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Graffiti of Paul Livius

July 25, 2011 

Breaking News... by Paul Livius

The International House of Pancakes in Raytown, MO is now open for business.  The hours this week are from 7am to Midnight.  Starting next week, they will be open 24 hours a day.  They have a smoking section, but it is separate from the non-smoking section.

To the anonymous blogger who claimed to have documents of fiscal mismanagement of the old railroad bridge money - we will publish your post after you provide proof of your statements.  Due to the seriousness of these allegations, we cannot and will not publish your full post without examining the documents.

The Paul Livius Report

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – July 19, 2011

The Invocation was given by Michael Stephens of the Southwood United Church of Christ.

Mayor Bower presented Jeremy Willmoth the Government Finance Officers Association Award for 2010-2011.  The Mayor said this organization encourages state and local governments to prepare top quality budgets.  This is the third consecutive year that Mr. Willmoth and the City of Raytown have received this award.  Mr. Willmoth said the Finance Department worked very hard on the budget, but it was a team effort between the Finance Department and all Departments in the City working together.

During public comments, Andy Whiteman congratulated Jeremy Willmoth for the award.  He said the budgets are concise and easy to understand.  He also said it has come to his attention that the city disposes of vehicles at 75,000 miles.  This is wasteful spending, Mr. Whiteman said.  When he bought his car, it had 70,000 miles on it and now it has 98,000 miles.  He said it has been alleged in the Raytown Report that department heads are taking the vehicles home.  This should be stopped immediately.  City vehicles should be used for City business only.  The Board is the custodian of taxpayers’ money and shouldn’t be wasted.  He pointed out that Public Water Supply uses hybrid vehicles.  He understands that hybrids are not good for emergency vehicles, but should be just fine for Department Heads.  He said he has observed Aldermen having private conversations during the meetings.  These are public meetings and private dialogues are improper.  If they have comments, the comments should be addressed so all can hear them.

The Mayor congratulated the Raytown Arts Council for the production of “Hello, Dolly”.  He thanked all those who support the Arts in Raytown.

Mahesh Sharma reported that various churches in Raytown are supporting the Summer School Lunch Program.  Last week, several staff members volunteered their time over a two day period and prepared 950 sandwiches.  He also reported that the Certificate of Occupancy was issued to the IHOP Restaurant on July 12, and they plan to open on July 25.  He also reported that Lee’s Summit, MO has decided not to pursue the Transportation Enhancement Grant and has returned $400,000 to the State.  Raytown’s Downtown Streetscape project was next in line.  He said the State is finalizing the funding.

Alderman Lightfoot reported that the Legislative Committee had meetings last week with State Representatives to look over Redistricting Maps.  They met with both the Democratic and Republican members of the General Assembly.  The Raytown Legislative Committee will now meet and work on a proposal for the Redistricting of Raytown.

  • The first item of business was to declare certain property owned by the city to be surplus and to dispose of it.  The property consisted of five vehicles, one from the Community Development Department and four from the Police Department.  Andy Noll said he had more information for the Aldermen on the replacement policy of vehicles.  Cars and Vans are replaced at 75,000 or 7 years, whichever comes first.  Police vehicles are replaced at 100,000 miles or 4 years, trucks are replaced at 100,000 miles or 12 years, and ambulances are replaced at 100,000 miles or 5 years.  The purpose of this policy is to provide a reliable and cost effective fleet for the City, while minimizing repair costs.  He reported that police vehicles are equipped with hour meters.  Two of the Police vehicles that are to be disposed of have over 5,000 hours each.  They also look at the maintenance history of the vehicles and replace vehicles with problems.  He said that the City has sold ten vehicles through the Purple Wave auction and netted $29,250 total.Alderman Van Buskirk said that Police unit 126 (2001 Ford Taurus) had only 66,493 miles on it.  He asked who would have put so little miles on this vehicle in 10 years.  Mr. Noll said he thought this was used by the Detectives.  Alderman Melson asked what the City did with the $29,250 from the Purple Wave auctions.  Mr. Noll said it was put back into the fund to purchase more vehicles. 
  • The Board voted to transfer $6,500 from the Storm Sewer budget to the Building Maintenance budget.  Andy Noll said this was for City Hall to purchase toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.  Alderman Melson asked if the supplies were purchased from Costco.  Mr. Noll said they were purchased from many different supplies in order to get the best price.

    • The Board voted to establish procedures to disclose conflicts of interest.
    Bits and Greg Walters 
    No one will argue that the current heat wave is shaping up to be one for the record books.  While discussing the hardship the excessive heat places on the public with some friends the question came up...what has the city done and what can it do?

    One idea that gained almost unanimous agreement was that City Hall should open up its doors to those who need a place to cool down during the day.

    The solution makes sense.

    The city's Council Chambers is vacant during daytime hours.  Why not make it available as a "cooling station" for those who do not have air conditioning?  I can remember when an ice storm took out a major portion of the population's electricity.  The Board of Aldermen were called into a rare early morning session - one of the items covered was to give city staff direction to open up city hall to those who were without electricity.  As one participant in the discussion said, "City Hall, the ball is definitely in your court." 

    First Baptist Church of Raytown, one of the largest Baptist congregations in the Kansas City metropolitan area with thousands of members and numerous community ministries, announced that its Senior Pastor, Paul Brooks, retired late last week after concerns surfaced about his activities that may have run afoul of the Church's moral guidelines.

    The Advisory Team became aware over the Fourth of July weekend of concerns about possible activities of Brooks, as well as those of another senior staff member, that, while not criminal in nature, would potentially amount to moral failures under the Church's guidelines.  Brooks and the staff member each admitted the activity and both resigned on Thursday.

    This scandal is the second to rock Raytown's largest church in five years.  The other scandal involved former Pastor Paul Brook's son.  Documentation of that incident can be found at First Baptist Church scandal

    According to a press statement, Church plans are in place to begin a search process for a new Senior Pastor.  A transition team is in place to insure that there are no disruptions in the services and ministries provided to its members and the community.

    There was an interesting item in Paul's report this week about the possibility of Raytown receiving a grant for $400,000 to be used for streetscape improvements Downtown.  

    Typically that means new curbs, sidewalks, and streets.

    This caused one local wit to wonder if the city would use asphalt or the rock and slurry seal that they have been using on residential city streets in the improvements.

    We noted that the City Administrator did not give much detail in his report.

    Such grants usually require a match from the entity receiving the money.

    If we don't hear anymore about the new streetscape that may be the reason why.

          Pompeii Graffiti
          Graffiti by Greg Walters
          When archeologists unearthed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii they found a perfectly preserved city. Even today the scraping of political messages in the form of graffiti can be found at the site on its ancient walls.

          Raytown, like any other city in the metropolitan area has also experienced graffiti.

          Vandalism of public and private property has an increase during the warm summer nights. We see such vandalism when graffiti artists, often known as “taggers” deface public and private property with what they consider to be an art form.

          Perpetrators of this art form are young and reaching out for recognition. Police refer to these juvenile delinquents as “wannabe’s”. They want to prove to those they admire that they are important and can be a welcome addition to whatever group they want to be part of. Too often those groups can best be described as gangs.

          A lot of what you see on side of buildings or any other flat surface is referred to as “tagging”. Sometimes it is just a self expression of an individual saying “I was here”.

          Sometimes, the message is more sinister. When certain symbols are included in the message it can be interpreted by some as gang sign -- a marking off of an area as territory of a gang.  
          The young teens and pre-teens that create the graffiti are often time members of the community. More than likely, they attend our schools and can use their handiwork as bragging points with their peers. 

          What is the best way to the combat the problem?

          Some metropolitan area cities, most notably Kansas City, Kansas, have made it illegal for minors to be in possession of the tools used create graffiti. If in their possession without adult supervision, the spray equipment and paint is confiscated and the holder arrested.

          Another very effective tactic is to remove the graffiti as soon as it is discovered.

          By removing the graffiti in a quick and professional manner the goal of the tagger is frustrated. Should the vandalism be repeated, the chances of being caught go up with each incident. 

          The City of Raytown has recently removed graffiti from a utility box at Colman Park and from the side of the building housing the Raytown Historical Society. 

          It is a good start – one that needs to be repeated the minute new graffiti goes up.

          A partnership between the Raytown Police Department and the Raytown School District to step up vigilance and send a clear message that such activity will not be allowed in Raytown.
          If you see new graffiti do not hesitate to call either Raytown City Hall or the Raytown Police Department to report the crime. 

          Use this link to read graffiti left by Romans in the City of Pompeii Pompeii Graffiti

          Watch for the Paul Livius Report of this week’s City Council Meeting on Thursday, July 21st.

          Julie Foudy
          Have soccer fever? Us, too! We seriously couldn’t be more jazzed at how well the U.S. Women’s soccer team is doing in the World Cup. And just in time for the Women’s World Cup final, we got the opportunity to chat with soccer super-star Julie Foudy. (Yeah, we geeked, too.)

          Julie has played in a total of four World Cups (two of which she won!) and three Olympics (racking up two gold medals and a silver), and a few years ago she was inducted in the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame. Since retiring from the field, Foudy is still very, very much active in soccer, doing sports broadcasting for the Women’s World Cup and heading up the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy (love!). Read on for her take on the 2011 Women’s World Cup, why she loves soccer and her everything-in-moderation approach to healthy eating!

          To read the interview use this link Julie Foudy Interview

          NEWS RELEASE

          Monday, July 18, 2011, Craig Hill, National Director for training and education forthe National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will be at closing ceremonies for the Raytown Girls Softball League at 7 pm.  Hill is in town teaching police chiefs, officers, sheriffs, prosecutors and others about procedures when a possible abduction occurs.  Bob and Jenelle Harrison, Ann Harrison's parents will be present to accept the check for over $5,000 raised at the Raytown Girls Softball League's 23rd Annual Ann Harrison Tournament for charity. 
          Ann was a member of the Raytown Girls Softball league prior to her abduction and murder from her bus stop. Her story remains in the news today.  The Missouri Supreme Court ruled against her killers earlier this summer.  Michael Taylor and Roderick Nunley's 1991 death sentence has been upheld, 20 years later.
          Raytown Girls Softball League has donated over $100K over the years to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
          The ceremony is at Little Blue Trace (LBT), the Raytown Girls Softball Complex in Raytown, MO. Located next to the Little Blue River just off westbound Missouri 350 Highway (Blue Parkway) east of Noland Road.

          For more information contact: Angela Cook, Raytown Girls Softball League,
          To post a comment on this blog click on the word comments below:


          Anonymous said...

          Kilroy was here!

          Anonymous said...

          Actually, hybrids are designed specifically for the stop and go traffic in the city. Long periods of idling do not wear them down. They are a marvel of engineering.

          the batteries have proven to be a very reliable and renewable source of energy.

          Check it out on the web. You will be amazed at what you learn.

          Anonymous said...

          I know at times I have seen people in Raytown who will buy right into whatever lines they are being told by those at city hall. It makes me stop and laugh as I think to myself just wait some day listing to others without getting the fact is going to bite you hard in your own pocket.

          Today while at Hy-Vee I noticed a car with a bumper sticker that read “Stop Pelosi”. I looked to see if anyone was in the car and sure enough a man who appeared to be in his 70’s was getting ready to back out of the parking space. With that I started laughing so hard I almost made myself sick and had I not been laughing that hard I would have asked the guy if he likes what the current Speaker of the House John Boehner wants to do to Medicare and social security.

          I wonder how many seniors across this Nation bought into the stuff people like Boehner, Palain and Rush have been selling for years and will soon be having heart failure over a reduction in Medicare benefit and social security while co-pays for insurance increase should these same Republicans have their way.

          The Republican lead Congress is doing much to help their rich contributors get richer at our seniors expense!

          Remember a true friend does not let friends vote Republican!

          Andy Whiteman said...

          I agree with Pat about hybrids for Police work. An idling vehicle will NOT be recharging the battery and will be using a lot of gas the same as it does now.

          I wasn't aware department heads had city vehicles for personal use. The city vehicles should be parked at city hall for city business use only (i.e. to check on something in the city, attend a meeting, or to transact city business.) Take home vehicles are a waste of taxpayer's money. If this is happening, it should be stopped immediately!

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          OVERLAND PARK, Kan. —
          Overland Park police are searching for vandals after graffiti was spray-painted on six homes Sunday.
          Police said in a news release that black spray paint was used to write words, phrases and designs on homes near 162nd and Birch streets.

          "Happy Face" was written on a house, a faint smiley face was painted on a fence the word "Moron" was written on a garage door and "Do something better with your $" was written on the side of a house.

          Police said similar vandalism was reported near 162nd and Outlook streets.

          Anyone with information on who is behind the vandalism is asked to call police at 913-327-6937.

          Anonymous said...

          yeaa here we go with the bash republicans again and ignore which way the country is going under obama...son of a gun i forgot it is all george W s fault

          Anonymous said...

          8:40 AM, I don't know how old you are but I am on Medicare. Both the cost of my Medicare and Part D (Prescription coverage) have gone up under Dictator O'Bummer's Socialized Heath Care! The price I pay for Medicines has gone up thanks to the Dictator along with the Democrat puppet Congress. If you were on Medicare with health issues, you would know this.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          You are so wrong about the hybrid engine. It is a marvel of engineering. The batteries do not "wear out". They never really fully charge. The gasoline engine is very small and does not use near the gas that a regular four cylinder does because both the electric and the gas powered engine run in sync with each other.

          The gasoline is saved at start up and when the car is idle. The electric motor runs at that that time.

          I shared a lot of your misgivings about hybrid vehicles at first. But I am sold on them now.

          Doesn't really matter. Ten years from now that is all we will be driving.

          Might as well be ahead of the curve than behind it!

          Anonymous said...

          10:29PM, If I did a lot of driving and had the money to buy a new car, I would want a hybrid engine! Since I average 4000 miles per year, it is not cost effective to invest in one for energy savings.

          One problem I see is the battery and electric system require special training for EMS personal, firefighters, and police. If a hybrid vehicle is involved in an accident or fire the protocol is not the same as for a gas only vehicle. You have an electrical issue along with a battery that may explode.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          Obama has had over two years to fix our economy. His failure cannot be denied.

          Pat Casady said...

          I don't think either party, Democrats and Republicans
          give a damn about us other than wanting our tax dollars.
          While I believe Obama will go down as one of our worst,
          I am not proud of the Republicans either.
          Obama wants to tell us how to live and the Republicans
          don't want the very rich to pay their fair share of taxes.
          It's just like this town, our tax dollars are just a endless
          supply of money for them to spend and waste.
          I thought the Republicans were the answer to some of our
          problems and they would do away with the Obama health care
          farce, but, I never thought after they won the seats back
          they would turn around and try to screw the people that
          voted them back in. I also thought they might stop giving
          illegal's free health care, social security, (without paying
          anything into it) and free education.
          You people should stop fighting about Democrats or Republicans
          neither one care anything about you. There used to be a difference
          between the two, not anymore. They only want what they can take
          from you. I keep hearing whispers of revolution. I think it might be
          about time.

          Andy Whiteman said...

          Obviously the "rich" donate to campaigns so office holders don't want to offend the "rich." What constitutes "rich?" Dictator O'Bummer seems to say income over $250,000. In KC that would be a good income but I wouldn't consider it as "rich." In some areas such as NYC and southern CA, $250,000 is a barely livable wage considering the cost of housing.

          During one of the forest fires in San Diego County, I called the Postmaster, stated my qualifications volunteered to work during the emergency. She offered me a career job. I had to decline because on that salary, I couldn't afford to buy a decent home. The cheapest halfway satisfactory home there is over $750,000 and it still doesn't meet my requirements.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          So silly, but again getting a good education in Raytown is a thing of the past.

          If people would stop and think you would know it was under George W that our nation got into this mess.

          We are not going to get out of these mess over night, but need to be sure to look to the root casue.

          You don't have regulators that allow people to buy a home with no money down. This impacted the savings in loans in the 80's (Regan and Bush) and the banks now (W Bush). Never never let the fox guard the hen house.

          I agree the Dems need to do more. Why not go after the people who made the bad loans. Hit them up to sale of their assets to cover the cost.

          Wait that wouldn't be right that would be as bad as asking them to pay their fair share of taxes. Why is it they believe they are owed large salaries but shouldn't pay a higher rate of taxes. Why do they invest in private companies like Wal-mart who takes millions of tax dollars every year to open more and more locations. If they have all this money to invest in these companies to make both them and the companies more money they don't need our tax dollars to build the buildings. Now that these same companies took the money is it not time for those who invested in them to pay mush higher taxes for the right and privlage to use our tax dollars to fund their investment opertunities.

          Anonymous said...

          I have never been as happy as I was when I heard that Raytown First Bapist once again was in the news for issues with their minister. I have know for years that the direction this church was taking was not in the best intrest of it or Raytown and now the rest of us know this.

          I hope Raytown First Baptist will take the steps to once a gain be a positive role model for our city and not just another black eye on the community like so many other business in Raytown.

          Raytown First Baptist is a business who needs to get back to taking care of the community not the all mighty dollar and building the biggest church in town.

          Anonymous said...


          You are right you are older than me, and maybe that is why you forget how government is ran.

          Obama is President, but congress makes the laws the President just signs them or pleds for congress to make them.

          The costly mistakes of the eight years of George Bush will impact all citizens for years.

          Many of my friends and family have felt the impact of the cost and cost increase as they are on Medicare. They fear the impact of the Republican lead Congress and often ask my they as seniors are now facing Medicare cuts, no Social Security races in two years, and increase in cost of insurance. They at the same time face the additional cost that impact all of us with the price of gas, utilities and food.

          It is very scary that those with the most demand lower tax, but expect all of the social benifits (example: Medicare and Social Security). Maybe I and many others I know are taking socialist position as many may say, but is it right for comunities accross this Nation to give money to private businesses to get them to open and / or remain open in their community. As a citizen of Raytown you should know first had the negative impact giving our tax dollars to private business has created. The short falls that we have had to cover have had me asking what would the money have been used for. I also recall the school board members who earlier this year asked the city to stop these give aways as they are negatively impacting the schools.

          So as I understand from the facts of these very tax breaks for business that social programs for busienss are okay, but forget those who work to provide the service and / or fuctions provided by these same businesses.

          I hope you are not proud of the America that the rich and corporations have been allowed to create.

          Anonymous said...

          3:38PM, You are correct about how this country is supposed to be run. It appears to no longer be that way since we had a puppet Congress forcing Socialized Health Care through.

          No Social Security increases were not the fault of Congress. The SS increases are based on the COLA and there was no increase in the cost of living over those 2 years. Both gas and groceries had gone down over that time period. Now both are up so maybe we will get a COLA next year. But thanks to Dictator O'Bummer and his puppet Congress my Medicare and Part D premiums increased as well as the cost of my meds under Part D increased.

          I blame our failed economy on greed not any particular political party. We had Enron, banks making stupid home loans to those with no ability to pay, as well as many other issues.

          I was in San Diego County in '05 and looked at an open home in my old neighborhood. The home was priced at $770,000-$850,000. I asked how people afforded the payments. She said they had no or a low down payment, interest only ARMs, and both members of a couple working. To me that is barely existing. Shortly after that there was a big housing crash when the interest only ended and people couldn't make the adjusted interest payment. I told the realtor, "Maybe they are dealing old neighbor 3 blocks away was dealing drugs." She asked if they were still dealing. I didn't know because I was no longer there.

          Andy Whiteman

          Pat Casady said...

          To Anonymous 3:12
          You are right to a point.
          Yes, bad loans were a big part of the economy
          problems that put this country into a spin.
          However, you forgot the main problem.
          Remember that when people started losing their
          homes gas was around four dollars a gallon. Even
          more on each coast.
          People were making their high house payments.
          Living paycheck to paycheck. But, with high gas prices
          that put their income lower than their needs
          they had to decide if they wanted to pay their house
          payment or feed their family. Groceries went up with fuel
          prices too. Bottom line, I think it was the oil
          companies that first started the economic problems.
          The fat cats at the banks were reaping in high interest
          from their loans and lets be real here. These bankers
          were taking advantage of stupid people and the government went
          along with it, everybody involved was happy.....until
          the oil companies decided they wanted more than their share of
          the pie. The news the other day said there was no reason
          for the high fuel prices we are seeing today but, the oil
          companies learned they couldn't go as high as they did a few
          years ago.
          Oil companies and banks run this country! Don't think for a
          second the president does. These companies control congress and
          the senate. Money talks and us suckers pay for it!

          Anonymous said...

          It took Bush 8 years to royally screw up our country and you expect Obama to fix Bush's messes in two years? Your head must in a hole in the ground. He sure not getting any help from the republicans to straidghten things out. All they want to do is take our Social Security and Medicare we have all worked for and paid into all of our working lives.


          Anonymous said...

          What a great idea to make those who got our Nation in to this problems sell off their assets to pay back the taxpayers.

          It is time both political parties start to work for the people and not the all mighty dollar. Have we all forgoten on our money it reads "In God we trust" not "In the all mighty dollar we trust"

          It is time people start learning to respect people and put human life before making money.

          Together we can make a happier and healther world if we stop thinking of ourselves first.

          Anonymous said...

          Since when in a forth class city like Raytown does other elected officials like members of the Board of Alderman need an excuse from the Mayor in order to miss a meeting.

          I know our Mayor acts like a bully at Board of Alderman meetings, but now taking on the role of dictator. Come on Mr. Mayor when are you going to grow up and act like a man!

          Hybrid Police Patrol Vehicles Praised said...

          With all this talk about hybrids, I thought I would sare an interesting artical.

          It is clear as the price of gas is climbing it is time to look for means to save money.

          NOTE: Just click on my name to follow the link to the artical

          Anonymous said...

          Has anyone checked with Ford to find out how long they claim a Crown Vic used as a police car should run?

          I am speaking about millage. I read several individuals thoughts on this blog from last week, but the true key should be the company that builds them.

          I do find it odd that when I speak with people who drive vehicles with 200,000 to 300,000 miles, but the city thinks we should trade none police vehicles in at 75,000 miles. I know part of this is based on recovery cost, but are the citizens really coming out ahead. I know companies like Kia offer extended bumper to bumper warranties 10 years, 100,000 miles.

          Seems that if companies like Ford cannot stand behind their product as well as build a product that can run for more than 75,000 miles our city officials need to stop buying Fords and explore other options.

          Anonymous said...

          A little history in wasted tax dollar spending in Raytown!

          For those of you who are either new to Raytown or just don’t recall it was only four years ago that we had been told we had to build a new Wal-Mart. If we didn’t the city would loose 15% of its sales tax revenue. Our elected officials (two Democrats and eight Republicans) voted 9 – 1 in favor of issuing bonds to build the new Wal-Mart. Yes, it was one Democrat who wanted to make sure public money was not used for the million dollar corporations to build new buildings.

          The reality of this venture is for 23 years all of the sales tax generated from Wal-Mart will go to pay of those bonds. That is right folks no and I mean no money goes to the police, streets or other services associated with running a city. I wish I could say this was the only impact to the citizens, but no just earlier this year the city had to come up with $70,000 because Wal-Mart is not generating the sales tax that was expected. Is this not great news that we the citizens get to make up the short fall and not Wal-Mart? I guess it is if you are invested in Wal-Mart stock.

          Let me put this in perspective an individual born in the year the bonds were issues will graduate college before seeing any benefits to his community from the decision of those individuals (1 Democrat and 8 Republicans).

          So the next time a friend, co-worker or family member tells you tax breaks for companies like TIFs are good for a community to let them know how they are hurting the future of your city. Be sure to remind them that besides the higher taxes for the privilege of shopping at your local Wal-Mart that you have to deal streets not being maintained or being maintained with slick oil and gravel. The new tax dollar paid for Wal-Mart is also plagued with a higher crime rate and if you don’t think so just drive by and your will always find a police presence parked at one of the doors.

          Now if we had the profession city staff that our elected officials keep bragging about should have they reviewed contracts that would have not had taxpayers picking up short fall.

          It is clear the taxpayers (citizens) of Raytown were sold down the drain by Wal-Mart and those fine Republicans on the Board of Alderman.

          So those of you that feel the need to write on this blog that Republicans are not the problem you need to just call up city hall and validate this little piece of history and the impact it will have on our city for years.

          Anonymous said...

          The problem is that what Obama is doing is not making anything better. It is getting worse.

          Stop blaming the past.

          Anonymous said...

          Stop blaming the past,

          Let me explain something to you that any successful business person knows.

          To fix something you have to get to the root cause and the root cause is always what got something messed up in the first place.

          I am not surprise our once great city is now the Jackson County capitol of corporate give aways while the small business owners get to bite the bullet with the home owners and pay for it all.

          When are we going to see the educated run for office in Raytown. Maybe we are as in Running from office as who would want to try and clean up this mess.

          Ever year more and more tax give aways to big business and while our city service keep taking hits. Our streets are a mess from them either need repaired or from the lack of properer maintenance from those who own the properties around them.

          Anonymous said...

          My Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo had 70000 miles when I bought it in '04. It now has 98,500 miles. The city claims maintenance issues over 75000. I wonder what they are? My only repair issues were:
          1) Power steering assembly fell off just after I bought it. Towed to shop and
          2) Transmission pan had leaked nearly all of the fluid out. These 2 items were taken care of and since then my only issues have been:
          2) Replaced parking break when I left it on driving on the highway.
          3) Replaced battery 2 times (2nd time under warranty).
          4) Radiator appeared to have leak. Brian's discovered radiator cap was bad. Replacing radiator cap resolved the problem.

          Of course I use the owner's manual for maintenance schedule. My LOF should be every 7500 miles, but do it yearly anyway to avoid old oil and to get a general check up along with alignment and tire rotation and balance.

          Frankly, I don't understand replacing vehicles in good condition. It was stated by Andy Noll that the last time the city auctioned 4 vehicles they obtained $33000 or $34000. That was a big accomplishment but I was laughing to myself, "Yeah, that will buy 2/3 of a car or one if you are really luck!

          5:19PM Dictator O'Bummer is using the past as his excuse for making things worse!

          Hybrid Police Patrol Vehicles Praised, Interesting article. How on earth did you get the link into your name?

          Pat, my understand my be wrong, but I have heard in the financial news that the oil companies aren't responsible for the outrageous prices. The oil crises 2 years ago was really caused by investors running up the prices for futures.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          Give the city coffer away to big business, then what little is left over, give to over pay out of town department heads, and finally drain the remaining dollars out with frivolous spending by selling off patrol cars in favor of $40,000gas guzzling SUVs. No wonder the city cries that their broke and need to raise taxes..

          Anonymous said...

          8:26PM, I wish you and others with these comments would come and address the BOA. They only listen to large numbers such as the one way Willow issue or the crime by minors issue. It takes a mob of people, not one or two to get their attention. I think that mobs are attention getters.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          If the Republican basher could just pull their head out of their rear-end they might be able to actually see the truth, but I doubt that will ever happen. I almost feel sorry for someone that out of touch with reality!

          Anonymous said...

          Have to agree with that last comment. I bet the Republican basher says his prayers every night and ends with "and dear lord, please make me more like Barak Obama. And make my children more like him.

          So jaded that he cannot see that Obama is leading our country down the same failed paths of socialism that were tried in Europe.

          Those systems failed there. What on earth makes anyone think socialism will be a success here?

          Anonymous said...

          Mahesh Sharma said . . . "Last week, several staff members volunteered their time over a two day period and prepared 950 sandwiches."

          Gee whiz, did they make those sandwiches over their lunch break?

          Come on Mahesh, whose really paid the dime for this act of charity. Be honest.

          Lets assume that three staff members volunteered their time. They take a one hour lunch. That means that each of them made 316 sandwiches in one hour!

          With productivity like that they belong at Wendy's or McDonalds.

          Unless, of course, they did the work when they were supposed to be working at city hall.

          Guess they really didn't volunteer their time, did they?

          Pat Casady said...

          Sorry Andy but I think you are wrong on that.
          If you remember the oil companies were making
          hundreds of billions in profit each quarter while
          we were paying four and five dollars across
          the country for a gallon of gasoline.
          To Anonymous 4:22,
          The total Wal-Mart price tag the taxpayers so far is now.....
          drum roll please.....OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!!
          That's a lot of street overlays and city services.
          And to show how smart the voters of Raytown are...
          they keep re-electing the people that make these
          asinine decisions.
          As far as high miles. My 1917 Ford F150 has over
          345,000 miles on it and is still going strong.
          I'm hoping to make it to 500,000 before the new year.
          so anonymous 4:02 Ford Motor Co.'s quality isn't in question.

          Anonymous said...

          Bushes fault for everything. Do you understand that 48% of the people do not pay any income tax?
          But you are ok with Obama rasing the tax rate for people that pay...
          out of that 48% that pay no taxes i bet most of those vote democrat under the intitlement thought process.
          just saying

          alright back to Bush bashing( its all his fault)

          Anonymous said...

          Dem do not need to bash Rep.

          Dem just have to sit back and watch the show. The Rep do enough to hurt themselves just watch the news and all the silly things they are doing to those of us who hold the jobs that keeps America running.

          What would they do if we all went on strike at the same time for a week.

          Oh wait you already took care of the hiring those illegals to help around the house and yard that you publicly say we don't need in America, but you sure like paying them less to do jobs you belive yourselves to good to do.

          Andy Whiteman said...

          7:14AM, Why don't you ask Mahesh? How many are several? If you assume 9 staff members, that is just over 100 sandwiches an hour and could easily be done. You are assuming this was done instead of lunch which is a little late to serve the kids lunch. My assumption was that they were prepared the evening before or were a take home project. You may also have a false assumption that they were fresh. At one time I made my sandwiches for 2 weeks at a time and frooze them. These may have been frozen.

          Both of us are making a lot of assumptions but at least these kids had lunch and the goal was achieved. I wish they had this program when I was a kid because my mother didn't give me enough to eat! The school cafeteria manager ask why I was the only one who ate all of the food and left none on the tray. After hearing that I liked the food and my mother didn't feed me enough, I started finding larger portions on my tray. I thank the city staff for serving the citizens of Raytown in more than one way.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          Anon 7:14 - According to Pauls report, they volunteered for 2 days. But your right to ask did they take time off without pay, or did the city pay them to volunteer. If its the later, then it really isn't volunteering, is it? Volunteers don't get paid.

          Anonymous said...

          Could someone explain why $6,500 needed to be moved from the sewer account to building supplies?

          I mean we have professional at city hall just ask Mayor Bower.

          Heck at this same meeting Bower praised the city finance director for doing a great job.

          How Mr. Mayor is this indidual doing a great job when areas like cleaning supplies are not being budgeted correctly from the prior years.

          It sounds like someone has been eating TP when the truth is someone cannot make out a budget.

          This sure is not the way to run a business which Mr Mayor is what you promised if re-elected.

          Anonymous said...

          Most likely he PRAYS, to Obama, after all in his opinion Democrats are all goodness and light, and never do anything wrong. Therefore, Republicans naturally have to be the embodiment of evil. When it come to people like this, their opinion no longer matters as they are not able to be objective. I also suspect that he is a good goose stepping union member, who takes orders from the AFL-CIO bosses.

          Then again, there are just as many who are on the "other side" who are just as bad.

          Anonymous said...

          I was in contact with Mahesh. The children's lunch was 35-40 people from several departments. I appreciate the effort of all involved.

          As to the reason for the $6500 fund transfer, I suggest asking those responsible. I suspect it is on the Web Packet part of the agenda if anyone cares to look.

          Pat, I didn't see your post earlier. Your 1917 Ford F150 sound neat! I didn't know they had that model back them. I hope your personal property tax isn't high. I had a friend in CA whose husband drove an antique truck in his business. His tax on an old vehicle was low until the state decided that it was an antique and the tax became outrageous.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          I am not against the Police have newer cars to do their job. What I am against, are large gas guzzling SUVs being purchased. This is complete and utter nonsense to buy the large SUVs. I will never again support a tax hike from Cityhall. They have blown all the money voted to them and soon will be begging for more to ensure public safety (PD pay raises, new SUVs, bigger pension plan), transportation tax (oil and gravel roads) and increase in tax levy (high wages for out of town department heads and city administrator who have no investment, or interest in Raytown, other than to collect a check and pad their resume.

          Pat Casady said...

          I guess I can't type any more.
          My 1997 F150 has 345,000 miles and I hope to see 400,000 by the new year.

          Pat Casady said...

          Democrats, Republicans!
          WHO CARES!!!!!!!
          That's what's partly wrong with this country.
          People don't vote for the person they vote
          along party lines. Democrats would not vote
          for a great thing if it was presented by the
          Republicans and the other way around.
          Some of the writers on this blog aren't any better.
          The sooner you realize that all parties are out to
          take as much away from you as they can the better
          off you will be.
          It used to be the politicians cared for the people,
          country, cities and towns by which they were elected.
          Not true any more from top to bottom.
          It seems that all of them want your tax dollars to spend
          the way "they" see fit. But, don't make the rich pay
          their fair share, only the middle class has to pay.
          We pay for health care and education for illegal's and
          they receive social security benefits without paying in
          a dime while American's have to fight for benefits.
          So you tell me which is better. They all stink and again
          that's from the top to the bottom of the list.

          Anonymous said...

          I am surprised I have not seen people blogging about the school district deciding to test for drugs.

          I know I would like to see more like test of all district employees but this is a start in the right direct.

          We should pay for kids to be in sports or other activities if they want to do drugs.

          I hope the school district starts to focus more on the class room and less on thier sports activities.

          Anonymous said...

          Has anyone else noticed how bad those that actual fill the orders at places like McDonalds or Wendy's have when it comes to actual building the hamburger as it was ordered.

          Let this serve not only as reminder to myself, but also to everyone else that stops at a fastfood place to make sure to check your oder before walking away from the pickup window or driving away from the drive-up. You might be asked to move your car but you are the customer and if they would have gotten the order right in the first place you wouldn't still be at the window now would you.

          I wounder each day how many orders they get wrong. I am sure it is much higher then what they believe as many people get back home or their office to find that once again things are not right.

          It also makes we wonder where those filling the orders learned to read and comprehend. I mean what does it take to not put pickels or onions on an order.

          I guess these place need to use the same slogan.... "Made Our Way!"

          Anonymous said...


          Thanks for clearing up that the problem with the Ford Crown Vics not being a Ford issue.

          So, It sounds like those professionals working for the city just don't know how to keep up with the maintenace that would help us get more miles out of fleet that the city owns.

          Just on more great example of how our Mayor is working to protect our tax dollars.

          Anonymous said...

          Andy & Pat,

          Any idea about how much money our government is giving subsidizes the big oil companies.

          I know I am wondering why if these companies are reporting record profits we are using tax dollars to help them increase their profit margin.

          Pat, knowing that $2,000,000 was used to cover the opps known as Wal-Mart it would seem that Bower is practicing to be President.

          Anonymous said...


          I have not seen you at any Raytown events lately and was wondering if you are still active in the Raytown community.

          Anonymous said...

          Dear Mr Mayor,

          I want to thank you for all of the wonderful things you have done for our city.

          The parking lot behind Taco Bell now only sees one or two large trucks a week. This a major improvement from the four or five last year. I hope by the end of your second term you are able to get down to none as allowed by our city ordinances.

          Business under your leadership is booming and I just wanted to thank you for finding all of our tax dollars to help get Wal-Mart that nice new store. I a bet those good folks down in AR are glad you help build them that store. I sure am as it gives me a chance to see our police officers in action always aresting someone down there.

          Our streets are in the best of shape with that oil gravel mix and helped put a stop to those darn kids riding their bikes up and down my street all hours of the night. Do you think the city could put some for of the fine mix on my street again these summer as I don't want those kids coming back anytime soon. Maybe the city should try it over of 85th and lane be it would keep those kids out of the street.

          What really had me writng this fine summer day was to find out how I could get hold of some of those city dollars to paint my house like that nice former alderman did with his business.

          Your support

          Mr Spenddy

          PS. When will you have some of the high dollar tp in the bath rooms at city hall, I just have to try the finer things in life that you keep bring to town.

          Anonymous said...


          You are right if we want our great and outstanding elected officials to do the right thing we must show up at board meetings by the 100's.

          One would think they would do the right thing on their own being they told us they would when we elected them, but it is apparent they only act as they should we large numbers show up at city hall.

          KMCCLA said...

          Anonymous -- July 22, 2011 2:24 PM

          You are right, for the most part. Part of the reason for as a matter of fact do not like drive through. (A line from Joe Pesci as Leo Getz in Lethal Weapon 2 comes to mind at times) A lot of time I think is that most these days are not as concerned with customer service as it was twenty years ago. I often find by going into Wendy's when it turns out to be a 50/50 chance that I get what I wanted (e.g. Baconator with everything). I find the same at McDonalds, and other places. I am not sure why. I think a lot of it they --1) do not listen, 2) do not care, after all they your money, 3) know your will come back anyway.

          I have on a few times complained, and I generally get results. If it keeps on happening, talk to the manager, if nothing there -- go to corporate (most of them have web sites), and a lot of them have been putting the comment contacts on the back of receipts -- use them. Also, as you said -- check your order -- better yet, if you go inside, watch them do it.

          But here is another hint, that we can do as a customer, for them. One, speak clearly. Two, instead of saying "give me" try "I would like, ______ please". Three, say "thank-you". The same goes for when you are in a regular restaurant. When they take your order, and bring everything, from the water (and refilling it) to the food, say please and thank-you.

          So it goes both ways, while they need to treat us with respect, and provide us with proper costumer service. At the same time, we also need to treat them with respect.

          Anonymous said...

          Red Dogg and I are living in Hell. a/c went out. Larry checked it and it is the compressor so am buying a new unit but can't get it until Monday. I have the fans on and am dripping wet in sweat. No packing. It is just too hot. Taking a shower would be a waste of time and money.

          3:34PM, You must have been in the public restroom. I bet upper management has better tp in theirs! I am picky that way myself.

          2:24PM, Are you advertising for Burger King? I have never noticed because I don't eat this type of food unless traveling. Not good nutrition. In the 12 years I have been here, I have only had 2 wrong orders at Arby's! A 3rd time part of my order was in 2 bags and the server chased me outside with the 2nd bag. If I want a Burger, I go to Sonic. I just prefer their quality.

          Strange that I am just noticing some of the older posts a day late. I think drug testing at the schools is a good idea but I feel it is not right to single out a specific group. It should include EVERYONE perhaps determined by a random drawing! One thing I find wrong is it was stated in the media that there was no penalty for testing positive. It is a waste of money if there are no sanctions for drug use. I thought the idea was to discourage drug use but it is apparently an effort to know the statistics of drug users. Wasteful!

          Center School District is having an election to up the mill levy. Glad it isn't Raytown!

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          I am sure I am not the only one but everytime I see a comment that deals with democrats and republicans I just skip it and move on. I am not sure why you children keep arguing over such nonsense, neither one of you will change the others mind so just stop. This is a local blog. Go back to your fox news and cnn.

          Anonymous said...

          Was in Lee's Summit yesterday and saw they are losing their book store. They have lost several business this past year. They are not booming like everyone thinks.

          Andy Whiteman said...

          9:20PM, You answered your own quesdtion when you said, "you children.

          Don't have anything to say and don't feel like trying to type afer a nigh with no A/C. My bedroom was 98 so slept on the couch where it was 88. Fortunately Larry found an unit and will install it this afternoon.

          BTW: EMS told me the Raytown Library is a cooling station!

          Andy Whiteman

          KMCCLA said...

          In reply to Anonymous..July 23, 2011 7:39 AM

          That is because all 399 Borders, (nationwide) are closing. It was announced earlier this week that they filled for bankruptcy. I am sad to see it go, I rather enjoyed Borders.

          However, there is an Auto Zone going in at Lee's Summit near the Walmart.

          Anonymous said...

          Lee's Summit is loosing their bookstore because the company has filed for bankruptcy. Look around your Raytown neighborhoods and you really can't compare them to Lee's Summit. Lee's Summit CARES about their neighborhoods while Raytown does not. By the way, a lot of things are less expensive in Lee's Summit than in Raytown. Check water and sewer rates as an example. Raytowneers are getting ripped off on their water and sewer, much higher than Lees Summits. Your insurance, home owners, car insurance etc. is cheaper in Lees Summit. Could it be they have better police protection for a lower crime rate? The insurance companies must think so or you wouldn't be getting a lower rate than in Raytown. It all goes back to your elected officials at city hall, when they don't care we all pay a HIGH PRICE for their incompetency.

          Anonymous said...

          We'er very happy for you Jerry Briggs.

          Anonymous said...

          Raytown will never prosper until it gets rid of it's 4th class status. We can all thank Sue Frank and her cronies such as Christine White, Barb Sclapia, Jim Hamilton and the other short sighted people that opposed the last charter. This would have brought Raytown out of the "dark ages" and not subjected us to continues ridicule and jokes as seems to be the case now.

          Anonymous said...

          I see Senator Kraus's Raytown properties are for sale. Does this mean he is abandoning Raytown?

          Anonymous said...

          8:16 PM, I agree, there is such a thing as common courtesy. Everyone deserves and should be treated with respect. These people are probably receiving minimum wage. Minimum wage in the food service industry means the worker must receive at least minimum wage AFTER tips. I spoke with one food server who said he was paid $2.35 per hour. Tipping may be appropriate. I always tip at Sonic Burger because I am officially served. My tip is larger in this extreme weather.

          I used to work Customer Service. Last week I spoke with the worst rep who messed up the order in many ways. I called and spoke with a supervisor, told her I used to work for AT&T in several capacities and this rep was unacceptable. She said that she would listen to the tape.

          A big THANK YOU to Larry Edwards, Service Specialist, 816-356-8545 for getting my a/c replaced and running about 10PM Saturday night. Larry certainly provides out standing service! I suggest calling Larry for your HVAC needs. Both Red Dogg and I were close to expiring in a 98 degree bedroom, the rest of the house at 87 degrees. The basement was 80 degrees and has never been that hot!

          There are some city issues involved with the Ring of Fire which I shall address either with the department head or the BOA or both.

          Andy Whiteman

          Pat Casady said...

          There are a couple of ways to look at a possible
          $400,000 grant for the downtown area streetscape
          First, it's about time our downtown gets
          some attention. We have been ignored for a long
          time. Other than the city trying to run all the
          downtown businesses out of town.
          Second, it might just be too little too late.
          This city has had many chances to better the
          downtown area. Our elected officials were well
          aware that there were two or three employees trying
          their best to stop any new business and to run off
          existing businesses. We've lost more that thirty
          small businesses thanks to City Hall's inability to
          to, or lack of guts to fire these people that ruined
          this town. Instead they gave praise to them and in
          most cases even gave raises to these destroyers.
          Our elected officials didn't act much better when they
          gave away the farm to the big box on 350hwy and loaned
          your tax dollars to build Aldi's and Ihop.
          Besides, if this bunch gets handed $400,000 who's to say
          it will see the downtown? Remember your street overlay tax?

          Anonymous said...

          I am glad to see drug testing at the schools. Lets hope they drug test not only the jocks but others as well. The BIG question is will the district have enough balls to do something about it after the test comes back positive.

          Andy Whiteman said...

          Pat, There was no street overlay for me! I agree about downtown. When I spoke to the BOA on the bike bath to nowwhere on 350 HWY, I suggested bike baths have a destination, namely downtown, Bowen apartments, the library, city hall, the Post Office and the strip mall with Wendys and Sav-A-Lot. We want people downtown, so lets give them a way to get there

          Deep down, I wonder if there is a long range plan to get bussiness to leave, declare the area blighted, and sell to a developer? Didn't work well with the Olde Baptist Church or Raytown Plaza.
          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          8:16 AM, FYI: It was stated in the news that the Dysfunctional School District would take NO action if the tests came back positive. Drugs are both illegal and a health hazard to the user, so I feel action should be taken. It is a waste of money to test and ignore the issue. I feel there is also a liability issue if no action is taken.

          Glad the IHOP is open. I may try it on the way to Westlake after the crowds have slacked off. Also they run good coupons sometimes in the Red Star Sunday coupon section.

          Andy Whiteman

          Pat Casady said...

          It wasn't a long term plan. I feel it WAS the plan
          all along. Mr.Curt Wenson, Beau Groceman and Tim
          Truesdale tried their best to run off businesses
          in the downtown area. Curt Wenson even told me
          they wanted the downtown to be rated as blighted.
          Truesdale didn't limit running off businesses to
          just the downtown area. He wouldn't let in new
          business and ran off existing businesses.
          Wenson's big idea for the old church site...a new grocery
          store with small shops with living quarters above them.
          At that time Raytown already had ten grocery stores
          in our ten square mile town.
          Faces change, sad ideas don't.

          Andy Whiteman said...


          Quite possibly, it may have been a long term plan from higher up still being carried on by staff now. I have still heard parts of that plan in (mixed use with residential above businesses.) Sounds like NYC or other big cities to me.

          Ideas would change if the people would actually get out and vote to change city government.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          I am wondering how on earth the 67th Street bridge is replaced in one weekend but the 63rd Street bridge was closed almost 9 months???? This makes no sense to me.

          Andy Whiteman

          Andy Whiteman said...

          I read in the Raytown Times that the penalty for failing a school drug test is suspension from the activity for 30 days on the first offence and 60 days on the 2nd offence. But if a drug treatment plan is entered the penalty is cut in 1/2. To me that is unsatisfactory and encourages drug use!

          I have dealt with a family member in drug rehab and I can tell you that these programs are a waste of time and a lot of $$$$$$$ unless the person truely wants sobriety. Otherwise they will pretend to follow the 12 steps and be using again. My family member was using inside the locked unit when another client's boyfriend brought in drugs. She was also using while while in the regular part of the facility as well as after discharge. There will never be recovery until they "hit bottom" and work their first step and reaize that, "My life is unmanageable."

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          Former Raytown Firefighter Dale Schaffer passed away yesterday at his Lees Summitt home. He retired 15 years ago.
          He served the community for 25 plus years as a firefighter/driver

          Anonymous said...

          Andy ---

          It took them one weekend to remove the 60th Street bridge. It appears that they will hang the beams next weekend (8/5-7). The Blue Ridge Bridge has had the deck removed. Both bridges are planed to be reopened by September. As for the time spent. Simple, both the 67th Street, and Blue Ridge Bridges are MoDot under the safe and sound project. The state often mandates a certain period of time on the contract. More often than not city projects for some reason take longer. Ever see how long some of the projects from the City of Kansas City? They usually take two to three times it does for the state. It makes no sense because you have never worked in heavy construction, nor know how it works.

          Anonymous said...

          In response to those glad to see drug testing in schools, my wife and I take an active role in raising our children and have tried to teach them right and wrong. I realize that is unpopular with some of you. We don't appreciate our children being treated like criminals because they want to participate in sports at school. Why should my sons have to urinate in a cup for a stranger at school?

          Anonymous said...

          Did anyone see the piece on the 10 o'clock news the other night about homes getting smaller. The McMansions are getting less and less popular. With a smaller less expensive home, you pay less in a mortage payment, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. This could be a great calling card for Raytown. We are affordable. Three things the Mayor and council need to fix: 1)crime, 2)code enforement and 3)a good education for our children. This can definitely be done if the citizens will make their voices heard. Raytown is close to everything a person needs. We need to take back our city - it is a great one.

          Anonymous said...

          7:48 AM, I agree with you, but people like you who raise their children properly are few in number. There are parents out there with out of control children. These parent either don't have time to devote to their children of don't give a damn. I think the testing is aimed at those type of people. How do you feel then your children get older and drug testing is a job requirement? Maybe they need to prepare for the real world.

          9:11AM, I have noticed that in new construction: miniature homes on miniature lots. I won't buy that crap. Raytown has such a development that I spoke against at the BOA. It never was finished and has been a general nuisance and a topic on this blog many times.

          Andy Whiteman

          Anonymous said...

          Have you tried to sell a house in Raytown lately? Talk to your experienced realtors. Raytown is NOT where people are wanting to buy a home and raise a family anymore. We need to be asking our elected officials WHY???

          Anonymous said...

          7:14AM, Take a look at the streets. They are an embarrassment. If I was looking for a home in this metro, after seeing 63rd St, I wouldn't stop to view the home. Pretty soon 63rd will be as bad as 59th.

          Back in '04 my Realtor told me that homes in Raytown were on the market an average of 6 months. I just spoke with an investor who said the Raytown market is very poor with more like 2 years to sell a house.

          Andy Whiteman