Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Flashback . . . . The movie was Inception. The ending was unique, nearly five minutes long with very little dialogue. The expressions on the faces of the actors, their actions, tell the story. 

Turn up your speakers and enjoy! INCEPTION

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Well, I’ll Be Damned! BY GREG WALTERS

Why? Because for once the Raytown Report has been scooped by Randy Battagler and the Raytown Times. Given the advantage that a web-based news source has over hard copy print, it is a pretty impressive feat to pull off.

Or so it seemed, until I started digging in and asking some questions.

For those who do not know what this is all about, here is the short version.
Former Mayor Sue Frank has filed a lawsuit against the City of Raytown. She is asking for the zoning on the Green Space be returned to town square overlay.

The suggestion makes sense. Walmart representatives have already announced they are pulling the plug on the application. The zoning they requested only fits their store – so why not revert back to the city’s original plan for a mixed use development?

One thing is for certain. It is going to make a lot of people in Raytown happy to see this messy chapter of City Hall’s effort to re-develop its Downtown behind us.

But, as Mark Twain once wrote, I digress . . . back to the story.

What I found interesting is that Mr. Battagler has so much detail on the lawsuit. The unsigned column on the front page of his paper paper states that “The 137 page petition alleges that the city attempts to unconstitutionally rezone by contract to fit the desires of the applicant and steers away from the mixed use design concept earlier approved by Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Aldermen. Zoning by contract violates the Missouri Constitution, it states.”
I tried to find a copy of the document to at least verify that it was 137 pages long. But to no avail. The Aldermen we contacted said that they were aware of the lawsuit, but had not received anything from City Hall but an email stating that at this point the city had not been served but anticipated service in the near future.

So, here is our question. How could Randy Battagler know all of these juicy little details when our elected officials are in the dark?

I guess “How Randy Knew” is one of those mysteries that will remain a mystery.

Shame on You Mr. Creamer!
Ward 1 Alderman Joe Creamer figures in Battagler’s Raytown Time this week as well.

In a rather lengthy letter to the editor (it takes up nearly a third of the page) he works hard to exonerate his recent support of plans for a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Downtown Raytown. Creamer was one of only two votes that voted against regulating hours of operation of the proposed store in the Downtown.

Why the shame?

Because Creamer wrote something that was patently untrue.

In his letter he does a brief history of the events leading up to present day. From purchase of the First Baptist Church – through demolition – to today’s events.

He wrote that “When the trucks showed up to demolish the building there was a group of people, led by Sue Frank, who tried to block the way of the demolition;”

“Bizarre” is the word that comes to mind. I remember the event well. At the Board of Aldermen meeting that followed the inauguration of the demolition of the building we all received a brick wrapped in a ribbon in commemoration of the event. In fact, (I was on the BOA at the time) I took the time to publicly thank Mayor Bower for the nice brick he had given me.
Once again I digress . . .

Creamer’s remarks are bizarre because Sue Frank was the guest of honor at the event. In fact, she was chosen to ceremonially take the first “hit” in the demolition of the building when she pounded into the front door with a sledge hammer.

Frank was the Mayor's guest of honor because of her efforts to obtain a grant of $575,000 through Congressman Emanuel Cleaver’s office and the State of Missouri to demolish the Old First Baptist Church. Given that, why would she protest tearing down the building?

People who witnessed the event said it would be hard to forget. It was January, it was cold and Sue gave that front door one hell of hit!

Mr. Creamer . . . you owe our former Mayor an apology.
Coming Soon . . . The Salamander Returns!

Walmart Debate Goes On and On and On BY GREG WALTERS
The battle over Walmart continued unabated this past week with an attempt by supporters of Mayor David Bower trying desperately to sway public opinion in favor of a Downtown Raytown Walmart Grocery Store.

As last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting Mayor Bower had City Administrator Mahesh Sharma read into the public record a letter from a law firm representing Walmart’s interests in Downtown Raytown. The letter informed the Board that Walmart was officially removing itself from plans to develop a Grocery Store in Downtown Raytown.
To view of copy of the letter, scroll down to last week’s Raytown Report.
The letter was dated June 14th and delivered via Pro-Ex Courier to the city. However, contents of the letter were not revealed to the public until June 18th – the deadline for Walmart to back out of purchase agreements with the City for the property commonly known as the Green Space.By beating the June 18th deadline, Walmart was able to retain a $5,000 deposit it had placed with the City of Raytown for purchase of the property. In another development, which was made moot by Walmart’s withdrawal, the City Administrator published a corrected version of the zoning ordinance passed by the Board of aldermen.The previous document had neglected to include mention of operating hours of the proposed Walmart Store. The Board of Aldermen voted 8 to 2 to set those hours from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Aldermen Charlotte Melson and Joe Creamer voted against the hours.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – June 18, 2013

Rex Block, with the Baha’i Faith, gave the invocation.

Kevin Boji accepted a grant from the United States Tennis Association.  (More information on the grant later in this report)

Wayne Gadt told the Board his backyard is next to the south end of Coleman Park.  On May 31, he heard gunshots and called the police.  He said he never saw any police in the park, and checked the police blotter in the paper.  There was no report of gunshots in the park.  He called the police department and was told the report of gunshots was unfounded.  He thinks if the police had bothered to get out of their vehicles, they would have found spent shells.

Jim Delong told the Board he is concerned about the lack of police response.  While walking in Coleman Park on June 11 at 9:30pm, he heard gunshots.  He called the police and gave the dispatcher a description of three men and the vehicle they got into.  He watched as the police car drove right past the men.  He called the police again and told the dispatcher that the police car passed the men with the guns.  The police never did find those men.  Raytown is no longer safe for its citizens when the police won’t do their jobs.
Mayor Bower said the Summer Fest was successful, even if it rained.  He enjoyed the Wiener Race and it is good for the people of Raytown to come together for the day.

Mahesh Sharma reported receiving a letter from the attorneys representing Walmart.  The city has been informed Walmart is withdrawing the request to purchase property.  He also said he received notice of the petitions requiring the city to hold an election on the subject of a City Charter.  The election will be held either April 1, 2014 or November 4, 2014.

He reported GE Power and Water’s Air Filtration business announced that its plans to move 170 positions of the 750-employee division to Overland Park, Kan.  The move is tentatively scheduled for late August.

The Air Filtration business no longer requires the large office building on 63rd Street in Raytown, where it has been located for more than 30 years.  Therefore, the business explored office buildings around the entire Kansas City metro area for space that better meets the needs of the smaller headquarters’ workforce.

The Board approved the acceptance of a grant from the United States Tennis Association in the amount of $30,000.00 to fund improvements at Colman Park, including renovations of the tennis courts.  The USTA grant allows the city to add windscreens, tennis backboards and other improvements.

The Board passed an ordinance granting a conditional use permit to operate a vehicle sales business at 8910 E. Highway 350. 

The Board heard the first reading an ordinance granting a conditional use permit to construct an off premise advertising sign on property located at 6632 Raytown Road.  Gary Shafer with Shafer Computer Services, told the Board he received permission from the property owner to place the sign and his revenues have increased 47% since the sign was installed.

The Board heard the first reading an ordinance granting a conditional use permit to operate a Tattoo Parlor at 6147 Blue Ridge Boulevard.  Edward & Kimberly Steffan told the Board all the requirements and restrictions that were in place for the original location are still in place here.  There is better access to water at this location.

Alderman Janet Emerson made a motion to rescind ordinance 6318, which gave Walmart the zoning changes they were seeking.  She was told by the Mayor she had to give proper notice to the city clerk to have the item put on the agenda.
Alderman Van Buskirk told the Board Raytown Emergency Preparedness is happy to host the Raytown Amateur Radio Club during Field Day.  This annual exercise tests amateur radio operators’ ability to communicate using alternative power sources as would occur during a “real-life” disaster such as hurricane, wide-spread tornado damage, etc.  This event is open to the public; set up for the event is on Friday, June 21st.  The exercise begins at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 22nd extending through Sunday, June 23rd, ending around 1:00 p.m. Feel free to stop by and talk with this fine group of folks.  The Radio Club is very cordial and knowledgeable and will welcome a chance to explain processes and procedures to newcomers to amateur radio. 


In the last issue of the Raytown Times, the publisher claims there is (was) a lot of support for the Walmart grocery store in downtown Raytown.  Really?  I heard there was a huge banner on the front of Bowen Tower apartments.  It must have blown down, because it isn’t there now.  There is a sign in front of an empty store in the Raytown Plaza.  This is the best they can do?  Really?  When the grass-roots group opposed the Walmart grocery store, one could see hundreds of anti-Walmart signs all over town.  Really, the owner of the Raytown Plaza isn’t getting much support, unless you count the ad in the local paper.

At the last Board of Aldermen meeting, the Mayor and City Administrator agreed the city is responsible for funding all reasonable expenses for the Charter Committee.  Really, guys?  You’re worrying about that now?  You haven’t even committed to a date for the election and you’re concerned about a budget?  This from the group who spent more than $700,000 purchasing and demolishing the church?  This from the group who wanted to sell that vacant land for $650,000?  Really?  Isn’t it a little late for fiscal awareness?

How many had an opportunity to watch the BOA meeting last Tuesday?  Did you stay until the very end?  If so, you know Alderman Emerson made a motion to rescind the ordinance which gave Walmart the zoning changes they were seeking.  She was told by the Mayor she had to give proper notice to the city clerk to have the item put on the agenda.  After the video was shut off, did you stay?  If so, you would have heard the Mayor telling Alderman Emerson she needs to get with the city clerk and put such motions on the agenda so he isn’t blindsided.  Really, Mr. Mayor?  So YOU won’t be blindsided?  This is the Board of Alderman meeting, not the David Bower show.  If an alderman wants to make a motion for the Board to vote on, why should you care?  You don’t get to vote, except in the rare case of a tie.  Is it because you won’t have time to twist arms to get your way?  Those days are over.  Really!

More Shots Reported at Colman Park
Two neighb0rs of Raytown Colman Park located at 59th and Lane Streets addressed the Board of Aldermen over concerns of police response to recent gunfire at Colman Park.

Mr. Wayne Gadt and Mr. Jim DeLong, both homeowners whose homes adjoin Colman Park, complained of poor response by the Raytown Police of gunfire at the park.

Both DeLong and Gadt said a recent report of 7 to 8 shots being fired at the Park were reported as “unfounded” by the Department. DeLong, who personally witnessed police officers retrieving shell casings from the incident, has filed an official complaint with the police department over the incident(s).

He told the Raytown Report that three separate events are noted in the complaints. All of which he personally witnessed.

One event dated May 30th, 2012, was of an incident in which paint ball weapons were being fired at Colman Park.

The second complaint is in reference to the May 31st event in which seven to eight rounds were fired off at the park.

The third complaint in regard to two shots fired on June 11, 2013. DeLong witnessed who shot the weapons and where they hid the gun. He reported the event to the police dispatcher who sent officers who drove past the vehicle and suspects DeLong had identified in his call.
In a related action former Raytown Alderman Greg Walters and Jim DeLong addressed the Raytown Park Board regarding problems and possible solutions at Colman Park.

Park Board President Mike Hannah told the two men they would take the suggestions under advisement.

Cart Before the Horse BY GREG WALTERS
I am reminded of a scene from a movie entitled “The Revenge of Khan” when I read recent press releases from City Hall regarding the nascent beginnings of an effort for a Raytown Charter.

Khan, the arch enemy of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, has captured two Starship officers. One of them demands that they be released.
Khan tells him, “You are in the no position to demand anything.”

Khan continues, “I, on the other hand, am in not in a position to grant anything.”

The press releases from City Hall, one from the City Administrator and one from the city’s Public Information Officer, devote an unusual amount of time explaining how the Charter Commission has, by state law, the right to form a budget. And, the City must pay the expenses of the budget – however, the City Council has the final word on the budget.

What I find interesting is that none of this happens unless the voters decide to create a Charter Commission. That event is at best, nearly nine months away.

Why all the fuss about budgets for a Commission that does not exist?

Take it for what it is. Charter proponents should note that when given a choice of being supportive or negative of a Charter Commission, the spokesmen at City Hall have spoken.

Their words and actions are far from supportive. Last week we told of ill behavior received by one petitioner who was only trying to get their name on the ballot. This week the effort is dressed in words of assurance to the public that taxpayer funds will not be wasted.

The nay sayers at City Hall have the cart way ahead of the horse. Let’s see if the voters want to form a Charter Commission. Then, they can have the debate on funding.

No Fitness Goal in Sight BY ERIN

It has been a most insane year for me. With book writing and never-ending sickness at our house, it’s only been this last month that I haven’t felt super sick or been tending to sick (and demanding) little people. I’ve seriously had both versions of flu, cold after cold, pink eye and sinus infections that would make… Continue reading

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Anonymous said...

Shortly after moving to Raytown in 1999, I called 911 to report shots fired in the area of Wildwood Lake. The dispatcher stated, "That happens frequently. Don't pay attention to it."

This is 14 years later! Are shots fired still such a common occurrence that a Police response is not required?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share this on the Charter. I still think I have something else that stated the names for the ballot would have taken in the order received as names had already be submitted. So not sure why an individual who doesn't live in Raytown is telling those that do how to conduct election brought forward by the people because we live in a city where the mayor has no respect for the people.

Greg Walters said...

Ms. Dolan,

I think your ideas have a lot of merit. My daughter lives in Kansas City in the City Market area. The City Market is the definition of success. Overland Park also has a very successful city market.

Why not Raytown?

I don't know -- but I am willing to add my voice to your suggestion. If the city were to dedicate half the time, money and energy that went to the ill-fated Walmart plan we could have a City Market in Downtown Raytown.

It at least deserves public discussion.

Hopefully, some of our city officials will read your thoughts and join in.

Oh, and one other comment deserves some attention.

Mr. Whiteman, it is true that the 350 Walmart TIF was begun during the Sue Frank Administration. It is also true that the final decision was made during Mayor Bower's first year as Mayor.

The difference is important.What happened in the past is not as important as what is current. If nothing else, the Walmart decision (which was eventually made by the applicant, Walmart) -- all that happened previously was erased by one final decision.

Mayor Bower was warned that the 350 Highway Walmart Store would saddle the City with 23 years of crushing debt.

He ignored advice not to move forward with the plan.

He did and took most of the City Council along with him on the decision.

We are paying for it today in low grade street improvements, budgetary crisis that are unending and a feeling of constant strife at City Hall.

Sue Frank may have made mistakes as Mayor -- all of them do. But the responsibility on Walmart is Mr. Bowers.

June 23, 2013 at 7:08 PM

Paul Livius said...



If you wish to have some stories published please send them to us along with your contact information to this page.

We will review them and get back to you.

Please include your name and email address.

Thank you,

Paul Livius

Anonymous said...

I watched last Tuesday's meeting and I was surprised to see the Mayor go after Alderman Janet Emerson the way he did.

Alderman Emerson was right in line with the fact that the Walmart deal is over. It is not going anywhere. So why keep zoning in place that is only good for Walmart?

It is very clear that most people want something better for Raytown. The Mayor should get past the Walmart mess.It is over. Accept it and move on.

Good job Mrs. Emerson. It is not easy to stand up and do the right thing. You did and I am thankful for it.

Anonymous said...

Justin Wondering...
Have the other owners involved (63rd street) received cancellation on their sale?

JCM Jeff Clayton seemed like he was interested in owning the properties even if this project did not develop.

Anonymous said...

Makes a lot of sense. Public/private partnerships have worked elsewhere. Why not here?

Anonymous said...

Is see in the K.C. Star that the Westport area just opened a Farmer's Market. Also see that Grandview just opened a new recycling center that is open 24 hours a day!

In Raytown the Mayor and City Council do not discuss Farmer's Markets.

Most of them ( but not all) are more interested in trying to cram a Walmart store down our throats!

We used to have a recycling center. But they cut the hours down to two days a month. Then eventually closed it.

Why doesn't our city measure up to our neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Mayor is still courting Wal-Mart. He is in Arkansas right now. Last time I knew there are no major league stadiums there. I guess he hasn't learned that he needs to conduct the publics bussiness in public.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:09
The answer to your question is,
We have the worst city leaders in the history of Raytown. Maybe the three new ones will be better but, we have to wait and see. This town has a history of turning good minded people into sheep after they are elected. I think some of them take a stupid pill after they are sworn in.
The only benefactors from our Raytown government are big business. They receive tax breaks, they get the BOA to rewrite codes and they even get loans from city hall. In the mean time we get bad streets, lied to, over paid hired department heads, a code department that isn't fair with their codes enforcement, if they enforce them at all. We also get unsafe parks, and the highest crime rate in this town's history.
City hall should be proud of themselves, after all they have done something we didn't think possible. They have brought Raytown
down lower than any of us thought they could. Congratulations city hall and especially you Mr. Mayor,
you have bullied us down the path of no where to go but down further.

Anonymous said...

Bower has become the dictator of Raytown. He seems to have forgotten he is an elected offical and is only there to break a tie, other than that anyone could do what he has done for Raytown since he was elected. He talks very sweet to your face then when he walks away he's laughing at you because you believed him. I used to think that Nessbit was our worse mayor but bower has beaten him all to h--l. If he ever calls me again for support again the answer will be a responding NO NO NO NO H--l NO!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The recycling center was not as busy as it was years ago before so many of the trash companies started offering yard pick up at a minimal price. So many people don't want to load recycling in their car drive somewhere then wait in line unload and separate items. With driveway pick up the time and effort is worth the price to them and of course some of Raytowns demographics don't care about recycling. We recycle at my house and cart it off once a month when we have errands in areas that have recycling containers. I don't know what the cost if any for the dumpsters is to the city and I believe the people working it may be volunteers; some cities do not have a person on duty

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Grandview, Independence, Kansas City, Lee's Summit all have active and viable recycling activities going on.

Raytown does not.

Which is weird. Because given its size of only 10 square miles this city could easily be made into a model of how to properly recycle.

Anonymous said...

At6:34pm I agree Grandview, Independence, Kansas City and Lees Summit are so much larger than Raytown at just " 10 square miles"

Anonymous said...

I am starting to hear about problems already with the new dispatching system for Raytown Fire that is provided by KCFD Dispatch Center.... with response times being longer and Raytowns units out on calls to KC while things burn down here and KCFD gets to it later, within a block of Station 1. Hope this doesn't have an adverse effect on homeowners insurance rates in the end.

Anonymous said...

4:58 AM,

I am not saying there could be bugs to work out of the process, but have you ever called Raytown dispatch on an issue?

I have and I know others as Mr Walters has written about them and even named some of the people with problems.

I just spoke with some last night who said every time they call dispatch the dispatcher wants to play 20 questions about why the call thinks there is a problem before getting the location of the problem and dispatching the call out.

Wake up Raytown has its own problems and when there is as there is now at city hall "no accountablity" we will keep having problems.

I cannot wait for one of Bowers cheerleaders at city hall to let us all know there is no problems with the staff in dispatch.

Then again how would the cheerleaders really know have they listen to the tapes and looked at the time from when the call ended to when it was dispatched over the air. I doubt it that means work and the drive in from outside of Raytown makes them tired and they need their rest before driving home as they must be alert for the drive home.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Creamer has a self-righteous attitude with a my way or the high way mentality. At the WalMart meetings he was nothing but completely disrespectful to folks with a different opinion. I will be happy when his lack of intellectual curiosity is off the Board of Aldermen in two years.

Wal-Mart Doesn't Lead By Example said...

I want to make sure I understand Wal-Mart correctly:

They have received countless tax dollars to build their empire
Sold pet food that killed countless pets
Sold mouth wash that poisoned several people.
Turned numerous small towns into to ghost towns
Get special police protection in Raytown

Yet they separate from Paula Dean on moral issues of a word she used sometime within her life.

I guess this company doesn’t have a problem with the pot calling the kettle as long as they fall the leadership of the evil empire that they “Wal-Mart” has created.

I hope they check the language of the music they sale so it doesn’t contain these same or similar hateful words.

I hope they also visit our local schools pick anyone it doesn’t matter and hear this same hurtful word being called between children on daily base. How can the parents let their kids use this same hurt word in a world that has decide this word is wrong.

Anonymous said...

About the recycling center: I stopped going to Raytowns recycling center quite a ways back because of the limited hours and days that they were open, they limited what would be accepted, for instance, batteries had to be taken to another center, and the other center is open 4 days per week, 9am to 5pm. Raytown did a disservice to its residents by what they did, again. They could have left it open and unattended. Most people know how to do the right thing and unload things accordingly. What a shame!

Susan Dolan said...

I have asked my Alderman to bring discussion about a Raytown Farmers Market before the Board.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then! Unless Bower returns with another great new covert "deal" we can put our fairly universal contempt for Walmart on the shelf and keep it rightfully directed toward our disconnected Mayor.

BTW, has anyone given consideration to the source of the funding for the current and planned developments City Hall has going down? We're paying for it! It is Obama Stimulus money, which increased the National Dept, for which the repayment lies on the head of every man, woman and child (born or yet to-be-born). There is no free lunch.

I have seen no accountability reports from this Mayor's administration regarding anticipated ROIs (return on investments) while most of what he has in the works is done without our vote.

He's spending like a drunken sailor and is willing to sell off our downtown land at 2/3 its' value while we're tightening our belts AGAIN.

The shopping mall where Dough Boy's is located (63rd & Woodson) is up for sale so we'd better keep an eye on that deal now too.

The Hwy 350 redevelopment is a cash-hog where another business location is for sale complete with a TIF. The Hwy 350 project is a "Sustainable Development" project. It's going to cost the businesses there, and the rest of us, a bundle in increased taxes especially after the "Sustainable Communities" along that "Corridor" and in and around Raytown are built and Cap & Trade kicks in.

Mayor, we're going to keep you on our radar. Your moral terpitude necessitates it. You and those with whom you associate in your capacity as a top City official are going to be even more fully exposed.

Raytown is a community with an historically rich past and it is blessed with a population which is endowed with the education, watchfulness and heart to see us through despite your attempts to deceive, distract, discount, and intimidate.

Anonymous said...

To. 9:50. Yes many like you quit using it when it was open for longer periods so by public use it was cut down to every other weekend and as less citizens used it and some went with the convenience of curb side again it was cut back by lack of public use ; much like the enrollment at the YMCA as less and less of the citizens use/ support a facility then that facility disappears ; shame on US!!!

Anonymous said...

9:50. The E. P. A. Pasted laws on battery recycling in 1996. It is an interesting read one I'm sure you will find enlightening ; older batteries as supposed to newer batteries are made up of different chemicals. Thank goodness the E. P. A. And others are continuing their research to save our planet and evolve

Anonymous said...

Time would be far better spent exposing the trimming, downsizing and amalgamating of services within the municipality, now to the point of near total detriment to residents.

The point? The huge open sewer hole in Arkansas where all funds, past present an future are being drained. What's it going to be, people dying because there is no longer an EMS service, cops quitting for dozens of reasons, and the soon to come dismal pay offers, roads collapsing under truckloads on subsidiary streets that were not built for loads that are no longer partolled, albeit posted? Onwards and downwards.

The City (for lack of a correct word to describe this hapless aglommeration of shacks) is on a very certain path to omplosion and bankruptcy, becauseof the 350 project, as well as the other predators that he mayor had installed by fiat, such as Aldi's, Chpotles, the pathetic pancake place with its disgusting food, and equally hopeless Kansas corporation parked next to Hyvee.

They are all bleeding the citizenry dry. To think, we have to pay for the privilege of having these parasites in our midst, with their filthy kitchens and substandard food quality.

Better to be tracking the damage Bower has done in total, cost going forward, and projecting where city finances are going to be in fairly short order. A number of cities in CA have already fallen to the courts, and the soicial conditions there are classic third world, ungovernable, with much more to come around the nation.

Anonymous said...

9:53 am, it was not convenient for me to use anymore. The city was the one that limited the time open to whatever it was in the end, like one day on a Saturday, and it was closed when I was available. NOT MY FAULT! Before the Wal Mart went in on 350, the bins were there, it was open longer, and more accessible. We can argue with each other all day, and it will solve nothing. There are those within city government that just do not want the recycling to go on. I do not do curbside recycling because it is my choice. The county also used to contribute to the recycling center effort, and I think the city lost out on that as well. So if there is any blame to be passed along it should be towards the city for limiting the hours and days open on purpose so as to be able to phase it out. Our Mayor didnt want it anyway, remember??

Anonymous said...

Greg, I do not want to nit pick, however it was Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan (not revenge).

Anonymous said...

Before commandant Bower shut it down, I used the city recycling - while it lasted. What he did on that issue goes a long way in demonstrating what farce "green" and "sustainable" movements are. The city doesn't even have the horse sense to contract trash removal service, city-wide, to the lowest bidder so instead, we've got break-squealing, exhaust-belching, heavy noisy trucks belonging to no less than four trash removal services tearing up ALL our residential and arterial streets and congesting our traffic each and every blessed week of the year.

I went to the new IHOP once and won't return. The place was dirty. I watched them mopping the lobby floor, leaving the accumulated filth on the row of tile that bordered the base of the walls, and shuddered to think what the standards of cleanliness in the kitchen must be like.

City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce need to get out of the real estate business because A) It is not their job and B) What they have accomplished so far is a big fat zero.

A tattoo parlor is in the works now (screams classy small historic community, doesn't it?) and soon we'll have another vacant building that GE is vacating.

The only things they're doing a good job of is redistribution of our wealth and tyrannical big government.

Anonymous said...

Life is short; be where you can be happy and at peace

Anonymous said...

To 9:53. I have no desire or need to argue with you or anyone, I spend my time, energy, and life with those people and things I love and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

So Woodson Village is up for sale whats the big deal. What the heck do you think is going to happen if it is sold? Are you going to be a watchdog for al property sold in town now? You guys are turning into a bunch of aholes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry message to 9:53 was actually to 4:41 have a super Fourth of July holiday everyone

Anonymous said...

What interesting letters to the editor in this week’s local printed paper?

Al Maddox – Really you have been part of Raytown since 1950?

6417 Larson Court is at least five blocks into Kansas City, MO. I understand based on the issue some of my very own family members are having with their own memory that you might be getting confused at your age that you pay taxes to Raytown on you property tax bill, but that is for the School District, which is bigger than the city. You should also notice you pay your city taxes to Kansas City, MO because, I know this might be a shock, but you live Kansas City, MO. I also wonder where you and your fellow supports were when others we speaking up against Wal-Mart.

Witty Wittman – Really you have spoken privately with many of us that you were against the Wal-Mart deal, but again for a long time you have been one of Bower’s cheerleaders.

You say people do not want a Wal-Mart in the downtown area because of the type of people it will bring into Raytown, but then why is their talk all over town that you are moving out citing that you are tired of the type of people that are moving in around Wildwood Lake.

It also should be pointed out to the readers that you are the same Witty Wittman who is President of the Wildwood Lake Home Owners Association and who has demanded that the city clean up the private lake owned by the association. The question the rest of Raytown needs to ask and demand of the Wildwood Lake Home Owners Association is when are you going to clean up the mess you call a lake?

It also only seems fitting to ask could the reason be as I have heard from other residents within the home owners association that you yourself have in fact signed wavers to remove liens on properties placed by the association so that homes could be sold, but the association never receiving their past due dues.

My point is clearly you are part of the problem in Raytown not the solution, so please go ahead and move on and like Mr. Maddox stay out of how are city should be ran.

Alderman Creamer – Really you have no understanding of the Brookside area, which is nothing like the condition you and your buddy Bower have allowed Raytown to become.

I have never understood while attending events in Raytown, I nor anyone else in attendance has seen you. Maybe if you would spend some time with the public you would learn what the great majority of us really think, but again being you are like Bower you might know that will lead to conflict as you do not want to hear the truth about the condition our city has fall into over the past six years that the two of you have been hard at work to destroy.

Anonymous said...

4:41 I do remember when the recycling bins were on 350; on the south side next to that vacant building. They even had the large item pick up there in 1988 cause it didn't matter with the large dumpster on the broken asphalt and weeds parking lot. Yes that was convenient ; we took Dad's old pick up full of stuff there in 1988 but they only slowed access to the south side of that blighted parcel

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Whittman,

Will you still be writing to local papers that new things are good when that commuter rail comes through the Wildwood Lakes Home Association?

Anonymous said...

9:39 a.m. Mr Maddox has probably been " a part of Raytown " as said since 1950. The address at Larson was not even built in 1950 so you might want to go to eastern Jackson county courthouse and pull up property records for all those years as living elsewhere in Raytown could very well been; but as you know mory about everyone's personal business than they them self know maybe he was indeed living on Larson in the woods since 1950... Who knows? Only you!

Anonymous said...

To 7:29 & 10:32 Peace, love, happiness... great! However, there are a number of issues being discussed here of heavy consequence by people who would surely love so spend their energies otherwise. How you spend your time is your own business - but living in la-la land in these times is a fool's errand.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:39AM,

I couldn't agree with you more. Between Witty Wittman's downright garbage statements and Creamer's whining like a little boy, I have had enough of them and the Raytown Times.
Things are changing my friends, I do believe in two years we will have a new board and mayor, then we can get the ball rolling on some things. There were three that were elected with some common sense this time around, I'm sure there will be more the next.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1:54 that's funny! Re read what I wrote...... I will not argue with you ... Solving problems is one thing ..,. Now arguing as you say now that's a fools folley and accomplishes nothing.....agree living in lala land as well as hates vile is unproductive ; glad I'm living in neither

Anonymous said...

9:39 you are a very busy person just must be; taking attendance of each and every person at every function; then asking each at every person at every function who what when and where and dissecting each and every persons life and tracking down their addresses..., you must be very tired

Anonymous said...


I hate to same but 9 am is right we don't need people who no longer live in Raytown tell us how to run the city and it doesn't matter if it Al Maddox or something from Bob Phillips.

If Al and Bob really cared about Raytown, they would still live here. They both sound like King George trying to run America from England and we all know our Nations fathers sent George the right message. Then again maybe you like being told how to do things by those that don't live in the same place as you.

I have driving in that part of Kansas City to the East of Raytown and it need a lot of work. Just drive down Little Blue to Noland.

Also don't forget Al's city council person was the same lady who was trying to keep how much money from our schools. In other words maybe if Al would come out of the woods, as you have indicated he has been living, he would notice that his city has many more issue then ours and needs to stay out of Raytowns business.

Anonymous said...

Living in la la land as well as living in hates mind set in these times is a fools errand Indeed! For it will cause one not to comprehend what has been written although the eye sees the written word much as the difference between "hearing" and " listening"

Anonymous said...

June 29 at 9:56 pm. Don't believe I said one thing about people who don't live here telling our city what to do . Nor anywhere did I say I know this man ( which I do not ) nor anything about people he knows .... Don't get it ?? Of so re read