Sunday, June 26, 2011

House Fire Caused by Bottle Rockets by Matt Mace, Raytown Fire Marshal

At 17:16:36 hrs on July 4, 2011 the Raytown Fire Protection District responded to a reported house fire in the area of 83rd and Woodson Drive.  Upon arrival our crews found the wood roof on the structure to be on fire, and nine minutes later reported the fire out.  After investigation it was found that two of the occupants of the structure were in possession of bottle rockets and had been shooting them illegally for most of the day.  Our investigator found several of the sticks attached to bottle rockets embedded between the shake roofing shingles around the area of the roof which had been on fire.  Bottle rockets, stick missiles, and roman candles are illegal in Raytown and cannot be purchased at any of the Raytown fireworks tents.  These bottle rockets in question had been purchased by from a stand outside of Raytown.  Two of the occupants were cited by Raytown Police and are awaiting their court date.  This incident ended without injury, and the estimated dollar loss is $15,000.00.

The incident was the only fireworks related call by the responded to by the Raytown Fire Department.

Fireworks Tent at 59th and Raytown Road

It's That time of Year Again!
America's favorite summertime holiday, Independence Day, is right around the corner. And with it is a tradition of hot days, with fireworks displays and time for kicking back and taking it easy. Raytown fireworks shoppers have plenty of options this year as tents sprang up across the city this week. The tent pictured above is located at 59th and Raytown Road. Proceeds from the sale of fireworks at that location are donated to Our Lady of Lourdes Grade School. 

Stay on Point by Greg Walters
Last week the Raytown Board of Aldermen took up the touchy business of junked automobiles at automobile repair shops and car dealerships. Ward Four Alderman Pat Ertz took up the challenge and has sponsored an ordinance that addresses the problem.

Good job, Pat. It is an elected official’s job, to make things better in Raytown. Mindless rambling and pandering by elected officials of how wonderful and professional things are does not really address problems of blight and decay. One of the toughest jobs any elected official has is to be the watch dog that has the unpleasant job of saying, “this is not right – it needs to be fixed”.

Mr. Ertz deserves the accolades for stepping up to the challenge.

An interesting debate within the debate took place while the Board was discussing the proposed ordinance.

Ward Four’s other Alderman, Bill VanBuskirk, brought up a similar topic along Raytown’s 350 Highway strip of commercially zoned property -- the practice of over the road truck drivers parking their vehicles on commercial lots for extended periods of time. 

VanBuskirk accurately described the property behind Taco Bell/CVS/Blockbuster Video as a problem that needs to be addressed.

Up to eight over the road tractor/trailer, trailers and buses have been seen at that location.
The problem is that the property just south of where the trucks are parking is a residential neighborhood. Some of the trucks have refrigeration units that require the diesel engines to remain running for extended periods of time. The noise and unpleasant stench of burnt diesel can make it pretty uncomfortable for people living in the adjoining neighborhoods who trying to get some sleep.

Right after VanBuskirk brought up the problem, Mayor David Bower jumped in with both feet and admonished the Ward 4 Alderman to “stay on point”. 

The Mayor went on to say that the situation (regarding the trucks) had already been addressed. And, once again, told VanBuskirk to “stay on point”.

No, Mr. Mayor, the situation has not been addressed. It has been ignored. Pretending that there is not a noise, sight and odor problem from the diesels parked along 350 Highway is not a solution.

VanBuskirk was doing his job, just as Alderman Ertz is doing his job. 

It would be better if the Mayor put aside his personal animosity and worked with the two Aldermen who are trying to better our community.

In that way, Mayor Bower can “stay on point”.

10 Weight Loss Lessons by Jenn Walters
Just because we’ve already profiled the awesome winner and leader of the April 2011 Cincinnati Weight-Loss Challenge doesn’t mean that the other ladies in the challenge didn’t change, too. In fact, they’re wicked awesome as well! So today we’re sharing with you 10 of the top weight-loss lessons learned and healthy weight-loss... Continue reading
Raytown Board of Alderman Meeting by Paul Livius
June 21, 2011

Editor's Note: The Raytown Amateur Radio Club's spokesman in last week's Raytown Report was mis-spelled. The spokesman's name is "Joel Grieshaber".

There were many Raytown residents who addressed the Board of Alderman at this meeting. If I misspelled anyone’s name, I apologize in advance.

The invocation was given by Pat Windham of the First Baptist Church of Raytown.

• During the open comments to the Board, Joel Grieshaber said he was with the Raytown Amateur Radio Club. They are setting up behind City Hall this coming weekend and will operate for 24 hours. All are welcome to come and experience amateur radios.

• Larry Hayden asked the Board if they could set it up so that residents could get the Government channel through ATT U-verse. Mayor Bower asked if anyone from Communications was present. No one answered, so Mayor Bower said he would check into it.

In his statement to the Community, Mayor Bower thanked Beth Linn and said she will be missed. She developed the City’s animal Control Plan and did a good job at it.

Mahesh Sharma, City Administrator, said he agreed with the Mayor. 

Sharma said, "Beth Linn has done a good job for the City. She took her department to the next level. She reorganized Neighborhood Services. He also said that the Raytown EMS Services received 100% rating on their license review. Because the Raytown EMS were the first responders in Joplin after the tornado, they received a letter of recognition from Governor Nixon."

Police Chief Jim Lynch and Captain Frank Stranimier spoke to the Board about Emergency Preparedness. He said the outdoor warning sirens had been outdated, but now all sirens have been upgraded. He said that if the residents are indoors, they may not hear the sirens. The outdoor sirens were never meant to be heard indoors. They are to warn residents who are outside when severe weather strikes. Residents should tune into their television or radio stations when indoors. They should also invest in a weather radio. He said residents can purchase weather radios from Price Chopper at a discount. Residents can also sign up for NIXLE, a service that warns users of imminent weather.

Sign up at This works like a reverse 911 that sends alerts to cell phones or pagers. He urged residents to have a disaster plan in place, complete with food, water and clothing. Captain Stranimier said the aging radio system is a challenge. An upgrade to the radio system is necessary. The cost for the upgrade will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000,000.

Alderman Aziere said that when Raytown was hit by the ice storm in 2001, the Board of Aldermen met at 2:00 in the morning to discuss the budget.

• The Board appointed Yulunda Cohee and Elander Hale to the Human Relations Commission.

• The Board authorized the opening of a bank account at UMB Bank for the Community Development Block Grant Administration.

• The Board authorized the purchase of Police uniforms as budgeted.

• The Board authorized the Prosecutorial Agreement between Raytown and Ross Nigro, Jr. Jeremy Willmoth said Mr. Nigro is the City Prosecuting Attorney. Raytown has more dockets and more cased per docket than other cities. Because of this, the City has agreed to raise Mr. Nigro’s salary from $24,659 to $28,000 annually.

• The Board authorized the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Grandview and Sugar Creek for the administration of the Neighborhood Stabilization program. Beth Linn said that 25% of home purchasers must be under the average income level. Her research indicated that income level to be $24,700 for a one person household. She said the rebates for appliances won’t be passed on to the property owners, due to IRS regulations.

• The first reading to grant a conditional use permit for a Residential Care Faculty at 9706 E. 79th Place was heard. This facility will care for six senior citizens, and must be licensed by the State of Missouri. Ms. Debra Thomas spoke to the Board and said this will be a long-term residential facility for elderly so they can be in a home like setting. There will be staff on the premises 24 hours a day. Larry Saden stated he was concerned that the commercial operations take down property values. Victor Smedley said both his in-laws were in Ms. Thomas’ facility and were given good care. Willie Chamers said he supported Ms. Thomas’ facility. Diana Hammel has relatives under Ms. Thomas’ care and knows all residents will receive loving care. Connie Hunt, from Lee’s Summit, said her mother received excellent care at Ms. Thomas’ facility.

• Alderman Aziere said there is a difference between a facility that cares for the elderly and one that cares for Alzheimer patients. He asked if the facility has a pulley system to assist resident who can’t walk to get into and out of the tub.

• The second reading will be on July 5.

• The Board heard the first reading to amend Chapter 13 of the City Codes relating to dismantled, inoperable, junked and unlicensed vehicles in commercial areas. These vehicles must be in a building or behind a screened area unless the business is licensed for vehicle sales or repair. Alderman VanBuskirk asked if a licensed mechanic would have to put unlicensed vehicles in an enclosed area if they are being worked on. Beth Linn stated that if the body shop or mechanic has a vehicle dismantled while it was being repaired and can be moved on its own, it would not have to be enclosed. Alderman Van Buskirk said he was concerned that they were creating problems for legitimate businesses. He was also concerned about the tractor trailers parked on commercial lots, especially behind Block Buster and Taco Bell.

• The last order of business was to appoint John Ness to the Policeman’s Retirement Fund.

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Anonymous said...

You are right about the trucks and Mayor Bower. Bower continues to ignore any and ALL law breakers of our city ordinances when it comes to codes. I have to ask myself why? Could it be that many of these lawbreakers are" political friends" of our mayor? Maybe they are the ones who financed his last campaign. Something sure "smells" when you have a mayor that is allowing his town to go "down the tubes" while he sits by and continues to say their isn't a problem.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting meeting but I missed it because it was on the only holiday that I observe.

When and how was the truck issue "addressed"? I sure don't recall any action other than an ordinance banning trucks from parking in the city. There are Raytown residents who drive trucks for a living and need a place to park them while at home. Honestly a truck doesn't bother me as long as it isn't running. I think that in fairness to OTR citizens, Raytown should establish a place where it is legal to park trucks.

I suggest that anyone disturbed by a running truck call 737-6020 (Raytown PD) and make a disturbance of the peace complaint.

There was a bad accident at 350 HWY and Raytown Rd. tonight. I wonder if it may have involved a driver who wasn't paying attention and perhaps watching the ground looking for butts? BTW: I was looking for butts while stopped in the the left lane at a red light and didn't see any.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

When are the residents in Raytown and Kansas City Mo think about the animals when shooting off fireworks. They have rights to. Fireworks starts in Raytown a week before the 4th and up to 2 weeks after the 4th. I believe there is up to a $500. fine if caught...
For me i will be one of thoses that care about the animals and will call police......BEWARE

Anonymous said...

BEWARE, please do. They key problem is "if caught." How do you identify someone at a distance? In the past, fireworks did not bother Red Dogg until they got really loud around 11PM. After the tornadoes she has become very sensitive for some reason.

Saturday night, the fireworks annoyed her greatly. I concluded they were coming from the Royals game either to celebrate the win or since they are on the road and possibly not back on the 4th.

I am glad you are one who is considerate of animals. Some of the people shooting off fireworks have no consideration for people so obviously don't care about animals. I enjoy quiet fireworks but the noisy ones are totally uncalled for. I thought the noisy ones were banned!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Aren't we a mess!
We have a mayor that admonishes an alderman for doing his
job and praises a department (codes) for not doing their
jobs. I guess it's who's kissing who's rear end.
Politics in Raytown is alive and well!
Mr.VanBuskirk...hang in there. We know you want what's
best for the people. If there were more like you maybe
this town would really be moving forward instead of
going downhill.
Just think, four more years of poor government in
Mr. Mayor we are all on point, and we are pointing at you!
Please stop ruining this town.

KMCCLA said...

I thought I would give a little report on how the Raytown ARC Field Day went over the past weekend. We made roughly 4,000 contacts over a 24 hour period, and have a rough score, with all the bonus points, and everything else of roughly 14,000 points. One of the stations made over 1700 contacts!

Not that any of you care.

Anonymous said...

Raytown isn't the only place with vacant businesses. There were several strip centers vacant on 95th approaching Oak Park Mall. I feel it is a metro wide issue.

BTW: The sales tax there is way over 9% and they charge sales tax on labor unlike Missouri!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

KMCCLA, Congratulations. I hope you are the top station. I care, but I really don't have time to leave home. I am so far behind that each time something takes me from what I am doing, I figure it takes me 2 hours to catch up for each hour I am away. I need to pack so I can move, and by the time I am caught up so I can pack it is at or past my cut off time of 10PM. No packing after 10PM otherwise mt adrenalin is so built up that I don't go to sleep until after 5AM.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

KMCCLA - It's not that we don't care about your weekend. It's that most of us don't understand what it means. You said you made 4,000 contacts in 24 hours. That's about 3 contacts a minute. It would be a lot if there was only one person making contacts. We need to know how many of your people were making contacts, and how long each contact was maintained. Perhaps if we had more informations, we would be more impressed.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know when the IHOP in Raytown is going to open? They had a help wanted sign out front for a couple of weeks.

Andy Whiteman said...

An appraiser for the assessors office was just here. I questioned their not accepting comps on bank sold property because it is what a willing buyer is willing to pay a willing seller. The response was that sale was at a discount. I pointed out that extensive repairs may be needed so the value isn't there. They follow instructions from the county and "it is a nationally accepted prectice to revalue comps from discounted sales."

They even raise the value on a recent sale down the street from my house to more than the sales price. What a rip off!

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

A big reason for Raytown not having very many
new businesses is simple. Too many rules and
requirements. It's hard enough for a small business
owner to get enough funds to start a business but
then Raytown makes them jump through so many hoops
they give up and try another city that will welcome
them and their tax dollars.
While Raytown makes small business prospective
go to meeting after meeting and beg for the privilege
to open in this town, other small towns are welcoming them.
That's why Lee's Summit has taken away so many of our
small businesses, along with the many bad decisions
that have run off more than thirty businesses.
Yes, we have had new big businesses open in Raytown but
with such great tax breaks Raytown makes little or no
income from them.
I have a friend that was considering opening a small
bread bakery in the Raytown Plaza. He was told he
would have to attend several meetings and the board
would have to approve him. That's before the hassle of
the building codes people.
Another wanted to open an Italian restaurant there.
He asked me how much trouble is it to try Raytown?
I couldn't lie to him.
Raytown should welcome any business that will collect taxes
and should work with them instead of against them.

Anonymous said...

I see we have alot of 4th of July tents. Personal observation none of them will make alot of money due to the economy

Andy Whiteman said...

9:12AM, Logically you are correct but people have money to waste on unnecessary and luxary items. I wonder why people don't cancel their cable TV due to the economy? Actually I never had money to waste on cable TV. It is for the rich. I bet will will hear a large number of fireworks discharged which raises the question: are people wasting money on them or stealing them?

With the recent stroms, I am wondering about the safety of fireworks tents. What about lightning strikes or heavy winds? If we have lightning and hear a big explosion, I guess we all know what happened.

Pat, agreeded. The exception is Walmart and the city jumps through the hoops to get them here.

BTW: I went to the new Sav-A-Lot last night and bananas were 47 cents a pound. I got my 25 cent deposit back on the cart instead of paying 25 cents.

Andy Whiteman

KMCCLA said...

I have no idea how many we had operating, but it was roughly about 50 of us out there (perhaps more). We operate as class 2A, which means we had two primary stations, CW (Morse Code) and SSB Phone (Single Side Band, voice, or in other words voice to voice contact), and are on emergency power -- or generators. But was also had three other stations, VHF/UFH, Satellite, and GOTA (Get On The Air, which we and put on visitors). As stated, our primary stations are CW and Phone, the Phone station made 1,712 contacts, and CW made a little over 1,600 contacts, operators are switched out every few hours. Contacts are often only a few seconds long, to a few minutes if it is hard to hear. Some stations, like Satellite (yes, there are Amateur Radio Satellites) perhaps only make a few, and VHF/UHF (50-54 MHz, and 144-148 MHz) might make a couple of hundred. GOTA -- which is a "promotion" station, to demonstrate how Amateur Radio works, made about 450 contacts.

This is an "Emergency Disaster Drill" of sorts. We set up in an open field, put up towers -- we put up three forty foot towers, among other type of antennas. After we are done we take everything down, and return the site back to what it was before we started.

To give some statistics about the Raytown ARC. Last year, 2010 we where 5th place out of 474 in our class, 2A. For the State of Missouri, and the Division (MO,KS, IA, NE) we are 1st place out of all classes, and Nationwide, out of all classes -- roughly 2500-3000 total operations -- we where about 35th place.

This is a nationwide event, including Canada, although we made a few contacts as far as Australia. This event is held on the last full weekend of June. Come on out next year, and we what we do.

The Making of an Alderman said...

Being recently retired I have been looking for something to do with my time. After speaking with my neighbor, he suggested I run for the Board of Alderman. I told him that surely I was not qualified. He began laughing and said if anything I was over qualified. My puzzled look got the following quick explanation from him. He said that for years he had seen me sit out on my porch and since my retirement early this spring I had been spending even more time keeping my chair warm. Looking me straight in the eye he said qualification number one is the ability to keep your chair warm while staying awake. He said qualification number two is a bit harder as you have to follow directions well from the Mayor and vote only as he wants, never disagreeing with anything he says and never talking about anything he doesn’t want to talk about. Just then my wife came to the porch where we were gathered and instructed me to get the yard mowed as my mother-n-law was getting ready to visit. She went on saying that even though I didn’t like it I would just have to live with it. Dropping my head in shame and I started to apologies to the neighbor that I best get busy for my own good. The neighbor jumped to his feet and proclaimed, “Ladies and gentleman I am please to introduce our next Alderman candidate”.

It is time to support the citizens of Raytown said...

After reviewing the current financial state of the city thanks in part to the fact that we are still looking at over twenty years before the city actually has any money from the sale tax collected at Wal-Mart that will be available to other things then paying of the debt it has created. It is apparent the city needs to explore new ways to generate revenue. In fact the city within the last twelve months had to meet a $70,000 short fall in the sales tax dollars generated by Wal-Mart for the Wal-Mart project debt. With this being the case and the impact being to other needed projects within the city, I have to wonder why the city has not taken the steps to allow only fireworks in the city that are purchased from a city operated vendor. Yes, this would impact the churches and other non-profit organizations within the city, but the reality is without coming up with a plan we the good citizens will face years of other projects not being worked on as there is no funding when we are and have been funding one of the largest corporations. The city dropped the ball on this one and we shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes with decreased city service and increased city taxes. Maybe this is not the answer, but something needs to be done to figure out a way to address the short falls that Wal-Mart has placed on the backs of hard working Americans.

Anonymous said...

Dear It is time to support the citizens of Raytown said,

So you want only fireworks sold in Raytown to be used by Raytown residents? It sounds good on the surface, but how are you going to enforce it? Don't you think the police have enough to do without looking at firework purchase receipts? I rather our police department stop the drug users, rapists and burgulars. Next time, think before you write!

Andy Whiteman said...

I noticed the BOA also has a 6PM meeting for "Presentation of 2nd Quarter Financial Statements." This is normally presented at the 7PM meeting. Could the reason for the 6PM presentation be to keep these facts from the public? 6PM is dinner time. I know they will use the excuse that it is aired on CH 7, but that is on cable TV and cable TV is for the rich. So the average citizen who is not rich is denied access to the meeting if he/she wants to eat dinner. Another cover up..Maybe something to do with the Walmart issue.

Hopefully Mr. Livious won't mind being deprived of dinner so we poor citizens of Raytown will know what was said and by whom.

In my opinion, even though this meeting is announced, it is still somewhat of a secret meeting.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

When the economy is in a downspin like now, one would think more then ever that business would want to provide the best customer experience possible. It is pleasant and unexpected positive experiences that keep customers coming back and enables the business to strengthen the relationship with the customer.

However, I find too many businesses that instead create extra hurdles for the customers when it comes to “Customer Service”. Businesses that forget that without the customers they will be out of business. I do my part speaking with managers, and when necessary senior leaders at corporate headquarters or actual owners. I realized long ago that those at the top cannot always keep a watchful eye and if I want locations in community to continue to thrive and not live us with an additional vacate building that not only do I need bring things to the attention of the top individuals so does everyone in the community.

I am asking that when there is a poor customer experience in Raytown for you to first speak with the manager and if that doesn’t get results take it straight to the top. Raytown cannot afford anymore vacant buildings. We sure cannot afford business like Wal-Mart or Hy-Vee to close their door until at least the corresponding debt that the city is responsible for, which is ultimately me and you as property owners in Raytown, is paid.

This is why I will be contacting Hy-Vee corporate office about the fact customers now have to wait in line at customer service to get rain checks. This is a waste of the customer’s time and is far from the normal practice of Hy-Vee’s competitors.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12:08

Why don't you call the police and ask how many firework calls they get everyday?

You will be shocked!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - Yes, the police should be doing other things, but as it stands they do not address trucks parked behind the Taco Bell, which is their job!

LOL - Yes, the police should be doing other things, but as it stands they do not address those who do not have proper tags or hanging device that park in handicap parking and/or on the adjacent ramp areas.

LOL – Yes, the police should be doing other things, but as it stands more and more gang tags are showing up in the downtown area or over by Coleman Park.

LOL – Yes, the police should be doing other things, but as it stands there are more and more people flying down Raytown Road and 350 Highway.

Yes, our police should be doing more. Maybe if we where not so top heavy in the department and our elected city marshal would get out on the streets we would have a safer city.

Anonymous said...

3:41PM, I agree customer service is extremely lacking! If something bothers me, I complain to the manager. Most of the time I am ignored or told that I am the only one who has complained. Sometimes I am being lied to and it is also because people don't bother to complain because they are sheepole and will accept almost anything.

In the case of Hy-Vee, I have been ignored at the store level and have sent complaints to corporate via their website. They are addressed after the manager gets an email from corporate!

As for the rain checks, I was told that it holds up the line so people are sent to customer service. Normally I don't ask for one because I don't want to make another trip. Are you aware that customer service closes early, so if you are late at night, you won't get a rain check. The last time I was told to go to customer service, there was a line so I left. If it bothers me, I will complain.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I wish all a safe and sane 4th!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Will it's only 9;35pm july 4th and so far we have had 3 things hit the house and 1 land in the drive and just misted the roof of the garage. All were from the house across the street. I live close to south High and where fireworks have already started 1 fire on the roof of the house earlier in the evening.

If we have a fire due to fireworks I will sue the BOA and the Mayor for allowing fireworks again in Raytown. It was outlawed several years ago for very good reasons and now we have this stupid BOA who let it back again. The Fire Dept. was against reinstating fireworks but this board totaly ignored them. So, FYI BOA and Mayor BE prepared to be SUED because it's coming if not from us it will be from someone eventually.
And I will support them with everything I have.

Andy Whiteman said...

I thought airborne fireworks were banned. At the time I supported allowing fireworks as long as airborne and loud fireworks were banned.

Red Dogg has a fireworks complaint. Since the tornadoes, she has become more sensitive to fireworks. The last 2 nights I have had to drag he outside to use the bathroom.

The ordinance needs to be rewritten to outlaw airborne and loud fireworks.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The home owner that had the fire got exactly what they deserved. I understod from the news report the mother knew her child was shooting illegal fireworks and then her house caught on fire. Remember this paybacks are nasty. Maybe she has learned her lesson to keep an eye on her children.

KMCCLA said...

I am against fireworks as much as the next guy. I feel like it a simply a waste of money that literally goes up in smoke. The after effect is not much better, as all of the debris often litter the neighborhood. They are noisy, they scare pets, and people can and do get harmed, as well as property. However, if something happened, I would not place the blame on the Mayor or the BOA. It is time people started to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Even with the so called ban, people will still shoot them off, and the police are for the most part are unable to really prevent it. As long as they are sold with in driving distance, people are still going to get them. Bottle rockets are banned being sold and shot off in Raytown, but the does not prevent them from being shot off. The people who shoot them off are the ones who need to be dealt with, particularly the ones who are shooting off fireworks that are banned in Raytown. It is, nor will it be the fault of the Mayor and the BOA if a fire happens, Even if they where banned, it still will happen, because fireworks are allowed with in other parts the county. Do not take your frustration with City, but the inconsiderate people who are setting them off irresponsibility.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy fireworks as long as they are quite and don't become airborne. I agree they are burning up money and I am not willing to spend money that way. If I had a family, I might do it but it would be limited to the quiet, non-airborne type.

Responsibility for the roof fire or setting the neighbor's on fire lies on the parents for not supervising children, endangering the welfare of a child, and possession of illegal fireworks. The Mayor and BOA didn't give permission for those activities. I agree there is personal responsibility.

I wonder why I supervise my dog and parents don't supervise their children. It appears dogs are held to a higher standard which is discrimination.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


We elected our board members to provide for the public safety. Allowing fireworks is adding to the problem and they need to take their share of the blame.

I hope the board rethinks the fireworks issue before someone gets hurt or before someone who is not shotting of the firework house catches fire.

I agree, the city allows for fireworks the city decided to be liable for any fires.

Pat Casady said...

I'll bet when you people were young you enjoyed
shooting fireworks as much as the rest of us.
I liked the cherry bombs, M-80's and rockets as did my
But, that was a long time ago.
The problem is not with City Hall on this one.
It is with parents letting kids break the laws.
As far as I know the fireworks tents in Raytown did
not sell aerial fireworks. They had to come from out
of the city limits.
Neighborhoods are too compact these days and rockets have no
place in the cities.
But, you can't condemn the whole celebration because one a few
law breakers.
We shouldn't over-react on this. Remember the shoe bomber?
Now we all have to remove our shoes, because of one idiot,
before we can board an airplane.
This comes once a year. It's a tradition that has been
with us for over two hundred years, celebrating our freedom.
Lighten up! One time a year don't act your age!
But, don't break the laws and please be safe, have fun!
If your neighbor is as idiot and shoots illegal fireworks
call the police.

Anonymous said...

To "It's time to support the citizens of Raytown."
The total, I believe, of your tax dollars spent to pay
the bonds for Raytown's house of worship "Wal-Mart"
is around $1,870,000.00! Then there is around $800,000.00+
of your tax dollars "Loaned" to the developers of Aldi's
and I-Hop.
These bad decisions will go down in Raytown's history as
being the worst decisions ever far.
The people in charge of your money (tax dollars) are supposed
to use them to make this town a better place.
The only way to change this town for the better is to get rid of
the bad decision makers.
Having said that, I will tell you it will never happen.
They have too many posterior kissing frinds and groups that
keep them in office. Plus the people that know that a change is
needed don't get out and vote. You can't win.
You would have thought that after this bunch of elected people
raised the real estate tax for no reason other than they
wanted more money to waste, that would have been enough. It
You would have thought that after the people passed tax increases for
street overlays (new asphalt) and a safety tax (more police and new equipment)
all the time the overlay tax went to the Wal-Mart street and parking lot
and the safety tax went into the general fund, after us being promised
it wouldn't go there, these people would be voted out.
As I said it won't happen.
We the people just bend over and say thank you, may I have another
big hit in the wallet!

Andy Whiteman said...

The fireworks involved were illegal fireworks and not allowed by the fireworks ordinance. Using 10:02PM's logic the BOA is responsible for any crime happening in the city which is totally unreasonable.

As I remember it, when fireworks were banned in Raytown, it was impossible to enforce the ban.

When I lived in Aurora, CO; which also had a fireworks ban, several fires were started one July 4th by fireworks. The ban appeared impossible to enforce. The next year the Fire Department, as well as the Police were patrolling for and citing for illegal fireworks.

I suggest that the Raytown Fire Department also patrol and enforce the proper use of fireworks. More enforcement on the street may bring better control to this problem.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Well, I sure didn’t notice any improvement in being able to hear the warning system that is tested monthly and used to warn of things like tornados.

Jim Lynch should be embarrassed by his inability to provide for the public safety which includes over seeing a warning system that is auditable. Clearly he doesn’t care about the citizen’s safety that he is sworn to protect.

It is time the Board of Alderman appoints a chief and eliminate the pay of the city marshal. If not then drop the salary of the city marshal to around $50,000 so we can find the funds to get the warning system working as it should.

KMCCLA said...

Only thing is, even when there was a ban, people still shot them off. Do you really think a "magical ban" will prevent fires? Of course not. Look at the City of Kansas City, MO -- they are banned -- but people still shoot them off. Just because the city allows then be shot off does not make them responsible for the actions of morons and people who shoot off fireworks that are not allowed in the first place. If the city rises the speed limit on a street by five miles per hour, and someone dies in an accident, who's fault is it? It the city's for raising the speed limit, or the person who causes the accident? If the city decides to allow fireworks, and people abuse the privilege, and shoot off fireworks that are not allowed, who's fault is it? There was only one house fire over the weekend -- and it was caused by guess what -- a bottle rocket -- that is supposed to be banned in the first place. Is that the City's fault? Just because they allow then (and I wish they didn't) does not them responsible for the actions of the people who shoot them off. All I am saying is, do not blame the city for the actions of people who are shooting off fireworks. It is the solely the responsibility of the person who sets it off and starts a fire. Even if they are banned, people would shoot them off, then who are you going to blame - the police for not catching them, the fire department for not getting there in time, who? Do not blame the city for the actions of others, blame them -- then again go ahead and ban them -- and expect the same results -- fires will still happen.

Anonymous said...

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Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Things in Raytown are imposable to enforce, but that is what happens when we elect individuals who want to draw a check and not enforce the laws.

Anonymous said...

Andy says "I agree they are burning up money and I am not willing to spend money that way."

Does this mean that you don't buy gasoline, use natural gas, or electricity either?

Andy Whiteman said...

10:38 PM, You are trying to compare apples and oranges. Burning fireworks is a luxary as is cable TV which I won't waste money on.

Electricity, gasoline, and natural gas are necessities that are way over priced and overtaxed.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

5:54PM, Non-enforcement isn't unique to Raytown. The city I am moving too has the same issue(s). Why do they rush to write a new ordinance when it would be easier to enforce the current ordinance? Obviously more ordinances are needed on the books to make it too cumbersome to enforce anything. I favor the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method.

The blame is really on the voters who elect the same officials time after time.

I read complaints on this blog about certain aldermen, yet these same aldermen are reelected in the next election. I wonder how? Are the complainers not voting?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

And we all though that gasoline, natural gas, electricity, and food were all luxury items now since the Republicans and Tea Baggers were screwing with everything now.