed that my Alderman did not stand up for the people of Raytown,” said Tubbs.

When I talk with residents in Ward 2, the issues of taxes, code enforcement, a rising crime rate and the lack of city services are a common theme.

An article in the Kansas City Star placed Raytown’s sales tax as the second highest in the metropolitan area. Tubbs sees the increases in the sales tax as tied directly to tax incentives the city has handed out to large corporate concerns in Raytown.

“If you check your sales receipt at Walmart you will find Raytown’s sales tax leading the KC area at 9.1%,” said Tubbs.

Ms. Tubbs says she is happy to see new businesses coming to Raytown. But she believes it is not the local homeowner’s job to underwrite these new businesses with increased taxes.

When asked to sum up her candidacy Ms. Tubbs said, “I just want the people of Ward 2 to know that if they elect me as Alderman, I will not forget that my first responsibility is to them, not an out-of-town commercial developer.”

Ms. Tubbs is a long time observer of the politics of Raytown City Hall. This is her first attempt to run for public office.

Very Supersticious by Jenn Walters

We’ve already determined that running long distances regularly turns your mental state a bit freakish. And today I’m going to share with you a few more freak-tastic things that marathon training has done to me. I figure it’s not good to keep these “idiosyncrasies”secret, right? (And I have a feeling I’m not alone…)

Weirdness #1: Food: I have never spent more time thinking about what I’m eating—not because I’m obsessed with gaining weight or eating perfectly—but because I’m so attuned to how that food will affect my run. And now that my “short” runs are now no shorter than 5 miles, a bad run isn’t a quick workout to fight through; it’s a full-out hour-long torture session to endure. And life is too short to suffer through, so I like to eat healthy foods that are easy for me to digest and don’t weigh me down. I used to be a pretty regular breakfast-lunch-dinner kinda gal, maybe with a snack or two here and there, but now I am a mini-meal queen. Five to six times a day, I’m noshing on some fruit or veggies with protein. It keeps me full, energized, and makes the next run that much better. Sadly for Yellow Tail, I’ve also cut down on my wine consumption, limiting myself to a glass or two only one or two nights a week. I am a changed woman, I say. (If you’re reading, I still love you Yellow Tail chardonnay! You are my favorite deliciously cheap wine, and we will reunite in 2010!)

Weirdness #2: Getting Ready: Going to a party? I can get ready in 10 minutes flat. With a shower? Thirty minutes, tops. I am VERY proud of my get-ready speediness. How long does it take me to get ready for a run? Well, ahem, that’s a different story. I timed it last week. From getting up on a Saturday morning to eating breakfast, loading up my ipod withpodcasts, Aquaphor-ing my feet to prevent blisters, filling up my water bottle with Gatorade/water, packing myhydration pack with my cellie (you know, for texting muscle-buildup purposes) and ID, strapping on the heart-rate monitor and GPS watch, digesting food, checking this awesome what-to-wear tool and FINALLY kissing the hubby and pup goodbye before I leave the house for 3+ hours, it takes me an hour minimum to get ready to run. Wait, isn’t there a Dixie Chicks song about that? I really should add that to my getting-ready-to-run playlist…

Weirdness #3: Thinking Everyone Is As Obsessed As You Are: I have been CONSUMED with training for this marathon. Everything I decide to do or not do (see weirdness #1 above) relates to running. Do I want to go to happy hour? No, I have to run. Do I want free wine at lunch? No, I have to run. Do I want to meet Brad Pitt? Um, can I do it after I run? Seriously. And every morning when I go into work, I give everyone not only the mileage on how far I ran but also how it felt. You know…because they care. Or they just like to watch the crazy. Yes, a lot of people in my life are right there in the obsession with me: my husband, my best friend who’s virtually training with me, FBG Erin and my parents (albeit in a “Don’t kill yourself, we love you” kinda way) are all interested. But others? I forget that they’re not. I drag them along for the ride anyways. If you’re within six feet of me, I WILL discuss my training with you. You’ve been warned.

Weirdness #4: Sleep/Rearranging of Schedules: I have always loved my sleep. Like even in grade school, I’d put myself to bed and tell my parents if I was ever up past my bedtime. I was weird, still am. And now that little I-heart-my-sleep grade schooler is even MORE obsessed with getting her ZZZs. It’s not uncommon for me to be in bed by 9 p.m. or even 8:30 p.m. Heck, when you have to run 9 miles at 6 a.m. the next morning, you start seeing your night differently (and you’re really tired if you already got up that morning at 5 a.m. to run 6 miles). Sure, leaving a warm bed is tough in the wee hours, but it’s the best time of day for me to get it done. And seriously, how bad-ass is it to have run 10 miles by the time you get to work at 9 a.m.? Again, see weirdness #3.

Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead jointly publish Fit Bottomed Girls. To read more of their thoughts on lifestyle choices and fitness go to Fit Bottomed Girls


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Andy Whiteman said...

I, too, like to see new business come to Raytown but since they are private businesses, the businesses should put the venture capitol forth. The City of Raytown is not a banker.

I ask the question:
Is it possible to ever recover $850,000 collecting from only a 1% sales tax at only one business? Will that business ever collect $850K in sales taxes at only 1%?

Same question worded 2 different ways, but it seems impossible that the city will ever be paid back.

Greg, as for 4 grocery stores withing a short distance, I don't class Aldi's as a grocery store. They are a store with a very limited selection of groceries at low prices. I don't consider them to be competition to grocers due to limited selection. I shop Aldis only for specific items, not my regular groceries.
One positive thing is Aldi's is bringing employment to Raytown. I know one person who is getting a job with Aldis and will transfer to Raytown when the new store opens.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Aldi's is a Germany (owned and based) grocery chain that has expanded world-wide.

If you are planning on "buying American" you may want to look for an American owned store.

Some interesting facts about Aldi's.

Aldi generally does not accept credit cards, though Aldi Australia accepts MasterCard and Visa for an additional 1% surcharge. Aldi now accepts credit cards free of charge in both Wales and Scotland in the UK; however, these are currently only being accepted as a trial. Credit cards are not accepted in England, Ireland, or the U.S.
Another practice at Aldi stores in Europe, Australia, the United States and many parts of Canada, is requiring a coin, or a reusable coin-sized token which may be purchased from Aldi, to use a shopping trolley. When the coin or token is inserted, the trolley is unlocked from the other trolleys. When the cart is returned, the customer is refunded their coin, so in effect this costs the customer nothing other than the time to return the cart. In contrast, other stores in the US commonly have employees return the carts left in the parking lot.

Long lines at the checkout counter are common, reflecting Aldi's minimal staffing levels.

Employees are expected to alternate between checking customers out and store maintenance, such that all employees focus on that during peak hours. Conversely when customer traffic is low, only one employee will check people out while the rest perform other duties required to run the store (stocking, cleaning, etc.).

Over 200 store managers in the United States are filing charges against unfair labor practices. They are claiming they were illegally classified as exempt from overtime pay, receiving a fixed salary regardless of the actual number of hours worked. The plaintiffs claim they did not spend most of their time managing, rather their time was spent stocking shelves, cleaning spills, and ringing out customers. Store managers do not have management responsibility such as hiring, firing, nor promoting employees.

Pat Casady said...

Every single alderman and our mayor should be replaced
with the exception of Mr.'s VanBuskirk, Lightfoot, Mock
and Ertz!
I would like to see the legality of a city loaning taxpayer
money. Even if it is legal, it shouldn't be done! The taxes
we pay are for making life better for Raytown citizens. Not
to finance multi million dollar corporations!
Our city government spending is out of control with T.I.F's
and tax breaks and just plain giving away our tax dollars.
Our streets suck? Our downtown is dieing, our neighborhoods
are going down the crapper, crime is running higher than ever
before and they want to spend our tax dollars on another grocery
store that Raytown clearly does not need. Not to mention who
should pay their own way. Aldi has more money than the
city of Raytown and should invest it! Not taxpayer dollars!
Please vote the bad elected officials out! We can't afford them!

Anonymous said...

Our city, our streets....

Thank you for moving to Raytown. Hope to see you vote the rascals out.

Pat Casady said...

I will take that as a slam but, I don't care.
I own property and I pay taxes in Raytown.
I give to charities and I support The Main Street
Group. I have the right to voice my opinion and unlike
you....I have enough belief in what I say and write
to sign my name.
What I don't understand is why more people aren't
upset with the way their tax dollars are being wasted?
I have nothing personally against our elected officials.
I just don't think half of them have a clue what they are
doing to this town.
But, if you (Anonymous 8:29) are happy with the way
things are going, more power to you.

Anonymous said...

Aldi's is a German owned company. Take your own bags to the store when you shop there because they do not provide them, or, if they do, they will charge you for them. To use a shopping cart you have to leave a deposit. The only credit card they accept is Discover. Forget about being over-whelmed by shopping choices. Most items are limited to two brands.

Over 200 store managers in the United States are filing charges against unfair labor practices. They are claiming they were illegally classified as exempt from overtime pay, receiving a fixed salary regardless of the actual number of hours worked. The plaintiffs claim they did not spend most of their time managing, rather their time was spent stocking shelves, cleaning spills, and ringing out customers. Store managers do not have management responsibility such as hiring, firing, nor promoting employees.

Sounds like a solid "buy American" store, doesn't it?

Anyone looking for managerial jobs are welcome to apply. Wear old clothes. Stocking those shelves and sweeping those floors cab be pretty dirty work!

Thank you Mr. Mayor. You have truly brought the high quality retail end to Raytown.

Andy Whiteman said...

Aldis sounds like a step down from Walmart! I think the idea of a deposit for the shoping cart is that employees don't spend time retrieving shopping cards. You bring them back if you want your quarter back. This is an issue for me because I do not use cash. If they didn't take Discover card, I wouldn't be able to shop there at all.

Pat, I think the reason people aren't upset how their tax money is wasted is because they are unaware of this. The county does NOT send tax bills to people with mortgages so the people don't know how much each governmental body receives. True it is on the web, but the average person is not going to look for it or maybe they don't have a computer. The average person doesn't attend BOA meetings, hence, again, no knowledge. We don't have a local paper of GENERAL CIRCULATION so no knowledge. People in Raytown are really kept in the dark!
Speaking of in the dark, has anyone had trouble with TV reception since Saturday's wind storm? I lost some channels. Some are not back but in still mode or slow mode displaying pixels. I have rescanned several times. One one scan CH9 may be there, but disappears on the next scan. I have 3 TVs and each has non-reception of different channels. I hate this new fangled DTV. It is contrary and unrealiable.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have been told that Mayor Bower has some competition in the forth comming election. It appears he may need more than Jeff Roe to get him re elected.

Greg Walters said...


Mayor: Bill VanBuskirk, David Bower

City Collector: Kathie Schlutte

Ward 2: Robbie Tubbs, Jim Aziere

Ward 4: Pat Ertz

Ward 5: Michael Lightfoot

Andy Whiteman said...

Thanks for the news.

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs to watch this video.

Anonymous said...

Is there a map somewhere that would show what the district boundary lines are? I don't know what Ward I am in.

Greg Walters said...

To view a map of Ward boundaries copy and past use the following address.

It will take you to a ward map on the city's website.

Anonymous said...

What is this. Newby's filing for office in Raytown? It certainly is refreshing to see some new faces for a change.

There is not an incumbent sitting that I will vote for this election.


Richard Tush said...

Copy and paste this link into your browser address:

It is part of the Jackson County Election Board.

Users enter their first names, last name and birth date.

The system then confirms you are registered to vote and all of the corresponding districts in which you have representation to include the city wards.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the post from last week and starting wondering what impact the increased number of smokers is having in relationship to the criminal activity in Raytown.

I understand some may say I am reaching, but the reality of my rationality is we are one of the few communities that still allow smoking in public places. With this being the case there must be a percentage of the number of individuals that now are coming to Raytown to patronize our smoke friendly bars who are the same individuals who we don’t need because of their criminal record.

Seems the police should be checking these places or at least the cars in the lots.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why someone would think streetlights are so effective in curing the disease called crime. A little lighter isn’t going to change the desperation of people. If light was such a big factor in criminal activity then why are there so many day time burglaries. Yes, I know because no one is home. Well the thought still contradicts the light thing. Our big issue with crime is that no one calls the police. I was talking to several officers, some of which are Raytown Officers, and I was told that I would be shocked how often they contact neighbors of a residential burglary victim and they will say, “Oh yes I saw a white van back into the driveway.” That’s ludicrous! You want to slow crime. Get more people active in neighborhood watches, and have them grow a pair and call the police. Another incident that one police officer told me was that. After someone had backed into a neighbors drive and took off with the living room television, she didn’t call the police until the car left and struck her vehicle that was parked in the street. I cannot believe something like that would happen. I am reminded of that 70s man in Texas that shot the two burglars when they broke into his neighbors house. Now I don’t necessarily condone the use of lethal force, but that man took pride in his neighborhood, and had care for his neighbors enough to not want them to become victims. More proactive residents and less sheep would make worlds more difference than some streetlights.

Our city only has 4 or 5 citizen watchmen. In a town this size that is hardly enough. More of you should try calling in something or someone that is out of place next time you see him or her or it. Start asking officers how to get a hold of the crime watchers and see about starting in the program. A safe community starts with people making it safe, not complaining that it isn’t. Wines on a blog won’t stop your neighbor, or even you from being a victim. I chat with police every so often in the Quik trips as they stop in and grab a drink. I ask about problem areas and I inquire what they want from citizens to help in public safety. The number one thing they say is assistance. Meaning call the suspicious activity in and allow them to get the criminals out. Do your civic duty and assist in keeping this town safe.

Now onto the issue of the $850,000.00 that is going to the 350 Hwy economic development plan. I was told by the folks at City Hall that the money was from a civil lawsuit with the metro area and the Telecom providers. This was a one time lump sum that the city got for phone and data line running through the city. Instead of holding the money and keeping the city afloat, they want to finance businesses in hopes that the loans will be paid back over the next 30 or so years, on a cheesy interest rate. Just like the Wal-Mart incident the city will end up getting screwed.
On a happier note I was glad to see that the old Car-X has opened as a new Car care place.

Anonymous said...

I recently asked a family member why they don’t think before they act.

They responded, “I live in Raytown and I am only following the example of our Mayor and his out of town department heads”

What could I say as I knew they where right.

Anonymous said...

I was just out to the city’s website and noticed the picture of the parade.

I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. Raytown has not had a good parade since Bower took office and as I think about it I believe the last one we had was the first year he was in office.

Yes, he is doing a lot to promote Raytown and the family values we used to have – NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair about this. With decent street lights you could at least see what is going on so that police can be called!

I guess the unimportance of street lights is really underscored when the police sponsor events like "light up the night" during the summer months to discourage crime.

Be reasonable. Lights do help.

Anonymous said...

Interesting debate going on here. I think lights do help in preventing crime. I remember reading a crime stopper tip in the paper that said always park your vehicle in well lit areas because criminals feel more secure in the dark.

I think the safety factor for motorists, children and pedestrians should be considered also.

Anonymous said...

I have attended other city's crime prevention programs and well light areas always is on the list.

I understand from those in attendance at the Raytown meeting that this was not the case.

I am not surprised as we wouldn't want the city officials to own up to the fact they could do a better job.

Maybe that is why questions from those in attendance were not taken.

Anonymous said...


You bring up a good question about what has happend to Raytown since Bower has taken office.

I have tried several times to speak to him, but cannot ever get hold of him and from what I been told and read it seems I am not alone when it comes to speaking with him.

If anyone knows how to get hold of him I would love to find out. Sorry I work evenings so trying to find him at a board meeting doesn't work for me and being he is not responding to me has me questioning his intentions for our city.

Anonymous said...

Street lights and the importance of illuminating our properties may not have been on the list of those holding the meetings. But it sure was discussed at the meeting I attended. Interesting to note that no one disagreed that lights were important.

My guess is that whoever wrote abot street lights being a non-factor is just someone bent on stirring things up.

I read on this blog that the city did a survey of most wanted and needed services. Street lights were no. 1 on the list.

Seems like a no-brainer as to what should be our elected officials first choice for spending our tax dollars.

Apparently they think it is more important to give it away to Aldi's.

Those aldermen and mayor at city hall that refuse to follow their own survey results need to go away.

It looks like all but one of them have filed for re-election. I know how I am going to vote this time around. If you are an incumbent in my book you are finished.

You had your chance and you blew it.

Andy Whiteman said...

Lights won't stop crime unless there is someone there to observe what is happening under the lights. I would select a large dog.

I always am suspicious of strange vehicles. If I don't recognize a car, I will contact a neighbor if I suspect they are visiting. I have also called Police about suspicious vehicles and people as everyone should.

THE MONEY CAME FROM THE TELECOM LAWSUIT: Does anyone have a clue where the telecom lawsuit money is coming from? Did anyone stop to wonder why the telecom companies paid with no fight? No, the telecom companies are not Santa Claus! Look at your phone bills! They are collecting it from the users (we the taxpayers). It is OUR money being wasted. It wasn't a gift.

11:38 PM, I suggest if you really want to contact the Mayor that you email him. That is the only way to get a response from the Mayor.

3:12PM, My father used to ask that question but I didn't have the excuse you stated. If you received that response from a child, you have a really intelligent child!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


The family member was my wife.

She runs with a group in Raytown that still must believe in Santa Claus as they sure believe in Bower.

My wife keeps trying to show them facts of his failure as they drive through Raytown together, but it has not helped change their mine set.

As for me, I cannot shop at the local hardware store at the corner of Raytown Trafficway and 63rd as one of the ladies is the wife of one of the owners and any supporting Bower after the condition he has alowed our city to become doesn't need my business anymore.

Andy Whiteman said...

I was out tonight and saw RPD had made a traffic stop at Westlake. I don't know what was going on but Red Dogg sure alerted me to the situation. Something got her attention there. On the way back I saw another traffic stop on 63rd west of Raytown Rd. I don't know how anyone can claim that the PD aren't doing traffic stops.

1:28PM, Fortunately there is another hardware store in Raytown you can shop at and they have better hours! I haven't discussed politics with anyone there so I can't vouch for their political situation.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


The police have started doing more trafic stops lately.

1 or 2 don't even start to address the underlining issue of what they let get by.

Yes, I thank those officers who are making the stops. I still must wonder where the top of the department is and why they are not out on the streets too.

Andy Whiteman said...

I am confused. The last post on this string is
December 19, 2010 10:02 AM
and I can recall posts being made since then. Today is 12/23 11:00AM. Is Google messed up again? I don't trust Google.

Andy Whiteman