Sunday, November 4, 2012

The attached ad, which features a chilling look at one potential future scenario if the nation continues on its current path, pays homage to a 1986 ad that was produced by W.R. Grace & Co. called “The Deficit Trials.” The national debt was $2 trillion in 1986 when “The Deficit Trials” was denied broadcast time for being “too controversial.” 

When CAGW first released the “Chinese Professor” ad in 2010, the debt had reached $13.7 trillion.  Today the debt stands at $16.1 trillion, $1.15 trillion of which is held by the Chinese government, the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt.
When the Chinese Professor ad was first broadcast the national debt had reached $13.7 trillion.  Today the debt stands at $16.1 trillion, $1.15 trillion of which is held by the Chinese government, the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt.


Vote . .Vote . .Vote! BY GREG WALTERS
Over 70% of eligible voters in America are expected to go the polls next Tuesday. We hope you are one of them.

No doubt a good number of those going to vote will be on a mission to cast one vote for President and go home.

Which is a shame, because there are many important races down ballot that deserve and need your attention. 

A heated race for the United State Senate between Akin and McCaskill will be watched closely by all of America.

Raytowners will decide if Tom McDonald or Jim Aziere will represent them in the General Assembly in Jefferson City.

A number of petition driven ballot issues are also on the ballot. For example, the fate of a historically high tax increase (over 700%!) on tobacco products will be decided in Missouri.
Another ballot issue that will have implications down the road for the Kansas City area is the vote to allow local control of the Police Department in St. Louis.

So block out some time to vote next Tuesday – as a former candidate who once won an election by 13 votes, and also lost an election by 3 votes – I can assure you your vote is important. 

Clean Up This Mess!
The picture is of some boxes of junk that have been sitting on the southwest street corner of 63rd and Hunter Streets – just two blocks from Raytown’s premier City Gateway at 63rd and Blue Ridge Cutoff. The collection of trash has been there for over one month.

It is hard to believe that neither Ward 1 elected official, Shane Pardue or Joe Creamer, both of whom probably drive by it on their way to City Council Meetings have yet to see it. 

It is equally hard to believe that the city’s property code enforcement officers have not seen it – or for that matter, any one of a number of our out of town Department Heads who probably drive by it on their way to work five days a week.

Would such behavior be allowed near a Gateway intersection in Raymore, Lee’s Summit, Harrisonville, Gladstone or Basehor? We think not. It is another argument for requiring city department heads to live within the city.

Pilates and a No-Nonsense Instructor BY ERIN
I started taking a Pilates class recently at my gym. I’ve only really done Pilates by DVD, but I was excited to get into a live class. The room was packed, my daughter had finally started doing well at the gym day care, and I had high hopes for the class. The instructor asked if there was anyone new to the class and because it... Continue reading

Raytown Calendar of Events
Data compiled by Friends of Raytown Parks. For more information go to Friends of Raytown Parks

Amateur Radio Club 2012 Hamfest, November 10

Raytown’s Amateur Radio Club KOGQ invite you to HamFest, featuring satellite demonstrations and hourly door prizes plus the Grand Prize of a Mobile Transceiver.  Click for details.

Tribute to Our Veterans, November 11
The Raytown Arts Council, Retired Teachers Association, Marguerite McNair DAR Chapter and Council of Aging will co-sponsor the annual Tribute to our Veterans, that includes military color guard, patriotic music by the Raytown Community Symphonic Band, recognition of veterans from all armed service branches and more.  Click for details.

Holiday Lights Recycling in KC Region, November 17
Southeast Enterprises and St. Louis Green are joining forces in the goal to collect and recycle 104,000 pounds of holiday lights. In addition to keeping holiday lights out of the landfill, we have the benefit of providing challenging work for over 160 employees with developmental disabilities. 100% of holiday lights we collect will be recycled. Click for details.

MCPL-Raytown, November
The Mid-Continent Library of Raytown's events will soon be included in our community events calendar. Until we get their calendar fully integrated, look for their RSS events feed in the right margin of our calendar. Besides the library, they are a wonderful resource for learning, from storytime, book clubs, internet, business, cooking and craft classes, and more! Click for RSS feed.

Paul Livius will Return!

Paul Livius is out of town on some personal business this week. Look for his return in next week's Raytown Report. 

He did ask us to remind everyone to please remember to vote on Tuesday.

As he so eloquently put it, "Voting is America is not only a right and privilege -- it is a duty that we all share."

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Anonymous said...

Andy. Have you moved from the area? I hope you continue to contribute to the Raytown Report. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

Anonymous said...


Have you thought about contacting Jacob Turk to see if he would want to buy you home.

I did check and and Jim Aziere is correct Turk doesn't live in Raytown so unless someone can help him buy a home in the next 24 hours I just cannot vote for Lee Summit Turk.

Again I want to thank educator Jim Aziere for explain to me to only vote for people who live in Raytown

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone against Jim Aziere?

Jim Aziere was asked by the members of Wildwood Lake to help improve their lake, but Jim Aziere didn’t just do that he took steps to bring our city lake at Kenagy Park up the high standard and natural beauty that those home owners at Wildwood Lake get to enjoy every time they look out their windows.

Both lakes now share a green slim that appears to float across the water and is acting as an outstanding net against the empty water bottles and other trash that people from outside of Raytown seem compelled to leave. After all this mess we find must be from those outside of Raytown as just as Jim Aziere has said “People outside of Raytown just don’t understand Raytown”.

The large piles of geese droppings only further displays Jim Aziere’s efforts to serve as a constant reminder that in Raytown one can always find a pile of overlook dropping that our city leaders like him appear to be overlooking, but just want to allow for natural beauty that this waste brings.

Yes, Jim Aziere will continue to have my support for all the fine things he continues to deliver to Raytown just like those geese.


The Hick Family

Anonymous said...

Greg and Paul,

Unfortunately some things came up and I have not had time to call you over the weekend.

However, I told you I would give my predictions. I believe that it will be a great night for Raytown democrats and a bad night for Raytown republicans.

While Romney will win Missouri, the national race will not be the nailbiter once projected. In fact, it would not surprise me to see Obama reach the 300 mark in the Electoral College. The popular vote will also be VERY close, but favor Obama as well.

The Governor's race pitting incumbent, Jay Nixon against St. Louis business man, Dave Spence will also be a snoozer. Nixon wins by a margin no less than 6% but unlikely double-digits.

In the McCaskill-Akin debacle that highlights how awful our two-party, primary system operates, McCaskill will come out on top in a semi-close, but never threatened 3-4 point margin.

Lastly, in the race most intensely debated on this blog matching "The Democrat" vs. "The Raytown Candidate" Tom McDonald's deep pockets will be too much for Jim Aziere's grassroots campaign to overcome. Aziere put up a surprisingly organized and efficient fight in this slugfest given that, at last review, he never raised more than $8,000. Unfortunately for the Aziere camp, it will remain "Alderman Aziere" as Tom McDonald squeaks by with a 300-400 vote margin. That margin assues McDonald will spend 2 more years in Jefferson City but may also suggest to Capitol Hill Republicans that this district is not safely blue and the recruiting of the next young, Will Kraus-esque candidate will begin. It also opens the door to a possible independent with enough independent money to fight.

-A "clever individual" who is not anonymous by choice

Anonymous said...

847PM, I wish you had signed your name. I hve been gone over 2 weeks sometrimes with no or little internet connection.

My time is very limited since I moved to a miniature house and the movers did a lousy job of boxes in the wrong rooms etc. What a mess! Due to time issues, it is unknown if I will post much here.

My jouse is for sale:

It would make a nice home or rental or an ideal location for a home business.

Andy Whiteman

Todd Akins... Needs Educated said...

I have been wondering why so many people I meet have been given birth to unwanted pregnancies.

Then I heard Todd Akins and now I understand as they the parents learned the hard way that a female cannot will her body to shut down so that she does not become pregnant.

With this being the case I cannot vote for someone who has allowed more unwanted kids to enter our world. Kids that taxpayers like us will have to pay to take care of

Another Clever Guy said...

Why not throw in? I disagree. I think Romney will win the Presidency. I base this on something that happened four years ago. President Obama was elected by pretty much an over-whelming majority but he did not match up to what the polls had predicted. The predicted margins were much wider than what they turned out to be once the counting was done.

Draw your own conclusions as to why. The simple reality is that the margin of victory was very slim over a weak Republican opponent.

Romney is no John McCain. He is much more. Obama has conducted the end of his campaign on a very low note.

Don't look for those slim lead in the polls to hold up tomorrow.

I agree that Nixon will re-elected Governor.

Not so sure about McCaskill because I never have been able to understand the voters in out state Missouri. I think she will squeak by.

I think Aziere will win on the strength of a very simple theme that he is the home boy in the race. The other guy is the outsider even though he has represented northern Raytown for the what, the last two or four years.

It will cost McDonald the election.

Sorry to say, I am not clever enough to pick margins. Just winners.

Anonymous said...

8:14 AM, Never thought of marketing to Turk because Raytown will not be in Turk's new district.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Colo. city council keeps residency requirement for manager

A split Northglenn, Colo., City Council voted to uphold an ordinance that requires the city manager to be living in the city within one year of being hired. The current manager, who does not reside within the city, is not required to follow the ordinance because he is grandfathered in, but the council is searching for a replacement because he is retiring at year-end

Anonymous said...

I saw Jerry Briggs was at Spring Valley working for his 'ole friend McDonald. Why would he come back here? He hates the city and has made it publicly know. I think it all goes back to when he was defeted to serve on the board. He seems to forget it was his buddy Sue Frank that got us the Wal Mart. Oh Jerry I do remember how you campaigned for her and what a good job she would do. You have moved so why not stay there and keep your nose out of our city, no one misses you.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jerry there too. Guess he was doing his usual thing stirring the pot. That is about all he is good for. He has forgotten that he cost the city alot of money when he voted to buy the old First Baptist church building. Oh how fast you forgot Jerry. You did some pretty stupid things for the city when you were on the board.

Anonymous said...

The people have spoken!!!! :)

Raytown Resident said...

Dear Jim Aziere,

I hope you realize we no longer want "the Raytown Resident". You have given away the farm too many times. You have stuck you foot in your mouth too many times.

Look out because in two years we WILL find someone to run against you. And we will win. It won't matter if you are in bed with Randy Battagler or Michael Downing.
Your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

4 out of 4 correct. Although, I was very surprised by the margins in both McCaskill's and McDonald's races.

Having Dine on the ballot defintely helped McCaskill's margin. Those republicans refusing to vote for Claire but hesitant to vote for Akin took solace in the third-party candidate.

As for McDonald, he was definitely aided by a strong top-of-party ticket. Obama, Nixon, Kander, McCaskill all polled very well in Jackson County and I think McDonald received a trickle-down boost. It will be interesting to see how well he can turn out votes in an off year two years down the road against a charasmatic, young republican (not that I know of any in Raytown) or, more likely, a well-known, Raytown democrat in a primary.

Either way, election season is over. More importantly for Raytown, in my opinion, is the local election in April. A number of Alderpeople and School Board Members are up for re-election. It should be exciting.

- "A clever individual"

Anonymous said...

Are you insane anon 6:30 AM? I saw Downing working the polls for McDonald.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Jerrys son in law that was stealing from the city where he was employed?

Anonymous said...

I don't know the son in laws name but, you must be talking about the guy who he and his wife and son and daughter are always at the Irish Pub drinking. The sad part is that they take their children with them. Evidently Jerry doesn't have much influence in his family.

Anonymous said...

I see some of Alderman Jim Aziere hateful supports, which I am sure also claim to be good church going people, are now blogging about Raytown property owners who live in other city for helping work the polls on Tuesday.

These individual must have a heart of stone and not of love for those who don’t live in Raytown that Alderman Jim Aziere has continued to demonstrate through his generous pay raise he gave to one out of town department head to the tone of 30% or $30,000 depending on how you look at that raise. This in the same year he did nothing for members of our police or public works departments who live in Raytown

They further must not understand that Alderman Jim Aziere so loves those form out of town that he has given away all kinds of tax deals to places like Aldi’s, Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart and Save-A-Lot, while our small town small business owners at places like “The Store” located near 67th and Raytown Road are left to defend for their own.

It is time Alderman Jim Aziere set down and pray with these heartless individuals and show them the light of supporting those who choice not to live in Raytown. Maybe Alderman Jim Aziere can even have his Priest from his out of town parish talk to them about loving their out of town neighbors as they love themselves for clearly these good church people are not hearing messages of love from their in town church.

Anonymous said...

He who has not sined through the first stone

"The Raytown Resident"

Anonymous said...

Is someone saying that we have a bar in Raytown that is allowing child in it.

Maybe our chief needs to start having his officer check ids at all the local bars.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Jim Barnes has learned from the election results that voters are more concerned with positive results then negative lies.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are not disappointed that being Turk lost the election he will not be needing that house in Raytown as soon as you and others thought.

Don't give up on selling that house to him as I am sure he is already planing to run against Cleaver again, so within the next year he will be needing to move to Raytown.

If I were you I would give him a call and let him know you have a great house in Raytown that is close to our lively downtown area, which will make it easy for him to campaing at SummerFest and surely the two of you could come to an agreement that finally allows Mr Turk to win at something.

Anonymous said...

How old are the aforementioned children? I persons child even if legal age, is still their child.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I pray that Odd Akins, after losing his bid for the United States Senate, doesn’t decide to get a job in education.

Just imagine the major increase in unwanted and unintended pregnancies if he was a sex ed teacher with his believe that women can shut down their reproductive systems.

KMCCLA said...

Everyone is invited to the 1st Annual K0GQ Hamfest (a hamfest is a swap meet/ flea market for amateur radio). Tickets are $2 at the door (for door prizes only). There also will be a testing session as well for anyone who wishes to take a test (the test is about $15). There also will be satellite demonstrations (weather permitting but the weather looks good). Doors open at 8:00 AM, and will run until 1:00 PM, on November 10. It will be located at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #47, 12220 East 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64133. For more information --

73 (Best regards)

Just Saying said...

Would all of those business owners still be willing to hire all that cheap illegal labor from our southern boarder if they were Muslim?

Anonymous said...

I hear that Raytown is about to lose another quality eatery. Buffalo Wild Wings is closing its doors. Smokers will have to find a new place practice their habit in public.

Which makes me wonder. The city council voted to allow smoking at restaurants but not at city hall. Does not make much sense. Does it.

Anonymous said...

7:28 PM, Does anything the BOA do ever make sense?

10:41AM, Since my home is listed ,my Realtor needs to market it. Per Realtor ethics, it is a violation for me to market it.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss Buffalo Wild Wings. It had a nice friendly environmenet and the people who worked there were always very friendly.

I went there a couple of times but had to stop because the smoke bothered my allergies too much.

Maybe Raytown could take another look at our smoking laws.

Someone told me the only two cities left around here that allow smoking in public places is Raytonw and Sugar Creek.

Anonymous said...

Raytown still allows smoking as it gives them something to market about our city that only other city in the metro to offer is Sugar Creek.

What a proud piece of news this must be for those bright minds on the Board of Alderman

Anonymous said...

I like the food at Buffalo Wild Wings. I like going there to watch the Chiefs games. We go to the one in Lees Summit.

I refuse to pay the inflated sales tax being charged in Raytown. If I want to go to a restaurant, I go to Lees Summit, Kansas City, or Independence. The bonus is the smoke free atmosphere.

Maybe the Raytown Buffalo Wild Wings fell victim to the sales tax and not the smoking.

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Wild Wings could have chosen to be non-smoking anytime they wished. No one has ever forced any business to allow smoking, to suggest otherwise is absolutely ridiculous! That was the choice of that business owner, no one else’s. By the way the shopping center where Buffalo Wild Wings is located in Lee’s Summit has an extra sales tax that applies to all businesses located there.