Sunday, October 7, 2012

Every Picture Tells a Story

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA: The picture at left is of a tidal generator releasing water into an inlet of the Bay of Fundy at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world that range up to 30 feet twice a day.

You can see the high tide mark on the side of the dam. When the tide rises the flood gates are opened. The area behind the dam is flooded. When the tide drops the water is released back into the bay through turbines to create electricity. The electricity created from the operation is more than is used by the local population. The excess electricity is sold back to other utilities, lowering the cost of electricity for the local population.

An Idea Whose Time has Come

It is political year.

That means there will be many silly arguments over some very serious issues. By far, the silliest argument we have heard this campaign season has to do with the use of a photo I.D. when voting.

Currently, a photo I.D. is not required to vote in Missouri. But there are many who believe the time has come to require them.

Opponents of the photo Voter I.D. claim the move is an effort to keep certain segments of the public from voting.

That argument does not hold water.

Consider the following:

  • Do bankers require a photo ID to cash a check an effort to discourage people from banking? 
  • When a pharmacist requires you to show a photo ID to buy a decongestant is he doing so to keep you from taking medicine? Is his action some part of grand conspiracy to keep you from getting well?
  • When you enter a Federal Building, fly on airplane, even drive a car you are required to carry a photo I.D. Is that requirement there to keep you from entering the federal building, fly on airplane or keep you from driving a car?
The photo I.D. is used in all of the above because there are some in our world who may do harm, subvert the use of the product, or even steal what is not theirs. That includes cheating in elections.

Requiring a Photo I.D. to vote is not an attempt to keep people from voting. It is an attempt to guarantee that we have honest elections. 

Certainly, the integrity of elections in America is as important as driving a car.

The Great Debate BY PAUL LIVIUS
Aziere vs. McDonald for the 28th District

Most eyes are focused on the recent debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in what is becoming an extremely tight race for the Presidency.

However, theirs is not the only debate going on.

Locally, Republican Jim Aziere and Democrat Tom McDonald squared off in a debate last week at Raytown City Hall. Both are running to represent Raytown in Jefferson City in the newly created 28th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.

Recognition is due the League of Women Voters for monitoring the debate.

We have received a number of requests to link to some You Tube broadcasts of the event.
To view the Aziere vs. McDonald Debate use these links:

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – October 2, 2012 

The invocation was given by Deanna Hayden of the South Wood Church of the Nazarene.

  • Raytown resident Kathy Webster told the Board she wants to vote for the Judge in Raytown.  She said the Mayor and Aldermen are voted into office and they speak for the people and residents should have the same right when it comes to the Municipal Judge.
  • Don Wilson, an attorney and resident in Raytown, said the concept of the voters choosing the judges in Raytown has worked very well.  He asked if we want the Raytown judge answering to the people of Raytown or answering to the Board of Aldermen.  He asked the Board to put the issue to a vote of the people.
  • Rochelle Townsend, an attorney in Raytown, was surprised the Board is looking at making a change without any input of the people.  The people should be allowed to vote on this issue.
  • Noel Chavez said he is displeased with the thought of having a judge the people haven’t been able to choose.
  • Gene Battle, a Raytown resident, said he was appalled that the Board is wanting to take away our right to vote.
  • Kim Dobbs, a Raytown resident, is against the city officials making changes to the court without consulting voters.  If changes are made, it should only happen after a vote of the people.  Resident should be electing their own municipal judge.
  • Cheryl Stebbins, a Raytown resident, said it is our honor to vote for those who represent us.
  • Jeff Burnmeister, a Raytown resident and attorney, said it is important for the community to vote for the judge.  The appointment would only breed distrust in the community.

The Board passed the Fiscal Budget for 2012-2013.  City Administrator, Mahesh Sharma, told the Board they were projecting a 2% increase in Sales Tax Revenue this coming year. Based on this, he was recommending a 3% across the board pay increase for all part and full time city employees.  He said he was aware of the economy’s impact on taxpayers.  To ease that burden, he is recommending no sewer rate increase this year, as the sewer fund is in good shape.    
Alderman Melson stated she thought the appropriation of $7,800 for Color Guard uniforms should be cut from the budget.  She also stated that instead of purchasing 22 computer tablets for the police department, they should only purchase 3 this year and wait to see how well they work in the field before purchasing more.   
Alderman White said she had been told the police were going to purchase a few tablets at first, and if they worked well, purchase more.  Alderman Van Buskirk said just because the Board passes a budget doesn’t mean each department has to spend all they money.  He also had been told the police would purchase a few tablets at first.   
Alderman Aziere said the Board should not rubber stamp the budget, but there are departmental needs and the Board should trust each department to know what they need in the way of equipment.  Alderman Pardue reminded the Board they had already talked about these issues at the budget meetings and it is too late to make changes.  Any changes should have been made earlier.
The Board passed the continuation of an existing agreement by and between the City of Raytown and Cochran Head Vick & Co. for the performance of professional audit services for fiscal year 2012-2013.  Alderman Hamilton asked when this will be re-bid.  Mr. Loughry said he wanted to stay with this firm in order to keep a continuity of services.  Mayor Bower asked if this will include an audit of the Police Pension Fund.  Mr. Loughry said it did not, and he had no idea of the cost of such an audit.
The Board heard the second reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 18 of the Code of Ordinances regarding the municipal court and judge.  Alderman Lightfoot moved the resolution be tabled indefinitely.  Alderman Ertz agreed and said we have a part time judge doing an excellent job of running a full time court.
Hypocrisy 101
HYPOCRISY: Feigned High Principles - the false claim to or pretense of having admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings.

It is said that if the shoe fits, wear it. City Administrator Mahesh Sharma put on a pair of shoes at the last meeting of the Board of Aldermen. And yes, they fit him perfectly.

During the meeting Sharma gave a stem winder of a speech immediately before the Board approved this year’s city budget.

In his speech the City Administrator made quite a fuss about the fact that the city was not increasing sanitary sewer rates. His reasoning was (that) given the weak state of the local economy, it would be wrong to increase taxes on the good people of Raytown.

We agree.

On the surface it sounds like a magnanimous decision by the City Administrator.

But those of us who can remember longer than two weeks back – it is a text book example of hypocrisy.

It was just two weeks earlier, at the October 2nd meeting of the City Council that Mr. Sharma recommended the city raise property taxes. That tax increase, dutifully approved by the Board of the Aldermen, increased property taxes across the board on Raytowner’s homes, cars and other personal property.

City Administrator Mahesh Sharma was the recipient of a $30,000 pay increase just a few months back. The requirement that he live within the city limits of Raytown was removed by the Board of Aldermen at the same time as the pay increase. So he does not have to pay the increased property taxes he recommended.

It has been said that actions speak louder than words. If so, then City Administrator Mahesh Sharma’s feigned caring loses its meaning when compared to his action of just two weeks prior.

Fit Bottomed Girls

A Super Reliable Running Buddy BY JENN

You know how we always say that there’s nothing like having a good workout buddy to keep you accountable? Well, while writing about my fitness endeavors here and being friends with the other FBGs does keep me in check, I have to give my recent 10K training credit to my pup Siena. Sure, she’s not a very good conversationalist—and... Continue reading

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Anonymous said...

I agree that requiring photo ID does prevent certain segments of the public from voting. The segments prevented from voting are illegal voters who are either unregistered voters, voting another person's name, or voting several other people's names.

Photo ID should be required to prevent this segment of voters from voting.

Andy Whiteman

One Who Has Not Forgotten said...

Man, you guys hit it the nail on the head about Mahesh Sharma. I remember when Jacksion County lowered property values in Raytown. The City and School District rushed into specail meetings to raise the bar by increasing the ceiling on property taxes as high as they could to raise our propety taxes.

Two years later the County raised values back up. The School District and City did not lower the high rate back down.

No surprise there. Those folks think that they deserve all of our money.

Gotta hand it to Sharma. His must be made of brass to pull off the tax increases on property in Raytown.

I wonder if the City Council even knows they are being played?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shamra fits right in at city hall.
He along with the others can't remember
what they have done to us taxpayers from one
day to the next. All they want is our
money. They and the school board don't care
how much we taxpayers are hurting financially.
All they want is our money to spend a waste.
It might be a little different if we could see
a glimmer of what they have done for us taxpayers.
We see daily what they have done for Wal-Mart,
Hy-Vee, Aldi's, Ihop and more. All we got was
streets that break our cars and trucks and a
downtown that is going downhill faster than
a lead balloon. What are they doning with our
money? Why do they need more?

Anonymous said...

Good job Jim Aziere for exposeing Tom McDonald and where all his campagin money came from. Very little if any came from Raytown or its citizens. Which is probably why he is having a findraiser in Raytown. Hope he falls flat on his face and gets beat in November.

Anonymous said...

If Mahesh Sharma was required to live in the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown, be wouldn't want to raise property taxes whish are already outrageous. Only the rich can afford to live in Raytown. I wonder why a rich person would want to live in this ghetto? Obviously people don't want to live in the ghetto which explains why the selling prices of homes are way down and there are many vacant and foreclosed properties.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Page 31, and 42-45 show the audit results of the police pension trust and the LAGERS pension. The Finance Director doesn't even know what is in the audit??? Typical of raytown government...

Anonymous said...

Why is Jim Aziere worried about campaign funds? Is it because he has none, either from Raytown or outside sources. If a candidate for state representative relied on Raytown to support them financially they would be in big trouble. Most political donations come from many donors and if Aziere had a chance at winning this race the Republicans from all over the state would be coming to his aid. Maybe they all know Ole Jim as well as the rest of us. WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR JIM AGAIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:31PM, I can't speak for Jim, but I think his point was he will represent Raytown while his opponent is funded by big business that has nothing to do with Raytown. At least Jim bought his signs from Raytown businesses.

I voted for Jim because he is knowledgeable in state government and I felt he was the better choice.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Before you decide to vote for Jim Aziere or Tom McDonald,just remember who voted to raise our property taxes the last 4 years and who voted to give the City Administrator a $30,000 raise, and who voted for WalMart, and who isn't supporting raises for the front line workers in Raytown. Then ask yourself who really has Raytown's best interest at heart.

Anonymous said...

Andy I agree with you and I still believe Jim will put Raytown first at least he lives here while McDonald is using a former citizens (Jerry Briggs) address

Anonymous said...

I already voted.

5:15PM, Those were my main considerations. Also in my opinion using another person's address is fraud.

I wonder what address Mr. McDonald uses when he votes?

I use a PO Box, but it is MY PO Box.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The board and the (so called) Mayor is going to raise our personal/realestate taxes again. What do we get; more streets with chip and seal! With the high taxes we pay now, our streets should be paved in gold. What a poor excuse for a board of aldermen and a bully Mayor. Throw all of them out come April! You can't afford to live in Raytown. No wonder businesses leave and soon Raytown will be a ghost town.

That's Interesting... said...

Anonymous 10/09/12 5:02PM said...
"who isn't supporting raises for the front line workers in Raytown"

From the Livius Report:
"Based on this, he was recommending a 3% across the board pay increase for all part and full time city employees"

How can you claim that he doesn't support raises for "front line workers" when he voted for a budget that gave "front line workers" a 3% raise?

Granted, it is not $30,000 but it isn't $0 either...

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Jim Aziere. He is the right man for Raytown.

Anonymous said...

October 8, 2012 10:27 AM gave the following link.

If what those pages say is true all of our money will eventually be going to pay for pension plans.

City hall seems obsessed with the judge's position. There real problem is in the p.d.

If they read their budget they have to know it.

Why won't they do somehting about it?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Mr.Aziere become a state
representative for one very important reason.
Maybe we can get someone that can at least
walk and chew gum at the same time.

Anonymous said...

fire department took a 5.5% pay cut..

Anonymous said...

How can people leave Raytown? Property values are so LOW that they won't sell! Anyone leaving Raytown is taking a big loss. Obviously that accounts for so many foreclosures. Raytown is quickly necoming Section 8 housing and those people don't care about street maintenance and other city serfices. They just accept whatever is done.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If the Dire Department took a 5% cut in pay
was it voluntary or mandatory? If it was mandatory
I think this is wrong.
I also think a 3% increase for the police is embarrassing.
It should have been at lease 15%. Our firemen deserve
more, not less.
I know the Fire Department is a seperate department but,
it's still taxpayer money and they derserve more.
After giving a 37% increase to the CA. I know these
are just percentage figures but, we all know what 37%
of a hundred thousand a year pay increase is.
I know our police and firemen don't make that kind of
money. In some cases a police officer only got less than
a hundred a month compared to the CA's over three thousand
a month pay increase. I don't care who you are this is
as wrong a wrong can be.
Next time you need a fireman or a policeman, call the CA
in RAYMORE and have him come to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

You have to give it to Tom McDonald. He is fighting to keep his paycheck. He took over Jerry Briggs vacant home and actually will probably move to Raytown if he wins the election. But do we want someone who is presently lying to us about where his home is?

Honestly, my answer is yes if the guy was willing to go down and fight for my interests in Jefferson City. So I did my research. It turns out he is doing a lot more partying and a lot less fighting. He sponsored exactly zero bills during the last session. In January of 2009, his first month in office and the heart of the economic downturn, he voted to INCREASE his own salary, a measure that was voted down by the majority of democrats and republicans in Jeff. CIty. Not only that he has taken THOUSANDS of dollars from lobbyists in Jefferson City to pay for lavish dinners, KU-MU tickets, nearly $200 in Rascall Flatts tickets and over $400 to pay for his entertainment at a carnival. I attended none of those events. Not because I didn't want to, but because I CAN'T AFFORD THEM!

Jim Aziere is nowhere near the candidate that Raytown deserves. And whether you like all of his votes or his personality, no one can question the fact that he cares about this city. He is nearly 70 years-old and STILL coaching the School District's swim teams. You don't do that if you don't care about the kids.

I'm not telling everyone to vote for Jim Aziere. Who you vote for is your choice. I just ask you not to vote against Jim without getting to know Tom McDonald's past (and present) also. I am a democrat. I will be voting for Obama on November 6th because I think at a national level he shares my political ideology. At the local level, party affiliation is less important. I don't care that Jim Aziere is a Republican; he is what is best for Raytown from this democrat's view.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more. It is just plain wrong to give anybody a 30,000 a year raise and screw PD, EMS and every other employee who is struggle to make ends meet. JUST PLAIN WRONG!!! I know a few officers and employees in Raytown and this has caused a backlash of resentment by the rank and file that has everyone biting their tongue and shaking their heads in utter disbelieve that the Mayor and BOA would disregard the heart and soul of the organization, so the head suit can tell them what they want to hear.

Give me a $30,000 a year raise and I will gladly tell you what you want to hear too. Heck, for free, I'll tell you what you don't want to hear, and that is you all are bunch of bobble heads on the Board.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with 10:40 AM. Since we don't register a party affiliation in the State of Misery, I basically have none. I chose the Republican ballot because they have better qualified candidates along my line of thinking. In the general election I vote for the person, not the party.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The mayor and the board are a disgrace to our city. NO ONE DESERVES A $30,000 raise in one year. These guys and gal are so out of touch with reality it makes me sick. Let's not let them get away with it. It's time to take this issue to the voters and beat every one of them next April. FILING OPENS IN DECEMBER!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of hearing about the raise for the CA. Move on folks. It's over and done.

Anonymous said...

I agree. By any measuring stick the $30,000 raise given out by Bower adn his city council is sickening. Unfair to the employees at city hall and unfair to the people of raytown who pay the taxes.

The outrage that has been expressed here and everywhere else in Raytown is well deserved. Half of the city council is up for election next April. Does anyone know when filing opens?

Anonymous said...

The city administrators raise is only "over and done" if we as voters allow it to be. I say elect a new board of aldermen in April and roll back that raise for Mahesh. This is what is so great, ANYTHING that is passed by one board can be REVERSED by the next one. Maybe Mahesh would find another job if he could "see the handwriting on the wall". As some have said "It's time for him to go"

Anonymous said...

Better keep the confessional open Joe "Toothy" Biden will be needing it on Sunday.As a matter of fact he will need it for quite while

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I am leaving the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown, State of Misery! Not only is the climate Miserable but most our elected officials are clueless to put it mildly.

I really appreciated the dedication and help of our city workers, EMS, FD, and PD during my forced residsency here by AT&T. All city workers I encounered really cared about the citizens and tried ther best to be of assistance.

Goodny to my many friends,
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Just got a flyer in the mail from Tom McDonald. Really do you think sending out a flyer with a picture of the Welcome to Raytown sign on one side and a picture of Jerry Briggs house on the other will get you votes? Not in my lifetime. Vote for Jim Aziere a guy who lives and believes in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Jim Aziere may live in Raytown, but all of us know that he has really NEVER done anything as an elected official FOR Raytown. We've all watched him for years and he never changes, just draw my paycheck and go home. Doesn't even show up for his OWN committee meetings. Pretty sad excuse for an elected official.

Anonymous said...

11:56 AM, I agree, vote for Jim Aziere! I was very dissatisfied with several of Jim's votes on the BOA but he was always there when a neighbor or I called with a problem! But he is running for a different office now and that changes things. In my opinion it is fraudulent for someone to file for election using a false address. Jim is the better choice. We know where he stands, lives in Raytown, helps Raytown people, volunteers in Raytown, and spends his money in Raytown. In other words a real community spirited person!

Andy Whiteman