Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Mighty is the Pen? BY GREG WALTERS

How mighty is the pen . . . the written word?

If anyone ever wanted to gauge the strength of the written word they should take a few minutes to read the firestorm of comments on the blog portion of the Raytown Report in response to a letter originally posted on the Raytown Times and Raytown Report.

A firestorm of thoughtful comments has made it very clear that Raytowner’s want to be proud of their town. Many have taken the bold step with a call for more stringent enforcement of city codes and ordinances.

Apparently, some at City Hall are listening.

Last week we published a letter from Shireen McLaughlin. To view that letter scroll down to last week’s Raytown Report.

Ms. McLaughlin told the Raytown Report that since her letter was published she has been visited by Aldermen Bill VanBuskirk and Steve Mock. The two Aldermen came by specifically to look into the problems she outlined in her letter.

She has also been contacted by Raytown Chief of Police Jim Lynch.

On another front, the dangerously crowded parking situation during league softball games at Coleman Park appears to have been addressed as well (see photos and stories in last week’s Raytown Report).

There has also been a letter published in the Raytown Times signed by a person named Cheryl White.

The Raytown Report has made repeated requests to Randy Battagler, owner of the Raytown Times, for contact information on White. Despite promises to share that information, nothing has been received from Battagler since the initial requests made (twice) last week.

The Letter . . .
We make it a policy not to publish signed letters unless they can be verified. So the letter will not be printed on this page.

However, since the Ms. White’s letter has become part of the debate we will clarify some of the portions of her letter.

Ms. White wrote, “(If) you want to discuss “hoods” I can assure Ms. McLaughlin, you have no idea what a hood is really like.”

At first glance we were puzzled by White’s statement. We read Ms. McLauglin’s letter to read “hoods” as an abbreviation for the term “hoodlum”. Apparently Ms. White confused this with the slang use of the word “hoods” to mean “neighborhoods”.

Ms. White asks “do we have a murder rate of one a day?”

No, we do not. We do have serious crimes of assault and robbery and theft of at least one a day. The victims are still victims. The only difference is that they are not dead.

Ms. White suggests that the litter problem on our streets and in our parks is a good thing because it creates jobs for people to pick up the trash.

She does not see the problem. Her solution is nothing less than empowerment for those who do not show the self-discipline (and lack of pride) to clean up after themselves.

I could go on and on with many more examples from White’s letter. It is clear that the letter is little more than an attempt to belittle and attack another because their view is different. It is sad statement of our times that speaks of intolerance and a closed mind unwilling to address the problems confronting Raytown.

From our point of view, it took extraordinary courage for McLaughlin to write and sign the letter she sent.

True, McLaughlin’s letter points out problems. But more importantly, Ms. McLaughlin offers solutions. She challenges our elected officials to step up and address our city’s problems.
Ms. White ends her letter by saying only heaven is perfect. Which may be true . . . but it is very clear that many in Raytown are concerned about their city. They see a lot of good. They also see a way to make it better. This is what McLaughlin so clearly writes about in her letter.

The visit by two elected officials and the desire for others to contact McLaughlin show that she is taken seriously by at least some of our elected officials.

We see that as a good sign.

Let’s hope that others join in taking our city’s problems seriously and, more importantly, start working for solutions.

Local Candidate for Public Office Found Delinquent in Paying Taxes BY PAUL LIVIUS

The Missouri Legislature spent countless hours and thousands of dollars rewriting Missouri Election Law and they still don’t have it right. 

Missouri state law requires that candidates for public office have all of their taxes paid in full to appear on an election ballot. However, candidates for party townships are exempted from this rule. 

Case in point:

Michael Downing, candidate for Jackson County Democrat Committeeman for Brooking Township  has had a Certificate of Tax Lien for non-payment of taxes in 2007 placed on his property.
Because of the loopholes in the law, Mr. Downing will remain on the August 7th ballot.  
The tax lien was placed on his property May 11, 2012 by the Missouri Department of Revenue and filed in the Jackson County, Missouri Circuit Court, Honorable James Kanatazar presiding.
Due to his failure to pay his taxes, his name should be removed from the ballot. 

When will Jefferson City get it right?

How Erin Stays Healthy on Vacation BY ERIN
We’re going on vacay for this edition of Question of the Week! Okay, so we’re not technically “going” anywhere, but we are discussing how we stay healthy—or purposely and delightfully choose not to— when on vacation! I never really set out to have active, healthy vacations. It’s not like I plan vacations... Continue reading

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to read that we have elected officials willing to do their jobs properly by visiting with the complainant and gathering facts. I thank Shireen for taking the time to make this issue public in an eloquent, professional manner. Action is and was taken.

I find it strange that it takes Jackson County over 4 years to file a tax lien. The county is lacking in its collection procedures. I agree the person should be removed from the ballot but I remember an issue in a previous election where the individual dropped out and the name remained on the ballot. There is a cut off date after which the ballots are printed. It would be very expensive to reprint the ballots. The checking of tax payment should have been done at an earlier date!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me to see that it was Alderman Mock and Van Buskirk that went to talk to Shireen. These are the only two that I think give a damn about the city. As far as I am concerned the rest are only in it for the money including the mayor.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a longtime Raytown Developer over the weekend and he informed me that Block and Company has been allowed let the grass grow beyond the Cities standards on the property they own at 350 and Hardy. This property was supposed to have been developed along with the Wal-mart Redevelopment Project (AKA The Fleecing of Raytown Project). The reason for the grass height is that Block plans to mow it for hay, then have it removed from the tax rolls as a Commercial Property and instead relisted as agricultural. Why would they do this you ask well as I found out it only then as to be mowed three times a year, and it will save $32,000.00 a year in taxes to Mr. David Block. How is two feet tall grass allowed anywhere in Raytown, especially in the precious highway corridor? Furthermore, need I remind everyone that this property already had the taxes abated for 20 years to help fund the Wal-mart Redevelopment Project (AKA The Fleecing of Raytown Project). So now the taxes from this property will be unavailable to pay down the huge debt obligation the City co-signed for. Speaking of that as I recall and Greg I am sure you have the exact figure that debt was in the neighborhood of 70 million dollars. That was to fund the infrastructure improvements needed for a 3 phase project. Only one and a tiny portion of a second phase has occurred, so where is all the money? Where is the required audit of the fund, why is no one asking this? I have a feeling Block has run out of money and have no interest in developing the third phase,and is why they want to get it off the tax rolls. Shame on the Mayor and the City Council for being so irresponsible and clandestine with our tax money, we have a right to know. Who do I need to contact at the State to see an audit is performed the Attorney General or the Secretary of State?

Raytona Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the double fleecing of Raytown to me! The tall grass is a code violation and Block Company should be cited per city code. If they want it to be called agriculture property, they need to be selling sod or dig up the grass and plant a proper crop such as alfalfa to make hay. Grass is NOT hay!

It seems to do what they want to do, they need to rezone. I wonder if it would ever pass unless there are $$$$ under the table to someone in power. I can understand an area that was agricultural being grandfathered if it has been that way since Raytown became a city or annexed it but it seems to be unreasonable to downgrade to agricultural.

The city needs to be protective and proactive and immediately cite the nuisance before Block claims the city allowed it by ignoring it.

That gives me an idea: All homeowners could let their grass grow and claim it is agricultural property. That would get our takes down as well as save $$$ on mowing.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I guess this is part of the Clean up of Raytown for the All Star Game! What kind of person says one thing then does just the opposite?

I really wonder how many on the Board of Aldermen are even aware of this deal. They can't all be so jaded that they believe that these kind of tricks are in the best interest of the community.

Anonymous said...

If we don't enforce codes why in the hell do we have the laws in the first place. Mayor Bower rates rught up there with Obama terrible

Pat Casady said...

Many years ago I attended meeting after
meeting about how Raytown was going to be
the downtown to the Chief's games.
It never happened!
These meetings were partly about the
redevelopment of our downtown
which never happened either.
Now Raytown is going
to be the town for the All-Star games?
Let's see, we have so many restaurants
and hotels or motels to offer.
Again this isn't going to happen.
The only thing this town has to offer
is the money sucking big box
on 350 hwy. Makes ya proud doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

A slight correction the tax abatement it was 23 years but you are absolutely right shame on city hall especially our mayor who has not kept on top of this. There are several areas in Raytown that have 18-24 inch uncut grasses. but the chickens (employees) won't do anything if the Rooster(mayor) doesn't make them do thier jobs.

I am so disappointed with Bower.

Salamander said...

From the Salamander:

Prepare for it. The World Series of Political Campaigns is coming to our area.

The Salamander is referring to the 5th District Congressional race.

This one will be a barn-burner; a humdinger; an old fashion "Grand Ole Opery" type free-for-all.


Three candidates for the seat held by Congressman Emanuel Cleaver


Cleaver trying to hold on for one more term. So he claims.

The Republican Candidates:


A perennial candidate for the same job. It is Turk's third or fourth try.

Gets his backside whipped every time. Keeps coming back like a bad dream.

There are those who question if Turk is a serious candidate. More and more he appears to be a "stalking horse" for Cleaver -- running simply to keep others who really want the job out of the finals.

One thing is for certain. Turk should have easily won in 2010. He blew it. Might be time for him to move over.


A youthful looking and, actually, fairly young man. A school teacher and community activist. Green does leave a good impression.

Energetic, politically up-to-date; appears to have a bright future in politics.


Nolte is termed out. Leaves the impression that his experience qualifies him for bigger and better pastures, perhaps on the Washington scene.

To his credit, Jerry was elected State Representative three times in a heavily Democratic district. He is held in high esteem by fellow lawmakers on both sides of the aisle; knows his way around the political scene.

Best described "soft-spoken but firm" says one of his fellow representatives.

On the Democratic side, unopposed in the primary, is Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.

Cleaver looked like a shoo-in a few months ago. But things change rapidly in politics.

And the BUTS in Cleaver's case are serious.

Emanuel Cleaver seems to have a knack for more bad publicity than the average elected official. Lately everything about him has been negative.

Here is an example.

The Kansas City Star featured Cleaver a few weeks ago. The few who read the paper know about Emanuel Cleaver's foray into the car wash business.

You can pick up the full story on the web.

What it boils down to is this.

Cleaver took out a $1.25 million SBA loan to finance a car wash in Grandview.

He is in default on the venture.

Cleaver now contends the car wash isn't worth $1.2 million.

He appears to be using that rationale as an excuse for not paying the debt he incurred.

The Salamander will not speculate how this debt will be paid but it is obvious money for his project came out of our tax dollars.

In case any readers thing Congressman Cleaver is hard-pressed financially and can't repay the loan, read on.

His salary as Congressman is $174,000.00 a year.

He draws $20,000.00 pension as the ex-mayor of K.C.

He draws another pension of $9,000.00 per year from the church of which he was pastor for a number of years

If this man is in poverty, please pass the plate this way.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Cleaver in poverty? Compared to him, I am 1000% worse off. What if everyone stopped making house payments because their homes aren't worth the amount of the loan?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Is it a code violation to grow a garden in your FRONT YARD!!!! If it isn't it should and Alderman Par Due your house looks like it needs to be moved down to the slums. Shame on you. At least the other Alderman keep up their property. What's your excuse????

Anonymous said...

Mayor Obama wants us to talk to our neighbors about code violations. Here is a novel idea---why doesn't he go out one evening after work or on a Saturday and go door to door and talk to people about the code violations they have? Oh he wouldn't do that because he is lazy we the citizens are suppose to do his work for him while he wants all the praise.

Anonymous said...

Michael Downing should not be allowed to have his name on the ballot in August. You can bet if was anyone else whos name appeared on the ballot Michael would be up screaming. Maybe that is why we haven't seen him around town lately

Anonymous said...

C'mon Michael. Political leaders are supposed to set an example. Man up and pay your taxes. Don't be that guy that thinks he doesn't have to pay his fair share.

Anonymous said...

After listening to the BOA meeting I am concerned about yhis moment of silence. What happened to prayer? Some body give me some anmswers. This upsets me greatly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Super Splash is going to hell in a hand basket. Would like to hear from Kevin. I think a big mistake was made, hiring this out. Sounds like a law suit in the works. Way to go Raytown leaders taking us in the wrong direction again

Anonymous said...

Dear Father In Heaven,
I come to you with a broken heart tonight. I don't know why the leaders of our city no longer feel the need to thank You for what You have done and doing in our city. To ask for your guidance in making decisions reguarding our city. Help them to stand up and honor You.

Anonymous said...

Wooooo looks like Kevin is in the hot seat. Wonder how and if he will weather the storm.

Anonymous said...

8:01 PM, I have the same question. I also have my suspicions as to the answer. I think the question should be directed to the man who sits as our leader.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The ACLU has sent the city a notice to cease all prayers before meetings or they will sue.

Greg Walters said...

I wondered why the Mayor quit having ministers from the different churches in Raytown open the meeting with a prayer.

Does anyone else know anything about this? Did the ACLU send a letter to the city demanding that the meetings start without a prayer?

If the city did receive such a letter and they took this action it should be a matter of public record.

The United States Congress opens their business sessions with a prayer. Why can't the City of Raytown.

If the allegation is true, shame on the Mayor and City Council for holding this news back from the public. It does not fit the criteria for executive session material. It should be publicized.

Anonymous said...

Shireen McLaughlin for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Boji deserves to be in the hot seat. This is all happening under his watch.

It was his recommendation that the firm at Super Splash be hired. He claims to have been meeting with them regularly. If that is so, why the firestorm at last night's meeting from parents of lifeguards?

Many very serious allegations were made. Many speakers told of meeting with Boji weeks ago. Yet he did NOTHING!

A strong department head would not have let this spiral out of control. He would not wait for the Park Board and City Council to hold his hand to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

The press is saying President Obama is having a bad week sounds like the same thing is happening for our mayor a bad week for him too

Anonymous said...

If the ACLU threatened the city with lawsuit, why don't they sue the US Senate and the US House of Representatives? That is discrimination. I suspect someone complained but I wonder how? I wanted to contact the ACLU several years ago to complain about AT&T but couldn't find to contact method.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Maybe Shane ParDue is waiting on his neighbors to come over and take care of his yard just as the Mayor has recommended we all do.

Pat Casady said...

I have been around a long time. I've
seen politicians come and go. But one
thing is consistent, good politicians
care about the city or town and the people
they represent. The bad stick their heads
in the sand and hope the others will take
care of business or they will be told what
to do and how to think by others.
Aldermen VanBuskirk, Mock and Police Chief
Lynch are examples of what is right with Raytown.
They care for the people and this town.
It is clear that Ms.McLaughlin cares about
her neighborhood and this town.
Raytown is a great little town with a lot
of good people in it. However, just like
every other town in this country there is a
bad element of people that think the laws and rules
don't apply to them. That is where our police
come in to help us. It is also where our codes
department and our elected officials are
supposed to step up and do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Is there a place on the web that you can watch last nights BOA meeting? I would like to see the Super Splash stuff.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pat, but in the case of Raytown, department heads don't have to stick their heads into the sand...They just go home. That must be the reason they don't live in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

The City Council meetings are re-broadcast on Channel 7. In fact, last night's meeting is being re-broadcast as I type this message on Wednesday night at 9:15 p.m.

You can call City Hall and ask for a schedule of when the meetings will be re-broadcast.

I would start by asking for the City Clerk -- she should be able to tell you. If not her, ask for the City Administrator.

If that fails, I have a tape of the meeting that you can borrow after Paul Livius is done transcribing it.

Anonymous said...

Well, we have just enough libs around who show themselves. We live on Military Trail Rd. You wouldn't believe the trash that is thrown from cars. One would have to assume they are libs, because no conservative I know would litter. The attitude of libs is someone else can clean it up. They talk out of both sides of their mouth, as they want to spread the wealth and they are entitled to something. They talk about global warming, the environment, sustaining the planet etc, then throw their trash on the highway and expect your tax $ to clean it up. They don't contribute to charities as they expect the govt to fill the void. Do as I say, not as I do, as Obama eats his burger and fries and sucks down a big soda. All they want to do is make our life better by rules and regulations, because you aren't smart enough to make your own choices. But they are, so the rules and regs don't apply to them. Progressive liberals have infected every level of our society....all levels of govt, schools, and the media. All in the name of saving the planet from the scourge of over population. That is what makes Obamacare so insidious, as it's goal is do hold back healthcare, particularly from the very young and the elderly. That is why abortion is such a major issue for them. Bottom line is we must slowly rid ourselves of them, by minimalizing their control by getting them out of office...a lot of them are republicans too. They have spent us into oblivion. There is no money. And what will all the folks who do nothing and are on the govt teat do? They'll come after our stuff, because sharing the wealth is the right thing to do. Whether by physically coming after your stuff, or by govt fiat, they'll try and get it. They're grasshoppers and not ants. Fortunately, there are more of us than them. And, God is on our side. I don't think God would align with atheists and secularists, or with abortion mills, or with Islamists bent on destroying America, a place He helped create, all in the name of free will and personal liberty. But the silent majority, which in the past was polite and silent, not wanting to raise a stink and disturb anyone cannot be silent anymore. It is this group of folks who will eventually lead us out of this mess, but it will take a long time to right the ship of State. We must elect constitutionalists to office who legislate with common sense. Ban sodas more than 16oz, but it's ok to go back and refill the 16oz cup...give me a friggin break!LOL Doesn't take much to wind me up! Damn that letter I just read.....geez, I need to get a life! Irregardless of ones political views, irregardless of whether one feels our economy will implode, the one thing we all have to fear and prepare for is really high inflation. We have printed and digitized money for decades, and it's coming home to roost. Solution....things of real, ammo, liquor, etc. Just look to Greece....bartering is the rule of the day. People are exchanging work for food, food for essential items, get the picture. Some women are prostituting themselves. Be the ant and not the grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

CH 7 is for the rich who have money to waste on cable. It it is not really available to the general public.
used to show portions of the BOA meetings. I don't know about now.

I was in the audience and could barely hear most of the speakers. Good luck understaning them. At least the BOA knows shomething is extremely wrong.

Andy Whiteman

Seymour Truth said...

I must say that I have been perplexed about the leadership in Raytown believes that Raytown has something to offer that these other communities don’t have.

Don’t get me wrong it would be great to see Raytown generate some sales tax dollars from those who visit Greater Kansas City to attend the 2012 All Star Game.

How do we as a community come together and offer some unique services that you just cannot get anywhere else in the Greater Kansas City Area and then as a sign from the heavens or at least from that on the building on the Northeast corner of 63rd and Blue Ridge Blvd was the answer.


Some might say, I shouldn’t have been in that hot car the other day and I would never be out trying to get others to agree that this is as sad as it might sound our one shining hope to truly draw folks into our lovely, small town feeling city.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a smoking ban in Raytown. Heck, I would really love to see the State of Missouri step up as they did in Kansas and ban smoking statewide. However, I am a realist, and therefore know if Kansas has a statewide smoking ban in bars and restaurants as well as all of our neighboring cities on our side of state line (Kansas City, Independence and Lee Summit) then in Raytown have something to market that will increase patronage of our bars and restaurants that is unique to our little city.

I hope you will join me in requesting our elected leaders, the chamber of commerce and the owners of the local bars and restaurants join together and promote Raytown as the closest city to the 2012 All Star Game that still allows smoking in bars and restaurants and lets start generating those tax dollars those smokers are essentially dying to spend.

Anonymous said...

So Michael Downing is delinquent paying his taxes? How about that. The kettle finally getting singed for call the pot black. Downing has always been a pain in the neck (and other places) with hit nit-picking meddling into the lives of others.

Guess it's come around to him.

It's because of Democrats like Michael Downing that we have a City Council dominated by Republicans from the Mayor on down.

Anonymous said...

As I said before the first time Mayor Bower was elected, Raytown needs a good quality motel. People thought I was nuts.

With the stadium nearby, a motel will draw traffic to Raytown because it is nearby. Those who stay in the motel will also want to eat, shop, and buy gas so there is somewhat a captive clientele. The closest motel of minimal quality is the Holiday Inn Express on 350 HWY which is in KCMO and the news reported it as booked long before the All Star game! I suggest that Raytown merchants contact the management about leaving offers and coupons in the mother rooms. I have responded to that type of advertisement in the past. I am talking about 10% off on a meal or buy one get one free, etc.

Andy Whiteman

Seymour Truth said...

Not to rain on any ones parade even though the rain we received last night was surely something to celebrate. I am speaking about the headlines “Raytown Summerfest a HUGE Success”. You see while enjoying tonight’s cooler weather and sharing experiences at Summerfest with my neighbors one thing was of general topic. How does anyone measure and therefore justify any event as a successful. This has those in the neighborhood wondering why someone has a perception that what any one experienced at Summerfest could be called successful.

It seems at least from those in my neighborhood the so called music should have been turned down so that those eating could hold some type of conversation with family and friends. Please understand the band that was playing on Friday night when I attended, did a great job, but I would say the neighbor is right to call it “so called music” for when it is as loud as it was and making it hard to even place a food order that we have an issue.

As the family walked around, we soon came across a group of teens that were proclaiming to anyone that would take the time to listen that they couldn’t believe this was all that there was to the event. As my wife was corresponding with the Friends of Raytown Parks, I heard elderly man try to explain to the teens that they shouldn’t expect much as this was Raytown and Raytown has ever been very teen friendly. This brought a smile to my face as I recalled not so many years ago when several elected officials opposed anything positive for our city like a movie theater. I even recall the then chief of police saying it would create too much crime for his officers to deal with. Just think, it should be no surprise Raytown now has anything, but bars to attract anyone in to our downtown.

I must say both those teens and that man were on to something about the event. The first thing I noticed was not as many vender booths and the lot where the contestant park just didn’t seem as full as in the past. Maybe it was just me and maybe I am reverting back to my childhood were everything always seemed so much bigger than what it was once I grew into adulthood. I so would like to see official comparisons from the Chamber of Commerce for the past five years that would show both the number of vender booth space rented, but also number of contestant. This would show if this old man is actually losing it or if as I suspect the event has seen its heydays.

I would like to offer some suggestions should someone decide that Raytown just cannot live without this event next year.

Clearly as I have already mentioned, turn the music down even though Deep Purple did a song years ago “Turn up the Radio”. It is nice to be at least able to have others hear your order so you get what you are paying for.

There also needs to be some organizing so it is clear there are two lines to order the food, which might have been able to address if those in the line could have clearly heard those in the empty order line trying to get their attention.
One of the most important things is someone needs to spend some time watching the Food Network and learning you are selling barbeque and therefore shouldn’t need to pre-sauce the meat for the sandwiches. They got it right for the ribs, but really even my kids are old enough to decide if they need or want sauce.

If you are still so compelled to hold this even, is there anyway something can be done to appeal and attract more participations for everyone this would include vendors, contestants and those just out for a good time in the city we call home.

If no one else is going to say it then let me, we miss the parade and the parade helped to draw in others. Other things that helped the success were Raytown High School sponsoring band competitions the same weekend. Silly me, that was Raytown Roundup Days, which was a time when Raytown really put on a shine. Maybe this old goat is just stuck in the past and is spending too much time recalling Raytown’s truly good old days.

Anonymous said...

I question why is the noise that some call "music" necessary? Why not have a barbecue with mechants booths and maybe games people may enjoy in a pleasant, quiet manner. Why do some people have to have all of that noise? The noise ordinance should be enforced. I have always called Round Up Days the Weekend of Hell. I avoid any event such as Summer Fest like the plague because of the noise and crowds of people.

Likewise any business that must have noise has lost my business. That includes one electronics store that had already gone out of business and sporting goods stores which I rarely shop anyway.

If Raytown wants to have a Summerfest, the noise should be toned down to make it an enjoyable event for ALL. Don't tell me that I am the only one who has complained because 11:17 has also complained. I think the problem is that most people don't bother to complain.

Andy Whiteman

Tom Rigot, Sr said...

To Seymour Truth:

Just a slight correction for you, Deep Purple did not do the song "Turn Up The Radio", it was a group called Autograph. I have a passion for following all the free music at the many local community festivals. Old Shawnee days 2 weekends ago is always a highlite for me. They usually have tribute bands on Friday night and a headliner on Saturday night. They have an elevated portable stage for the bands in an area separete from the vendors and rides. They do a first class job with their festival. I went to Grandviews downtown days a few weeks ago and they do a great job also. They close off a downtown street like Raytown used to and have an elevated stage also set up at the end of the street and separete from the vendors. The music was great both nights. Lees Summit just had their downtown days and had lots of vendors, rides and and for the 3rd year in a row moved the stage to a different area. This year it was under a tent where the beer garden was and getting around that crowd was difficult all the time. It was simuliar to the Raytown tent set up. They had tribute bands also but the there was not enough room under the tent to seat everyone and those of us outside the tent could not clearly see or hear the bands. Louder would have been better! The Raytown festival is lame compared to the others that I attend. The few vendors are jammed into a small area and it is dificult to walk around when crowded. Fridays band was awesome and fun. Would have been better louder and maybe on an elevated stage in a separate area from the food and drinks. These festivals are great because they are free! I enjoy the music and the saying goes "if it's to loud then you are to old". There are so many other festivals around to enjoy. Blue Springs has a free concert every Sunday at Railroad Park. Google railroad park and check out the line ups. This being said of course is just my individual opinion and this being the land of the free you are entitled to yours! :-}

Anonymous said...

Seymour Truth, thanking you for not sugar coating it!

Anonymous said...

I am jsut thankful Pardue doesn't live on a main road in Raytown as I don't think he is going to get that mess cleaned up before the big game.

Anonymous said...

You pay your taxes. Shouldn't he pay his?

How to send a message.

On August 7th I'll be voting in the Democratic Primary. There are two candidates running for Democratic Committeeman.

I will not be voting for one of them. His name is Michael Downing and he does not pay his taxes.

He does not deserve my vote. He does not deserve your vote.

Anonymous said...

Should a local Alderman and former government teacher know better than to have a fundraiser at a local non-profit?

We could debate that one for hours, but there is no debate that Jim Aziere has a fundraiser scheduled to be held at a very well-known local non-profit.

The concern that as has been spoken by many of Aziere’s own supports is has he gone to far and is ego going to finally bring a black eye to himself and this very well-known local non-profit.

The IRS has clearly on their own website outline what a non-profit or as they call it 501(c)(3) cannot do when it comes to the political arena.

It seems if Aziere is really concerned about Raytown and programs that the local non-profit provide for the citizens he will cancel his fundraiser at this location.

For those interested in the IRS position please check out the link or read below what is at the link.,,id=163395,00.html

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.

Certain activities or expenditures may not be prohibited depending on the facts and circumstances. For example, certain voter education activities (including presenting public forums and publishing voter education guides) conducted in a non-partisan manner do not constitute prohibited political campaign activity. In addition, other activities intended to encourage people to participate in the electoral process, such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, would not be prohibited political campaign activity if conducted in a non-partisan manner.

On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that should Mr. Downing receive any votes, they shouldn't be counted because he shouldn't be on the ballot.
I remember a few years in the past they had the music tent in Raytown was separate from everything else. As Tom said, that is the way it should be. It appears to me that they have downsized the area allowed for the weekend of Hell. They still should keep the music tent separate. Not all people enjoy "music" especially if it becomes noise.

Andy Whiteman

KMCCLA said...

Tomorrow, Saturday June 23, starting at 1:00 PM and operating though 1:00 PM June 24, the Raytown Amateur Radio Club, K0GQ, will be participating In the ARRL Field Day, 2012. We are located behind Raytown City Hall, 10000 E 59th Street. The public is welcome to attend, so see what amateur radio does for the community. K0GQ is one of the top ranked operations in nation, continuously in the top of our class.

Kelly McClanahan, KC0KM

Anonymous said...

ParDue will never clean up his mess if he is not made to. We know that will never happen. He is a total dud as far as an alderman.Wonder if he is being instructed how to landscape a lawn from the want a be landscaper at the corner of 78 and Woodson. The city won't make clean up her mess either. They need to move to the Kansas City projects

Seymour Truth said...

Tom Rigot,

Thank you for correcting me as after talking about the song "Turn Up The Radio" I had search through my Deep Purple without any luck of location the song on any disc.

I was ready to get the grandkids this weekend who more often and not run off my my music - got to love them.

I will now go back and see if I still have my Autograph disc and turn up the music while I turn out the wife - LOL

Hope everyone has a great day and that we get some rain out of these dark clouds.

Anonymous said...

7:44 PM, Could it be that Mr. Aziere is renting the space at the non-profit? I have known of events held a places such as the American Legion, a church, Elks Club, etc. because they had SPACE available to rent.

I question is the unnamed organization renting space or actually supporting Mr. Aziere?

I sure hope our 20% chance of rain prevails. At least it isn't as miserable here with the cloud cover. My a/c won't run as much and the greedy city will lose out on franchise and sales taxes today.

Andy Whiteman

Seymour Truth said...

I do not think I will ever fail to find something new that amazes me or amuses me.

Today the wife had asked that I might give her some time to tidy up the home front without me being under foot and would I therefore do a few errands for her. It sounded like a great escape from what surely would have led to me too doing something around the house.

As I headed out towards my destination downtown, downtown Kansas City folks as we don’t have much downtown unless you want to hang out at one of the finest bars in all Greater Kansas City, I didn’t think about the fact the Royals were playing the Cardinals today.

We the citizens of Greater Kansas City rather on the Missouri side or state line or Kansas need to speak up that the members of law enforcement must direct the massive flow of traffic in a much more professional manor then that demonstrated today. There should be no reason that traffic coming up from either the West bound or East bound lines of I70 are allowed to block the traffic of those traveling North and South on Blue Ridge Cut Off. Officers were watching and adjusting the timing of the lights for the exit ramps so that a greater volume could exit the highway, which is understandable. Never should this or any event with as great as law enforcement presents be allowed to block intersections as it was being allowed.

All of this miss guided use of authority had me wondering what all of the out of town visitors at the All Star Game are going to think of the members of law enforcement in Missouri.

I know if I was Governor Nixon, I too wouldn’t be seen on this side of the state as someone might be asking about my choices for the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol and the Director of Tourism. The head of these two areas should be working together to present the benefits of visiting MO and providing for a safe and pleasant visit. Again from the circus that was provided today it is clear MO needs to step up to the plate if we are going to put our best foot forward for the upcoming All Star Game.

The more I ponder about this and recall the fact that Governor Nixon is from around St Louis I wonder if this is this a political ploy to further divide East and West Missouri and present a false allusion that St Louis would have been a much better place to hold the All Star Game in Missouri. One might say that the governor would never do this, but again how often do we hear on the news that he has been to our side of the state. One also has to question, why the Water Patrol Division of the MO Highway Patrol was doing an increase presence on the water ways this weekend, which was on several of the local news stations, and not being ordered to assist with providing additional support for the games.

Please keep in mind as I too am trying that this could be a dry run for the All Star Game and any one that has ever been in a play knows it takes several rehearsals to get it right, so let’s all hope that Nixon will jump in like the good coach he was elected to be and provide his leadership team with some guidance that will impress people to visit Missouri again not put our state on a do not travel to advisory.

Anonymous said...

Why is someone always picking on Aldermen's yards or homes? First is was Joe Creamer and now it is Shane ParDue.

Frankly, I don't have the time to do a drive by of each elected official's home.

If the writers have something to complain about, I suggest calling codes and making a complaint. If codes doesn't enforce or give a good explanation, bring it up during public comments at the BOA.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Did anyone complain abouthe Raytown Democratic Association holding events at REAP?

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

3:36 PM, I heard on the news that the goal was to have the construction completed before the July 4th traffic started.

4:53 PM, I think it really depends on who is doing the complaining and who they don't like.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I don't recall any group including those from Wild Wood Lakes having a fundraiser for their group at REAP.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure. The Raytown Democratic Association has held a Christmas part there. I know that they were collecting money. Not sure if it was for dues or candidates. Is there really a difference. The club is a political club. So it does exist to support a political agenda.

Maybe Mr. Aziere will chime in and set us straight.

Anonymous said...

I think the underline question about events is are the private in other words for members of the clubs only for meetings or special occasions

The event Mr Aziere is having is to raise funds to support is campaign!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone sure the political organization isn't renting the space from the nonprofit? It is common for nonprofits to rent out space that they have to raise money for the nonprofit. If the renter collects funds at the location, that is their business.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Lets face it: Raytown is short on resources. There are no hotels or places that rent meeting rooms for events. That leaves the non-profits plus maybe Wal-Nics. Where should these events be held? Hopefully not in one of the bars! We use to have our APWU (American Postal Workers Union) meetings in a bar and were thrown out because they weren't selling enough drinks. It wasn't in Raytown, but bars expect to be serving drinks during meetings or events.

Andy Whiteman