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Local Businesswoman Leads Petition Drive Against Downtown Walmart BY GREG WALTERS
Greg Walters
Elisa Breitenbach is the owner of a donut shop named Doughboys located in Woodson Shopping Center at 67th and Woodson Road.
She is upset with the Mayor and City Council because of the clandestine manner in which the City is brokering a deal for another Walmart Store in Downtown Raytown.

In fact, she is so upset with a City Council that she says “does not listen to the people” that she is passing a petition to shed light on the city’s plan for the new Walmart Store. 

“It has taken me three requests for information from City Hall for them to admit that they are trying to bring another Walmart to Raytown”, said Breitenbach. 

“I am still waiting for a tape of the meeting when the vote was taken to go forward with pursuing Walmart for a Downtown location”, continued Bretenbach.

This would be the second retail establishment operated by Walmart in Raytown. Walmart also operates a Super Center on 350 Highway. 

The 350 Highway Walmart is considered by many to be an economic black hole for the City of Raytown. Sales tax generated by the location goes exclusively to pay off TIF bonds and other debt created to build the center.

She is also concerned about the crime that has been endemic with Walmart location in Raytown. She told the Raytown Report that many of her friends are afraid to go to Walmart in the evening because the area is not considered safe. Her concern is that the same situation will happen in Downtown Raytown. 

Source within the Raytown Police Department have told the Raytown Report that the Walmart Store on 350 Highway has the highest frequency of police calls with over 400 arrests in the last year. 

The petition drive is called Raytown Supports Local. Those interested in signing the petition can do so by going to Doughboys any day from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or by going on Facebook at Sign Petition Here

Paul Livius
The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – January 15, 2013

The Board heard from Mark Loughry, Finance Director, during a study session about the Sales Tax Oversight Committee’s Report.  The city passed the Transportation Sales Tax and the Capital Sales Tax in November, 2002.  This year, the Transportation Sales tax generated about $1,036,000 in revenue.  This money was used to fund the Metro flex Bus; replace 1,200 feet of curb and 1,800 feet of sidewalk.  It also funded 4,700 tons of asphalt and repaired 141,000 square feet of streets.  Mr. Loughry told the Board an additional property tax levy of $0.33 per $100 of valuation would have been needed to do the same work, if not for the Transportation Sales tax.

This year, the Capital Sales tax generated $815,000 in revenue and funded $1,400,000 in capital expenditures.  Items funded in 2012 were heavy equipment for public works, police vehicles, technology purchases, and lease payments on the salt barn.  The largest expenditure was the replacement of the 911 console and emergency radio upgrade.  Mr. Loughry told the Board an additional property tax levy of $0.49 per $100 of valuation would have been needed to do the same work, if not for the Capital Sales tax.

The Public Safety Sales Tax generated $1,136,000 in revenue and funded $1,814,000 in public safety related expenditures.  The public safety sales Tax is the only special use tax that is used to fund employees as per the voted on language.  Currently, the tax is funding the wages and benefits of 10 police officers, five civilian employees, and one paramedic.  Mr. Loughry told the Board an additional property tax levy of $0.60 per $100 of valuation would have been needed to do the same work, if not for the Public Safety Sales tax.

The Board heard the reading of a resolution relating to the downtown streetscape and the 350 highway bicycle and Pedestrian trail capital improvement projects.  Alderman Van Buskirk moved this be split into two resolutions.  He stated he was against the 350 highway bicycle and Pedestrian trail capital improvement project.  Alderman Pardue said this had been discussed many times and the majority approved both projects.  The motion to sever the resolutions failed and the Board passed the resolution as it was written.

The Board passed a resolution amending the budget for the Parks and Recreation operating and capital improvement projects.  Kevin Boji told the Board two Park Department accounts require year-end fund balances to be carried forward from fiscal year 2011-2012 to fiscal year 2012-2013.  The Colman Park Tennis Court project fund requires a $14,811.05 budget amendment to expedite the project.  The project budget is: Colman Tennis Court LWCF grants $165,558 (45% state, 55% city) McConnell & Associates TIPS/TAPS quote $180,369.05.  A grant funding request has been submitted to the United States Tennis Association Facility Assistance program.  If awarded, $14,811.05 will be reimbursed to the city.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the participation of Raytown in the Missouri Department of Transportation Highway Safety Crash reduction/hazardous moving enforcement project.  Chief Lynch told the Board the Police Department intends to use these funds to decrease hazardous driving related crashes.  The grant allows for approximately 416 hours of enforcement overtime and to send one person to the annual LETSAC conference.  There is no match required by the City for this grant.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the purchase of five 2013 Ford Police Interceptor vehicles from Dick Smith Ford in an amount of $133,221.00.  Chief Lynch told the Board the Police Department along with the Public Works Department annually evaluates the Vehicle Replacement Program in the department to determine which vehicles are reaching the end of their life cycles.  This year 2 marked patrol vehicles and 3 unmarked Detective units are due to complete their service based on mileage, age, and projected maintenance costs.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the purchase and installation of emergency equipment from “911 Custom” in an amount of $27,998.00.  Chief Lynch told the Board the five vehicles will require aftermarket installation of emergency equipment and up fitting which includes light bars, sirens and other aftermarket equipment.  This year they are recommending these purchases and up fitting of vehicles be done by “911 Custom” of Overland Park Kansas.  “911 Custom” in addition to up fitting this year’s vehicles will train Raytown Public Works personnel on the installation process of this new vehicle platform so that costs can be cut by doing future up fitting “in-house” with City  personnel.

The Board heard the first reading of a bill that would amend Chapter 13 regarding the welfare of minors.  The proposed ordinance would read:
A person commits the crime of endangering the welfare of a minor child if that person:
A. With criminal negligence acts in a manner that creates a substantial risk to the life, body, or health of a child less than 17 years old.
B. With criminal negligence encourages, aids or causes a child less than 17 years of age to participate in behavior that is dangerous to the minor.
C. Being a parent, guardian or other person legally charged with the care or custody of a child less than 17 years of age knowingly fails or otherwise neglects to provide proper care or supervision for the minor.
D. Being a parent, guardian or other person legally charged with the care or custody of a child less than 17 years of age knowingly encourages, condones, or approves the commission of delinquent acts.
E. Being a parent, guardian or other person legally charged with the care or custody of a child less than 17 years of age knowingly allows the minor to be endangered or exposed to the potential of abuse or exploitation of others.
F. A person acts with “criminal negligence" when he fails to be aware of a substantial and unjustifiable risk that circumstances exist or a result will follow, and such failure constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care which a reasonable person would exercise in the situation.
G Being a parent, guardian or other person legally charged with the care or custody of a child less than 16 years of age and subject to compulsory school attendance allows said child to be absent from school repeatedly and without justification.

After the regular agenda, Aldermen Mock and Lightfoot requested a discussion item be brought before the Board.  Mr. Lightfoot said they would like to repeal the City’s Liquor Laws and replace them with laws that would mirror the laws for the State of Missouri.  They said this law hurts the small businesses in Raytown that sell liquor because they are not allowed under current law to sell liquor on Sundays.  Joe Willerth pointed out this only applied to establishments that sold only liquor by the drink, and has no food sales.   

Alderman Van Buskirk stated he would be opposed to this.  He pointed out that the City already changed the law so there are an unlimited number of liquor licenses available.  Alderman Melson asked how many establishments sell only liquor by the drink in Raytown.  Alderman Lightfoot said it was five or six.  Alderman Hamilton said he thought it would give the smokers a place to go on Sundays.   

Alderman Pardue said he saw no problem with this.  He told the Board Sunday is just another day of the week and if people want to drink, that’s their choice.

The Mayor directed the City Staff to prepare a resolution for this.

The meeting was adjourned.

Bill VanBuskirk
Bill VanBuskirk Files For Re-election BY BILL VANBUSKIRK
I have filed to run for Alderman in Ward IV. I have worked hard over the past four years for the people of this ward and for all of the people in the city of Raytown. To do the job of alderman right it has to be an 'every-day' job, not just a 'now-and-then' job. For me it has been and will continue to be an 'every-day' job.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have worked hard to improve our codes department and its enforcement, promoted economic development, always striving to maintain and improve our infrastructure, as well as continuing to work on a multitude of other important issues. The safety and security of our city has and will continue to be a priority for me. If I am re-elected on April 2nd I will continue to work hard to make our city a better place to live.

We have been able to acquire grants that have saved our citizens millions of dollars on a large number of projects, we encourage our staff to pursue any grants that might be available to us; I credit the diligent efforts of our staff for successfully accomplishing this, it will be an ongoing effort.

I have always made myself available to constituents, listening to concerns, problems, opinions, and ideas. Unfortunately, I can't always make everyone happy, but I will always do everything I can to resolve each situation within the limits of my power and make a fair judgment based on the information at hand.

We have accomplished a lot of good things over the past term, but there is still a lot of hard work to be done, and a multitude of tasks to tackle. There have been hundreds of resolutions, ordinances, and issues that I have had to make decisions about over the last four years, some decisions are easy to make, and others are very difficult. My colleagues and I don't always agree, but I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of those who have chosen me to represent them. It would be impossible to always make decisions that everyone in the city will agree with, but I will always weigh all of the information and evidence available to me prior to making a decision regarding any issue.

I feel we should never be satisfied with where we are as a city; we always need to be striving to make our community a better place, which is a never ending job. We have faced many challenges over the past four years and there will be many ahead of us.

My wife Mary Jane and I have been married for over 48 years. We have been homeowners in Raytown for over 40 years, living in the same house. We raised our family here, they all went through the Raytown school system, and we are members of a local church in Raytown. We raised four boys and have six grandchildren. I retired from Hallmark Cards in the graphic arts field back in 2004 and was employed there for over 40 years. I also proudly served as a reserve police officer for the city of Raytown for many years. I now work part time for Enterprise-Rent-a-Car in Raytown. I currently serve as president of the board of directors of the Salt Springs Cemetery Association. I am a member of the Raytown area Chamber of Commerce. My wife and I have been involved in many activities and organizations in our community over the years. I have served on both the Municipal and Legislative Committees, and currently serve on the Police Pension Review Committee. My wife serves on the Council for the Aging.

I do have an opponent, I don't know much about her, nor do I know her motive for running. But, I can assure you that my motivation for running has not changed from what it was four years ago; it is to serve our community and to strive to make it a better place to live.

Anyone wishing to reach me can call at: (816) 737-2799, or you can e-mail me at: My campaign facebook page is: Vote Van Buskirk. I appreciate any support you can give; allowing me to place a sign on your property, volunteering some time, or urging friends and neighbors to vote for me.

I am thankful to have had the honor to serve the people of our city, I will always serve to the best of my ability; it is my hope that you will allow me the opportunity to continue to do so.

Janet Emerson
Janet Emerson for Ward 3 Alderman BY JANET EMERSON

My name is Janet Emerson, and I am a candidate for Raytown Ward 3 Alderman this coming spring.  Now having the time to devote to this important position, I have the concern and drive it takes to bring positive change to this City.  I want to help return Raytown to the prosperity it once knew.  In order to do this, I will need your vote in April.
I have been a resident of Raytown for 36 years.  I have seen Raytown thrive from its early years, but I have also witnessed a troubling loss of businesses.  In 1997, I started a company with nothing, and it independently grew to be one of the top international astronomy/telescope stores in less than five years.  In addition, I have been instrumental in founding two other companies which have achieved success.  I will use my knowledge and experience in this field to help guide the commerce policy in Raytown so that businesses want to come to and enrich our city and remain and prosper in it.

I raised my daughter through the Raytown School District from kindergarten to when she graduated and left to go to college.  She received a quality education via the teachers and administrators of this District.  I want to ensure that quality education is available for every student here because our young people are the future.

If elected, I will keep the Citizens in my Ward up-to-date as to what is considered and planned so that they may voice their input about how this City is being run.  Unfortunately, I do not feel that the Citizens are typically aware of the workings of the City.  I want there to be as much transparency as possible and for them to be as involved as they want to be.  After all, it is THEIR community.

I wish everyone in Raytown a marvelous 2013.  Please, if you haven’t done so, register to vote before March 6th (voter registration forms are available at the library on Raytown Road), and if you’re in Ward 3, please vote for Janet Emerson on Tuesday, April 2nd.

If you have any questions about my campaign email me or visit my website at:

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There are some people who like leftovers. Some who don’t. Some who will eat them if they’re the only food left in the fridge. Me though? I love them. Like want to marry-them-love-them. So, it should come as no surprise to you that I was able to pretty much make a whole day’s meals out of them. Leftovers are so how I roll.

First, let’s start with breakfast. A green smoothie is always an easy choice, but a green smoothie made with whatever fruits and veggies are laying around? Well, that’s a leftover smoothie. And one that runs the risk of looking kind of gross, but tasting pretty good! This one is a hodgepodge of strawberries, blueberries, spinach, kale and this Superfood Protein Medley powder I’ve been trying lately and loving, plus a splash of coconut milk and water to make it drinkable after a whirl in the Vitamix. I made one for me and one for Ryan. (He’s been known to try anything, even if it’s gray/brown.)  READ MORE

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Anonymous said...

Homes in Raytown are over assessed compared to similar homes. At least mine was as well as other people's homes who I have spoken with. No assessment notice was sent out last year. I called the Assessor's office and was told it cost too much to mail out because there was no change. Hence people were denied the right to protest if they wanted to. The previous year my assessment went way up. I protested over the phone and an appraiser was sent uut. She set my assessment at $97,000. My house was nowhere worth that much based on comps (comparisons). My house is under contract for much less as a short sale.

Is an attorney reading this blog who knows if there is any possible action against the Assessor as well as the taxing authorities for possible illegal assessments as well as refunds of tax dollars wrongly collected? I am thinking of a class action since this potentially affects every property owner in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Greg, I had a computer security issue. If my last post, which I brought forward from the last string, appears twice in a row here, please delete one of them.

Bill VanBuskirk has done much for the city as a whole and not just his ward. He and others and picked up illegal signs and rubbish of their own volition. This is above and beyond the call of duty. When I objected to one of his votes, he courteously explained his reasons. I suggest anyone who objects to his (or any alderman's) vote ask for an explanation. VanBuskirk was not the only alderman who I ask for an explanation.

Bringing a Walmart grocery to downtown Raytown is idiotic. True Raytown needs a grocery withing walking distance of senior residential areas but has any grocery lasted downtown? If downtown means the green space, it is not on an arterial that will draw enough traffic to support the store.

If Walmart has venture capitol and will open it on their own, they are welcome to build it. But if it is to be funded by taxpayers, let the buck stop here. "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...


Mrs. Breitenbach told me she was referring to what is called "the green space" in Downtown Raytown as the location targeted for a new Walmart Store.

Pat Casady said...

A word from someone that knows what he
is talking about.
When you own a small business in a small town
it is really hard to make it, even in good times.
When you own a small business in Raytown and
you go against City Hall, as the owners of
Doughboys is doing it can be business suicide.
In my case, I rebuild starters and alternators.
As you all know for the last twelve or thirteen
years I have had my bouts with the city. I hardly
ever see any business from this city or school
district. Even though I can beat the prices and quality
of any out of town owned parts store.
If most of my business wasn't with industrial dealers
I would have been gone years ago.
I will make this bet. The new grocery store will be
installed and Doughboys will probably be done.
I hate it but as I said before, politics and business
don't mix.
People go into Doughboys for a little sinful delight
not, to here politics and sign petitions.
The people that own Doughboys are good people but, they
are hurting their business more than any store a mile away from
their store could ever hurt them.

Walmart 2 said...

New break

City Has Contract on Green Space at 6200 Blue Ridge Boulevard
Within the economic development report given at the December 18, 2012 Board of Aldermen meeting, Tom Cole, Economic Development Director, indicated that we had secured a contract with JMC Realty for the property at 62nd and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Click here for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that goes into more detail.and will give you a deeper look into the sale of this property.

We anticipate the plans from JMC Realty in the next couple of weeks.

Update: On February 8, JMC Realty brought in a preliminary site plan for a new WalMart Neighborhood Market. The review process for redevelopment of the site will follow the development review process set forth in the city’s Zoning Ordinance.

Click on name to follow the link to the City of Raytown's own website

Anonymous said...

Thw green space is a poor location for any business that is a destination place (grocery, theater, dining, etc.) Destination businesses need to be on arterial, highly trafficed streets. The green space is ideal for something like a wedding chapel not requiring a lot of through traffic, mom and pop small business, or even residential.

If a Walmart Grocery is located at the Green Space, that will be the 2nd blunder the city has made regarding that property as well as the 2nd blunder regarding Wallmart. What does that say about our leaders?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Here's a news flash for you!

The people in Raytown DO NOT WANT another Walmart establishment in our city. They underpay their help. They manipulate their payroll to keep from paying benefit to their helpf. They lowball products to run competition out of business.

Walmart is NOT GOOD for Raytown.

To act, or even write about how great things are moving is a very sad statement of what we have running this city.

Come April, if they don't listen at City Hall. VOTE THEM OUT!

Anonymous said...

Read about cities and neighborhoods who do and don't want Walmart.

Apparently Waldo doesn't want a Walmart grocery so Raytown will get it. If this is a TIF and approved, our elected officials are fools.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You would think that this city would have learned their lesson by now with Walmart. Are they going to give them another 23 year TIF again that they will make NO money on again. I for one am tired of the stupid decisions they adminstration makes.

Voting out sounds good but we will only be able to vote 5 out in April and unforunately we still have 2 years before we can get rid of this mayor. Who knows what he will do to Raytown before he is up for election again. WE need recall on those elected officals but we voted down the charter so that's not an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh My would think that City Hall would have the intestinal fortitude to sign their names on this blog.

The gee whiz isn't this great stuff about Walmart makes me so angry. This is how my tax dollars are spent at city hall.

What a waste!

I wish city hall showed as much effort in cleaning up this community as it does in pushing its agenda.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind a WalMart market as long as it is not financed with taxpayer money. As far as low wages, no one will be forced to work there. Many would be glad to have the income. I do think it is a terrible location and am surprised Walmart would even consider it.

Pat Casady said...

If you know me and what I have written about
in the past, you know I don't like Wal-Mart.
But, jumping to conclusions and saying that
T.I.F.'s are going to happen isn't the right
way to solve anything.
The people of Raytown might, have been able to
have stopped the Wal-Mart on 350hwy. but, this
is a grocery store. If this city lets one company
build a grocery store then they can't stop another
company from building one. It's not breaking any
law to do so. If this were any other company other
than W-M I doubt anybody would be saying anything.
I don't particularly want to be put out of business
at this point in my life but, I just don't think
there is anything that will stop this. The true
fact is this would be good for Raytown and the
downtown area. I believe it will bring new businesses
into the downtown area and draw a lot of customers
to the area as well. Just the assumption of this store
has helped bring interest to the Raytown Plaza.
This means more stores for the people of Raytown.
I suggest you tell your representative that you don't
want any more tax give-aways and make sure they
know you are serious.

Anonymous said...

Bill VanBuskirk sure thinks highly of himself, but in reality he is part of the problem. Remember that Mr. VanBuskirk is a REPUBLICAN. But look at his record, it is one of TAX and SPEND. He was one of the architects of the $30,000 raise for the "OUT OF TOWN" city administrator. He continues to support hiring more people at the top, while the real city employees get little or nothing. Yes, he too has supported giving our tax dollars away to businesses that really don't need our help. He is just another vote for the mayor and he needs to be replaced. Let's vote these incumbents out so we can begin a NEW START for our city come April 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Some in elected positions in Raytown are fools.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Financial support for a proejct can come in different forms. I am not a real estate expert but I do wonder how much the property called the Green Space is selling for. Is it below market.

From what I have heard it is going for the same amount that the city paid for the First Baptist Church. OUr tax dollars tore down that church. That means if it is sold for the same amount you have not made any money. In fact, given the number of years it has set vacant. You are really selling it at a loss.

Anonymous said...

8:21AM, Please ask Bill VanBuskirk why he voted as he did. I asked him and others. Please remember that Bill wanted to exempt the CA from the cost of living increases that other city employees will receive but was voted down.

Pat, You make a good point about other businesses opening and the trickle down effect. Walmart sure helped Westlake Ace Hardware! But I can't imagine any other grocery store wanting to compete against Walmart. Personally since the project is not on an arterial, it will not be a destination point and will flop. How many people will get off 350 HWY to go there since they will pass a Walmart anyway?
7:32 AM, It will be a tax write off. Walmart's business model is to let the taxpayers pay for start ups. Then the taxpayers take the loss If Walmart put forth their own venture capitol, I would endorse them.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You are sooooo right about the give away for a Walmart Store in Downtown Raytown. This time it is not a TIF. It is land being given away at an unbelievably low price. City Hall is not using the value of the demolition of the church in their figures for property sale.

The building was demolished through the efforts of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver. The value was over $1 million.

Our great leaders at City Hall ignore that part of the equation on figuring the value of the land.

Walmart may not get a tif this time around. They will get land on the cheap. Don't be surprised if the city gives them a tax abatement on property taxes as well.

VanBuskirk tried to do the right thing by exempting Sharma from cost of living increases. The Mayor's right hand girl, Christine White, led the charge against his motion.

You want a target for real change at city hall. Un-elect Christine White. Without her the Mayor will lose his most effective tool on the BOA.

Anonymous said...

You try to defend VanBuskirk, but he caves and just goes along with the mayor. A man with no principals!!!

Pat Casady said...

This is exactly what I meant about
jumping to conclusions. The company
that has a contract on the "Green space"
actually gave $150,000.00 more than the
property appraised for. I doubt any company
would give a million dollars over the appraised
worth. Please people get your facts right.
The best way to fight something like this is to
not use the store after it is built.
I wonder how many would be against this if it were
a Price Chopper or another company other than W-M
going in?
This is a country that believes in free enterprise.
They have just as much right to build there as any
company. They are not trying to use eminent domain
or condemnation to surrounding buildings and so far
haven't ask for any tax breaks.
Look at this way, if it doesn't work and they
have to close it. Raytown could have a new community center.

Anonymous said...

$150,000 and you are doing a victory dance?!?

Let's see, taxpayers gave over 1 million to terar it all down and you give about 10% back in the price. If you think this is a good deal I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

Turn it into a Community Center? Sure, why not take the last failed tax giveaway, Sav-A-Lot and turn it into a community center.

We are still waiting.

Anonymous said...

The part that bothers me about Walmart is that there current operation is Raytown's hottest crime spot. Cosentino's and HyVee does not have that problem. Cosentino's and HYvee are not costing the city tax dollars that should be used repairing our streets properly and keeping our police force well manned.

Instead we get a large corporation that is sucking the city dry financially.

And we have the BOA to be thankful for it.

It may be a free country and maybe anyone should be able to open a store there but that is not how the city operates.

John Wiley had a tentant ready to go in and the city said no.

Have they turned others away? Who knows. When meetings are held behind closed doors it is hard to tell just what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Lets see....$150K will take care of the CA's pay raise for 5 years!

8:14AM, What should one do when there is a tyrant who has 9 votes against you? If you were in Bill's shoes what would you do?

That is why I ASKED more than on Alderman about the way they voted.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The property is not worth $1 million. It is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. What the city paid is irrelevant as related to the current sale. My property is not worth what I paid for it either, which is the only reason I still live here. It seems to be a theme in Raytown.

Pat Casady said...

One more time!
If you can get twice the appraised
value for property then I have some
property I want you to sell for me.
By the way I don't dance!
And I sign what I write.

Chris Merrill for Alderman ward 3 said...

There will be a town hall meeting at city hall on tuesday the 19th at 7pm for both sides to tell thier pros and cons.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right about a town hall meeting. I also hope the city addresses the crime problem that comes with Walmart. We do no need a high crime target built in downtown Raytown.

I wonder if the Mayor will allow some real discussion or if he will clamp down even harder on city council members by not letting them respond to the public.

Anonymous said...

Is it appraised or assesed value? There is a difference. And who did the appraisal? Hopefully a certified. licensed appraiser. I can't believe only $150K! There is no reason the selling price can't be above the appraisal unless it is fiananced.

7:29 AM, I dissagree, a property is not worth only what someone is willing to pay. The correct defination of value is what a willing seller will accept from a willing buyer. Maybe the city is too willing to sell. How much, if anything, is under the table?

Andy Whikteman

Anonymous said...

I see VanBuskirk is already putting up his signs. This, I understand is in direct conflict with city and chamber policy. Believe that the policy is 30 days before an election. Suppose that Mr. VanBuskirk is running scared? I would be too if I'd made the $30,000 mistake.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see all of gas stations throughout the metro supporting the commuter rail project.

That is what they are saying as they keep showing their greed with higher gas prices.

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to hear anything Pro about Wal-Mart.

They are an embarrassment to professional hardworking business people throughout the world.

They are far worse a drain on a city then a single HUD house.

If you doubt anyone’s take that Wal-Mart is bad just start researching them on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters,

This week you wrote “Source within the Raytown Police Department have told the Raytown Report that the Wal-Mart Store on 350 Highway has the highest frequency of police calls with over 400 arrests in the last year. “

I was wondering if these same sources could help all of us understand the financial impact of these calls.


1.) What is the average amount of time and number of officers per call? Using that information and the average salary of police officer would give a good base line to explain the cost of the call alone.
2.) What is the average cost related to the arrest for those that are released on bond. This would include transportation to the station and the time for any personal to process the individuals as well as any meals that might be served during their limited incarceration.
3.) What is the average cost related to the arrest for those that are held without bond. This would include all related transportation as in to the station and to the actual holding jail (Jackson County or as I understand some place near Warrensburg), cost for personal to process the individuals as well as any meals that might be served during their limited incarceration before transportation to their long term hold, and the cost of housing as an inmate.

I could be wrong, but I bet we all best be seated and ready for sticker shock when we learn of just this one hidden cost of doing business with Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Doc's ice cream and put in a play area for the kids and a place for older adults to set and listen to live music and enjoy the green space. That is what Raytown needs. NOT ANOTHER STUPID WALMART

How can the Mayor, BOA and Cityhall be so blind? Doing something even it is wrong, is not progress. It is blind stupdity.

Time for new leadership. Will the last intelligent person leaving Raytown, please turn off the light. Not you mr. Mahesh, I mean a Raytown citizen.

Anonymous said...

To Chris Merrill for Alderman ward 3: At 7pm on Tuesday night there will be a Board of Aldermen meeting. Nothing is on the agenda about Walmart. There is, however, notice of a closed door meeting about real estate purchases. Is this the town hall meeting you were talking about? Or the Board meeting itself?

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight; Raytown city policy for political signs is: “Duration. The sign may be placed upon initiation of the temporary event, and must be removed within ten (ten) working days of the termination of the event. Election. Initiation upon the last day of qualification of candidates or certification of a ballot question and termination upon the completion of the election".

Chris Merrill for Alderman said...

At the beginning of the meeting, they have a good of the public comment time. We are going to let everyone comment on the walmart. They have to let all comment. It will be on the government channel for a select few to see, since the city wont pay for all the tv services to cover it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Merrill your last comment doesn't make any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Chris you say "We" as in if you are the leader of this anti-Walmart movement. Please don't sound like that, because it may cost you some votes.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then here we go.....

It appears to me that the majority of criticisms of the Walmart grocery store coming into the green space center around crimes committed at the 350 Walmart. The critics then cite the lack of crimes at other area grocery stores. Okay folks, what does the Walmart have that grocery stores don't have? That's right....electronics and electronic accessories, clothing, and other items that are good for daily/durable use or trade. Food items are not as widely appealing to thieves hence the lack of crime.

Also, can someone please be more specific and tell me exactly which Raytown small businesses closed when Walmart on 350 Hwy, came in?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of the Walmart business model. I especially don't like their employment policies. But, this city needs revenue to be generated. I like facts presented when decisions need to be made. It seems detractors here run on emotion and panic.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Hope to see everyone at City Hall Tonight at 6:30!