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Greg Walters
Corrections to the Raytown Times BY GREG WALTERS     
What do you do when a news source blatantly mis-reports the news? We gave this some thought after reading the Raytown Times this past week. A front page story named Proposed Walmart Grocery Draws Ire was so full of falsehoods and misrepresentations that it could not go unanswered.

The best solution we could find was to simply tell the truth. Let the readers sort out what they want to believe.

Then, one of our local bloggers beat us to the punch. Elisa Brietnbach, owner of Doughboys Doughnut, posted the following comment Saturday morning.

We could not have done it better. Well said, Elisa.

Elisa Breitenbach said...
*      Randy Battagler reported that there were about 30 residents who attended the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on Feb. 19th to express their displeasure with the Aldermen for selling the "Green Space" property to Walmart. The problem with that story is Ed Clark (who is an local accountant here in Raytown) counted 90 different people who attended the meeting that night. Ed did not count any of the city officials in the front or back of the room. Bob Phillips may not have the slightest idea why this has raised such a "hub-bub" about a Walmart grocery store, but then again he doesnt even live in Raytown! Raytowners are not as naive as Randy Battagler thinks. As an owner of an official newspaper, Randy knows it is unethical to write falsehoods and publish them. Many people who read his paper know the truth. Randy is making himself look unprofessional, and frankly very ridiculous.

Just the Facts . . .
Following is a breakdown of the errors in the Raytown Times.

Battagler reported that . . . “about 30 residents attended the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting to express their displeasure with the aldermen for selling the former Baptist church property to Walmart.”

FACT: I attended the February 19th meeting in question. While the speakers were making their presentation I did a head count of participants. There were over 75 people in the Council Chambers. Not only did I take the count, but I also asked that Jason Greene, candidate for Ward 2 Alderman, assist by taking account as well. His final total verified my count.

I also took pictures of the audience. Those pictures can be viewed by scrolling down to last week’s edition of the Raytown Report. The angle used taken the pictures only shows about two-thirds of the audience. The number of people shown totals 48. I can assure Mr. Battagler that the rest of the chairs in the room were not empty.

It is interesting to note that Battagler reports that “30 residents attended the Rayotwn Board of Aldermen meeting” on the front page of his paper. On page four under Randy’s Reflections, he reports that “40 folks showed up”.

Battagler wrote . . . “a half dozen residents addressed the board.”

FACT: Actually, there were seven speakers. Their names are: Janet Emerson, Chris Merrill, Edward Clark, Elisa Breitenbach, Sandy Worley, Teresa Swisher and Jeanette Gentry.

Battagler wrote . . . “(he) thought the Mayor did a brilliant job of handling the public comments portion of the meeting.”

FACT: It would have been more accurate to say, given the circumstances, the Mayor did his best at damage control. He all but admitted that earlier public comments from City Hall denying that Walmart was the entity involved have turned out to be completely false.

Battagler wrote . . . “The city received $650,000 for the land that was appraised at $500,000.”

FACT: In political circles this is known as “lying by omission”. True the land is currently appraised at $500,000. What he forgets to tell is that the land was not vacant when the city bought it. There was a large church on it has since been demolished. Over half a million dollars was spent removing that structure. In other words, the city has under-valued the property by more than half.

Who needs a TIF when the land is given to you at half its value?

Local Recycling Service to End BY PAUL LIVIUS
Raytown Public Works Director Andy Noll told the Board of Aldermen that the city will be closing its recycling center at the Public Works Garage on March 29th unless a new location is found for the service.

The reason given was that not enough recyclables were being collected to justify the pickup and hauling away of recyclables.

Raytown’s recycling center has been in continuous operation for over 15 years. It was moved to its current location when the Walmart on 350 Highway was constructed.

It was rescued from closure in the 2000 budget year when budget constraints threatened to close down the operation. Former Ward 1 Alderman Greg Walters lead a fundraising drive that eventually raised $9,000 to keep the center in operation.

“Qualify of life in a community is measured in many ways,” said Walters. “One of those ways is the opportunity for people to give back. There are many people in Raytown who believe in recycling, it is a sad situation when a good project likes his is shut down,” continued Walters.

Public Works Director Andy Noll said the city will try to find another company willing to provide service to the city.

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Elisa Breitenbach said...

Randy Battagler reported that there were about 30 residents who attended the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on Feb. 19th to express their displeasure with the Aldermen for selling the "Green Space" property to Walmart. The problem with that story is Ed Clark (who is an local accountant here in Raytown) counted 90 different people who attended the meeting that night. Ed did not count any of the city officials in the front or back of the room. Bob Phillips may not have the slightest idea why this has raised such a "hub-bub" about a Walmart grocery store, but then again he doesnt even live in Raytown! Raytowners are not as naive as Randy Battagler thinks. As an owner of an official newspaper, Randy knows it is unethical to write falsehoods and publish them. Many people who read his paper know the truth. Randy is making himself look unprofessional, and frankly very ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

One of the photos last week showed Randy Battagler sitting on the front row. Either he can't count or he flat out lied in his article about the meeting at city hall. Either way his rag can't be trusted. Using them to line the birdcage isn't good enough. They must be left on the shelf. If no one takes them he will stop publishing that dribble.

Pat Casady said...

I am still not against a grocery store going
in the green space. I'm not even against it
after finding out they would not be buying our
properties. I am against the store going in if
current plans are followed through. These plans will
cripple our remaining businesses on that block.
It seems that the store or the developers want
to build a large wall across the property to
block the view of the remaining businesses along
63rd. st. and along Raytown Rd. This will stop most
if not all deliveries to all the remaining business
along this area. There is already talk of law suits
and injunctions and any way to stop the developers
from killing what will be the remaining businesses.
With the proposed new downtown back-in parking on it will stop any chance for large truck
While it is true there may be some elected officials
that don't like me or some of the other people in
the downtown area they are still representatives of the
existing businesses and shop owners in the area.
We have paid our taxes with asking for anything in
return except to be treated fairly.

Anonymous said...

I see the City had to cut another service to the citizens of Raytown to support the $30,000 a year raise to the out-of-town City Manager, and the $700,00, which leaves our City annually for out-of-town Department Heads. That's just lovely. Thanks Mayor and BOA. You have about nailed the coffin shut on Raytown. A downtown Walmart should be just enough to finish the job.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh calls the press, "The State Controlled Media." In Raytown it is, "The City Controlled Media." Personally I view anything published in the Rayhtown times as "writen with an editorial slant." I have never viewed it or its predecessor as news except when it published openings of new business and pulished photos of said businesses. Was Randy actually at that meeting? If so, he needs to learn to count and not estimate downwards.

Greg, I disagree with you about property value. The Olde Baptist Church was a public nuisance, and said nuisance devalued the propertry. The cost of demolotion cannot be considered part of the value. Value is defined by Realtors as what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller. The City sure got ripped off then they bought that delapidated nuisance! That was years ago and can't be inferred as today's value especially if it was never worth what they paid for it in the first place.

Congressman Cleaver obtained a grant for green space. Isn't there some fraud involved in getting a grant for green space and selling said green space as commercial property? Has Cleaver or any federal authority been notified of this?

In fact most property in Raytown has gone way down in value:

I just sold my house for less than 1/2 what I paid even though I spent much on improvements. What is the correct value? The value is what a willing buyer was willing to pay me. I couldn't claim it was worth what I paid plus improvements especially since like properties in the area also have much lower value.

Greg, Jackson County would like tol have you as an assessor based on now you value property. If I could vote there, I would vote for you for mayor but never assessor.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that the recycling center is closing. I feel recycling is good for the environment and also for resource conservation. I have expressed issues with the way it is done several times:
1) It is open only a few hours on certain Saturdays (not every Saturday). Why not a 24/7 drop off point?
2) One must haul recyclables to the site during certain limited hours. I support recycling but was unable to take it to the center during my nap especially with the high price of gasoline.

I lived in Carlsbad, CA and Albuquerque, NM. Both had mandatory recycling and provided containers to separate materials.

Come pick them up and I will gladly set them at the curb or alley but I will not haul it to a center as stated above. I think Raytown's recycling would have been more positive if there was curbside pickup.

4:46 AM, One seated in the front row looking forward is unable to count those behind him.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


There are some at City Hall who did not want recycling. They did not have the guts to just pull the plug and suffer political consequences for their action.

Instead they made the recycling center pretty much in accessible.

They reasoned that eventually, the private provider would find better use for their containers.

Too bad its now Walmart taking care of the recycling. Our council and mayor would probably bend over backwards to make it work for them!

Anonymous said...

OMG the world is probably going to end today because we don't have recycling. Let's face it you are not going to save the world by recycling. It only makes you feel good to think you are doing somethoing important. If you must recycle take it to Lee's Summit. The company that picked up the recycling material said they weren't making any money on it and that is why we closed it. So get over it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to correct you but I think you meant
our city council will bend over forward
for Wal Mart!
Wait! They bend us taxpayers over for Wal Mart.

Anonymous said...

8:33 PM, You mean to say that votes vould be lost over recycling but not a bug bone head blunder like Walmart or even 2 Walmarts? I don't understand voters priorities!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Wow! A hater that does not like recylcing!

I quit using the recylcing center cause it was never open. I am sure there are others that quit for the same reason.

If they had it open more often it would be successful.

Want proof? Go up to Fun House on 350 Highway and see how well the Ripple Glass recycling container is doing.

Check out the containers at the different churches in Raytown. They are there because it is successful because it is accessible.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget when you are talking about wasted money at city hall all of those in the police department that are not out on the streets.

I also keep hearing talk all over town that they have the best retirement plan.

What a manager this Mess Surewaste has been aka ca

Anonymous said...

The real reason no rey center in Raytown is that person who is our current Mayor never wanted the place to start with.

Anonymous said...

Raytown is so far behind when it come to recycling, it's pathetic. Most cities in the Kansas City area have curbside recycling like Mr. Walters wanted when he was an aldermen. You can laugh all you want about the merits of recycling, but you will be the very ones that will soon be covered up with a landfill on your block. So let's get with it and elect some new aldermen that really care about Raytown so we can keep this valuable program.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight...The City has NOT sold the green space.
Is that correct? The City has a new Public Information Officer, yet reports of the sale of the green space was put in the local newspaper and well as on the City's website, and none of it is true?
Maybe the job title should read Public Mis-Information Officer.

Also, on the subject of the Police Pension Plan. Why stop there? Why not look at Mahesh Sharma's pension plan, or the Department Head's pension plan, or the Park's department pension plan and the City employee's pension plan.

Take what a person works for all their life, just so the City can dole it out in $30,000 raises, and $60,000 PIO (worthless) job titles.

Something is wrong at City hall, Something is waaaay wrong.

Anonymous said...

I went to Doughboy to buy a doughnut and was asked if I wanted to sign a Wal Mart petittion. Hell no I came here for a doughnut. From now on I will be going to the new shop over at 52nd and Blue Ridge.

Anonymous said...

i doubt the police retirement plan is top notch. If it was such a great deal the officers would not be flocking to lees summit,Blue Springs and Kansas City.
Wake up.

Anonymous said...

9:51 AM, Agreed, I have felt that living in Raytown was like living in the dark ages so to speak. At least the thinking of most of our leaders was primative. I once lived in a village of 125 houses and was told that something couldn't be done. I questioned why? The answer, "Because it has never been done." Totally illogical to me and very typical of some small minded people at City Hall.

As I have stated there are cities or jurisdictions that require recycling. Recycling is avaialble in Raytown if your private hauler offeres it at an addition charge. When I lived in Aurora, CO Waste Management offered it free if I paid a $15 deposit for each container (which was never refunded so I still have the containers that I couldn't use in Raytown because they are the wrong color for the area.) I cancelled WM when rates went up.

If recycling is at no charge, with containers provided. and there is a collection by the city or a contractor; I think 99.5% will support recycling. At least I am willing to set mine at the curb once a week, biweekly, monthly, or whenever.

Andy Whiteman

Elisa Breitenbach With DOUGHBOYS:) said...

To anyone on Facebook you may want to check out the Facebook page for the City of Raytown along with "Raytown Supports Local".

Anonymous said...

Here's a news flash for you. In Wednesday's KC Star it said that some folks in Lee's Summit are talking about recalling City council people for voting to put a Walmart in their town.

Guess we are not alone in our fears about Walmart and what it does to communities.

Anonymous said...

What is up at city hall the calendar says there was a planning and zoning meeting tonight, but I learned the meeting will actually be March 25th.

Why is the mayor trying to hide this meeting from the public?

What is it the mayor doesn't want us to hear about?

Just another sign of bad management at city hall

Elisa Breitenbach said...

All of us need to try and make all the planning and zoning meetings we can. Also as we need to let everyone know everyone on the BOA wants this WalMart to go in. They did not want this "Cat Out Of The Bag" (about WalMart) before the BOA's election. WalMart wants to put 6 of these in the metro. Many of us are working hard to save our communities from this WalMart take over. We understand what it will do to our local Mom & Pops. The Mayor and his friends on the BOA not only tried to hide what they are doing to this public space with WalMart. The Mayor and the BOA went around lying about this deal they are trying to make with WalMart. City Hall wants to make us jump through hoops to even get a list of the people who are on the planning and zoning boards. If you go to the City of Raytowns Facebook page you can see the story I put on it. I don't know how to put it on this blog but I will try and find someone that can. This city don't want you to know what they are up to. They will even lie to your face. I know this has become normal for most but this should never become for Raytown. I am a donut maker. I am not into gossip and telling tales. I am thankful we have a place to blog about our community.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Elisa Breitenbach,

I think you should contact Mayor Bower and let him know that because he is not listening to the people of Raytown and fact they don’t want another relationship with Wal-Mart that he will force you out of the donut business and into the real estate market.

Being he has no problem for those living near the location of this new Wal-Mart, you know he would have no problem with you purchasing several homes in and around the his neighborhood on 87th street. Once you own and fix up the properties you can rent them to HUD for section 8 housing. After all this is the same mayor that told others the city can do nothing about “Those People” obtaining section 8 housing in Raytown. Being he is doing nothing about Wal-Mart let him deal with something in his own back yard he will not like.