Sunday, October 14, 2012


Raytown police seeking tips in Tuesday shooting
Raytown police are seeking tips about what became of a man who disappeared after accosting someone who ultimately fired a gun at him.

Police were called to a home in the 8500 block of Greenwood Road at 9 p.m. Tuesday to investigate shots being fired.

A man there told officers he was visiting a friend when he was confronted in the front yard with someone armed with a handgun saying he knew “what this is about.” The man told police he did not recognize the assailant and he pulled out his own handgun and fired a shot at him. READ MORE

Community Events . . .
Looking for something to do on Saturday? Check out one of these three events hosted in Raytown. Something for everyone -- from carved pumpkins on a spooky trail at Cave Springs, a 5K run and a music festival at one of Raytown's beautiful parks. Why not take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, renew some old acquaintances and join in the fun!

3rd Annual Pumpkins on Parade, Oct. 20  

Raytown Three Trails Kiwanis and Cave Spring Nature Center will sponsor their 3rd annual Pumpkins on Parade.  The trails will be lined with carved pumpkins by local students, community groups, artists and the general public. Click for details.

5K Historic Trail Run For Excellence, Oct. 20 

The Raytown Educational Foundation will host the 13th annual 5K RUN FOR EXCELLENCE. Proceeds from this healthy, calorie-burning event will benefit the Foundation that supports unique programs that enhance the tradition of excellence in Raytown Quality Schools. Click for details. 

Raytown Arts & Music Festival, Oct 20
Raytown Parks & Recreation and Friends of Raytown Parks will host the first annual Raytown Arts & Music Festival at C. Lee Kenagy Park. Come listen to the some of the best music talent in the region: Linda Shell & Blues Thang, Jah Lion Reggae, KC Kelsey Hill & AFU, Algo De Nova, The Monarchs, The Guess Y and KC Drum Tribe. This first Arts in the Park event will feature many talented artists and artists in the region.  Click for details.
"Every Picture Tells a Story . . .

What is it!?! The picture at left is of stream in Nova Scotia, Canada. Heavy rains had raised the levels of rivers and streams. During a break in the storm sunlight filtered through the canopy of trees. Those areas where the sun shone through appeared as golden spots within the stream.

The weather in Nova Scotia this past summer was very much like ours in the Midwest. Not as hot, but certainly as dry. On a recent trip to far eastern reaches Canada we were followed by the remains of Hurricane Issac, which exited the North American continent through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Hurricane Leslie then made its way up the East Coast along New England before heading back out to the Atlantic. The two storms effectively ended the drought.

2012 Presidential Campaign Full of Surprises BY GREG WALTERS

It has been a campaign in which the momentum has changed back and forth from the beginning. I can remember reading articles about how disappointing the early caucus and primary turnouts were for the Republican candidates as they marched through an endless series of national debates to choose their candidate.

In those days the Democrats were pleased to see the messy business of political infighting within the Republican Party.

As the campaigns plodded through the dog days of August and into September there seemed to be less interest by the public in the campaigns.

Perhaps it is because we live in a state which has lost its status as a battleground state that the Presidential Campaign seems so distant. At this writing there are ten hotly contested  battleground states that have the attention of the tow major campaigns for President. 

That perception changed with the first Presidential debate held in Denver two weeks ago. It was the first time the two candidates faced each other. Both sides downplayed expectations. The two standard bearers met in the arena. One of them came ready to do battle. The other seemed to have put too much faith in his press releases.

The debate was unique in the numbers who tuned in to watch. It had the highest ratings for a Presidential Debate since Carter and Reagan back in the 1980’s. It showed an interest in this election that many had not recognized.

I was not really surprised by Governor Romney’s performance in the first Presidential Debate.  A person does not have the success in life that Romney has without having earned it. His style is low key. He is not going to have crowds stand up and cheer him in some grand statement. But he will sell his agenda and did so when he went toe to toe with President Obama.

Romney’s win in the debate and the so-called “bump” he received in the polls would not have happened without Obama’s help. The President’s body language and demeanor reminded me of George Bush (no. 1) repeatedly glancing at his watch when he debated Bill Clinton and Ross Perot back in 1992.

In other words, Obama “lost” the debate as much as Romney “won” the debate.

The Vice Presidential debate was a different story.

I saw two generations butt heads. The two candidates had unique styles. The older generation, represented by Joe Biden, was full of a lot of hyperbole and bluster. The younger generation, represented by Paul Ryan, came across as more of a political wonk.

In this debate the contest was much closer. Biden’s certainly came with blood in his eye and ready to fight, as did Ryan. But the perception as to who came out on top, like the debate between Obama and Romney.

Talk to anyone who watched the debate and ask what they remember about it. More than likely they will bring up Biden’s face making and rude behavior through the discussion. It appeared his plan was to rattle his opponent by breaking his train of thought. At first it looked as if it might work. But Ryan stepped up to the challenge.

By the end of the debate Biden had stopped the face making and rude interruptions of his opponent.

The next Presidential debate is scheduled for Tuesday evening October 16th at 8:00 p.m. Central Time and will undoubtedly be viewed by more voters than the first debate. It won’t be hard to find a place to watch. Each debate will be broadcast live on C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC among others.

No doubt Obama will  push hard to rebound. Romney will be in the more difficult position of having to hold what he has gained.

This week’s poll: This week’s poll asks who you intend to vote for President on November 6th. As they say in Chicago, vote early and often. Okay, bad joke. Only one vote per reader!

Local elections to feel impact of national politics BY PAUL LIVIUS

If you do not know it yet, you will soon. The presidential election is not the only heated contest in town. The race for the newly created Missouri House of Representatives District 28 is starting to draw attention as well.

Yard signs for the two opponents, Jim Aziere and Tom McDonald, are starting to pop up in yards throughout Raytown.

The race for the 28th District is important. For the first time in over 30 years Raytown will make up the lion’s share of the District. In the past, Raytown has been somewhat of an afterthought in the actions of the four representatives who jointly represented the district. That is because their focus was (understandably) on larger portions of their district.

All of that should change in the next election. Raytown will have a representative we can truly call our own.

Since it is a Presidential year, much will depend on how voters make their choice for President. Typically strong presidential campaigns have coat-tails. That is because many people, unaware of where individual candidates stand on issues – tend to allow their top pick (in this case the President) to sway their choice down ballot.
If the number of comments we have received on this State House race is any indication, be prepared to hear a lot more from both candidates in this contest.

A note to supporters of Aziere and McDonald. We have received email comments (allegations) from both sides making some pretty wild claims about investigations, criminal wrong doing by both candidates, etc. Unless you can back up the allegation with  proof, be prepared to sign and verify the message as yours for it to be published. 

Otherwise, it will not be published. 

Fit Bottomed Girls
10K RACE? . . .  "BRING IT!" BY JENN
From the title of the post, you probably think that I’ve been training my booty off, getting faster and faster and am ready to PR at our upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K in Brooklyn (courtesy of Brooks Running). But guess what? That’s sooo not the case. I have no plans to run fast, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. What... Continue reading

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Salamander said...

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to vote we go.

With the election only three weeks off here are a few thoughts.

5TH DISTRICT CONGRESSIONAL RACE: Cleaver will win in a walk. Won't even break a sweat winning this one. Has Jacob Turk even bothered to compaign at all on this side of the District? The Salamander has found no evidence.

Turk, a three time loser will lose this one again. Don't be surprised if he makes a fifth try in 2014.

Several months ago your correspondent opined tht Mr. Turk was nothing but a "stalking horse", running only to assure Cleaver didn't have any tangible opposition.

THE PRESIDENCY: More than likely Romney will win this one. It's really a toss-up but the jobs and other pressing issues are going to overwhelm Obama. As for the Vice Presidents. The debate let your writer with an empty feeling to say the least.

All that it was, it turned out, was two guys who had never worked a job in their life, throwing "billions" and "billions" more around like kids fighting over a jar of marbles.

Wasn't even worth anyone's time listening to them.

Biden's facemaking, gaffing and gawking in mock surprise did little to impress viewers.

He reminded me of a Mayor Raytown used to have. He carried on in a like manner for years until a local got up at a city council meeting and told him to quit making a fool of himself.

Nationally, the Salamander looks for a surprise. I believe you will see gains in both the House and the Senate by the Democrats.

If that happens the deadlock will be even worse than it was if Romney takes the Presidency.

The trouble with the Republican Party is they treat their friends worse than their enemies.

Look back two years. The Tea Party was instrumental in getting a good number of both House and Senate Republican candidates elected.

Their Reward?

Anyone who watched the the Republican Convention saw it. Tea Party and conservative Republican groups were ignored and insulted.

One more thought.

The incident at the Chief's last home game was a disgrace.

The quarterback, Matt Cassell, was injured and carried off the field.

He was derisively booed by most of the people there. It was a loutish display of discourtesy; resembling what the mobs who attended the killing Christians in Roman times.

The Kansas City Star's Sports Editor claims he heard no boos. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said only a few people booed, so it should be overlooked. Hunt did go on to tell that the Chief's fans were well educated, loyal and the good Lord knows what else.

As far as fans being educated, your Salamander wonders how many education it takes to get up at 5:00 a.m., drive to a cold stadium, cook your meal and be there five hours before the game begins.

Oh yes. Also paying $27 (cash only) to get into a stadium to park your car. A stadium you have already paid for with your taxes.

Be sure to vote on November 6th.

Anonymous said...

To the Salamander,
Mr.Obama was not elected on merit.
He was elected on color. The news media wanted
an African American (the jury is still out on
that one) And they pushed hard for his election.
Lets not forget Oprah Winfrey and her millions
of dollars and free TV pushing along with all
the African Americans that voted on color alone.
I think Obama will be back for four more years
and I truly wish I could move out of the country.
I think he is that bad for America.
However, I don't think the Republicans are much better.
Both talk about jobs but, both parties have let
our American jobs go to China and Mexico putting
hundreds of millions Americans out of a job.
Both parties have let gasoline prices go so high
that it is threatens any economic comeback we may be
seeing. Right now, stupidity is running the country
along side of greed. We the people are paying for these
idiots. Can someone tell me why illegal aliens get free
health care and good taxpaying Americans can't?
Why do we send aid to countries that are supplying
our enemies weapons to be used against our young men?
And why can illegal aliens receive Social Security without even
paying into the fund?

PO'D American.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Jim Aziere. He'll be only one fool in 163 fools. He can't do near as much damage in Jeff City as he can on the Raytown BOA. When he wins, I'll say goodby and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier post. Why do we support illegal aliens with free health care, housing and food? I seen a Mexican family the other night at the store, a couple and four kids. None could not speak English and loading their food cart up to the top.

I believe in helping the less fortunate, but not at the cost of destroying this country with a national debt we will never be able to pay.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS----There is, finally,conculsive evidence that Osama bin Laden and Muammer Gaddafi are dead. Yesterday, they both registered with the democratic party to vote in Chicago!!!

Anonymous said...

10/16/12 at 6:51 am How dare you assume that just because a family was purchasing groceries and preferred to speak Spanish they don't know English! Did you bother to talk to them??? How do you know how they paid for those groceries??? Did you stand next to them at the checkout line? Raytown needs fewer ignorant babbling racist pigs! Do us all a favor and leave!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an ugly hateful reply to someone who posted a blog regarding a Mexican family filling a grocery cart and speaking Spanish.

Even if the observation was incorrect, your hateful tone indicates a racist, downright hateful response, but I would never ask you to leave simply because we do not see eye-to-eye on the social issues.

Anonymous said...

I think the ignorant one here is you.
How dare "you" assume the opposite.
You and we know deep down what is happening
to our country. If you pay taxes and work hard
as I assume you do. Then you should be just
as skeptical as the rest of us. Working Americans
supporting illegals and people that are fully able to
work but CHOOSE to let you and me support them,
should make you just as upset as it does the rest
of us.
Just once I would like to see the Rosetta Stone
add for learning a language promote ENGLISH!
Considering all the foreign cars and all the Chinese
products along with people that can't or won't
speak English in this country and our jobs going
to Mexico, China and Japan America is slipping
away. Our way of life is gone and I doubt it will
ever be back. That is until real Americans take it back.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the latest SNL skit? It was taken from last Tuesday's presidential debate.

It goes like this.

The camera is on Obama. He tell Crowley to repeat what she just said about his use of the terroism in the Rose Garden.

The camera pans back to Crowley.

She is wearing a BIG Obama button and and straw hat with an Obama bumper sticker on it.

It is doubtful she will ever be asked back to moderate a debate again.

Anonymous said...

Why do you act surprised at the poison of an earlier blog about Hispanic people shopping at a grocery store?

It is a typical knee jerk reaction of a the liberal mindset that says hit first. Talk and reason can come later!

Anonymous said...

5:59, 6:27,
You are so right! Of course we should
not think that Hispanic people shopping
in the middle of the US, speaking Spanish
are not American citizens. After all aren't
we all supposed to learn Spanish and forget
English? Aren't we all supposed to be supported
by the suckers that work hard and pay taxes?
Sure we are. We are that 47% that don't exist
and think the government owes us.
I think we should defend these non-working
non-Americans too. In fact why don't you
be the first to invite them into your home
and let them take everything you have worked hard
for all your life. Let them have your Social Security
that you have paid into all your working life.
While we are at it, why not furnish them with
free healthcare and let them have your cell phone
at no cost?
Oh, that's right. You and I already do all of that!

Anonymous said...

I don't think an educated person would vote for Jim Azierer just so they would not have to deal with him on the Board of Alderman.

If I didn't want someone representing me I would be out working against them not only for the race they are currently running for, but also to make sure they never got elected to the position that they hold today.

As for me I am and will from now on work to see Jim Aziere never gets elected again as I do not believe it is right for him to vote to give one city employee a 30% raise let alone the fact that all other city employees got no raise.

Anonymous said...

What's the number now? Something like 47% of people in this country are on some sort of government assistant(i.e. food stamps) So no, it is not racist to see a family, speaking Spanish, loading a cart up with groceries and suspecting it is illegal or even legal aliens on government subsidies.

The real point is why do hard working Americans allow our government to continue assisting those who are here illegally and sucking funds out of a program setup to assist US citizens needing assistance, NOT illegal aliens, or those who never paid into the system, yet continue to drain it of money and see no reasons to even get out of bed in the morning to go to school or work. Just stay home and make more babies for the government to support.

This country is 16 trillion dollars in debt. We can no longer even pay the interest on that debt burden. Let’s stop kicking the can down the road and start making the hard decisions, which are needed to pay down the debt. And that means cutting military spending and social services. It’s going to happen, rather we like it or not.

And no that is not racist, that is reality.

Anonymous said...

Last week someone just had to bring up about Jim Aziere and his service as swim coach.

You are correct that Jim Aziere has been the swim coach for years, but if we are going to talk about his service as coach we need to recall the events at the YMCA.

An event that those at the YMCA and Raytown Fire Marshall still talk about to this day.

An event that should have had him fired form being the coach and an event that shows he has no real concern for public safety.

Yes, Mr. Aziere, I too have not forgotten and I will not vote for anyone who made the mistake you did and the danger you placed so many kids, parents and visitors in that day!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50

Before we can decide about Aziere based on his service as swim coach, we need more information. If the YMCA, and the Fire Marshall are still talking about it, please give us more information. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What on earth is going on here? Some of you guys are talking in code. If you have something to say about anything why not just say it.

If you want to trash a candidate do it. But while you are at it at least grow a pair and sign your name.

Otherwise it is just so much noise.

Anonymous said...

Any woman, who still supports Todd Akins, must have not respect for the female populations after his comments that are so wrong and hurtful to females.

Any man who still supports Todd Akins, must have no respect for his mother and only view females for breeding.

Anonymous said...

And any man or woman who still suppoerts Obama after four years of failure on his part to rebuild our economy is an economic moron.

Anonymous said...

Truth is an obstacle for the liberals

Anonymous said...

Todd Akins is a man who based on his own comments believes women should be barefoot and pregnant.

What a disgrace Todd Akins is not only to Missouri, but to mankind!

Anonymous said...

Here is a great idea. Why don't you rename this blog the Raytown Republican and Bigots Report? The reason why is simple. Every time I look at this blog all that I see is bigotry, hate, lies, and stupidity. What everyone wants to do on here is to take their country back, yes back to the dark ages where there is nothing but a rich class and the poor. I personally am ashamed to think that in this day and age that people will not grow up and stop the racism and the backward thinking. At least I know that nothing has changed here on this blog.

Anonymous said...

To the person who believes we should vote for Jim Aziere for his work as swim coach needs to take the time to look at Mr. Aziere’s voting record at city hall.

It will not take one long to learn that Mr. Aziere has repeatedly voted in favor of tax abatements for business that take more from the very school district, which employs him and that someone brags about his hard work for the children.

Please be honest with others there is no true way Mr. Aziere could be fully looking out for the best interest of the children if at the same time he is voting to reduce taxes that would help educate these same children.

In the best interest of the children, we all need to vote for any other candidate that runs against Mr. Aziere.

Anonymous said...

To the one whho is calling everyone a bigot, liar, etc., etc., etc.

I think what has happened is that the liberal wing of the Democratic party has taken such strong control that they are driving people away from the party.

Wehn I read your post one word came to mind.


Anonymous said...

Man I can relate to that last commnet. What Obama has followers have done to this country terrifies me. I hope enough people wake up on Election day to throw him out!

Anonymous said...

You can lead a Liberal to facts but, you can't make them think!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aziere,

I cannot vote for someone like you who simply is not good with numbers.

If you doubt for yourself let us look at your record.

At the YMCA you showed everyone that you do not understand what “maximum occupancy” means.

At city hall you showed everyone that you do not understand that when you give one employee a $30,000 raises that there is nothing left for any other city employees.

At the ethics commission you showed everyone that you cannot get the figures into the correct columns for their category.

Too bad this is not baseball as this three sticks against you would have you out before your name ever appeared on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

I saw a sign today that explains it all as it read:

Odd Akins

The only question I have is where can I get one of these Akins signs.

Anonymous said...

If you won't defend your rights then don't complain when you loose them.

Anonymous said...

To the Todd Akin Basher; it is apparent from your posts that you know nothing about the man or have any facts as to what he has said or believes. Your statements imply he is a fool, I beg to differ, it would appear from your comments that you are the fool.

Anonymous said...

6:51 AM, As an FYI, many people know English but prefer to speak another language...sometimes it is for privacy. Just go to Las Compas where I had my last meal leaving Raytown. They speak Spanish but also speak English fluently. In the area I have moved to it is common for people to speak Spanish but most know English. There are some old timers who understand Spanish much better than English hence bilingual documents and ballots. My family is caucasian but my father's reading ability was much better in Spanish.

Please don't assume that speaking or not speaking a language means illegal residency. This is a false assumption!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining to we that I should vote for a candidate that is from the place they are seeking to be elected.

I guess these mean that I cannot vote a straight Republican ticket this year being that Mr. Turk doesn't live in the area which he is running.

Does anyone know why Mr Turk didn't run for office in his own area?

Anonymous said...


Does this mean you are finally moving to New Mexico?

Anonymous said...

With all the scandals and lawlessness it is hard to keep up with the Democratic party

Anonymous said...

In obama we trusted now our economy is busted.