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A couple of weeks back we linked to a group named Attraction. They specialize in an art form known as shadow theater. Here is another outstanding performance. 

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. . . BREAKING NEWS . . .

Walmart Abandons Rezoning Effort in Raytown

The Raytown Report has received information from Raytown City Hall that Walmart is removing itself from consideration for a development of a Walmart Grocery Store in Downtown Raytown. Mr. Tom Cole, the City’s Economic Development Administrator, has confirmed that Walmart has announced it will not pursue the construction of a Neighborhood Grocery Store in Downtown Raytown.

Mr. Cole told the Raytown Report that official announcement from Walmart is expected in writing on Monday, June 17th.

. . . NEWS UPDATE . . . 

There have been many comments this week regarding the proposed merger of services between the Raytown Fire Department and the Raytown Ambulance Service. Raytown's Fire Marhsall, Matt Mace, has been kind enough to make a copy of the proposal available to the public.

To view the document, use this link PROPOSAL


FROM KMBC.COM: Authorities said a 16-year-old Raytown High School student drowned while swimming in a cove in Lee's Summit on Saturday.

Police said they were called to a report of a possible drowning about 3:50 p.m. in the 200 block of Northwest Aspen Street.

Officers said Emanuel Palmer was swimming with friends when he tried to swim out to a teenage girl in the middle of the water. He ran into trouble and even after the girl tried to keep him afloat, he went underwater.

RAYTOWN, Mo. Friends are remembering a Raytown High School student who drowned Saturday at a private lake in Lee's Summit.

Friends said Palmer was friendly and athletic and liked swimming, soccer, football and Frisbee. They said they always saw Palmer with a smile on his face.

In This Week's Raytown Report
Politically speaking there is a lot going on in Raytown. The following stories are proof of that activity. This week we have brought in some guest articles.
  • First is an opinion piece from that wizard of the English language, the Salamander, on Governor Jay Nixon’s plans to veto legislation that would lower taxes in Missour.
  • Second is our very own Paul Livius with his report on last Tuesday's Board of Aldermen meeting.
  • Next is a story from a newcomer to Raytown politics, Chris Rathbone. Chris and his friends are interested in restructuring Raytown’s city government through a new Charter. He offers some interesting thoughts on the subject.
  • In the “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over” department is a story from the Downtown Raytown website outlining possible plans for litigation over the proposed Downtown Walmart grocery store. Is the issue headed to the courts? Read the article from the Downtown Raytown website to find out.
  • Finally, a story of a possible merger between the City’s Ambulance Service and the Fire Department is openly being discussed by City and Fire Department officials.
And, of course, our regular story from the Fit Bottomed Girls. Look for a report from Paul Livius later this week on what happened at last Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

The Salamander
The Salamander Returns!
Interesting activity at Jefferson City.

Seems our "give-it-away" governor, Jay Nixon, is up in arms about a Republican controlled legislature wanting to return the homeowner, business owners, and general taxpayers a few dollars of our money to where it rightfully belongs -- in our pockets.

What has occurred is this. Missouri lawmakers passed legislation which would give over $700 million dollars of tax money back to the tax payers --via lowered rates. An action which would affect nearly every resident of the state.

One might think a progressive governor would embrace this concept.

Not Jay Nixon.

Nixon, apparently is only interested in giving away millions of our tax dollars to multi-billion dollar corporations.

A good example; The recent handout of over $110 million dollars, via incentives, rebates, etc. to Ford Motor Company, allegedly to keep the plant at Claycomo, Missouri.

At the time of his over-whelming -- and $110 million is an over-whelming figure to most people --generosity, Nixon proclaimed it was the right thing to do to make Missouri grow-- whatever that might mean.

Sounds great. We give a king-pin of the auto industry $110 million of taxpayer's dollars and they hire a handful of people. And Nixon tells us what a good deal we got. His ecstatic admiration of Ford's putting on another shift for a few months and, allegedly, expanding the facility is to Nixon some sort of economic miracle.

Suppositions which any economist will tell you, "Baloney." That $110 million Nixon gave to the Ford Company comes right out of the pockets of taxpayers.

As for the illogic that this $110 million bucks created growth and jobs, your Salamander says this:

"Give me $110 million dollars and I assure you that I will hire more people and expand my business."

For the record, the Ford Motor Company president's salary in 2012 was over $32 million dollars plus unknown stock options.

Why should we be taxed further to enrich another multi-millionaire.

As expected, the Kansas City Star has endorsed the Nixon's threat to veto the tax cut legislation. So has the K.C. Civic Council --"a composition of educators, lawmakers and business people, " according to our daily newspaper.

Even Mission Hills, Kansas resident and Hallmark head, Donald Hall, a member of the KCCC Hot Shots, lectured Star reader, "....Further tax cuts will only make matters worse," Hall stated.

The Star did not inform readers whether Mr. Hall was speaking from his Crown Center executive suite or from his mansion in Mission Hills, Kansas.

This is certain. When Hallmark expanded, years ago, the firm was recipient of one of the largest handouts of taxpayer dollars in the city's history.

Mr. Hall should look to himself and how his firm has profited by reaching into the taxpayer's pocket.

Governor Nixon should listen to the representatives of the people he. He most definitely should not veto the tax cuts.

Paul Livius
The Paul Livius Report

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – June 4, 2013

Mahesh Sharma reported Google Fiber requested a right-of-way permit application to run their lines through Raytown. This permit application was for the line to enter the City limits at 55th Street, then south on Blue Ridge Cutoff, east on 63rd Street, south on Raytown Trafficway, south on Raytown Road, east on 67th Street, then exiting the City limits at 67th Street & Woodson.

Mark Loughry, Director of Finance, gave the Aldermen the annual audit report.  To review the city’s financial status, go to  The audit report starts on page 3.

The Board passed a resolution declaring certain property owned by the City as surplus and authorized the disposal. Andy Noll told the Board Emergency Medical Services has purchased a replacement ambulance and the new ambulance was placed in service.  Public Works has evaluated the ambulance and determined that the vehicle is not suited for use in other departments.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing an agreement for inmate security housing services with Johnson County, Missouri.  The agreement is essentially the same as the previous agreement with the exception of the daily inmate rate which was reduced by approximately 11.59% per day.

The Board passed a resolution declaring an intent to issue its Sewerage System
Refunding revenue bonds to achieve interest cost savings. Mark Loughry told the Board the current interest rate is 4.617%.  The City has an opportunity to renew the bonds in September at a lower rate of 2.102%, saving approximately $340,000.00.

The Aldermen passed an ordinance for a grant for the construction of a sidewalk along 59th
Street from Central Middle School East to Woodson Avenue. The grant was secured through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program. The CMAQ grant is a federal government matching grant that limits the federal share of construction to 80% up to a maximum of $160,000.00.  The anticipated amount of construction will total $200,000.00.

The Aldermen heard the first reading of an ordinance granting a Conditional use permit to operate a vehicle sales business.  Robert Gear was seeking approval of a conditional use permit application which proposes to operate a vehicle sales business at 8910 E. Highway 350, which is on the northwest corner of the intersection of Highway 350 and Lane Avenue. The property is owned by Robert Gear. The auto sales business would be operated by Mr. Gear or leased to another person who would operate an auto sales business.

Paul's Rant . . . 

Yep – you got it right.  Raytown has finally arrived!  We have our very own Bail Bonds place on Raytown Road, across the street from the Chamber of Commerce.  This business can serve shop-lifters from the Walmart stores.  From the police reports, this business should be booming in no time.

But that is not what really bothers me. The "pole sign" is technically illegal. This type of signage in Raytown was grandfathered in when the city changed its sign ordinances mandating the usage of "monument signs" to slowly phase out the ugly pole sign pictured at right. 

Better send a memo to the Property Codes folks that something wrong is happening just one block west of their offices at Raytown City Hall.

Chris Rathbone
A Young Man With a Plan
Hi, I’m Chris Rathbone.  I first moved to Raytown with my family in 2007. My kids have attended Raytown Schools since they were old enough to start, my wife and I have both been on their school PTA boards, and my wife will be serving on the Raytown PTA council this upcoming school year. Early last year we bought our first home together in Raytown.  I had recently finished 12 years of service in the United States Army after serving for a year in Iraq.

Shortly after purchasing my home, I discovered that Raytown was a 4th class city under Missouri rules. Being a 4th class city, we as residents, have little to no voice in Raytown matters.  I found out that we cannot petition our city leadership, or force any recalls, or referendum’s, with the exception of petitioning for a charter.
After speaking with quite a few residents about issues they had with the city, I decided that now would be a good time to get the ball rolling to make Raytown a Charter City. I started meeting with some friends and spoke to people who were on the Charter Commission the last time this was tried, and even spoke to people in other cities who helped to get charters passed in their cities. We got together and came up with a petition which we circulated last week. We needed about 200 signatures, and we collected 313. I presented the petition to the City at the Board of Aldermen meeting on June 4.

 The petition reads:  To the Honorable Teresa Henry, City Clerk, City of Raytown, Missouri:  We, the undersigned, citizens and registered voters of the City of Raytown, Missouri, respectfully order that the following question, “Shall a commission be chosen to frame a charter?” be placed on the official ballot, for acceptance or rejection, at the next city or general election, in accordance with Article VI, Section 19, of the Missouri Constitution.

I also submitted petitions from others to have their name placed on the ballot to be elected for Charter Commission Board Member along with the above question. In order to have your name placed on the ballot, you must submit a petition with at least 40 signatures.

I would like to see some more residents petition to have their name put on the ballot as well. We all look forward to the opportunity to serve the City of Raytown, and help draft a Charter we can all be proud of.

Here is a link to Article VI, Section 19 of the Missouri Constitution:

If anyone has any further questions for me about this process, I can be contacted at:

Candidates File for Charter Commission BY GREG WALTERS
The following individuals have officially turned in their petitions to the Raytown City Clerk as candidates for the Raytown Charter Commission.

Joe Burton, Lisa J. Emerson, Jason Greene, Mark Moore, Chris Rathbone, Susan Thorsen, Janet Emerson and Robbie L. Tubbs.

Seven of the petitions were turned over to the City Clerk at the Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, June 4th 2013. Susan Thorsen filed her petition papers separately on Wednesday, June 5th.

Talk of Merging Ambulance with Fire District Service BY GREG WALTERS

The Raytown Fire District has sent a proposal to the City of Raytown to open discussion of a possible merger of the City’s Ambulance Service with the Fire Department.

Currently, the two emergency services operate independent of each other. A plan has been submitted by the Fire Board to Mayor Bower and the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor has appointed a special committee to study the proposal. He has set a deadline of the beginning of the city’s next budget year, November 1, 2013, for a response to the Fire Department.

For those that are interested, the Fire Board will meet next Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. at Fire Station Number 1 located north of 59th Street and Raytown Trafficway. Discussion of the proposal can be brought up during Public Comments.

The meeting is open to the public.

Walmart Lawsuit on the Horizon? FROM DOWNTOWN RAYTOWN

Call for a Legal Defense Fund
Consideration is on the table for filing a lawsuit against the City of Raytown. The Board of Alderman’s (BOA) approval of Wal-Mart’s application for their own Planned Zoning Overlay District denied the public’s rights to due process guaranteed by the Fifth and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. Federal and state courts throughout the nation have upheld these rights in rezoning cases.
  • Fifth Amendment protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure.
  • 14th Amendment Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness.
Rezoning Process
The BOA approved the rezoning district based on a simple site plan that didn’t even include landscaping details. Initially, the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZ) should’ve received a complete comprehensive plan that included public sentiments as well as impact, traffic, economic and environmental studies, all of which must be considered and evaluated in order to make a recommendation. These studies are imperative to determining whether or not rezoning will deprive persons of life, liberty or property. Imagine rezoning to industrial without impact studies.
Illegal and Unconstitutional
Wal-Mart representatives explained to PZ Commissioners that Wal-Mart did not want to spend the money on studies until they had the rezoning district. City staff then misled PZ commissioners into the illegal process of evaluating a rezoning request based only on a simple site plan. City staff threatened commissioners with exposure to a lawsuit if their vote was not based on design standards. To its credit, PZ did not recommend the rezoning district – but for the wrong reasons. The impact of operating hours and monument signs was only a tiny fraction of the big picture.

This illegal zoning process expedited the rezoning application to the BOA of which seven alderman are experienced and should be well acquainted with due process in  rezoning matters. The BOA proceeded with the process that was a total waste of taxpayer resources. Its May 7th and May 21st meetings became a three-ring circus with the mayor as its ringmaster where Creamer, Ertz, Lightfoot, Melson, Mock and Van Buskirk jumped through hoops to justify to the public their decision to vote for the rezoning.
Call for a Legal Defense Fund
There is short period of time from the signing of the new zoning ordinance to file a lawsuit for lack of due process. City staff are purposely withholding information that should be made available to the public according to Missouri Sunshine laws. Former mayor, Sue Frank, requested documents on May 10th and has yet to receive any portion of her request as of this date.

Litigation to fight city with the backing of Wal-Mart is extremely expensive. We’ve already received pledges towards our goal but your help is needed to make certain we can see it through.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would support this legal action. Your monetary donation would be tax deductible and cash, check, money order, and credit card accepted. Making monthly payments could be an option.

EMAIL US with your pledge and your commitment to volunteer to raise funds and awareness.
Use this link to READ MORE

No Shame In Modifying a Workout BY JENN
About a year ago, FBG Kristen posted about her “normal,” and it’s a post that’s always stuck with me. Perception and our experience is everything, even with workouts. And lately, my normal had been a little yoga, tough, high-intensity workouts and running. In fact, in the month before getting a stress fracture… Continue reading

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Bower and Nixon is a couple of misfit brothers who got separated at birth.

Nixon sticking it to every tax payer in MO and Bower doing everything he can to give Wal-Mart more and more.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening All,
I have been reading all of the comments and some of them are quite entertaining, I will do my best to address all of the disinformation that is out there.
1) Is our recent change to KCFD dispatch perfect- No, but show me any major change that is after only six days.
2) Has Raytown Fire responded to Brookside-Yes, but I have also responded as far as Sunrise Beach, Mo as well. Its called mutual aid, when another community has exhausted their resources we help each other out. That night was shortly after the tragedy at JJ'S restaurant, and KCFD was running gas odor calls like crazy.
3) Has Raytown Fire proposed a merger between EMS and Fire- Yes, the Fire District submitted a 47 page proposal which offers positions to all Raytown EMS employees at their current rate of pay. The City will have the final say but the Fire District is offering to employ all current employees for as long as they wish to work for us. NOT JUST ONE YEAR as previously mentioned. Our numbers are based on actual audited data from the past five years, and after calculating for inflation we believe we can save the City around $2.5 million dollars over the next ten years.
4) If EMS isn't broke why mess with it- Actually it is broke, over the past five years EMS lost and average of 400,00 dollars a year. To make matters worse this loss goes up every year. They have averaged a 60 % employee turnover, mainly because of the lack of advancement opportunity. Finally, EMS struggles to staff their units, in fact last week they operated with only one ambulance because an employee went home sick. Add all of these items up and you see room for improvement. That’s not to say EMS isn’t trying the best they can, they are. I would be glad to have any of them work on me or my family. The operational model the work under is simply broken. This is why Raytown is the last public service EMS agency in the metro.
5) Anonymous June 8, 2013 at 10:44 AM you don't want to work on an ambulance- You don’t have to. (First if you are indeed a Raytown Fire Fighter, why not sign your name?), but if you don't want to work an ambulance that’s cool, life is all about choices. I respect you too much as a fire fighter to talk you out of quitting and wish you success in finding employment elsewhere. Everyone I have spoken will at Raytown Fire understands that if the Raytown EMS is losing money and it is only a matter of time before the City finds a way to stop this loss. We fully believe a merger between the services provides the best service for the citizens, while reducing the overall costs.
6) Finally, Does Bob Palmer has an agenda to dissolve Raytown Fire into KCFD-NO, let me say it again NO. It would make zero sense to do this. If we already aid with each other and serve our respected communities well, why would either agency want this? Besides in order to dissolve the Fire District it would take a majority vote of the citizens we serve and that would be a tough sell on a good day.
In closing to Pat and everyone else who gives us the benefit of the doubt thank you, I truly appreciate it. With the talks again of a merger between fire and ems the crazies are going to again come out and be brave behind their anonymous postings. They figure that if they make enough noise and tell only half of the story, you the reader will take their ball and run with it. Please don’t give them the satisfaction, look at the proposal, talk to Fire District, form your own decision. To quote my favorite person Dennis Miller “that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.”
If you want to talk to me come by the Fire Station 1, I am there every third day

Captain Doc Summers, A-Shift Station 1

Anonymous said...

I remember when KCMO went to a new radio system apx. 1997 and the radios didn't work!

Nothing wrong with Responding to Brookside if KCFD is tied up on other emergencies. Our EMS in Colorado used to respond into a recreational area in the mountains because we were the closest EMS unit. As a board member I had to defend these responses to complaining taxpayers. I remember Raytown EMS responding to New Orleans and not hearing complaints because we help each other in time of need.

I question can RFD operate EMS without a loss of $400,000? My understanding is that much of the loss is generated from unpaid transport bills. This shocks me because our District didn't bill for EMS transports. In fact I was told it was illegal to bill in Colorado. Our vehicle couldn't be called an ambulance. It was legally a rescue vehicle. We didn't ask for money, but if a donation was offered, it was gladly accepted.

Andy Whiteman
former Secretary/Treasurer Louviers Fire Protection District

KMCCLA said...

Andy, when the KFCD (KCMO) went to the radio system in 1997, it was the GE EDAS Trunked System. The main problem was that they had -- as it was once put -- a Champaign system on a beer budget. In other words, they way the TRS (trunked) system worked it (the radios) needed constant contact with a repeater, in order to communicate the control channel. Simply put they did not have enough repeaters, and they where used to the old conventional simplex radio system. Once the bugs where worked out, and they had enough repeaters, the system was better. The EDAS system was much better for everyone. While on the old (conventional simplex) system they had only four (4) channels, F-1, talk around, F-2 Dispatch, F-3 Mutual Aid, and F-4 Fire Ground. With the trunked system they had at least five or six fire grounds (or tac channels).

They are now on the Project 25 Digital System. Again this system is better, and integrated. However, I have yet to really get the full benefit with my current scanner. To tell the truth it is too complicated, and I do not eve understand it.

Anonymous said...

KMCCLA, Thanks for the explanation. I assumed it to be something like that. My point was anytime one goes to a new system, there are issues.

My understanding of a trunked system is each time you key the mic, it searches out a unused channel. I was listening to Aurora PD on my scanner when I lived there. They are on a trunked system and I could hear a transmission, but no response because the trunked system was transmitting the response on a different frequency.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

It always seems that people that DON’T want the charter, get their
Friends voted into the commission and they throw a wrench into the
works. The last commission there were several friends of the then
mayor, I recall Jim Aziere was one of them, went along with everything.
Even voting for all the items on the charter only to sabotage when it came
time for the people to vote on it. He a several others said some pretty bad things
Against the charter even though he and those others had helped with each
line item.
I was for the charter. Then as there were talks about taking my business
property under eminent domain or condemnation, I found out that a fourth
class city without a charter didn’t have the power of condemnation nor
the power to use eminent domain. You can see my predicament. I wanted
and believed Raytown needed a charter but, I also didn’t want my property
stolen. BY the way, Our leaders back then wanted to put in a …….wait for it….
A WAL-MART GROCERY STORE. After at least twelve years the only thing
our elected officials, any of them, can come up with is a damn grocery store!
To be fair with our elected officials, it doesn’t take much of an imagine or
a lot of hard work to come up with a single store. They might have to
work harder to come up with the multi-business plan that they came up
with that made more sense. Nope! It’s easier to add yet another grocery store
in Raytown. Let’s see this will be number nine in our ten square mile town.
It will be the third Wal-Mart owned business within five miles of each other.
Truly some brilliant minds behind this plan.
Anyway, good luck with the proposed charter. Raytown needs it. If it can stop
A government that doesn’t care about what the people want.
Be warned, you have a hard way to go.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Pat. I'm really confused. If Raytown doesn't have the power of condemnation nor the power to use eminent domain, how did they declare the area where Walmart is now blighted? Is there a difference in the terminology, or was something done that shouldn't have been? What will keep them from declaring your property blighted and take it away from you now? We all know Walmart will want to expand around the green space.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I think Pat Casady is the confused one.

Anonymous said...


I want to take the time to thank you for your comments and ongoing service to the citizens of Raytown.

I also want to thank the fire department a a whole for not being top heaving on people who just set behind a desk like the other over staffed department in the city.

KMCCLA said...

Basically, yes. The computer searches for the next available frequency and tells all radios with that ID code what channel to go to. This new system is all digital. If you want to know more about how a TRS works you can give me give me a email at this name @aol.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that aldermen Jason Greene and Janet Emerson are attempting to be on the charter writing committee, I'm happy to see those that are bucking business as usual taking that step.

Pat Casady said...

OK “Anonymous” 4:13,
Do you really think I would write something about something
this serious without some sort of backup?
Read carefully these excerpts from the Missouri Constitution
relating to eminent domain.
Article VI
Local government
Section 21

Reclamation of blighted, substandard or insanitary areas.

“Section 21. Laws may be enacted, and any city
or county operating under a constitutional charter may
enact ordinances, providing for the clearance, replanning,
reconstruction, redevelopment and rehabilitation of blighted,
substandard or insanitary areas, and for recreational and
other facilities incidental or appurtenant thereto, and for
taking or permitting the taking, by eminent domain, of
property for such purposes, and when so taken the fee
simple title to the property shall vest in the owner, who
may sell or otherwise dispose of the property subject to
such restrictions as may be deemed in the public interest.”

Raytown is a fourth class city or town without a constitutional
charter. My lawyers told me the law was on the property owners
This was given to me by Missouri First, Inc. This is a group lawyers
and other people, “Dedicated to the sovereignty of Missourians.”
In short, these people help small businesses and citizens that are
being pushed around by their government. They study the Missouri
Constitution and use it against them.

Pat Casady said...

To “Anonymous 11:55,
I don’t know how the minds at City Hall work.
I tried to look up Blight and this is what I found.

“An area of a city, often a large metropolitan city,
in which most buildings are abandoned or in severe disrepair.”

This worked for where the old church was when it was standing
but, after it was gone the area was deemed the “Green Area.”
Certainly with all the work Mr. Payne has done at the Raytown
Plaza it is no longer counted as blighted.
In fact I would like to see what and why they still, if they are, call
the downtown area blighted. Oh wait I do know!
According to Missourians First, if an area is labeled “Blighted”
it makes it easier to hand out T.I.F’s and other tax breaks.
You know how our city government bends the rules to suit them
why would this be any different?

Anonymous said...

Seems as though the city has found a new tool to abuse.... thus allowing areas to become blighted. Look at the roads. They do not keep them repaved like they should, so they in essence become designated as failed, then other factors enter into play, people see and experience the faulty infrastructure, and choose to go elsewhere. Why would anyone want to invest money to keep up their own properties when the city helps to perpetuate blight themselves?

Anonymous said...

Assuming that Walmart builds and opens their grocery after being informed of the conditions (specifically operating hours), does anyone expect this store will stay on business? I expect it to close as a dismal failure mainly due to location.

The only possibility I can see for success is a better location where 2 other grocery stores already failed. But all fairness, I didn't class Sav-A-Lot as a grocery because it was a discount store with very limited selection. I shoped Sav-A-Lot only for certain items but not as a grocery store.

Andy Whiteman

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Everyone should go pick up a free copy of the Raytown Times. Don't miss the story on the cover, Walmart opponents have lawsuit in mind. You will also not want to miss Randy's Reflections. Randy claims he takes no sides but has devoted his entire paper to supporting the Mayor, his friends & Walmart. Randy is nothing more than the Mayors mouth piece but you will not want to miss this paper. Bob Phillips Off the Top is also about the Walmart Deal. Check it out it's FREE. We need to use whatever we can to get these stories out!

Anonymous said...

I watched him at the zoning meetings. He does not take notes! But why should he when all he has to do is get his direction from teh Mayor and his friends when he is told what to print!

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Fire Dept has uploaded their proposal to the city. I just finished reading it, a very decent doccument. I may have judged them a little hastily. The only issue now is will the mayor do what's best for Raytown or make EMS another sacred cow of Raytown....Only time will tell.
Raytona Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

I have sat behind Randy at BOA meetings and observed him with a pen and pad. I assumed he was taking notes. If he is observed not taking notes, maybe he can remember what was said. Some people don't need to take notes. Being physically unable to write, I don't take notes.

As for combining EMS and the FD, I haven't read the proposal and won't comment except that I have worked in both fields and have some opinions.

I am currently in a city larger in area than Raytown with about the same population. We currently have a Department of Public Safety which is Police, Fire, and EMS as one organization. Police officers are also firefighters/EMT's. There are drivers at the firehouse to drive the firetrucks to the scene. This method is unsafe. I observed numerous police cars running red light and siren in one direction, then a fire truck, followed by more police cars. The local paper said insurance ratings of this city are low causing higher rates. Also there are people who want to be firefighters or police, but not both. As a consequence the DPS is being split into police and fire elective July 1. The city has hired firefighters for the split and is in the process of testing them.

Just saying it is also possible to do a reverse split.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Elisa, I remember when someone wrote that the then
Raytown Post, owned by Randy Battagler. Was the best
bird cage liner they had ever used. Only problem was their
birds were laughing so hard they fell off their perches.
The Raytown Times is a joke! It is city hall’s paper. It
reports real news as well as city hall listens to the people
of Raytown.
The problem with this paper among other things, is when Randy
doesn’t print what the people really want to know, or what is really
going on at city hall he is doing the people a disservice .
This Raytown Report has more real news in the first three paragraphs
than the Raytown Times has all year. As for Bob Phillips, he lives
so far from Raytown I don’t even read his ramblings. How could he
possibly know how the people of Raytown think or want.
As far as I’m concerned, Raytown has three good new elected people
but, they need to watch out, If the mayor doesn’t like them
he will sick his lap dog Randy on them.

Greg Walters said...

There have been many comments this week regarding the proposed merger of services between the Raytown Fire Department and the Raytown Ambulance Service. Raytown's Fire Marhsall, Matt Mace, has been kind enough to make a copy of the proposal available to the public.

To view the document go to the link located at the top of this week's Raytown Report under story headed up . . . NEWS UPDATE . . .

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Greg and Matt Thank You both for showing the proposal to everyone. Maybe EMS will do the same.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Anonymous June 13, 7:45
The problem I have with Randy Battagler paper is that he will print a lie if that is what city hall wants him to print. That is not just disservice but very harmful. This Walmart Deal is a total tragedy to this community. No matter what becomes of it this city has been changed forever. Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

I was in Doiughboys yesterday when I heard Elisa talking to a financial auditor. The auditor said he had reviewed the merger proposal and financially it made a lot of sense. He told her it would save money and it was a good thing. John

Elisa said...

Anonymous June 14, 6:40 is your name John? Did you know that you can just click on Name/URL. Then just type in your name. Then you don't need to be Anonymous anymore. I had to have someone show me how to do this. I have talked to alot of people about this proposal and for the record I get mixed answers everyday. I find it fascinating what people have to say about this. November 1st is not far off. I would think Douglas Janesi with EMS would be having something for us to look at soon but it sounds like the officials are treating this like a done deal.

Elisa said...

On Janet Emerson's Facebook page it reads. Raytown City Hall was notified early this afternoon that Walmart will no longer be pursuing development in the green space. WOW What do you think of that???

Anonymous said...

Walmart is not interested in building a neighborhood grocery in Downtown Raytown. I have confirmation from one Alderman and I have heard from a
Raytown business owner that Mayor Bower is frustrated.

Anonymous said...

It is well known by those on the inside that Mr. Jonesi wants nothing to due with a merger with Raytown Fire for his own personal reasons. Therefore I don't think he can give an unbiased opinion. His employees are even afraid to say what they really think, for fear of retaliation. Nice work environment huh? The proposal makes perfect sense. It saves money and delivers a better service to the citizens. Thank you to Ray town Fire for putting together such a comprehensive plan. I think you should write Mr. Jonesis position out of the offer if you truly want what is best for the citizens. All he is doing is trying to save his little glass house as at our expense!

Anonymous said...

I figured that Walmart would find the Raytown restrictions unacceptable and back out.

I am not a robot,
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the fire department to run EMS.

This is 30 years over due

It is time to bring Raytown out of the dark ages and provide us with tax savings.

After all it is the same people at city hall that got us in this fine mess and many of those who are no longer at city hall, but used our tax dollars to buy what is now the green space as well spend how many millions of tax payers dollars on the 350 Wal-Mart

Elisa said...

The Walmart Deal made The Kansas City Star today:)

Anonymous said...

No doubt the Mayor and his six aldermen will be scrambling to put humpty dumpty back together again. Be on the lookout for meetings and communications that will stretch the credibility of the Sunshine Law.

By the way Mr. Mayor. Walmart's announcement is not Executive Session (read "closed meeting") material. The discussion was started by Walmart in public. As it should.

You should not be responding with secret meetings trying to find your solution. You meet on Tuesday night. That is where and when your meeting with the Board should take place.

Anonymous said...

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