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Breaking News...Sunday, September 18, 2011

A resident who likes Raytown reported today that the City Hall sign has been damaged.  Go to the link and check it out.  The resident asked a good question - accident or vandalism?  The Raytown Report will pass along more information as it becomes available.  Thanks to "A Resident Who Likes Raytown" for this story.

What Will the BOA do? By Greg Walters

A long time Raytowner told me the following this weekend:

“I do not pay taxes to my city to be used on private property, end of story.”

The statement, if you follow the poll numbers on last week’s poll is probably a fair indication of what most Raytowner’s feel about the debate over funding the project to clean of silt out of Wildwood Lakes. From what I have learned there is a “split” on the Board of Aldermen over the question as well.

Credit is due to some of our elected officials. They are trying to find a solution that will not cost the general fund.

One idea is the Neighborhood Improvement District. The NID would create a special tax levy on Wildwood homeowners for the cost of the project. It is a workable solution. Whether or not the Wildwood homeowners will accept that plan is yet to be seen. Such a district would require a vote of those affected by the special tax levy.

Another idea that was proposed the last time this issue came before the BOA many years ago would be to make the lake accessible to public. This would require that all of those private property and no trespassing signs around Wildwood to come down. Public access means exactly what is says. In effect, Wildwood Lakes and the adjoining shoreline could become as accessible as a public park.

Another wrinkle that has entered the fray is a question of whether or not certain Aldermen should abstain from voting because of possible conflicts of interest. Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere has frequently made comments that indicate he is a resident of the Wildwood homeowners group.
I know for a fact that Jim does not live in Wildwood. His vote is probably sewed up by the forces wanting a city handout. But he is not a resident, therefore, not really in conflict.

Ward 3 Alderman Christine White is married to the former Ward 3 Alderman Jeff Kinman.

Jeff Kinman is brother to former Ward 2 Alderman Jerry Kinman.

Jerry Kinman has been one of the driving forces in pushing for the city to remove silt from the lake.

Though not a resident of Wildwood, the close family ties do push the ethical line pretty close to the limit.

Whether or not Christine White votes on the issue is a decision she must make before the Board votes on using city funds to clean up a private lake. 

Look for next Friday's report from Paul Livius to find out what, if any,  action was taken by the Raytown Board of Aldermen on the Wildwood Lake controversy.

BOA Should Reject Wildwood Request by Greg Walters

Last week an anonymous blogger posted the following message:

“There was a swimming pool in my neighbor’s back that was in horrible condition and not being used and was a mosquito’s haven. We contacted the city and asked for help and were told nothing could be done, since they had a privacy fence. This was a huge health problem for children or adults who could not even enjoy their backyards. The city did nothing for us so why should they for Wildwood?”

The post pretty much says it all.

Homeowners who add amenities to their property have a responsibility to maintain that property. This applies to people who own swimming pools. It also applies to people who enjoy the serenity and privacy of a private lake in their back yard. 

When the homeowners of the Wildwood Lakes subdivision purchased their homes they did not have the rest of Raytown co-sign on their property deeds. It is as simple as that. With the privilege of lakeside living come responsibilities.

Some would argue that the city is responsible for the “silt” that makes its way to the lake. The silt is the accumulation of loose dirt and debris that makes it way to the lake. It is a natural process that is the bane of all man-made lakes.

If the Board of Aldermen take it upon their collective shoulders to remove the silt for Wildwood, they best prepare themselves to offer the same service for every other privately held lake or pond within Raytown’s borders.

There has also been an argument that the lake must be maintained to avoid flooding problems downstream. Use the link below to view a picture of Wildwood Lakes to gain an understanding of the topography of the watershed surrounding the lake. Scroll to the right to see that properties to the west in Raytown and Kansas City are not threatened by the watershed. The Raytown city limits on the east is Woodson Road.

To view the map use this link: Wildwood Lakes

Readers will note another unnamed lake directly below Wildwood Lake in the picture. That lake is Gregory Lake, located at 70th Terrace  and Gregory Lane. The brown color shows the degree of silt that is filling the lake bottom.

Work Session September 6, 2011
• Andy Noll reported that the Wildwood Home Owner’s Association came to him requesting  the City help with the removal of algae and silt accumulation in the basin. The Home Owner’s Association is concerned about the silt upstream and at the end of the lake, also with the trash and debris that has come into the lake, as well as the algae blooms in the lake.
• Originally, Ralph Carpenter, from the Home Owner’s Association, talked with Andy Noll about the algae problem in July, 2011. Mr. Noll visited the lake and found no algae. Mr. Carpenter moved from the area, and Jerry Kinman contacted Andy Noll.
• This is not Mr. Noll’s first choice because any lake in the region will have problems with sedimentation. He also pointed out that the storm water goes into the lake on the North side. The Wildwood Home Owner’s Association doesn’t want the city to clean the silt and trash from that side. Mr. Kinman proposed digging the silt from the west side of the lake during the dry season. Then maintaining the lake every year after that. He wants the city to provide the trucks. He also wants the city to find and cover the cost for disposal of the silt.
• It was suggested the city establish a Neighborhood Improvement District to pay the costs associated with the clean up.
• Alderman Ertz asked Andy Noll what the problem is with algae. Mr. Noll said he didn’t know because aquatics were not his specialty. Mr. Ertz asked what the cost would be and Mr. Noll wasn’t sure.• Alderman VanBuskirk agreed that a Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) was a good idea. The lake is a private lake, and the NID will only be paid for and benefit the members of the Wildwood Home Owner’s Association.

• Alderman Lightfoot asked how often the lake has needed to be dredged. Mr. Noll said there were two dam repairs, but he’s not sure if the city helped with that cost. Alderman Lightfoot pointed out that the lake is an amenity to the home owners, not the city’s storm water control. He doubted if the city helped before. He asked what the Home Owner’s Association’s estimates were. Mr. Noll said it was his understanding the estimates were verbal only. Mr. Lightfoot asked what percent of the Home Owner’s Association members paid dues. Mr. Noll said that according to Jerry Kinman, there was less participation in the Home Owner’s Association on the north side of the lake.
• Alderman Melson said that according to a letter sent to the Board by Mrs. Wittman, the lake is a de facto storm water basin. She asked if there is evidence that the lake was supposed to be a storm water basin. Mr. Noll said no, not that he knew of. He said the city doesn’t count on it as a storm water basin. Ms. Melson asked what are the long term expectations of the people who live at Wild Wood Lake. Mr. Noll said that if the city dredged the silt out of Wild Wood Lake now, the residents could come by next year, expecting the same service. Also, any other private lake in Raytown could ask for and expect the same service. What the city agrees to do for one private lake, it will have to do for all private lakes.• Alderman Hamilton said that Lakewood Estates went to the City with the same proposition and was turned down by the city. If the city helps Wild Wood Lake, Lakewood Estates will expect the same help.
• Alderman VanBuskirk asked if the Home Owners have a legal obligation to belong to and pay dues to the Home Owner’s Association. Can the Home Owner’s Association take legal action against the Home Owners who don’t pay dues. Mr. Noll stated he was not sure of the covenants in the Home Owner’s Association deeds. Even if there was one, all the Home Owner’s Association could do is put a lien on the property and wait for it to be sold. Which, he pointed out, would be of no help right now.• Alderman Aziere said the storm water channels down 67th street into Wild Wood Lake. There is a joint partnership between the city and Wild Wood. The city built
the retention basin above the lake because we needed to prevent excess water in the area. He remembers that the concrete company who built the retention basin threw toxins in the water and polluted the lake. He also thinks the city should take care of the other lakes in Raytown. He has talked with the Home Owner’s Association and he doesn’t think this is an unreasonable request.
• Alderman Aziere also said that part of the problem is that 40% of the Home Owner’s have homes that actually border on the lake. Only those homes pay Home Owner’s Association dues.• Mayor Bower told Andy Noll to look further into this, especially the NID, funding the periodic cleaning of the lake and what it would take to have this on the City’s master plan. He would like recommendations from the staff, as well as the Board.

• Alderman Pardue asked how many other lakes contributed to the storm water master plan. This was important to know, if the city is going to set a precedent.

John Benson, Interim Community Development Director, came before the Board to report that the Raytown Garden Club offered to purchase and wants to donate a Blue Star Memorial Sign for the City of Raytown. They have proposed installing it at the Pocket Park at 63rd and Raytown Road. Mahesh Sharma, John Benson and Kevin Boji would like to suggest the Memorial be designed into the new Downtown Streetscape project. It was agreed they would look into that.

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting September 6, 2011

The invocation was given by Deanna Hayden, of the Southwood Church of the Nazarene. The Raytown Police Department Honor Guard presented the Colors.

• In memory of September 11, 2001, Mayor Bower thanked Raytown’s First Responders, the Police Department, the 911 Operators, the Fire Department, the EMS service, and the Public Works department for the keeping Raytown and its residents safe.

• Mayor Bower recognized Ben and Barbara Carmack as the Truman Heartland Co-Outstanding Citizens of the Year.

• During the Public Comments, Jerry Kinman, of the Wildwood Home Owner’s Association, asked the Board to set up a partnership between the city and the lake. He reported there is moss and mosquitoes around the lake. He also said that not all homeowners in Wildwood Estates belong to the Home Owner’s Association. He is asking the city to dispose of the dirt and silt once a year, otherwise the area will lose property value. He has seen the lake hold back water during a heavy rainstorm. He said the City repaired the dam once and it needs to be done again. He was told that the city would help with the work and the costs.

• Shirley Wittman, President of the Wildwood Home Owner’s Association, said the lake captures the run-off for the city streets. The Home Owner’s Association cannot afford the necessary repairs because there were eleven homes foreclosed on in the past year. They have collected no dues from those homes. She received a phone call from a potential buyer of one of the foreclosed homes who was concerned about the condition of the lake and asked what was being done. She knows of one homeowner who is thinking of selling his house because of the condition of the lake. She asked all members of the Wildwood Home Owner’s Association to stand. She told the Mayor and Board that they came in mass and would be back in two weeks.

• Andy Whiteman asked who’s property values were going down. He said his went up and he had to call Jackson County to get it reduced. He stated that he thought the new energy saving light bulbs were too dim to be used in the street lights. Two years ago, he said, the citizens of Raytown passed the Transportation tax. The people thought they would be getting more street lights and street repairs. When he talked to someone at city hall, he was told the Transportation tax was for debt retirement, new bus stops and rapid transit. He urged the Aldermen to vote no on the light weight aggregate.
• Phyllis Goforth, Vice President of the Main Street Association, proposed a Holiday Lighting Ceremony in downtown Raytown. After much research, the Association has decided that the snowflake holiday lights would work best for the area. She asked that the City cover the cost of $1,260 to purchase the lights.
• Rick Elleren, of KC Power Force Auction, said he had been trying to obtain a Business License for his property at 11900 E. 350 Highway. He has cleaned up the property and has met all the requirements set forth by the city for his license, except for the curbs, shoulders and drainage construction the city requires. He said he doesn’t have the deep pockets like Walmart. He owns 2,000 linear feet of property that faces the highway. The estimates he’s received so far indicate it will cost him in excess of $200,000 to do the work required to get his license. He asked the Board to allow him to get the license and open his business. He would like a three year deferment on the construction.

Mayor Bower reported that he attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at Aldi’s Grocery Store. The bridge at the Minor Smith Park has reopened. IHOP will have their official ribbon cutting ceremony in October.

• The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution authorizing and approving the appointment of Mary Phyl Dwight to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
• The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution supporting an application for a grant in the amount of $75,000 from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for the Coleman-Livingood Park to renovate the tennis courts. Kevin Boji, Parks and Recreation Director said Raytown applied for the grant and MDNR will inspect the park next week. Alderman Melson asked when the project will be completed. Mr. Boji said it will be done next year.
• The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with Vance Brothers for the 2011 light weight aggregate seal project, not to exceed $144,000.
• The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with Twin Traffic Marking Corporation for pavement marking, not to exceed $16,123.
• The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with William White and Sons Construction Company for 2011 concrete repair project, not to exceed $60,000. This will finish the curb and sidewalk concrete repair projects for this year. The former company hired for this project has been too slow, and the city is replacing them with William White and Sons Construction Company. Alderman Melson asked if there was a penalty clause in the contract for not completing the work on time. Andy Noll said there was, but if the city enforced the penalty, the work wouldn’t get done any faster. The City would be in a long protracted dispute and it wasn’t worth invoking the clause. Alderman Aziere asked if there was a water main break while replacing some of the curbs and sidewalks. Andy Noll said there was a break at 63rd and Blue Ridge Blvd. The construction company broke one small line. They call the Raytown Water Company, who turned off the water. When the water was turned on, another line broke. Alderman Aziere asked who would pay to repair the lines. Mr. Noll said the construction company would pay for it. They have insurance for these problems.

The Board heard the second reading for the City code relating to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. There had been a change to the Ordinance relating to the fences. The new Ordinance would allow chain-link fences on 350 Highway within ten feet of the highway for the purpose of screening trash, storage and service areas. It would also require shrubs and trees to be planted to hide the fence. Alderman Aziere asked if chain-link fences are currently allowed. John Benson said that in residential areas, chain-link fences are allowed in back yards, but not in front yards or side yards of corner properties.

The Board heard the first reading to establish the annual property tax levy rate for the general operating fund and the Park fund for 2011.  The levy is established every year per state law.  The levy notices from Jackson County assessed values went up $2.8 million with the largest in real estate values and new construction.  Since most of the increase was from new construction, the city will not change the levy valuation.  Alderman Van Buskirk asked when the City will know the exact County valuation.  He was told it would be the end of September.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't Wildwood Lakes have a Homeowners Association? Why isn't the Association paying for the upkeep of the lake? If its a private lake then it is a private maintenance. Period - end of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Wildwood is a private lake owned by the homeowners who live on the south side of the lake.

Unless you live in that neighborhood you will be subject to arrest for trespassing on private property if you try go fishing in that lake.

Now will someone tell me why any reasonable person would want to pay the upkeep of lake property that they are not able to use?

I cannot believe the greed on display by Wildwood homeowners. Do they consider themselves a ruling class over the rest of Raytown?

Anonymous said...

This is taken from the Virginia Department of health.

Do ponds and lakes breed mosquitoes?

If it is a permanent body of water (such as a lake or pond), it is much less likely to be a source of mosquitoes than if it were a temporary body of water such as a puddle. A puddle three inches deep and three feet in diameter can easily produce 10 to 20 times as many mosquitoes as your average 1-acre farm pond.

Permanent bodies of water develop resident populations of predatory species (aquatic insects, fish, salamanders) that reduce or eliminate the mosquito larvae in that environment. Most mosquito species would not even lay eggs in a permanent body of water. Several species of mosquitoes can breed in permanent bodies of water, but most of these have not been implicated in West Nile virus transmission.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked the first time I walked Hank to Wildwood when I saw the "private property" signs. It sure looked public to me. If it was private I would expect the streets leading to it to be so posted or gated to keep people out. I wonder who owns the streets? Are they maintained by the HOA or the city?

Lake Lotawana is a private lake. It is also a city but I am unaware if homeowners' association, the city, or both maintain the maintains the lake.

I think the problem with Wildwood is the HOA dues would be outrageous if they had to maintain the lake. When I was looking for homes to buy, I won't consider any home with an HOA for this as well as other reasons.

If the city in its infinite "wisdom" decides to take on this responsibility, Wildwood should become a public park. The HOA would be rid of its responsibility and dump it on the taxpayers of Raytown.

On the other hand, Wildwood could form its own village and seek aid from Dictator O'Bummer or the state.

Andy Whiteman

Your Vote Counts said...

Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 7:00 PM
Las Chili’s, 6210 Raytown Trafficway., Raytown

If you agree, we live in a democracy please join us and invite your friends too.

Learn about stopping elected officials in Jefferson City from overturning the vote of the people on initiatives issues.

Elected officials should respect the will of the people. But the Missouri legislature has attempted to overturn voter initiatives more frequently than almost any other state with the initiative process.

Examples include:

• Minimum wage
• School funding
• Puppy mills
• Clean energy

It is clear that this is not their first time to force their will on us against the votes cast related to initiative issues and they will try again.

For more information on “Your Vote Counts” click on our name above

Anonymous said...

I just did a Google search and came across this link:

It is outdated, but may be of interest.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture of the dead fish.

Did the city ever correct the sanitary sewer problems?

I don't think anyone would argue that the city does own and maintain the sanitary sewer system.

Storm water runoff is a different story. It would be there with or without a city.

Anonymous said...

Woodson Road is east of Wildwood Lake, not west!

Editor said...

Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The error has been corrected.

Raytown Report

Anonymous said...

It is easy to confuse direction here on flat land. I have lived with the mountains on the east or west and the ocean on the west and the mountains on the east. All 3 give a sense of direction. There is no sense of direction in Raytown.

I may be wrong, but it is my understanding that the city uses Wildwood Lake for their their storm sewer outlet. If this is true, the runoff is funneled to Wildwood by the city which makes the city somewhat responsible for this condition since it is man made and not natural runoff. This raises another question of how much is the city paying Wildwood to dump city runoff there?

It could be that the city run off caused the dead fish if there were insecticides, fertilizer, weed killer, oil, or other chemicals in the runoff.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I was just reading my last post and realized that "There is no sense of direction in Raytown," also could have another meaning other than north, south, east, west if one thinks about it.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The sun rises in the east, it sets in the west. It is in the southern sky at noon. In Kansas City/Raytown the named streets run north to south, the number streets runt east and east. Storms come from the west, and move east (for the most part). Anyone who does not know their what direction they are going, needs to find a map. What more do you need? I could be in the middle of high plains of Kansas, and know what my directions are (unless I was blindfolded at midnight).

Anonymous said...

The paper reported today that there was a basement fire at 53rd and Ralston. They also reported that the KCFD helped put out the fire. This is the second time in a month that the paper has reported a fire in Raytown where the KCFD has helped out. Why can't the Raytown fire department put out fires by themselves?

Anonymous said...

The last storm came from the east, not the west!
I didn't see the article about the fire, but as a former firefighter, I can tell you fire fighting is not always done by the local department. There is such a thing as mutual aide. There are variables incolved, such as what is burning, nearness to other structures, are there explosives, people trapped inside, lack of water, and can a single department handle the fire?

I suggest addressing your question to the RFD.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

My prediction is the BOA will cave to the Wildwood HOA and pay for the silt removal, etc.
This will set a precendence that will plague Raytown for years to come...get ready to continue to absorb more Taxes...either from the idiots in Washington or local..

KMCCLA said...

Anonymous, September 13, 2011 8:21 AM

It is called Mutual Aid, believe it or not, Raytown, now often also helps Kansas City Fire Department. Raytown has a total of roughly six on duty personal on duty three per station, plus a reserves that are at home that have to be called out. The KCFD has roughly 350 some odd on duty, in 34 stations. Raytown, is a small fire department (fire protection district), they often do need help from the KCFD. Some years ago there was a fire at about 73rd and Blue Ridge, one house was one fire, and it was so hot, that the house next door also starting to catch on fire. Both Raytown, and KC where called out, and even though it was in Raytown, the KCFD took the lead, and took the main structure. Back when the Taco Bell on 350 caught fire, again the KCFD was called out, as they are with several fire that often are in Raytown. The Raytown FPD can handle most small fires, but if they need more manpower, the KCFD helps. I used to make a joke -- you can tell when Raytown has a real fire, when they call the real fire department. (I am/was a fire buff, and knew many on both departments, and heard that this morning) The KCFD is the largest, and most aggressive fire departments in the region, and while the members of the RFPD are just as well trained, they simply do not have the manpower of the KCFD.

Here is the RFPD web site --

Anonymous said...

Nothing our BOA does is predictable. I wouldn't wager on that one!

Whatever they do will dissatisfy MANY people.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I don't think our city can use taxpayer money
for private needs. Taxpayer money is for
public services not private.
I don't believe it is legal for our city
to clean up Wildwood Lakes.
I believe the city could give a tax break to
the homeowners so they could clean up their own mess.
But, I don't think the city can use collected
tax payer money from the general funds or anywhere
else for the cleanup.
As I see it the only way taxpayer money sould be
used is if all taxpayers owned the lake. That is if
the people of Wildwood Lake would give the lake
to the city and open it up for everyone to use.
Of course their property values would go down the

Anonymous said...

Where is the Tea Party?

You say you don't like government waste, but in Raytown we have elected officials ready to spend our tax dollars on a private lake.

If you don't like what DC does you just have to hate when it is you own local government that is ready to take care of things that property owners should be doning.

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 8:04
I wondered the same thing when our city
government did the deal with Wal-Mart.
Every man, woman and child should be asking
our city officials what they were thinking or,
as of now, why aren't they trying to come up with a way
out of the one-sided contract with W-M.
This has cost you and every citizen of this great
town millions of dollars.
Why didn't the people demand an explanation of why their
street overlay money went to W-M's street and parking lot.
With every election do the bad officials get the boot?
No! Tell me why that is. How much is enough?
How high do they need to keep raising taxes before the
people do something? Please can somebody tell us?

Anonymous said...

The question is how many times does EMS cover calls for KCMO.

I think we would al be surprised of how many times KCMO cannot meet the needs of its people.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Wittman said the roperty value is going because of the lake. Well guess what mine is down because of a neighbor who is a want a bee landscaper. Her yard is full of scrub brush and weeds. The codes dpartment has been called adn did nothing.w briA realtor told me it has lowered my property value. This could be taken care of without any cost to city or the taxpayers,simple issue her a warning to take care of this mess or be in court. But you must understand in order for this to be done codes needs to come and looks at this mess and then get the backbone to write the warning and follow up. I asm not holding my breath this will happen. I don't think Wildwood Lake deserves a d---ing from the city.

Anonymous said...

If the lake is responsible for property values being down, it seems logical to sell the lake to a developer who would drain the lake, bring in landfill, and build homes. Homes would add to the tax base.

Even if the lake didn't have issues, I wouldn't buy in that neighborhood because of the lake and because it has a HOA (neigher are desirable to me.)

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Please see photos of Wildwood lake:

Anonymous said...

Andy, those are nice pictures, but there 14 months old. If the people at Wildwood Lake haven't bothered to take care of the lake then why should the rest of Raytown pay for it now? We can't go swimming or fishing there. If something happened and I couldn't afford to keep having the gardner come cut my grass, do you thnk the city would help me? Of course not. It's my property. Why is Wildwood any different? It's there property and they should pay to keep it up.

Anonymous said...

1:45PM, I am in total agreement with you. I linked the photos because I happened to find them and someone took the time to post them.

I think the lake would being a fortune to the HOA if they sold it to a developer who would drain and develop it.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when traci fann's term is up

Anonymous said...

The muni judge is reelected every 4 years because she is the only candidate. I THINK her term is up at the next city election. I suggest calling 737-6004 and they will know for sure.

I hope someone runs against her but the requirements are being a resident of Raytown and a licensed attorney. As I see it, the problem is a good attorney can make much more than the pittance paid for the office of muni-judge.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

For those concerned about the Raytown Fire Department or any other fire department and their operations you need to get your facts straight. You can start by taking a fire academy class and learning something about the business and how to make a very dangerous job a little safer. Try hanging out at a fire station and talking to the people that protect you. The Raytown Fire Department staffs 5 at each station and mans 2fire trucks. They put out their own fires and the majority of the time do so before KC shows up and yes this is larger fires too. They have even been know to put out KC's fires before they get to their own. The reason for having KC respond to the scene was previously mentioned, there are multiple tasks to be performed and often simultaneously and the manpower used if for safety. Most fire departments in the metro are NFPA 1710 compliant. This addresses the need for a specific amount of manpower for specific types of calls and incidents, while it is not always necessary, if things go south, the manpower is already in place. KC relies on Raytown just as much as Raytown relies on Kansas City. Fire Departments exchange resources South Platte Fire, Liberty Fire, Lees Summit Fire, Grandview Fire, Claycomo Fire, and Gladstone all help out KC and KC helps them out. It serves the public well by reducing response times and increasing available resources to a given area. Another benefit is by these departments working together on smaller incidents it prepares them for something on a larger scale like, oh I don't know, flooding, tornadoes, ice storms, none of which ever occur in the metro.
One thing I do know, is that even if the members of the Raytown Fire Department knew who you were and knew that you were attacking them in a public forum instead of asking them directly, they would still come to your aid under any circumstances and risk their lives to save yours. Why would someone risk their life to save yours? What would compel a person to make a career of risking their life to save the life of another? The next time you see a firefighter, police officer, EMT or paramedic ask them. Ask them why they risk their lives to save yours, your family and your friends. I will bet the response is a very humble one. Then ask yourself why am I picking on them. They don't get paid huge million dollar contracts like professional athletes do (who don't risk their lives), or a doctors salary, even a manager at McDonalds makes more than some of these life savers and risk takers.
Get educated on the issues that bother you, before you bring them to a forum, then maybe you won't look so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Jim Aziere has the Wildwood Lakes Home Association to thank for all the hard work they did to help him get reelected. They made him a member of there homes association. Because of that, he should recuse himself from voting on helping Wildwood Lake clean up there mess.

Christine White is married to Jerry Kinman's brother. Jerry Kinman lives in Wildwood Lakes and has been demanding the city help with the problem. She should recuse herself from voting to help Wildwood Lake clean up there mess.

Both aldermen have a conflict of interest between the city and wildwood lake. Both of them ought to be telling the mayor thiere is a conflict. Nobody believes they can do what is best for the city. One owes a huge debt and made campaign promises he has to keep. The other one has to listen to her family.

Anonymous said...

12:10PM, Should the Wildwood Lakes issue come to a vote, I suggest you make the above comment during Public Comments the BOA meeting.

Andy Whiteman

George Scheil said...

To the anonymous poor typist complaining about their neighbor's landscaping - you are a perfect example of what made Raytown small minded. Attack anyone different from you - it's the American way. "Mama's Family" got it right.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you have to be an attorney to be muni judge? I was under the impression there were ways aeound that. Greg, can you please clear up the questions on traci fann and any rumors youve heard of opposition she may faceted

Resident who likes Raytown said...

So what happened to the City Hall sign overnight? It looks like it was hit by a car but the tracks were not readily apparent.

The stone memorial behind it is also torn up somewhat, too...accident, or vandalism?

(The Raytown Report is free to use this photo as it so desires.)

Anonymous said...

The PD needs to check the City Hall Video surveillance. It may be easy to apprehend the perp(s).

Due to the fact that more than one sign is involved it looks like someone went to a lot of work to move them.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Wow and to think I only thought hillbilly's inter-bred....really, Christine White is married to another board of aldermans brother..Can someone do the family tree for me on how Sue Frank is related to this as well? Might as well throw in how the Baptist Temple fits into this equation as well...I know there is link, gotta be.
I am honestly intrigued & shocked....this speaks volumes as to why Raytown has so many issues, they are familial problems...and most residents are part of the family (yet)!

Anonymous said...

Sue Frank is married to Chris Whites brother Ted Bowman who is second in command at the police departmernt. Welcome to Arkansas!!

Anonymous said...

Someone write a genealogy report on Raytown!! There may be conflicts of interest we are unaware of.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy - there are lots of conflicts of interests. Remember Shirley Whittman going before the aldermen last April and telling Jim Aziere not to forgert his campaign promises? Anyone want to make book this was one of them? She also threatened to reappear before the board at the next meeting with a few of her friends? What's she going to do? Other than demand Aziere keep his promises?
BTW Greg - you are wrong. Aziere does have a conflict of interest because the Wildwood home assocation made contributions to his campaign fund.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Whittman, as does any citizen, had the right to address the BOA. I don't take her statement as a threat. She has the right to speak if she so desires.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

(from the police blotter)

13104a - CITY, DWI - ALCOHOL
100XX E 59 ST, RAYTOWN, MO 64133
Sep 18, 2011 at 1:32 am

I would have to guess that explains the wrecked sign.

Anonymous said...

Chris White and Jim Aziere need to recuse themselves from the Wildwood Lake issue. But they won't, they will lie and say it won't infulence how they vote. Any one want to bet on how this will play out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what a person would be driving that is big and powerful enough to take out the City's sign? It was stated at the BOA meeting that a claim will be filed against that person's insurance. I bet he/she loses their insurance and hopefully their license. No one should be driving like that.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2:37,
You and I know exactly how the Wildwood Lake
deal will turn out. They don't call Raytown a "Good Old Boy Town" for nothing.
In fact political opponents blame each other for being a "Good Old Boy."
I don't know about the rest of you but, if Wildwood Lake gets any of my tax dollars,
I'm going fishing there! If I get arrested I will bring suit against the home association and the city.

Anonymous said...

I asked one of the Wildwood residents several years ago and was told that the fish are not fit to eat.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to eat the fish.
I would just want to use the lake
I would have my tax dollars invested in.
Catch and release!

Anonymous said...

I don't knowif the board voted yet on Wildwood Lake. They would have to have rocks in their heads instead of brains to hand out tax dollars for a private lake. If they do they better be ready to cleanup every other lake in Raytown.

Cause if they don't treat all of them equally they are head toward big legal problems for the city.

Some of the members on the Board will have to grow up some to realize they have a responsibility to ALL of Raytown. Not just a neighborhood living around a private lake.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the Lake affects all of Raytown since any money spent by the BOA comes from ALL of Raytown, not just the Lake neighborhood.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

No mention of Wildwood Lakes at the last meeting? What's going on. Did our leaders decide to duck and cover or are they trying to figure out another way to use tax dollars on private property without anyone noticing?

Guess that's what we call transparency in Raytown!

Anonymous said...

Re: The Paul Livius report: I am not a detail oriented person but I don't recall Andy Noll being at the meeting at all. The snow emergency report reading was detailed by Jason Hanson. It should be remembered that Mr. Noll is one of the tie wearing chair warmers who doesn't live in Raytown. If these upper crust people lived in Raytown it might be more likely for them to appear at board meetings.

7:08AM, It seems SOP in this Fascist Feif to let things drag on. Wildwood Lakes HOA did not present what I would consider a large turn out. At least as not as large as when one neighborhood packed the room due to violence of minors running at large. A packed room is an attenion getter but apparenly not a small group who cause a disruption on their departure. (As the Wildwood people were leaving, they made noise so that I was unable to hear the person who was attressing the board. I wonder of the board could hear that individual?) People entering or leaving the meeting should have the curtesy to do so quietly out of respect to those who are trying to hear the meeting.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whatever happened with the Wildwood HOA effort?

miscocoqt said...

I'm interested also on any updates on Wildwood. Someone posted about the mosquitoes multiplying in a neighbors yard. Could this be resulting from the home that suffered the fire on Ralston? I was thinking of renting on north side of Wildwood( guess I'm not a part of fancy Wildwood neighborhood since I'm on the north side) but this blog raises concerns. Also wondering does this lake have issues with snakes(esp cottonmouths) spiders and other pests/rodents?