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Mayor Interrupts Guest Speaker BY GREG WALTERS

The following address was given by Witty Wittman at the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on August 21st. Mrs. Wittman had been appointed by Mayor David Bower to serve on the Elected Officials Compensation Review Board. The purpose of the Review Board was to recommend salary increases to the office of Chief of Police, Municipal Judge and the Board of Aldermen.

Her address to the Board was, in part, and explanation to the elected officials why the Review Board had recommended no increases* for those positions.

Mrs. Wittman had publicly stated that she was addressing the Board on behalf of the Wildwood Home Owners Association (of which she is President). It is common practice for the City Council to allow seven minutes for a spokesperson for groups before the elected body.

Four minutes into her report, Mayor David Bower, interrupted Mrs. Wittman and informed her that her time was up.

Bower did not give an explanation for his action.

Mrs. Wittman had provided written copies of her address to the Board before the meeting. The portion that Bower did not allow her to speak is in bold type.

* The Review Board did reject a pay increase for the Board of Aldermen. However, they did approve a $10 a month car allowance for members of the Board of Aldermen. This action sets the Board of Aldermen salary at $400 per month plus a $60 car allowance -- for a total of $460 each monthly paycheck.

To view a recording of Mrs. Wittman's comments go to WITTY WITTMAN PUBLIC COMMENTS

Dear Board Members:

I am here to address you this evening as the president of the Wildwood Lakes Home Owners Association and am taking it upon myself to represent the citizens of Raytown.

I had been appointed to a committee to determine if the city’s Chief of Police, its Judge and the Board of Aldermen should be given a raise. When our committee of 5 met on 7/10/12 to vote as to whether or not we should give a raise to the people in question, we had no idea as to the financial status of the city before we voted. City administrator, Mahesh Sharma, came into the board room and sat down.

When asked as to the financial status of the city, Mahesh told us there had been a slight increase in sales tax revenues but that everything else remained about the same. Thus when Mahesh left the room we did not feel the city was in any position to grant any raises; consequently, we unanimously voted against given any raises.

I, along with other citizens of Raytown, was shocked to learn that City Administrator, Mahesh, had been granted a $30,000 dollar a year raise. Now I learn that the city is interviewing people for the position of a public relations officer at a salary between $45,000 to $65,000 a year.

This was an additional shock considering Mahesh’s comment concerning the city’s financial status. How could the city justify giving Mahesh a $30,000 raise?

I checked the 2010 National Census for Raytown and learned that 3,817 of the 7,687 families living in Raytown are of retirement age. This equals 49.65% of Raytown’s citizens who are on fixed incomes, many of which live on less than $30,000 a year. More than 49% of the members of my homes association live on social security benefits. We face an increase in food costs and many other products using corn due to the severe drought this summer.  

Also, we face increasing fuel prices due to the drought. In addition we are receiving letters from our utility companies seeking to raise our utilities.

I recall a petition presented to City Council some 5 or more years ago, signed by more than 40 of our association’s homeowners requesting street lights. This request was tabled and forgotten. There are a number of streets throughout our fair city that lack street lights.
How many other requests have the citizens of Raytown have presented to the city which have gone on unanswered?

Then I went to City Hall to request the city’s financial statement. I was led to a public budget record album which was comprised of a 2 inch thick volume budget statement which had to contain somewhere between 750 and 800 pages. I was shocked to see how many pages that a citizen of Raytown had to go through in order to determine the financial status of our city.
Luckily, I have computer internet access and was able to go through the many pages of the budget online. I learned some shocking information regarding how the city handles our city budget. Each year I learned the city has been operating at a deficit!

For example there was a deficit of over 2.5 million dollars in the 2008-09 budget whereas we showed a beginning reserve fund of 24 million dollars, …………. almost 6 million dollar deficit in the 2009-10 budget with a reduced reserve fund of 21.5.

AT THIS POINT MAYOR BOWER TOLD MRS. WITTMAN HER TIME WAS UP . . . following is the rest of the speech Mrs. Wittman was not allowed to give. 
…………a 3.7 million dollar deficit in the 2010-11 budget and a further reduced reserve fund of 15.5 million……. a 1.2 million dollar deficit in the 2011-12 budget with an ever further reduced reserve fund of 11.7 million.
Looking at the multi-year budget projection by the year 2015-16 budget the reserve fund balance will be slightly more than 7.3 million dollars. I am shocked to find that the reserve fund balance was more than 24 million dollars in 2008 and an estimated reserve balance of slightly more than 7.3 million dollars 4 years later.

Therefore, I am exercising the rights of my home owners and the citizens of Raytown to exercise the rights of the Missouri Sunshine Law by requesting in writing in a separate letter that the City of Raytown present the citizens of Raytown a summarized financial statement from the city, comprised of 10 pages or less, which is to be made available to all Raytown citizens and placed on a shelf outside the City Administration/Mayor office’s within 3 business days of my formal request under the Sunshine Law. (I have been since informed by the City that they will not provide a summarized financial statement and that if the public does not wish to come to city hall and thumb through the many, many pages of the city budget they find the information on the city’s website)

Last, but not least, I request that the city council appoint a non partial committee to oversee the financial budget each year after having met with the finance director to review the operations of the budget. I request said proposed budget be presented to this special committee prior to its being voted upon each year. Also, this committee should make itself available to answer questions from the public regarding any financial statement they might question in the budget.

Thank you for your time and now I will present the Sunshine Law’s written request for a simplified financial statement to be made.

The Paul Livius Report BY PAUL LIVIUS 

The invocation was given by Sue Glotz of the Blue Ridge United Methodist Church.

Shirley Whitman went before the Board with public comments (SEE MAYOR INTERRUPTS GUEST SPEAKER).

Mayor Bower congratulated Dr. Markley and the Raytown School Board for the “2012 what Parents Want” award.

  • Mahesh Sharma gave the following report to the board:
  • Construction continues on the Chipotle restaurant in the Gregory Square Shopping Center at Highway 350 and Gregory Boulevard. Work began this week on the interior finish for the Game Stop store. In addition, interior construction plans are being reviewed for the planned Jimmy Johns restaurant.
  • Three sets of 2012 International Construction and Property Maintenance Codes that are now available for public review; one in the City Clerk’s Office and two in the Building Department. In addition, staff has provided information on the city’s web site regarding the proposed code updates that are being considered as well as a comment form that persons can use to provide written comments and questions regarding the proposed codes.
  • The Raytown Artists Association will sponsor their 6th Annual Art Show at St Paul’s Church of the Nazarene (8500 E 80th Terrace) from 9:30am to 5:30pm on August 24th thru 26th. The Artists’ Reception and Awards will follow Friday’s showing at 6:30pm on August 24th. Attendees can shop for prints and gift cards of artist’s original works and participate in the silent auction of donated works, proceeds to benefit the 2013 Raytown High School Art Scholarship; admission is free.
  • The Board approved a resolution approving the purchase of a 2012 Chevrolet G4500 Type III ambulance from Osage Ambulance off the Montgomery County Cooperative purchasing contract in an amount not to exceed $130,355.00.  Brandon Buckman told the Board this will replace the 2003 Ford ambulance that has over 140,000 miles.
  • The Board passed a resolution approving the expenditure of funds with Northcraft Enterprises, Inc.  Andy Noll explained this was to replace carpeting at City Hall.
  • The Board passed a resolution approving a conditional use permit for property located at 9615 E. 63rd Street to allow the operations of motorcycle sales and repair business.  John Benson told the Board this will allow the owners of the shop to park their motorcycles on the sidewalk, even though City codes state that nothing is to be located in the street right of way.
  • The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance that would amend the curfew for minors.  The changes proposed are minors will not be allowed to wander throughout the city during the day unless accompanied by an adult, it will be illegal for the owner or manager of any establishment in Raytown to knowingly permit minors in or on their property during daytime or nighttime curfew, unless the owner or manager has the Raytown Police department and demanded the minor leave the premises.
The Board Does Not Interact . . . BY GREG WALTERS AND PAUL LIVIUS

We have often heard this phrase or words to similar to it when frustrated Raytowners approach the Board of Aldermen with their problems. 

The Board and Mayor do not seem to grasp that most people are reluctant to air their grievances publicly. It is only after all other avenues to a solution have been exhausted when individuals go public with their problem by airing them at a City Council meeting.
We saw this when concerned parents of lifeguards at Raytown Super Splash addressed the Board about problems at the city’s public water park.

We saw it at again when city employees showed up in large numbers to protest the $30,000 pay increase handed to City Administer Mahesh Sharma.

This week a member of the Mayor’s Elected Officials Compensation Review Board, Witty Wittman, used the same venue to voice her concerns.

Through each of these events, the Board of Aldermen sat mute. The only one to speak was Mayor David Bower. Typically those comments were limited to a curt – time’s up – statement or an admonishment to the audience not to respond with applause to what speakers had to say.

Sometimes this rule reaches the absurdity of ridiculous. An example of this is from two meetings back when the Board handed Mahesh Sharma a $30.000 pay increase. A member of the Raytown Police Department had addressed the Board . . . after he finished the people it the audience showed their appreciation for his words with polite applause. 

The Mayor then reminded the audience that public demonstrations would not be allowed during Public Comments.

Come on Mr. Mayor, give us a break! We saw the meeting in question. Polite applause is a not a public demonstration. It is a civilized way in which people can show their support and appreciation for a public speaker. If you cannot do this much at a public City Council meeting, where can you? 

In our view the Mayor’s actions are bad enough. What is worse is that the Board of Aldermen, by meekly sitting in their chairs, is showing tacit approval of the Mayor’s words and actions.

It does not reflect well on them. 

It is their meeting – they should change this uncompromising policy that leaves an impression of a City Council that is uncaring and aloof.

POLL QUESTION: This week’s poll question asks if the Board of Aldermen should be allowed to answer questions from the public during the Public Comments portion of the meeting. 

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Anonymous said...

Bower seems to have forgotten that he is spending our tax money, (ie)the $30,00.00 raise, it's not his. I have been thinking about this for sometime now here is my thoughts. We must take some responsibility for some of the things going on at city hall. How many of us go to the meetings even once a month or even 2 months or even ever? How can we except the children we put into office to do their jobs if no one ever checks on them to be sure they are doing what we elected them to do. We don't raise our children that way do we? We ask to see their homework and report cards don't we? What makes us think that these people will do any better if we don't make them justify the jobs they are doing.

When you do go to the meetings the papers you can pickup are every few and have very little information on them. They don't want to have questions asked. Bower is very bad about not wanting to answer any thing and he is a bully if you want answers.

I watch the meeting the other night and was very upset because of how he spoke to the lady who was trying to get answers about the budget I think. He believes that he should not have to answer questions even about our tax money he is spending. I was embarassed that we have people running our city that think they are Hitler and don't have to justify their jobs.

All of us need to start going to the meetings and ask questions if you need to, it's our right. It's fine to watch from home but the more people that showup at these meetings maybe he will get the idea we expect more from our elected officals and we expect answers when they are needed. I plan to do just that, if for other reason than to support others who have questions. Hope to see you there.

Anonymous said...

The poll has dysfunctional tabulating. I voted NOT SURE because it isn't really worded in reference to the last BOA meeting. My NOT SURE vote registered as YES. Obviously there is an error here!

In the past I have presented my comments to the Clerk AFTER speaking if I felt it was necessary to do so. Witty should not have presented the written copy until after making her comments. Censorship violates her 1st amendment rights! She should have informed the Lord Mayor that she had 10 minutes as representative of a group. I fail to understand why this was a public comment and not a committee report?

If the word "interact" is correct in the question, my answer is YES if it is to answer a question posed and not to rudely interrupt and/or to debate a speaker.

If the word in the question is "interrupt," my answer is NO unless it is to notify someone their time is truly up. In the past the mayor has always said politely, "Time is up, please wind up now." The episode described is not only rude but a Constitutional violation! Isn't there a penalty for refusing a Sunshine Act request? Does the request need to be made via the Attorney General?

Since this is a 3rd Class city and we have no recall, how may the Mayor be remove from office? This is the third meeting the Mayor has been out of order. Two were recently and one was in the past.

I hope a good candidate runs for Mayor in the next election. There was no choice the last time other than "bad" or "worse." The only great option dropped out for health reasons.

We need to bring Raytown our of the Fascist Fief Ghetto of Raytown back to the fine City of Raytown under more competent leadership.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

You know, it's too bad our elected
officials can't seem to remember that
the money, no all money they spend, give away,
give as pay increases, even the paper
pencils and pens they buy is our money!
The millions they have paid for the Wal-Mart
bonds was the taxpayers money! This is not
something to be swept under the rug. This is serious
money and should never have been done.
Personally, I think it is criminal to use tax
payer money in this way. You and I didn't want to buy
the W-M building, parking lot and street but this
city made us do it by using our tax dollars.
YES, they should have to explain themselves.
YES, they should be held accountable. IT'S
Maybe Mrs.Wittman has learned a valuable lesson here.
Next time she will have to be as underhanded as
the people trying to stop her from saying what we
all want to know and say. In fact let this be a lesson
to anybody that has something important to say at
these meetings. Don't warn them what you are going
to say ahead of time. Plus, if you don't forewarn them
they can't manufacture an answer. It's a people
win situation. At least until that damn gavel hits
the table.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight: kids won't ever be allowed outside without an adult, ever? They can't go down to the park on a skateboard or walk to the store? They can't play in the street? Isn't that rather...unbelievably strict? Or am I just reading that wrong?

Or are the words "During school hours" missing?

Can't we do that with the elderly, too? They're always in my way on the street, driving too slow, etc.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that my vote doesn't appear until I close and reopen the screen. It appears to be recording at that point. Maybe it has to be refreshed.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the link to Witty's video. She was improperly cut off at 5 minutes.

Most of the time the Dictator Lord Mayor wasn't paying attention but fumbling through documents. (I assume he was reading her comments and deciding where to cut her off.)

I wasn't aware that there was any rule that other members of a group to be present for a group speaker to be allowed the alloted time. I am sure some were present via the cable broadcast for the rich.

Quite strangely Witty is recognized as a friend before she commented but then is rudely cut off.

What does it take to remove this Mayor from office?

My comments on Witty's somments:
What does "fixed income" mean? She states senior citizens are on a fixed income. In my opinion every citizen and employee of the City of Raytown is on a fixed income. Unless they work overtime or have investments, their income is fixed. The exception is the City Administrator but he is exempt from living in Raytown.

I have been on a fixed income all of my life unless I worked overtime in which case it wasn't fixed. The cost of living in Raytown is so high that when I was working, it took a whole day of overtime per month to pay the gas or electric bill depending on the season.

My point is 99% of the residents or Raytown are on a fixed income. We can't afford and are in fact jealous that a city running in a deficit cuts city services with substandard road maintenance, no new streetlights, refuse a pay increase to city employeses who service the public, and yet is able to give a hefty raise to the City Administrator. This is NOT proper adminstration for the caretaker oif public funds.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

In watching the video of Witty Wittman I wondered where the camera was. It was not from the city camera because the city camera is in front of the the BOA and pans as people speak. The camera that made this video was stationary and had a full view of what the Lord Mayor was doing while Witty was speaking. I have never seen anyone in the background filming meetings. This camera appears to be mounted high up on the west wall behind the speaker's podium. I wonder if it is a spy camera mounted by an individual or is it a security camera that someone has access to?

As an FYI portions, but not all of, Raytown BOA meetings are on

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pat's point. If I have something to say at the BOA, I don't even post it onto his blog until after I have said it. In the past when there was an issue of misquoting me in the minutes, I presented Teresa with a paper copy AFTER I spoke for obvious reasons.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Let me help you out with understanding how it works at city hall.

If you agree with the Mayor he will let you drone on and on all night long. If he does not agree with you he will cut you off and make up silly excuses like there is no one from your group here!

Andy, I noticed it too. The Mayor was reading her speech. He cut off Witty when she started to score points by stating how much the city's reserve fund has shrunk.

Anonymous said...

"and am taking it upon myself to represent the citizens of Raytown:

She is saying she has taken it upon herself to speak, she is admitting that she is NOT speaking for a group of people.

Anonymous said...

Andy, where do you get such ridiculous nonsense? "99% of the residents or Raytown are on a fixed income."

Anonymous said...

"kids won't ever be allowed outside without an adult, ever? They can't go down to the park on a skateboard or walk to the store? They can't play in the street? Isn't that rather...unbelievably strict? Or am I just reading that wrong?" Do you people not pay attention at all, yes you are WRONG!

Anonymous said...

Andy, pay attention. The camera has moved!

Anonymous said...

Now, here is the scary part.

Three comments above this comment is a note from someone arguing that Witty Wittman, introduced by the Mayor as our friend and appointed by the Mayor to serve on a city committee that decides whether or not his buddies on the city council should get a raise, should be allowed to speak at all!

So much for transparency, an open mind and the desire to have people join as a community.

They spend more time at City Hall pushing people away than welcoming them in.

They show contempt for their employees and the public by handing out a $30,000 pay increase to one individual when the rest go without a pay increase.

I've watched city council meetings for many years. I have seen Mrs. Wittman speak publicly in the past. Often times going well over the time limit. This time she was stopped by the mayor. Not because it was the right thing to do by him. But because she was about to hit a very raw nerve at city hall.

They are mismanaging our city's money so badly that they have cut deeply into the city's reserve.

That's why Bower was frantically looking through her speech and that is why he cut her off.

Anonymous said...

To all who wonder the mayor knows Witty and therefore knows she is president of one of the local home owners association.

With this being the case, there was no reason not to give her the additional 5 minutes to speak.

David Bower is one of the most disrespectful individuals that I have ever seen.

I wonder how David Bower would feel if individuals would talk to his wife the way he publicly got on with Witty.

David Bower is the key reason our city looks like a ghetto and people think poorly of our city, but we shouldn't be surprised when he has not yet learned to act like an adult.

David Bower needs to resign as mayor as our city no longer can afford his childish out breaks and rude public actions against the citizens of our city.

Anonymous said...

10:15 PM, What is your defination of a fixed income? My defination is anyone working at an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly rate is receiving a fixed income (meaning it is fixed and not increasing unless they work overtime, differential shifts, or have investments.) I have been on a fixed income all of my life unless I worked overtime. Hence 99% of the people in Raytown are on a fixed income except ths City Administrator who is not even required to live in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I'm getting on in years, and my memory isn't what it used to be.

When exactly was the last time the City of Raytown's finances were audited?

Anonymous said...

Andy by your rationale, the City Administrator is on a fixed income, his fixed amount just went up $30,000 but it is now fixed until it increases again.

Are you saying his raise should be treated differently than everyone else's raise when they recieve one?

Anonymous said...

4:05 PM, There is usually an annual audit presented by a CPA firm that the city hired and presented at a BOA meeting. I wouldn't consider the audit to be be impartial since the city is paying bill. Obviously the CPA isn't going to announce a deficit in view of who is paying his fee.

4:41PM, Yes I am. It was proposed by Alderman VanBuskirk that since the CA is under contract, he not receive any general increase because a person under contract is paid by contract. The BOA vetoed his amendment. I totally agree that a person under contract should NOT receive a raise until the contract is renegotiated.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


I remember that meeting. Alderman Christine White was in such a hell-fire hurry to give Mahesh Sharma a $30,000 raise that she said it was too late to bring up such an idea.

Strange as it may seem she actually spoke against a fair and balanced idea because of her rush to boost Mashesh Sharma's salary!

Rest assured that when city employees get any benefit Sharma will receive it too.

By the way. Did you know that Sharma has a separate pension plan than the rest of city hall employees. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Alderman White is one of the reasons
our street overlay tax didn't go where
it was promised. She helped give it to
In fact if and when it comes to spending
our money she has no problem with it. She
is one that really needs to be voted out.
It would appear that she likes lies.
Pushing that raise and sucking up to
Wal-Mart. Telling us any reason that comes
to her.

Anonymous said...

It has been over 25 years since the city has had a state audit. I do believe it is time for one!!!!

Anonymous said...

5:34, it is typical for the upper crust to have a better pension plan than the peons.

I had a feeling with a vote of 9 for and 1 against with only praise for Mahesh and no discussion, that the vote was determined previously outside of this public meeting, especially since Christine White said that it was too late to bring up Bill VanBuskirk's amendment....Just saying.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy, please re-read my question. Your answer did not even address my question. You stated your definition of fixed income was "anyone working at an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly rate is receiving a fixed income". Mahesh IS receiving a yearly rate so wouldn't he be on a fixed income too (under your definition)?

Anonymous said...

Every audit since 2003 is on the city's website{D01339BB-BB3C-4A91-9886-5C29E98A21A5}

Anonymous said...

Generally, fixed income refers to people on pensions and social security with very little discretionary income who are susceptible to inflation, increasing taxes, etc. It generally does not refer to people who are currently employed.

So 99%? Yeah. That's a little high.

Anonymous said...

The city's last state audit was in 1980, let's see I believe that was 32 years ago. I think it is high time that the citizens demanded a state audit. Someone mentioned that annual audit is done for the city each year by the city's own auditing firm, but this audit is not near as THOROUGH as a state audit would be.

Anonymous said...

4:32PM, Sorry I thought I answered your question. If this was your question your question, "Andy by your rationale, the City Administrator is on a fixed income, his fixed amount just went up $30,000 but it is now fixed until it increases again." It is a statement, not question. I answered your next question as the question. In answer to your statement, The CA's income is fixed at $137,000/yr until it expires and it has to be renegotiated. Since it is a yearly salary with no overtime or differential, it is a fixed income. A fixed income doesn't necessarily mean poverty level. As a sidebar, the CA receives a car allowance. In my opinion, the car allowance more than pays the cost of his commuting. The car allowance should be discontinued and mileage reimbursement be made only for trips on actual city business or a car should be made available to upper staff to use for city business only.

BTW: a string would be easier to follow if there was an ID. If you don't want to use your name, a handle would really help in following and responding to posts.
7:41AM, I agree but a state audit requires a petition of a certain percentage of the voters and city pays for it with the taxpayers money. Who will get out and circulate the petition? I also assume if there is some strong evidence of illegal or improper use of taxpayers money, an audit would be ordered to collect evidence.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! The dolphins made me cry! The other stuff, as usual, just made me angry! on

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Wittman's letter made you angry?!?

The Paul Livius report made you angry?

How so?

Anonymous said...

7:44 PM, I don't agree. Do you think working people have discretionary income? I sure didn't unless I worked overtime and/or differential shifts. The cost of living in Raytown with high school taxes as well as over 10% taxes on utility bills in addition to the bill itself is so high that no one can have discretionary income unless they are rich! One lady whose family is leaving Raytown told me it is because the are not making a living wage. In my opinion, that is a fixed income. As far as I am concerned anyone who isn't among the rich is on a fixed income which brings us to at least 99%. I bet that those who make $137,000/yr live pay check to pay check which is a fixed income. There is discretionary income only if a person can work overtime.

My grandmother always claimed to be on a fixed income. I never understood what she meant. She was on Naval retirement and had plenty of discretionary income. She had income from other sources. How can that be considered a fixed income?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The dolphins made me feel good. I was glad people teamed up to save them. The conduct of the Mayor made me angry.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The dolphin film clip was real cool. I really enjoy the video you post on this website.

I especially like it that you guys keep up with current news that affects all of us.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I would really like to hear some feedback from elected officials. I've watched meetings. It must be very frustrtatiing to go to city hall for help and just have people stare back at you in response. The mayor is always breaking his own rules by responding to guest speakers when the mood fits him.

But he bullies anyone else who might want to reply.

Some of those people on the city council NEVER say anything!

Anonymous said...

The Mayor's censorship is bordering on a Civil Rights freedom of speech Violation. I wonder when someone or group will file a Federal Complaint?

I have had feedback from board members and city staff before,and after meetings,or during breaks but they aren't allowed to respond when someone is speaking.

Andy Whiteman
(not on a fixed income but still below a liveable income.)

Anonymous said...

I wish my friends a safe holiday. Please drive carefully.

Andy Whiteman